The Orgamizations

by Istv├ín Rudas © 2022

The debate the night before was heated and emotional. Ray couldn't believe that less than half of the money taken from the rich went to the real cause. Lin knew full well and contradicted him. He was far too naive and optimistic, more than half was lost. After breakfast they sat next to each other in front of several screens and Lin showed him what she had meant yesterday.

The proportion of direct corruption, i.e. direct embezzlement and cashing in, was only a small part of the loss, but many times higher than he would have estimated. The much larger part was pumped into the organizations themselves. Where once one manager was sufficient, a vice and two assistant managers were added. Ray was flabbergasted. The numbers Lin presented were facts. He cursed and raged. He had been so proud and content that the rich were asked to pay up and paid their fair share. It would have been too nice!

Ray turned back to the gang project, rampaging the shores of Vietnam so fiercely that he made no record of peaceful mating. He remained monosyllabic and silent, the dark thoughts held him captive for days. Lin let him think and ponder and didn't bother him. Only on the third day did he seek discussion with Lin.

"I'm at a loss," he lamented. The governments could not help. On the contrary, some organizations had been taken over by governments because the smell of money attracted greedy politicians like carrion to vultures.

Like every day, Ray and Lin bathed in the sea before dinner. Yesterday and the day before they had watched the sunset in silence, he had pondered and remained doggedly silent. He felt very clearly that he, as the only person on board, had to be ashamed of the corruption and the incompetence of the organizations. Lin and the Jareel have known mankind for a long time and were not surprised at how outrageous people were. It weighed heavily on him. But now, after two days of pondering, he wanted to talk. He hugged Lin while they watched the artificial sun go down and dried off.

"I haven't come up with anything better than that we have to hand over the money in a controlled manner. The Jareel have certainly chosen the organizations conscientiously, but the people still managed to steal the money, inflate the organizations and not properly to be used for the intended purpose." Lin nodded in agreement and said, "Go on, Ray!" He thought for a moment and organized his thoughts. "Next time we must ensure that corruption and self-sustaining action no longer occur. A mechanism that checks the use of the money. We are simply not enough to be this mechanism." Lin nodded again, "We need some comrades-in-arms who think and act as independently as possible. Who aren't easily embroiled in corruption!"

Ray nodded. "I've only found one category of such people in my short professional life, the judges. 90% of them were not corrupt and the remaining 10 stank a mile to the wind." Lin wondered under his breath how one finds such judges. He looked into the reddish disk of the sun and said, following a sudden intuition, "I'll gladly leave that to the three diplomats!" They discussed and developed this idea.

The diplomats each had to appoint three judges, but Lin argued that the Chinese judges certainly represented the party's ideology. Ray laughed and said that Podukhai simply couldn't appoint Chinese judges. "So 9 judges?" Lin asked and Ray nodded. "If we want to fill the dozen, then add the three diplomats!" Lin thought for a second to hear the Jareel's opinion. "Two things should be clarified. How many votes for a decision and how long can the decision take? Getting all 12 votes is certainly an overstatement, and waiting for the decision for more than 24 hours is nonsensical."

Ray felt that three quarters agreement was sufficient and that the 24 hour time frame was good. That was the decision. They ate a chateaubriand with roasted vegetables from Madrid and drank two bottles of chateauneuf du pape without pausing their debate. Zeus would fetch the diplomats in two days and give them the new task. That's how it happened.

Ray was genuinely happy to see the three diplomats again. Zeus levitated the diplomats to eye level once they were seated. As always, he greeted them by name with a warm welcome. The task is quite tricky again this time, he said, spreading the problem with the organizations. Of course the subject was far away for the diplomats, they hadn't had anything to do with the organizations before. He made some examples appear on a display board in front of them and commented on them in detail. His explanations proved successful. They had recognized that something was rotten in the state of Denmark.

Anne and Regine shrugged, Podukhai wondered how that was possible. In China, this problem did not exist. Zeus paused for a long time, allowing his arguments to sink in. "Only one thing helps," he said, "we have to plan and control the promotion!" He looked from one to the other. "The money is deposited in a fund and spent on specified and verified projects!"

"Your tasks are therefore clear. Communicate the new procedure. First: tell the organizations that they have to slim down. You get numbers from me where it was overblown. Second: tell the corrupt that I stole their money already collected again. With these 186 billion dollars you can build up the organization. You will also get the list of the corrupt, the organizations may decide what happens to them. Thirdly, you will put together a committee that will decide on the award."

"Find 9 judges, three of you each. Honest, incorruptible people who decide the award within 24 hours. And of course a larger number of controllers. It will of course become a larger organization, but its success lies in your hands. I know how good all three of you are at organizing. You probably did the building of the project and the selection of the judges in a month. The selection of the judges is very important. This project is too important to fail !"

"Podukhai, you know how much I appreciate you. However, I am convinced that the judges in your country cannot leave the party line. Therefore, I would like you to choose the judges from other countries in Asia!" He smiled at Podukhai and waited. "I will comply with your wish," replied the Mongolian, "and I also know that there will be resistance. But I will fight!"

Zeus nodded with satisfaction and repeated: "9 judges and you three, so the panel has 12 members. Decisions must be made quickly, my suggestion would be within a day. If a project gets a three-quarters majority, it should be accepted. The Controllers must verify that the grant goes directly to the project. August is the next tax due, so be ready!"

Regine answered. She is not so suitable, because of her education she lacks the feeling for economic connections. She would like to appoint an experienced, trustworthy judge in her place. Zeus nodded in agreement, he has great respect for someone who knows their limits. Nevertheless, he asked Regine to start and accompany the project. Regine nodded, she would like to do that.

There was still time to discuss some details and then the meeting ended. The diplomats squinted in the sunlight and went straight to work. The governments were surprised by these developments, they were very unsure what the extraterrestrial intended with it. But, as Anne Kilpatrick emphatically explained to the President and his crew, Zeus wanted exactly what he said. Zeus had no ulterior motives, he spoke directly and without diplomatic flourishes. Zeus justified what he wanted and why. Nobody believed her. She was suddenly faced with a flood of proposed judges, each politician wanting to get his man in position. She diplomatically but categorically rejected everyone and searched herself. She had an excellent network and listened very carefully when she was considering a candidate. After three weeks she had her judges and her organization together. She was in constant contact with Podukhai and Regine, who, like her, were doing well.

The new organization, which they simply called the board for the sake of simplicity, had almost 2,000 employees who collated and pre-checked the data from the projects. More than half would then work as inspectors. The 12-strong panel met via video conference and often worked more than 12 hours a day. The judges were paid an annual salary $100,000 more than the president, which was enough for everyone. Several test runs were organized until everything went well. Judge Adams from Holland soon qualified as leader and was accepted by his peers.

Zeus donated the $1,680 billion of the wealthy to the body in August and ignored the protests of the wealthy. Donation is donation. It was just right.

In theory it all sounded very easy, in practice it wasn't easy. Judge Adams had the applicants sign how much the organization could use for itself and how much went to the mission. The applicants groaned and moaned, they had to slim down according to the guidelines and send people home. Prudently, they sent those who were not needed home. Anyone who didn't lose weight or cheated was cut off from the money supply, and word got around. Judge Adams and the panel were tough, and that helped. However, it was often unsatisfactory. But at least the money flowed lavishly into the missions. Ray and Lin looked at the numbers every day and after the initial stutters of the first few weeks, they felt good.

Many governments participated in missions that represented good causes and goals. Many politicians were thinking beyond just the next election. They were convinced that caring for the earth, the oceans, the flora and fauna and the climate also earned them credit points. A large part of the people, the voters thought the same way. The panel supported missions of small and poor governments on its own initiative, the panel assessed missions and not organizations. In his regular phone calls with the diplomats, Zeus supported this further development.

Podukhai had found good Asian judges. Zeus had spoken to the Great Chairman for the first time, he appeared on the Chairman's screen and spoke to him for half an hour. It was difficult for Ray to mentally get a grip on the Chinese via the translation module, he just didn't do it. Zeus was able to make it clear that he posed no threat to the Chinese leadership and that he still did not want any Chinese judges on his panel. They were ultimately good, loyal party soldiers and he didn't want to bring them into a conflict of conscience. The Chairman felt good about the conversation and felt empowered to give Podukhai a free hand in this matter. At the next meeting of the Party Executive, he reported the good conversation with the alien and officially assigned the task to Podukhai. He received great applause when he carried out his reading that leading the way in accomplishing the task was a great achievement for the Chinese Party and the Chinese people! That was good medicine, the state media could spread that.

Podukhai had the Chairman's full support and immediately started interviewing her network. She interviewed the proposed judges intensively and, after many discussions, decided on a Vietnamese, a Filipino and a Mongolian. They were honored with a celebratory banquet in Beijing, and state television broadcast the banquet, the Chairman's speech and the big handshake triumphantly around the world. Ray and Lin watched the spectacle and were very pleased. Podukhai was more firmly in the system than ever, she had three non-Chinese candidates and China, rather than a loss of face, made a terrific patriotic gain from it all. Ray found that Zeus had had a successful conversation with the Chinese.

Regine had also done a very good job. She conducted around 100 interviews and chose judges Adams from Holland, one from France, one from Germany and one from Kenya. The Kenyan had served at the European Court of Justice for close to ten years and, like Adams, was a man of backbone, assertiveness and a very sharp mind. The judges from Germany and France were well versed in economic issues and had earned the respect of the judiciary. Regine was extremely skilled in selection and was able to ward off all attempts to smuggle in a compliant man.

In the end Anne chose one Canadian, one Mexican and one from the USA. She even had to quarrel with President White, who wanted to fill all three positions himself. She risked a lot in rejecting the president, but she stayed adamant. The President has been far too lenient with his advisors and influential managers. She never questioned his authority as president, but she didn't think much of him as a man. His anger wouldn't last even a week, she knew that for sure. However, she reported during the next phone call to Zeus that the President was quite pissed off because he hadn't had a direct conversation with Zeus yet. The Chinese stated powerfully that they were the first to speak to Zeus. Zeus sighed, he'll do that soon.

Zeus deliberately interrupted a cabinet meeting to talk to White. The conversation, as Zeus had expected, was very superficial. Zeus explained what he intended to do with this task and explained to the assembled cabinet what he expected. Advance humanity. To inspire humanity, with each other and with the better deal with planets. To belong one day to the fellowship of the peoples of the Universe. It was counterproductive, said Zeus in a subordinate clause, that the Americans were developing more powerful, deadly taser weapons. They had not understood his first message and went the wrong way. Cabinet members, apart from the Secretary of Defense and the President, were ignorant and shocked. Zeus gave no sign that his comment was bound to lead to heated debates. He dropped out after 30 minutes.

On the same day, Zeus spoke to the President of the European Union. She was also in a meeting with her commissioners and he greeted everyone by name. Here, too, he explained his intentions and goals. The President was a very intelligent person and understood him immediately. She understood that it was about a serious change in people's behavior and that his commissions and tasks should help people. She promised to actively support Regine Durieux in her task. She reiterated that the issue of climate change was high on her agenda. The conversation was very friendly and Zeus wished them all good luck before ending the conversation.

Ray and Lin took a ten-day vacation while the panel formed. He listened to a lot of classical music and continued to read Piketty. They rowed to the rocks in the sea and sunned themselves. They wandered through the beautiful forest for a day and didn't come home until sunset. They videophoned his parents, who were spending most of the year in Marbella. The parents loved the glorious weather and the ease of life in this magical paradise.

Ray asked Lin not to put a cute Asian girl in bed for him every night, although Lin had correctly observed that they were the ones that gave him great pleasure. He wanted to spend the night with her more and more often, he loved Lin with all his heart and wanted her to lie with him. He wanted to show her his love, that became more and more important to him. Lin blushed every time she noticed and snuggled up to him. He was the first and only man she loved with all her heart.

After the holiday she went back to her program against hunger and he took care of the gang project with renewed vigour. He was annoyed to find out that not only the pirates but also the Chinese army were raping the women of the coastal regions. Although the soldiers shied away from robbery and murder, several raped a woman. He punished them all with a paralysis and additionally emasculated the most violent. Zeus brought it up during the next conversation with Podukhai and she promised to talk to the Minister of War about it. It couldn't have escaped him that so many soldiers were suddenly paralyzed. Ray's anger was great, because none of the women would willingly indulge in gang rape, none of them had sexual pleasure when a whole pack of horny soldiers pounced on them.

Ray once asked Lin if the Jareel were responsible for his never being ill in the last 6 years. Lin nodded, the Jareel were happy to take care of his health. He thanks them for that, he said. It also explained that Lin has always been in good health. She had been with him for 6 years, but she still looked like the 20-year-old who had come to him, not a day older. She was still flawlessly beautiful, seductive, sexually experienced and full of sincere love like the first day.

If he had a problem with his age, Lin asked, who was good at interpreting his state of mind. He said that age is basically just a number, how you feel is what matters. He was afraid of old age. He didn't want any slow-growing diseases, memory problems, or impotence, to name a few. "But you're only 36," Lin said, "none of that bothers you today!" He nodded. "Yet I'm afraid of it! I want to remember everything I want to remember. I don't want to lose my libido, my potency and my curious sexuality!" Lin asked, is it really that important to him? Did he really want to stay 36 forever? "Of course," she objected, "you and I are mortal, someday we must perish."

Ray stroked her cheeks. "I've gotten older year after year, but you haven't. One day I'll be 50 and you'll still be 20, I'm losing my potency, but you aren't." He should have kept his mouth shut, he knew that immediately. He kissed her on the lips. "I'm not 50 yet, let's leave it at that!" Lin looked at him for a long time. "No, my dear husband! I got it right away and I will make you feel physically 25 soon and it will last for many years! No diseases, no memory problems, no impotence and a keen interest in sex, I promise to you!" She hugged him wholeheartedly firmly and kissed him on the lips. "Promised!" She wiped her tears with the back of her hand and looked him straight in the eyes. "I promise!"

The evening passed in silence as they sat snuggled together on the couch, thoughts swirling in his head. He knew she meant it literally and could actually make it happen. He was somehow reassured that he would be spared the hardships of aging for a while, but he also knew he certainly hadn't grasped the implications. The whiskey somehow made him happy, as did the beautiful girl at his side. He called up one of the beautiful records and they admired the beautiful girl from Laos giving herself to a boy. They later went to bed happy and excited.

Ray's body changed from day to day. He didn't notice it right away, most notably that his hair was growing back and the receding hairline that was beginning to recede disappeared within days. He carefully observed the changes from then on and was delighted when his body became more muscular than ever and his small tummy disappeared within a few days. Lin had kept her word. After a month, his body was as strong and efficient as it was when he was 25, his penis grew by centimeters and lasted much longer than before. His sexuality flared up again, his sexual prowess has never been higher. He felt a refreshing clarity and sharpness in his mind and was amazed that he could remember everything, really everything. Lin smiled before breakfast in the morning and said she was smitten with his younger self. He kissed her gently and whispered that he was heartily grateful to her for this miracle.