The spaceship

by Istv├ín Rudas © 2022

Ray knew what he wanted. He had to think or imagine it and let them produce it. He needed a spaceship that would allow him to appear before humanity. It should be based on the popular ideas about UFOs, people would accept that. It should have the shape of a disc, be completely smooth and impenetrable on the outside. About 500m in diameter. With cloaking ability and a shield that the best weapons of man could not overcome. Armed to the teeth. Navigation for all areas of the world. Best means of communication to talk directly to any or all people. A device to address any or all television channels in the world. One translator module for all languages in the world.

There should be a large, impressive reception hall, with an imposing throne for him. He needed an apartment that was all his and well equipped, with a kitchen that could cook everything for him. A command center where he could see and control everything. Big screen equivalents that could show him everything. The whole spaceship and its setup should be voice controlled.

The voice in his head encouraged him to think the thought through. "Go ahead, Ray!" He needed a mate. A pretty Asian, maybe. Video portraits of the prettiest Asian women appeared in front of him. The fifth impressed him immediately, she had a smart face and her naked body was just beautiful. Clone her, he thought, give her a submissive, friendly nature. She must speak my language — and should be smart and educated. Drop the pubic hair and ovaries on the clone, I don't want kids with her. Ray paused exhausted, had he forgotten something important? Yes, she should be very sexually experienced, absolutely! The bright face across from him smiled friendly, we will design it according to your ideas, we know your sexuality and your desires very well. The face was smiling, she will be an ambassador between us because you are so socialized that you are better off talking to a specific person. You will surely like it better than the thought communication.

Ray felt hungry. He spotted a set table in the room next door and went there. Steak with fries and a mixed salad, a glass of red wine and a small beer. They actually knew what he liked. He ate and drank and took a cigarette out of the wooden box. He was full and looked at the picture that was presented to him.

It was an excellent model of his spaceship, a discus that looked like the discus of a discus thrower. He grabbed it in his hand and turned it. Yes, that's exactly how I imagined it! he thought and nodded in satisfaction. A flap opened and the "camera" flew in. There was actually a 100m2 large, round hall whose ceiling offered an impressive play of light as if made of precious stones. They are gems, the voice in his head murmured. His eyes widened. On the right was a gilded throne on a finely decorated pedestal. It is gold, finest gold from Russia! whispered the voice and laughed, "the seat cushions from the Forbidden City are covered with silk and are soft!" Ray laughed along with the voice and face. The floor is black marble with white inlays, he chuckled and the face nodded in the affirmative. All around were Greek columns made of white marble, behind them a beautiful, green landscape with a sandy beach by the sea. Deceptively real. Ray was impressed and very satisfied.

There was a comfortable lounger in the next room and Ray went to it. Your spaceship will be ready in five earth days, said the voice in his head before he fell asleep.