Mom does it best

by Jack Faber © 2022

The Twins

Pe and Ka were called by everyone in the family just "the twins", although they were not. Peter, whom everyone called only Pe — this came from Ka — was already almost 10 and Karin, whom everyone called only Ka, — this she had invented herself — was 9 and the two pecked together like yin and yang. They played together, went to school together, slept in the same child's room, and bathed together since time immemorial. Ka had cried and raged when the parents wanted to move Pe to her own children's room. She tried to get them to let her stay in the childrens room with Pe. Ka was the younger one, but much smarter and more cunning than big brother, whom she could control with ease.

They both did well in school, did their homework together and watched children's shows on TV together, they simply ignored the maximum time imposed by their completely overwhelmed mother. Now, during the pandemic, they pecked even closer together.

Last year, Pe Ka had shown how to spy into the master bedroom. The closet was right where a connecting door had once been. There were cracks in the wooden back wall through which one could spy on the whole bedroom. Ka was proud of her big brother for discovering this. It became clear that the parents only fucked on Saturday night and Sunday morning. During the week, Mom would sometimes just let Dad cum quickly in her mouth because there was no time for a long fucking. They spied as often as they could while fucking and Pe explained to Ka after the first time exactly how the parents had technically fucked. They didn't see very much because only the mother's small bedside lamp was on and she usually threw something else over the lamp so it was pretty dark. The parents fucked shamefully under the sheet, and the two of them saw nothing.

The only thing they could really see on Saturday night was their parents, who stripped naked and slipped under the covers. Pe stared in fascination at his mother's full breasts and the tiny bush of blond hair visible above her mouthy cleft. Pe held his breath when she spread her legs a little as she lay down, revealing her little hole and the clit covered by a dark foreskin. She had a habit of pulling the foreskin back very tightly for a moment and dabbing the light pink nodule with a finger for minutes. The father's long cock dangled down, he stopped and his cock dangled in front of the mother's face. She pushed his foreskin over the glans and gave him a sweet kiss on the glans. She took him in her mouth and rubbed the cock sucking it very hard for minutes until it had grown big and was pointing perkily upward. The father crawled to her under the blanket, which wobbled a few moments, that was it.

On Sunday morning only, they covered up and fucked several times. Once they had fucked a round, Mom would take Dad's cock in her mouth, suck and rub it skillfully until the cock was completely stiff, then she would put it back in her hole and Dad would thrust and squirt until he had finished. The two of them watched from under Dad's ass as his cock drove in and out of Mom's hole like a piston and suddenly held still. Ka's giggles almost betrayed her as Dad's balls bounced up and down merrily as he squirted in. Pe looked all excited when Mom took Dad's cock right back into her mouth and rubbed it hard. They spied until the end when Dad's cock wouldn't stay really stiff and Mom would let him squirt into her mouth. Ka never wanted to do that, that was disgusting! she whispered, but they watched until the end, so exciting it was!

The two spies soon discovered that every morning, after making breakfast for their father and he left, their mother went back into the bedroom and sat naked in front of the large oval mirror. The children could see nothing except that she wiggled her elbow for a long time and dressed quickly to wake them. "She does it to herself" Ka breathed, explaining to Pe what her friends were whispering about: all mothers did it to themselves, every morning. What exactly they "made themselves", however, none could say.

Pe and Ka have always examined their body parts when they bathed. Mom usually let them splash for a very long time every afternoon, the twins preferred to do that in lockdown and did not get on Mom's nerves. She would go into the bedroom and talk on the phone for hours. Ka showed Pe her little hole and he was allowed to stick a finger all the way in. That Ka had long ago torn her thin hymen with the curious finger while exploring her vagina, she had told him shamefully. Pe liked to have his cock examined by her. She was fascinated that the cock could become stiff or soften again. The foreskin was something extraordinary, it could be pulled back and forth over the glans. Ka knew, of course, that it could squirt if it rubbed quickly. She could see it almost every day as he rubbed and squirted into the water. At night, when the erection woke him, he would call Ka softly and she would watch with interest as he rubbed and squirted.

Because of the pandemic, they had to stay home all day. Dad had gotten them a laptop to watch distance learning. They chatted for hours with friends over the screen, getting good advice on how to clear history in case their parents wanted to check on them. There were many tips on where to look at naked chicks and the two of them watched naked women and naked muscle men for hours. Ka was a little sad because her clit was tiny, the girls on the Internet had bigger ones. Pe reassured her laughing, it was the same as with the breasts, they only grew when you got older! Ka giggled because the men had such big dicks, she couldn't imagine him going into a woman's small hole. Pe mused that maybe they weren't meant to be fucked and were perhaps enlarged with silicone like some women's breasts. Then one of the buddies whispered that if they wanted to watch the real fucking, it would be best on pornways or pornstreet. But remember to mute the sound so as not to attract attention. They looked with hot faces and red ears.

The mother is surprised

Ka was the director and set the choreography. After all, they knew when the bedroom door would squeak open and Mom would open the bathroom door to check on them and then leave right away, keep calling. They interrupted the teasing and offered mom the image of innocently happy splashing children. But this time Ka wanted to provoke mom and watch her reaction. Pe was to rub himself hard and when Mom opened the door, stand up and squirt. A great plan, Pe muttered excitedly. Ka would play quite innocently in the bathwater.

He rubbed himself as Mom approached and when she opened the door, he squirted in her direction, his semen slapping richly at her feet. Mom said, "Uh‐huh!" and stepped up to him. She grabbed his cock and pulled back the foreskin a few times, Pe squirted the rest into her hand. She wiped her hand on her apron and wiped up the semen from the floor. Wordlessly, she went to continue phoning and that evening came the aforementioned rampage of Ka, who wanted to keep Pe in the childrens room.

Mom later whispered to Dad and he grinned wryly, "You really like doing it?" Dad listened for a long time to Mom whispering in his ear and stroking his soft cock. "Okay, of course you can do it!" He kissed her softly on the lips, "You're my dirty little piglet!" That was the only thing the spies could understand. Mom took his cock in her mouth, rubbed it skillfully for a few moments, and let it squirt in. She did that sometimes during the week when there was no time to fuck.

So every afternoon, Mom would come into the bathroom where Pe was already masturbating standing up, sit on the edge of the bathtub and try to block Ka's view. She pulled down her bra, exposing her full breasts. He was allowed to fondle her breasts and pull very hard on her teat as she squirted. She playfully rubbed his foreskin until he squirted into her hand. Pe said mom was doing insanely well, just like she did with dad! Ka was very proud of herself, that she had threaded prima, she boasted.

After a short while, while bathing, Ka suggested they try fucking. They listened to see if the mother was also on the phone, and Ka let the bath water run out a little. She lay down on her back and helped Pe, who had rubbed his cock stiff, to penetrate. "Well, how is it?" he asked, and she said a little funny, but not much different than when she stuck her finger in. She told him to thrust, but quietly! He thrust dutifully, as he had seen in the porn movies, and she said it was bland. Pe nodded and clutched Kas's butt cheeks tightly. She snapped her eyes open, "I can feel you squirting in right now," she said excitedly, "now and now and now!" He then stopped and, groaning, pulled out his softening cock. "You've never cum that long before," Ka indicated, "wasn't that great for you?"

He nodded and she squatted down to let his seed ooze out of her vagina and washed herself. "I'm going to try the rubbing, like the chicks on the Internet did," she announced. They felt much more grown up when they said broads. She did it just as they had seen and after a few minutes she winced. Her strained pinched face smoothed out again. "Uch, that twitched!" she gasped, "so that's what Mom does in front of the bedroom mirror every morning!" Pe nodded, that was probably the rubbing in the morning. Mom was twitching just like Ka.

The confirmation came immediately. Mom masturbated in the morning no longer sitting where the two could not see anything. She let herself fall on her back and now the two could quite clearly observe her finger in the mirror masturbating the clit above her hole. She did it just like Ka and the females in the porn movies, but much longer, more intense and passionate. The two of them watched breathlessly until Mom's body jerked tightly, but it got boring as time went on.

At night, when their parents were snoring around each other, Ka would whisper if she should come to him. Fuck? Yes, fuck!" she whispered. Pe was immediately on fire and she crawled into bed with him. They fucked silently, making no noise. Ka masturbated once or twice after fucking and usually they fucked a second time, then Pe dozed off, exhausted. Ka would sneak back and masturbate until she fell asleep. Ka watched very closely how mom masturbated and how the chicks on the internet masturbated. She learned everything attentively and masturbated every night for a long time. She became weaker and weaker with each orgasm and then fell asleep exhausted, her finger on her small clit.


One day, Mom came into the bathroom in a good mood, took off her bra and panties, and joined the children in the tub. She spread her labia with her fingers and explained everything to them, that adults mostly fucked for fun or rubbed the clit just to have fun. They were allowed to feel everything, insert a finger into the vagina and feel it from the inside. There the baby had to slip through, which hurt the woman quite a bit, but every woman has been able to endure it so far, she told Ka. She made Ka spread her legs and touched the little clit. With the clit a woman made the most beautiful fun, then she pulled back the fold of skin over her own clit and exposed the nodule, the children were allowed to touch and press it. She explained to the children how women masturbate. The children were eager to see it and pressed their cheeks against her inner thighs. She pulled the foreskin back over the clit and masturbated the little knob so they could see everything clearly. Her legs shaking uncontrollably, she stopped at the quiet orgasm and proudly stroked their heated faces, smiling. This was her way of having fun when Dad wasn't around. Whether that was important, Ka asked, and Mama answered, one did that only alone, that was private. Only when dad wasn't there to fuck. She would have to explain the fucking in more detail, Ka asked cunningly. Pe, whose cock had of course been stiff for the longest time, was allowed to push his cock very slowly into her vagina, just inches from Ka's eyes. Pe began to thrust very hard. And then Dad has to thrust? the 10‐year‐old asked slyly. "Yes," Mom replied, "but you mustn't thrust, Pe, don't!" She tried to push him back. "Stop it!" But it was too late, she softened up and hugged the 12 year old gently. It wasn't horny or erotic, but she let him finish pushing. Ka grinned all over his face as Pe squirted into Mom's vagina with all his might. He thrust and squirted with every thrust. Ka grinned unashamedly and watched his long squirt in, pressing her face to her labia to see everything closely. Mom let him finish squirting sullenly, then pulled firmly on his ear, "You're a piglet!" Class over, Mom silently went to the bedroom to masturbate. The two innocently continued bathing and pigging out that they had done it with mom.

Till then Pe had been allowed to stroke her breasts and teats, which she always took out of her bra, because then he could be rubbed faster to squirt. The next day he hypocritically asked Mom if he could please squirt into her vagina again, but she shook her head in denial. "Yesterday was an accident," she reasoned, "I'm your mom after all, you're not allowed to fuck me or cum inside me! Mother and son are not allowed to fuck each other, it's forbidden!" She looked him inquiringly in the eyes and he nodded dejectedly. He was no longer satisfied with the teats, before squirting he put his hand into her panties from above and felt for her sex with his fingers. "But don't rub it!" she whispered admonishingly, holding his hand for a moment. He probed her clit and rubbed, of course, very gently and softly and her clit gradually stiffened. Only very rarely did her abdomen and legs twitch a bit when he had managed it after a long time and she immediately spread herself again and pushed her clit against his hand to let him continue. He squirted blissfully into her rubbing hand and his fingers clawed at her clit and labia. That was okay, he was allowed to do that from now on.

False friends

Many months later, the lockdown was loosened and Ka was allowed to invite her friend Mia home. Mia, who was 11 as well as Ka, absolutely had to bring her brother Jan. He was half a year older than Pe, 13. Mia and Jan were physically bigger than Pe and the lanky Ka. They had chatted for many hours over the Internet, the somewhat dim‐witted Jan had even shown his dick during a chat when Mia and Ka provoked him. Ka lit up and whispered a lot with Mia, she really wanted to fuck Jan. They giggled and joked, but it was serious. Jan, who participated very little in the chatting, kept proudly showing off his cock and squirted once on the desk top, which impressed Pe and Ka quite a bit. Ka was in love with this boy, with this cock! Mia shrugged her shoulders, this was nothing new for her. And Pe didn't want to squirt on camera. Mia already knew that Ka fucked Pe every day and masturbated at night like an addict. She did it too, only she didn't come out with the fucking for a long time. When she chatted with Ka alone, — Pe listened invisibly in the background, — she admitted whispering, yes, once, but not very often. Yes, with Jan, of course, but not every day like Ka. Pe knew perfectly well that Mia was lying, but he said nothing.

Then the day came, Mom was already very excited and would meet some friends in the city. She would be back in two hours, the four children sat on the floor of the childrens room and played "Ludo games". Mom would leave, flying off to meet the girlfriends she hadn't seen in ages.

The four waited a few minutes to see if Mom had really left, then Ka took off her underpants and told Mia too. The girls spread their legs under their skirts, flashing their naked clefts and holes. Jan stared fascinated at Ka's little hole, unzipped his pants and let his cock dangle out just like Pe. Ka beamed, for Jan's cock was stiff in an instant. They didn't talk much, Ka lay on her back and Jan pulled his pants down a little and crawled between her legs. Mia crouched down on the floor behind her brother, she wanted to see the fucking up close. Pe stayed behind Mia, who knelt bent low behind Jan and stretched her little ass out to Pe, he wanted to see it up close too. Her little hole was much bigger than Ka's and reddish, as if it were inflamed. She had pushed the brownish foreskin back over her clit and was rubbing the bright pink nodule with one finger. Her clit reminded Pe more of Mom's big clit and not Ka's tiny one.

Jan's cock was a bit bigger than his. Jan moistened his cock with spit and carefully penetrated Ka's vagina. Ka drew in the air quickly, that felt fantastic! Jan fucked Ka with long, energetic thrusts and Ka was getting more and more aroused by the moment. Pe watched Mia rub her clit and wince as Pe's cock penetrated from behind. She wavered on whether to shoo him away, but she was desperate to see Ka's tiny hole get fucked. Ka just flew, wincing in orgasm with her face contorted. Jan had slipped out in irritation, his cock splashing onto the labia of the happily smiling Ka. Pe, who had fucked quickly and hastily into Mia's vagina, just squirted in. He pulled his cock out and Mia pressed her face to the carpeted floor and masturbated at a furious pace with her ass up. Her face bounced on the carpeted floor a few times as her orgasm erupted. Three pairs of eyes pinned themselves on her contorted face and twitching hole.

All four of them sat on the floor panting. They looked at each other silently and smiled. Jan grumbled sullenly, that wasn't particularly great, and then they all chattered away. Mia really wanted to know from Ka if she had had a real orgasm while fucking and Ka nodded affirmatively. Mia only had an orgasm when she masturbated while fucking, she said, and Jan nodded. Both his and Pe's dicks were still stiff, and they laid the girls on their backs and began to fuck. Mia masturbated from the start and Pe squirted for a long time in front of Jan. Ka smiled rapturously and soon her face contorted in orgasm. Jan was again not prepared for it and squirted too early while being squeezed out, the rest on her labia. "What a goddamn mess," he growled roughly. Mia orgasmed too, tossing her head back and forth and letting go. They sat panting in a circle, chattering away at each other.

The girls rubbed their heroes' cocks until they were stiff, then fucked side by side as they had before. Pe squirted a little and immediately knew he had had enough. Ka didn't get any more orgasm, Jan squirted once hard into Ka's vagina, pulled the cock out angrily, masturbated the rest over her labia and pushed her aside angrily. He growled audibly that she was shit to fuck. Ka's heart almost stopped, she didn't expect such an insult and rejection. Mia finished her orgasm brilliantly. They paused for several minutes, Pe put his arm around Ka's shoulders, she felt like crying. Jan grabbed Mia rather roughly and fucked her with firm, wild thrusts. She immediately began to masturbate. He grabbed her ass cheeks with his paws, so he had a better grip on her. It became apparent that they were a well‐rehearsed team. Mia had rubbed herself furiously and orgasmed with her mouth open even before Jan squirted. She immediately softened up, that's how he always wanted it, he really wanted to cum deep inside her. Jan pressed her ass against him and squirted for an eternity with his eyes closed. He squirted and squirted and squirted, then he had finished squirting. With a satisfied grunt he pulled his cock out and Mia wiped the last drops from his flaccid glans with her fingers. He didn't look at Ka anymore.

They were gone quickly, Pe pulling the distressed Ka into the bathroom. As they sat in the warm water, he gently stroked her face and said what a self‐absorbed, arrogant and conceited ass he was, the Jan! Ka cried and he stroked her face until she finished. He questioned her about how it felt to fuck his bigger cock, what the orgasm was like when he fucked her. She thawed out and soon they were talking about fucking piggy as usual. He said Mia had a very soft, wide vagina and that it had felt strange to feel her rapidly masturbating finger while fucking. Ka looked at him open‐mouthed when he said the two of them fucked as often as she did, and that Mia had lied about it, the stupid cow. She nodded, probably he was right, maybe that's why she had such a wide vagina. Ka could even laugh at Jan the ass now.

Mom has desire

"Kids! Be back!"

The mother had undressed in a flash and came into the bathroom in bra and panties as usual. How was it, she asked and Pe had to think of something quickly, Mom would soon notice Ka's haggard expression. Jan cheated and cheated quite cheekily and then accused Ka too, he said, and Ka looked saddened. Mama sat down on the edge of the bathtub, pulled down her bra and let her full breasts floop out. Mom said, "now come on!" Pe stood up, his cock hanging down very softly and his fingers briefly touched her teats, then he sank his hand into her panties and felt for her clit. She grabbed the tired hero and made him stiff in no time! Ka hugged Mom's butt with one hand and rested her chin on her thigh, watching as Pe's fingers rubbed Mom's clit inside the panties. Mom started the rubbing and paid no attention to Ka. She had to rub Pe for quite a long time until he squirted into her palm like he always did. He rubbed her clit with his fingers and didn't move. He hadn't squirted enough, she said, she would do it to him again. She brought the tired guy to a stop and he let his finger circle on the knob very quickly, she had never resisted that. Her legs trembled and she closed them, shivering. A moment later she spread her legs wide apart again and pushed her clit against his fingers. She masturbated him very, very vigorously and his fingers clenched around her labia, so hard he had to squeeze as he squirted. Wiping her palm on the towel, she seemed to notice the curious Ka, but she went wordlessly, fixing dinner. "You've been rubbing her clit forever," Ka said, "but she doesn't bat an eyelash!" Pe thought for a long time, but he didn't know anything to say in response. "All I know is that she likes me to rub her, I can feel very clearly that she really likes it! A few times she really jerked, I'm sure of it! She spreads her legs on purpose so that I can get to her clit. But I can't go any tighter, no way!" He kept at it, even though Ka suggested all sorts of things. He knew that the daily masturbation would be over then.

Mom threw herself on the bed in the bedroom and tore off her bra and panties. She heard the children splashing in the bathroom. She had 30 to 45 minutes left. She grabbed onto her clit, raging with horniness, and began to masturbate. Dad had told her over two years ago that the kids had discovered the box and they discussed it. He was able to convince her after a long time to let the kids watch her have sex. She was only inhibited for one day, then she soon found exhibiting horny. They showed the children only normal sex, nothing perverted. To masturbate every day in the morning was his suggestion, she masturbated until then only once every three or four weeks at night already since childhood. He knew it, they had no secrets from each other. She had told him in whispers in the kitchen, the only bug‐proof room, that Pe had squirted in the bathroom and she had rubbed him. They debated endlessly, because he was all for her masturbating her boy from the start and managed to convince her despite her uncertainty. For his part, he thought it was quite okay and ingenious when she bared her breasts and offered them for him to grab. She said she was glad because it allowed her to exhibitionist and enjoy the boy's masturbation for herself. They giggled childishly as she reported that Pe rubbed her clit in her panties and had rubbed her to orgasm dozens of times, in all innocence of course. But she had always suppressed the orgasm, she said. Dad was really excited and let her describe it in great detail. Gradually, she really enjoyed masturbating in front of the bedroom mirror every day and by now loved having an orgasm every morning. Dad had told her to do it lying down, that's when the kids saw everything in the mirror. She told him that Ka was already masturbating regularly, even though she wasn't even 11 yet.

The first orgasm roared through her body. She waited a moment, then continued to masturbate thoughtfully, once was not enough. She had sought Dad's advice before showing herself naked to the children in the bathroom, thank God he had wanted this for a long time, but had not approached her about it of his own accord. It was important to show the children the female body and to explain everything exactly and honestly. She should explain masturbating to the kids, dad said, she should show them too. She nodded, but she wasn't sure if she would really do it.

Pe had only fondled her breasts and squeezed her teats when he came until that day. She passed over letting Ka watch Pe masturbate, knowing that Ka had learned to masturbate while spying and masturbated several times at night. When she went to the bathroom at night, she always looked into the nursery. Pe was sleeping quietly panting and Ka had uncovered herself and was masturbating naked and completely out of it on the bed. Sometimes she would stop for a while and observe that Ka rested only a few seconds after orgasm and went right on. Papa smiled finely when she told him that she went back to bed at the latest after the little girl's fifth orgasm, she didn't even want to know how often Ka did it. Papa smilingly said that masturbating was healthy and good for the mental balance, he was happy about everything that was good for the children. She hadn't told Dad yet that Pe had fucked her and squirted her after sex class. How was she supposed to tell him that she had only very weakly resisted and just willingly let Pe fuck and cum in her. Dad was her first man who was allowed to fuck her at 14 and tear her hymen and the only one who fucked her so far.

The second orgasm was far better, but it still wasn't enough. She glanced at the clock, she still had 20 minutes left. She resumed masturbating. Since the fucking with Pe, which was never repeated for the next six months, Pe reached into her panties and rubbed her clit very gently. It horned her up insanely, but she couldn't let on. Especially Ka always looked at her inquiringly, from her she had to hide it very well. She always immediately ran into the bedroom after Pe's clit rub and masturbated. At first only once, then two and after a month already three times. After fucking Pe, she immediately ran to the kitchen and masturbated five times in the bug‐proof room, besides cooking. She had never been so aroused. She was addicted to masturbating and Dad kissed her on the mouth, that was bullshit, she wouldn't be addicted even if she masturbated all afternoon and had 100 orgasms. At 100 orgasms he would consider buying an electric fucking machine. He laughed boomingly and she had to laugh too. She had his blessing, she had to live out her sexuality as she felt it, that was important to him. The children should see the natural sexual drive and learn from it how to reach the mental balance. They should not lie to themselves or to the other, the mental balance was extremely important. He was really the best man, the dad!

She licked the finger and increased the pace, masturbating was going really well now. She would never forget the look on Ka's face as she let Pe fuck her. Ka grinned maliciously as she half‐heartedly resisted. Ka touched her labia with her nose, that's how close she got. Ka's eyes snapped open as she grabbed Pe's cock and slowly inserted it into her vagina. Ka squinted at Pe's cock, which was thrusting rapidly like a piston of steam in her vagina, with her small hand she had pulled her labia to the side to better see his thrusting in her vagina. Ka's nose grazed her labia even as she hugged Pe softly and gently and not allowing herself to be pushed away, she opened her mouth as Pe's squirting began. Ka stared curiously into her wide open vagina as Pe finished squirting and pulled him out, the little girl staring at the trickle his seed had left in her hole.

This image made her orgasm instantly! The third orgasm was so powerful that it threatened to tear her apart. This was the orgasm that finally released her and really relaxed her. She wouldn't tell anything about fucking Pe and the look on Ka's face today either, she couldn't. She had not given in to any temptation despite hundreds of opportunities and had always remained faithful to him. Gradually she calmed down, got dressed and went to the kitchen to cook. Dad's favorite dish, meat loaf with roasted onions, mashed potatoes and radish salad, the children also enjoyed eating it. There was also mixed ice cream with whipped cream, only she had to give her portion to the children, she wanted to continue to keep her slender figure.

After dinner, the spies got into position. Mom and Dad sat on the edge of the bed, she whispered the sexual secrets of her friends in his ear and stroked his cock. She must have whispered something very horny, because Dad's cock became board hard faster than usual. He laughed out, "Such a horny sow!" and Mom gave him a quick hand job and whispered in his ear as he laughed and laughed. "And she let them both fuck her at the same time?" laughed Dad with a horny grin. She wiped his semen on the sheet and whispered some more. Again he laughed out loud, "What, with that limp dick of an accountant? In the car?" and again his cock was ready for use. Mom continued to whisper, giggling, and Dad laughed out loud, "I wouldn't have put it past that old saddleback to cuckold her old man with a 17 year old! The Mrs. Commercial Counsellor!" They continued to whisper and laugh about her friends' sexcapades at the Lockdown. Mom took him in her mouth, rubbed him for a long time, and made him cum in her mouth. Then they all went to sleep. Ka snuggled comfortably against Pe, but it was the first time he couldn't fuck. He had cum way too much today and was dead tired. She stayed with him, snuggled in his arms and masturbated until she fell asleep exhausted.

Mom and her lovers

After Dad had squirted in her mouth and fallen asleep, she lay awake for a long time. She uncovered herself because she always masturbated naked at night. She masturbated silently as she did every night, dreaming of her married life. Before they fell in love, he was constantly involved in short affairs and one night stands and had probably fucked more than 100 women by then. He took it very together when they got married and talked a lot about sexuality. There were over 4,000 people working in his company and he refrained from any cheating. When she was heavily pregnant, she didn't like to fuck anymore and she felt that handjobs or squirting in his mouth satisfied him very little, although she was a master of both. She released him. He was allowed to fuck other women and girls, she was never jealous and gave him her blessing. She only asked him to repay her like with like should she ever be seduced. Okay, he said, that would be only fair. But she had never been seduced into fucking before and consciously avoided temptation.

She had a few suitors after Ka was born, of course, but she just gave them a handjob and let them cum in her mouth at the end. She was admired because she controlled her gag reflex like no other and they were allowed to cum as deep down her throat as they came with their dicks. Very nice guys were allowed to touch her sex and anyone who wanted to was allowed to masturbate her or lick her to orgasm, she especially liked that. Still, not a single one was allowed to fuck her! Not a single one!

She let them all stick their dicks in and some masturbated her to squirt in when she orgasmed. They were content to cuddle and cum as she teased their cocks and balls until they had to blissfully cum. They didn't want to fuck at first. It was enough for them if they were allowed to masturbate her while cuddling, cum inside when she orgasmed, and let her patiently finish them off. There were some who liked it for a very long time before they were eager to fuck. In the end, she chased one after the other to hell, because they all ended up sticking their cocks in and wanted to fuck. The fucking she did not allow, ironhard. She patiently let all the poor guys squirt in her after the forbidden fucking and also patiently let them finish squirting, but a moment later she chased him to hell.

Her mother had let her grow up without much interference, she was a simple woman without depth, but dutiful. They bathed together twice a week and her mother masturbated in the bath water every time. She felt no shame in letting the daughter watch. She had less sexual appetite and masturbated only every 3 or 4 weeks while bathing. Her mother encouraged her to keep masturbating until she had enough, she was doing it that way! When Dad deflowered her before her 14th birthday, her mother immediately had an IUD inserted. She had an orgasm almost every night when Dad fucked her. The kids came in quick succession and she had another IUD put in because she got an immense sexual appetite again after Ka was born.

She and Dad had already given each other a free hand sexually during the first pregnancy, he was allowed to fuck the cute girls in the company and fought his way up to department manager and later to main department manager, this cost a lot of energy. She found it very strange at the beginning that during both pregnancies he fucked only and exclusively with her mother, every day. He thought it was okay because she was always available and he didn't have to invest time and energy in courtship and seduction. She brought it up with her mother once and she just laughed. She didn't care if she was cleaning or fucked by dad. After all, the daughter had refused during pregnancy and the poor boy had to squirt somewhere, didn't he? To leave him to the young women at work would be stupid and simply negligent. Surely one or the other already had him in her sights, the well‐built Mr. Department Head! The daughter laughed at the top of her lungs, she had never looked at it that way before. "Well, then at least you're having fun with my guy, it's fine with me!" she laughed and winked conspiratorially at her mother. She remained silent for some time, then nodded, he could fuck really well, she confirmed, although it was only partially true. But she didn't want to tell her daughter that.

He came to his mother‐in‐law's every day, at the same time after work, and after an hour went home for dinner. They hardly spoke, after the greeting she went forward to the bedroom and dropped her dress. She got down on all fours, as she was used to being mounted from behind. He didn't like it so much, because he hardly saw more of her than her ass. He had of course had no time for fucking during the day and penetrated quickly. He held her by the hips and did not prop himself up so as not to strain the old body. She had a very tight vagina due to her age, which was very pleasant. It took him little more than a few minutes to cum for the first time. She murmured loudly that he should thrust and cum, all nasty pressure just quietly squirt into her old cunt, it didn't bother the cunt at all if he thrust and squirted in really hard. She waited patiently until he had finished squirting. He dropped breathlessly on the bed and she turned to him. There was silence for a few minutes, then she asked about his work or family. He told a bit of this and that, it was just light small talk after all, and she took care of his cock. She made him stand with a practiced hand, sucking and licking him until he was ready to go again. He fucked the second time just like before, sometimes she sat on his cock and rode him, but it strained her a lot. Each time she had to stop riding, let herself be fucked in the missionary position and let him cum in it juicily. He never kissed her on the mouth, sometimes only fleetingly on the cheek, and trotted home.

Papa didn't fuck Mama often enough, and she settled down to admirers after Ka was born. She lay naked on the bed, giving the baby and occasionally Pe the breast. The admirer was allowed to thrust his cock in and out very slowly, but not fuck! She enjoyed immensely to let the babies suck on her teats and at the same time to feel the slow thrusting of the favorite. Dad shook his head alienated, she should be fucked properly, the hell! but she did not want, he should remain her only! She had by now more experience with men and accepted that they thrust violently when he squirted. But she changed the admirer, if he only fucked properly, that was not at all right for her in the long run. Of course, she let her orgasm rise hot when the fellow fucked her properly, squirted in and finished. She was really depressed after the second or third orgasm during afternoon fucking and chased the poor guy after a few weeks of good, but forbidden fucking in a self‐tormenting act to hell.


The best friend


Finally she was left with only her best friend, they licked each other to madness one after the other and she learned to really let go and cry out her lust with her. The admirers were soon left behind and became the whispering whispers she used to tease her girlfriend. She could remember each of their cocks, could describe the shape, length and taste quite vividly, as well as their way of cuming down her throat. How each penetrated waywardly and was not allowed to thrust. How each wiggled his ass and reared up to squirt. Everyone was allowed to squirt at their leisure for as long as they could and she held their hips until they had finished squirting. Her friend asked why she didn't let them fuck her properly when she had had the IUD since Karin was born and she replied that she only let her husband fuck her properly, only him, she had promised herself that when she was 14. Handjobs, in the throat squirt or ass shaking injecting were only pee‐fucks, real fucking was only allowed for her husband!!!! "Or the wild guys before you threw them out!" laughed her girlfriend, pinching her cheek affectionately. "Yes, they were pee‐fucks," her lover confirmed laughing, "what we do together is not fucking either, but wonderfully horny and very relaxing!"

Thoughts of these beautiful moments triggered two violent orgasms shortly after each other, Dad awoke for a brief moment and put his paw on her sex while she continued masturbating. He fell asleep again, smiling. Sometimes he watched her, licking and biting her teats to madness. After her quiet, gentle orgasm, she went to the bathroom and looked in the nursery, Ka masturbating quietly and intensely with her eyes closed and her mind probably in some faraway fantasy land. She lay back down with dad and moistened her clit with lots of saliva. She was quietly lusting again.

Three or five women he fucked every year, he gradually regained his inner peace. They agreed that the variety, the always new, unknown pussy brought him excitement and did not have a bad effect on their marital love life, it was an indispensable fertilizer. He considered this as such, never fell in love with the person, but only with her pussy. He interrupted any attempt to be conquered, that was kid's stuff! He took pictures of everyone and showed them to his wife in the evening. They looked at the pictures together from time to time, all let themselves be photographed naked and many showed their pussies in shameless close‐ups. After all, he only fucked really shameless women who enthusiastically participated in everything. He willingly showed her all the nude photos of the girls before their marriage. Most of them had beautiful pussies and clits. She found many shots interesting, but felt no horniness at all while looking at them. Even those that showed her filming herself masturbating did not trigger any erotic feelings in her, although she enjoyed watching these video clips with him over and over again. She was clearly straight and did not feel a second lesbian, that did not attract her at all, although she had let some women lick her. They both talked openly with each other about these extramarital contacts and did not hide anything from each other. He always got terribly horny while looking at the photos and video clips and fucked her violently like a bull.

Despite the lockdown, she visited her best friend twice a week, who always licked her to orgasms so beautifully. The girlfriend licked her masterfully and made her scream in orgasm for two hours. She left her kids at home because she loved orgasming while being licked and they were allowed to splash around in the bathroom or watch TV all afternoon. That Pe sometimes squirted in the water while splashing, Pe had admitted once and that would be okay for her, Mom said, so that was approved. What did Ka think of that? Pe answered that she always laughed because she was horny and that she sometimes played with the white sperm‐worms in the water, which made his mother laugh. So, officially approved? he asked shyly and mom nodded in agreement. He was allowed to squirt in the bath water as often as he wanted, Mama said kindly. If Ka wanted to rub him to squirt, that's approved too, she added, thinking it was right for the little one to learn how to masturbate his cock. Pe nodded gratefully and said with a smile that Ka had done it already many times.

The girlfriend had a teenage lover, but she didn't like to let him squirt in. She was afraid of getting pregnant, whereas mom had an IUD. The girlfriend couldn't tolerate either the IUD or the pill and only let herself be fucked with a condom, which pretty much damaged the whole pleasure. At some point, the girlfriend cunningly threaded it to receive the lover to their afternoons together. Mom was very excited, because she had only once watched the girlfriend fuck her husband. It turned out to be an exciting experience, all three of them cuddled together and played with each other's sex, then the two of them fucked like mad. But before he squirted, his girlfriend pushed him back, shoving him between Mom's thighs. She was a little overwhelmed and instantly slowed him down. He was allowed to squirt in, she muttered, but not fuck! He was a little pissed and still thrust while squirting. She softened up and hugged the strange youth. It felt so wonderful to let him squirt in, even if there was no horniness on her part. Dad listened to it calmly and encouraged her to get fucked properly, but she shook her head vigorously. Twice a week she let the lover squirt in two or three times, although when he squirted he thrust quite hard until he had finished squirting. The lovers changed every few weeks or just a few days, she patiently let them all squirt in and no longer grumbled when they thrust as they squirted. She made herself passive and soft, enjoying the wonderful sensations of being squirted in. She insisted that she didn't fuck them and Dad agreed with her, as she stubbornly insisted that he was the only one she really fucked! She was terribly ashamed when the lover wanted to watch the women during the breaks and her friend licked her to orgasm with exaggerated posturing. Not infrequently, the fellows fucked three times and she patiently let them cum inside her. She found the theatrical licking very humiliating, although it made the boys really stiff. Each time, she took it upon herself not to orgasm, but the girlfriend licked her so horny that she screamed herself into orgasm obliviously. She didn't care after this humiliation that the boy fucked her real and properly until his squirting. These threesomes went on for three years and she didn't want to miss them.

The girlfriend had demanded three years ago that she masturbate next to the fuckers, that would fire up the lover. She flatly refused, masturbating in front of a stranger was so ugh! Instead, she developed something completely new. She used two fingers to quickly pull the dark foreskin back and forth over her clit. At first she didn't have the timing down and rubbed the foreskin way too fast, she had to let the orgasm subside quietly before the boy entered her. But soon she knew the right tempo, rubbed her foreskin quickly and let the bright pink knob swell and cheekily peek out. She finally yanked madly on the foreskin so that the lump was stiff to bursting and let him penetrate quickly. She clung tightly and intimately to the stranger, thrusting his cock with her vagina, orgasming like a wild demon and screaming her head off. Ahhh! how good such an orgasm was! On such afternoons, she would throw herself orgasmingly onto the boy's spear two or three times, shrieking with pleasure and her vagina milking him smackingly as her abdomen twitched madly. She patiently let him finish squirting and rested. She had been doing this for three years with many of her friend's lovers and she enjoyed it to the fullest. Daddy smiled indulgently when she told it in the evening and reiterated her adamant opinion that it was not fucking. "But of course not, my darling!" he mumbled with little conviction, resistance was futile.

She sighed and orgasmed softly and silently, Dad was fast asleep and her mind wandered. She moistened clit and fingers with saliva and quietly continued masturbating. She didn't masturbate this long every night, usually only once. But her thoughts flashed back to six months ago when she had let Pe fuck her. She hadn't reacted when Ka pushed her labia aside, took Pe's cock in her hand and pushed it very deep into her vagina. She herself had only protested weakly and incredulously. Pe's cock was small then and did not thrust her as well as her friend's lovers. But she enjoyed his thrusting with shallow breathing, impatiently waiting for his squirt. Ka held her labia tightly and watched quite horny. She remembered that she had made herself all wide and soft as he gradually stiffened. "Yes!" Ka had shouted as his jet of semen slapped into her vagina. A "Yes!" accompanied each squirt and Pe squirted for an incredibly long time. She had hugged him gently and pressed him against her, but Ka remained attached to her pussy like a limpet. It took minutes for Pe to finish squirting. She would never forget the triumphant look on the little girl's face as she stared at the semen in her vagina. She had rushed into the kitchen and greedily masturbated five times in a row, more than she ever had before.

The orgasm came so violently that Dad became restless in his sleep. She was slow to come down from the stirring. Every time she thought of Pe's squirting in, she had a huge, explosive orgasm. She had had enough, she covered herself up with a sigh and fell asleep smiling happily.

The second assault

Ka had come up with something new and had a long whisper with Pe. Fucking with mom had been more than half a year ago, Pe nodded, excited.

"Be back, kids!" and the two stopped fucking instantly and looked innocently at the door.

Mom came home from her friend's house, quickly undressed and went into the bathroom in her panties, leaving her bra off for a long time. She sat down on the edge of the bathtub as usual and looked around for Pe. But he looked away, Ka snuggled up to her and played with her teats. She would have to join them in the bathtub, they wanted to see and be explained everything again, please please! A premonition came to mom, but after a few moments she took off her panties and got into the bathtub. Pe's cock stood bolt upright. The semen of her friend's lover was still slithering in her vagina, bathing was certainly in order. She washed her pussy quite conscientiously. They cuddled and splashed laughing, she had to spread her legs wide and show off her pussy. The children pressed their faces on her inner thighs to see better. Then the foreskin of the tickler pulled back completely and the children curiously grabbed the little knob that was otherwise not visible. They kept pressing her until she showed them the masturbation of the tubercle smiling softly. She gradually started to orgasm, her legs shaking uncontrollably and Pe's cock penetrated her vagina, she had guessed it! She couldn't stop anymore and orgasmed with all passion. Ka touched her very lightly and sucked her hard teats alternately. Pe took less than half a minute and squirted, jerking in until he finished spurting. Her orgasm was only now subsiding. He pulled it out as quickly as he had put it in. Both kids laughed, mission accomplished! Then they were silent and awaited the thunder.

But Mom smiled, squatted down and washed her vagina with a washcloth. She pinched Pe's cheek kindly and murmured, "You little piglet, you!" They splashed and splashed in the tub for a while longer, Mom was in the best of moods, kissed and hugged them both, and then left. From that day on, she came into the bathroom absolute naked every time, let Pe gently play with her little clit and masturbated the big guy. The kids whispered about how casually she had taken the assault.

Every time she came home from her friend's house, she went fully naked to the bathroom. The kids just begged on those afternoons for her to get in the bathtub! She sometimes wondered why they picked those particular afternoons. As soon as she squatted in the tub, she washed out the lover's seed, then the splashing and playing began. The children wanted to see the clit and she pulled the foreskin all the way back. Pe and Ka touched the nodule and rubbed gently. "You're pressing too hard!" she said, pulling her little fingers away. How was it right, Ka wanted to know, and didn't let up. Mom thought about it, then pulled the foreskin all the way back and rubbed her clit for a few minutes. The children pressed their faces to her inner thighs and looked entranced. She stopped after the orgasm and especially taught Ka that you only do that when you are alone, never in front of other people! Ka nodded that she understood, but said defiantly that of course she would let Pe watch, and Mom smiled mildly. Approved, she said, Pe is officially approved! Before going to the bedroom to masturbate, she pulled Pe's foreskin back and gave him a sweet kiss on the glans.

Bathing pleasures

They splashed and laughed and scuffled together, she feeling Pe's stiff cock here and there and everywhere. He penetrated her vagina in a flash, Ka cuddling and roughhousing with her. After a few moments he squirted and she ignored it, continuing to cuddle Ka unmoved until he had finished squirting. He pulled his cock out as quickly as it had entered. After a while, she squatted down and washed the semen away. She pinched his cheek lightly and said softly, "Piglet!" and winked at him. Then they played and splashed playfully and she went back to the bedroom to masturbate.

She continued to do it to Pe by hand every day, only on those afternoons she would roughhouse and tease her kids in the bathtub and have him squirt in at lightning speed during or after her masturbation. She told him to squirt in was not quite okay, but only halfway okay, but he was not allowed to fuck her properly in any case, that was strictly forbidden! He nodded and let his glans pop out from under the foreskin again and again. He needed it again, he murmured, and she let him penetrate good‐naturedly. He fucked furiously, and when she took his scrotum in her hand and teased his balls, he squirted immediately without continuing to fuck for long. That's about it, she said, maybe a little less fucking! She hid her smile, because nothing would change!

Mom Asserts Herself

She told Dad a few weeks later, not wanting any secrecy. He listened seriously and cradled his head. That sounded like incest, he said, that was a little too broad, that much free parenting was going too far. She was close to crying. She had to tell him in great detail. The kids pressed their faces to her inner thighs and both watched her masturbate. She came to the finale and orgasm was near, she was one hundred percent fixated on orgasm. Pe penetrated with lightning speed and squirted, thrusting to finish squirting. She pushed him out, she lied on to come back down from the orgasm. He stroked her hand, "I love you like crazy, just because you're such a dirty piglet!" he said smiling. She nodded and swallowed the tears bravely. She recapped. The naked sex lessons. The splashing, cuddling and hugging. Showing the kids how to masturbate. Pe squirted in the middle of it, it only took a moment, less than half a minute. She rubbed frantically to finish orgasming while he finished squirting. Daddy smiled graciously, that's how she was, his sweet filthy piglet. She continued that they were not fucking though! She would never let that happen, she would never, never, never let it get that far. She wouldn't really care if he squirted in her hand or in her vagina. He cradled his head thoughtfully. "You've reached a red line," he said softly, "I couldn't respect and love you anymore if you took it one step too far. My love would be broken like a broken electric fuck machine, it would break us both. — I would disown you and take away your children. Incest? no way!" She knew him well enough and knew he meant exactly the same. She buried her head on her forearms, the tears could no longer be held back. She sobbed for ten minutes, he put a hand on her hair. He didn't want to hurt her, he whispered softly, but he meant it.

After a long time, she looked up, wiped the tears defiantly from her face, and blew her nose profusely. She was just as cunning and devious as Ka, though neither was aware of it. "It's all the same to me whether he squirts in my hand or down below," she said stubbornly. "It's no difference to me. He doesn't squirt half a minute into my orgasm because I can't stop, and we're not fucking! Fucking would be much more than those few moments of sticking in and squirting in! And I will never, ever, ever fuck him! I swear to you!" They were silent for a while. That she should show the children how she masturbates was actually his idea, she said reproachfully, "and when I'm racing towards orgasm, I'm not thinking about anything else. I don't care in orgasm if he squirts in or if a bag of rice falls over in Brazil!!!" He corrected her with a grin, "China!" and she burbled back, the flap of the butterfly's wings is in Brazil! He shut up, she was in a real biting mood. She would never fuck Pe, she repeated angrily, because incest was out of the question for her too! She could clearly feel that his tension was easing. They were silent again. She would continue to let the boy cum during her masturbation or in orgasm, but not let him fuck her, she said defiantly. So there was really nothing wrong with the boy sticking his cock in while she masturbated and there was really nothing wrong with him squirting in during her orgasm, she repeated fiercely. It didn't hurt her and him, she picked at the subject, the boy liked it a lot and she also masturbated and orgasmed much more intensely than without sticking in and without squirting in, she grumbled stiff‐neckedly. She had upper water and kept hacking into the notch. And she would not tempt the boy to incest after all, God forbid! And it was true, it was actually his goddamn idea that she showed the children how she masturbates and how she got her orgasm and then one thing led to another, she prodded unfairly. And that she couldn't concentrate on anything else when she was orgasming, he would know that too, she shot back venomously. Dad kept silent, he knew her damn stubbornness, he couldn't fight it. Once she announced what was the matter, then it was so, even if hell freezes over! After some time he let go of her hand and asked how it had gone with the girlfriend?

She breathed an imperceptible sigh of relief, the incest topic was off the table — they would never talk about it again. Lively she told about the threesome at the girlfriend's, the lover had a pretty neat cock and fucked four times with the girlfriend, who had nice orgasms. The girlfriend had licked her so intensely during his breaks that she screamed her head off. She had made the game with the foreskin of the tickler furiously fast and fucked him completely uninhibited and wild in her screaming orgasms. "No," she said emphatically, "I fucked him, HE didn't fuck me!" Dad smiled because it was all the same to him who had fucked whom, but he wisely shut up. His eyes shone greedily, he wanted to know everything in detail. He had fucked this girlfriend a few times a long time ago and found her to be a very attractive and kinky woman. Her husband was away most of the time as a military attaché and they had a good, open marriage.

She had her very first threesome with her and her husband. She turned on quite awkwardly and he had to fuck the shit out of her for half an hour before he squirted in. She got two violent orgasms during the brutal fucking and screamed with pleasure, she let him finish thrusting and covered her eyes and her tears with her arm. She was terribly ashamed in front of her husband when her friend licked her artfully afterwards and made her scream in orgasm for a very long time. Her husband was immediately stiff again and fucked his wife furiously like a bull.

Papa smiled as she recounted the afternoon, not missing an orgasm, not missing a cum. He was on fire with horniness. There was no time to go to the bedroom, she pushed the table aside and took his cock in her mouth. He groaned and moaned with pleasure and squirted deep in her throat. She grinned as his cock stayed stiff and masturbated him again in her mouth, he held her head with both hands as he squirted deep in her throat.

He was dead tired, he had to sleep, he had to get up again at half past five. They went to bed. He fell asleep instantly. She caressed her naked body in the dark, fondled her breasts. She was rather proud that she had finally told him everything, or almost everything, and she had virtually wrested free rein to let Pe squirt in on her masturbating. It was something quite harmless after all, she justified it to herself, not something more perverse like letting him squirt into her mouth. She didn't want it to get that far for now, she was saving that for another day. She grinned with horniness as she clearly imagined Pe squirting into her mouth. She later fantasized how her friend made her orgasm while fucking her and made her very horny, tugging and pulling on her stiff teats and orgasming immediately. This sometimes happened when she was horny as monkey shit and tore at her teats for a long time. She stroked her inner thighs, breasts and good teats smiling. Only now she pulled back the foreskin over the clit and moistened the little knob with lots of saliva. The orgasm came after seconds, she let it subside and fondled the breasts, tugging and tugging lustfully at her teats. She needed more, more. She fantasized while masturbating, about fucking her lover and licking her girlfriend insanely great. She herself licked the girlfriend only when there was no lover. She fantasized about Pe's rapid thrusting and cuming. The next orgasms came quietly and gently until she fell asleep smiling.

The Jaguar Game

She told Pe and Ka nothing about talking to Dad. Five times a week she sat stark naked on the edge of the bathtub, spreading her legs so Pe could get a good look at her clit and masturbated him with her hand, twice by now, because he desperately needed it a second time. She loved his clit rubbing and was having more and more secret orgasms. Ka played unselfconsciously with her own teats and her breasts, because hers began to bud delicately. She was already getting long and pointed teats like Mama, her breasts were noticeable but not yet an inch thick. Mama had to inspect Ka's breasts every week and she reassured her, at 12 they were just starting, at 16 or 17 she would have boobs just as big as hers, for sure! Two afternoons mom came home from the girlfriend, got into the bathtub and first washed the lover's seed out of her vagina. Then came the cuddling and hugging, their bodies swirling happily and Pe's hard‐on kept boring into her or Ka's vagina for a split second as they tussled and twirled, depending on who he had just conquered and pressed against, then the tussle continued immediately. Sometimes the scuffle got a little out of hand, he apparently sought to overpower one of the two, grab her tightly and ram his tail into her vagina for a split second and release. Mostly he chased Mama, sometimes Ka. "He's ready now!" announced Ka. Mama knelt on all fours and let Pe penetrate only from behind; she could no longer stand the long face‐to‐face thrusting. Incest! Incest! Incest! hammered her conscience when they looked at each other while fucking. Ka grabbed Pe's cock every time and inserted it with her hand, she always did. She pulled his foreskin all the way back over the glans, put his cock in her vagina with relish, and after a slap on the butt, let him thrust on it. It took him longer and longer to squirt and he always wanted a second time. After a year it really took him too long and she demanded that he masturbate first and only penetrate to squirt. He nodded in affirmation and ignored it.

Standing in for the girlfriend

Her girlfriend had a sad abortion and just wanted to cuddle, she was scared to death to fuck her lover. The three of them lay on her big bed, the girlfriend and her lover kissed and cuddled for an eternity. She played dreamily with the boy's cock, it was a beautiful piece of manhood and mom really loved playing with it. Playing, not masturbating, she never did that. She pulled his foreskin all the way back and licked it for quite a while, then she took the glans all the way into her mouth and teased it with her tongue, boys liked that. — If she didn't know his reaction yet, he would squirt in her mouth and she would rub him until he finished squirting. — He penetrated his lover, who instantly passed him to her. The lad was really steady and fucked her very hard, almost brutally.

She let him fuck her properly for two hours or more. He squirted three or four times, but he never managed to trigger her orgasm. Her friend had brilliantly triggered her orgasm while finger‐fucking her, and she cried out in one go, for two hours, her lips on the stranger's neck. She was on the verge of fainting and had to recover slowly. Later she didn't want it anymore and pushed her friend's hand away when she had had enough of the screaming orgasms. The brutal thrusting excited her beyond measure and she was only a nanosecond away from orgasm from start to finish.

She went home with trembling knees, washed herself and stretched her ass willingly towards Pe. He was allowed to fuck as long as he wanted, but she never got an orgasm. Once she came home so horny from fucking her lover that she almost orgasmed while Pe fucked her twice. Ka pushed her, the little one pulled back the foreskin of her clit grinning shamelessly, and the ape‐horny mommy very gently rubbed her little knob to orgasm. Only she could not suppress the trembling of her legs. "I don't want you to watch me!" she said plaintively to the children whose faces were glued to her inner thighs. But that was only rhetorical.

The Jaguar Hunts

Pe was in love, but his Mina very rarely gave him a blowjob. She wanted to remain a virgin until the wedding, she wanted it herself as much as her Muslim family. Mom knelt on all fours and Ka guided his cock into her vagina. He loved fucking and thrusting with his eyes closed, thinking of Mina's sweet pussy. Mina liked to let Pe masturbate her, that was okay. After all, she did it every night thinking about him and his cock. He thrust very fast as usual and squirted for a very long time, thinking of Mina, until he finished squirting.

Now, after Pe's fucking, she pulled Ka on top of her, laid her back on her belly and plucked Ka's new teats with one hand, the other secretly masturbating behind her back. The jaguar fell upon them both with a fierce growl, shouting "I've got you now!" and surreptitiously rammed his spear into Ka. Mom kept her eyes closed intently, feeling only Ka's butt prancing. Pe pinned his gaze on Mama's distorted expression and spurted as if being chased by furies. Mom's face smoothed out, her legs shook uncontrollably, and Pe had finished squirting. Ka's delighted shriek opened the jaguar game! Mom, presumably oblivious to their fucking, woke up from the immersion of masturbation and orgasm and played along with childlike pleasure.

Then the three of them balled and afterwards he took Ka in his arms. She liked it very much when he stroked her new little breasts and tugged very hard on her newly grown teats. Ka played with his cock until it was stiff again. "He's ready again!" exclaimed the 12 year old, and Mom got down on all fours with a smile. The twins were a well‐rehearsed team, she thought. Ka inserted his cock into her vagina and gave him and Mom a slap on the buttocks. He thrust for what seemed like an eternity, fantasizing about Mina and squirting in for a very long time. When he had finished squirting, they started again and in the tangle of bodies she saw Pe's cock penetrate Ka's vagina very briefly out of the corner of her eye, but the bellowing continued happily and she immediately forgot about it again, it probably didn't mean anything. It always happened in the heat of the moment and Pe's cock was stiff again very quickly after the cum, his monster bumped quite randomly against their bodies, faces and thighs, it happened again and again that he bumped into her vagina or into Ka's. Surely that didn't mean anything! Not for a moment did she think that the kids were fucking.

Once she was alone with Ka, she brought it up in passing. Ka looked innocently into her eyes. "But that's part of the game," the 12‐year‐old said, "he chases the poor victim, grabs it like a jaguar, and then the jaguar stabs it once with his tail, then he wins!" Mom casually asked if that made her uncomfortable? The sticking it in her's? The squirting into her? Ka shook her head laughing, "But wow! He does it to you, after all," the little girl grinned happily. It was part of the hunt, the jaguars did it that way, of course the jaguars would squirt in! It felt fine and pleasant when the jaguar squirts in! The dark blue eyes looked at her innocently. "Isn't that approved?" the little innocent laid the double trap. "Yes, yes it is," stammered the mother uncertainly, "approved, officially approved!" In the evening Ka whispered with Pe and both giggled at their victory. From now on, the jaguar hunted even wilder, with official permission. The jaguar stuck his tail into one of the two victims, proudly shouted "won!" and looked into Mom's eyes. Only when she returned his gaze with fluttering eyes, giggling, did he pull the jaguar's tail out of Ka's vagina. They were now balled, splashed, and chased more often and longer than ever before. Jaguar play became the central element.

The children played the jaguar game with the greatest joy. The jaguar would sneak from one victim to another, catch one, and grab her. The jaguar, excited by the game, thrust its tail into the victim and preyed on it. Then he let go of the victim and turned to the other. Pe bared his teeth and growled, "I'm coming!" and grabbed the victim, pressing her tightly against him. Mom and Ka shrieked with delight, as Pe mimed the predatory cat masterfully. He thrust his tail into one sheath and the other as quickly as he could. In the course of the game accompanied by amused shrieks and wild groping and grabbing Pe began to squirt. He squirted into the mature vagina, then into the childish one, and back again. He clenched his cock with his fingers after each squirt so he wouldn't miss and penetrated the other vagina squirting. Ka shrieked with pleasure, Mom frowned. She couldn't just stop the game and got annoyed. Pe squirted here and squirted there and vice versa, then he was done. He slumped on top of Mom and snuggled against her full breasts, grinning with satisfaction. Mom scolded him and Ka, as fun as the game was, as soon as he squirted they had to stop immediately. Immediately! Pe defended himself, if it comes, then it comes, he couldn't help it! Ka sulked, just when it gets really funny, stop?! "Spoilsport!" But Mom remained firm, it would not be voted on, she had announced it "and that's how it stays!"

The next jaguar game got off to a halting start, but it quickly became fun again and they pawed and grabbed with happy shouting. When the jaguar began to squirt, Mom held the hunter tight, he squirted in her vagina until he finished squirting. She growled half‐heartedly if they could play it without squirting. The next time they played jaguar, he squirted in Ka's vagina, who pressed him against her, screaming loudly, and slapped his butt cheeks with the flat of her hand. She didn't let go of him until he had finished squirting and only now did Mom's inquiring eyes find out the reason for the long embrace. She was really angry and gathered her thoughts. She shouted, he mustn't squirt into the little girl, that wouldn't do, she was too young for that! If this happens again, there will be no more jaguar game! My last warning, she said.

Pe sat on his butt like a watered poodle, Ka pouted and yelled "Spoilsport!" But Mom remained steadfast, Pe had to try to stop squirting while playing. And if he did squirt, he must never, never, never squirt into the little girl, then he would just have to squirt into the bath water, and that was it! Ka pouted, pressed her lips tightly together and crossed her arms. She almost burst with anger when her brother promised their mother. "Spoilsports, both of you!" she snarled angrily, not speaking a word until dinner.

Pe took Mom's threat seriously; the jaguar game was too important to him. As often as he could, he squirted into the ripe vagina and everyone enjoyed the game with pleasure. When he started to squirt into Ka's vagina, — and he always made it a point to squirt the first full jet of semen into Ka, — he immediately turned to Mama, who let the jaguar squirt in and finish gently embraced. He didn't want to squirt into the bath water anymore, only beginners did that. He saved the game, even Ka had to admit that. It was also important to him because before he was allowed to fuck and cum twice from behind, and during the jaguar game at least once more or more often from the front into both. All that jerking off would do him good, he told Ka. Ka grinned mischievously, and all with official permission!

Hasn't she always been fucked?

Mom didn't tell Dad any more about bathing with the kids, and he didn't ask about it either. They never talked about incest again. She told him meticulously about the afternoon at the girlfriend's, he grinned happily as she reported that the loin‐strong boy fucked her almost nonstop for two hours and the girlfriend's finger made her scream for this two hours straight. She winked and told him to look for an electric fucking machine soon. She laughed chuckling and took his hand. He was pretty drained at the moment and didn't want to fuck or cum in her mouth. He squandered his semen in a young holiday intern, he fucked her two and three times a day in the vacant office and couldn't get enough of her for days. She commented on the nude photos, she was still a child!, but he said that the child was already almost 17, he had seen her data sheet. She had an insanely tight vagina, he said, that was what fascinated him about her. She had a fiancé who fucked her every night and there was no sign that she wanted to tie him up and hogtie him. She was an innocent looking, genuinely filthy fuck slut and he would take anything she was willing to give.

She looked at her interlaced fingers and smiled. We are a strange couple, she murmured thoughtfully. We wanted to educate the children in a free‐spirited way without repression, not to impose sexual restrictions on them within the bounds of decency. That had worked out well, the children could watch their parents' love life unhindered, while fucking and while squirting in the mouth. Pe knew no unnecessary sexual pressure as she masturbated him day after day and he was allowed to stroke her clit. Sometimes to orgasm, she laughed, and he was allowed to squirt inside in the middle of her orgasm. Ka had learned it on her own and was quite diligent in keeping herself balanced. Daddy had his innocent looking child's cunt in the company and his girls were getting younger and younger. She lent her own cunt to her best friend and let her lover fuck her through for two hours, screaming herself hoarse in orgasm. "You said 'fucked through,' darling!" said Daddy, laughing exuberantly, pinching one of her teats, which pressed pertly against her blouse. She nodded thoughtfully. It was a real fucking, she confirmed, that had gradually developed that way over the last three or four years. It was probably the military attaché four years ago, she said, who had fucked her first, she wasn't sure. She had blubbered and cried because the military attaché had fucked her for so long and she was very ashamed of her two orgasms. "And because she made you scream yourself hoarse in orgasm," he added with a smile, she had told him many times before. He added, maybe she was fucked first by her admirers after giving birth, and Mom admitted, that was maybe true. But it was true, he hadn't been the only one she fucked for a long time, although she didn't want to admit it to herself until today. He kissed her fingertips. "You had a right to believe it and stubbornly persist! — We never wanted to be uptight, we didn't, and neither did the kids."

"Do you want to end it all?" he asked, "I'll do whatever we decide!" He would be willing to give up her freedom‐oriented parenting experiment and live by a petit‐bourgeois morality if that was what she wanted.

She looked at him in amazement. "Good Lord! No!" she shrieked with a laugh. "Things are going great, we're all living our lives without being uptight. We're living in love and decency, being considerate of each other, and we've found our place." She paused. "Well, there's a lot of squirting and masturbating going on, too," she said with a laugh, "and as long as no one complains, we'll keep masturbating and squirting until the sauce overflows!" They laughed until the tears came. She looked at him from below. "And there's no incest, except for your underage toys!" He gave her a friendly nudge in the side. "Not so sure about that, who's whose toy!"

Fabian the Unlucky

The kids would spy through the cracks in the closet when Mom's childhood sweetheart Fabian came to visit. The twins disappeared into the children's room, and Mom and Fabian wordlessly disappeared into the master bedroom. Fabian, when they were both 13, had a crush on mom and the little girl had given him a handjob and later, quite enthusiastically, many, many blowjobs, the little girl was quite keen on that and swallowed his semen by the bucketful until dad came. Now the two pounced on each other and fucked the soul from the body, caught up twenty years. The twins had never seen Mom fuck so wildly, she took Fabian's cock in her mouth immediately after he cum and made him stiff again as quickly as possible. The twins looked at each other in disbelief, they had never heard mom scream while fucking. She frantically tore at the foreskin of her clit while she sucked it and tore at her clit until she almost orgasmed. Like a fury, she fucked the poor guy, screaming her head off as soon as her orgasm hit. She rode him until he had finished squirting. The twins had never seen her unleashed like this before and looked dumbfounded. But now she screamed like mad as she orgasmed until Fabian quickly left. He came only three times and then stayed away, he didn't find his childhood sweetheart that interesting after all. She fucked like a wild demon in a Turkish whorehouse, but it was downright embarrassing how greedy she was for orgasming, how greedily her vagina milked his seed. No decent woman screamed so vulgarly at climax, only well‐paid whores. He was used to fucking women, not being fucked by her. Every decent woman submitted and let herself be fucked tolerantly and demurely, he was the man after all! He sought the distance, because this was no longer the lovely, naive child‐girl, who so gladly rubbed his semen into her mouth, let it squirt in and smiled mischievously when she swallowed the semen. This demonic fury hunted for her orgasm, this well‐trained vagina milking his seed as if it were the udder of a cow that a maid was milking with long, practiced strokes. Mom cried when he took his leave after the third time of fucking. Defiantly she wiped away her tears and smiled. Good it was, and now everything went on again as usual.

It's getting quieter

The time for the jaguar games was over. Mom now visited her friend once a week, she loved the beautiful orgasms and wild fucking with the lover. There was no more jaguar play, she lay down in the bathtub and washed away the lover's semen. Every day she lay down in the tub with the kids and masturbated passionately, offering Pe her ass as she orgasmed. Pe knew he had only half a minute and fucked furiously. It didn't take half a minute for him to cum in the middle of her orgasm, finishing quickly as her orgasm subsided and she lay back down on her back. She opened her legs wide and stroked herself, the pleasure coming again in minutes. Pe stroked his cock and watched her masturbate, she would soon orgasm again and by then he had to be ready again. After Pe's twice cuming from behind she lay down, her clit still burning brightly. Ka knew that vulnerable look and stroked Mom's cheeks. She would shield Mom with her body, as always, so she could masturbate again unobserved. Ka put her face on Mom's breasts and covered her abdomen with her body. Ka stuck her butt out in a demanding manner. Mom closed her eyes while masturbating, she didn't want to see Ka getting fucked. Ka slid to the side as Mom's orgasm started and she turned on all fours. She stuck her ass out at him and continued to masturbate. Pe entered the orgasm from behind and thrust like he was out of his mind. He knew that her orgasm was dragging on until he finished squirting. She loved this delay and the gradual waning of the convulsions as he finished squirting afterward. Pe fucked her twice those afternoons and sometimes fucked Ka afterwards as well. Mom closed her eyes, because she didn't want to see her little girl being fucked through, she better ignored it. She masturbated and orgasmed silently one after the other until they were done. That Ka was enjoying being fucked insanely was unmistakable. — Daddy would be hit by that stroke!

Also this afternoon fucking gradually ebbed away, Pe was 16 and falling in love with his peers. He dragged Anita, they fucked all afternoon in the nursery and after a few days Ka had enough of watching. She sat down in the kitchen to study, she had stared long enough at Anita's pussy, which looked like an overripe peach. Anita knew how to do it and masturbated continuously from orgasm to orgasm while Pe thrust through her heartily. He had to pull his cock out to squirt though, Anita wanted it that way. Grinning wryly, he squirted precisely into her peach hole from the outside.

Pe was 16 and Evi, Ingrid, Pia and many others came. Ka grinned and watched each one a few times, but she had to keep learning.

Mom visited her girlfriend as often as she could. The girlfriend gave lectures at the university in the mornings and had an inexhaustible supply of students with strong loins.

Dad had finally become head of department, he had more normal working hours and had more time for the family.

He had fucked his fill of interns.

He took a lot of time for mom.

They fucked almost every night and Mom masturbated afterwards as often as she wanted.

This did them both good.