Mount Olympus

by István Rudas © 2022

Ray slept for a very long time. He dreamed of being teleported very far away with Lin. Without anyone telling him, he knew he was going to Mount Olympus.

Lin held his hand as the two of them, a little timidly, stepped through a large portal. It was a huge hall filled with hundreds of people. The babble of voices was loud, but neither he nor Lin could understand more than a few snippets of speech. A sonorous voice sounded in his head.

"Right, everyone here can understand Us in their language. We all appear to everyone in the form of their people and also with avatars from their imaginary world. You were brought up humanistically and your decision to give your people the form of a god from the Greek Mythology has caused Us to show you here Mount Olympus and its mythical gods. Besides Us gods you see here some representatives of the peoples of the universe, they too have temporarily assumed human form. Welcome Ray and welcome too, Lin, wife of Ray and mediator to the Jareel!"

Lin bowed very low and Ray hurried to do the same. When he looked up, he saw a huge block of stone on which Zeus was sitting. In a split second he recognized the real Zeus, similar to his own but of imposing size. The god was about 4 meters tall and his white-blue eyes looked at him and her kindly. He was over 50, his striking face was likeable and his eyes rested friendly on them. His eyes went raptor-like as he appraised Lin's body. Ray thought, what a magnificent, awe-inspiring, and mighty god! and Zeus nodded politely. "I can hear you Ray and I appreciate your greeting!" Invisible helpers had pushed a bench behind the two and they felt invited to sit down. Ray immediately took a liking to this god.

"We, like the Jareel, have followed your work closely over the past ten years, we have seen your whole life with our own eyes and are very satisfied with the way you two have been giving new impetus to humanity over the past ten years. That's what I wanted tell you personally, that's the only reason you're here. I have no new tasks or advice to give you, you don't need them." Zeus smiled and turned to Lin. "I'm more than twice your size and everything about me is good too, and I'd like to be twice the size you're used to. I beg you, don't think about it because it could harm your little delicate body!" Zeus demonstratively pushed his tunic to the side and grinned so cheekily and lewdly that Lin's eyes widened in disbelief at the sight and she turned red out of breath. Ray thought he could read her mind and grinned broadly. This Zeus was really a likeable guy!

Suddenly a richly laid table appeared before them and they felt invited to eat and drink to their heart's content. Zeus bent down and picked up a large goblet to toast them. "Is there anything, my dear Ray, that you wish for, gold, jewels or beautiful girls? I want to give you whatever it is!" Zeus gave him a friendly smile. No, Ray thought, I don't need any of that. I want to grow old with Lin, stay healthy as long as possible and keep humanity moving forward, I already have everything else. Gold or gems mean little to me! Zeus nodded, "The Jareel have already told me the same thing. You are a frugal person, Ray, I appreciate that very much! And with all your modesty, you shall have many beautiful girls throughout your life!" He nodded politely and emptied his goblet. How closely this god listened!

Ray was aware that it was only a dream and Zeus nodded slowly, "It is a dream and it is not a dream," and a comforting warmth flooded Ray's mind. "Everyone wants to get to know you, see you and talk to you," Zeus replied to his thoughts. "And yes, some goddesses and gods want to enjoy the earthly lust they have missed for many generations!" Zeus grinned lewdly from across his wrinkled, bearded face.

After they ate, their bench floated with them hither and thither, gods and goddesses talking to them for hours about everything. The dream continued, it seemed to them like days. Days and nights flew by in earthly lust, delicious food and exciting conversations. He was overwhelmed and exhausted from the talks, he had experienced a thousand novelties and enlightenment, more than any human had ever experienced before. Ray realized again and again that all the beautiful goddesses and gods only existed in his imagination. And that it was only a dream.

He felt very clearly when they were teleported back. He held Lin's hand tightly during the long journey that only lasted a split second. He woke up immediately when they were back in their own bed and let go of Lin's hand, she was still sound asleep. Had he only dreamed or had they really been teleported to the real Mount Olympus? He sat up and looked at his beautiful wife, she was so delicate, so lovely and highly erotic to look at, sleeping so peacefully. He looked at her for a long time and with growing desire. She was waking up and he kissed her tenderly awake.

Lin stole breakfast from a five-star hotel in Paris and they ate breakfast ravenously, as if they hadn't eaten in days. Lin had exactly the same dream as him, they shared the same experiences and laughed together because they had experienced everything together. Following an intuition, he asked the on-board computer what the date was today. They had slept for 14 days! The Jareel confirmed to Lin that they had been at Mount Olympus for 14 days. Of course.

They sat around the breakfast table all day, repeating everything they had experienced together. They laughed wholeheartedly when they shared their experiences. His head spinning with the famous goddesses of Greek mythology he'd had fun with, and Lin raved about how she'd given herself to the ancient giant Zeus on a daily basis and experienced lust like never before. Ray had witnessed and watched it himself, but despite the sight he had been very concerned about her delicate body. But she laughed out loud and said she just had to experience it! Ray kissed her tenderly and said with a smile that she looked more beautiful than ever in her lust with the god!

They celebrated the tenth anniversary of their relationship like a birthday, swimming in the sea before dinner and then sitting in the living room with whiskey and gin. They talked for days about the experiences at Mount Olympus. He said it was a pity they didn't have cameras and there were no recordings. They had forgotten the content of their conversations with the gods when they woke up and could not remember any details. Her experiences were all the more deeply engraved in her memory, every little detail. Ray sat down by the screen and wrote down everything he had experienced and what he had seen in Lin's experiences. She also wrote everything down, from her point of view, they often read these texts together. One day Lin surprised him, she had — in whatever way — Keeping records of their experiences at Mount Olympus and they watched parts every night before going to bed, this kept the fire on the home stove burning and blazing for many months.

They returned to work the day after they returned. After the visit to Mount Olympus, Ray had become more serious, calmer and more forgiving. He punished the pirates in Asia and the gangsters in South America and Africa more leniently and prevented as many murders as possible. He only let the worst guys drop dead, which always depressed him completely. He was only happy in the evenings if he didn't have to kill one day. Lin told him that there were only a few spots left on the planet where hunger still existed. She now spent most of her time watching the progress of the panel, carefully reading through all the minutes, and with that she was able to cheer up Ray a bit in the evenings.

They observed the developments after the artificial shortage of fossil fuels. The committee poured a lot of money into research and pushed promising projects properly. In the meantime, more than 50% of the energy has been generated in alternative ways. Ray had cleaned up enough among the pirates and the gangsters that he could sit down with Lin every early afternoon and go through the committee's projects and minutes with her. After only half a year the projects really blossomed and he believed that he didn't have to wait another 100 years for concrete results.

The diplomats visited Zeus every month, and the initial resentment about his unannounced actions had disappeared completely. Zeus used the visits to discuss individual projects, as he received many technical tips from the Jareel. Yes, the diplomats took all these clues with them on the USB sticks and passed them on. Zeus always left the diplomats with a beautiful and strong feeling of being loved by him.

When Lin teleported the sleeping Podukhai back home, she left her with a remnant of the night with Zeus. Podukhai often sat in bed in the morning and let the night in the arms of the god pass before her mind's eye, which made her very happy and made her forget the humiliating nights with the Great Leader. And when she lay with the old man, she closed her eyes and smiled at herself the lust with Zeus. The old man misinterpreted her smile, of course, but the young woman didn't care. The old man swallowed a handful of pills, mounted her with difficulty, and made a mighty effort to give her pleasure — The same game night after night. So it was not surprising that one night he collapsed dead on top of her with heart failure. Podukhai pushed him away in disgust, for he had poured himself into her while dying. She was able to escape unseen to her room.

China mourned the loss of the Great Chairman for weeks. Some knew of Podukhai's nights with him and secretly offered her condolences. She saved face and just nodded silently, because she wasn't allowed to show her feelings to anyone. Of course, the fight for the successor began on the first day. Podukhai managed to stay out of it entirely and retired to her summer home. She found much comfort, affirmation and joy in the arms of the God.

In the end, it was the deputy who emerged victorious from the battles. He was still very young, not yet 50, and had been greatly encouraged by the deceased. Some officials disappeared from the scene, but the new chairman skillfully continued the policies of his predecessor. He too was unmarried and had young girls come every evening like his pedophile predecessor. It was less than three months before he took a liking to Podukhai and called her over, because she was extremely clever and experienced in diplomacy, which of course he could benefit from. Of course, he knew her body and her lovemaking very well, since he had also spied on the chairman with hidden cameras at night. Of course, Podukhai knew it and felt a special kick doing her show in front of the cameras. She felt the newcomer might be a little more open to reform and change, but she remained very cautious and reserved. Of course she willingly lay down with him and the very young girl and enjoyed her own physical pleasure.

Ray politely declined the new chairman's request to meet him in person without angering him. Zeus spoke to the new man several times over his television and clearly stated his intentions to improve the situation of mankind. He hoped the new chairman would be more amenable to his mission. He didn't get any firm commitments, of course not. But at least the man listened to him carefully and was clearly thoughtful at the end of the conversation. Ray again failed to get a mental grip on the chairman and gave up his attempts.

Nevertheless, in one of these talks, Zeus managed to get the chairman to agree to significantly increase Podukhai's salary and to give her rich gifts. Podukhai didn't flinch when the chairman informed her and thanked her politely. The party's gifts were huge, often a hundred times her monthly salary, and poured out almost every week. Of course she knew it was Zeus and thanked him too. Neither her family nor herself were poor before, but she could use the money well. In China, if you could amass a fortune, you were considered better. She quickly became very rich and many admired or envied her. One of her first purchases was a magnificent penthouse apartment in Hong Kong, perched high above the harbor in a prime location. She would retire there when her career was over. Hong Kong was of course in the clutches of the party, but it was China's most international and Western-oriented city.

China remained a problem for the world under the new leadership.

Ray and Lin paid little attention to hunger and bandits, both of which had greatly diminished. They supported the panel and Judge Adams, who appreciated their work. Ray read a lot and observed the world from a good distance, not the details seemed important to him, but the big picture. He was heartily grateful to Lin that she had only turned him into a 25-year-old physically and that he remained 40 in his head. Lin put the finest young girls in his bed and had an infallible sense of when it suited his desires and when it didn't. She felt Ray's love for her and was a very happy woman.

He discussed his next project with Lin, who saw fit, and passed it on to the Jareel. He invited the diplomats to his place. Zeus received the ladies as usual and levitated them at eye level, a sign that he wanted to include them. "I have another assignment for you where it is important that you deliver the message, I will not burden you with any more work." Zeus twirled his beard and looked at each of them. "Slavery is no longer up to date and is worse for those affected than the plague! Unfortunately Whilst slavery is taken for granted in some regions, it is forbidden by law in most countries. I must leave it up to you to decide whether you want to convince reluctant states. Or demands compliance with the law. You can decide that yourself, I don't want to influence that. Nor do I intend to destroy the slave‐owners and to punish human traffickers, that may be decided by your governments."

He handed the diplomats wine goblets with the best French wine. They drank after he raised his goblet and toasted 10 years of good working relationship with them. He continued: "On your USB sticks you will find two files, organized by state. One concerning the criminals, their contact details, bank details and assets, their networking and their modus operandi. The networked gangsters are grouped so that their connections becomes visible."

"The second file contains the names and personal data of the victims, also classified by state, as well as the process of their enslavement. You can give this data to your appropriate authorities, who could free the slaves as well as shut down the gangsters and their networks , arrest and imprison. You have to, they have to decide that." Zeus paused and looked at them questioningly.

Regine was the first to answer. "I get it and will be sharing the data, my states are certainly very grateful for the thorough investigation you have done! Personally, I hate human traffickers and slavery from the bottom of my heart and know how hard it is for our investigators to understand them. And thank you for not pressuring the States on this."

Podukhai tugged at her see-through tunic, which obstinately bared her body over and over again. "Although I've never heard of it myself," she smiled lovingly at Zeus, "I assume that your research also concerns China and Asia." She smiled her brightest smile as Zeus nodded. "I just have to develop a good strategy, because the leaders in Asia and also in China will not want to make a big deal about it. But I promise you that I will pass on the data, even if it is not expected that you get thanks for it." Zeus nodded politely, that's probably the case.

Anne spoke last. "For the United States, I can also promise you that the data will get into the right hands and that they will be dealt with accordingly. That helps our authorities and they will be grateful for your help. Of course I am happy to give the data to all states North and South America further, we'll see how they handle it." Anne stifled the impulse to mention that President White would certainly adorn himself with these feathers. Zeus grinned at her and said, "There is no doubt about that, my dear!" Anne looked at him in astonishment. He winked and only spoke in her head: "You won't find out in the recording what I said that to!" Anne bowed her head to hide her laughter.

Zeus pointed to a large tablet that was in the throne room. "This time there is a meal together, my dears, roast wild boar from Romania, deliciously prepared! The finest French red wine, a Cabernet Sauvignon from the Périgord, enjoy it!" The benches floated to the table, Zeus descended from the throne and sat down with the ladies. They ate and drank and chatted happily before being teleported again. Ray went to Lin. He thanked her for arranging the meal, which was new but really well done. Lin, looking down, murmured that she only did what was discussed. Secretly she was very happy, because it was something extraordinary that he thanked her so extensively. He took her under the chin and looked into her eyes: "My wife, my very best wife!"

In the following months they observed the news on earth, Zeus telephoned the diplomats every week. A few governments did nothing, nothing at all. But most of them let their Bandogs off the chain, arrested rows of gangsters and freed the victims. In Europe, action was taken most vigorously, brothels had to close, thousands of women were suddenly free and the courts had enough clues and evidence to lock up the culprits. The campaign was also very successful in the USA, although there was hardly any slavery outside the brothels, and many forced prostitutes were freed. Anne flew to Saudi Arabia to speak personally with the young King Mohammed. The king had thousands of slaves, as did other wealthy and important people. Slavery was theoretically forbidden, but the country could not exist without it. Anne was successful nonetheless, the king and some of his Confidants credibly promised to make employees out of slaves in small steps. Of course, this was a process that would take time, maybe a few months, but the king didn't care whether his slaves became employees or not. Once he and his key people had taken that step, he would apply appropriate pressure to enforce existing laws throughout the kingdom. It would greatly improve the kingdom's standing. Anne went home with a good feeling. But South America was just as problematic as Africa.

Podukhai was surprised by the crystal clear support of the Great Chairman. In any case, he was on her side, even if he was not personally familiar with the topic. Communist party and slavery, that just didn't work! She was amazed at how many party members ended up in prison camps or simply disappeared. The party granted pardon to anyone if slavery was converted into regular employment by the next month. The Great Chairman wouldn't budge, not a single exception! Podukhai was able to cite China's exemplary example and convince some governments. But not the Kingdom of Brunei, the sultan was obstinate and lived up to the day before yesterday. Indonesia and the Philippines reluctantly gave in, although many of the rich and super-rich preferred to pay the hefty fines.

Regine had little luck in Africa. It was able to get the large middle class in the republican states to give up slavery and have the slaves legally employed and paid. But the rich and super-rich didn't play along, they had slaves for many generations and stubbornly insisted on their rights. Only South Africa abolished slavery altogether and cracked down on the rich and super-rich.

In Africa and South America there were still an alarming number of slaves after 5 months. Ray and Lin talked a lot about this project, which wasn't 100% successful, but still worked quite well. Ray was now also convinced that it was right that Zeus had not imposed any punishment. After two months they had already worked out the next project.

Zeus invited the diplomats back. He began by acknowledging that the women diplomats had done a good job and he thanked Podukhai and the Chinese President specifically for their example. China deserved his special thanks. He paused for a long time and stroked his beard, knowing how sensitive it was to President White. Anne was about to say something, but he continued.

"The next task is similar to the previous ones. This time it's about child pornography and child abuse." He waited a moment and went on speaking earnestly. "This is a hideous plague, the souls of millions of children will be destroyed forever, as will their development and their future! During my research, I stumbled across it again and again and decided to give your executive a helping hand. On your USB sticks you will find it you two files. The perpetrators, dealers and consumers, classified by state and network. As before, names, contact details, networks, bank details and assets, etcetera. There are also clues as to where the pornographic data is currently located. This should be yours assist investigations. The second record contains the names and contact details of the children, as well as when they were abused and by whom. Every one of these children needs help!"

The diplomats remained embarrassed, nothing could be added on this subject. Zeus asked if they wanted to take on the task and they nodded one by one. Zeus added: "The executive branch will have a lot of work to do with this, as will the courts. I don't think this will solve the problem, but it might reduce the plague in the future!"

He raised his hand and pointed to the banquet table: "Let's enjoy the meal together, seafood from the coasts of the Mediterranean and the finest Spanish red wine, a Tinta de Toro, a Tempranillo!" They sat down at the table, it became a very pleasant conversation and they enjoyed the sumptuous Mediterranean meal. The Spaniard shot the diplomats in the head, it drank himself light as mineral water and kicked hard as a bull the next morning. And again Ray specifically thanked Lin, his best wife, and again she murmured, blushing, that she had only done what they had agreed. Ray laughed, "you're the only one who can cook so perfectly!" They both laughed, because Lin never cooked, but ordered and stole food ready-made from the best kitchens in the world. Of course she always paid for it from the inexhaustible cash reserves of Jareel, that's how it should be.

For months, Ray and Lin watched the news on Earth. The media greedily ate through the slimy abysses, that was to be expected, but it was also very sad. In most cases, the police and courts were able to make short work of it, they were able to secure evidence and unearth entire networks. Most citizens had a natural horror and utter revulsion. They were glad that action was taken so vigorously and effectively. Most traders robbed the courts of their dirty money and used much of it to care for the children. Many a loving husband heard the handcuffs click and woke rudely from their shabby little dream. It was a worldwide campaign because all states were affected. Incest was not illegal in many states and was therefore not punished, but these children also needed psychological help. That's why perpetrators and victims were listed, even if in many places it wasn't a crime.

Zeus telephoned the diplomats weekly and had them visit him once a month. Within 6 months about 85% to 90% of the networks worldwide were broken up and the members locked away. He was very satisfied and thanked the diplomats and governments. He was aware that most perpetrators would come out after a few months or years and continue the heinous activity. But that was a task for another day. Each visit by the ladies ended with a delicious feast, which seemed to become a good custom.

Ray and Lin were now overseeing a number of projects. The starvation project and the rapists still took up a few hours in the morning. They worked together on the committee's projects until lunch and then in the afternoon on the climate‐ and energy projects. Before dinner they reviewed the data on slavery and child abuse. This is what an average working day looked like.

They read late at night, Ray had thrown himself into psychology after talking about child abuse. He read all the books he could find and researched a subject thoroughly, reading dissertations and academic papers. He took part in discussions on internet forums when they were serious. Lin encouraged him to correspond with leading psychologists and psychiatrists, but it didn't last long. Lin was an excellent conversationalist, and from their intense conversations he realized that given the choice, he would probably choose to be a therapist. The legal profession had become completely uninteresting for him.

After the death of his father, they videophoned his mother and Leonardo every month. She had decided to videophone naked like them. Lin had promised him to keep her healthy for life. Ray noted that she had trimmed all excess fat and looking at herself, she had grown into a very pretty 53 year old and was showing pride. This conversations were very important for Ray, he never skipped it.

On his 40th birthday, he sat on the beach with Lin hugged in the soft light before the sunset. He wondered what the future might look like. He would probably bury the mother next to the father in Marbella and renovate the house where he was born in Vienna. He planned to work only half the month on the spaceship in a few years and to work the other half of the month as a hypnotherapist in Vienna. Lin nodded in agreement that would be a good plan. Yes, she will accompany him and also look for an interesting job in Vienna.

Lin never told him that the Jareel let her see into the future. His mother would die in Leonardo's arms at the age of 66, suddenly and painlessly after making love. She clung to Leonardo and her heart soared as he spilled into her. Her heart burst in a moment of supreme lust. Ray would retain his physical strength well past 80 and then age healthily and slowly thereafter. He would be an excellent hypnotherapist throughout his life, able to help many poor people and not closing the practice until he was about 85. A few years later he would be persuaded to keep the body of Zeus and give up the body of Ray forever. She herself would live with her 20-year-old body and 40-year-old Zeus in the spaceship and serve humanity for many centuries to come. She smiled and said nothing. That was a good future that made her happy.

Ray would sometimes stand in waist-deep water before sunset, holding Lin in his strong arms, who loved to float in the water. She caressed her body with blissful fantasies. When she was done, she opened her eyes again and beamed happily at her husband, little stars twinkling in her golden almond eyes. These moments were the best of the day for her.

He knew exactly how old they were.

He was 25, she was adorable 20.