Ray the Young Hypnotist

by Jack Faber © 2022

Ray knew, of course, that his mother was spying on him and secretly watching them make love. From the second, empty children's room you could hear and see everything in your room. He told her he was fine with her spying. She had once told him that she had had a completely sexless youth. A few months later, she brought up his doings and he answered all of her questions openly and honestly. She didn't really understand that he made the girls mentally docile and it didn't matter to her. She had no idea what hypnosis was and that her son had become a powerful hypnotist. It turned out that what the inexperienced people were doing with their hands was completely new to them. She had never heard of it, let alone seen it or done it, she claimed, in all her 50 years. She was embarrassed when she admitted she couldn't look away when a virgin put her hand on him. He was grinning from ear to ear and said he had to teach most virgins to do it by hand, too. His mother was very grateful that he could speak so openly with her.

They brought up the topic of spying again and Ray asked her if she wanted to watch it live? His mother squirmed, surprised at the question. He had to describe to her exactly how it could work and then she said she wanted to try it.

It was a good conversation.

The next girl came upstairs after he called her. He already had the girl mentally under control and had ordered her to ignore the woman. He sat the mother down on a chair and turned to the girl. While he was fucking the girl, he noticed how aroused his mother was getting while watching, constantly tugging at her sex under her skirt and panties. After squirting, he let the girl masturbate and the mother watched wide‐eyed, awkwardly fingering her clit. He fucked the girl again and looked his mother in the eyes while he squirted. He motioned to his mother to go.

The next girls were virgins when the mother sat next to him on his bed. He had told her that she could see everything better and up close if she sat on the bed, which she did after a moment's hesitation. She trusted him that she was invisible to the girls. She looked and looked and leaned forward to get a good look and uncertainly fingered the girl's sex. She had slipped a hand up her skirt and was kneading her sex under her panties. The girl rubbed his cock and made him squirt up. The mother flinched as his seed slapped her thighs. She was very excited when the girl herself masturbated and continued to tug at her sex under her panties, becoming very horny. The next day she wasn't wearing panties, pulled up her skirt and excitedly fingered her privates while the girl masturbated him. The girl let his seed — as ordered — Cum on mother's pubic area and thighs. She winced violently when his semen splashed directly onto her vagina.

When the girl left, her mother asked if he was embarrassed to see her naked Mu. Of course not, he said. Could she try to do it like the girl herself next time? she asked, she had never tried it before. He nodded in the affirmative, she absolutely had to do that, that would definitely be great.

The next day, when the girl masturbated him, he saw his mother's bare, wet vagina clearly. He found her somehow beautiful, even though she was old, very hairy and very wrinkled. Her clitoris was rather average, some girls had much larger clitoris. But she vigorously rubbed her clit and orgasmed surprisingly quickly. Her eyes widened and she sighed in shock. He said that was the masturbation and the orgasm. He reassured her that that was exactly right and that she had done it perfectly. When the girl masturbated him again, the mother masturbated again. He watched her masturbate closely and squirted. The girl dutifully guided his cock and his semen slapped directly onto the mother's vagina. She twitched instinctively and only seemed to notice it casually because she was masturbating very arousedly. His semen gradually trickled into her vagina as she climaxed. He grinned widely as she continued to masturbate until the girl masturbated him one more time after masturbating. He leaned far forward while squirting and the girl let his semen squirt up close on the masturbating mom's vagina. She jumped in shock and stared in disgust at his glans, which squirted pulsingly.

Ray spoke to his mother after the girl left. No, the squirt inside itself didn't bother her, she just jerked a little because she hated being squirt inside. His father only ever cummed in her vagina and never on her body. If Ray wanted to squirt into her vagina, that would be totally fine with her, she had known that all her life, it was normal. But she hated being sprayed on, it was perverse, she didn't want that at all. It was very disgusting and reminded her unpleasantly of something. He nodded, that was fine with him, he wouldn't do it anymore. Would she really prefer it if he penetrated and cummed with his cock? Yes, that's exactly what she just said, she said a little angrily, she didn't want to be sprayed on anymore, that's that! She prefers it if he squirts directly in her vagina than being sprayed on. "But only put it in there to squirt," she said very firmly, "but don't fuck it!", she definitely doesn't want that! "squirt inside is fine, I think that's great! That's what nature intended, you're welcome to do it. But you're not allowed to fuck me, I forbid you to fuck!" He nodded with a lump in his throat. She smiled and said she was so happy she learned how to masturbate. She said she didn't dare masturbate in the evening because her father would notice. Late at night she wanted to do it when her father was sound asleep. Sometimes she confided in Ray that she had masturbated during the night. She masturbated happily for hours until she fell asleep from exhaustion.

They often sat in the kitchen and talked about sex, she was very inquisitive and curious, she had a thousand questions and he already knew more about sexuality than she did. He gave information as best he could and they laughed at some smutty things. She said she had never seen any of this before, nor did she know that girls could masturbate themselves. She only knew sex with her father, he had very considerately deflowered her on the wedding night and the first years they fucked several times a day, it became less and now only once or twice a month. "Your father loved to fuck and cum and was always a very loving man! For the first few years we shagged several times a day and he cummed in as much as he could. It still took you almost 10 years to cum. We shagged as much as he could cum for another 10 years because we wanted more children. Unfortunately, I couldn't get pregnant and we shagged less and less as the father got older and calmer." Ray was speechless, she opened up about her intimacy for the first time and treated him like an adult. She had never had another man, that was out of the question for her, she claimed. She could never understand why some of her friends were whoring around. She ignored men's flirting and never responded.

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She grabbed his hand excitedly. "Only once did something happen." She said nothing and looked at the tabletop. Ray waited a bit, thinking about how his mother had cheated on his father. He didn't really care, it somehow made her more alive and human. Aware of his own depravity, he looked at her curiously and mildly. He cautiously asked if she wanted to tell. He held her hand to see her thoughts, which was very easy for her. He just nudged her mentally a tiny bit so that she opened up completely and told everything. He allowed her to overcome the inhibitions, because she found it difficult to confess her son's mistake. It was her well‐kept secret. Ray always felt embarrassed when he mentally manipulated his mother, but if it helped her overcome her inhibitions, playing with her breasts would make it easier for her, he mentally told her.

She sighed deeply and began to talk. "It was long before you were born, we had only been married a few years, when your father's brother came to us, he wanted to emigrate to Australia in a few months and needed a temporary place to stay. He lived with us for a good four months before your father left him chased away." She paused and thought about how to tell it. Her hand automatically went down her cleavage and absentmindedly caressed one breast as she described the sexual slip‐up to him.

"I was very young, just over 20 and a pretty, unexperienced thing. Back then in the summer girls didn't wear underwear, and when I felt Jim's paw on my bare bottom, it sent a shiver down my spine. It wasn't unusual for him to look up my skirt at every opportunity, times were different then, Ray!" She tossed her head and straightened her curls. "It was very tingling when he stared avidly at my Mu. It doesn't matter, your father said, he's just a man! Already at dinner your father couldn't keep his hands off me, bared my MuMu and Jim walked out grinning, because your father started fucking after dinner in the kitchen, after that we continued fucking in the bedroom. Jim spied through the open door because we always left the door open and the light on when we fucked. I don't remember why I provoked Jim like that, but when I was done with the housework by lunchtime, I'd sit with my legs apart on the kitchen bench and let him look at my Mu while I read a magazine. I reveled in his arousal, because when I stroked my Mu, he gaped like a sheep and went into his room, lying naked on the bed immediately. I also spied when he was lying naked on his bed, looking at the pictures in the sleazy magazines and pushing his foreskin back and forth. I hated it even back then when he squirted." Ray held her hand, closed his eyes and saw the scene clearly.

"When I mentioned it to your father, he just shrugged his shoulders indifferently. "Jim has always had a hard time with women and if you let him see your beautiful MuMu, then that's okay with me!" He thought nothing wrong with his brother staring at my Mu and making himself squirt. All men would do it, it was normal, father said. Your father was always generous, forgiving, and mild to his brother. And in the light of what happened next, it was a balancing act of justice that I continued to provoke Jim day after day for the next four months. Every day after chores, I sat with my legs apart on the kitchen bench and flashed my Mu under my dress. Jim had long since stopped going into his room, he pulled his chair so close as much as he could and masturbated with his eyes fixed on my MuMu. Most of the time I pulled my legs up and put my feet on the bench. In this spread squat position my MuMu was best seen. Sometimes I stretched my cunt with both hands and stroked it gently, I couldn't masturbate back then. He always masturbated for a very long time and the semen just dripped on the floor, he couldn't squirt as well in the afternoon as in the morning. I let him masturbate and stare until he was exhausted. He had to clean the floor himself. — Times were really different, then, Ray!" He had smiled at her description and laughed out loud when he saw her memories quite clearly. "You were a naughty girl even then!" he said admiringly, beaming at her. She clutched hers cleavage, pushed the bra all the way down, exposing one breast. She absentmindedly stroked the breast while continuing to speak.

"For the whole four months, I would tell your dad in minute detail whenever we took a break from fucking. He would listen with his eyes closed and mostly doze, sometimes asking questions and wanting to know the nitty gritty details. I wasn't hiding anything, there we made love so much. The more details I gave and the more filthy I described it, the quicker his cock stiffened again. He loved hearing about my playing with Jim's horniness. Later, I showed him the pictures that Jim had made. "You have a wonderful clitoris, my angel," he said over and over again, "and a wonderful little hole!" He wanted to see the photos again and again ."

"The only thing he did complain about was the pictures of Jim's semen pouring out of my Mu and falling to the floor in heavy drops. "You guys don't fuck, do you?" he asked harshly, but we didn't do that back then. He was very reluctant to accept that I didn't want to be cummed on and that Jim was squeezing the glans in my Mu while cumming, so the semen spilled out."We promised, we didn't fuck anyone else," he admonished, "I would never forgive you!" I reassured him and became much more careful about what I told your father and what not. But I remained stubborn and didn't let anyone command me!"

She also had her second breast bared and was stroking herself gently. It was so exciting to caress while talking. Ray watched her play with the breasts with increasing fascination, closed her eyes and saw her scenic memories. "Of course I later let Jim always in while squirting if he wanted it, I didn't want any more to be squirted on! Over time, your father found it very cool how the seed dripped out of my Mu and didn't ask any more. Of course, Jim also filmed his fucking cock in my Mu , but from time to time I deleted these and the older pictures from Jim's smartphone, and I didn't let that stop me either." Lost in thought, she aroused her teats and her voice became very hoarse and trembled of horniness.

"For the last few weeks, Jim stopped in the middle of masturbating and fucked me in my squat position. He then filmed the semen running and dripping out of my MuMu. Of course I showed the videos to your father, it made him incredibly horny! Me squatted spread wide on the kitchen bench, tapping and dabbing my clitoris until it exploded and the juice ran obscenely out of my mouth. Thank god he never noticed that my mouth was still wide open from being fucked, a big round hole and not a little hole like that otherwise. I was shaking inside because it could blow up at any time. But your father would get all stiff on the videos and fuck me while he played the little film again and the juice dripped out of my Mu." Ray asked if she still had the recordings, she fumbled out her smartphone and blushed with shame. Embarrassed, she showed him about 50 intimate photos and several videos. Ray got horny as she did, her best secret was really beautiful back then, the dripping semen wasn't that exciting. She kept whispering that she was very ashamed that she was willing to be photographed and filmed. Of course, he immediately noticed the difference between a fucked hole and a hole that wasn't fucked. He pressed a hand to his pants to hide the erection. She excitedly stroked her breasts as they looked at the pictures together, kissed his hair and whispered she was so ashamed! Ray put the smartphone aside after secretly copying everything.

He asked her to continue telling the story, closed his eyes and saw the scenes through her eyes. She teased her breasts hornily as she continued. "It originally started like this: Uncle Jim, James, ran every morning after dad drove to work, so he ran into the bathroom naked every morning to pee. He soon figured out what time I went to the bathroom in the morning, he fitted me and pressed himself naked against me. I scolded him, of course, but he laughed and threatened to slander me as a whore to my husband. I was very young, just over 20 and allowed myself to be intimidated. He pressed himself every morning me and pretended to fuck me. Of course I was wearing panties, he fucked the panties standing up and cummed on it. Disgusting. So I skipped the panties and stayed completely naked like him. For a few days it was enough for him between my clenched labia and cum. But later he threw me on the bed and lay on top of me. I didn't let him fuck me of course and squeezed my legs together. He lay on top of me, his cock thrusting into mine pubic hair and between the labia. But I didn't let him in! He started fucking, his glans pushed between my labia until he had to squirt. He almost always squirted between my labia, but sometimes he sat up, handed his foreskin back very quickly several times until his thick head stuck out red and obscene, and squirted on my vulva and labia. I didn't know then that it was the masturbation. I thought about it when your girls did it to you and made you cum. That's how Jim did it too, but I didn't know it then. He did it twice every morning for weeks and it disgusted me when he lay on top of me, imitated fucking and ended up cumming between my labia or squirting over my Mu." She sighed and squeezed his hand. She continued to stroke her breasts gently, squeezed the teats excitedly and continued talking.

"He eventually moved on, forcibly spreading my legs apart and poking his cock in. I was frozen in shock and didn't move. He started fucking me really well, way better than your dad! I was excited to fuck at first the way your father taught me. It was very, very nice! But before he squirted I thought there was no way I could cheat the father and pushed him back with all my strength. He was taken aback and entered again. But hardly when he started fucking again, I pushed him out. I can't remember how many times this happened until he bucked, masturbated, and pulled his foreskin all the way back so his red head came all the way out and squirted all over my Mu. It was really gross!" She squeezed Ray's hand tightly, who clearly felt her disgust and saw Jim squirt. Tears glistened in her eyes and for a moment she stopped caressing her breast and squeezing the nipple.

"He would then do it like this, getting pushed back and forcibly penetrating again only to be pushed out again after a few fuck thrusts. After a dozen times, when I pushed him out again, he would cum between my labia or masturbate entirely quickly and cummed on my Mu. I kept telling him I'd rather he cum between my MuMus lips. But sometimes he wanted to masturbate and cum on me. It looked disgusting, he bared his head all the way and cummed in front out. I found it very disgusting!" She sighed and lost herself in her thoughts. She pried her hand from her breasts and felt under her skirt under the kitchen table. Lost in thought, she played with her clitoris under the tabletop. Her eyes became dreamy and she let her thoughts and fingers wander. Ray didn't bother her. This Jim had never been mentioned, but he wasn't surprised, he had the same genes and was a real bastard himself.

"Dad came back one morning, I can't remember why. He caught us in bed, my Mu had just exploded violently and Jim was fucking my Mu hard and was about to cum — the father screamed! He snatched his brother from me and gave him a terrible uppercut. Jim was on the floor and his cock squirted by itself! I laughed hysterically at how unreal it looked and got a scrub too. Dad nearly beat him to death and Jim had nothing better to do than splash on the carpet! The father slammed his fists in his face in anger, kept beating him and yelled at Jim that he had to leave the house immediately and threw him out himself. Jim gathered his stuff and was gone in a minute. Father came back to me, sat on the edge of the bed and buried his ashen face in his hands. He cried for the first time since I knew him. I begged him to tell him everything because it wasn't what he had to assume. I told him the same thing I told you, he stopped crying and hugged me understandingly. But I still had to tell him the last thing, although it was very very uncomfortable."

"I assured your father several times that Jim must never cum inside my Mu, ever! I swore it until he believed the lie. But I had to admit that I let Jim fuck longer each time, before pushing him out because he would get into the nasty rubbing and squirting much quicker. I wanted to get it over with as quickly as possible and always let Jim fuck me for a very long time. Your father couldn't be dissuaded that I did cheat on him, even though Jim never squirt inside into my Mu." His mother had started to cry softly and Ray stroked her hand comfortingly. He quietly asked how it was for her after seeing her experience. She stroked her clitoris again and told him some more details, she found fucking Jim very nice at the end. "He had a big, thick, and very good hard cock," she said dreamily, rubbing her clit vigorously, "and he fucked very well. His cock was a lot bigger than your father's, and he fucked a lot, a lot better!" She's been fighting the greedy temptation to fuck him properly for the past few weeks. Only the thought of getting pregnant by him held her back. Ray caressed her cheeks. "You didn't cheat on him," he said firmly. "No, you didn't cheat on him!" he repeated, looking at the scene. She said nothing and listened to herself while she rubbed her clitoris inconspicuously.

Ray waited a bit and asked if Jim really never squirt inside. She gave him a hurt look and sighed deeply. "No, only at the end. I never told your father that in the last few weeks I always let Jim fuck me for a long time because it made me feel so beautiful and exciting and made my Mu explode before his squirting. He had to fuck and squirt twice every morning, every day! I pushed him back later and later, only after my Mu had exploded and I got the impression he was about to squirt. If he was already squirting hard when pushed back, I was never sure if he hadn't already cum in it. I would frantically jump up and run to the shower to wash my cunt but most of the time he would have to masturbate for a long time to cum. He would always try to cum in my open cunt but I would pinch my cunt to do it he couldn't really squirt inside it. That annoyed him a lot, but I remained stubborn. But I was very hurt, it was always very humiliating, degrading! It disgusted me when he grinned all his juice on my Mu splashed. He kept rubbing his cock for so long, isn't he cumming anymore?" She was silent and thought for a long time while her fingers danced on the clitoris. "Now, in hindsight, I think Jim cummed in there a lot even back then. Whenever I pushed him back too late, I knew subconsciously that he had squirted in, because he only squirted a few drops over my open MuMu. I was very ashamed! But at the time I just ran into the shower in a panic and didn't think about it. He was a pig, Ray, a disgusting pig! I never did it voluntarily, he had to force me with violence and blackmail!" She cried softly and squeezed his hand. Ray had seen everything through her eyes and she was a lying toad who had lied outrageously to his father's face, under Oath! His father was just as much a toad, he fucked his naïve underage interns every summer, Ray had seen it several times himself in his memories. Ray stroked her cheeks, because he somehow felt terribly sorry for her. They sat silently at the kitchen table for a long time and she stopped crying. Her fingers moved again, rubbing the clit vigorously.

"It was four weeks from the end. I realized that this time Jim had really cummed in it. I suddenly didn't care. He grinned triumphantly and fucked me twice every morning, exploding my MuMu twice and cumming all over afterwards in. I fucked with him with passion because he was an amazing good fucker. I really had become a whore, just like your father said. In the evenings your father fucked me and squirted as much as he could. In the mornings Jim fucked me twice, made me explode twice and grinned contentedly as he squirted in." Ray's eyes widened when it exploded in front of his eyes and Jim squirted it out, grinning wickedly.

"The only difference was that I loved your father with all my heart, but fucking with Jim meant nothing. It was a beautiful, passionate fucking that gave me unknown, beautiful feelings and real explosions that I felt with your father never had. But I despised Jim himself, he was a goddamn pig! Your father's love was much more important to me than the great fucking with Jim! And me, I really had become a whore." Ray stroked her cheeks comfortingly, her fingers frantically racing over the clit. He could see her fucking Jim and almost physically felt her explosions and his fucking. It was insanely cool!

Ray asked if she still thought about it and she nodded, "Yes, when I masturbate I often think about fucking with Jim!" Does it make you hot now, too, asked Ray and she nodded again. He had mentally just ordered her to play with her breasts, her horniness came entirely from her own. "I haven't seen the films for months, they've made me really horny now!" she said, leaning all the way back on the kitchen bench. Ray dropped his pants. "I got insanely horny watching the videos with Jim fucking!" she said with a lustful look at his cock. Ray could literally feel her wild lust. She had lost touch with the real world, she needed it now, right now! She suddenly lifted her skirt up to her breasts and stretched out her naked vulva greedily towards his cock. She continued to masturbate for a few seconds with her eyes closed, moaning protractedly. "I think I'm about to have an orgasm," she moaned tightly. She spread her legs wide apart and pulled on his cock with one hand. He stepped forward and she continued to pull him until his head was in her vaginal opening. The fingers of the other hand rubbed her clitoris. Ray already had an erection and immediately penetrated her little hole. She smiled in great excitement and kept breathing: "Yes! Yes! Yes!" He patiently waited in her vagina for the orgasm to begin and then immediately started fucking. After calming down after her long orgasm, she let him fuck on good‐naturedly, stroking his hair. She whispered softly that he had to cum right now and stop fucking her. But she felt that he couldn't stop, he had to keep fucking until he squirted. They held each other tightly and until after a long time of fucking he finally squirted. He kept his cock in the vagina for a while until it went all soft. She stroked his shock of hair and breathed, "We both needed that!" They hugged each other for a long time. He wanted to fuck again when his cock stiffened again, but she shook her head vigorously, her horniness gone. She pushed him back gently and took out his hard‐on with her hand, she didn't want to be fucked anymore. She watched him masturbating and he was allowed to penetrate her vagina before squirt inside. She smiled indulgently as he still had her fucked a little until he could finally cum. She ruffled his shock of hair and broke away from him.

He would later look at her pornographic pictures again and again. Ray would masturbate whenever he looked at them. When her face was visible, she was wildly beautiful or cunningly horny. He studied her young face, her full breasts and her slim body with her fascinatingly maiden sexy vagina. In many pictures he could look deep into her vagina, which made him shudder, this beautiful young girl's vagina had given birth to him years later! A dozen or so flicks showed Jim's cock thrusting hard into her vagina making her explode, then he finished thrusting and squirting it all inside. Jim had his smartphone between her legs while she patted her clit vigorously. His cock thrust hard into her vagina and she didn't stop patting until her orgasm erupted. Her vagina and labia spasmed rhythmically around his cock and held him tight. She dabbed the clit again until her orgasm was over. He kept thrusting and suddenly stopped, his cock jerking several times. His urethra showed exactly that the juice kept squirting rhythmically into her vagina.

But her clitoris was visibly aroused in every picture and in every film and stiff to bursting. In some pictures she had her foreskin pulled back very tightly so that the stiff clitoris really stood out hard. You could clearly see in the videos that she kept pulling her foreskin back because she was so incredibly horny. She tapped the tip of the clit quickly and firmly. She trembled and moaned with lust, but she couldn't figure out how to masturbate properly. She tapped and dabbed at the clit until she shuddered and crouched. Her ass was bouncing up and down and she pressed her fingers firmly to her clit, her face contorted with pleasure. He watched all the videos carefully and was immediately sure that she had been filmed having an orgasm.

He questioned her and showed her the picture that was clearest. All he had to do was mentally nudge her, and she opened willingly. She told him everything she could remember. Right from the start, when her father started to fuck her, she was horny after being fucked several times, her clitoris bursting stiff. Her father was just as clueless as she was, but he discovered dabbing and typing. After a few minutes he made her twitch, wriggle and explode, the unbearable tension was gone. He now let her explode every time after fucking, he immediately got stiff again and could fuck again. After a few months she would do it herself when the fucking was over. Dad got very stiff erections watching her dab and tap the clit until she exploded. She did it after every fuck or when she got horny on her own. Every afternoon, when the household chores were done, she would sit spread‐legged on the kitchen bench, reading and dreamily playing with her clitoris under her dress. The fantasies of clitoris play made her incredibly horny and she dabbed until it exploded and the horniness was gone. That was really wonderful and her husband became a raving animal when she told him about it in the evening. It was a good solution for her and his father. Ray said the explosions were orgasms and she blushed to the tips of her hair. But she didn't know that at the time! Ray nearly freaked out at her narration because he could clearly see her memories of fucking her father and her clit play.

For the next few months, she came to him every day, watched him fuck and masturbate, and masturbated as much as she could. She smiled good‐naturedly when he bent over very far before squirting and penetrated her vagina with his squirting cock. It was something very special for him to penetrate and squirt directly into her vagina. She smiled proudly and then continued to masturbate. Ma loved to masturbate, she told him.

If he wasn't sure if he could cum on an experienced girl, he'd just let her do a hand job. At the end of the handjob, the experienced ones took his cock in their mouths and let it squirt. Very few swallowed his semen, most spat it out. These blowjobs aroused his mother beyond measure. She paused intently and grinned as he squirted into the girl's mouth. When the girl swallowed the semen, she clutched her mouth in horror, that was outrageously perverted!

The virgins dutifully did the hand job, he leaned forward so much that his glans penetrated Ma's vagina while rubbing. For a few months he was fine with his whole cock penetrating her vagina to squirt inside. She smiled very shyly when he stuck his cock all the way in and smiled good‐naturedly and contentedly when he squirt inside his semen right in. For a few months he enjoyed penetrating her vagina just before the squirt inside and cumming right into it. She smiled kindly and good‐naturedly and encouragingly when he squirt inside two or three times into her vagina every afternoon. She stroked his head when she wasn't masturbating and grinned happily when he cummed during her orgasm.

He got bolder and made hasty fucking movements during the squirt inside. Ma later scolded and warned him not to fuck! He was contrite and promised.

It didn't last two days. He tried to wait until she masturbated very aroused before squirting. She didn't seem to notice that he fucked for a few seconds as he squirted. But a few times she pushed him back and when the girl had gone she scolded angrily and talked at length about what he was allowed to do and what not. But he didn't stay where he was allowed, penetrated before squirting and started fucking. He was skilled enough to do it during her climax, so she didn't protest. For a year his swindle went well, he would bring a 13, 14 or 15 year old virgin every day and let her masturbate him and spill out hastily fucking her old wrinkled vagina. Last time he fucked her for long minutes before squirting. It was very satisfying. As he looked into her eyes as she got up and went downstairs, he knew he had gone too far this time.

From now on she obviously didn't want it anymore and didn't come up to his room anymore. They argued about it and she feared it would go further to real fucking and she really didn't want that. A mother wasn't allowed to fuck her own son, it was that simple! She knew full well, of course, that he would fuck her every time he entered to squirt. She was always in a turmoil because she didn't stop him from fucking immediately. She was silent for a long time and said quietly that it had felt very good the last time. She wanted it very much, but it just couldn't be! He lowered his head guiltily and nodded, it simply couldn't go on. Everything is fine between them, she said and he nodded. He just wanted it one more time, right now, one last time, just one very last time! he said pleadingly. She was silent for five minutes. He looked into her mind and manipulated her.

She sighed deeply and said, "All right!" Ray almost cried out, he was so overwhelmed. They went upstairs to his room. He undressed in a flash, she hesitated for a moment but undressed completely before laying down next to him. He saw her completely naked for the first time. Her breasts were small and flat, the teats dark brown and very pointed. She rubbed his cock with her hand for the first time and acted quite awkwardly, but it was almost immediately stiff. He looked at her cunt, which he had seen so many times before. He pushed her thick pubic hair aside. The skin of her cunt was wrinkled, dark brown, and damp. The labia looked very old and were also quite wrinkled. Her clitoris was also dark and easy to see, it seemed to be quite stiff. Her vagina had a large, dark hole from which flowed a thin trickle of white juice. He knew, however, that the inside of her vagina could get almost as tight as that of young girls. She put her forearm over her eyes and whispered that she never wanted to let him fuck him, that she had never cheated on her father. Both of them knew that that was not true at all. He rubbed her clit very gently, noticing her reactions. He had masturbated many girls and quickly aroused her. He didn't stop until she almost climaxed. He knelt between her spread legs. Her hairy, old and very wrinkled pubes shimmered wet and damp. He hugged her lovingly and entered very easily without having to use his hand to help and fucked her very quickly.

She had a strong, violent orgasm, her vagina tightening around his cock and she clung to him as the convulsions raged in her abdomen. When she calmed down a bit, she whispered that this would be her first fucking orgasm in many years. He started again and continued to fuck, she almost climaxed again as he squirted. He continued, whispering for her to do it herself while he did. She obeyed instantly and had a violent orgasm within seconds. He kept fucking her until his cock went all soft. He fell on top of her and they hugged tightly. She stroked his hair gently and whispered how beautiful it had been. She gently pulled away after a while and said they must never do it again, ever! He said nothing and thought his own part. When they were dressed and filed downstairs, he said, "Thanks, Mam!"

This chapter was over.

His mother now had more and more visits from men during the day. Ray spied on her and watched her fuck. She followed his mental command to leave the door open while she was being fucked, this was nothing new to her. Watching her fuck someone else for the first time was very exciting. The often young cocks worked and plowed in her hairy, wrinkled old hole. They were all allowed to squirt inside, it smacked and squeaked when they pushed in until the cock became completely soft again. The various juices ran obscenely out of her little hole, splashed and dripped onto the sheet. She happily masturbated during the rest break and sometimes let herself be fucked a second time.

She was blown away when he brought it up. But she didn't make a problem out of it, she just needed the fucking and the father couldn't anymore. Ray knew that the father was exhausting himself with his intern in the morning. Ray continued to spy on her as often as he could. She often had good guys and sometimes had an orgasm while being fucked, but she always masturbated unabashedly in the breaks. She blossomed, all the fucking and orgasms did her damn good. Ray didn't begrudge her.

Ray grew up quickly. For the past four years he had seduced all the girls in his school to masturbate or fuck, as well as diligently fucked all the young women in the neighborhood who wanted to have sex. But it often happened that he couldn't find any, so he had his mother come upstairs. She always followed his orders when she didn't have a lover and he demanded it urgently. It wasn't okay, but they kept doing it anyway. When the lover left, he would fuck in her sperm‐soaked vagina. But more and more often he ordered to make him a blowjob and swallow his semen. She didn't do it to anyone else, but she obeyed. She took his cock in her mouth, rubbed it and let it cum down her throat. She swallowed his seed and licked the head and cock clean. She soon had a lot of practice and made it for him until the end of his studies as often as he asked.

▪︎ ▪︎ ▪︎

Ray had experimented with mass hypnosis time and time again and was now quite good at it. He wanted to deliver his masterpiece at the school theater after graduation. A Midsummer Night's Dream based on Shakespeare, the simple‐minded literature professor made every effort. Ray secretly orchestrated the final image. The young actors came onto the stage naked and the literature professor wanted to sink into the ground. Naked Oberon stood in front of naked Titania, cock erect, as did his two ministers in front of Titanias female servants. The many boys with erect cocks and their female partners represented the forest and bushes.

Oberon grabbed Titania's waist and cried out the last sentence: "May life sprout everywhere!" The spectators present held their breath. Oberon's cock twitched and squirted as it entered Titania's willing little hole. He fucked the girl standing up, as did the two ministers. The girls portraying the bushes grabbed the stiff cocks of the trees and instantly made them squirt. Finally someone found the right rope and dropped the curtain. The spectators and parents screamed chaotically, the literature professor fled and hid from the angry mob. Ray went on stage, watched the hustle and bustle behind the curtain and videotaped when a couple came to the final.

Oberon, the ministers, the trees and bushes continued to fuck on stage without stopping, they kept fucking until they were exhausted. The cast members came out of their trance as they finished fucking behind the curtain. They were all very confused and ran to the dressing rooms one by one. The images in the media, Facebook, Instagram and others were soon deleted, but they were shared hundreds of thousands of times, all hell broke loose. Ray left the stage as one of the last and grinned contentedly from the whole face. He knew that Oberon and Titania didn't usually get along well, but now they'd fucked each other in public for hours, the little clips ended up on the internet. Ray laughed all the way home and showed his mother the footage. They laughed the whole time and she got terribly horny, she couldn't help rubbing her clit while they watched his recording. They ended up in his bed still laughing.

The Matura trip was wonderful, the beach on the Greek coast, the Sea and the hotel were peachy. Every night, when the big drinking session started, Ray let a couple fuck naked in the big circle, regardless of whether the two even liked each other. He would let them fuck over and over for hours until they were completely exhausted. The girl masturbated while being fucked if she didn't climax while being fucked, Ray had ordered that. He was amazed how few girls got an orgasm while fucking, maybe it was related to the hypnotic state. The boys and girls hooted exuberantly, groped the sexual parts of the fuckers unabashedly and applauded enthusiastically when he cums or when she twitched in orgasm.

The fuckers later wondered why they had fucked with precisely this partner. They puzzled over what had turned them on so much that they ended up fucking publicly in front of all their classmates with someone they didn't even love. Most of the girls were terribly embarrassed at first because they had only masturbated in secret. In this public fucking, however, they masturbated many times in a row, all groping their clits and vaginas and gaping open‐mouthed when she came to the finale and rubbed herself vigorously to orgasm while being fucked.

And they couldn't stop after the lover couldn't get up. The girls could masturbate to orgasm much more often than the guys, who often couldn't squirt more than two or three times. The girls had to continue masturbating until they were exhausted, according to Rays order. Most of the girls would continue after a few seconds pause, just hastily down a glass of wine and continue masturbating. The insatiable lust drove them further and further, after a few minutes they reached orgasm and screamed out their lust in orgasm, all inhibitions were gone.

The drunks fucked the girl with their fingers in her vagina while she masturbated quickly and efficiently. But her finger fucking was of little use. It was always other experienced girls who quickly found the G‐spot in the vagina with their fingers. Now the masturbating girl was exploding at much shorter intervals, these powerful orgasms finally exhausting her. She sank down next to the exhausted lover and the drunk party groped her horny. Almost always the defenseless exhausted was fucked by some drunks, to the noisy fun of the drunk party. Ray drank only a little and watched everything horny and attentive. He had only hypnotized the boy and the girl, what the others did they did themselves when they were drunk. He felt sorry for some of the girls who, despite their exhaustion, had been banged too wildly, he comforted them with soft words and hypnosis.

But after the hypnosis they were left with only pleasant memories and they felt proud because everyone admired them. During the siesta, Ray ushered girls into the boys' dorms, hypnotized the boys and girls and let the boys fuck them properly there. He watched horny and let a girl give him a blowjob or fuck him, whichever she preferred. He only had to help a little, everyone was wild about making sex.

Ray fucked a lot of girls this week, mostly from the other classes. He was a handsome, muscular guy who was one of the best high school graduates — amazingly, that made him desirable. He could never lie on the beach for a long time, the girls caressed his chest and muscles and whispered: "Do you like?" They went tightly hugged and smooching to the room. There were no ugly ones for him. As soon as the bikini fell to the ground, they were all pretty, desirable, and horny. It was mostly a short, hasty fucking. He didn't care about contraception, even though condoms were actually widely used. He squirted inside the girls and they went back to the beach. He didn't need to use hypnosis, the girls fucked much better when they wanted to do it themselves. Very few got orgasms while fucking. Some masturbated and let others watch them, but most just went back to the beach after fucking. He knew all of them because they had visited his home in the past few years. A lot of girls subconsciously knew they'd fucked him before, but not a single one brought it up.

The class had more sex than ever this week!

During his studies, his ability to see the minds of others increased rapidly. He noticed it when an elderly lady sat down next to him on the tram. He was suddenly in her head and wanted to know how she felt about sex. They sat side by side without a word. She sighed inwardly, she hadn't had sex in 30 years. He saw her following two boys in the woods near the Prater Forest. she was adamantly horny and lay down on the forest floor. The pad stabbed Ray in the back uncomfortably, but she spread her legs and one penetrated her. Ray felt her shiver as he fucked her far too quickly. Right after he squirted, the second's face appeared in front of Ray. He looked through her eyes at his thick, chunky cock. He entered her, panting. He fucked way better than his mate. Ray felt her finger seek the clitoris and she released the orgasm very practiced. Her orgasm lasted for a very short time until the guy squirted juicy into her. Ray looked down his/her body, she was quite young and wiped her vagina clean with a tissue.

Ray casually looked at the old woman sitting next to him. She was sweating profusely and stared at the floor. Ray slipped gently into her thoughts again and wanted to know how she felt about masturbating? She rarely masturbated, every few weeks and only when she got horny of her own accord. A few days ago, she had just watched the hustle and bustle on the street deep under her window for hours, when the lust slowly and insidiously rose in her, Ray could feel it. She played under her smock for a while, then resolutely undid the three buttons of the smock so that she was naked in front. The old neighbor across the street looked over, but she didn't care. She masturbated standing very quickly and crouched on the floor when she orgasmed. Ray left the good woman with her thoughts and got out.

Days later, a heavily pregnant woman sat next to him and literally sucked him into her thoughts. She was a true esoteric and came straight from her equally esoteric midwife. She lay naked on the examination table and masturbated, which she had to do on every visit. She had already had an orgasm and after a breather was ready for the second round. She paused for a moment when the midwife entered. But she beckoned vigorously to carry on! "I need you to be relaxed for the exam," she said, sitting down on the stool between her legs. So she went on and the lesbian midwife watched from two inches away with feverish eyes as she masturbated. Ray was aroused like her when she orgasmed, but he had seen enough and got off. He'd noticed the lustful look of the pregnant horny woman, of course, but he'd just fucked and wasn't in the mood for an adventure.

He wanted to be close to young, mostly underage girls; they were the most willing to let him into their world of thoughts. With the few who have already fucked, he directs their memories to the first time or the fucking and lived through the hottest minutes with them. But most of the young girls had never fucked before and let him into the world of their childish masturbation fantasies. He watched them masturbate horny, it was very exciting to witness, every of the young girls liked to masturbate. From the beginning he was fascinated by the slowly rising excitement and the orgasm, he felt it physically. He often missed his stop and also forced the girl to remain seated until the end of the orgasm. He always smiled friendly when he got out.

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