Aphrodite's Veil

by Jack Faber © 2022

Ray had been sorting through the letters all day, most of the addresses he could read easily, some were hard to decipher. These he put aside and would give to the postmistress later. There were only two addresses today that he could not decipher. Ray peered at the postmistress, an older, ugly person who now got her fat ass out of her chair and came over. She took the two letters and placed them in their designated compartments. It was close to five, the post office closed in a few minutes. He glanced over at Ruth. She had been his crush for a few months, a pretty young woman in her 30s with large breasts and a roundish figure. Unlike the postmistress, she had a friendly, pretty face and a short, neat haircut. Her ass was probably as big as the postmistress', but he still liked her a lot. Since she sat at the desk across from him, she had returned to wearing sheer blouses and short skirts. She sat down in such a way that his eyes inevitably had to slide along her inner thighs to her panties. She grinned proudly when it caught his eye, because she wanted to seduce the boy. Absolutely.

Ray found it quite natural to look at Ruth's thighs and her panties. He knew, of course, that one had to hide one's sexuality, that one was not allowed to talk to someone about sex without being asked, but looking was not something anyone forbade him to do. His mother, really just a distant relative he had grown up with, had died four weeks ago. He had visited her every night in the hospital and felt powerless to watch her deteriorate daily. Janet had been like the most caring mother to him, and Ray had wept bitterly when the doctor put a hand on his shoulder the last night and whispered that she was dead now. He had looked up from the newspaper he had been reading from. He stroked Janet's cool cheeks, but she never woke up. The doctor said again that she was dead and made him cry.

He had cried only once before, at 11, when his father emigrated to Spain with his new wife and sister, leaving him with Janet. Ray wanted it himself, he preferred to stay with Janet than with the new wife, who was a very unkind woman and who didn't want him, her husband's mentally retarded son, anyway. His sister, who was a good 4 years older, got along well with their new mother. They usually bathed together and Ray stood silently next to the bathtub watching the two naked. It was so exciting to look at their naked bodies while they splashed around merrily and caressed each other. He always got a huge erection then and fondled his cock awkwardly. The first time, when he was much younger, the sister called him to come closer and grabbed his stiff cock. Sooo you have to rub, said the 15 year old and did it to him. From now on he stopped right by the bathtub and rubbed his cock as she had shown him. The stupid stepmother condescendingly told his sister that he was still too young and couldn't even squirt yet. Juliet knew better, but kept her mouth shut. The two of them giggled for some unknown reason, but he was allowed to stay there and watch as they washed each other's crevices. The sister had shown him her cleft in detail a few times, but he could never remember what it looked like.

Ray was now 27, lean and muscular. At nearly six feet tall, he was a giant to most, though his mind did not match his age. It was Wednesday and Ruth was dawdling indecisively as usual when her husband was on night duty. Wednesday was her day to go out. Ray gave himself a jolt. Two weeks after Janet's funeral, he still hadn't solved his sexual problem, standing in front of the vanity in the morning and rubbing until he squirted. But it was no substitute for sex with Janet. He gave himself a jolt. He had to approach Ruth, even though he had no idea how to do it. He stepped up close to Ruth, put a hand on her upper arm, and asked if she wanted to come? Come along, to his home, because Aunt Janet was no longer there, she was in the cemetery. He asked her to come along. Ruth looked inquiringly into his eyes and said, smiling, she would come along, very gladly indeed!

Teasing the horny little slug

Ray's mother had died a few days after he was born. His father was glad that Janet was there to take care of the two children. She was a distant cousin of his wife and had followed her to Vienna from England. Whether she loved his wife more or him, the father never knew. She stayed with them as a housekeeper and nanny and was very happy to live with them. Ray's mother loved her husband as much as the nanny and made no secret of it. He didn't want to watch lesbian sex for some unknown reason and drew a clear line with it. Only when the mother was pregnant did she insist that he fuck Janet instead of her. He was initially displeased and didn't want to know about it, but one day he deflowered the old girl and from then on fucked her twice every night. Janet was almost ten years older than her mother, but she had never menstruated and probably could not have children. She loved being fucked by him very much and had been tremendously active sexually from a young age. She masturbated daily, every evening and every night since early childhood. She did lesbian sex games with countless playmates, classmates, and any girl or woman who wanted to play along. She learned to do handjobs to the boys during school breaks and made them squirt with horny pleasure. Later, of course, it was young and older men that she satisfied with her hand at any time. She was sure very early to be emotionally lesbian, but this did not prevent her from satisfying boys or men with her hand. She never let herself be fucked and was still a virgin when she fell in love with Ray's mother and followed her to Vienna. She was completely sexually kinky and the sexual kinkiness kept increasing, becoming more and more pronounced. Ray's pregnant mother liked to watch them fucking and squirting in a kinky way, because her father had a big cock and would fuck until Janet had an orgasm. It was Janet who came up with more and more daring positions and made him fuck her ass and mouth too. Afterwards, the mother let Janet lick her to orgasm and this made the father so horny that he always fucked Janet a second time. He got into the habit from the beginning of shooting Janet in the mouth with his morning wood before the day started; the mother didn't like that and rarely did it. She preferred to masturbate while sleepily watching Janet masturbate him in her mouth, sucking and smacking and making him cum deep down her throat.

The birth of Ray was not easy, perhaps he did not get enough oxygen, which was considered the reason that Ray seemed a little retarded. So that the child did not scream or disturb during lovemaking, Janet put him to her breast when the father fucked her. The sucking baby contributed a lot to Janet's ability to orgasm so wonderfully while being fucked. She stroked the little cock from day one, which the child loved and enjoyed happily. Over the years, however, the father had grown tired of the aging nanny, the sight of the taller boy happily sucking Janet's teats and watching her fuck gradually spoiled his pleasure. He couldn't stand to see the 8 year old lying across Janet sucking the teats of one breast or the other and her stroking the boy's erection intensely — in her excitement before orgasm she literally masturbated the boy until his little cock dripped and later squirted a little. It did fascinate him when Janet, in her excitement, masturbated the boy, made him squirt and rubbed the semen on her breasts. But he could no longer stand the boy lifting his head when Janet's orgasm had subsided and she stroked the boy's stiff cock soothingly, now a little more gently. He could no longer stand it when the boy leaned down curiously and stared at his cock as he thrust and squirted into her. Because the boy was getting bigger, he no longer squirted in Janet's mouth because he was embarrassed. He stayed out nights and looked for younger ones. He found his second wife, a 19‐year‐old Spanish woman who — what he did not know at first — was devoted to both sexes like his first wife. She would not have his retarded son, but she let Ray watch her bathe and make love to his sister. The silly boy stood next to the bathtub and masturbated until both girls had finished playing ferig. He never squirted while watching. In any case, he was trustworthy and did not reveal anything to his father. Maria loved but also her toro, her bull of a man who could fuck her so prima to orgasm and then always squirted in her mouth.

Ray always slept naked in Janet's bed, but he was not allowed to see her naked. His sister was, she had few inhibitions, let him watch and didn't mind when she masturbated. He saw it but didn't understand and dutifully followed when she asked him to rub himself. He had to kneel between her thighs and press the glans on her vaginal entrance while he rubbed until she was exhausted. Five minutes later he had completely forgotten, mists obscuring his memories. So he slept with Janet in her bed, he got to feel her naked body in the dark and cuddle up to her as she writhed in the gloom. And of course he wanted to stay with Janet when the family moved to Spain. Now it wasn't his sister who bathed him twice a week. Janet didn't take off her clothes when she bathed him either; he wasn't allowed to see her completely naked for a long time. But Janet washed him gently and lovingly, she made him squat in the bath water and rubbed his cock a bit before drying him off.

He squirted with Janet for the first time after a few days after the family had left, while bathing, when Janet masturbated him long enough. It had only ever been the sister he was allowed to bathe with who secretly let him masturbate and squirt underwater. Janet was amazed because he was only 11, but he was already as big as her now and his cock was also starting to get as big as a man's. His cock remained stiff after the bit of squirting, she looked curiously at it and sighed godly, then masturbated him a second time. She was very practiced at this. He was now squirting in rich, thick jets and she cooed contentedly. "Fine, fine, veeery fine! — You're a real man now, who can really squirt!" she said with pride and hugged him lovingly. He liked her hugs because he could put his face on her soft, large breasts and squint at her teats. Not infrequently, her robe gaped apart and he could see her belly and frizzy pubic hair. Nothing is more exciting than getting to see a bit of a woman's body when the woman otherwise never showed herself naked.

A ritual developed that did not change until her death. Every morning they got up at the same time and went to the bathroom. She went ahead stark naked, sat on the toilet and splurged, he had to stand by the vanity and piss. He couldn't watch her piss, he had to stand with his back turned to her. She slipped into her worn thin robe and stood next to or behind him. Gently she grabbed his cock and masturbated him. One of her fingers slipped into his asshole and she waited to finger fuck him until he was ready. Then when she finger fucked him, he had to squirt instantly. Usually his cock remained stiff after he squirted, so she masturbated him a second time, sighing theatrically, and triggered the squirting with the finger‐fucking in his ass. "Fine, fine, fine!" She let him squirt into the sink and washed the semen away. When bathing, she sat on a stool when she masturbated him. He had to squat in the bath water and spread his legs; she reached for his cock and masturbated him, slowly and deliberately at first, then faster and faster; his scrotum slapped rhythmically into the bath water. He could see right under her robe in the squatting position. But if he tried too conspicuously to look under her robe, she gathered it up very tightly. He could see her breasts and the teats, because it all trembled when she masturbated him strained. Usually the robe shifted so he could see her pubic hair and cleft. He learned very quickly not to gape conspicuously when she strained and her cleft was visible. It glistened wetly and drove him crazy. His cock remained stiff, she sighed deeply in fate and masturbated him a second time. When she leaned far over for the finale, her robe opened and he saw her big, dark hole. He bent over and peeked under his arm at her hole, which moved a bit with her efforts. He was fascinated by her hole. That and the finger fucking made him squirt immediately. At the finale, she bent all the way over, opened her robe a bit and let him squirt with a grin on her breasts, belly or cleft. He tried his best to squirt on her hole, in her cleft and she grinned because he succeeded most of the time. His semen slapped into her cleft in rich, thick jets, she rubbed it vigorously and grinned dirtily, "Fine, Fine!" or "That's it!" and rubbed the semen on her breasts and abdomen with a dirty grin before wiping it off with a washcloth.

At night, when he groped her in the dark, he got an erection and she sighed deeply before giving him a handjob. He palpated her sex during the handjob and tried to imagine what it really looked like because it was completely dark in the bedroom. It felt like a slug, slippery and warm and twitched a bit when stroked. She always made him squirt skillfully and quickly, and his fingers clasped the wet slug voluptuously as he squirted. He kept stroking the slug for a long time, until Janet sighed and wanted to squirt herself. She pushed his hand away from her pubic every time she started to moan. Ray fondled her large breasts and tried to remember how Sister Juliet and Stepmother Mary had done the rubbing, but he could barely remember. If Janet was already breathing heavily and her heart was beating loudly, his fingers slid curiously over her wet, horny slug and the clit, which she rubbed quickly and relentlessly, much more firmly than his sister had done. Finally she sighed deeply and he was allowed to rub and caress the slug a little more. Janet hugged him meekly and gave him a kiss, good night!

He asked more and more questions about sex. She showed him some pictures on the laptop of what private parts looked like and how to fuck. And how to masturbate. He was very excited and wanted to see more videos of women masturbating. Did she do it too, he wanted to know, and she replied, yes, every night before going to sleep. "Aha, the rubbing," he stated and she nodded, "yes, the rubbing, it must be every night!" She laughed, she did the rubbing a little differently than the women in the videos, but she wasn't going to show him the rubbing right now, later on, maybe. Of course, she never did. He had gotten a violent erection and she pulled down his pants. She gave him a handjob while he watched the film of the copulating couple on the screen. It became the occasion that he suddenly wanted to learn to read, write and type on the laptop. Janet taught him the basics and was pleased to see that he was learning more eagerly than he ever had in special school. He was learning because he was hot for the pictures and movies on the Internet.

But that night, as they lay in bed in the dark, he wanted to fuck partout and lay on top of her. His erection poked at her cleft, his cock thrusting against her cleft in a demanding manner. She pushed him back and wanted to give him a handjob. But he wanted it, badly. "You're too young," she lamely admonished him, but he didn't give in. He poked at her pubic area with his cock more and more insistently, the glans pushing into her vaginal entrance, though she kept pushing him away. Eventually she tired of the wrestling. Sighing, she gave up and spread her legs surrendered. He fumbled around for a while, but she didn't help him. Let him find the vaginal entrance himself! Finally, finally, he found the vaginal entrance and she cheered inwardly: the cock resembled his father's! He fucked very fast and squirted long before she was aroused. As they lay quietly side by side, she explained to him that he had to delay squirting until she had reached orgasm. She explained it to him in great detail. It was quite different with Maria, he had to thrust really fast and squirt in quickly! He had to put his ear on Janet's breast and listen very carefully, while she was squirming very fast, how her arousal rose and how she got the orgasm. He had to pay attention to that if he wanted to do it right, she gasped after the end. He whispered that he had been paying very close attention and wanted to try it right now. They fucked again and she said afterwards that it had been much better, but he would have to fuck much longer, he would have to learn that. The woman had to come to orgasm first, then you were allowed to squirt inside. That was the way it was, the woman had to come to orgasm first, that was a law! Ray was dead tired and breathed that he couldn't take it anymore. She said he should just go to sleep quietly and weaved for quite a while.

They fucked every night and he soon learned to hold back until Janet orgasmed. Only then did he squirt in rich jets into her vagina. He had a lot of sex now: being masturbated twice in the morning and squirting into the sink, being masturbated once or twice while bathing, and fucking several times at night. He loved it all, and his cock grew and grew month by month, squirting several times on bath days without getting completely exhausted.

At 16 he finished special school and Janet got him a job at the post office. At first he had to work in the parcel department, then delivering letters and finally he did indoor work, as he was very adept with computers. He kept all the computers in working order and stayed on sorting letters because Ruth worked there. He looked up her skirt for a year and was very happy when she didn't wear panties on hot days. But then Janet became very ill and was in the hospital for weeks. The postmistress allowed him to go to the hospital to see Janet as early as 3:00 p.m. He was very happy to be there. Ruth also knew why he disappeared so early and once said she wished the aunt a speedy recovery.

Ruth on all fours

The first time Ruth went with him, he didn't quite know how to start it. She sat down across from him and they were silent for quite a long time. He stared at her thighs and panties, fascinated. She asked how he managed without Aunt Janet. He awoke from the silence and told her that he had no problems. He had learned to cook at Janet's, cleaned the apartment daily, and once a week they vacuumed. Once a month he had to pay the rent, that was no problem. He had learned everything he needed from Janet. There was a long silence, he stared between her legs. Ruth asked why she was here, what he wanted from her. He stammered around, unable to get a sensible word out. She opened her legs even wider and asked if he wanted to sleep with her. He shook his head, no, not sleep, but . . . . fuck, yes, that was what he wanted. Fuck. His ears were burning.

Ruth laughed as bright as a bell. They say sleeping together these days, fuck is a pretty vulgar word, they don't say that anymore. "But okay," she said, "I've been wanting to do that for a very long time!" She stood up smiling and teasingly slowly undressed. He stared open‐mouthed at her naked body, stammering that she was the first he'd ever seen naked. He corrected himself, no, the sister and the wicked stepmother.... She interrupted him, "Tell me after you have fucked me!" and walked to the bed. Ray followed her and undressed in a flash. They stood facing each other, she pressed herself against his naked body. Her lips touched his, he didn't know how to react. She smiled. "First we'll learn how to kiss!" she said firmly. He should do the same as her, then she pressed her lips to his, tongue lapping at his tongue. He did the same as her and soon he had learned to kiss. She pulled him onto the bed.

He looked at her body with anticipation and pleasure. The large breasts were like lush, ripe fruit and it was not immediately apparent that they were molded from silicone. She had shaved her pubic smooth and now her cleavage opened as she folded her legs to the side. The little hole was clearly visible, as was the large clit. She was plump, but not fat, and even her oversized ass seemed somehow exciting to him. She embraced him, smiling broadly, and let him find the vaginal entrance himself. He penetrated gently and kissed her on the mouth before he began to thrust. He held back and watched her breathing, just as he had learned to do with Janet. She became visibly aroused and orgasmed very quickly. She clung tightly to him and her body twitched for seconds, her face contorted with effort. She looked at him with eyes that shone with happiness. "Wait!" she said, pulling out his cock and turning around, getting on all fours. She stuck her ass out at him. "Do I have to fuck your ass?" he asked, puzzled, and she laughed out. "Just as you like!" she returned laughing, "of course not, silly boy!" She whispered to penetrate her vagina, she liked that position very much. He searched her hole with his hand and penetrated quickly. He continued fucking as before, she widened her ass and masturbated her clit. She moaned and whooped as she got one orgasm after another and just kept masturbating right away. He reared back and squirted in rich jets into her vagina. He paused and waited until she had finished masturbating. Only when her orgasm subsided did he pull out his semi‐stiffy.

They lay next to each other in silence. His hand slid gently over her pubic, finally he asked. She said she shaved every Wednesday before she went to fuck in the evening, because on Wednesdays her husband would not be home. Yes, every Wednesday she would look for someone to fuck in the bars, but she kept that a secret from her husband. She had an IUD so she wouldn't get pregnant. Ray had it explained to him in detail about the IUD and grumbled with satisfaction, "then I can cum with a clear conscience!" She nodded, yes, of course! He asked if she felt guilty about her husband, but she laughed chuckling, he fucks her six times a week with his short cock and squirts way too hastily. He would be a very good husband, but bad in bed like most men. She stroked his semi‐stiffy and whispered that she hadn't had a fuck as good as this since school days. She fell silent and did not explain further.

How was the rubbing, he asked, and she said she masturbated every night before fucking and then again before going to sleep. Would she show him? Why yes, she giggled and started immediately. He sat down between her legs and watched from close by. He suddenly remembered his sister masturbating many years ago, remembered every detail. Sister Juliet had a larger clit than Ruth and masturbated much slower. The orgasm was also different, Juliet had almost not jerked, but Ruth wrenched her eyes open and folded her legs, she pressed her fingers to her clit and rocked her abdomen back and forth. He had an erection and immediately penetrated Ruth's vagina. Her orgasm came surprisingly quickly and he was able to cum instantly, even as her body jerked in convulsions. Exhausted, he slumped over her.

They still lay next to each other for a long time and she asked him out. Now she wanted to know everything about his sister and stepmother. He told everything as detailed as he could remember and also told how it had been with Janet. He said that now when he squirted in the sink in the morning it wasn't as horny as fucking, he missed that very much. She didn't laugh at him, but listened carefully. He could fuck her every Wednesday if he wanted. It would be fine with her, because he could do it very well, she said and kissed him on the mouth.

Ruth asked what he does in his spare time, she does not see a book anywhere? He said he often watch TV or look at dirty little movies on the Internet, that is sometimes very horny. She said she doesn't watch those things on the internet anymore, it doesn't make her horny and rather has the opposite effect. She looked at the clock and said she had to leave to be home on time. Her husband always wanted her to masturbate before fucking and that made him horny, he would usually mount her before orgasm and cum in the middle of her orgasm, because she liked that a lot and wanted it that way.

Before she left they hugged and after the long French kiss she smiled, "see you tomorrow and next Wednesday! I'll run home quickly, masturbate and get fucked for the last time that night once my husband gets home. Then when he is asleep, I masturbate again before going to sleep. I'll probably be exhausted in the morning!" She laughed sweetly and broke away from him. He asked that she take off her panties tomorrow at the start of work so he could sneak a peek at her cleft during the day. She nodded and winked mischievously, then left. Too late he remembered that he should have accompanied her home. But by then she was long gone.

He lay down in bed and thought about his sister for a long time. How she had instructed him to press his cock on her vaginal entrance while he masturbated and she masturbated. He was never allowed to penetrate because she was still a virgin. How she traded places with the stepmother and he had to press his cock into the vaginal entrance of the false snake. He was afraid to push his cock into her hole, but Maria wanted it badly and Juliet pushed him halfway in. He masturbated in Maria's hole with fear, because he was a little afraid of this woman. Before she was done masturbating, his sister was pushing him deep inside all the time, in that horrible orgasmic hole. The two girls laughed and grinned and the sister pushed him in again. The sister indirectly fucked the slowly masturbating stepmom, and twisted her mouth into a sardonic grin when she pushed him in and out long enough and he squirted into the hole. She was the only one who noticed him squirting in and winked at him pally. The stepmother was rock solidly convinced that he was far too young to squirt properly and was only squirting a few harmless drops. The prodding and injecting felt very good, although he was afraid of being scolded by the stepmother while injecting. The sister didn't stop him squirting in until the orgasm was over. Finally, the stepmother licked his semen and vaginal mucus off his cock; in her opinion, that just had to be done! She kept the cock in her mouth for so long, tickling his glans with her tongue until it softened. The two girls laughed with pleasure and he actually didn't feel like laughing at all. The cock licking had made him hot again, but Maria was already done with the rubbing and he never dared to ask about it.

When they bathed as a couple at this time and his sister masturbated him underwater, he had to squirt on her vaginal entrance. As they whispered about squirting in Maria's, she whispered, "Make her a child, make her a child!" and hissed angrily, "I'd rather have a child by you than by our stupid father!" She was furious because the father made no effort to deflower her, even though she posed naked or masturbated grinning in front of him as often as she could. Ray continued to masturbate, remembering how fine it had felt in spite of everything in his stepmother's little hole and how exciting it was to cum inside her. Ray masturbated wildly fantasizing he was deep inside his sister's little hole and squirting inside her vagina — which never happened in reality — for minutes. He squirted and instantly fell asleep.

Horny time

The relationship with Ruth lasted almost two years. Every week she brought him two or three books, saying he needed to read a lot and educate himself. He devoured the books she brought him and became wiser day by day, he could memorize a lot since the fog had left his mind. She taught him to discuss and talk about the day's events during breaks. She was very interested in making him smarter and more clever, he should be able to talk to the people around him and not stay mute in the background like a piece of furniture. She asked him what he was interested in and he knew immediately. He educated himself on the Internet and learned everything about computers.

The fucking every Wednesday was wonderful. He learned that she enjoyed it when he pulled her ass cheeks apart as far as he could while fucking her. Later he realized that her orgasms were much more intense when he fucked her asshole with a finger, she had asked him to do it once. She enjoyed the orgasms with loud cries of pleasure since they had no direct neighbors. He had read somewhere that small gifts strengthened love. Every few weeks he surprised Ruth with a little something, a bracelet, a necklace or a silk scarf. He didn't skimp and made a point of good quality. Ruth was delighted each time and it actually furthered the bond. She knew how much he enjoyed watching her masturbate and would often masturbate and let him watch up close. He was able to return the favor and fucked her from behind, spreading her ass cheeks and finger fucking her asshole.

Two events ended their relationship. She had an argument with the postmistress and quit in a huff. After a few weeks, she got a job out of town and they saw each other only on a case‐by‐case basis until she definitely ended the affair. He was heartbroken; Ruth was a swell pal.

He was invited to lunch by a colleague from headquarters, the head of IT, who interviewed him intensively. In the end, the colleague invited him to work at headquarters in the IT‐department. He immediately asked to be transferred, because without Ruth he did not like to stay in the department. He had only a short way to the head office, 10 minutes by subway, which was no problem. The new colleagues already knew him from various phone calls and there was a big laugh when one of them said it was a pity they didn't have a basketball team and only a bowling club. Ray laughed along and said he could no more serve with bowling than with basketball, but he could change light bulbs wonderfully, without a ladder.

There wasn't a single woman in the department. That was a real problem. Ruth had often told him how the couple search worked in the bars, so he had enough theoretical background knowledge. It took a lot of effort for him to enter a bar. The first time he only dragged off a heavy buzz, after that it worked better. He went out every night and found at least one a week who wanted to be fucked. He made the best of it, even though many women were pretty boring in bed. There were very few that he brought home several times. He was amazed at how few were interested in the whole game. Most were done after just one in‐out and left. The relaxation after jerking off was okay, of course, but something essential was missing. Ruth, Janet, his sister, and even the wicked stepmother were horny, wanting more than that in‐out. They were all different, but the filthy horniness lurked craftily in their asses and had to burst forth.

Elli's story

He struck up a conversation with a resident of the building, after a few brief conversations in the corridor he invited her to his apartment and they had coffee. Elli was divorced, without children, around 40 and always very elegantly dressed and discreetly made up. Her slim figure was first class, but her breasts were very small and her face sometimes expressed tension and dissatisfaction. But these were only externals, she could tell about an exciting life with ups and downs. He felt very comfortable during these conversations, finally someone who did not see the mentally retarded child in him, but an interesting young man with an exciting profession. They arranged to meet next week and then again and again. Already the second time they talked about sexuality, he wanted to know everything from her. Elli laughed as bright as a bell and told him everything with disarming frankness.

She learned to masturbate from her playmates when she was about 7 years old and masturbated every day since then, until today. At 11, she was brutally raped by a neighbor and spent three weeks in the hospital. Her father went into a horrible rage and beat the bastard to death. He got 4 years but came home after 2 years. She loved her father very much. She left school at 15, apprenticed in a supermarket and had her first steady boyfriend. They fucked every lunch break, but he just wanted to thrust quickly and cum fast. She was on the pill and had to hide from him that she masturbated. He came from a traditional Muslim family and girls were not allowed to masturbate, basta!

She left him after half a year and was bullied by him in the circle of friends afterwards. She also left the circle of friends and started all over again. She had some lesbian love affairs at the suggestion of her therapist, but they always lasted only a short time. She had learned about licking and what other women's and girls' sexuality was like, how they coped with their sexuality. However much she enjoyed lesbian lovemaking, she was clearly not a lesbian. She completed her apprenticeship at 18 and stayed on at the supermarket. It was just a job, that was enough for her.

For the next three years she had many male acquaintances and lots of one night stands. There were at least 100 or more and it was always just about sex. She never had an orgasm while fucking and didn't care if it suited the men or not that she masturbated afterwards. It was her sexuality, it was her pleasure, it was her orgasm, period! With some she fucked a dozen times because it worked well or because she just liked the guy. The longest relationship lasted barely three weeks and ended because the smart guy drove multi‐track, she could not accept that at the time. Blowjobs she made all who wanted it, so with all after fucking. It was just a handjob with the cock in her mouth. It suited her best to open her mouth wide at the end and let him squirt very deep in her throat. She had overcome her disgust and swallowed the sperm without any problems. She never found the Blowjobs horny. At 21, she met her future husband at a wedding. They fell in love instantly.

He was an assistant professor at the university, an expert in space technology and very wealthy. Although Rainer was only 29 years old, he had already filed a dozen patents and was making a fortune of it. She found him handsome, well‐mannered, educated and romantic. They married after four months, and their honeymoon in Venice was a dream. They were a good match in bed, he fucked quite acceptably and liked to watch her masturbate. It was natural for him that she needed her orgasm as much as he needed to cum. They fucked twice a day in Venice, she masturbating until dawn while Rainer slept soundly. They toured the sights and Elli thought she was being treated like a princess, with her lower class background that was a big leap. Like her, he wanted a large family with at least three children and they worked on the first child day and night. She went off the pill, the extra pounds fell off and she was slim as a whip in no time. She was happy, quit her job at the supermarket and continued her education. She trained as a watch saleswoman and got a job at the best jeweler in town. She paid attention to her figure, went to a coach for good behavior and manners, and was soon the jeweler's picture‐perfect star. Although they fucked as often as they could, they waited almost ten years before she finally got pregnant.

They were both beside themselves with joy and prepared everything. She gave up her job at the jeweler to be there full time for the baby. She had a huge sexual appetite during the pregnancy and her husband gave everything. There were days when she gave herself 15 or more orgasms during the day and waited impatiently for him in the evening, then continued to masturbate at night after fucking until she fell asleep completely exhausted. Elli laughed sheepishly as she told Ray that there were many days when she spent the whole day masturbating in bed, only getting up in the evening to prepare a meal and continue masturbating after fucking until dawn. She had to nurse her sore clit with an ointment. "I was really addicted to sex at that time," Elli said, giggling.

Then, in her fifth month, disaster struck. She suffered a miscarriage and was in the hospital 2 weeks after the scraping. Her menstruation stopped and she went from gynecologist to gynecologist. However, she would never have children. Her husband was completely distraught and slept in his office for 3 nights. It was not until much later that she learned that her ovaries had been removed for pharmaceutical testing purposes when the ovary‐scandal famously broke. Rainer was furious like hell, brought those responsible to court and Elli received millions in compensation. But something had broken between Rainer and her, he had less and less desire for sex and he fucked her at most once a month. Then even less often. Elli said those were the worst years.

Her mother had died and after her funeral her father got sick, cancer. The doctors gave him one more year. She visited him every day and ran his household. They talked a lot, the cancer didn't cause him any pain and he felt healthy, he had surprisingly tremendous sexual appetite again and masturbating gave him no real pleasure. It was really that he suffered mostly from the lack of sex. He got red ears when she gave him a hand job several times a day for some time because she saw his erection and ended up making him cum down her throat each time. "Fringeequitch!" she dismissed it as not sex at all, just fine relaxation, and stubbornly kept doing it for several days, despite his lame protests the first time. She had spied on her parents having sex often enough in the past and knew how much he liked to squirt just that into‐her‐mouth. She masturbated afterward every time, and her father didn—t dare watch her.

"I don't know about you," Elli said to Ray, "but I felt sorry for him, he had been in prison for 2 years because of me and I was totally sexually starved myself." She paused for a long moment. She lied to her husband about how bad their father was, she wanted to take care of him full time for his last months and live in his household. Rainer immediately agreed, saying he would put a large amount in her account each month so she would have everything when she cared for her father. He was really a generous person and always gave her a lot of money, good old Rainer!

Elli told her father that she would live with him. He agreed and was happy about the turn of events. But when she said she would sleep with him in the master bed, he was embarrassed. He said it wasn't right, she shouldn't do that! She remained stubborn and said he had wasted 2 years of his prime for her, she didn't give a damn what people thought about it and whether incest was sinful. When the priest fucks his altar boys, he doesn't shit himself, the priest! They debated bitterly for half an hour. "Fringeequitch!" she hissed angrily, tapping meaningfully at his massive erection in his boxer shorts and dragging him into the bedroom. "It was one of my finest moments," Elli said dreamily, "He had a big, good cock and fucked much better than most men!" She always had to seduce him at first, because he struggled with great inhibitions. He looked curiously at her nakedness and it worked wonders. "Your body reminds me a lot of your mother, she had such a big clit too!" After a night it was easy for him to accept her as a bedmate and playmate, he didn't feel sick at all and was able to let off steam sexually again. He was already approaching 50, but his sexual appetite was visibly awakening and rejuvenating his manhood. They spent many hours of the day in bed, she letting him fuck and cum in it as often as he wanted, and he watched curiously and hornily as she masturbated for hours. "You got that from your mother too," he kept saying, "she liked to masturbate a lot, often several times a day when she found a spare minute." He'd given his mother credit for it, because she was a good woman and "she let herself be fucked pleasurably at all hours, she loved that too!" Mom had fucked so many men during her marriage, he said with a grin, but they both didn't take it hard and indulged each other's pleasure. "There were hundreds," he said with a laugh, "and she had real fire in her ass!" On the contrary, it spiced up their love life to tell each other about the fling with all the piggish details and to pig out as a couple. The father laughed and slapped his thighs. "Even before the wedding she said to me that she was a hottie and in no way was she willing to fuck only one man from now on! Of course, I knew from the beginning that she fucked with anyone, any biped and also liked to do it lesbian. Again and again she appeared with a new woman and when I had fucked with both of them, I was completely knocked out and could only watch her horny hustle and bustle!" He had not cheated as often as she, he had only with two young girls a stormy affair in all the 30 years, if you did not count the many threesomes!

Elli held Ray's hand and asked gloomily if he was judging her for lying with her father? No, he said as if shot out of a gun, he didn't think it was bad at all and he would have shit on the incest in that situation too, sorry! Elli finished her story. The father had lived almost three more years and they fucked until the last week. She always gave him the feeling of being a full man, a potent man. Letting him squirt down her throat with his morning wood gave him a special pleasure, because his wife had also done it to him like that sometimes in the morning. Elli of course got her money's worth as well and could masturbate as often and as long as she wanted. He usually held her in his arms while doing so and was never tired of watching her. After each orgasm he kissed her on the eyes. He liked to tell about the mother's fucking and Elli was often amazed because she knew many of the men and boys. The mother especially liked to seduce young boys and teach them how to fuck. Elli would often lie in her father's arms for hours, listening to his stories and laughing when he made it really dirty bump and cum. She masturbated quietly when she felt like it. The years in her father's bed forged a strong, special bond between them. He had simply fallen asleep without pain and never awakened.

After the funeral she told her husband everything truthfully in broad strokes, because she could not tell it on the phone. Rainer listened seriously and held her hands. She had done the right thing, he said, no reasonable person would condemn her. He took a long time to confess that he wanted a divorce, but it had nothing, nothing at all to do with her father and her sexual experiences! He had started an affair with a student and would like to marry her. They had a lot in common professionally, she was similar to him not very sexually active and she was young enough to have children, they both wanted that very much. The girl was 26 and not as pretty as she was, he claimed, but she didn't believe him on that last one. He would pay her 50,000 a year for life after the divorce so she wouldn't necessarily have to work. He laughed his old, sweet laugh when she initially refused to accept it. "I have more money than I can spend and I want you well taken care of! After all, we loved each other like crazy back then, and I am not going to forget that!" — Yes, that's how he ticks, my Rainer, Elli said.

"That's it, in a nutshell," Elli said. "Divorced at 37, living alone for 4 years without a single love affair. I just couldn't, I felt worthless." She bowed her head. "I've become addicted again, not a single day without heavy masturbating, and on weekends I stay in bed until noon and masturbate one time after another. I no longer even count the orgasms on the weekend! I often think of the piggish episodes that my father told so often. He was very fond of telling about his sex and much more about her mother's colorful love life, that gave him pleasure." She fell silent and suddenly tears ran down her cheeks, Ray put his arm reassuringly around her shoulder and kissed her on the cheek. "Please don't cry, sex is a beautiful thing after all! And I feel the same way right now."

Ray's story

To distract them, Ray recounted his sexual experiences during the next hours. That one of the oldest memories was of him lying on top of Janet at about 6 years old, sucking on her teats when his father fucked her every night. That Janet would rub his little cock stiffly as she did this, and then very firmly as she gradually came to orgasm. He lay on top of Janet every night when she was fucked until he was older than 10 and sucked assiduously on her teats. He always sucked her teats wildly and excitedly when she rubbed her father's cock in her mouth and let it squirt in. Janet masturbated him to squirt during her orgasm without her consciously realizing it and mindlessly rubbed his seed all over her thick breasts. That they had always slept naked next to each other and he groped her privates when she squirmed, every night. Her nudity. Three times a week he bathed with his sister Juliet, she secretly masturbated him underwater and made him squirt. Her favorite thing to do was to let his glans peek out of the water and let it splash in an arc on her budding breasts. This was very funny and they laughed and splashed and sometimes shrieked with delight. She did it so skillfully that Janet never discovered her rubbing. She also showed him her cleft and always let him watch while she masturbated. Later, she wanted him to squirt on her vaginal entrance.

Elli had listened with interest and asked when he had been able to squirt. It must have been before his 9th birthday, because there was a heated dispute between father and Janet. She refused to believe that the boy squirted and did not admit it. The father scolded her terribly and hissed that he was neither blind nor stupid! Ray had no explanation for why she wouldn't accept it for two years. Ray continued, the sister was responsible for him in the afternoons when Janet and the father worked, he in his stock exchange office and she as a helper at a butcher. The master butcher often fucked her in the afternoons, flipped up her skirt and penetrated. "All you have to do is hold out your cunt, and I'll do the rest myself!" was his comment when she protested that she was actually a lesbian. He couldn't have cared less. The other young helper, whom he had already impregnated, held her roly‐poly belly protectively with both hands and pressed herself into the corner. She stared fearfully at the wild goings‐on. The master butcher had Janet lean forward on her stomach on the countertop, flipped up her skirt and widened her fat ass with both hands. He grinned over at the young girl and dug his fingers into Janet's vagina. The girl's eyes widened fearfully as he lowered his pants and penetrated Janet. Janet made no sound and patiently let him fuck her. He grunted as he thrust in and squirted out after a short while. He pulled his cock out and masturbated squirting, spurting in long strings on Janet's ass. The young girl he had deflowered and impregnated could not avert her eyes despite her horror.

Juliet and Ray always got naked, this was their private afternoon. Juliet was immensely sexually active and let him watch when she masturbated. She showed him everything, including how to masturbate. As he got bigger, he was allowed to press his cock on her vaginal entrance and squirt on it while she masturbated. He was never allowed to penetrate, because she was still a virgin. She had to explain that to him very carefully.

Then the father brought 19‐year‐old Maria, his second wife. She was quite unkind to Ray and was also a real dirty piglet in other ways. In the afternoons she made love to his sister, in the evenings or at night she fucked the 25 years older father. Janet was somehow offended and chafed longer and more doggedly, as the loud fucking and Mary's gasps and moans or her feigned cries of pleasure could be heard well through the wall. The sister insisted that Ray stay with the girls, as she was in charge of him in the afternoon. He would watch them make love, masturbate or bathe and the sister would include him. Maria especially loved to lick Juliet and he watched curiously with wide eyes, his own tongue clamped tensely between his lips. Juliet slid it in and out of Maria's vagina, because Maria loved that a lot. Maria grinned in horny anticipation and helped him insert his cock into her vagina herself with her hand. Juliet held him tight when he started to squirt, pushing him in deep and letting him squirt it all in with a triumphant look. Everything. He was always afraid Maria would discover it, but she never noticed or cared. Maria debated with Juliet that the lad couldn't even squirt properly yet and if he could, she couldn't possibly get pregnant from the imbecile's little bit of childish semen, could she?! Juliet nodded in agreement and let the doofus win. Once they were two, his sister said he had to make Maria a child, with the squirting. She was angry with the father because he did not let her seduce him, even if she masturbated provocatively in front of him! Juliet no longer pushed him, he had immediately learned to push. The father should not make the child, and she reassured Ray that he did not have to do anything other than squirt in properly, tight and deep. He was happy to do that, usually squirting in two or three times until Maria had masturbated long enough and came to the end, moaning bitchily. Juliet always hugged him lovingly afterwards and kissed him on the forehead or on the mouth. "We're going to make Maria a baby!" she murmured in his ear. Maria never kissed him, not even on the cheek. She only nodded to him in a friendly and encouraging way when she was slowly masturbating and he was thrusting and jerking off wildly, that was fine by her.

Ray was silent for a few moments and Elli put on fresh coffee. He continued. The father, Maria and his sister moved to Spain, but he wanted to stay with Janet. Of course he was sad, but he had to continue to go to special school and Janet now stayed at home full‐time because the father earned a lot in Spain and could send enough money. Seven months later Maria gave birth to a daughter. Janet was called every few months at first and his sister whispered excitedly that it was his child, the spitting image, for sure! Elli poured coffee and asked if it was? He didn't know, the baby on the photo could just as well be from Heinrich Heine, the parcel carrier or from Godfather Zeus. "You both squirted in her, the father and you," Elli said, and he thought. "It's not that simple. I actually squirted into the cunt two or three times a day, the father only once or twice a week. Maria claimed to Juliet and swore sacredly that the father had never really squirted into the vagina, only in her mouth. He always did the coitus interruptus. She had to masturbate his cock in her mouth after fucking, let it squirt into her mouth and swallow the sperm. But I never could believe it — surely a man knows if he has impregnated her?" Elli shook her head in the negative, no man knows, not even a woman!

Ray stood up and picked up the framed baby photo. Elli looked at it for a long time. You really couldn't tell, she decided. With a deadpan face, she said it was of the fat mayor, for sure! and they both roared with laughter. But according to his description, only he had squirted into Maria, so perhaps the nurse was quite right. Squirted into two or three times a day, the semen lasts for several hours, and the father only injected his semen into Maria's mouth? "I would also come to the same conclusion as your sister." She looked at him kindly and expectantly, he continued.

The Boy can squirt!

Now we had the apartment to ourselves, Janet and I, bath day was twice a week, and after a few days Janet discovered that the boy could "suddenly" squirt. He was now a man, Janet said proudly. From then on things changed, in the morning she gave him a handjob by the washstand and let him squirt into the sink. On bath day there was a handjob in the bathtub, he had to squat down opposite Janet and keep his knees apart. Janet bent over far so that the robe fell apart, grabbed his cock and did the handjob, once or twice. His balls slapped the water surface merrily as he did so. Ray described in great detail how he secretly peeked under Janet's robe and got turned on by the sight of her hole. Sometimes he could see deep into the hole.

When she bathed, he was allowed to stay in the bathroom and sit on the stool. She undressed with her back to him and stepped swiftly into the water. Only her upper body stuck out of the sea of foam; apart from her breasts and teats, he could see nothing at all. She never made a secret of the fact that she was masturbating in the water, taking her time. Her breasts jiggled and her teats stiffened and danced merrily above the sea of foam, but that was boring, there was nothing to see. After bedtime, he cuddled up to Janet's naked body until his cock got all stiff. She sighed godly and gave him a handjob, after which she rubbed herself, as a matter of course. She never made a secret of that.

In the beginning, from adolescence until he was 11, she would put an arm around his shoulders, press him very firmly on her bosom, and let him suck and suck on her teats while she masturbated. She loved it very much when he sucked and sucked on her teats while she was rubbing, it was very fine for her, Janet once said. It bothered her less and less that his fingers were feeling her clit while she was rubbing. But when she "discovered" that he could squirt at 11, she changed everything.

The Horny interrogation

After dinner that day, she moved closer on the corner bench and put her hand on his shorts. "Soso, you're bigger now, about to turn 12, and you can already really squirt like a man!" she noted, pulling out his stiff cock with relish. Janet had been doing the foreskin game for a long time, she obviously enjoyed playing with his stiff cock without making him squirt. "Then surely you like to cum in my hole when I'm rubbing?" she said calculatingly, staring at him with eyes blazing with horny anticipation. He knew that look she always had before they went to rubbing. But this time there was also something feline, calculating and devious in her horny look. He didn't make a sound and just nodded eagerly. "Sure like to stick your thing in my hole and cum when I'm rubbing, don't you?" she asked again suggestively, and Ray told Elli that was exactly how Janet expressed herself. The boy nodded eagerly, his mind doing somersaults. "Would you like to stick your stiff thing in my hole and cum, that's what you want, to stick in and cum, wouldn't you?!" He looked into the cat‐like eyes and nodded eagerly, yes he did, he always wanted to! "Okay, you may put it in my hole and cum for my sake," Janet continued patronizingly with a glowing look, "but only put it in, thrust it and squirt! Definitely no thrusting, like your daddy did, remember? Daddy was allowed to thrust, thrust hard and cum, but you're way too young for that! I don't want that, it's too early for that, so don't thrust!" Janet looked at him from the side and kneaded his cock. He nodded silently, though he couldn't remember exactly how Dad had done it. He had only one image in his mind: Janet's mouth wide open, Daddy's cock in front of it, which she rubbed rapidly, and the viscous jets of semen he squirted into her mouth before ramming his cock down her throat. Janet's voice snapped him out of the images. "So, no thrusting, just thrusting in and a little grinding, promise? You can cum too if you like!" Janet waited with a cat‐like look until he nodded in trepidation.

"Aren't you glad you get to put your thing into and cum too?" He suddenly had the feeling that she was about to ask him out, as she had done many times before. The prospect of sticking it in and making him cum made him euphoric — was he allowed to tell her anything? Janet was still kneading his cock, playfully pulling the foreskin back and forth over the glans, she had been doing the foreskin game for her pleasure ever since. "Have you ever put it in and thrust it?" asked Janet casually, looking at him inquiringly, she paused with the foreskin play. He lowered his head and she continued with the foreskin play. "With who?" she asked with a spy look, "Juliet?" He shook his head in a sigh of relief, Janet was so wrong though! Didn't she know that Juliet was still a virgin!? "The — er, Mary?" drilled Janet further. He looked anxiously into her glittering cat eyes and eventually had to nod. "Well, tell me about it then, because I don't believe a single word you're saying!"

Now he found his voice again and insisted that it was after all. She played with his foreskin and let the glans pop out again and again, this obviously gave the boy pleasure. She shook her head in disbelief, "and how would that have gone?!" He had to convince her and tried to remember everything. It bubbled out of him like Juliet had the idea when she made him do it in the bathtub and made him squirt. And .... — she interrupted him, "She made you squirt while you were bathing?" He winced at her cutting tone. Yes, Juliet always did it to him when they bathed, he admitted meekly. Janet furrowed her eyebrows and asked what idea Juliet had? She wanted to make Maria a child, and he just had to squirt inside. Quite simply, he muttered, because the daddy wouldn't cum inside Maria properly and she was only allowed to do it to him with her hand and had to make him cum in her mouth, he muttered angrily at Janet's feigning ignorance. "I've heard about it, but thought it was just gossip," Janet said thoughtfully. How did Ray manage to squirt in? she wanted to know and he now told fluently. That Maria always rubbed very long and very slowly, that Juliet put his thing in Maria's hole and nudged it from behind until he squirted. Maria had only grinned slyly, but never had anything against it and Juliet did not have to push him anymore, he pushed by himself further and further until he squirted the second time and usually also the third time. Maria had grinned hornily and waited until he was done and then groaned loudly and bitchily and was done rubbing. "Stupid fucks good!" laughed Maria sometimes and tousled his hair.

Janet started laughing out loud and forgot about the foreskin game. He was irritated and looked inquiringly into Janet's eyes, had he said something wrong? Janet gasped at the laughter that she heartily begrudged the dirty little fake snake and continued laughing for a while. "Then Juliet and you did the bastard to Mary," she shrieked laughing, "you and Juliet.... the bastard.... makes me mad!" and she laughed until her tears came. — How often did he do that? she then wanted to know and he looked amazed: well, always in the afternoon in the children's room! "Every day, and I'm supposed to believe you?" she asked doubtfully, and he said defiantly that he could show her exactly how it went with Maria! Janet thought for a moment, as she never had fucked the boy, then let go of his hard‐on and said, "okay! Show me how you did it with stupid Maria, but do it right!"

She pulled her feet up on the kitchen bench, squatted wide‐legged and unfolded her legs. She pushed her underpants all the way to the side, into the groin, because she was wearing only one pair of underpants, as usual. "Okay, then show me! How you did it to Maria!" she repeated determinedly, spreading her pussy with her fingers. He stared fascinated at her dark hole and bent down until his cock was in front of it. He grabbed her thick ass cheeks from under her panties and held onto them, his face pressed to her sagging breasts. His lips sucked hard on one teat. He spread her ass cheeks very tightly so that her vaginal entrance opened, he had learned that from Maria. He thrust in wildly, it reminded him of Maria's vagina, only Janet's vagina was much, much tighter. He thrust and thrust wildly, his lips tearing rhythmically at her teat. She smiled incredulously, watching his actions with glowing cat eyes. She hadn't fucked in a long time and the boy was doing quite well. Her eyes bulged out, unbridled horniness rapidly rising up from her vagina and constricting her throat. The boy thrust and thrust without ceasing and she thought that he thrust much too hastily. The so long missed excitement constricted her throat and she already thought for a moment that her orgasm was about to come, another blink.... He thrust and thrust and she tore her eyes open as he spurted out after a few moments. He clawed at her ass cheeks and thrust and squirted for a while longer, then stopped inside her. She gasped pressed, she was so aroused that the orgasm would have come in a few moments if he had continued thrusting for only a few moments. But he did not allow himself a long break and continued to push wildly, he had to bite lightly into the teat so that it did not slip away from him. He pushed and pushed, always further, quite long and his teeth tore wildly at her teat. She was caught completely off guard by her orgasm and drew heavy gasping breaths. Her twitching was drowned out in the frantic thrusting of her boy, he wouldn't know. She took a bruised breath as he suddenly reared back. He curled his fingers into her fat ass cheeks and squirted in rich, thick jets, thrusting hard each time to squirt in again and again and again. Breathless, he paused and released the teat and ass cheeks. Her heartbeat and breathing had calmed down quite quickly. She laughed dirty and pulled out his stiff cock grinning filthily with pointed fingers, his semen dripping from his cock and running viscously from her vagina. She laughed dirty and grinned hornily at him. "That was fine, very fine, veeery fine!" she echoed as if from a distance.

"I wouldn't have believed it," she said, still grinning dirtily, and straightened her panties. He demanded disappointedly, he could always cum in her at least three times, just like with Maria, his cock would still be really stiff, but she shook her head, "enough!" She almost succumbed to the temptation to continue fucking his stiff cock. — "And you're still too young to thrust!" she reprimanded him, "that's what we agreed!" She cleared her throat, it fit so, she now believed him that he had fucked the stupid girl, but he should tell it all again. She grabbed his aroused wet hard‐on and resumed the foreskin play. He sighed a sigh of relief when she let the glans pop out and said he had heard it himself, as Maria had said to Juliet and sworn "by Jesus" that the daddy never really squirted in her vagina, but she had to rub it with her hand and it always squirted into her mouth. Yes, he had forgotten that, when Maria was done, she licked his thing every time and sucked it quite sweetly with her tongue in her mouth until it became soft. "Gross," Janet contorted her face, "daddy used to cum in my mouth after fucking too when you were a little baby, that was really gross!" Janet mendaciously shook herself theatrically in fake disgust. — The girls usually bathed together and washed each other "down there." But they mostly just rubbed themselves. "Juliet, too?" asked Janet, and he nodded, but she rubbed herself much faster than Mary, and didn't moan so bitchily when she was done. Janet did the foreskin thing again, making his glans pop out again and again, asking a hundred more things, and he confessed everything to her. Hiding something now was no longer an option, after all.

Juliet wanted them to make a child for Maria, because she was angry with her father. He came, before he had married Maria secretly, every evening to the good‐night kiss in the children's room, there Ray had to put himself asleep on Juliet's instruction, but of course he looked secretly. Dad sat down at the foot of Juliet's bed in his boxer shorts, she uncovered herself naked and begged to be fucked and deflo., def.... "Deflowered?" helped Janet and he nodded, yes, deflowered, but Dad shook his head gruffly and grumbled, "Are you foolish, what are you thinking!?" He remained seated and Juliet masturbated seductively, making the dad squirm back and forth all horny and restless. Janet's eyes narrowed to slits, deep wrinkles fretting around her pinched mouth. Juliet was allowed to bring out his cock and rub it until it squirted gruntingly onto her inner thighs and the slit. "Son of a bitch!" groaned Janet angrily. But Dad never wanted to fuck Juliet, and she was really mad at him for that, so she never let him cum in her mouth! That's why they made the baby to Mary, usually two or three times in the afternoon, and Mary really liked it when she masturbated that he thrust his cock firmly in‐out. That was how it was!

Janet was silent for quite a while and wanted to know exactly how Juliet had rubbed the dad? Cross‐legged and really tight, she sat very close in front of him and spread her legs. She rubbed his glans up and down in her cleft for quite a long time until he grumbled. Again and again she made it so long that he squirted and she let him squirt in her cleft, grinning hornily. Usually, though, he grumbled and she had to stop. Then she rubbed his cock very close to her cleft and dabbed his cock tip on her cleft, but he always pulled back. She rubbed his cock, which was pointing up, vigorously and very hard, then she pushed his cock down and he had to squirt into her cleft and the rest onto her inner thighs, that's what she wanted. "Bastard!" repeated Janet crossly. She could well understand Juliet and was not angry with her. But Dad, that dumbfuck, made it easy for himself and just let the little girl jerk him off, that was really shabby! Janet said angrily. "And later he came to our bedroom to fuck and cum in my mouth!" she said with a nasty undertone. After a while, she abruptly ended the foreskin game. She looked at his hard‐on with satisfaction, nodded and said, "Well then, come on, let's go rubbing and squirt!"

He quickly went into her bedroom, hastily undressed and lay down on the bed. His heart was pounding violently with excitement. Janet stripped down to her underpants and stood indecisive. She looked at him, checking to see if his cock was properly stiff. He had only ever seen the rather plump 57 year old with the large, drooping breasts in her underpants, but never completely naked. After her morning squirt, she took off her worn robe, which was filthy with the traces of his squirting, and after that she only wore underpants on all days when she walked around the apartment. She made sure to wear beautiful and somewhat sheer styles that showed off her bulging labia and large cleft well. These sinfully expensive lace panties were the only luxury she afforded herself. After all, she was a decent woman who never walked around naked! She now thoughtfully and mechanically pulled the underpants down a bit, almost to her knees, and he widened his eyes. He waited excitedly to see if she would strip completely naked this time. But she quickly recollected herself and immediately extinguished the light. From now on, Janet would not turn out the light until she had quickly removed her panties, which he found very exciting. He stared at her sparsely hairy pubis and the bulging cleft that flashed moistly for a split second.

She lay down with him, spread her legs and pulled him on top of her. She guided his cock into her vagina with one hand, and a pleasant shiver ran down his spine. She instantly held him by his buttocks as he instinctively began to thrust as before. "Don't fucking thrust, we agreed, that's forbidden!" she hissed angrily, slowly moving his buttocks back and forth with her hands. "Yes, see, that's the way to bump," she said as he obediently obeyed her hands. Janet controlled his butt cheeks left, right and once firmly in a circle, all the while. She grunted with satisfaction as he began to squirt after a short while. "I have to thrust in to squirt, though, or it won't work!" he gasped desperately. "All right, all right, for my sake!" He felt her nod. He thrust and squirted, thrust and squirted. She pressed in deep on his butt cheeks until he had finished squirting. "That's fine! Veeery fine!" she praised him. His cock stayed stiff after the first squirt, he could stay "in" and poke at it again, back and forth and all around.

She let him do it for a few moments, then sighed deeply and began to wag thoughtfully. He wiggled back and forth lustfully for a long time, because she wasn't really letting him fuck then. He poked back and forth the whole time and always managed to squirt a second time, she paused and grunted appreciatively "Fine, veeery fine, my little one!". She pressed her hands firmly on his butt cheeks until he thrust and finished squirting. "Fine, fine, veeery fine!" and continued to squirm after a few moments. Usually he was able to squirt a third time, but this strained him neatly. She then only gasped pressed "Fine, fine, veeery fine!" because she was already rubbing at a furious pace. It came back to him, this "Fine, fine, veeery fine!" she had also always moaned when the daddy squirted in. Ray sometimes suspected her of delaying the rubbing until he had finished squirting. He licked, smacked and sucked lustfully on her teats and stayed with his soft cock still so long "inside" until the orgasm bounced her violently. Afterwards there was always a long, loving embrace, she pressed with the buttocks his soft cock on her nudibranch until her heart beat normally again. Then a goodnight kiss on the mouth and they fell asleep. This arrangement lasted for some weeks and they both liked it, he concluded.

Elli interrupted smiling "Oh là là!" and said he already knew masturbating, from his sister Juliet and from Maria?! He scratched his head in embarrassment. "I was considered mentally retarded at the time and couldn't remember these things for more than five minutes, plus it took place in Janet's completely dark bedroom," he choked out with difficulty. Elli nodded in understanding, "Aha!" and stared at her coffee cup. "The grinding in complete darkness was not comparable to masturbating in a bright children's room or bright bathroom back then," Ray said, thinking Elli must be seeing it through the eyes of a mentally weak 12‐year‐old. Elli nodded approval far too quickly, Ray fretted. "I myself don't believe today that I was ever retarded or mentally weak. I was a completely neglected child who was unspeakably blamed for my mother's death. Janet loved me with all her heart and showered me with her oversexualized physicality, but she was just too old, too uneducated, and completely sexually screwed up to raise a toddler adequately." Ray lit a cigarette and smoked furiously in silence. Elli was sensitive enough and remained silent until he angrily stubbed out the cigarette.

"Soon after the fucking on the kitchen bench, Janet enlightened me, showed me pictures and movies on the Internet," Ray continued, "I knew how it went, of course, we watched several movies of fucking and masturbating girls and Janet got totally horny." Now he really wanted to fuck for real, and he scuffled with Janet until she good‐naturedly gave in. She was still hopelessly horny from watching porn and was happy to be fucked. "I don't like the word fucking at all," Elli muttered, "Fucking or humping doesn't sound so dirty!" Ray nodded. "So, from then on we fucked every night, as often as I could squirt, and after that she masturbated before going to sleep while I sucked on her teats and aroused her. She would masturbate ironclad every night before falling asleep, regardless of how many orgasms she had had during the day. — I started to learn reading, writing and typing with all my energy, which I hadn't enjoyed in special school so far, but I wanted to look at pictures and movies on the internet and read for hours afterwards about anything else you could find there and I got smarter."

Study and Porn

"Janet initially laughed at me when I studied a middle school geography book on the Internet for weeks. Suddenly I could study and remember everything, the fog in my head was suddenly gone! Then I learned history for middle schools, that fascinated me for months. Then I learned German grammar and essay writing, it was exasperating! But I practiced and practiced stubbornly and finally wrote a 12 page essay about a mentally handicapped student who was abused at home, sent by train to Italy to her uncle and who ended up abusing her too. I used, in part, things that my classmates told. I gave this essay to the class teacher, who ordered me to the teachers' room the next day. He said it was a very good essay, very few spelling mistakes and correct geographical details of the train trip. He was amazed to hear that I wrote it on my own without help, that I was learning geography, history and German on the Internet alone. My mother would be a simple unskilled worker who had not attended school and could not help me. The only thing he didn't like was the abuse, don't write about it so explicitly, it was pornographic and strictly forbidden. I didn't understand it right away, but he praised me and asked if I didn't want to go to another school? But I refused, I only knew this school and I liked it here very much. He then had me write an essay every week and corrected it. Only later did I realize that I would have learned much more at a normal school."

Janet would sometimes sit with him, once‐twice a month, and they would watch porn together; by now he knew better than she did how to get it. She took off her underpants completely, sat down wide‐legged stark naked and always did the foreskin game first while watching porn. This always gave her pleasure, but she never made him squirt. When it got exciting, she would tease and rub her tiny little clit that was hidden under her bulging labia. She would orgasm watching porn every time she got horny and he would watch her because by now she didn't care if he was watching. Her breasts were still big and full, but they soon hung down lower and lower. Still, sometimes he would bend down and suck on her teats in pleasure, because that made her orgasm more intense. When she came to the finale, he knelt in front of her and pushed her knees apart as far as they would go. It made her all fuzzy when he watched from very close and rubbed herself to orgasm at the highest speed. When he got horny watching porn, he would take off his pants. She immediately stopped the grinding when she saw his erection. "Come, my boy, come squirt!" and pulled him to her. This wasn't the intense fucking that would make her orgasm first, it was all about the quick cum, his sexual release, they both realized. He fucked her quickly on the chair and squirted really fast, then she just continued with the clit rubbing and they continued watching porn. On those evenings he was pretty exhausted from all the fucking.

Ray sucked on his cigarette lost in thought. He became a very good student and over time found out that some classmates had sex in their families and almost all the students. Many girls had been sterilized and all of them served their fathers, brothers and uncles to fuck. He eavesdropped on all of them because he was very interested in that. Most of them told frankly and giggled when they told something piggy, hardly any bucked and kept silent. Ray had later wondered why he never had the desire to fuck any of the classmates. School and home were apparently two entities, fucking abounded at home, it was not part of school. He sometimes told Janet about his interviews, who was mostly interested in the wet details, but could not offer him a moral evaluation. In her opinion, after all, everyone fucked for the hell‐s sake anyway, youth or age or state of mind didn't matter at all in her opinion. "Just look at the two of us! I'm fucking a 15 year old and you're fucking a 65 year old grandma! How is that?" she concluded this topic, there was nothing to debate. Each one had to look for herself how she came to a fuck or to an orgasm, that was the only rule, everything else had no meaning in her opinion, basta!

Ray asked what Elli thought about it? She answered promptly. If the girls were happy to go along with it, it was certainly fine. But she suspected that most didn't do it willingly, and that was a mess. She was ambivalent about sterilization. Every girl, every woman had a right to have children, Elli said, her eyes glistening with tears. But she understood at the same time that authorities needed to curb the spread of mental illness. Ray nodded in agreement; that was about his opinion, too. He asked what it was like during their school years?

She thought for a moment, in her school at most a handful of the female classmates actually had sex, most did handjobs or blowjobs to the guys. She herself had only ever done handjobs, it was nothing special. She had only started screwing during her apprenticeship, around the age of 15. She said she had a very good therapist who was able to guide her back to normal sexuality and made the trauma of rape fade away completely. It was only after two years of therapy, at 13, that she dared to give a handjob to a kind and considerate boy, she did find it very difficult at first. She had tried blowjob once, she spat out the semen in disgust, she didn't like that at all. But she really wanted to be like the normal girls and in no way a victim.

Eating, "before"

It was getting very late, he suggested that they eat something. She looked at him with a smile and murmured, let's eat before then. Ray's mind was racing, what did she mean by "before?" Together they prepared a cold dinner, he had after all lavishly stocked the refrigerator beforehand. He asked if she preferred a beer or a pint, he didn't have any wine. "Next time I'll bring the wine, I have some very good wines," Elli said, gladly accepting the beer. Over dinner they talked about their jobs, he told about the computer system and the many small computers he looked after. She worked part time at a not so well known jeweler selling jewels, jewelry and watches, that was her specialty. She didn't earn much there, but Rainer paid her 4,000 a month, so she wasn't dependent on her job. They cleared the table together and were suddenly standing very close to each other next to the kitchen counter. She seemed to be waiting for something. He put his hands on her hips, leaned down and kissed her on the mouth. Elli kissed back, almost eating each other. They had to catch their breath. He laid her head on his broad chest and stroked her hair. "Do you like?" he asked, stretching, "do you like to fuck or fuck?" She remained silent for a few moments, then nodded. "Yes, both!" she whispered, giggling. She looked up at him. "It's been a long time, four years or more!" she whispered uncertainly and desperately, "besides, I'm 12 years older, an old woman!" she concluded regretfully. "Janet was 50 years older, she was over seventy at the end," Ray returned harshly, "but she fucked and fucked happily to the end with her boy without the age difference ever bothering her!" He shook his head slightly in annoyance and went forward to the bedroom.

A nice start

He undressed in a flash and lay down in his father's large marital bed. He watched Elli, who also quickly undressed and lay down next to him. She had indeed a pretty, willowy figure and very small breasts with pointed teats. A small, light blond bush adorned her pubic area. Her face glowed and was much prettier now. Her blonde pageboy hairstyle was streaked with thick white strands. She had one hand with the long, delicate fingers over her breasts, the other on her pubic area. She looked at his big cock, which was pointing boldly and impudently toward the ceiling of the room. She released her hand from her pubic and clasped his cock with her fingers.

"Should I be pleased or frightened?" she asked, half‐joking. "I have only a very small vagina," she said softly, "very small and very, very tight! And — yours is much too large and too thick; I have had only small or medium ones before, but never one so large!" He kissed her on the cheek. "He's gone in everywhere yet," he feigned, "I can be very careful and considerate, really!" They French kissed for a long time and he asked which she wanted first, masturbation or fucking? She caressed his hairy chest, "one at a time!" After a few moments she whispered, "Fucking first!"

He knelt between her legs and she unfolded them fully. He caressed her inner thighs and outer labia. "You've got a big one, too," he grinned as he saw her clit gradually stiffen to an estimated one and a half or two inches. He touched the clit gently as she whispered, "I know!" He continued to stroke her inner thighs, labia, and clit for quite a while, then looked into her eyes. She nodded ever so slightly and closed her eyes. He bent over, moistened his cock with spit and very carefully penetrated the tiny little hole. It was really, really tight, but the vagina widened willingly as he penetrated halfway up his cock. Going no deeper, he pushed at the end. He hugged her, even though her face barely reached his nipples, and began to thrust slowly. He listened to her breathing and soon realized that she was getting more and more aroused. He thrust and thrust and she panted in supreme arousal. As delicately as he adjusted his pace, she did not orgasm. After what seemed like an eternity in supreme arousal, she grabbed his buttocks with both hands and pressed him deep inside her, to the hilt. "Come, come, just squirt, Ray!" she gasped against his chest, "Come and squirt!" she breathed emphatically. He immediately increased the pace and she pushed him deep inside her, gasping. Her fingernails dug into his ass cheeks and with rapid thrusting he squirted in rich, thick jets into her vagina. He stalled and waited until they both calmed down a bit. He pulled his cock out and lay down beside her.

"I never orgasm when I fuck," she said softly, her voice trembling with excitement, "I always have to masturbate right after I fuck!" "Okay," Ray said with presence of mind, "so go for it!" He took her in his arms so that she was lying on her back on him, hugged her sweetly and guided her hand to her pubic. "Like to watch?" she asked softly and he croaked hoarsely, "next time!" She nodded imperceptibly and he closed his eyes. He felt her slowly rising, he felt her body with his and barely a minute later she winced. She exhaled loudly and quickly calmed down. She turned around and lay on top of him. She kissed him tenderly on the lips and told him how fine it was, how gently and considerately he had fucked her, and that her heart had leapt with pleasure when she felt his powerful jet of semen inside her. "And the orgasm?" he asked and she said, "right after fucking I'm still very aroused, I don't need a minute!"

He pondered. I wonder if she shouldn't masturbate at the same time as she fucked? That's no use, she had tried that again and again, even in the dog position it doesn't work, although you can get to the clit really well there. "Look," he said, "I've been able to bring a lot of women to orgasm so far, even a few who never had an orgasm before while fu..., uh, getting laid. When it didn't work, and it always did, I always felt like I had fucked up." After a long pause she said, "I know my body quite well and it's up to me that I only orgasm when I masturbate, you don't have to worry about that!" He nodded, he would try that.

She kissed him on the lips and wiggled her butt. "How about it, my hero? Can we?" Of course, she could feel his erection. "Ride?" she asked, and he shrugged, because it only went well sometimes. She grabbed his cock and quickly inserted it, pressing it in so skillfully and energetically that she amazingly got his cock all the way in in that position. She started riding him and after a few minutes she was moaning and gasping with horniness. He reached down with one finger to her really hard clit and rubbed it vigorously. She threw her head back and let out little cries. Wow, was this girl horny! Ray thought, thrusting from below in her rhythm. She bent over, braced her arms on his chest and looked into his eyes with wild lust. "Come, squirt, squirt!" He gasped for her to ride faster, and as she increased her pace and he thrust hard against it, he felt it rising. "It's squirting!" he cried softly, and she thrust hard on his cock. He squirted, less than before, of course, and she slowed her riding, milking him with deep, long thrusts. She remained seated on his cock and immediately began to masturbate. Ray watched her curiously, her fingers vigorously working the red‐swollen clit at a frantic pace. Barely half a minute later, her abdomen thrust back and forth a few times, riding his semi‐stiffy. She exhaled loudly and lay wearily on his chest. "Was it fine?" he asked and she nodded, not making a sound for a long time.

She lay down next to him and they whispered to each other how beautiful and satisfying it was. "I'm still all knackered," she murmured, "the riding is so intense that I need a break then." Elli had to go to the bathroom and he led the way. As she sat down on the toilet, he knelt down in front of her, between her legs. He grabbed her labia with both of them and pulled them apart. She couldn't do it right away, his looking inhibited her. She looked at him with a veiled gaze and her pointed teats trembled, from excitement or from arousal, he didn't know. She reached down and kept dragging the flaccid clit with her fingers. Gradually the clit turned red and quickly stiffened. After a long time she began to piss, he watched very closely as the stream spurted out of the tiny hole. He had never seen a woman piss, looked at the clit and the jet, which gradually dried up. She pulled and squeezed the clit and closed her eyes, it felt so good! He let her play with the clit for a few minutes, but he also had to piss. When he let go of her labia and stood up, she opened her eyes. She immediately noticed that he wanted to piss and wanted to get up, but he shook his head with a smile. He aimed right in the gap and pissed right there. She grinned and slid forward, intercepting the stream with her labia and positioning her red swollen clit right in the stream. She grinned and made a satisfied sound, the firm jet seemed to stimulate the clit. When he was done, she grabbed the cock and began to give him a handjob. She was obviously immensely skilled and got his semi‐stiff all stiff in a few moments. He didn't want to squirt now, though, and after a while he withdrew. "Are we two but dirty little piglets!" she said with jokingly emphasized insinuation and wiped herself with paper, then went back to bed.

He fetched a cold beer from the fridge and brought the full glasses to the bed. Elli had her eyes closed and was masturbating, slowly and deliberately. He sat at her feet and watched as she masturbated. She opened her eyes sometimes and smiled, a beautiful, proud smile. She closed her eyes and gradually sped up. He could see that she was rapidly becoming more aroused and rubbing herself quite quickly. Finally, she formed a kind of tunnel with her thumb, index‐ and middle finger, which she put over her clit. She moved the tunnel frantically on the clit and tore open her mouth as if she wanted to scream. She pressed the tunnel very hard on the clit, slowing down. Her head nodded a few times and she released the clit. The clit nodded and nodded and nodded. She took a deep breath, then looked at him, beaming with happiness. Tiny sparks flashed in her eyes. "That's one of the usual ways I masturbate," she murmured softly. He lay down beside her, hugged her sweetly, and kissed the top of her head. "You've earned that beer," he joked, handing her the glass. He gently caressed her body, her breasts with their stiff teats, her belly, and her pubic area.

They smoked a cigarette and made plans. Yes, she would like to spend the night with him, tomorrow was Saturday. Last but not least she stayed with him the whole weekend, they stayed in bed the whole time and he was glad that Elli slept silently and didn't snore like Janet. They fucked as often as he could and she masturbated once and again, all day long. They ate his fridge dry and drank his entire week's ration of beer, he had plenty of coffee. She didn't go up to her own apartment until Monday at the crack of dawn, of course, after the pleasurable morning fuck and a quick masturbation.

Juliet reports

Ray's sister had called in complete surprise, after several years. Juliet asked about Janet and he said she had died almost three years ago. He told about his work and she was very happy that he was now living a normal life. She told of her family and her three children, the father had made a fortune in stocks and was now retired. His daughter/sister Carmen was already 17 and would graduate next year. They chatted for quite a while, then she asked for his mail‐address, saying she wanted to email him photos of everyone. He sat for a long time after the conversation, his sister still believing the child was his. He would ask Juliet once if she really believed it, because since the conversation with Elli he was unsettled.

He received an email from Juliet with two dozen attachments. They were photos of her, her children and husband, of Dad and of Carmen. It was a professional portrait, a pretty 17‐year‐old with thick blond hair and expressive light blue eyes and a beautiful face. He was also blond, had light blue eyes too. A shiver ran down his spine. Then he looked at the next pictures, they were nude pictures of Juliet, Maria and Carmen. His ears perked up. The other pictures showed each of the three masturbating! Some showed Carmen's vulva in close‐up, he could see the smudged finger on her clit and the hymen quite clearly. The last picture of Juliet and Carmen masturbating together. All the photos were taken in the blazing sunshine and were sharp. Ray wiped the sweat from his brow.

Then there were a good dozen more videos. Juliet masturbating, Maria masturbating. Watching it, he immediately remembered, suddenly seeing the past as if a cloth was pulled away from the photographic memories. Then Carmen, as a 5 year old masturbating, at 8, 10, etc. The last little film was the longest, 16 or 17 year old Carmen masturbating to orgasm three times without stopping and laughing straight into the camera afterwards. He watched it three times and was sweating with horniness. In the close‐ups her clit and hymen were very visible, Carmen was obviously still a virgin. He read through the email carefully, but there was nothing new. He put the data in a protected folder.

Elli's videos

He spent every weekend with Elli in his or her apartment, rarely calling her during the week, but he was always ready and willing. This woman's sexuality suited him well, she loved to fuck him and masturbated with quiet pleasure throughout the weekend. He showed her the photos and the little videos Juliet had sent. She was very excited and said they were really exciting shots, she liked them a lot! She didn't usually look at this stuff on the Internet, but these shots were so stimulating that she instantly dragged Ray to bed. She also had some that Rainer had taken of her many years ago, she said later. She immediately got her laptop down when Ray was interested and had him copy all 150 photos and movies. They watched it together on the big screen and the shots were really impressively good. Elli was in her mid twenties when these pictures were taken and she was one hell of a pretty girl! Ray said out loud and Elli blushed. Rainer was fascinated by her big clit and had captured it in many close‐ups, as well as her orgasms. The videos showed her masturbating in full, most showed only her vulva masturbating. The videos showed Elli sinking into her sexual excitement and orgasming very intensely. While they watched the footage, Elli leaned against his shoulder and masturbated silently. Sometimes she bit his shoulder very lightly when she was aroused.

Elli had remembered what he had told about Janet's finger fucking, slowly felt her way up and now triggered his squirting by fucking his asshole with one finger. She enjoyed it because now she could trigger the squirting at the right moment. He liked it too, because she alone could feel when she was most aroused and when the time was right for her. He squirted instantly when she fucked him with her finger in his asshole. She would pant and gasp with excitement until he had finished squirting and immediately began to masturbate. It often took her only a few moments before the orgasm tore her apart.

Strong Piece

He had asked her if she had ever tried choking . She denied she didn't know what it was. When fucking, the woman is gently choked before orgasm, cutting off the air supply triggers the orgasm. She was horrified at the idea, but one day they tried it out. They agreed on a hand signal when she wanted to stop. Then they tried it out. At first she got used to his fingers wrapping around her neck. Then the dress rehearsal while fucking. She was very excited and broke off several times. He smiled and reassured her it was all right. But then she relaxed, they fucked and he waited until she was already very close. He clasped her neck and she closed her eyes.

He didn't squeeze very hard, her face turned turkey red. She wriggled her hands and feet briefly and her eyes twisted upward until only the whites were visible. She wrenched her mouth open and gagged for air. Her body tensed, began to shake, and he almost wanted to stop. She shook and shuddered and her eyes remained screwed up, he saw only the white. It lasted for two minutes, violent convulsions ravaging her abdomen, then her orgasm broke loose. He immediately released her neck and thrust and thrust and squirted right into her wildly twitching body. They held each other and tears ran down Elli's cheeks. She stammered that was her first orgasm and it was mind‐blowingly awesome. Insanely intense! They repeated this as often as Elli wanted. They knew they had to be very careful and more than once he broke off. But she wanted it, wanted it badly, because that were the most powerful and violent orgasms that she couldn't achieve even by rubbing her clit most vigorously. The most violent orgasms she got when choking in the doggy position, she screamed her head off!


Mail traffic

Only after months did he email Juliet and tell her in detail how Janet had died peacefully. She had been in the hospital for only 23 days and he had visited her every day. The doctors found no reason why she was ill, she simply had no life force left and peacefully fell asleep. He reported that until the day she was admitted, he had plowed her field neatly, 2 or 3 times a day, and she had petted the kitten daily. Juliet would understand the point. (Explicitly he pointed out that it was imprudent to write such things clearly in the mail). He gave a detailed account of his work; he did not mention Elli. He included a photo of Janet's grave and several selfies of himself. Last, he attached several nude pictures of himself. He had photoshopped his dick a bit longer and was laughing inside, I wonder how Juliet, Maria and Carmen reacted to that? He thanked her for the photos and videos Juliet had sent, he had liked them very much. Three months later a reply came from Juliet.

He was very focused at work and he was very appreciated and praised by his colleagues. He and two colleagues had worked out an advanced security concept, tested it thoroughly, and then installed it. The Post's central system had become a fortress that was almost impossible to break into. His boss invited a specialist from the Chaos Computer Club to prove it, who confirmed the excellent software. He and the two colleagues received a bonus in the amount of six months' salary, and he was very proud of that. He invited Elli to the best restaurant in town on a Sunday and she instructed him beforehand on how to behave and what to look for. He had never been to a restaurant before. She accompanied and advised him when he bought a suit and tie. The festive dinner turned out to be a complete success! (and the night after too...)

Months later Juliet sent an email, with about 40 videos of Maria, Carmen and herself masturbating. They were really excellent shots in the blazing sunshine, he watched them several times and of course showed them to Elli, who was thrilled. Juliet, the stupid cow, of course did not follow his advice and wrote everything explicitly in the mail. She thanked him for his pictures, which had stirred her up a lot, as the Spanish were consistently small‐cocked. She could judge it, since she had had quite a few in her hand (or elsewhere, hihi!) before marriage ... When Maria was heavily pregnant, she and Maria slept together in Papa's bed and he watched the girls masturbating or licking enthusiastically. Finally she got him to deflower and fuck her when she was 15. He was one of the few who could fuck her to orgasm, even her dear husband never managed it. During the next four years she slept with them, dad fucked her at least every other day, because she insisted on it despite his reluctance. Of course he had to cum in her vagina first, she insisted stubbornly, she was using birth control pills. It made fucking easier for him that Maria masturbated cross‐legged next to them. But his favorite thing was to be able to cum alternately into a mouth after fucking while watching the other masturbate. It was a good arrangement for all three of them. Mary never had another child, although she kept having affairs without using contraception. Juliet didn't know if Dad knew about it or if he didn't care. Maria didn't care at all if Papa continued to secretly call Juliet to him two or three times a month to cum in her mouth. Juliet wrote that he wanted that very much and she didn't care at all. Of course, though, she firmly insisted that in return he fuck her to orgasm first and cum inside, even though he didn't really like doing it. Juliet was convinced that it was good for her marriage if she secretly let herself be fucked really well three or four times a month. Her husband, unfortunately, wouldn't be as good in bed as Dad; his cock was only medium sized and didn't last long enough. Of course she masturbated every night, but the orgasms of getting fucked were much more intense. She herself, apart from that, was faithful to her spouse through and through and only let her beau fuck her when her husband was traveling. Her beau was only 20 and could fuck fabulously! Although he also only had a little one .... and had never fucked her to orgasm. Her three children were all true model children and had not yet reached puberty. Carmen made innocent girl sex with her only every few months, but never with Maria, the two shared nothing in terms of sexuality. Carmen would soon graduate from high school and Papa had already bought her a one‐room apartment in the city, she wanted to study medicine. She would soon be 18 and was legally allowed to have a steady boyfriend. She had talked to Carmen about it and she planned to get deflowered right after her birthday, she was the last one in the class who was still a virgin. Elli shook her head uncomprehendingly as he read out the mail, she couldn't understand these women.


At noon on a Friday, Ray was on his way to weekend shopping, his cell phone rang, unknown subscriber. It was Carmen, she was on the train and would be visiting him. She had turned 18 a week ago Sunday, he said, and was therefore of age. He congratulated her and asked when she was coming and she said, giggling, at half past five tonight, I'm going home again Tuesday. "No thanks, you don't have to pick me up, I'll take a cab." He was completely taken aback and stammered, does she like steak? — Not for a moment did Carmen doubt that she was welcome. Nor did she ask if it suited him just then. In any case, he was very surprised, he himself would not be capable of such a robbery. But then he had to smile, this action bore Juliet's signature most of all. Good old Juliet! He laughed out loud and the passers‐by turned to look at him. He entered the supermarket, still laughing.

He immediately called Elli and canceled for the weekend because of Carmen, which she understood right away. He called his boss that he would take Monday and Tuesday off, which was no problem. He bought the best things, including a fine cake and a bouquet of flowers. He cleaned the apartment spotless, cooked the meal and set the table festively. Carmen's birthday! He talked to Elli on the phone for a long time and waited patiently, the wall clock firmly in view.

At point 6 Carmen arrived, she was slim and pretty and had her long blonde hair tied in a ponytail. They chatted about this and that and the other while he broiled the steaks, while they ate, and while they ate from the pie after dinner. He asked if Juliet had thought up this trip, but Carmen shook her head vigorously, saying it was her own idea and she had only told Dad, no one else, including Juliet. He nodded and a stone fell from his heart, so it wasn't Juliet who wanted to set Carmen up with him, he would have believed her! They talked, discussed, smoked and drank beer and coke until night fell and Carmen yawned discreetly. "Okay, let's go to sleep," Ray said, escorting her to Janet's bedroom. She had undressed while walking and was still going to take a shower. He looked at the nakedness of the beautiful girl and got a thick lump in his throat, she was really stunningly beautiful! He went to bed, turned off the light and listened to her shower for a long time. It was quiet for a while, then his door opened and Carmen came in. Totally naked and smelling of a good perfume.

He was frozen stiff when she lay down with him, turned on the bedside lamp, and let the covers slide to the floor. He awoke from his torpor when she snuggled seductively against him and gave him long, wild French kisses. He was on fire, caressing and exploring her body extensively. She lay down on top of him, on his erection, and took his face in both hands. She kissed him first on the lips, then said, "Maria says you are my brother. Juliet says you are my father. I saw you and your magnificent, tall picha in the pictures and knew at once you would be my first lover!" She looked at him seriously. "Do you want to be my first man? I'm still a virgin, have never lain with a man! I want it so badly! I want to give you my first time! — Loosen the veil of Aphrodite, pierce it, tear it and make me a woman! — Will you?" she asked insistently and he didn't know what to say in response. She was open and honest, had said straightforwardly with childlike innocence what she wanted. There was nothing mendacious or conniving about this sweet child. He gave her an energetic French kiss and hugged her tightly, pressing his hard‐on to her abdomen. He nodded and whispered, "Okay, but let's take it slow, let's take our time with this, okay?"

He half sat up and explored her body with his eyes and hands. She was incredibly slender and tall, her thick blonde hair framing her pretty face, her open gaze. Her skin was flawless, her small breasts round and firm. She had her pubic hair shaved straight like Juliet and Maria, he parted her legs and gently caressed her inner thighs. He palpated her labia, sealed vaginal entrance and clit. The clit was smaller than Elli's, but much larger than Janet's. He rubbed very gently and felt the clit stiffen. He continued rubbing for minutes until the clit had become as hard as a board. She sighed longingly and whispered, "I want it, please come! I'm ready!"

He moistened glans and cock with copious amounts of spit. He got into position, angled her legs sideways apart, and gave her another French kiss. His glans dug into her vaginal entrance. He grabbed her ass cheeks with both hands and French kissed her mouth shut. He lifted her ass up so that her vagina opened like a clam, thrust quickly through her hymen and penetrated further into her tight vagina, deep, deeper than he could ever penetrate Elli's vagina. She jerked briefly as her hymen tore and his kiss stopped her from crying loud. He looked up into her face, she kept her eyes closed and smiled after the brief thrust. He thrust first thoughtfully and intensely and Carmen joined in instinctively. He felt her excitement, impatiently pushing. She orgasmed after a very short time, laughing radiantly at him and letting her abdomen rock. He kept thrusting and she whispered that she had bled only a week ago and was not afraid to get pregnant. He kept fucking and fucking and she reared up wildly in orgasm. He thrust and thrust into her convulsions, spurting into her vagina in rich, thick jets. He paused when she reached for the clit, kept his cock inside her, and waited until she had finished masturbating after several minutes. Her third orgasm was stunning and powerful. Then he sank down beside her, exhausted. They held each other for quite a while, kissing over and over.

"It was beautiful, incredibly beautiful!" she murmured, "much more beautiful than I expected. And I had three orgasms! And it only stung for a tiny moment, I was told true horror stories about how it would hurt!" They talked for quite a while, they fucked one after another and Carmen masturbated during the long breaks. She masturbated very lustfully, but not as obsessively as Elli, but only when she felt horniness and pleasure. They drank and smoked on the bed and she freely told him her secrets.

She told him that she had been doing handjobs to the guys for a long time, rubbing him until just before he squirted and taking the picha in her mouth. She continued to rub him until the squirt and sucked and sucked the semen out very hard. This was very exciting and a bit horny, the squirting and the sucking out. Of course she swallowed the semen, all the girls did that. She did a little sex with Juliet every few months, but never with Maria or with other girls. He asked why she only called Maria by her first name? "We don't have such a great connection with each other," she replied thoughtfully, "I've always had a difficult relationship with Maria. With Juliet I have a particularly good relationship, I can talk to her about anything!" He left it at that and didn't probe deeper. She said she hadn't understood at first why Juliet kept letting Dad cum in her mouth and fuck her hard, Juliet had told her herself. Now she had become thoughtful and could understand it a little better, she murmured, winking.

She was the only one Juliet talked to about her family secrets. Her marriage would have fallen apart long ago, Juliet said, if she hadn't answered Dad's call once a week and let him fuck her to orgasm and cum in her. He could fuck insanely well! He had always done his stint well, only then Juliet took his cock in her mouth and rubbed it skillfully to squirt. She had had her orgasmic fuck, Juliet told Carmen, and that was all that mattered to her. Making him stiff later, masturbating in his mouth and swallowing his semen she did only for his sake, she wouldn't really care and Daddy loved it more than anything. After the birth of her children, Juliet was plagued by conscience, whether the children were her husband's or Papa's after all? She often cried about it when she lay with her head in Carmen's naked lap, because it depressed her very much. She also cried often because she suffered one miscarriage after another after the third birth. All these were from daddy, Juliet sobbed, because by now he was the only one fucking her and squirting in! Carmen could do nothing but gently hug her sister and comfort her as best she could. Carmen told Ray that in her opinion all three of Juliet's children were daddy's because he always squirted in juicy and with rich jets and Juliet's husband didn't squirt in very often in the past either and often gave out too soon before squirting. Juliet claimed that her husband had not fucked her properly for years. She was fond of him with all her heart, though, and liked to take his poor cock in her mouth to masturbate and make him cum inside.

Ray told Carmen he had never cum in a girl's mouth and didn't want to cum in her mouth either, he much preferred fucking. Whether she had once spied on the parents? Carmen blushed and nodded sheepishly, yes, very often in the past. It fascinated her for a while that Maria did her dad masturbate in her mouth and cum in it. So she had been inspired to take the cock in her mouth during handjobs and suck the semen out hard like Maria did. Carmen lowered her eyes blushing and confessed to Ray that she had spied on Dad and Juliet as often as she could. It fascinated her how Juliet forced Papa between her thighs and then let him fuck her to madness, because he was very good at that. Her orgasm came surprisingly and violently, she clung to him in convulsions and he thrust like out of his mind, spurting right into her violently bruised womb. She stroked his cock and gave him a few minutes, then she gave him a handjob in her mouth, sucked out his semen vigorously and swallowed it. Dad was always so insanely happy doing this! When Carmen saw Juliet orgasming, she wished she could experience it as intensely when she got fucked later. No, Carmen answered, she had always shown herself naked naturally in front of Papa and never thought anything of it, on the contrary, she felt a bit of pride when he looked at her covetously. And precisely because Maria was annoyed by this, she pranced stark naked in front of Papa as often as she could be threaded, or sat wide‐legged opposite him, because her open cleft made him hopelessly horny. And of course there was never anything sexual between her and dad! She would have rejected everything if Papa would have asked, but thanks god he never did. Both her masturbating and the sex games with Juliet she had carefully kept secret from Papa as well as from Maria. How had his love life been going? she asked. She really wanted to know in detail, she stressed.

He told her everything in great detail, because she should know his manhood, all the things, experiences and women that had made him who he was. He didn't hide anything, he didn't embellish anything, although he was much more embarrassed to tell Carmen about the kinky sex with Janet in such detail than to tell Elli. Carmen listened to him very attentively and laughed sweetly when he told something dirty. She wanted to know exactly how dirty old Janet actually was. He answered her very frankly and honestly, describing Janet's kinky sex in much more detail than he had told Ruth and Elli. She listened very attentively, because she found this very interesting. She asked a lot of intermediate questions to be able to imagine well the sex with the old woman. Of course she was old and wrinkled, Ray answered a little grumpily, and her breasts were no longer full, but hung down wrinkled and sad. As the years went by, her vagina got tighter and tighter and she yelped painfully when she stuffed his cock into her little hole, but she really wanted to be fucked properly even in her old age! Yes, she fucked and masturbated quite diligently even at 76 before she died, Ray replied. She couldn't get up one morning, she felt sick and miserable and whispered, "I'm dying, Ray, I'm dying!" He told Carmen everything Janet had told him about lesbian times with his mother and fucking with his father over time. Yes, he was her first and only man and had only deflowered her at the age of 48. Carmen's mouth dropped open in amazement. And she wanted to know exactly how Juliet and he had impregnated Maria in those few weeks. Everything. Honestly. Not hiding anything.

Carmen laughed tears as he described how Juliet grabbed his ass the first time and pushed him in and out of Maria's big soft hole, that wasn't necessary later. It was his "first time." — He was very afraid to squirt in at first, but Maria always smiled sweetly at being fucked quickly and by then he was no longer afraid. Especially since Juliet always told him to squirt in juicy and hearty. Carmen slapped her thighs laughing that Maria inserted his cock with her hand herself and then masturbated very slowly while he thrust in hard and squirted juicily up to three times. Maria was rock‐solidly convinced that she could not become pregnant "from the childlike seed of the imbecile" — her words! said Ray —. He reported that Maria always masturbated faster only when he had had enough of squirting and his cock was slowly shrinking in her large, flaccid grotto. She would then finish with bitchy moans and fake sighs and wriggle her abdomen. Then she licked his cock and let her tongue dance on his glans. The sometimes long tongue play in her mouth was very pleasant for him, because she obviously found it horny herself.

And that he didn't definitely know if he was her father, he concluded with a lowered gaze.

She thought for a long time and said that Juliet had once made a careless remark and, alarmed, she had questioned Maria. Maria at first stubbornly and stiffly asserted, "that's just how children are made, you silly child!" But since Carmen had seen for herself, while spying, that daddy only squirted Maria in the mouth and never really fucked her, she stubbornly inquired. Maria had squirmed, but finally admitted that from the beginning of the marriage, Papa had fucked her properly to her orgasm, but then had always pulled out the picha and she had to rub it in her mouth until it squirted in. Maria hissed angrily, Carmen "had emerged fucking before he cum in my mouth. One knew that the woman could still get pregnant, even if the man pulled out the picha before squirting! Everyone would know that, pulling out was not a safe contraceptive method, many women get pregnant that way unintentionally. That's exactly how she had gotten pregnant, at the coito interrumpido, your dad can not do otherwise! And with that, basta!" — Carmen said nothing in response, because she knew, — apparently better than Maria, — that Papa fucked Juliet several times a month and definitely squirted in because Juliet insisted. Juliet herself had told her that, and she had seen it many times herself.

Carmen said she was of the firm opinion that she was Ray's daughter, although Mary's theory of coitus interruptus was not nonsensical. However, she did not believe it. Carmen hugged him quite affectionately and whispered that she was glad he was her father and not a casual fuck acquaintance. At some point she said she would write down their sexual life stories one day. He laughed harshly, saying no one would be interested, but she kept at it, perhaps for her children.

Would she be allowed to tell him a secret? Ray smirked, he was not the one to write all that down. Carmen smiled and got serious again. "I sometimes help Juliet bathe her children." She glanced at him from the side. They washed the children and let them splash. Juliet took care of her 12‐year‐old's tail and always did the foreskin‐play with the little one. The two girls giggled at first, but they no longer cared. Pablo was used to the nudity of the girls, the mother and the young aunt from childhood, but he stared more and more often at the breasts and the shaved clefts of the big ones. Juliet did not deny him to touch her cleft, he knelt in the water, excitedly palpated her and frantically tugged his erection. Juliet took pity on the little one, made him the foreskin game and patiently let him finger her. So it happened, the little Pablo stiffened and squirted haltingly and stuttering at the foreskin play — Juliet said: "Aha!" Since then she masturbates him every time when bathing, usually two or three times in a row, until his little cock becomes soft. The two girls splashed around and didn't care. No, Carmen said, she doesn't do it, she sits on the stool opposite Juliet next to Pablo and just watches it carefully from close by. Pablo really liked being rubbed and squirting. Only 9 year old Micaela looked over curiously every time Juliet took off the soapy bath mitt she used to rub Pablo's cock foaming stiff. He lifted his butt and stuck his cock out of the water demanding. Juliet pulled the foreskin back over the red swollen glans very tightly and the first thick stream shot high into the air and slapped into the water. Juliet pulled the foreskin back vigorously each time he squirted. His cock was quite straight and had a nicely shaped glans, Carmen said. He squirted with firm, thick jets, and Juliet kept jerking his foreskin back to let the next jet squirt out. Sometimes his first jet of semen squirted on Juliet or on her, Pablo found that very funny as well as when the semen squirted in her face because Carmen had bent too close over his cock. Juliet laughed brightly and wiped it off with her bath glove. Pablo kept wanting to squirt her in the face, so she had to join in. Carmen shrugged her shoulders, as she had had many boys squirt in her mouth. Grinning, she occasionally held out her face with her mouth slightly open and the little guy was allowed to cum on her. When the semen hit her mouth or lips, she would lick it off laughing. But she wouldn't put his little cock in her mouth when Juliet asked. Pablo whispered, "Again, again!" when he had finished squirting and Juliet rubbed out the last drops, then later masturbated him again. Juliet had thought it was normal, boys that age needed the squirting and soon she would have to do it to him every day. — What did he think of it?

Ray scratched his head. He had experienced it that way himself, his sister and Janet were really messed up sexually and maybe had messed him up sexually too, he didn't know. Carmen protested, he wasn't messed up at all! He had never talked about sex with boys from normal families and didn't know if it was really normal. But he thought it wouldn't hurt Pablo to be made to squirt. That Pablo squirted in her face or mouth, he didn't think was right at all, not at all. What wrong things was Pablo learning? Was he supposed to develop into a mouth squirter like Papa? More important was the question of what would happen later? Will Juliet become Pablo's Janet? Is incest with one's own mother normal or would it screw him up sexually, spoil him mentally? She masturbated him, well, okay. She would soon allow him to squirt in her mouth, only somewhat okay. One day she would teach him to fuck, inevitably, that was a logical step. Was that okay, though? He thought and scratched his head, he honestly wouldn't find it right. He had read a lot about incest, about the psychological background. Let Pablo have his own experiences with his peers, that was the natural way, all scientists agreed. Boys his age learned to masturbate, that was age‐appropriate, healthy and completely normal, most psychologists wrote. He himself had had no peers and was therefore a special case. No, he didn't think incest was good for the boy at all. Probably it wouldn't be good for Micaela's or Pippa's sexual development either, but he only suspected that. He would want to talk to Juliet, because incest would not be good for Pablo's development, even if she herself held to incest. She was completely sexually messed up, his sister! Ray grumbled angrily. Carmen thought for a very long time, chewing her lower lip in embarrassment. She looked directly into his eyes, "Okay, thank you Ray, that helps! I think I'll back off right away and talk to Juliet about it too, maybe I'll get her to stop going further and not to the extreme. She needs to think about Pablo's development and not her selfish little pleasure. And weigh what is more important to her."

Carmen said after a while that it made her horny when she thought of Pablo's squirting. The horniness assaulted her every time she stared with bated breath at Pablo's red glans and Juliet made his foreskin flit faster and faster over the glans. The foreskin flitted and flitted tirelessly over the glans, gradually turning the glans dark red. Carmen stroked her clit, blushing, and whispered that it jerked like lightning through her clit every time Pablo's seed spurted in a thick, viscous stream onto her face or into her mouth or into the air. How she slid around on the stool because the jetting jets of semen twitched like lightning through her clit. How often she fantasized about Pablo's squirting while masturbating at night! She sighed shuddering that she was a little ashamed of all this and pulled Ray to her. As always, it amazed him how uncompromisingly direct and violently demanding female horniness could erupt. He held Carmen in his arms, who masturbated quietly after being fucked, and smiled a full and blissful smile after her orgasm. "Incest is deeply rooted in our family, in our genes," Ray said. "Juliet and Papa, Maria and me, you and Juliet, Pablo and Juliet, you and Pablo, you and me. Yes, you and me! It would be nice if Juliet and you could break the vicious cycle." Carmen nodded gently, saying she took his opinion very seriously and would certainly think about it if she ever had sons of her own. However, she didn't think Juliet would be able to break away from Dad.

Carmen wanted him to videotape her fucking and masturbating. She admitted that she had always been very aroused by being filmed while masturbating. He didn't understand, he felt differently. He obeyed her and took as many close‐ups of masturbating as she wanted. They watched the videos afterwards and copied them to his laptop, deleting the failed ones. He thought it shook too much while they fucked, but she wanted to keep them. He guided the camera as she fucked, recording the thrusting of his cock in her vagina shakily at first, but then captured her smile, her face contorted with lust, and the relaxed smile after orgasm in a close‐up. She closed her eyes smiling when he began to cum jerkily. It was easy to see when he thrust and she opened her mouth slightly and smiled with satisfaction when she felt the powerful jets of semen squirting into her. He really liked the shots of her orgasmic expression and her fine smile as she squirted, he would definitely show them to Elli.

They stayed in bed for three days, having breakfast naked and eating steaks when they got hungry, he had plenty of those. He put on his best jazz records, because she also liked this style of music. She told him about her upcoming medical studies and how she was going to furnish her little apartment. She took a whole bunch of portrait photos of him, the best of which she wanted to have enlarged and hang on the wall in her new home. "And someday when I want to forget you, I'll take it down again," she whispered softly, and it was a poignant and intimate moment. He leaned against her cheek to cheek after kissing her. He didn't want her to see his tears.

The hours ticked by in relentless lockstep and Ray often wished they had more time. But Tuesday morning came and Carmen took a cab. She gave him an everlasting, intense French kiss before getting in and laughingly said she would probably look at the sights of the city on the Internet. She winked sweetly. "There are more important things here than tourist attractions!" Smiling, she threw him another kissing hand, then roared off.

He went to his apartment and called Elli to see if she wanted to come over in the evening? He would still have good steaks, a big piece of Carmen's birthday cake and a lot to tell.

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