Two Lives

by Jack Faber © 2022

Mother tells

Two years ago, Mom's mother was seriously ill and Dad got her the nicest first class room in the hospital. She visited her mother several times after the hysterectomy, the Doctor said the cancer was temporarily removed, but she probably didn't have much more than a year or two. She was much more shaken than her mother, who just shrugged, Fate. Then another year or two. That day she was splashed with morphine and spoke for the first and only time of her father being intoxicated with morphine.

I started working as a cleaning girl when I was 12, she started, as the eleventh child I didn't have much choice. At the time, of course, I didn't know what to expect. The men I cleaned for considered me fair game. I soon started taking tips from them, they paid generously and I let them cum inside generously. They injected it many thousands of times but I never got pregnant. In all these years hundreds have fucked me, many hundreds! On the first few days they tore my underpants and after a short time I went to work without pants. I scrubbed the floor on all fours and wiggled my naked bunny, flashing my slit generously. Was that a lot of fun! No man could resist! They've squirted in thousands of times, I tell you! I had no idea about sex at all, I had never touched myself back then, never had an orgasm and only knew what my clients did to me. To be mounted from behind like a bitch, to be fucked and to wait patiently with a blunt stare for the master to finish cumming. That was all the sex I was generously paid for! The mountain of tips kept growing, I didn't do it as cheaply as the whores on the side of the road.

Your father and I never wanted you to grow up sexually ignorant, so I used to masturbate for a very long time after bathing so that you could learn from childhood and not be as ignorant as I was. I was happy when you got really horny after your bath, watching me masturbate and orgasm, and then masturbating wildly and self‐absorbed to half a dozen orgasms each time, even at the age of 8! At that time we both masturbated in the bathtub x times a week and I was very happy about your sexual awakening. The daughter nodded with shining eyes, she could remember it well. Also, that she always instigated her mother with her horniness and she kept masturbating long after she had finished.

At the age of 35 I already had the money for a small house, that's when I met the Doctor. I cleaned his city apartment and he didn't touch me. Of course I told him I would let him fuck me for money, but he didn't want that. He looked at my naked little poppet, my cunt and my little hole for hours and followed me on his chair to look at my nakedness. He questioned me for weeks and wanted to know everything about me. One day he picked me up off the ground, took me in his arms and seriously asked if I wanted him to be my husband? He paid me for four years and I wasn't allowed to go cleaning anymore, I wasn't allowed to let the customers fuck me anymore. We were both in love and I became his wife.

The daughter knew immediately who the Doctor was, the immensely rich Doctor who had given this apartment to her mother. The mother nodded, Yes, that's the one, he was your father. There was a pause, thoughts racing in the daughter's head and tears welling up in her eyes. The mother continued: He wanted me for himself, he paid me handsomely for four years so that I was only available to him. I used to go to his city apartment every Friday evening and after a few weeks I moved in with him. During the first year, some of his favorite daughters still came to fuck him during the weekdays, but on Fridays and weekends he was all mine.

His former manhood returned instantly and he gave daughters many orgasms while I was just learning this way of fucking. He said quite seriously that if I wanted it, he was mine and I could feel his unhappy melancholy at letting go of the daughters. Of course I didn't let him suffer and sat quietly in the kitchen when he was fucking one. I left the door open as both agreed that I could watch them fuck. From there I could see the two of them fucking very well and I think I learned a lot from it. The pure in and out wasn't as important as the trappings. The stroking, French kissing, and gradual arousal of each other were all things that I hadn't known before and that were obviously very important. His fingers caressed her everywhere, not just her cunt. When his fingers slid over the young woman's whole body, a hot shiver ran through my body and aroused my cunt. It was exciting when she used her mouth, lips, tongue or fingers to ignite and heighten his arousal.

His daughters were all married and most were happily married, but they always found ways to visit him to fuck. They were about my age, damn pretty young patricians and they fucked much more practiced, instinctively and gracefully than I did. Everyone hugged him and clung to him as he jerked off and held him tight as he injected, pumped in and finished cumming. None of them got pregnant, they could work out when it was safe. — One of them always let him cum in her mouth at the end of the fuck, I had never seen that before. But she laughed easily as he squirted, sucking every drop from his cock with obvious pleasure and swallowing his semen as if it were honey with obvious satisfaction. — I always agreed when he wanted to invite one or the other to fuck and let him do it, even though it made my heart ache at times. I was just jealous, I knew that and didn't let them feel it. But the fucking with the daughters slowed down, maybe also because he realized that I didn't like it. It wasn't until I got pregnant that he stopped fucking his daughters and kept his hands off the beauties. He now wanted it himself.

He loved to fuck me, every evening, every night and after a year or so I got pregnant with you. After I got pregnant, he stopped inviting his daughters to fuck and spent every free minute with me, with us. He was really looking forward to seeing you, even though he had to keep everything a secret. He accompanied me to the notary, where I had to sign the waiver of inheritance. In return, he gave me a considerable fortune so that his child, our child, would always be safe. I've put all my savings into it and I'll bequeath the entire fortune to you. It's grown significantly over the years, I've saved almost all of the tip for you over the years. "It's not whore money," said the mother, smiling uncertainly, "I wasn't really a whore!" The daughter smiled at the mother and shook her head, "No, I never saw you as a whore, although I knew as a child that men would fuck you during the day." She paused for a very long time, thoughtful. "I've been convinced all my life that any of them was my father and I never wanted to know. ‐ But the Doctor, ahhh! He was a legendary, powerful and famous man and I'm very proud to be his daughter to be!" She wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes.

The mother picked up the thread again. The Doctor showed me how to masturbate. It was the greatest pleasure for him to sit across from me and watch me masturbate and orgasm for a long time. Only when I was exhausted, he fucked me and I had to let myself be completely exhausted and passively fucked. He often waited until I dozed off and fucked me while I was half asleep.

The young mother

He once told me why, it was mainly about his mother, about him and his family. He asked me for patience and told me everything from the beginning. He was very agitated, but he left nothing out and talked in a low voice until dawn. Over the next few months he kept talking about it, filling in what was missing, so that after four years I knew every detail.

His widowed mother was heavily addicted to cocaine, which was very common in the upper classes at the time. She only started doing this after the accident. The right dose of coke, tiny amounts of magic mushrooms and the right amount of alcohol increased her libido and that's all she wanted. She paid close attention to the exact dosage, too much would kill the libido. She didn't care that her brain was melting away. The most important thing to her was the daily good sex.

She had loved to fuck with a lot of men since she was young. The first was her older brother, who had gently and lovingly taken her virginity at a very young age and whom she loved to fuck until his marriage. Late at night he sneaked into the children's room where his little sister slept and uncovered her naked body. He put the sleeping girl in the fucking position, and she awakened when he carefully and slowly penetrated the small vagina and fucked her gently and tenderly. She continued dozing after the first awakening, she loved that very much. On the second awakening before orgasm, she wrapped her little arms around the neck of her big brother, whom she loved dearly with all her heart. In terms of type, she was one of those rare women who easily reach orgasm while being fucked. In her youth she loved fucking more than masturbating as the orgasms from fucking were much more intense.

She became a beautiful, attractive woman who willingly let any man in town fuck her, much to the displeasure of her old husband. But she didn't care, she needed someone to fuck every day. The husband rarely got to fuck anymore and she willingly gave the old gentleman blowjobs for relaxation because he was a good, kind and caring old man. He had died in a traffic accident and her face was disfigured by scars. There was a rumor that former Jewish resistance fighters had stretched the steel cable across the street as the couple drove home in the convertible. He was decapitated by the steel cable, but luckily she had just dived down and, as she often did when he was driving, gently sucked her husband's cock. When he drove she never made him squirt, it was too risky. On impact, she bit off half of her husband's cock and glans as their jaws snapped together on impact. She was badly injured but survived the accident and inherited his vast fortune.

The brother

She assigned her brother, who was very close to her, to manage all of the deceased's affairs. She had complete trust in him because she had shared his bed since childhood, youth and marriage and knew him very well. As the old gentleman's assistant, he had a thorough knowledge of everything and a talent for business. After the brother got married, she didn't get him to fuck her anymore. Supposedly it was the brother who had introduced his sister to the old widower. When the old man had taken the bait and was almost dying of desire for the young girl, the brother is said to have stripped his sister naked and placed the naked girl on the old man's lap. The story was also told that, while still a student, he had a magnificent family tree forged for his family during the Nazi regime. Although the family had converted to Christianity in the Middle Ages and still married within the Jewish community to this day, they were descended from an old Aryan family in Bohemia, which protected them from persecution. — The Doctor cackled and chuckled, not sure what all the rumors were about.

The history

It was undisputed that his grandfather and father had made their fortune mostly with the Nazis and with the war and partly they had dispossessed and robbed many Jews, in the end they owned a few palaces and many patrician houses in the city center. Of course, they could not avert the fate of the Jews, so they took their homes and businesses, all within the limits of the applicable laws, of course.

Often enough they also took their young wives and daughters, because father and son agreed that the Jewish women fucked best of all the women in the world. It was the great‐grandfather who founded the fortune of the dynasty and who drummed the tale about the wonderfully fucking Jewish women into his son and grandson. None of them understood that this was complete nonsense, Jewish women fucked just as well as African, Asian and women from all over the world. The basis for this fairy tale will be more likely to be found in anti‐Semitism and in the burgeoning racial theories, the fanciful and fanciful ideas causing the strangest flowers to bloom. — During the First World War, the great‐grandfather led a gang of marauding soldiers who were particularly notable for raping, he above all. Like a pack of hungry wolves, they invaded the villages and raped everyone they could get their hands on. They then disappeared like ghosts and pounced on the next victims. He'd injected into vaginas more than ten times as often as he'd shot at enemies, he later grinned. Before the war he was a notary, and his clients were mostly rich, wealthy Jews who trusted him. The war, the many murders and rapes destroyed his soul. — Returning home unharmed, he embezzled and stole the assets of fallen Jews and perfidiously lured their young widows into his bedroom.

His wife, who was raped by his so‐called friends x times and hundreds of times against her will during his assignment to war and was terribly ashamed because every time she was fucked she gasped loudly and climaxed. There was nothing she could do about it, her body reacted automatically and she cried desperately after every violent orgasm. It was terribly humiliating when the guys ripped her clothes off. From then on, she welcomed visitors naked under her dressing gown, so there was nothing to tear.

When the drunk guys had shamelessly exposed the mother and the first guy mounted the mother with a grin, the son, frightened, pushed himself into the corner. He was repelled by the brutal fucking on the one hand, and fascinated by the mother's greedy arousal and incredibly intense orgasm on the other. At some point the elderly nanny shuffled over, took her son by the hand and went with him to her room, he didn't have to watch the mother's further desecration to the end. — There were always two or three guys who fucked her one after the other, grinning. Most guys fucked her two or three times. On days like that she wanted to die because it was very physically demanding for her to orgasm more than seven or eight times in rapid succession with all her might. When she was brutally fucked, she had very violent orgasms, which shook her for minutes until he cums. The next guy was already ready and continued to fuck her without a break, driving her relentlessly to the next orgasm. — One day it was too much and she committed suicide a thousand days after the war began, leaving the old nanny alone with the son.

The boy's upbringing

Each morning when he was 10, he pressed himself excitedly against his mother's naked body, cuddling and snogging her much more tenderly than the men who brutally fucked her. They had slept naked next to each other for ages, but only now did he realize it because his cock squirted every time he made out with the naked woman. He caressed her belly and his hand slid over her pubic area, and as soon as he greedily explored her sex, his cock squirted all by itself. The mother smiled knowingly and when the semen pressure bothered him, she opened her legs and let herself be touched. His fingers didn't let go until he'd squirted two or three times. One day his mother taught him how to masturbate and hand‐masturbated him every morning for a few weeks until no more semen came. Later she lay sexy and naked on the bed in front of him while he devoured her sex and masturbated hastily. She silently smiled as he rose to his knees between her legs and squirted on her slit from close range. When he finished squirting, she rubbed the semen on her privates and kissed his forehead.

One morning she woke up from a horny dream, her sex was throbbing demandingly and it was a stupid, stupid idea. She ordered him to fuck her immediately and he had to stop masturbating. He had to put his cock in her hole whether he wanted to or not and she let the slender boy's penis enter her vagina with ease. He was surprised how fine it felt in her vagina. But he remembered how yesterday she cried bitterly after the three guys had brutally fucked her six times. The nanny had fallen asleep and hadn't brought him out, he had to watch everything again. He didn't move, frozen with fear. Smiling, she squeezed him in firmly by his buttocks and ordered him to be banged. He thrust as he had seen the men do and reared up. He squirted jerkily and she held him while he anxiously finished squirting.

She pushed him in by the buttocks. "Come on, keep fucking me!" she gasped excitedly because she was about to orgasm, "he's still hard," she said, "you have to keep fucking me!" He didn't move, he was too scared. "Go on, again! Fuck me!" she commanded and he obeyed anxiously. It took a lot longer this time and before he squirted in she grabbed her clit and triggered her orgasm. He had squirted right into her orgasm and then anxiously finished squirting, now he slipped exhausted next to her.

She had asked if he wouldn't rather fuck in the future, but he shook his head resolutely, No! Too often he had to watch how she had cried miserably when the strange men had fucked her really hard. "You're right," she said wearily, "that's incest and basically forbidden! Mothers aren't allowed to fuck with their sons!" She was very disappointed in herself and depressed. "I must have been completely out of my mind to fuck with you! You can't help it, poor thing, I'm the only one to blame for the incest. My life is a mess," she said deeply sad, "All these men who are coming and fuck me against my will, that's not right! If your father knew that, he would kill them all!" The boy said nothing, because he saw every day how she desperately defended herself against being fucked and still howled impulsively when she was fucked with every orgasm. He loved his mother and would never have incest do with her.

She smiled and pulled the gaps apart with her fingers, so he moved even closer while masturbating and squirted everything into her hole. A shiver ran down his spine when his glans touched her vaginal entrance while squirting. "Just stick it in," she encouraged him and he stuck the glans into her vaginal entrance and cummed. It's not incest, she whispered, not incest! and pulled out the glans. She had it finished by hand.

Then his mother died and he sadly masturbated when he was alone in the bedroom with the old nanny, as he had for a year. She nodded devoutly when he lured her into the bedroom several times a day. She used to masturbate him whenever his mother wasn't available. Later she just had to sit across from him with her legs apart and he cummed on her sex which he had been staring at while masturbating. The boy didn't want her to strip naked either, just take off her underpants and turn up her skirt, that's all he would allow. Later he started penetrating and squirting into the old woman's tight vagina. More and more often he penetrated the old woman's terribly tight vagina and fucked squirting to cum deep inside her. The good soul said he could fuck her properly anytime he wanted. He shook his head, he didn't want to fuck. She hadn't fucked in over fifty years, at that time the naïve 15 year old had given herself to the priest and was his mistress for a few months, she was unaffected after that. She would fantasize about the beautiful exciting minutes with the churchman as she masturbated every few months. It felt quite strange when the boy penetrated her vagina and only pushed her hard for a few moments to cum. It was already the second year that he squirted while fucking the old woman. He mostly masturbated very intensely and penetrated her vagina, he squirted and fucked at the same time until he had finished squirting. He shook his head, he didn't want to fuck her properly, just a little while cumming. She still enjoyed these moments of short fucking and held him very gently until he had finished fucking and cumming. She ruffled his hair and let him rest on her bosom. She knew what he liked, she had spied on him and his mother often enough. — When the master returned home, the old nanny told him all about the humiliating fucking and raping that had driven his wife to her death. The Lord listened with a stone face. She called everyone by name, then left. He took his friends one by one and floated their bodies down the river. Now, with the end of the war approaching, it was not uncommon for bodies to end up in the river.

The Lord left the boy to the new 30‐year‐old nanny and paid her a nice extra to introduce the son to making love. Although she came from a humble background and was completely inexperienced sexually, he knew that she liked to be fucked. From now on she slept naked in her bed with the 12‐year‐old. So far he had only seen her little hole flash when she masturbated him. Now he saw her completely naked for the first time and got a huge erection night after night. She wasn't pretty or sexy in any way, but she was the first and only woman, apart from the mother, that he saw completely naked. He stood in amazement in front of the bed and stared greedily at her nakedness. She smiled, liking to see his cock slowly stiffening and gradually getting all stiff.

She made him come to her every evening, turned off the light and hugged the sweet boy to her thin breast. She touched his erection and masturbated his cock. Unobtrusively, she picked him up, rubbed his cock, and purposely guided it between her legs. He was already quite aroused and she knew him well enough to know that if she kept rubbing him he would squirt. She spread her legs very slowly and the boy's penis slid naturally into her vagina, finely and slowly. The slender cock dived deep into her vagina all by itself and squirted immediately. He was completely confused the first time and apologized a thousand times. She scolded him, joking softly, but they repeated this several times night after night because at the end of the rubbing she would hold him to her breast and he would unwittingly and automatically enter between her legs and cum. She aroused him several times in a row every night, rubbing his cock all over and fine and guided him to her vaginal entrance. He soon got very excited and penetrated naturally to cum. She only kept him in her vagina until he had finished cumming.

A few days later she left the bedside lamp on briefly and showed him her unsightly cunt. She spread her labia with her fingers and showed him the little hole. He bent very low and looked at it. She explained to him in two or three demurely coded sentences what he had to do. He didn't understand a word. He had her rubbing his cock several times each night and put his cock in her little hole where she had shown him to squirt. She didn't like to talk "about it", she wordlessly pulled him onto her and spread her legs. The dumb boy cums instantly upon penetration night after night, it was hopeless. It became difficult to teach him how to fuck because he only thrust into her vagina once and cummed immediately. She didn't move and let him inject and finish cumming.

It had been a year since the boy lay down with her and they both slept together naked. He had never really fucked her before. She caressed the boy lying on top of her and aroused him as best she could. He let her masturbate him until he was about to squirt. "Would you like to inject now?" she whispered and continued rubbing him. He continued to be rubbed, only nodded after a while, "Now!" and the smooth boy's penis slowly slid into her vagina. This was much more pleasurable than the Lord's big cock ramming it hard and brutally into her vagina. She closed her eyes and touched her clit with her finger. The boy fucked hard and cummed, she stroked his head and he squirted his semen into her, fucking. He squirted while fucking finished and slid next to her. Rubbing the clitoris a little bit in the dark she could risk. Most of the time she masturbated to orgasm when he was recovering from the squirting, panting loudly. Even though he couldn't see in the dark, she took her fingers off her clit after orgasm and hugged him gently.

She stroked him and let him rest for twenty minutes before arousing his cock again. He usually injected three or four times before falling asleep exhausted. She waited until he was sound asleep and masturbated. She often let the cock rubbing and the injecting run in her mind, she found that so beautiful when masturbating. He always had his cock rubbed very finely until just before squirting, mounted the nanny several times a night and only after many months he fucked a little longer, the chaste inexperienced nanny noticed. "The sexual intercourse is getting better and better," she lied, blushing deeply, to the Lord who asked about the progress. She ignored that the Lord always said "fuck" because that wasn't proper.

No, she replied, the boy had stopped masturbating altogether and she no longer did it with her hand. The boy liked intercourse much better than masturbating, the boy had said so when she asked him about masturbating.

The new nanny watched him masturbate for a few days because he didn't notice the hidden spy. He was truly grateful when she left cover and hand‐masturbated him two or three times a day for the next few years. While masturbating, she generously let him stare at her bare thighs and panties. When she finally pushed the panties aside and her little hole flashed, the boy squirted immediately. The Lord smiled friendly and said at the time that that was all right and paid her a nice extra for masturbating the boy.

Now they had sexual intercourse several times in the evening and at night, which seemed to be enough for the 13‐year‐old. The Lord pursed his lips angrily when she said that the boy first let her rub the cock for a long time, then stuck it in and, with a very short fuck, immediately cummed. Only after he had cummed several times before did he fuck a little longer until he squirted. The Lord asked angrily whether she needed another lesson on how to fuck. This was pure nonsense as the Lord would fuck her from behind 3 or 4 times a week because he didn't have anyone else to fuck at the time. "You probably need a good fuck lesson again!" he barked and roughly grabbed her ass. "As you wish," said the cowed nanny, immediately removing her skirt and panties. He fucked her standing up quite angrily. He turned her around and made her bend over. He penetrated her from behind. He entered her vagina, fucked her vigorously and she orgasmed, silently and silently smiling as always. He was satisfied and cummed, pumping in hard. After he finished cumming, she said "Thank you!" and quickly got dressed again.

She didn't want to let the boy cum in her mouth, she contradicted the Lord, she had never done that before and didn't want to teach the boy either. She remained stubborn, neither persuasion nor the prospect of an extra could persuade her to do so. No, she didn't have an orgasm, she replied to the Lord, but she would be happy to teach the boy when he had a little more practice in intercourse. But she promised to show the son female masturbation at some point in the future. She didn't think to do that, of course, because masturbating was far too intimate, far more private than intercourse. Of course, she didn't say a word to the Lord that she was now secretly masturbating every time after he cummed and every night when the boy was sound asleep. Before she came to this house, she only masturbated once every few months, that was enough for her.

So far she had only fucked with this Lord in her chaste, austere virgin life. The old nanny had retired when the boys mother died and the Lord returned from the war. As soon as the Lord took her into service, he deflowered the late spinster and fucked her a couple of times, but she wasn't particularly skilled, nor was she his type. Still, he would fuck the hunched over nanny from behind when he was horny and no one else was around to fuck because she was his only female servant. He regularly made her orgasm while fucking, but they were small, quiet orgasms as opposed to the violent orgasms of masturbating at night. She had become indifferent to being fucked by the old man during the day and willingly letting the young man cum at night, because her friends and acquaintances also had a similarly humiliating fate.

The rapist

Robbery and rape filled the Lord's life alongside the notary's office. He loved tying the young widow to the bed and fucking the defenseless one, but soon it wasn't enough for him. He choked the women with his paw during orgasm, the lack of air made them orgasm like crazy. His fortune grew steadily, the Jewish women praised their insane orgasms in his stranglehold and unwittingly lured even more young women into his clutches. Almost every other night he had a Jewess in his bed, she was willing to be fucked and gave him everything she knew about lovemaking. Everyone loved these suffocating orgasms, raving to their girlfriends that nothing came close.

He went further, choking the orgasmic women while fucking with scarves, ropes or belts and the young women's orgasms were incredibly intense. Most passed out and he left his dumb servant to take them to the taxi. The servant fucked all these women on the stairwell, passed out or not, before escorting them out. The great‐grandfather sometimes went too far and his mute servant disposed of the corpse in the river or in the forest. The killer was never suspected. The mute servant fucked every corpse as well as the fainted women his master left to him.

The story of the mute was quite dramatic in itself. He was the great‐grandfather's boy on his rape trains in World War I. Once he raped a heavily pregnant Flemish woman in a Belgian village and after him his servant fucked her. The woman didn't scream or make a peep. She rammed a knife into the servant's chin after he'd tipped and finished spurting, the blade penetrating from underneath his lower jaw and palate into the nasal cavity until he could grab her hand. He slashed the woman from navel to neck, ripped out the baby, and threw it on the floor. He raped the dying woman a second time and rammed the knife into her heart as he cummed, then calmly finished cumming. Since then he has been mute and continued to serve his master. He fucked the leftovers that the Lord left for him.

When the son was old enough and had had his fill of fucking the nanny, he was allowed to fuck the unconscious Jewish girls with all the wildness of youth after the father. The young man loved to fuck the unconscious until she woke up and orgasmed, only then did he cum. "The Jewish women are really great to fuck!" he said to his father. As the last, the old servant fucked the woman in the stairwell. The gloomy atmosphere in the stairwell and the dark‐looking old man made the woman endure the procedure frozen in a trance and she only breathed a sigh of relief when the unsavory old man was struggling to squirt right and brought her to the exit. Nobody talked about this horrible fucking.

In the Nazi regime

Father and son were deeply convinced that the Jewish women fucked best of all women in the world when their fear was taken away and they were given hope. Father and son ignored the fact that fucking with Jewish women was actually forbidden during the Nazi regime. The young Jewish women were usually pretty and sexy if they put aside their modest upbringing. They greedily swallowed all the empty promises, the booze and the sex pills, and that sexually fueled them immensely. They swallowed tons of sex stimulant pills and fucked like crazy to save their father, husband or brother and eventually their own life. They fucked greedily day and night, orgasm after orgasm and couldn't get enough. They also fucked invited guests in front of the gentlemen with all devotion and passion. Uninhibited by alcohol and pills, they fucked everyone in front of everyone and drove themselves and the men to top performances. Sexually stimulated, they lost all shame and masturbated in front of the gentlemen if it was desired. — All of that would explain the cowardly murder of his father, the Doctor supposed.


He said thoughtfully that his mother had told him her life story, including all the sexual affairs, on his 18th birthday. She was already pretty drunk, she had started drinking whiskey right after the fuck and she was more than willing to tell him all her sexual secrets for the umpteenth time. She never made a secret of her sexual experiences and kinky escapades from him. He had always been told a snippet, now she should tell everything again from the beginning. She readily agreed and downed the whiskey in one gulp. He had helped generously with whiskey so that she would tell him everything, absolutely everything. Starting with masturbating at the age of 6, defloration at 12 and the murder of her husband.

His real father, he insisted, was her brilliant brother. She always weakly dismissed his suspicion, but he felt instinctively that it was so. Once she was drunk and high on coke and yelled at him, "Yes, damn it, of course he's your father, so what?! My old man could hardly fuck anymore, let alone squirt. But my brother could always fucking wonderful, making me cum every time and cumming all over me!" She broke off angrily and drank doggedly. She had fucked her brother regularly throughout their marriage, almost every day, and only very rarely with the old man.

Of course the old gentleman knew it and was only annoyed for the first few seconds. But he couldn't bring himself to lose his assistant or his wife. She was the prettiest Jewess he'd ever had in bed, and despite her youth, she was the most experienced he'd ever seen fucking. He had watched her fuck hundreds of times and she fucked gracefully, passionately and with animal instincts like the goddess of love herself. He was far too old to fuck and gave her free rein, it was enough for him, to watch her fucking the lover of the day. At night, the beautiful Jewess wanted to fuck with her brother and the old man immediately accepted it without resentment. On the contrary, he soon enjoyed lying in the double bed with the three of them, because watching now brought him an erection more often, which she worked passionately with her mouth, lips and tongue. The old man squirted happily down her throat.

Of course, the young Doctor also asked his uncle about his paternity, but he just shrugged his shoulders. What if it were? asked the uncle smiling, what would that change? That was the end of the subject, said the Doctor. Throughout his life he had a good relationship with his uncle, whom he respected as a father and who enabled him and his mother to lead a life of luxury. After completing his doctorate in law, he learned from his uncle how to manage and increase his large fortune. After his marriage, his uncle taught him to steal most of the fortune of his father‐in‐law, the mayor, skillfully and unobtrusively. That made up for the unspeakable wife the sneaky mayor had foisted on him. After the death of the uncle, the Doctor continued to manage the entire fortune, real estate, land and business very skilfully and provided his mother with every imaginable luxury.

The young widow

Since becoming a widow, the ugly young mother has found fewer and fewer people to fuck, although not only since marrying her dead loved one's entire circle of friends, their friends and friends of the friends and fucked like hell. The fucking became less and less every year, she much preferred masturbating to the coke anyway. The two of them spent the morning having a big breakfast, after his mother had bathed and he finally hopped into the bathtub with her and had himself washed. The mother made her phone calls during the hour‐long breakfast and then there was a great lunch. The servants went to lunch after putting the cold dinner in the fridge and the two spent the afternoon and evening on Mama's big bed. She lay naked or wrapped only in a transparent veil on the bed, drank whiskey and sniffed.

She read countless fairy tales and stories to the son, high on the coke and pumped up, she also masturbated in between. She loved to read the little pornographic fairy tales for young and old aloud. The princesses, the princes and the knights fucked in all adventurous stories, there was a damn lot of masturbation, squirting and fucking. Then there was the faithful servant who was turned into a cat by the magician and faithfully licked to orgasm all the princesses, the older as well as the youngest. It was fucked with the witches as well as with the wizards, with dragons and the dogs anyway. The little one's eyes widened, dogs, can they do that? But of course, she said, you could train dogs quite well to fuck their mistress really well! He looked incredulous, "In a fairy tale or in real life?" She laughed in his eyes, two friends had trained dogs, she saw it herself! Yes, she had watched the dogs fucking the girlfriend one by one. Lastly, the large male Danish mastiff whose cock was so swollen it got stuck in her vagina while she masturbated to orgasm. She had to keep telling the little one how the mastiff fucked her girlfriend, he couldn't hear that often enough. — She explained to him each drawing that illustrated all these fantasies. She explained every situation to him in detail, so that he soon understood the connection between her own masturbating and the masturbating of the princess or the wicked stepmother, but also connected her own fucking with the fucking in the fairy tales. From an early age he learned more about sexuality than anyone his age. She didn't care that the naked boy sat between her legs and watched her masturbate and orgasm, or if she found someone to fuck her. The little boy was fascinated as the stranger's cock went in and out of her hole. It was very exciting, the fucking, and the 5 year old tugged and tugged at his stiff little cock and watched breathlessly.

The mother lets herself be fucked

He once asked her what did he end up doing when the man stopped and pumped before pulling his cock out of her hole? Then he squirts in, silly darling, he squirts all his juice in me! To have a baby? he asked shyly, because in the fairy tales the princesses had babies when the princes, knights, dragons or dogs injected a lot of juice into them. She ruffled his mop of hair laughing, yes, but I'm not having a baby anymore! The topic was over. — The men must be pretty stupid to pump all their juice into her, even though she wasn't having a baby anymore! Now the 6‐year‐old saw the fucking with different eyes and watched breathlessly when the man pumped his juice into her.

The men had to acknowledge that the small viewer crouched right in front of her cunt and didn't let himself be shooed away, but didn't hinder the fucking either. The boy crouched low and always found it exciting how the cunt widened when the cock entered. The thrusting itself was rather boring, because he already knew it well enough how the mother orgasmed. He found it quite normal that she had an orgasm once or twice while she was being fucked, since she had explained to him that she only let strangers fuck her because it gave her great pleasure. She explained to him without any embarrassment that she got wonderful orgasms when she was fucked, even if the guy wasn't a good fucker. These orgasms felt very different than masturbating. He nodded and gushed out that when he grew up he would fuck her a lot and make her have a lot of orgasms. She hugged and cuddled the little man and kissed him, that was very, very nice of him!

The boy smuggled his pinky fingers onto her labia as soon as she orgasmed while being fucked and rubbed her labia really hard because he knew she liked it a lot in orgasm. He liked doing it because he loved her very much, the ugly scars on her face and chest didn't bother him at all. She had told her 7 year old that the fucking was a lot of fun and she was very happy when she had a man to fuck. The little one nodded eagerly because she was very nice to him after the fuck, cuddled and hugged him and said how fine his labia stroking was for her. She drank her double whiskey and poked his nose. "When you grow up, you can fuck me!" she murmured sleepily.

Lots of men, more and more elder ones, came to fuck her. They often found it difficult to fuck her properly. But when the cock stopped and began to pump, the lad would press his face close to watch the pumping excitement. Over time, he dared to touch the man's urethra while pumping. He could feel exactly how the juice shot through the urethra and injected into her. It was also very exciting how the large hole left by the cock when it was pulled out narrowed again into a small hole in just a few moments. If one couldn't squirt, she would masturbate him in her mouth and let him cum inside. The three‐cheese‐high asked whether it was fine to swallow the juice? She shrugged her shoulders and laughed, it's okay, but she always drinks a large glass of whiskey afterwards to get rid of the taste. She chased the lover away and then masturbated during the evening to get some orgasms. The little one was then very eager to rub her labia very finely.

During his childhood and adolescence, the uncle came regularly at the weekend, discussed business with the mother on Saturday mornings and the boy leafed through his picture books. In the afternoon they all three lay down naked on their mother's huge bed and stroked, hugged and cuddled with each other. The uncle was the only man with whom the mother kissed properly and cuddled. She had told the uncle how interested the little one was in pumping the juice. He was allowed to grab his uncle's cock and pull back the foreskin over the glans. The uncle encouraged him to put the cock in the vagina and to hold it while fucking. He was the only one who wanted that. The boy held the cock tight and found it very exciting to hold the cock while thrusting. It was also very exciting that his little fingers were pushed into the vagina when he was pushed, which also made his mother giggle. He clutched the cock as he squirted and grinned because he could clearly feel the spurts pumping in. Then he let go and sat up because the uncle layed on the mother for a long time after the injection and the two kissed and cuddled for a long time after the fuck. When he was 14 or 15, his uncle came much less often because he had fallen in love with his fiancée. He later stayed away completely because they wanted to get married.

The workout

But most of the time the two were alone. By the time he was about 9 years old almost no men came to fuck and the mother masturbated every afternoon and seemed to enjoy it a lot too. Once he stroked his cock up and down her slit as she masturbated and she smiled encouragingly at him to go ahead and do it! He should pull back the foreskin completely and put the glans in her little hole, she said and he did it. It feels good, said the little lad, so warm and soft and wet! As often as he could, he stuck the glans into her big hole, where it was gently rocked and nudged while she was masturbating. When he was about 9 his mother discovered that his cock was dripping and she grinned and showed him how to masturbate. She masturbated him very frequently, for weeks at a time, and made him drip frequently. For many weeks she masturbated him, but only a few drops came out. She had to change strategy. He had to sit on her chest and she took his cock in her mouth. It would be so nice, he whispered as she licked, sucked and sucked his glans with lips and tongue. He squeaked with pleasure and a few drops fell from the glans.

"That sounds really nice," she said, wiping her mouth on the back of her hand. He nodded, eyes shining. That was the best thing, he murmured, it felt like it was in her cunt, the little boy judged, and the tongue made him all wet, he said. She licked his head for months, sucked him and masturbated his cock in her mouth. The drops grew heavy and thick, and suddenly he spattered in her mouth. She smiled in satisfaction and continued to train him for a few weeks, letting him cum in her mouth as many times each day until no more semen came out.

It had taken a long time before he could squirt properly. She was very satisfied in the end and inserted his head into her vagina, masturbating him by hand and letting him cum inside. "You see, this is how it works! That's all right!" she commented and masturbated him for weeks with the glans in her vagina and let him cum inside. "You have to do it like this, stick the glans in my little hole and rub the cock fast and hard until it squirts. Inject nicely, don't squirt next to it until you've finished squirting!" He nodded, he had understood everything and promised to follow her instructions. From now on he sat very close to her slit when she masturbated, put the glans in her hole, masturbated and squirted eagerly into the hole, rubbing hard, over and over until she was done masturbating. He's really good at squirting, she praised him and tousled his shock of hair with a smile.

Stimulating girlfriends

But the mother's cunt was taboo when a friend was visiting and coke with the mother, drank and they masturbated naked together. The mother always masturbated herself, would not let herself be touched, and never touched a friend sexually. She never kissed or cuddled with a friend, he kissed and cuddled only the very young and pretty in later years to arouse and increase excitement. He understood immediately when she said they had to keep masturbating and injecting a secret from everyone and everyone. Even the domestic workers who came early in the morning and left at midday weren't allowed to find out anything, that's very important! To masturbate, he was allowed to sit very close to her girlfriend's cleft and squirt on her labia. Both women laughed and squealed with delight in their frenzy.

It didn't take long before he stuck his glans in his girlfriend's vagina when the squirting came. He really liked having a girlfriend around because the bodies, breasts, cunts and clitorises were all different and they didn't all masturbate the same way. He examined them all very carefully, excited with curiosity whenever a new one came along. Most women were very embarrassed the first time he touched their cunt and clitoris and examined them curiously. They desperately made eye contact with the mother, asking if she didn't want to avert it, but she just nodded approvingly and batted her eyelids, it was okay! The holes varied quite a bit, some circular or oval, some with fissured labia minora, and some quite smooth. He thought he could see that the vast majority of cunts were only there for masturbating and not for fucking. He said he recognized three types of clitoris. First, the tiny, invisible clitoris hidden deep in the flesh. Secondly, the most common clitoris, which only became visible when you spread the labia or when she herself spread her legs and revealed her cunt for viewing. Their foreskin was tiny and usually pulled down from the tip next to the inner labia. And then there were clits that resembled the mother's. About the size of a thumbnail and hidden under a large foreskin. Those were the clitoris where you had to pull back the foreskin to masturbate the knob.

They would squeal, jeer, or say dirty things when he masturbated close to their crevices. They said "Oooh!" when he put his glans in her little hole to squirt and again: "Oooh! Oooh! Oooh!" when he continued rubbing hard and cumming hard. The first time she looked unsurely to make eye contact with his mother, who nodded reassuringly. "I can't get pregnant from this?" asked the friend unsure. But his mother acted knowing and experienced, she shook her head. "He's much too young! I've never heard of anyone getting pregnant from such a young boy!" The girlfriend then let him inject as often as he wanted throughout the afternoon until he had had enough. Most didn't stop him when he went really deep while squirting. He really was too young to impregnate her! "Only stick it all the way in when you squirt!" said the women sleepily, "put it in really deep, I like that!" and he didn't have to be asked twice.

He had observed the women masturbating very closely and thought he recognized three types here as well. Most masturbated sideways, left and right and furiously fast. The second masturbated up and down with their fingers and masturbated all the flesh and labia, in between putting some fingers in the cunt while masturbating. He found the last group the most exciting, the ones with the bigger clitoris. They pulled the flesh and foreskin all the way back with one hand, exposing the clit. They rubbed the clit very finely and gently with one finger and then got faster and faster until the orgasm came. This was the way his mother masturbated, he'd had it a thousand times before seen.

When he cummed enough, he would masturbate the women's clitoris in their own way he had observed, but only a few would let themselves be rubbed to orgasm, most taking over the masturbating just before orgasm and finishing it themselves. But they all squirmed and squirmed when he masturbated them. He was of course very enthusiastic and grinned proudly and contentedly. Some afternoons someone would come, a man to fuck or a girlfriend to have coke that he could cum in.

When masturbating in the late afternoon, the mother fell asleep after one or two orgasms and he snuggled up to the body of the sleeping woman while masturbating, spread her labia with his fingers and stuck the glans in deeper and deeper and squirted everything inside. It was like her girlfriends: masturbate until you squirt, stick your cock in deep and cum, finish cum, pull cock out. She grunted a bit and scratched her cunt briefly, then he continued to masturbate, putting the head back in and before squirting the whole cock to squirt inside. When he had injected enough, he would sometimes rub her clit and always managed to make the sleeping woman orgasm. She woke up laughing for a moment during the orgasm and fell asleep straight away. Before she finally woke up, he wiped away the semen that had spilled out with a towel, that's what she wanted.

Only when he was 13 did he dare to put the naked sleeping mother in a fuck position and she spread her legs automatically, willingly out of habit. It was wonderful to finally fuck and cum inside her like the other men, so many times in a row until his semen was exhausted. She usually woke up to orgasm, smiled at him and let herself be willingly fucked while she was half asleep. Even when she was asleep, dozing or half asleep she would have an orgasm while being fucked and would wake up laughing for a moment only to continue dozing after a few moments. She really liked being fucked in her sleep and getting orgasms, she told him right after the first fuck, she used to do that a lot in childhood and youth. Later he fucked her already during sleepy masturbation. She didn't care about incest because for a long time he was the only one who even fucked her. She was a very rich, ugly, disfigured, and naughty brat who didn't give a damn about modesty, taboos, and the prohibition of incest.

A busy youth

When the mother coked with various girlfriends or their daughters, the 13‐year‐old would fuck them all, the arrogant and conceited wives or daughters of the richest and most distinguished men. They all brought loads of coke, whisky, vermouth and gin as gifts, which the mother with her sparrow brain gladly accepted, even though she was extremely rich herself. He never coked.

There were very few women who licked his mother to orgasm. She never licked another woman herself, but she enjoyed being licked. He put his face on the mother's belly or on her inner thigh to observe the licking up close. Some just licked the clitoris and the entrance to the vagina with the tip of their tongue, others took the labia and the clitoris all the way into their mouths and licked them hard. This was the kind of licking the mother liked best, she once said. She invited these women over and over again. He never dared to lick the mother, but he licked all these women in the way he had seen them do before. Most of them he licked to orgasm, only one was very impatient and ended up masturbating herself. His mother once asked him why he never licked her, but he didn't answer, he didn't know. She stretched out her cunt wide open and begged to be licked. He licked her orgasm after orgasm until she was completely exhausted, but she had to beg him every time.

The years went by, he already knew most of the girlfriends and knew which ones could orgasm while fucking, there weren't many. But he fucked everyone who coke with the mother. Very seldom did a new girl come and coke with her mother. They were surprised when the boy came to the women stark naked with his tail bobbing. He lay down next to the new girl and grabbed her ass greedily. Their eyes widened and they blushed shamefacedly when he desired to fuck them. The new girl looked uncertainly at her mother, but she always agreed and assured her that he was still too young to impregnate her, which of course was complete nonsense.

Only when the drugs and the alcohol had really pumped her up did she finally undress and drop the last of her clothes. He didn't tolerate resistance, he pulled down her dress, bra and panties if she wasn't already naked like the others while sharing coke and masturbating together with wild lust. Like a predator, he sensed when his prey was ripe. One more noseful and the last threshold of shame fell. Most of them overcame the last feelings of shame after another pinch of coke and masturbated liberated, horny and sexually stimulated. He waited to see if she would continue masturbating and only then penetrated her cunt. He raped and fucked the coke‐fueled woman over and over again. He was enthusiastic about the well‐groomed, elegantly shaved and fragrant twats, which were otherwise only there for secret masturbation, but not for fucking.

He passionately fucked the plush twats and cummed vigorously while she finished masturbating, while she was panting and also afterwards until he had cummed enough inside. He didn't give a shit if she whimpered and whimpered that he should "don't cum inside, don't cum inside, please don't don't cum inside!" All these proud and humiliated women had to lick his cock clean after they were fucked, he was the king! If the woman had nice, full breasts, she was allowed to lie back on the mother's upper body, who would caress her breasts and tease her teats while she was being fucked. His mother loved to watch with contempt when he fucked the noble mares who — feigning despair — whimpered: "Please don't cum inside! Please don't inject again!" and he then squirted into the whimpering cunt with a contemptuous grin. The mother hugged her boy after the fuck and whispered in his ear that he was her shining hero.

The story got around and suddenly everyone, especially the daughters, wanted to coke with the mother, masturbate and be fucked by the loin‐strong young man. Many a daughter had never fucked and he deflowered this rare game like a huntsman slashing the prey with his hunting knife. He always waited until they were gone to fuck his mother in the evenings if they felt like it because they kept it a secret from everyone. The old Doctor grinned mischievously, he was sure that he had got many of her girlfriends and daughters pregnant when he was young, because they kept coming back. They reveled in fear of impregnation and whined and begged that he shouldn't inject inside, even though they knew full well that he injected mercilessly into their precious cunts, over and over again, until they got pregnant and stayed away. Years later he deflowered and fucked her daughters and was often quite sure he was deflowering, fucking and getting pregnant his own daughter. For a while he verified himself with paternity tests and grinned with satisfaction. He really was a magnet that attracted all these young girls.

As a student, he always invited to parties, after each party he had a playmate in bed. But these peers were not to his liking. They didn't like his bossy ways, they were neither humble nor submissive and most had little experience, imagination and skill in fucking. They wanted to fuck on an equal footing, but left quickly after the first cumshot. In, out and bye! That's why he stuck to the proud mares from the mother's circle of friends, whose cunts weren't really there to be fucked, but only to secretly be masturbated. Mentally wrestling her was a challenge he was always happy to accept. Dominating and fucking the posh and proud women flattered his ego and he loved ignoring their whimpers and begging not to "cum inside again". He had known most of them for years and they knew exactly how things went. But they kept coming back because they too loved the game of his dominant fucking.

A strange marriage

He fucked in his mother's bed and all the visitors almost every day until he was 26 and had to enter into a marriage of convenience with the boring daughter of the fat, powerful and influential mayor. — In 30 years as mayor he had amassed an enormous fortune and lots of real estate, which his father, the uncle, had covetedly looked at. There was no better game far and wide. The uncle insisted on a complicated marriage contract that the mayor could never, ever understand. The mayor, believing he had made a good catch, let the groom use hidden cameras for days to watch his naked daughter masturbate. The daughter was quite pretty, masturbated slowly while reading and put the book aside when she spread her legs wide and masturbated hard and vigorously. She kept masturbating in between and showed her beautiful orgasms right in front of the camera. The Doctor gave his okay on condition that both the uncle and the mayor be convinced of the girl's virginity. The girl was shy and bashful, but finally showed her cunt to the men.

The Doctor ignored his mother's aging cunt and devoted himself to his boring wife as she slowly masturbated to read pornographic romance novels. She masturbated since early childhood day in, day out and was actually a virgin, screaming horribly as he deflorated her and she slapped his back as he continued to fuck her. She only ever had orgasms from masturbating to juicy bits in porn history and hated being fucked against her will. She was horrified and disgusted whenever he force‐fucked and cummed in her for the first few years. She masturbated every night after going to bed and he patiently watched her like a spider watching her prey until she was done, curling up blissfully in the pain of love and stroking her well‐behaved clit. After that he fucked her, every night. He fucked her mostly against her will and didn't tolerate any contradiction, her moaning bounced off him, according to the marriage contract she had to let him fuck whenever he wanted. She beat his back and stubbornly refused any arousal or orgasm. Although she ran to the bathroom immediately after cumming and washed her cunt, she got pregnant three times in quick succession. After the third child he moved to a city apartment where he could fuck whoever he wanted.

She was by no means what he wanted in a wife, but she brought half the kingdom to her prince, most of the other half he swindled with the help of his uncle and the shabby rest and debt would fall to his wife at the mayor's death. The substantial profit far outweighed the price of a messed‐up marriage, especially since the wife had no legal say in his sexual escapades. She masturbated obsessively during pregnancies, letting her pot belly bounce and dance merrily as she masturbated and orgasmed. She still didn't want to fuck and forced him to take her by force. He fucked her every day and didn't give in. Stunned, she held her big belly while he fucked and fucked her, of course without ever endangering the baby. But he would not be dissuaded from fucking her until the last day of pregnancy!

She later thought she could stop him from fucking and chatted endlessly with her young girlfriend. Of course he was annoyed and tore her clothes off, although her friend was still sitting next to her. He fucked her ruthlessly and stared into the stunned, sexually aroused face of the visitor. He went even further, grabbed her young girlfriend and uncovered her in a flash. He placed the naked visitor with a triumphant grin on his wife's lap and fucked her, cumming mercilessly in her vagina and leaving the shaken, stunned women. From now on he fucked every visitor, because even when his rapes became public knowledge, it had no deterrent effect, on the contrary. Old and new girlfriends came every day who were secretly wild about being fucked properly and violently by the landlord.

He completely ignored the horrified looks of his wife, because she was always pale with embarrassment when he stripped her naked in front of the strangers and fucked her in a rage. She didn't dare be ashamed to beat him while he was fucking like she used to and let the fucking endure in silence, red with embarrassment. The stranger was sexually aroused from watching and gave a brief squeak in mock horror as he grabbed her and quickly stripped her leaves. He threw the naked woman on his wife and fucked her with relish. Sometimes he would take turns fucking in both cunts that were stacked on top of each other, but he was the only one who enjoyed it. Most were much better at fucking than his own wife and many were happy to be fucked twice.

For years he was a habitual rapist, daily fucking his humiliated wife in front of her girlfriends and then fucking each of these naked women on his wife's lap. She held her friend in her arms and comforted her when it was the first time she was raped. Otherwise she caressed the girlfriend's breasts, licked and bit her teats to arouse her sexually. She widened her eyes when her friend had an orgasm and gave her long French kisses as she gradually calmed down. His wife first had to lick his cock clean after the fuck, then the visitor's cunt.

She soon discovered that she really liked it, cunt licking. His wife hadn't known until now that she had a strong lesbian disposition, but during the breaks when he was regenerating, she licked the cunt bravuraly and let her lesbian disposition shamelessly coming out. She unabashedly made lesbian love with the girlfriend he had just raped. Most of them were very fond of being licked to orgasm, few found it alienating, although of course they, too, managed to orgasm despite their rejection. When he left home she openly engaged in lesbian love with the willing girlfriends because she really loved licking and as opposed to fucking she got nice orgasms they made each other.

In the city apartment

He left home because he felt increasingly uncomfortable in his own skin. His wife couldn't stop him from fucking, that's what the marriage contract said. He no longer felt the satisfaction of taking her by force or fucking her girlfriends, although he continued to do so. He had gotten older, at 45 he listened more and more to his feelings. It was right to leave the family now. His wife lived out her lesbian tendencies openly and made love to her girlfriend even when he came and fucked both women in turn. He was very aroused by the lesbian performance and he fucked them until he couldn't take it anymore. He could only fuck the real lesbians by force, many of them had never fucked before and he had to deflower them first by force. They screamed and cursed and kicked. They pushed him away cursing wildly as he had cummed inside and never came back. He had no contact with his children, he understood their emotional world just as little as his wife's, he felt at home superfluous and alien. He moved restlessly from city apartment to city apartment and mainly took care of the family fortune and the share packages. The stock exchange and the stock market had to be watched closely every day.

He later lived mostly in one of his city apartments and visited his wife no more than once a month. She walked ahead into the bedroom without a word and let herself be fucked in silence. She stopped beating him a long time ago, offered him her cunt willingly open and let herself be fucked as often and as long as he wanted. She gave no sign that she now enjoyed fucking and successfully hid the orgasms she had learned from her son. The Doctor didn't fuck her because he loved her or didn't have anyone else to fuck, but because he had the right to humiliate her. He was fully aware of that and did it precisely because of that. After fucking they discussed everyday family issues and he went away again for weeks.

He fucked all of his wife's girlfriends in turn, her girlfriends and sisters and all of their young daughters, their girlfriends and sisters, even the 13 year olds. He wasn't particularly proud of himself later on for deflowering the young things, but he never specifically targeted the young girls. They had heard about him from their sisters or mothers and suddenly he was the shining hero in their nightly sexual fantasies. Just because they offered themselves out of curiosity, violently aroused lust, or girlish crushes and urged him to fuck with them, he deflowered them as considerately as possible. — The Doctor laughed, he had probably fathered 140 cuckoo children or more in his lifetime, but they grew up far away from him and had no connection to him.

None of these women he impregnated found it difficult to surprisingly seduce her husband into fucking for the sake of legitimacy after years of total sexual refusal. Most men were very insecure and squirted on penetration or shortly after, but that was enough for the devious token act that they repeated for a few days. The men had to inject into the unfaithful women day and night because "she was desperate" to have a baby. They ended the charade after a while and banished the husband from their bedroom. No man complained or grumbled, but just strutted around with a swollen chest because he was finally a father.

Jus primae noctis

His former lovers brought their daughters to him as soon as they were sexually awakened and matured. He suspected that the mothers had colluded among themselves, colluding secretly, to bring his daughters to him when they came of age to be deflowered. Actually, one of them had invented and spread the crazy idea that the biological father had the right to be the first to fuck his daughter and that it was something very special. It was a very abstruse and idiosyncratic interpretation of the Ius primae noctis, but the inventor stubbornly insisted on her opinion. The others agreed, because the Doctor was already a celebrity and his destiny took its course. It was a time‐consuming thing, the mothers would accompany their daughters and they would chat about this and that, especially the fuckings. Little sexual insinuations were thrown in all over the place. The girls smiled a little embarrassed when their mother babbled on about how long the daughter had been masturbating and giving handjobs or blowjobs to her peers in a completely shameless manner. It was sometimes quite funny when the daughter gradually came out and corrected some sexual details with a smile. Having become more courageous, she now babbled freely about the most intimate details and described with astonishing accuracy how she had done what with whom. All three of them laughed when she described an orgasm that a girlfriend or a boy had given her, or when a boy cummed in her hand or in her mouth.

He did a paternity test every time, because deflowering and fucking a biological daughter had quite a big attraction for him. The mothers, of course, knew whether he was the biological father and brought their daughters to him at a time when the girl could not conceive. The mothers were different in their behavior, some kissed and cuddled with him to heat up the daughter. One of his lovers even went so far as to let him fuck her in front of her daughter while she sat at the table fully clothed and pretended not to watch them. If after some time he sat next to the daughter, held her hand and they talked about sex, sex and sex, the mother went silent.

His cook remained invisible, he ate and drank with the girl by candlelight, she was allowed to drink alcohol like an adult and she ended up in his bed quite tipsy. The girls, of course, knew he was their biological father, they snuggled up to him passionately and trustingly, and whispered how happy they were. They all wanted him to be the one to deflower them, the sweet girls whispered, he was very special to them too. He let them masturbate at first so that they would get used to him, to his presence during their sex. He showed them how to pull the foreskin back over the glans and lick it very gently with their mouths. On the one hand, this aroused the man and the saliva had an antibacterial effect, which was important in future fucking with casual acquaintances. Getting the glans really wet with spit also made it easier to penetrate her tight vaginas.

Some wanted to be deflowered right away and were keen on it. Others took a run‐up, some time stroking, kissing, and masturbating before she was ready. All his daughters had inherited their mother's beautiful clitoris and could masturbate from an early age, many masterfully and gracefully. He spoke to each girl about the defloration and carefully prepared her for it. What a difference from the rapes! He always waited until she was ready and deflowered the girl as gently and considerately as possible. That kind of romantic fucking was way, way nicer than violent fucking, he knew that the first time. Most of the girls stayed with him for a whole week and let him fuck them as many times as he could. He had set this limit for himself and the girl and after that it wasn't 48 hours before the next one came.

He didn't go to his office during this time, but instead worked two hours a day in the home office, when the girl was asleep, that had to be enough. His assistant, a natural son, worked really well and conscientiously. He was over 45 and loved the girls' delicate, slender bodies, their small, virgin breasts and tight vaginas, their velvety soft skin and their sexual inexperience. Hardly anyone got an orgasm while fucking, they were still incredibly excited after the fuck and needed it immediately, had to masturbate and orgasm immediately afterwards! He watched them masturbate greedily while he regenerated. Each orgasmed in her own way, he then took her in his arms, kissing and stroking her gently.

He gave each girl a necklace, bracelet or earrings before she left. He kept in touch with all his daughters and gave them rich gifts when they married. Many would visit him and lie down with him to get pregnant when the bridegroom was weak. He could have gone on like this for a long time, but after years there were hardly any virgin girls left. Many biological daughters who had already been deflowered or virgin girls who were not his biological daughters would lay down with him, but he was happy to take them all because he really enjoyed fucking very young girls! He continued to fuck with his biological daughters for years. It was always something very special for him when a new daughter lay down with him.

The messed up family

The Doctor's own children, two girls and a son, came entirely after the mother. Stupid, boring, addicted to fashionable stuff and totally sexually dirty. His family was a complete disaster, unloving and a failure. The Doctor laughed grimly. He said that as usual he visited his wife about once a month. As always, she had walked silently into the bedroom and, unusually, allowed herself to be fucked very sensitively, masturbating quietly when he paused, she waited until he had regenerated. Contrary to all usage, she wanted to be fucked a second time, to be fucked really hard and had an orgasm, which amazed him a lot. He was flabbergasted when, after four years, she told him everything in detail and truthfully that she had previously kept from him.

The only positive thing was that his 14 year old son had to sleep with his mother because she had to keep him away from his younger sisters. She was flabbergasted when the 11 year old cried because he preferred to fuck the 12 year old! She questioned the little girl until she found out that he had deflowered them both and had been fucking her regularly for weeks. The naughty nanny had seduced the son to fuck when he was 12 and trained him to be her fuck toy. She secretly let the boy fuck her for two years, three or four times a day when it came to it. The mother threw the nanny out of the house without notice and gave the son a long curtain sermon. He gave her a disdainful look and replied snotty that she couldn't do anything about it anyway. And that he needed it every day, at least three times. She was frozen as he unzipped his zip, pulled out his erect cock and began to masturbate. The two girls laughed and giggled in the doorway. She took a step back and he spattered her legs and feet in a high arc. She pulled herself together and yelled at him what a perverted pig he was!

The next nanny was a rude, industrious old woman who was seen more as a servant than a nanny and certainly did not offer sexual services. The mother, disgusted, let him fuck her every night, so many times until he had squirted all his semen in her, thus preventing his abuse of his sisters. She actually hated fucking and much preferred masturbating. She was all the more astonished when, after a while, she got her first orgasm while fucking! She clung to him and her abdomen pushed against him with orgasm. Her orgasm lasted several long minutes before he squirted, and the orgasm slowly subsided as he finished squirting. She had to admit that the nanny had taught the son excellently how to fuck and that he knew exactly how to fuck a woman to orgasm. She questioned her son thoroughly and learned that the nanny usually had three orgasms a day. When he stayed with her, they usually fucked twice more during the night.

The mother repeatedly had an orgasm while fucking, which had never happened before, she was looking forward to the fucking and soon had at least one orgasm every day. This orgasm was very different from masturbating, she clung to him tightly in orgasm and orgasmed for minutes, an eternity. She had to have an abortion twice because her son had gotten her pregnant, but it was better for her and not the daughters. She planned to keep fucking him until he found a steady playmate.

When the Doctor asked her if she was in love with her son, she just shrugged. No, of course not, he was a totally selfish and filthy bastard who incestuously abused her or her daughters every night! But she loved her orgasms very much and when the guy slept away and fucked a girl, she really missed the orgasm, she complained. For example, if she was unwell because of her menstrual period, the pig would sneak over to his sisters. She cried with hate and anger, but he didn't stop and fucked both girls one after the other. All she could do was stand by, rip out his cock before squirting and let him squirt by hand. The girls understood why. Most of the time she missed the right moment and had to watch him cum inside the girl. She let him finish thrusting and squirting, disappointed, since the girls, thank God, not menstruated yet. — When she told the Doctor everything, his guts clenched, the family was so callous, depraved and filthy!

The End of the Empire

He was sure that romantically fucking his daughters was a good thing and that he could redeem some of his rape guilt. He fathered 14 grandchildren, since the daughters' husbands fathered none. He fathered three children with one of his daughters, she absolutely wanted it and lay down with him after each birth to take care and to conceive the next child. She did not accept the fact that her husband had become sexually ill and unable to have children after an affair. With a chuckle, he reported that for the next twenty years, until he turned 68, he kept fucking mostly his married daughters. They loved him for deflowering them and he loved their romantic, girly and graceful fucking. In the end there were still a few daughters who lay down with him despite his age. They agreed among themselves the order in which they lay down to the 68‐year‐old. He only fucked the daughters four or five times a week, his desire didn't need it more often.

The Doctor had become good‐natured and mild in age, he saw the end of the empire coming, which his father, grandfather and his father had built largely with blood money. Neither his wife nor their children were in a position to manage the family fortune, they would squander it and squander it on useless trinkets as they were already doing with his monthly allowances. He was aware that he must change his will without delay. His assistant pored over several designs he had given him. He wasn't satisfied yet.

The perfect pussy

At 68, he noticed the new cleaning lady for the first time. She ran her hand voluptuously down her hips and he eyed her pretty body. Under her thin, short house dress, he recognized all the curves, including the contours of her private parts. If he wanted to mount her and cum inside, he would have to pay extra, she said. He was surprised, it was more than with the whores, but he shook his head, he didn't want to mount her or inject her, he said smiling. She nodded and started scrubbing the floor. Only then did he realize that she was naked under the short house dress. He looked very closely, she had the exact same cunt and clit as his late mother! He followed her every step, contemplated the miracle for hours and did not touch her. The young woman really had the cunt and clit that had only ever existed before in the world. He stared into her cunt, he looked deep into her little hole and looked complacently at her inner and outer labia. The clitoris was also big and as long as a thumbnail and was protected by a long foreskin.

The detectives found no connection between their two families, but the more he researched and questioned the girl, the more she attracted him. She was an honest, cheerful young woman whose character was as innocent and untouched as a 15‐year‐old's. She answered him straight, didn't sugarcoat anything and never lied to him. She said quite eloquently and without any embarrassment that most customers bumped and squirted in, but she was okay with that, they were paying for it. Her honest, straight look as she said this completely confused him. Could it even be true that she took getting fucked as naturally as she did eating and drinking?

She didn't understand his question, he tried another way. Do you touch yourself down there? Yes, she said, she had to wash or bathe thoroughly every night because of the injections. And otherwise? he asked in disbelief. She looked at him blankly, apart from washing? He nodded and she still didn't understand. No, only when washing, she said rather irritated. She thought about what he meant? Her face suddenly brightened. Did he perhaps mean that during the night, she asked, when she dreamed very horny sexual things and woke up and her abdomen twitched as if it were fucking violently? He nodded and looked at her invitingly.

All she had to do was spread her legs wide apart and press one hand flat on her cunt until her thing stopped throbbing and then her abdomen calmed down very quickly. It was always a very nice feeling, like fucking an invisible man and the heavy throbbing down there in her cunt, she admitted, looking down, but it went away by itself when it happened in the night. He nodded, yes, that's what he meant and it was totally okay. After a while she said thoughtfully that maybe the night fucking with the invisible man was because she was being fucked by real men during the day? He grumbled that it sure had something to do with it and that it certainly wasn't something bad that she must not to be ashamed of!

There is something else, she said, looking shyly up at him. She lowered her eyes and asked him if she could really tell him, she had never told this secret to anyone before. She was very upset and insecure, but he nodded politely, she could tell him everything, he could keep quiet. She was deeply ashamed and blushed as she continues, eyes downcast. She lay there with her palm on her pussy and fantasized about a lot of sexually exciting things. Mostly she fantasized about actors and other handsome men with whom she fucked a lot in her sexual fantasies. The palm of her hand rubbed the pussy lightly and all of a sudden the pussy exploded, the abdomen had fucked wildly by itself and it was a wonderful feeling after the explosion!

She was very shocked the first time, but it was such a nice feeling that she did it again right away. Since then she rubbed her cunt with the palm of her hand because it caused such a nice feeling when it exploded. Night waking stopped altogether. She spread her legs wide and rubbed the pussy every evening, sometimes again at night. Was that what he meant? Yes, he said, that must have been nice, wasn't it? She nodded, yes, that's why she liked doing it so much. He nodded and stroked her face, which had become hot. — Unbelievable, he thought, simply unbelievable!

He couldn't take his eyes off her when she vigorously scrubbed the floor and, with these movements, rhythmically and cheekily peeked out her light pink clit from under the foreskin. She liked it very much when her little clit protruded while scrubbing the floor, it became very stiff and throbbed with joy and she liked that very much. She often had to stop scrubbing for half a minute because the clit almost exploded and pounded like crazy the way she used to do it at night when she woke up from a horny sexual dream and the clit pounded madly until she held her cunt with the palm of her hand rubbed and caused to explode.

Soon she stopped paying attention to the gentleman, he just wanted to look into her pussy and that was okay with her. It spurred her on a bit to open her buttocks and pussy wide and tease him with it. Now that she had told him about her secret, she felt her cunt with the palm of her hand when the clit was throbbing like mad and made it explode. He was very excited and couldn't get enough of her clit play.

He was in love and had to have her! But she was too good for a quickie, and he didn't need a quickie! His sexual desires were adequately satisfied by his daughters. They did everything to ensure that he never had an emergency. They lay down with him, they fucked him gracefully, passionately and with great skill. One of them let him cum in her mouth after fucking because that was her sexual preference. But this young woman was much more than just her cunt, she had soul, character and an amazing amount of natural depth. They had talked for hours and of course he couldn't know everything about her, but certainly enough to make a pretty good guess at her. And of course he felt that she was in love with him, hopelessly in love. She once complained, in a subordinate clause, that she was just a simple cleaning lady and he was a rich city councilman with the mayor and all the politicians eating out of his hand. He thought she could give him a new, exciting life, maybe even real love, which he had been missing so much from his life. It didn't take him half a second to see the opportunity and think it through. No, he didn't want a quickie, he wanted more, he wanted this woman completely. He knew he had to make a decision immediately, there was no time to lose.

He had to have me! "You have such a beautiful soul and you are a wonderful woman," he said to me at the time, "all the fucking didn't spoil you!"

It's just a quirk of nature and a lot of imagination, said the sober, realistic Doctor.

He could finally have a bit of his mother's back again, at least her wonderful pussy, the enamored Doctor countered.

About this time — we were already together — the Doctor changed his will and bequeathed a large part to his biological daughters and sons, he appointed his biological son as administrator and successor, who had been his assistant for several years. His wife and her three children received only a little more than their dues, although it was a fair share for everyone. He was a little mischievous, dividing the parts so unfairly that the wife and the kids would be guaranteed to fight over every penny, he said with his trademark cackling laugh. — "You and I weren't mentioned in the will at all, I had signed the waiver of inheritance and he gave us a huge chunk of money. He wanted to keep us both out of his family's struggles," he said to me when he read the will to me. There were exactly 168 children — without revealing them as children — he bequeathed a large part. He listed them all by name along with the inherited share. The assistant son still had a small fortune to manage, although it was still a fortune. But this son certainly had what it takes to increase what he inherited.

The Doctor is looking for love

"When I got pregnant, he was looking forward to you so much, he wanted to experience real love and true affection again in his old age, with me and with you! His sexuality had awakened from its slumber from the beginning and was preparing lots of fun for both of us, lots of orgasms! He was secretive and discreet, but he prided himself on his manhood and his conquests, that dear old fellow!" she laughed and her daughter guessed where her extreme sexual desires came from. The mother took long gulps of her tea and continued talking.

I now understood quite well why he liked to fuck me half asleep after a long time masturbating and was happy to play along because it was obviously important to him. He wanted to remember his deceased mother, who preferred to be fucked while she was dozing or half asleep. I quickly became an obsessed masturbator during pregnancy, masturbating day and night to exhaustion. My round belly jumped happily when masturbating and even more so when I had an orgasm, it was a real joy! I masturbated with lust until I was completely exhausted and let him fuck me exhausted.

He loved my round belly, stroked it endlessly and told you wonderful, horny fairy tales in my belly, for example where the princess was brutally fucked by the evil dragon every day until the prince finally took the dragon's cock and chopped off his balls in triumph after tying up, raping and masturbating the dragon until the dragon squirted all his seed. He bathed in dragon seed, which had formed a pond after being masturbated a lot, because the prince let the juice spray over him like a warm shower. The dragon juice made him invulnerable like Siegfried, whereupon he returned to the court with the dragons testicles, the meter‐long dragon penis and the gold treasure and got the princess to fuck. The Doctor laughed and pinched my cheek with a loving smile, because now was coming the hearty dirty final point. The prince rode around the kingdom, deflowering many beautiful maidens and fucking everyone he pleased. The king praised him, because the loin‐strong prince fathered many, many children and increased the number of taxpayers. The princess had the dragon's huge cock stuffed and used it daily to masturbate. The dragon had deflowered her and fucked her day in and day out. The poor princess had such violent orgasms that she fainted each time as the horny dragon kept fucking, fucking and fucking. After the dragon had squirted in the vagina of the unconscious, his semen ran out again in a thick stream. She got used to being fucked good by the dragon's big cock and now that he was dead, she would lustfully fuck herself with the dragon's cock when she masturbated. She was glad the prince rode out so often, since with his comparatively small cock he couldn't compete with the dragon's cock to which she had become so accustomed over many months. The Doctor cackled with amusement and made a pig out of me grinning as the princess masturbated with the dragon's cock. The Princess — the Doctor ‐ had to widen her vaginal entrance with both hands to let a servant girl insert the big glans of the dragon's cock and let the servant girl fuck her hard, masturbated with difficulty, panting and with a beaming grin, so that I cried with laughter and my pot belly jumped, when the Doctor mimicked the princess' powerful orgasm. We laughed a lot at his piggy fairy tales and performances. My dragon slayer, and I, his princess! As clever, powerful and rich as the good Doctor was, he loved to act childishly with me, and I laughed heartily at it. We hugged each other like a real family and he was the first and for a long time only man I fucked face to face tight hugging and that made me very, very happy. I never thought of snatching him from his boring wife and boring children! Neither of us were like that.

He was over the moon when you were born, he paid the best midwife in town and had the children's room set up for you. He even got us a housekeeper for the first year. He came almost every afternoon to watch me masturbate and drive me crazy fucking. He played with you and hugged you and told you new, fantastic fairy tales of properly fucked princesses. One of his fairy tales was about Scheherezade, the caliph's daughter, who was kidnapped by Ali Baba and the 40 thieves. Her fiancé, the evil magician, had bewitched her: she was a virgin again after every fuck, because he wanted to marry her as a virgin. Ali Baba and his 40 gang men fucked the virgin day and night, her hymen tore every time and was intact the next time she was fucked. The Doctor snapped a finger out of his mouth and it made a sound with every tear of the hymen: "pop!" and you baby have every time that "pop!" squeaked and laughed with delight!

He was so happy with us! Unfortunately he died before you were two. It didn't even take the cancer three weeks to fell him. I visited him in the hospital on the day he died and had to promise for the hundredth time that I would raise you to be a decent girl, teach you to distinguish between good and bad, right and wrong, and enable you to have a natural and free sexual development. He squeezed my hand, it was settled and he closed his eyes after our last kiss. His hand rested on your head as he left us. Your eyes widened when I explained to you that daddy was in fairyland now and was getting a new princess to fuck every day. Then you suddenly smiled very sweetly, although you certainly didn't know what fucking meant at the time. — I was standing at the back of the cemetery with you in my arms, the bishop was there, the new mayor and everyone. I've never seen such greedy faces as with his family at this funeral, for years his children litigated against each other for the poor Doctor s last penny. The beautiful, carefree time came to an end. When you were old enough, I went cleaning again and let myself be fucked daily for good tips until a few months ago.

She hugged her mother and whispered that she had always been a good mother. Unfortunately, she had no memory of the Doctor, but she was proud of her father and mother, who were a happy family, at least for a while!

She recalled the embarrassing admission of her husband, who had fucked her mother, his mother‐in‐law, for many weeks out of sheer lust because he couldn't fuck with her while she was pregnant. He said how naturally she let her son‐in‐law fuck her, how naturally she stood in for her pregnant daughter to fuck. It was natural for her and not complicated at all. She let herself be fucked willingly and passively, he said, she didn't do it because of her lust, but because of his need. She patiently let him finish squirting and patted his cock, "Just squirt out all the bad stuff, poor thing!" and let him inject over and over again until he was exhausted. In truth, he was very ashamed to have fucked her like a sex object for months during both pregnancies because it was easy and didn't require energy for courtship and seduction. He was later embarrassed and avoided her when she visited her grandchildren. The daughter understood her husband. He was her dirty dear piglet.

The good son‐in‐law

Two years later, the mother was again in a first class hospital room, it was coming to an end. She wasn't in pain, she was spattered with morphine. The daughter sat by her bed, holding her hand and looking at the wrinkled, sunken waxen face with her eyes closed. She quietly related how things had developed. She saw her mother smile and recounted all the intimacies from smile to smile. She whispered that she was fucking her husband again every day, happily and with renewed vigour. That she still sometimes visited her girlfriend and let her lick her to screaming orgasms. Sometimes there would be a lover who would give her a good fuck, but that didn't happen as often as it used to be. The dying mother smiled with her eyes closed, her fingers stirring in her daughter's hand at each intimate confession. The daughter continued whispering. That she would have stopped masturbating and letting Pe fuck her long ago. When he didn't have a girlfriend to fuck, Pe would fuck Ka, regularly. She suspected the twins were fucking every night now and the mother was smiling, she had known that for a long time. The daughter admired her 15‐year‐old, who gracefully wrapped herself around the boy like a jaguar and had learned to milk him with her vagina as he squirted. She was very pleased with how Ka turned out, she was top of her class and probably fucked better and more gracefully than her teacher. Ka had turned 16 and was having her first Period, the twins stopped fucking right away, the smart kids! Pe nicely decorated the second children's room, which had previously served as a lumber room. He had enough girlfriends and didn't fuck with her or Ka anymore.

She told what her embarrassed husband had said about fucking his mother‐in‐law and that he kept talking about how nice it was for him. Horny and in semen pressure — and there she was, the old mother‐in‐law who canceled the evening cleaning and let him into her bedroom. The terminally ill smiled without opening her eyes, remembering only vaguely at first, her fingers squeezing her daughter's hand ever so slightly as the memories returned.

She remembered it well. Smiling, she opened her old thighs and let him penetrate her withered flesh. She always wanted to fuck stark naked with the boy, sometimes from behind, sometimes from the front. He closed his eyes because she felt as good as a 15‐year‐old virgin, he said in surprise the first time, age had made her vagina shrink and tight. He squirted jerkily and she stroked his head. "Squirt poor you, squirt out all that bad pressure!" He was so starved, his cock stood like a guardsman and he squirted after a few moments that his semen spilled out of her little hole while he continued to fuck. "Just cum my boy, just cum in my old cunt!" He squirted and squirted, clinging to her skinny body. She stroked his face as he got up to leave. "Just come back if you need it urgently!" And he kept coming, daily and grateful. She was glad he was injecting into her and not into the younger women on the shop floor who were a potential danger to her daughter.

"Come on, come fuck! Cum in, cum in my old cunt!" she recalled, the good boy fucking passionately, squirting the pent up semen into her wrinkled cunt. How scared the boy was, how gently and carefully he fucked and took care of the old cunt even when jerking off and cumming! The customers who paid her to fuck weren't that considerate. Customers stared at her bare ass for a long time and gradually got horny at the sight of her cunt while she scrubbed the floor. She danced her naughty old cunt in front of them with inner pleasure, wiggling teasingly and dancing again. A customer who did not greedily mount her within five minutes was either unconscious or dead. Quite a few mounted her while the wife pretended to be ironing in the next room and followed what was going on with deadly poisonous looks!

The son‐in‐law didn't dare to push her hard while cumming and when his semen rose, he spread her ass and pussy wide with his thumbs and penetrated really deep. He stopped and she felt his head twitch and squirt, he just let it go to finish squirting. After a few days she asked him. Oh no, you don't have to worry about that, she laughed, she's not a fragile little doll, but rather robust despite her 62 years! "The guys who get paid to fuck me are pounding my heart out to cum in my wrinkled old cunt!" He nodded because he knew about her fucking while cleaning and also because she was a clean person who always washed her cunt clean before his visit. They talked at length about her wrinkled old cunt, which could take a lot more than the hard pounding of her suitors. He was a bit surprised when she said that she had to masturbate her old cunt and clitoris hard several times every evening and every night in order to vigorously masturbate away the horniness that had built up during the day. He got all fidgety and horny with hornyness as she detailed how clients mounted her from behind, fucked fast and hard, and then thrust hard while cumming and cumming. He really didn't need to worry, she said and lay down, pulling the boy by his cock to her clean‐shaven cunt. "I want to feel your steam hammer!"

The second time he has fucked, he thrust a little more passionately. "Come on, just squirt, push in really hard, my old cunt can take it easily!" If he pushed her hard during the second fuck, she would have an orgasm on a regular basis, only her trembling knees would give it away. She didn't know if the boy ever noticed her orgasm. He was only the second after the Doctor who could fuck her to orgasm. Perhaps the fact that she was really fond of her son‐in‐law also helped. She noticed that he loved her daughter with all his heart and honestly and that he wanted her to have a free, liberated sex life or something similar without meaningless limits. — But sometimes he couldn't be dissuaded from waiting motionless for the injection. She smiled faintly when she felt his thick jet of semen splash into her cunt. He was blissfully relaxed after having fucked twice and rushed home.

She heard her daughter's voice murmuring in the distance, but she couldn't make out a word. Her son‐in‐law was the only one she told in such detail during his break from fucking with her clients because he got all horny and horny hearing it. When she described the moment when the customer's wife watched her venomously and pretended to be ironing or knitting, he lost all restraint and fucked her violently, his cock thrusting into her cunt like a steam piston and triggering her orgasm.

During the second pregnancy, she was looking forward to his first visit, this time she wanted to do it completely differently. She was waiting for him, showered, lightly perfumed, and stark naked under the gold brocade dressing gown that the Doctor had given her that day. She led the way into the bedroom, slipped the robe onto the floor and lay down in a fuck position. They didn't say a word, he fucked her like a steam engine and stopped. His semen smacked into her cunt in rich rays. She patiently let him finish cumming, hugging him and whispering in his ear to leave the cock inside and lie on top of her. He obeyed and she whispered dirty things in his ear. She kept her arousal from the fucking, her finger went to the clitoris. She whispered filthy things in his ear that she had overheard at the coffee shop and she felt the effect on his cock in her vagina. After a few minutes his cock was stiff and she whispered in his ear to please fuck her hard, fuck her really hard, she really wanted an orgasm! She felt his nod against her cheek and he started fucking hard like a steam engine. She gradually let go of the stiffened clitoris and clung to him with both arms. It was only a few moments before her orgasm erupted and she was gasping for him to keep fucking, fucking, fucking! She didn't know if it was just one long orgasm or many small ones, because she kept having orgasms while being fucked, for minutes, for eternity. She clung to him and her twitching abdomen, her raging cunt thrust into his fucking. "Ahh! Next!" she gasped incessantly until he reared up to squirt. She released him as he injected and finished squirting. They lay side by side, breathless, both struggling to catch their breath. He caressed her inner thighs and pubic area. "It was wonderful!" she whispered, "just beautiful!" They lay side by side in silence for a long time, his fingers gently touching her clean‐shaven pubes, her labia and the soft clitoris.

He finally found his voice again. Apart from her daughter, he only knew a few women who could orgasm as wonderfully while fucking as her, he said. She nodded that she could still orgasm very well when fucked really hard. She found it a pity that the customers only thought of themselves and never brought her to orgasm. The sexual arousal that built up in her during the day could only be gradually masturbated away, orgasm by orgasm, in the evening and at night. She usually had to masturbate for a very long time and often in a row until she could get rid of all the horny thoughts and dirty fantasies with orgasms. Anyway, it was much better than watching TV, curling up in bed, mentally repeating the fucking during the day, and triggering the orgasm. Then again and again until she relived every fuck of the day and ended with an orgasm or two. "I masturbate at least half a dozen times a night, but usually more!" she giggled with an embarrassed look, but she wasn't dissatisfied with her fate. — She touched his cock, which boldly rose again. "Would you like to fuck again?" she asked and he answered uncertainly, "In your mouth?" She nodded, she had done it to the Doctor a few times 30 years ago. She rubbed his cock in her mouth for a long time, let it squirt and swallowed the semen. He held her head with both hands and squirted deep down her throat.

They didn't talk about it, but they did it this way every day during the second pregnancy and she almost always had a nice orgasm. He kept coming back to her every few months to fuck, and she was fine with that.

The most beautiful death

He would come to her after every birth with a bouquet of flowers, kiss her on both cheeks and thank her for the fine fucking with his eyes downcast. She smiled that the good boy had given her a gold bracelet both times, not cheap stuff but real heavy gold! She'd always worn them proudly on weekends when she was gossiping with friends in the coffeehouse. She smiled and squeezed her daughter's hand lightly. Rita was at the coffee house on Sunday. Rita had studied veterinary medicine and had to work as a hairdresser because she couldn't find a job as a veterinarian. Rita would come to her house from the coffee shop and cut her pubic hair off with small electric scissors, very straight. Rita was young and a lesbian, and Rita accepted that she was not making lesbian love. Despite being a lesbian, Rita regularly fucked her clients because they paid well for it.

She smiled gently, because Rita was allowed to masturbate her with her slender fingers after the work was done, if she wanted. Rita loved her clit and kissed it when she orgasmed. She liked to be licked, Rita was the first and only woman who licked her. The orgasms from licking were much more intense than those she got from masturbating in the night. Rita masturbated at home a lot, she groaned and moaned and ended with a little scream. She held Rita's head when she masturbated the young girl and gently stroked the young girl. It was kind of strange at first to touch Rita's clit, she had never touched another woman's clit before. But Rita wanted so badly to be masturbated by her! — The smiles of the dying never stopped. She felt Rita's soft, warm lips, which gently surrounded her clitoris and felt her tongue, which licked the clitoris long and intensively, gradually licking it stiff to the point of bursting. Her daughter's murmuring voice died away in the distance and all she could feel was her clit twitching and trembling with orgasm. "Oh,...!"

She died with a big smile on her face.