Tom's beginnings

by Jack Faber © 2022

Thomas grew up in a suburb of Vienna, he liked school and had a few friends. All in all, he had a carefree childhood and loved his parents. The mother ran the household and the father worked as a senior clerk in a large international trucking company.

At about the age of 9 he gradually began to discover his talent. When he touched his mother's hand, he could see her thoughts and her sexual fantasies, see her memories like in a movie. He kept this discovery to himself. This were very intense experiences, the kid realized soon the need to give her a forget command at the end of his manipulation. Sexual acts very often appeared in her thoughts fantasies and memories, which he was only able to classify and understand over time. Curious about all things sex, he soaked up everything sex related in her mind. Soon he knew soon everything about fucking, handjob and female masturbation from her mind, because she masturbated every morning very horny in front of the bedroom mirror, legs wide open. She recalled all that from her memories and Tom watched her memory movies with horny excitement and breathless curiosity. She obeyed his commands to masturbate more often in the morning, sometimes very fast and greedy, sometimes slow and passionate in front of the big mirror, legs spread wide or stretched high to the ceiling.

At the end of the school year, the parents went to a congress in Copenhagen. He still had one week of school left and was more than willing to move in with his grandmother for the two weeks. His 33‐year‐old mother had whispered to him softly that she hoped to have sex with his father again and he nodded in agreement, that would be nice, whispered the 13‐year‐old. The grandmother was actually his great‐grandmother, the grandmother had died after the birth of the mother. They called her grandma or grandmother or Lena for the sake of simplicity. She was in her early seventies, a chaotic messie, and got lunch and dinner delivered by a hotel. She had survived the war thanks to her beautiful body and had then struggled through as a private prostitute. She never wanted to see herself as a prostitute, she lived only from her admirers and never went on the streets. She had saved up a decent fortune and was living on it now that she was not getting a pension.

As hard as he'd tried before, Lena refused to be hypnotized, resisting every attempt at mental control. The first night they went to bed naked, she waved her hand wildly, he didn't need pajamas, one always slept naked, that's that! Basta was one of her favorite words. She had never lied next to a clothed man and basta! There was only one small bed and one sheet for both. He eyed her slender, aged body intently as he lay naked on the covers and watched her undress. She stood naked in front of him for a few moments and put one foot on the bed so that her privates pointed cheekily at him and mumbled with a smile that he was welcome to take a good look at her old lady! Everything about her was wrinkled, she was very slim and shapely, only her small, wrinkled and plump breasts with the strangely large teats were already hanging down. She had almost no pubic hair left and he could see the cleft and the little hole quite clearly. Her clitoris seemed very large to him, literally hanging out of her labia. She stroked her pubic area with her hand a few times and widened her labia until the clitoris was heavily sticking out. She pulled hard on her clit several times, making it even bigger. "At least it's still quite big," she murmured, winking, and tugging at the clit until it was downright stiff. She let him look for a long time and smiled slyly as she saw him erect at the sight. She lay down next to him, covered them both with the blanket and turned off the light.

Tom was not used to being in bed hugging someone. They lay in each other's arms, on the same pillow, under the same blanket. She had one arm under his neck and the other hand on his thigh, right next to his cock. She pressed against his body, it really was a very small bed. Tom waited until she fell asleep and masturbated. It was exciting that her hand gradually slid to his scrotum and cock, making him incredibly horny. Her hand rested on his cock as he masturbated slowly, deliberately so as not to wake her. After he had injected, she hugged him warmly, kissed his forehead and murmured: "Well, that's okay!" and hugged him tightly and tenderly. She touched his wet cock and stroked his hard‐on excitingly, like masturbating. He felt her loving warmth in his heart and was glad that she accepted masturbating like a friend and as a matter of course. He needed it again immediately and masturbated again because he always had to squirt several times in a row. She pressed against him, rubbing her stiff clit firmly against his thigh. She held him in a soft hug and held his cock in her hand. She didn't seem to mind that he sprayed over her body. She stroked his seed‐soaked hard‐on as if to masturbate until he masturbated again. She rubbed the semen on his stomach and snuggled very close to him. She stroked his hard‐on so horny that after a few minutes he masturbated again. Only after the fourth injection did his cock soften, she continued to rub her clit on his thigh for a very long time while he fell asleep. She trembled silently, her clitoris softened and she fell asleep too.

In the morning he woke up because Lena was playing with his morning wood. "Should I?" she asked and he nodded with a lump in his throat. She let the covers slide to the floor, sat cross‐legged in front of him so that he had to stare into her open slit and gave him a great hand job. He didn't meet her eyes over the morning coffee. There was only coffee and cigarettes, but he didn't smoke often then and smoked rather clumsily. How old is he, 14? 15? Or already 16? He nodded and said nothing, he was only 13 and a half.

After school they ate the food delivered by the hotel. She lit a cigarette after dinner and looked straight at his fly, which was bulging terribly. She smiled slyly and gave him an encouraging nod: "Get undressed!" she commanded, grinning broadly, "come on!" He dropped his clothes and Lena handjobbed him while standing. He had to cum in her cupped palm. She was incredibly good at it, much more practiced than his mother. She did hundreds of hand jobs for him over the week, standing in the kitchen at noon or lying in bed in the afternoon until late at night. She seemed to enjoy pushing against him, rubbing his cock and squirting his semen all over her own naked body.

On Friday late afternoon of his last day of school, as they lay naked on the bed like they do every day as they use the afternoon into the night to play with his cock, she asked him if he wanted to watch her doing it? She stroked his hard‐on and said older people don't get horny as often as young people, but now she's really horny. Tom looked at her curiously, where would that lead? She said she used to do it at least four times a day, but as she got older she needed it only once a week. And she needed it now, right now! "I'm so incredibly horny," she whispered softly and grabbed his cock tighter, "I have to do it right away before we take care of your little one!"

He swallowed and nodded, a lump in his throat. He already knew female horniness very well and how much it then urged the woman to do it herself. He nodded again, knowing what was coming next. She pushed the covers to the floor and spread her legs. "Well, lie down there!" she instructed him and he lay down between her legs with his face in front of her crack. He watched very closely as she slowly fingered herself. She only had small labia and a tiny little hole, but a fairly large clitoris. Or did he just think it was so big? She masturbated just like his mother, stroking, teasing and rubbing the clitoris in a targeted manner. She moaned very softly and gasped in restraint as she rubbed herself faster and faster, climaxing gently and unspectacularly. She whispered she needed it once more and continued masturbating without a break. With one hand she pressed down the flesh around the clit, with the other she quickly worked the protruding clit. It took her a little longer than before and the second orgasm made her thighs tremble hard. She exhaled and held out her hands.

"Come on!" she whispered smiling, "Come!" He got up and lay down next to her, she kissed his forehead and hugged him. "That was fine, very fine!" she whispered. "So did you like it? Wasn't it exciting? Or ‐ have you seen it before?" He didn't answer and caressed her small, soft breasts. "I only do it once a week," she said, "but I have two or three orgasms in a row. I don't stop until the climax is really good." He asked if she always did it alone, and she replied, "Yes, always alone. Having someone watch me is just an extra. And no," she laughed, "I don't use a vibrator or any other stuff, with me my finger works best!" Then she told again freely and shamelessly about her former dissolute life, like every day. He sometimes had to laugh when she went into great detail and got downright piggy. He was amazed at what she had experienced and what strange guys she had laid down with. It was interesting that it wasn't until she got older that she let guys watch her masturbate. Although as a young girl she was willing to have artists and art students draw and paint her nude in order to earn a little money, she had never allowed herself to be photographed or filmed nude.

She showed him her portfolio in which she kept some drawings and pictures. He whistled through his teeth. "You were a damn pretty girl back then!" he exclaimed admiringly and her eyes glistened wetly. After some hesitation, she also showed him the second folder, twice as thick as the first. These were revealing and pornographic drawings that showed her fucking or licking, but many showed her masturbating or having an orgasm. Many drawings focused on Lena's big clitoris and her rubbing, which the artists apparently thought was damn cool. Many artists had drawn her face during orgasms, many of them. And those pictures were really bursting with sexuality. Tom had only seen dirty and fuzzy pornographic photos before, but these made him extremely horny.

She pointed to some pictures: "When two girls clench their clits together and fuck, they both have wonderful orgasms, but it's hard to draw!" She pulled out one of the pictures. "Look, someone drew this, you can only see the two gaps and the two clitorises that we press together!" He pointed to a clitoris: "You sure are, it's a lot bigger than the other one!" She nodded. "With this girl I fucked all night in the studio in front of a dozen artists, we both got along well and had many orgasms! When one had an orgasm, the other held her and caressed her until the orgasm subsided. Then it started all over again and we took turns orgasming. You can do that with practice." she giggled. "Artist after artist would disappear into the loo to relieve themselves and we both grinned broadly and carried on. By the end all the guys had wanked on the loo!" She laughed vigorously at the memory. "After that there was a great group banging, all artists fucked us both until late at night!"

She spoke frankly about how the pictures were taken, often involving massive binges and sexual orgies. Tom listened horny and in awe because he had never heard of these things. She told him that she had had the most beautiful experiences with women, they knew better what women liked. Girls fucked and licked much more intensely than men. She described the licking in great detail, because he had seen how girls fucked girls. As she talked, she played with his cock and felt exactly when he needed it.

Surprisingly she asked: "Like to fuck?" She pointed to his cock, which was stiff to bursting and had dripped a bit from watching the pornography. She closed the folders and laid them on the floor. She grabbed her labia with both hands and pulled them firmly apart several times, then stuck her index finger deep into her little hole a few times. She waited for his answer and continued to pull the labia apart. "Have you ever fucked?" He didn't answer. He was a little off balance, but he nodded, a lump in his throat. He nodded because he wanted to fuck her, but she understood that he had already fucked, which was also true. She pulled him onto her and spread her legs. She helped him in with her hand because her little hole was tiny and very, very narrow. "I'm awfully tight, you know, it's gotten tighter every year!" she said, gasping as he pushed forward forcefully, "and I haven't fucked in months!" She didn't say more, not even what that had to do with her tight vagina. He began to fuck cautiously and squirted way too fast. They stayed in bed all week since school was over and they fucked day in and day out. The hand jobs had had their day. She taught him how to hold back on squirting and how to make women orgasm while they were being fucked. She always allowed him breaks in which she masturbated freely and hornily or talked about her repertoire. He listened to her very carefully, because this woman knew what she was talking about and his respect grew.

He learned to lick, although he had to overcome it the first time. But she taught him conscientiously, because a real man had to be able to do it, basta! She made him practice every break. She used both hands to pinch down the flesh around the clit so the clit was sticking out far. He was able to irritate, arouse and work on the clitoris wonderfully with his lips and tongue. "Basta!" she cried, "Basta!" as she climaxed after a few attempts at being licked. When licking, he always got a huge erection and was allowed to fuck her immediately. She always masturbated while getting fucked and mostly had her orgasm before he squirted. But she kept going, masturbating was just part of fucking for her. She's always done it that way since she was young, she said, she masturbated energetically to orgasm while she was being fucked, only she never let the guys watch her all her life. She has only been watched for a few years. It was something very intimate to spread yourself wide apart under the eyes of the viewer and to masturbate. It was difficult for her at first and she had to stop too soon without lasting until she had an orgasm. It took time for her to learn to relax and masturbate passionately to orgasm with someone watching.

At the end of the week the parents came back. "I haven't had as many orgasms as this week for months," said grandmother Lena, beaming with joy, as he said goodbye and kissed his forehead. Tom would visit her about every 14 days during school, lie down with her and they would have a good time. That's how he met Ayla, Lena's best friend. Tom wanted to go right away when Lena opened him up naked and a woman was lying naked in Lena's bed, but Lena vigorously shook her head that he shouldn't stay there like a crucifix and lie down with them, damn it, basta! Ayla was an ironclad lesbian, Lena said, claiming she had never ever fucked a man. She was a devout Muslim and the third woman to be married to a wealthy oil baron from Saudi Arabia. The nearly 40‐year‐old was slim and a bit plump, with a very pretty face and had large, round and firm breasts like his mother. The introduction was short and strange, since he was still dressed in front of the bed and the two women were completely naked. Tom was glad she didn't have a huge fat ass like the Africans he'd heard rumored they did. Her pubic area was shaved clean and he stared curiously at her cleft. She smiled and fondled her cunt smiling as she caught his gaze. He jumped when Lena nudged him to finally undress! The three of them were huddled together in a very small space, it really was a small bed. Lena laughed heartily when he undressed and hid behind her with his erect cock. He trembled as his and Ayla's bodies touched naked. She smelled very good, he noted, her skin velvety soft and her beautiful almond eyes beguiled him. Lena pulled Ayla's head between her legs and pressed her lips to her labia. Lena wanted to be licked on, right now, immediately! He watched curiously as she licked Lena, since he had apparently interrupted her earlier in the middle of licking. Tom almost jumped out of his skin, the licking was so cool. Lena stroked his mop of hair and grabbed his cock. "Right away you can fuck me!" she whispered and continued to feverishly await her orgasm. If he could fuck her right away, Lena asked jerkily and Ayla whispered, yes of course, that's okay! Even before Lena's violent orgasm, he was allowed to fuck her immediately. He knelt insecurely between Lena's legs and looked into Ayla's beautiful almond eyes with a wounded look. She smiled sweetly and unabashedly grabbed his cock to insert it. "He won't go in," she whispered desperately, "he's way too fat!" Lena growled to just push it in, basta! Ayla widened the little hole with her other hand, squeezed and pressed the glans into the narrow little hole. Determined, she grabbed the rest of the cock and gasped because it was really hard to get in. He smiled proudly, her gaze seeming to be one of appreciative appreciation for his big cock. He slowly started to fuck and Ayla's fingers crawled to Lena's clit. She masturbated Lena, while she was fucking, with her finger until Lena with her loud "Basta!" orgasmed violently. Ayla lay next to them on the small bed and snuggled her body against Lena's body while he fucked and fucked and fucked. He stopped in the end both gently hugged, one knee between Ayla's thighs and his knee bumped against Ayla's cunt in the fuck rhythm. To him it seemed like he was fucking both of them.

Ayla had put one arm under Lena's neck and the other hand on her genitals. She was horny and repulsed by the fucking at the same time, but after a long, shy look at Tom, she masturbated. After the squirting, he got stuck in Lena's vagina and watched together with Lena how the beautiful Arab gradually increased to orgasm and ended with a huge, jerking orgasm. It was only the third woman who masturbated Tom was allowed to watch, but they all masturbated in much the same way.

The grandmother often called her when she was expecting Tom, because she liked threesomes. She insisted that Ayla show him exactly how she licked. Ayla showed him that Lena's big clitoris was only partially visible. He reached invisibly deep below her cleft into her sex. Ayla took his finger and let him feel the full length of the clitoris deep in Lena's cleft. Then she demonstrated that she started with her tongue at the bottom and licked the entire length of the clitoris from the bottom up to the thick knob. She didn't lick slowly, but firmly, and only towards the end did the tip of her tongue trill on the clit until Lena squirmed with pleasure and her abdomen twitched violently in orgasm. She cupped her lips around the clitoris during orgasm and teased it with the tip of her tongue. He had his face pressed against Ayla's cheek and was watching the licking up close. His hard‐on lay in Ayla's buttocks, watching excited him and he squirted in her buttocks. Ayla turned around and smiled, she was okay with that, she whispered, smiling. It was enough for him at first, but not anymore.

The next time Ayla started licking Lena, he crouched behind Ayla's ass and pushed his cock hard under her buttocks until he pushed between her labia as deep as he could. She protested the first time and immediately pushed him out. She first made him swear an oath not to fuck her. She was still unsure and looked at Lena. "An oath is an oath," said Lena, "he won't fuck you, he swore it!" Ayla thought for a long time. But then she let him, believing that he really wasn't fucking her. She offered him her butt again and pulled her labia apart. He slowly entered her vagina, tucking in quietly as promised and laying on her back, cheek to cheek. Her vagina wasn't as tight as Lena's, it was wet and it was very exciting. He squirted almost immediately and paused as promised, then squirted inside again as she licked Lena. The next time she reached down, spread her labia herself and put her hand to her vagina, trusting that he wouldn't fuck her like he had promised. She made herself very wide and soft so that he could penetrate deeply. He squirted right after the penetration, put his face on her cheek and watched up close as she licked Lena and learned the new licking. Every time he squirted in Ayla's vagina for minutes without fucking when she licks Lena to orgasm. Without thrusting, he squirt in squirt after squirt, she smiled proudly and seemed okay with it. He thought it was great to cum immediately after penetration and then watch immobile as Ayla licked Lena's clit and cum in it for a long time on the second cum, spurting in jerky spurt after spurt. She said it was okay for her when he squirted into her, that was really fine and okay! Only very rarely did he have to rub his cock hard for a moment to make the squirt come. That didn't bother her at all. She always let him patiently and docilely squirt into her vagina and finish his squirting.

When Tom fucked Lena, his fingers played in Ayla's sex. She had a light brown complexion, only the nipples and the skin of her genitals were almost black. She had always been clean‐shaven and Tom often looked at her sex up close, she didn't mind. She had thick labia, a much smaller clitoris than Lena and of course no hymen anymore. She had lost it in childhood, that's all she said. When he spread her vagina, he could see deep into her hole. She smiled hornily when he examined her genitals or rubbed her clitoris, she liked that very much.

Once when the three of them were curled up recovering from their orgasms, Ayla played with her labia and softly told that this was the only method of sex she allowed her husband to have as she was a true lesbian, had never been fucked and herself also never let fuck. The husband was still very young and wanted to fuck at least once a day. He loved it when all his wives were there having sex. The other two were younger than him, from good Saudi families like himself, very pretty and married as virgins. Of course both had a lot of masturbation experience, like many other virgins in Arabia. When he was fucking one of his younger wives, Ayla's job was to lie between the couple's thighs and finger the woman to orgasm as much as he could while fucking, which was what he always wanted. If the wives were menstruating, i.e. considered impure in their culture, Ayla had to do the job, since she was sterile and did not menstruate. She lay down on her stomach and willingly stretched out her bottom towards her husband. One or both other wives lay on their backs directly in front of her and had to masturbate. She never looked back at him over her shoulder, instead concentrating on the masturbating wives masturbating right in front of her face very devotedly and full of horniness to orgasm. She felt that he stuck his cock between her buttocks and quickly masturbated with his hand. He often made it too hot and squirted his seed into her buttocks. Otherwise he stopped just before the squirting and entered her vagina. He was allowed to penetrate all the way from behind and was not allowed to move, not to fuck. It was not uncommon for him to squirt in her vagina a few moments after he had penetrated, but at the latest when one or both wives were orgasming. If it didn't work out to cum in Ayla's vagina, he would fuck one of the two, although most of them had already masturbated to orgasm and there was little passion left for fucking. She'd seen it up close a thousand times, his cock penetrating and fucking. She was fascinated by how the vaginas expanded when his cock pushed in and contracted when he pulled out. His balls moved in his scrotum when he cummed, which she found very strange. She found the pulsing of his thick urethra just as strange when he suddenly injected his semen into her vagina. The wife spasmed her vagina when he cummed impatiently and imperiously. The wives acted very horny and fooled him as if they would orgasm while cumming. Only very rarely did she secretly masturbate when she had to watch them being fucked and got horny watching it. Most of the time she stretched out her hands and stroked the inner thighs of the fucked woman up to her labia, which excited her very much. When the master prepared for the finale, her fingers sought the clitoris and quickly rubbed it to orgasm, which she was very good at. The wives liked it a lot because these orgasms were very strong and intense. She answered Lena's question that she does it every day with the other two wives, in pairs or threes. Although they weren't really lesbians, they were still very happy to make love to her. Behind the husband's back, of course. All in all, all three women loved the master, and so did he. There has never been infidelity, until now.

Tom noticed that Ayla let him do the finals. She fell silent and grabbed her full breasts with both hands to tease herself since Lena had fallen asleep. He grabbed her clit, which had become rock hard, and gently brought her to orgasm. Ayla exhaled and sighed as he continued to rub her clit gently as a feather. Yes, she desperately needed it again! She sighed happily and started rubbing her nipples tenderly again, Tom asked her how things were going with her husband. Ayla sighed deeply and continued talking.

Tariq was only 22 and had married her first because she had studied economics in England, which was useful for his business. He had come to Cambridge to study and knew immediately that he had to have this assistant professor. And second, because she looked so damn like his mother Numa. His mother was his first and only sex partner for years until he got married. She had taught him how to make love when he was 12 and considered a man. Before that, she or a slave would give him a hand job whenever he erected. And he erected very often when the slave licked his mother. For eight years she taught him everything about fucking and she herself had a lot of horniness and desire when having sex with her only son who was born late. His father had been killed in a helicopter accident when he was a toddler and she ran the business with great skill. Numa was extremely sexually active all her life, but she was very careful in choosing sexual partners, she never fucked anyone who did not live in her palace. Some servants or slaves fucked excellently and their young slave girls had to be able to lick well, these were indispensable conditions. Numa had learned to masturbate from the slaves from a very young age, she was already an obsessive masturbator by the age of 6. She spent many hours masturbating during her childhood, masturbating more than a dozen times a day. She was very offended because she never got to fuck with the pretty slaves. At the age of 9 she had lured a handsome boy into her bedroom. They lay naked on her bed and explored her privates. The slave had to masturbate, then she masturbated. At some point he was between her thighs, but he only dared to fuck between her labia. She grinned proudly when he injected his semen into her little hole. Only after a long time they were caught and the slave was badly beaten. She was also beaten into the importance of virginity in marriage. She was terrified that the slave would be executed if her hymen was broken. She breathed a sigh of relief because her mother now checked her monthly to make sure her hymen was undamaged. Of course she always seduced boys who were allowed to fuck between her labia and squirt into the little hole, but she never let herself be caught again. The hole in her hymen was soon as big as a barn door and easily let small penises through. Fucking was nice, she thought, and let a small dick fuck her every day. The mother was a little suspicious because the hole in Numa's hymen was getting bigger. The black slave girls were allowed to lick her to a few orgasms every evening, her devout mother encouraged her to do that, that was okay, everyone did that. At 17 she was married to Farid and everyone praised her for entering the marriage as a virgin. Farid confirmed that she had bled, although she had told him the truth, blushing. That she had already fucked quite a lot without damaging the hymen. She told Farid that she had masturbated a lot since she was a child and that, on mother's orders, she had too some orgasms licked every night before she fell asleep. She had Farid everything explained honestly and in detail and he grinned in all the right places. She really told him everything and he also told her his experiences with piggy expressions. Her eyes widened and she fiddled with her fingers under her skirt. He turned up her skirt for the first time and she let him watch. He laughed at her sweetly when she had masturbated enough: "You are exactly the girl I need so badly!" That day they decided to get married immediately. Like her, he was a wealthy prince of the far‐flung Saudi clan and left her free hand after daily conjugal intercourse to have a slave girl lick her to a few orgasms before they fell asleep. That's what they agreed on. In the first few weeks, Farid was just a spectator, but soon he lay down on his bed and felt the licking girl. He made each girl have more orgasms nightly than she gave Numa from licking. He felt his pleasure rise when the girl finished licking and was exhausted from her own orgasms. He mounted each girl from behind and fucked the poor girl relentlessly until he went limp. Numa lazily watched them fuck and was very proud of her potent husband, who often mercilessly fucked the girls until they passed out.

Ayla put her hands on her breasts and aroused them while Tom triggered her orgasm and the finger kept stroking the clit until she fingered the clit again and took over. I need it again, damn it! Lena awoke to her orgasm, groping for Ayla's breasts, who sighed again and continued her story.

Farid, like Numa, was brought up by a strict and deeply religious mother. His father lived in London most of the year and when he came home for a few days he would fuck his mother during siesta and also in the evening. Both mothers were from the widely ramified Saudi clan, but Farid's mother was very, very simple in her mind. Her considerable fortune was the reason for the marriage. She never cheated on her husband, even not with the big‐loin black slaves, although that was not generally considered infidelity. But it never occurred to Farid's mother to have sex with her son. Until his 10th birthday, she and Farid slept naked next to each other, that was the norm and before he could squirt, the boy played with his cock while she masturbated. When she orgasmed, she let go of the clitoris and stuck two fingers into her vagina. She fucked herself really hard for half a minute and afterwards masturbated again.

The naive mother masturbated several times every night and actually believed for a long time that she could hide it from him. The boy pressed against her with his erect cock, wheezing and squirting quickly on her buttocks. She lifted her butt and spread her buttocks with both hands so that she stretched her asshole willingly towards him. The boy stared at her big hole, including her huge ass cheeks and in the middle her little asshole. She pointed a finger at her asshole. He could squirt into it, if he wanted, she murmured as he rubbed his cock with spit. She helped him penetrate the asshole. She was fine with the ass fucking because it didn't bother her masturbating and he took care of his own ejaculation.

She was insecure for days because now she couldn't hide her masturbation anymore. But that was only in her head, because the boy had noticed it long ago. He pounded her asshole under her privates after being allowed to penetrate the asshole of the huge ass and squirted over and over again into. She didn't care if he squirted in just once or several times because she had to keep masturbating long after he had finished squirting. The boy lay across her thick thighs and squirted again and again in her asshole until after a year that was no longer enough for him. He bumped his cock against her pussy lips as he squirted and she rubbed his seed comfortably on her clit.

He grew bolder and entered the vagina from below. The simple‐minded grunted at first that he committed a sin, but she knew of no passage in the Q'uran that specifically forbade it. She let him fuck and squirt for a while until he was done. She would prefer the ass fucking, because that's not a sin, she whispered, but she vehemently forbade him to fuck her vagina. He contritely obeyed for many more days, only fucking her in the asshole. He also fucked her in the ass during the siesta at noon, which she didn't like very much at first because she usually slept during the siesta. He uncovered the ass of the sleeping woman and penetrated her asshole. She grunted at first, but she still let him cum as many times as he wanted. She was so horny afterwards that she always masturbated until the end of the siesta. After the last orgasm she widened her hole wide and finger fucked herself for a while. Praising him on his squirting she raised her legs very high in the air and spread her buttocks with her hands so he could easily penetrate her asshole. He was very satisfied as he was allowed to cum up her ass as many times as he wanted every lunchtime and evening. And he liked the perv of sitting between her thighs after squirting, lifting her big ass with his hands, spreading her buttocks and watching his semen squirt out of her asshole in orgasm.

For a long time he loved the ass fucking, which she willingly granted him. When the boy wanted to be present at the secret trysts of the slave girls and the slaves, he had to swear that he would not tell the mistress, his mother. They were strictly forbidden from fucking each other, but he was an adolescent and curious about all things sex. So sometimes they tolerated him and let him watch. But he wasn't allowed to fuck a single one, because the mistress had strictly forbidden it and they didn't want to be whipped, because the mistress didn't skimp on this punishment. But the slave girls had laughed at him loudly, ass fucking was only a makeshift and not as real as fucking in the vagina! This was very annoying and embarrassing for him, it was the end of the ass fucking. He waited until evening, she spread her fat ass cheeks and offered him the asshole. He stared greedily at her vaginal entrance and the little hole while he rubbed his cock with spit. He penetrated the cunt of the fat one to fuck her, stubbornly and stubbornly and ignored their grumblings. She sighed and grunted in ignorance because she hadn't fucked in a long time and the cock in her vagina made the feelings of masturbating even more intense. She accepted it and pretended it wasn't happening.

She didn't stop masturbating until the second or third time he cummed inside her. She grabbed him and pulled out his cock. He had a hot, wet erection like he did every night. She called for a slave who should redeem him with some hand jobs and squirting. She could have done it herself as that was very common and accepted in her culture, but she never did a hand job. When she was young she had to do a hand job for her aged grandfather for years, and it often took more than an hour before she made the old man cum. She had to sit naked on him, spread her legs and masturbate for a long time, otherwise he couldn't erect. Only then could she do the hand job. Even though her grandfather always wanted to fuck her, she wouldn't let herself be fucked in order to get married as a virgin. Of course, her grandfather was allowed to fuck and squirt in her childish vaginal entrance between her labia, she liked that very much, but mostly she had to give him a hand job. After his death, she vowed never to do it again.

She turned on the light for the handjob so she could control what the girl was doing to her son, it was a mother's duty. The slave girl knew the procedure and dropped her nightgown as she entered. The mother sat naked and cross‐legged on the other end of the bed and watched with glittering eyes as the girl pressed the boy to her breasts and rubbed the cock. The boy touched the smiling girl's sex without the mother being able to see it. The mother's fingers played with her own nipples, which aroused her again. She placed a cloth over her thighs to cover her sex modestly. She sat naively cross‐legged while little Farid, sitting on the girl's thighs and letting her do the handjob, sank onto the bed, put his head between the thighs of the mother and stared into her hole and at the stiff clitoris. How awesome was that! She was still aroused from masturbating and always played with the clitoris immediately while the slave slowly gave a hand job. The slave could of course also see her masturbating.

The mother growled angrily when the slave quietly asked if she should do it to her later? She couldn't hold back the orgasm and was adamant her son wouldn't notice. She soon continued to masturbate after orgasm and it went on for quite a while until the kid didn't get stiff anymore.

Then the slave moved to her mistress, laid her on her back and released her finger from the clitoris. The maid tapped her inner thighs to spread her legs all the way and did her, good naturedly letting her orgasm until she was exhausted. Finally, she fucked the tired mistress with two fingers, so hard that she wriggled, kicked and gurgled with her thick little legs in the air. The mistress was always very ashamed that she had let the slave masturbate her again, like yesterday and the day before yesterday and every day. The slave rose, took her head in her hands and respectfully kissed the top of her head, as was the custom. The boy then turned away to make the mother feel he hadn't seen anything. Farid thought it was really cool to watch her masturbating and especially when she was being masturbated heavily. He would give the slave a coin the next day so she would remove the cloth of the mistress, spread the mistresses legs wide on her back, masturbate her intensely and fuck her hard with two fingers in the end. The little strategist came up with this cool extra when he was 7 or 8 years old and the girls joined in with a grin, the mistress wasn't particularly smart and never found out. His mother gave him a coin every day to thank the girl for the hand jobs, that's how it should be!

By the age of 10, it was recommended to the mother, he would be given his own bedroom, with one or two female slaves lying beside him. They all slept naked, as was the patrician custom. Her mother had forbidden them under severe punishment to let him fuck before his 12th birthday. "Handjobs if you have to, nothing else!" was the clear command. The slave girls feared his mother and would handjob the boy if he had an erection during the day. The mother sneaked suspiciously around them during the day to check that they were really only doing hand jobs for him. Every day during the siesta he crept to his mother's place, stripped her naked and persuaded the simpleton to masturbate in order to fuck her with pleasure while she masturbated for an hour. She was getting fatter, but he loved stripping the reluctant naked and fucking her while she masturbated. Her fat body wobbled and wobbled while masturbating, making him very horny. She loved to masturbate and did it until the end of the siesta. He happily fucked and squirted in the fat woman's vagina as often as he wanted in the hours until the end of the siesta. Farid clung to the beautiful naked girls in the evenings and happily and arousedly rubbed his hard‐on in the girl's bottom fold, which he clutched from behind. The other girl snuggled up to the boy from behind and held his cock so he could cum inside the vagina, even as the mother frowned on. For weeks he whetted the creases of a girl's buttocks and squirted until nothing came.

The bedfellows, of course, showed him their sex with a grin, explained everything in detail and the clitoris in particular. He wanted to see it right away, of course, so they showed him how they rubbed each other to orgasm at the same time. He absolutely loved this kind of masturbation and got a hard erection watching it. One girl masturbated again, the other girl gave him a hand job and made him cum inside the vagina of the other. It went on and on like that, the kid fucked the changing black girls despite the ban. He fucked his two or three black bedmates for the next 11 years until he was 21 when he was married to Numa and took over the lucrative oil business with their two fortunes.

Ayla's orgasms were quicker now as Lena teased her breasts and nipples. Tom gently triggered her orgasm and continued to rub gently until Ayla took over with a sigh and continued to tell.

The years leading up to her Tariq finally turning 12, Numa gave him a hand job as many times as he needed. Since the death of her husband, they both slept naked in her bed. He watched the licking of the slave girls very curiously and got incredibly strong erections. A second slave had to take care of his handjobs and let him squirt from behind in the vagina of the licking girl. He cummed in the girl's vagina as many times as he could. When the girls left he was allowed to lie on top of Numa and she explained to him early on and in great detail how men and women fucked. He was allowed to put his cock in but not fuck. She cooed with laughter as the boy poked and squirted, but he wasn't allowed to fuck her properly until he was 12. He soon refused the hand jobs and sent the slave out. He slipped his cock into the licker's vagina, under her working ass. He fucked the girl like Numa had explained to him the day before and cummed inside to his heart's content. Numa was too busy with her orgasms to stop him right now. But afterwards, as he lay on her limp body and squirted into it, wriggling, she warned him not to fuck the girl, his immature semen would spoil the young girl. He only partially understood that superstition, but he no longer fucked the defenseless. He stuck his cock inside her, of course, but acted passively. He saved his semen for Numa except for the few times the girl wiggled her ass so hornily as she licked Numa that she ended up squirted in. Numa praised him obeying her instructions and let him dance, wriggle and whet on her exhausted body every evening after licking. The dear little fellow was allowed to squirt inside as often as he could. She smiled kindly and stroked his head after he has squirted. She didn't let him fuck her, also because she was already too tired, but he was allowed to cum as many times as he wanted. At some point he had to stop, she turned off the light and he fell asleep in her soft, loving embrace. Numa spent those years in a sexual frenzy. She continued to run the business skilfully, letting her muscular African slaves fuck her insane at some opportunity. It sometimes happened that she let herself be fucked half a dozen times during the day. She only sometimes had an orgasm when being fucked, but always when being licked. Her conservative husband had never shown much sympathy for her sexual orgies and after his death she took the lead again. She was young enough to get fucked half a dozen times during the day and licked to an orgasm or two every night. As she grew old and ill, her son had to practice with all of her young slaves while she watched them and let a slave lick her. Ayla knew some psychology and tried to resemble her late mother‐in‐law as much as possible, for his sake. She called him son, not man or master as was customary.

Ayla cried out softly, because Lena had triggered her orgasm so violently that her abdomen, her whole body was shaking with violent cramps. She held back Lena's fingers with her hands and crouched down. The orgasm was amazing and insanely strong, she needed a break.

Once Lena and Ayla were pretty drunk, they were celebrating some anniversary and got more drunk by the minute; he only drank lemonade, of course. Ayla lay with her back on Lena's stomach, her legs spread wide and casual and played with her clitoris while masturbating. Somehow it must have come about that he was kneeling between Ayla's spread thighs just as she was about to orgasm. He quickly penetrated the beautiful Arab and quickly started fucking. Lena reached forward and masturbated vigorously. Ayla laughed out loud in orgasms and laughed and laughed orgasmically. She laughed until she cried as long as he fucked her. But when he began to thrust and cum very hard after a long time of fucking, she was startled and, crying, pulled his cock out with her hand. She held the tail unsteadily and let the thick jets squirt on her body. Stunned, she squeezed the glans and cock and squeezed out the last drops. Disgusted, she let go of him and sobbed miserably. The intoxication was gone in an instant. She had been fucked for the first time, Tom had broken the oath! He and Lena comforted Ayla, who soon stopped crying.

Lena did her best to save the situation, the women laughed and continued to drink. He was surprised how skilfully Lena manipulated her friend and finally got her to admit that she really liked being fucked. Lena let Ayla drink hastily until she was completely drunk and played nervously with her clitoris. Lena got the drunk within this time that Ayla put her back on her and let Tom fuck her again. Lena masturbated Ayla while fucking and Tom carefully penetrated the completely drunk woman's vagina. Ayla's eyes and mouth widened as he fucked her and he really fucked her for a long time. Lena masturbated her until she gasped and gurgled as she orgasmed long before he did. She relaxed after her orgasm, smiled drunkenly and caressed his buttocks as he fucked. Lena continued to masturbate her softly and Ayla writhed in her second orgasm. He continued to fuck passionately until, after endless minutes, he cummed and squirted a full load into her. Lena continued undeterred, because Ayla was already orgasming, his semen squirting out of her vagina.

The two women drank and, in their intoxication, whispered excitedly for a long time, how was the fucking? huh!? Three wonderful orgasms!? So it happened that he was allowed to fuck with Ayla again and again. When Lena was already too sick to fuck, he only fucked with Ayla and they took turns licking the sick Lena, because licking relieved her pain.

Later, after Lena's funeral, the executor awarded him a sealed box with the two portfolios, her apartment and a very large sum of cash. She bequeathed her clothes and expensive jewelry to Ayla. He cried bitterly when the honorable notary read out Lenas testamentary farewell adress concerning him. If he had known how much she loved him, he would have visited her many more times. His father helped him and very skillfully sold the apartment. He visited Ayla dozens more times, lying down with her and her wives until she moved away with her family.

Tom didn't tell anyone about fucking with grandma Lena and the beautiful Ayla.

The mother whispered in a conspiratorial tone that the father had taken her on vacation every day, some days even several times. She would have made it to the climax a hundred times because her father wanted to watch her again. Once they even went to a swingers club and did it with some people, watched others and let themselves be watched too. She blushed all over because she didn't usually reveal much of her sexual secrets to Tom. She ran her hand over his head. "But that's between us!" she said urgently.

Her behavior after the holiday changed radically. Although she wasn't in a trance, she fingered herself more and more openly in front of him every day. Compared to masturbating, where she rubbed herself fast and hard, now she rubbed with her fingers with a gentle, slow stroking on and around the clitoris. The orgasm came just as quickly, but was very short and unspectacular. It was mostly recognizable by her look. She looked at him with a shy, vulnerable and aching look when she orgasmed. So far she had only let him squirt on her clitoris or close to her little hole, now she started to press his glans into the vaginal entrance before squirting so that his semen squirted inside, but she didn't let him penetrate properly yet. For the second and third hand job, she left his glans in the vaginal entrance because the jiggling glans aroused her very pleasantly when she rubbed the cock hard. Often she would do the handjob and suck and lick his cock, ending up letting him cum in her mouth or deep down her throat. He alternated days of trance and fucking and days of non‐trance with handjobs and squirts as he pleased.

In a trance she told him everything about the holiday in Copenhagen, from newfound marital sex to the swingers club. The fact that after being fucked she masturbated in front of his father and he mounted her while she had an orgasm and cummed while fucking, my God, how awesome was that! That she had let more than five men fuck her in the club and that her father had also fucked two different women, all in public, in front of the others! She had masturbated after every fuck, and it was ridiculously awesome to do it in front of everyone in the anonymity of the club. Lounging horny on a padded stool in the club, spreading her legs wide apart and rubbing her clitoris in front of an audience, oh god, those were violent orgasms! She had watched some women getting their asses fucked, but she didn't like it at all. She had let a girl lick her to orgasm for the first time in her life! The orgasm was stunningly hot and very strong, but she didn't dare to lick the girl. The father had watched and immediately threw himself into a woman's vagina, although he had already spilled himself extensively into a young woman and actually had had enough. Tom asked her if he could lick her, but she didn't want it. And he didn't want to force her.

It went on like this, with and without a trance, until he turned 14 and fell in love with Ilse.

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