Ray discovers his gift

by Istv├ín Rudas © 2022

Raimund grew up in a suburb of Vienna, nothing to indicate that he was anything special. He liked school and had a few friends. They studied and played together. They went to high school together and Raimund was an excellent student. All in all, he had a carefree childhood and loved his parents. The mother ran the household and the father worked as a senior clerk in a large international trucking company. He got his first cell phone when he was 12 and all his classmates envied him, but over time they all had cell phones.

Around the age of 9, he began to discover his talent step by step in amazement. When he touched his mother's hand, he could see her thoughts, see her memories like in a movie. It was a very intense experience, he couldn't relate to many things. More and more frequently, he succeeded in enticing her into small abstruse deeds that she would never do of her own accord. The 10-year-old managed to let her buy a pack of cigarettes. She returned home holding the useless package in her hands. She wondered, since no one in the family smoked, why Ray had ordered her to. Then the kid recognized the need to give her a forgetting order at the end of his manipulations.

In her thoughts, sexual acts appeared very often, which he was only able to classify and understand over time. Curious about all things sex, he soaked up everything sex related in her memories. He had soon learned to mentally control her and make her reveal her sexual secrets in great detail without reservation, shyness or shame. She felt compelled to bring up all the sexual details again, tell them and let him see it. From time to time he delved deeper into her thoughts and tried to mentally influence her more to obey his commands. He got better and better at dealing with his new gift and asked his father and mother about their sexuality, which kept the 11-year-old very busy.

The father was much easier to manipulate than the mother. He questioned his old man thoroughly. The father was a toad, he nibbled on all the young interns and plowed in the virgin furrows, sowing the seeds without hesitation. Sometimes the mother would listen and wipe her tears from her eyes. She had known for a long time that he was plowing in the young furrows and wasting his manhood. She was outraged at the time and immediately retaliated. Ray elicited each of her missteps, each affair and each one night stand from the mother, she told everything without shyness or shame. Most of their affairs ended because they were caught red-handed. Ray could now suddenly explain the angry looks of some neighbors. One day she told in a trance about her very first affair.

She had only been married a few weeks, was a virgin to the marriage and had no idea about sex. Yes, she confirmed, she had never touched indecently before then. She went to an event with the magician and hypnotist Magnus. He fell in love with her beauty immediately and called her onto the stage to play his jokes on the audience. He instantly hexed her and she blindly followed him to his hotel room. The affair lasted only a week, she drove home at dawn every morning, ruefully lay down with her husband and made out with him until he was ready and aroused. She let him mate with her several times until he was exhausted. At night she drove to her magician, let herself be put into a trance and mounted on it until he was exhausted. Only he brought her to a climax in a trance. The magician taught her to touch herself and induce climax, which she has been doing at least twice a day ever since. The father just shrugged, he really didn't care if she climaxed herself. She couldn't tell if it was her husband or the cunning magician who had gotten her pregnant. From that day on Ray was convinced that the magician was his father, which explained his special talent. In any case, his mother was also a toad who got even with her husband for plowing in the young furrows twice and trebly. She stopped menstruating after he was born and was unable to conceive, making her revenge much easier.

12-year-old Ray had only played innocently and had never exploded. Of course he had gotten very horny with her stories, just like she. The hand of a benevolent god had always prevented him from exposing her or himself completely naked or from approaching her unseemly. Despite being able to put her into a trance easily and having total mental control over her, he had previously shied away from making her expose herself to him, but he had thought of that every day. In a deep trance she told the sexual details and pressed her hands with lust on the pubic area under the skirt. She stammered in embarrassment, she needed it urgently now.

Since he didn't understand what she meant, he croaked hoarsely okay, then she should just undress. She quickly stripped him and herself naked and lifted him astride her thighs, facing each other and placing Ray's hands on her full, firm breasts. "Just let me do it first! It's almost over, I'll do it real quick!" the beautiful 32 year old gasped jerkily. And now, in her lust, she showed him everything, really everything, masturbating and then making love without shame and shyness, without reservation. In a deep trance she did everything with him, but as soon as he ended the trance, she remembered nothing, nothing at all. Two years later he turned 14 and fell in love with Ilse.

He adored Ilse, the unattainable beauty from the class above him. She went with someone her own age from her class and Raimund found him unspeakably stupid, conceited and arrogant. He waited in front of the school every morning and watched Ilse with greedy eyes. She never noticed him, but he had butterflies in his stomach and sunshine in his heart. He was hopelessly in love. His friends grinned widely and teased him a bit. It burned brightly until the end of the school year. He was 14 damn it, and he was pulling himself together.

He was determined. He waited until school was over and waited until Ilse came out. He had no plan and trotted two steps behind her. Before she reached the bus stop, he said, plucking up all his courage: "Come with me!"

Ilse started and turned around. He stretched out his hand, took hers and repeated: "Come with me!". Confused, she held his hand and together they walked to the opposite tram stop. They rode in silence to the last stop. She held his hand as if they were walking together. "My name is Raimund, Ray for my friends" he finally got out and Ilse nodded: "I know!" They were silent to the end and held hands.

He led her along a forest path to a small clearing. "We're here," he said and sat down on the grass. They put down their school bags, then she sat down across from him. He grabbed her second hand and looked into her eyes.

"I've been in love with you for a very long time" he said and she nodded. "I know," she said simply. He leaned forward and kissed her on the lips. She smiled and said, "You don't know the right kissing yet?" He shook his head. "I'll show you," she said softly and kissed him. He felt her tongue and felt his tongue carefully for her. That was Ray's first kiss.

He kissed her again and again, it was wonderful and aroused him greatly. He stopped and said, "Please show me your breasts!" Ilse needed a moment, then she pulled her summer dress apart and pushed her bra down. He saw a girl's breasts for the first time and held out his hand. She smiled as he fingered her breasts for several minutes. They were much smaller and not as firm as his mother's breasts. He sat up straight again.

"Will you show me your... that down there?" he asked hoarsely as she readjusted her bra. She didn't hesitate a bit, lifted her skirt and took off her panties. She spread her legs and Ray eyed her sex. He looked and looked, she only had a small hole and not such a big hole as that one. He asked if she was doing it real and real with Kevin and she nodded, of course! He questioned her thoroughly and she told everything in detail and without shyness. She smiled absently and he asked if she would teach him. He was very excited when she immediately nodded in agreement that she would explain exactly what he had to do.

It was like a first time for Ray and he never forgot it. He never met Ilse in secret again.

The next day, Ilse came to him during the 10 a.m. break and offered him a cigarette. She hung around for a long time and asked how exactly he had done it. He didn't know an answer and she continued to ask how he had done it, she had gone with him without any will and he had done everything with her. He asked if she wasn't going along voluntarily gone and Ilse thought about it. "Yes!" she finally said, bowing her head. She knew full well that it was she who had done it to him. She just didn't know why. No, he hadn't done anything. It was she who had shown him how to kiss, who had shown him her most intimate parts and introduced him to making love. She bowed her head, it was all her. They talked for a while, then she left. He went home straight away, even though school wasn't over yet.

He searched his computer for "involuntary" and eventually came across a website that was about hypnosis. He read until well after midnight, his mother brought his supper up to his room and stayed as quiet as a mouse so as not to disturb him. Only very rarely does he study for so long, she said to his father when she was back downstairs.

Ray was now certain that he had somehow hypnotized Ilse. He found enough descriptions that confirmed him in this. He read for hours, separating the idiots from the experts as best he could. The next day he drove into town and bought a few books on hypnosis, which he devoured over the next few days. He doubted if the techniques in the books would work.

He tested his knowledge on several children in the playground. He couldn't hypnotize a single child with the book knowledge. However, when he surprisingly grabbed a child's arm, it immediately obeyed, somersaulting and hopping on one leg. He continued testing for days with the same result. It was the element of surprise, he thought for a long time. He went as far as touching the child briefly and then controlling it with willpower. That worked very well, he threw the books away.

Ray was a good student and managed his time well. He learned just enough to complete his assignments in a timely and complete manner. He spent a little less time with his friends and more time exploring his abilities. The children on the children's playground were no longer his target group.

A long conversation happened quite by accident with his mother, who to his surprise was very understanding of his problem. His sexuality was awakening and he sometimes wanted to invite girls over and be private with them in his room. She blushed deeply when he said it had nothing to do with her dealing with his sexual distress on a daily basis. His mother encouraged him to have sex with his peers and had few requests or concerns. First of all, there was nothing more embarrassing for a girl than to experience something she didn't want, his mother said gravely. So he should be sure that the girls really wanted it themselves, no matter what it was. She explained to him very laboriously that the second thing he had to think about was contraception, for himself and for the girl. Pregnancy would greatly affect both of their lives and perhaps ruin the future. They discussed this topic at great length, and Ray sincerely promised not to fool around. She explained to him how to calculate the fertile days. He was very grateful to her because she showed so much understanding and wanted to help him discover his sexuality. It was a good conversation.

Ray kept his word. Gradually, many of his classmates came to his house every day to study with him. They varied in difficulty to hypnotize, but he never gave up, even if it was difficult at times. He questioned her thoroughly about her sexuality, carefully separating the experienced from the inexperienced. He got fed up with the girls' nudity and wrestled with them naked on the bed. He let the experienced show him everything and made love with them. The inexperienced played with him in childish lust without sleeping with him, and that was okay. Very few wanted to be deflowered and he was really very gentle and considerate about it. He learned everything about female sexuality faster than his friends. He seduced a girl from school almost every day until the summer after high school.

Ray often thought about keeping his word to his mother. His visitors had to want the sex themselves and agree with him on the right timing. He always calculated when the fertile days were. He was, of course, aware that he was gaining an unfair advantage by hypnotizing, but he was never guilty. You could happily roll around naked on the bed and play with the inexperienced without sleeping together. He never crossed the boundaries his mother had shown him, he had a clear conscience about it.

Ray never tried to use hypnosis to gain an advantage in school. He was among the best in class and he wanted more. On the contrary, he was proud that he had managed it without much cheating. There was only one incident with the written Matura in mathematics. He had solved 9 out of 10 tasks quickly and efficiently, but had a complete blackout on one. Desperately he raised his hand and the math professor came to him. In a low whisper he said that he had no idea how to solve problem number 8. The teacher pointed his finger at the text and accidentally touched his hand. At the same moment, Ray saw the solution and the solution very clearly in front of him. He listened to the teacher's whisper and nodded his thanks. He didn't have to blame himself, it had nothing to do with hypnosis. He had experienced it several times that when touched he could see into the other's mind like his mother, but it happened only rarely and he didn't know how it actually worked.

Seducing the girls from his school was one thing. The other was actually criminal, he knew that very well. Kevin, Ilse's ex-boyfriend, gave him 50 euros a week. Kevin always had a lot of pocket money and could easily get over it. Ray only got 20 euros pocket money a month and knew that his parents could not afford more. He told them it was way too much. But Kevin gave him the money and later knew nothing more about it. Ray took the money from him and his rich buddies without batting an eyelid. It didn't matter to him that he was actually a thief. It seemed right to him not to be financially marginalized and to dress as stylishly as his friends, buy a computer and play games like them.

In the long run, seducing the girls from school wasn't enough for him, far too many were virgins and their childish sexuality didn't satisfy him. He had passed his high school diploma, was 18 and longed for a lot more sex. He looked around the neighborhood for young women interested in sex. Some he couldn't hypnotize and that was a bitter realization. He didn't give up and looked for someone else. Nevertheless, there were surprisingly many who let themselves be hypnotized and did his will. The women taught him everything that was important for sexuality. He stuck to what he had promised his mother. She had to want it herself and that contraception was taken care of. Most women used birth control themselves, leaving nothing to chance or their husbands. If Ray found out that a woman didn't want to betray her husband, he immediately let her go. He had no right to make her an adulteress.

After graduating from high school, he did a summer internship at the town hall. By chance he overheard a councilman accepting a bribe. Ray was stunned for just a moment, then decided to take some of his loot from the good man. He took an opportunity and questioned him under hypnosis. The officer was in the construction department and every construction project brought a bribe. Ray listened open-mouthed because that was a decent amount of money! He ordered the officer to give him 50,000 euros in a plastic bag, which wasn't very much. He opened a bank account and deposited the money. For weeks he trembled inwardly as to whether he would be exposed. But nothing happened. At the end of the internship, he took another 50 thousand euros from the man and quietly disappeared from the town hall.

Ray still had no idea what he could do for a living and, more out of convenience than interest, followed his friends who moved to the city to study and formed a shared apartment. The parents didn't mind because he could take care of himself, he said. After all, he had saved the money he had received from the girls for tutoring. How much he had was not an issue, and he promised to work alongside his studies. Still, his father said, if he were ever in short supply, he would help him out. The parents sat with him for a long time and they discussed everything they knew about shared apartments. Ray was grateful and happy to feel their support and goodwill.

Ray still didn't know what he wanted to do for a living, but he enrolled in law. God knows, no particular decision, that should do for starters. Student life was much more exciting, there was a party almost every day, people drank, took a bit of drugs and there were always enough girls. He learned to fall in love and break up naturally. He rarely used hypnosis to get a girl into bed. The hunt and the slaying of the game was exciting and excitingly beautiful. Attracting the girls naturally was far more satisfying than hypnotizing and fucking them.

His bank account melted away like spring snow. He sat listlessly in the lectures and decided to become a criminal again and get money. He knew the place where the people from the town hall frequented. He carefully selected the corrupt officials and got them to bring him money in a plastic bag the next day. He often learned from someone who was still open to bribery. So he went from one to the next and carefully took the money from them. He listened very carefully when they revealed what they knew about the lazy clientele. He chuckled to think what he might have done with that information as a lawyer or prosecutor. But he had chosen to be a thief. He took the money of the corrupt officials and soon afterwards the money of the rich and super-rich. He carefully scouted out how much he could snag from them without difficulty. There was much more to be gained from these than from the officials. His bank balance grew enormously, by fourth year he had stolen more than 5 million. He went on vacation after each semester and took his parents with him once a year. They were terribly proud of their son, who earned so much as a young lawyer.

For a long time now, he has not only taken money from the rich and super-rich, he also took their often pretty wives and daughters. Almost everyone was up for a fling and he let them love him in all honesty without any false pretense. They gave him everything and more than they ever gave their husband. Of course, he was always on the lookout and didn't make any mistakes with this clientele. Among these, the proportion of those he was good at hypnotizing was quite good. Some he didn't reach mentally and broke off immediately. He made not the slightest attempt to get their money or their wives. He knew he was dancing on a razor's edge and couldn't afford a single mistake. No money in this world and no woman, no matter how seductive, was worth killing.

Ray stayed in the shared apartment, although only a few of the original crew remained. The youngsters who followed were just as hungry for adventure as their predecessors. Parties, alcohol, drugs and girls as always. He traveled to distant places and got to know many peoples. The parents didn't want to go so far away and he paid them holidays according to their taste. After the final exams he invited them to the party, they were very proud of their son, who had now become a lawyer. He only had one more year of practice to complete. However, it turned out to be four years, after the first year he passed the bar exam. He continued studying philosophy and graduated in fourth year.

During this memorable time he got to know the really big fish. Super crooks who knew no borders and relentlessly robbed society. Interestingly, he got many of them into his hypnotic grip. Maybe it had to do with being overbearing, arrogant, and narcissistic. It was a very daring game when he usurped the gangster's wives and daughters. These criminals spent enormous sums of money to capture or buy the most beautiful women. The beautiful wives were often celebrities, film and TV stars, and invariably had no problem cheating on their husbands if they could keep it secret. Everyone gave themselves with complete honesty, because he didn't want any lying pretense. When he was still a student, he couldn't see through the mendacity of some girls and women. Only with some experience in the hot student life did he see through them and ordered them to leave out everything fake. He was as careful as he could with each of these adulteries, for it was always a game of death.

Most of the gangsters' daughters were consistently depraved princesses who would give themselves to anyone without hesitation. They were very surprised by their own sincere devotion because Ray was never put off with superficial pretense. For some, it was the first time laying down with a man with honest devotion. It was not uncommon for them to cry afterwards, feeling deeply moved.

He took the gangsters' money by the briefcase and robbed them of a few percent of their wealth. Those close to the gangsters saw suitcases of money being handed over every day, so his little crime went unnoticed. It was not uncommon for the gangster to whisper softly to his lawyer or secretly hand him a suitcase of money. To cover up his crime, he drilled down on the bosses exactly what they allegedly talked about. He remained as cautious as ever and made it look like a nemesis had taken the money when it came to large amounts. If they distrusted and suspected each other, that was his right and he didn't care at all. He stayed out of anything involving violence had to do, but in all other respects he was a good, a very good, lawyer for the gangster. And he was paid handsomely, his exorbitant fees justifying the fact that he was an excellent lawyer, combative, brilliant, and always victorious. He has long since taken millions from them without feeling embarrassed. Ray ended his three years of practice with a good 750 million in the account. He could confidently retire at the age of 30.

He went to the Caribbean for a few months and was having a god damn good time. Sun, sea and tequila, that was beautiful. He read the newspaper in the morning, lounged around and let himself be seduced by enchantingly beautiful holidaymakers every day. He was told everything about their sexuality and sexual secrets, which interested him very much. The most beautiful women from all over the world told all their sexual secrets and lay down with him passionately.

He was 32 years old, in good health and wealthy. Not keen on working in an office, he bought a modest house in the south of Vienna and became a private citizen. He had chosen to retire and remain alone. He didn't want to work as a lawyer and stayed away from the previous clients he had robbed. He would go out once or twice a month, enjoying the town's nightlife with his old friends and always bringing a companion from town to lie down with him. He needed a housekeeper and thoroughly interviewed each applicant before hiring them. He gave her his orders under hypnosis, which she faithfully carried out. The housekeeper looked after his household, cooked for him and willingly lay down with him when she felt his tension.

He decided to invest some of his money in real estate. He left the administration to the professionals, he didn't want to burden himself with annoying work. He supported his parents generously, enabling them to retire as soon as possible and to enjoy their retirement financially. The bond between them grew stronger every year. His parents were incredibly proud of him for making it this far. The only thing that worried his mother was that he wasn't thinking about getting married. She was very displeased that his housekeeper lay with him every night. That's not right, she said bitterly. It used to be the big landowners who took their subordinates to bed. Ray noticed that her bitterness was mixed with a good deal of jealousy. He looked deep into her soul. Why did he give this complete stranger what was actually her right? He assured her that if the right person came, she would!

He loved good music, read serious literature for hours, read many newspapers and watched the news and news magazines on television. He researched the world extensively, spent many hours on the internet and got a good and comprehensive view of the real world as it really was. It felt like there was nothing he could do about it. The world was a mess and it disgusted him how the rich and powerful were misleading and robbing the common foot soldiers. That was very sobering because he had no idea how to change that. It was obviously part of being human to snatch, rob and use violence. The knowledge of decency, neighborhood help and better solutions was generally available, but greed was the dominant thing in the world. It seemed like greed was etched into human DNA. People like him, who could one day stop grabbing money and even more consciously put an end to greed, were rare. He was 32 years old.

And Ray was still having these intense, weird dreams.