Ass fucking with Eva

by Jack Faber © 2022

Eva had lived in the convent of the Sisters of Saint James since she was 8 years old. When she was 47, the convent went bankrupt. Most nuns found accommodation in other convents, some were unemployable like Eva. She had no education, had never attended school and was solely responsible for the large herb garden all her life. She helped the other sisters in the vegetable garden because she was a kind hearted person. All plants loved her because she talked to them or sang songs to them. The nuns loved her less. They thought Eva was stupid and somehow they were right, she had no idea about life outside the monastery walls, she had never left the monastery and never attended school. When she was 15, one of the few friendly nurses explained to her how to use the sanitary napkins for her monthly bleeding.

She had taught herself to read and knew the Bible almost by heart. She read many of the religious scriptures and she had wonderful, beautiful feelings when she was allowed to read for an hour in the evening. She ignored the loose activity of the other nuns, who were often visited by monks and priests. Eva was so inconspicuous and not pretty that none of the monks or priests even looked at her, not a single unchaste glance was directed at her.

At 10, she accidentally discovered lying naked on her stomach under the covers, that pressing a hand over her privates after bedtime, and riding her clitoris on the hand relieved the pressing feelings in her abdomen. She would smile easily if she thrust the clitoris on her hand long enough. She did it every night until she was 47.

An old suburban priest took her in, he had put her up in an old two‐room apartment in his parish, and his ancient housekeeper was hired to teach her the necessities of life. Grumbling and nagging, she taught Eva how to shop and cook. Eva went shopping and had to shop on credit because in the beginning she couldn't do math or handle money. The parish office paid the bills. Eva was self‐employed after a month, read an old cookbook and prepared breakfast, lunch&d; and dinner based on recipes from the cookbook. The pastor visited her on a Sunday at noon and tasted her meatballs, they were delicious. The pastor didn't come for that, he wanted to accommodate a distant relative for a few weeks or months. Eva shrugged her shoulders when the pastor wanted it. The boy was 17 and had to finish his school year in this village. He sleeps in the second room and you only have to cook for him, nothing else. Eva nodded, the priest would have a bed and furniture brought for the empty room. And of course the pastor would also send her some religious books, which she could read whenever she wanted, now she had to organize her time herself. — Little did they know at that time that the boy would stay with her for years while he was studying at university and that he would help Eva get a formal education.

So it happened, a few days later Alfi, whose name was Alfred, and who was a pretty savvy 17‐year‐old, came. He grasped the situation quickly, Eva hardly ever spoke and was very compliant, docile and obedient . He went to school, studied until dinnertime, and showered every night. He watched her for a few days and his devious plan began to take shape. He had opened the door a crack and was watching her. She lay naked on her stomach, one hand between her legs, and quickly bumped the hand with her clit. He watched it for a few days and his plan was set. He trembled with excitement and lust.

In the evening he waited until she rode her hand, moaning loudly, and called Eva from the shower to come right away! Eva, who rode her clit naked as she did every evening, jumped out of bed and put on a house dress. She ran into the bathroom what he needed? He was standing in the bathtub and had lathered himself. He held out the bath sponge and asked her to wash his back. She nodded and started washing his back. Then he turned and stretched out his hands to his sides. She had never seen a man, a naked man, a stiff cock! She stared at the cock. Dogs had one too, but much smaller ones when they jumped the bitches. She had seen it sometimes, but thought nothing of it. Alfi ordered her to keep washing him, everywhere. She nodded that she was happy to do that and washed his chest, stomach, arms and legs.

"That one too?" she asked holding his cock and he nodded, yes of course, wash and rub the cock very hard! Eva nodded that she would like to do that. He grabbed her smock, which was already soaked through. "You can take off that wet one!" he commanded and took off her smock. She stood before him completely innocently naked, without the slightest shame. He showed her how to wash and rub the cock. She nodded. She picked up the bath sponge and cleaned the hard‐on and he said to keep rubbing and she obeyed, rubbing and wheezing eagerly. After a few minutes he squirted, she hesitated for a moment and continued rubbing diligently, wiping the semen away with the bath sponge. Alfi nodded, that's enough now, thank you! She should sit on the stool, he said and looked at her body after sitting on the stool.

She was slim, not an ounce of fat. Her breasts were tiny and had stiff teats, she had long smooth limbs and a small ass. Her pubes were overgrown with a dense bush. He asked her if she didn't cut her pubic hair? She shook her head, "yes? you have to?" Alfi laughed, "Of course! I shave them too!" She stared at his stiffy, he really was clean‐shaven all over. "Would you like me to cut them for you?" he asked and got out the beard clippers. She nodded and he knelt in front of her. You should lean back a little, spread your legs and pull apart the skin under your pubic hair with your hands. Eva obeyed eagerly and Alfi shaved off her pubic hair neatly.

He ran the machine and looked at her cunt. He spread her labia with his fingers and looked at her clit, it was medium sized and straight. It was a beautiful clit, apparently without a foreskin and protruding from the flesh the size of a fingernail. He opened her vaginal opening with his fingers and had to look twice. And swallow hard.

Eva had a hymen!

He let go of her cunt, turned off the trimmer and placed his hand on her thigh. He asked whether she had never slept with a man and she shook her head, no, she had lived in a convent all her life. There weren't any men lying down with the women, she said thoughtfully, because sometimes she herself doubted whether it was true, said Eva. Very often the fathers and the monks disappeared into the bowers with the nuns. She has never seen a man like this before, he is the first man she has seen without clothes. Naked. The stiff cock. It was very exciting to see the cock and touch it while washing. She asked if she had properly picked up and washed the cock, because it had suddenly squirted out in the middle? He nodded and said she did everything right and very finely! And that squirting, that was quite normal, a man had to squirt every evening, once or twice. Would she do it again tomorrow? She asked if she should make it squirt again? Alfi nodded so that his head almost fell off. One or two times? she asked and he said at least twice or even three times if possible. All right, she said, if that's how you want it!

"Have you never wanted a man to stick his cock inside you?" Eva shook her head, no, then stopped short. "Like the dogs?" she asked suspiciously and related what she had observed at the time. He nodded, yes exactly. She looked at him searchingly. Alfi said people did it too, like dogs, because their sex felt the urge to do it. Eva thought for a long time. "It's very easy for me, the urge in the sex, I do it completely without a man" she said and he looked at her questioningly. She thought about it, then she said she could show him, she did it every night before she went to sleep.

He followed her into the room and she lay face down on the bed. She began to whet her hand and ride as usual. He stopped her after a short time, he could show her something better. She obediently lay on her back and spread her legs as he said. He moistened her stiff clitoris and masturbated it, he had learned that from his girlfriends. Eva experienced her first clitoral orgasm and beamed. But that was great! she said. It was much stronger than pinching and poking her hand.

The next day she sat with the young vicar in the courtyard for two hours and asked him about the 6th commandment, she had to know exactly what was sinful and what wasn't. When a man rubs himself to cum or when a woman rubs her finger to climax, that's a sin. She asked in detail and the vicar explained to her that if a woman rubs her clitoris with her finger but she is not allowed to rub herself, that would be a sin, the vicar said. Eva understood that Alfi's great new method was a sin. He didn't know whether a woman was allowed to hit herself lying on her stomach, he didn't understand her question and said without thinking that that was fine. And then with the dogs. She had to explain it to him, but he understood her question immediately. All married people fuck and have intercourse, it was legitimate and God‐ordained. But if they weren't married to each other, then it was a sin. That was the main idea of the 6th commandment. "Do you already...?" he asked and she answered no, never! He babbled on about fucking for a quarter of an hour, knowing well that a lot of unmarried people did it, but married people also fucked with someone other than the husband or wife. This is the most common of all sins. Even young students threw away their virginity as if it were a nuisance. People fucked like pigs, even the old pastor fucked his old housemaid... Apparently Eva hadn't noticed his mistake and he immediately changed the subject. The vow, the virgin bride of Christ, and that she must not fuck under any circumstances, not without marrying, not even out of curiosity...! The devil was damn clever and took advantage of people's curiosity, and... and... — Eva almost fell asleep with his unclear ramblings.

Alfi had brought a book from the school library and read it to her. Masturbating was normal, natural and healthy for both girls and boys. That's what it said in black and white. But it was a sin, Eva objected, so she couldn't masturbate the way he had shown her. She had to do it like she had for the last 35 years, lying on her stomach with her clitoris bumping her knuckles, if she did it like that it wasn't a sin. And he's no longer allowed to rub himself to squirt, that's a sin! She promised to make him squirt with the bath sponge as often as was necessary. That wasn't a sin. Alfi did not agree with this exegesis, but he shrugged his shoulders indifferently. She would rub him, and that was okay. She wouldn't masturbate the new way, she would masturbate the old way, that was okay too. And fucking like dogs wasn't an option either, which was a shame, but he wasn't going to do it against her will. He could put up with that. She told him what the vicar had said about fucking and he laughed out loud when she reported that even his great‐uncle, the vicar, was fucking his hoary old housemaiden. He, Alfi, was not a believer and no longer goes to church because they only want to make him feel bad about masturbating and fucking. She questioned him about his masturbating and fucking all evening. She trembled with excitement when he talked about the couple of married women and the couple of classmates, there were only five. She envies him, she said, because he doesn't have a bad conscience about it. They also discussed the nuns who went to their sleeping quarters with the little monks. She was completely confused when he said, laughing, that you don't need two people to go to the bedchamber to pray! The monks and nuns went in to fuck, he was sure.

This is how it went for the next few days, she sat on the stool and rubbed it first with the bath sponge and then with her hand, just as he had shown her. She laughed when he told her to cum on her breasts and grinned as she directed his stream of semen onto her breasts. She rubbed it on her breasts and her teats grew hard and stiff. He put his hands on her shoulders and cummed on her breasts. She rubbed the semen on her teats and whispered that she found it very exciting. It was so exciting, she said, that even her teats had gotten really tight and hard from being rubbed and cummed on, and her clit was urging hard! She rubbed her breasts and squeezed, squeezed and plucked at her stiff teats. "It upset me a lot," she said, "it's pinching me down there!" He smiled understandingly and stroked her breasts and teats. "Come on, do me again," he said, stretching his cock.

She rubbed it, being careful not to splash it on her face. It had happened a few times initially and he said he only wanted to cum on her lips or between her lips, not in her face. "I was clumsy myself," she laughed, embarrassed, "I have to be more careful!" She didn't mind splashing on her lips at all, and when it happened she made a face into one mischievous laughter so that it spurted between her lips. He would tease her teats if she curled her lips all the way around the glans, he offered and she did it, because she was very keen on him working her teats. She cupped her lips around his entire head and when he squirted, she let the semen run out of the corners of her mouth with a smile. Getting braver every day, she took the whole glans in her mouth and enjoyed how exciting and horny his play with her teats was, he was very good at that and she enjoyed the storm it ignited in her cunt.

Every night for the following weeks and months, she rubbed his cock in her mouth with the head of his penis and let him cum inside. "It tickles my tongue and mouth so fine when you squirt," she murmured, "and my teats like what you're doing to them!" She let the semen run out of the corners of her mouth and swallowed the rest, grinning. Alfi was happy with this development and did his part as best he could. He played with her teats until they were hard and stiff, twirling, squeezing, and squeezing them the whole time. She once told him that squeezing her teats almost made her orgasm.

She happily and conscientiously masturbated him two or three times to cum in her mouth, depending on how horny his teat play got her. As soon as the storm raged in her cunt, she quickly lay naked on her stomach to ride her hand. She didn't rub her clit with her finger, but her clit rode her knuckle, which wasn't sinful. Alfi sat cross‐legged at the foot end night after night and watched as she thrust her clit onto the knuckle of her fist to orgasm. She was lying on her stomach with her legs spread as wide as possible. Her round butt rose and fell, thrusting down from above and driving the clit to her knuckles. Her ass, small and spherical, was moving up and down rapidly, arousing him greatly. It was just great how her ass cheeks and asshole widened in the upward movement and were compressed again when thrust. When the orgasm came, she clenched her ass cheeks tightly and rode her clit on her hand at a fast pace.

The whole act just looked awesome and of course he got an erection. If he could lie on her back, he whispered and she stopped. "No, not like the dogs fuck!" she said anxiously. He won't fuck her like dogs, he assured her, he'll just rub his cock in her butt fold, that's okay, isn't it? She thought and nodded. He lay down on her and pushed his cock into her butt fold. She was calmed and pushed again. He matched her beat and banged along with her tempo. Eva loved it because he thrust at the right pace and gave the clitoris extra momentum. Alfi squirted all over her labia and kept thrusting unabated until she orgasmed. He continued to fuck her bottom fold for quite a long time until he squirted too. His semen squirted all over her ass and labia and she wiped it away with her hand. They hugged and cuddled, it was a nice experience for both of them. They talked about it for a long time and Eva was very happy that neither of them had sinned. She found the sharpening and squirting in her bottom fold and on her labia ok, he could do that.

Alfi only let himself be rubbed once after the shower to squirt and squirted between her lips into her mouth, he saved the rest for fucking in her butt fold. He laid on her butt and they fucked like before. When he squirted all over her labia for the first time, she was far from finished. His cock was only softer for a few moments, but he wanted one more time. He pressed her buttocks together over his cock, creating a tunnel. Now he continued to fuck in this tunnel at her pace and only cummed all over her labia long after she had had the orgasm. Again they talked about it for a long time. Eva was grateful that he didn't fuck her, she definitely didn't want that. She didn't mind at all that the semen squirted all over her clitoris, her labia and her fist. She found it rather funny and giggled that was okay.

She was a bit puzzled why he wanted to cum on her labia but it was okay she said giggling and grinning. If it meant something to him, he was welcome to cum on her labia, that was okay. He pressed his cock against her vaginal opening when he squirted. Very carefully, of course, because he didn't want to tear her hymen or fuck her, that was a deal. She giggled every time he cummed on her pussy lips and stroked his cock gently until he finished cumming.

He still needed a kick. He had examined her asshole very carefully, it was bigger and softer than the assholes of the boys he used to fuck in the asshole. She wondered if the vicar had said anything about it when Alfi addressed it. No, she decided, the vicar hadn't said anything about it. The vicar would certainly have said something if it were a sin. So she agreed that they should try next time. Night after night he prepared her for it, while fucking in the tunnel between her buttocks he put a finger in Eva's ass and fucked her with his finger. The finger banging in the ass got her going quickly, she obviously liked it a lot. He assured her that ass fucking wouldn't hurt at all, he would use lots of spit and widen her asshole with his finger beforehand, that's how you do it.

He had to tell her how he knew all this and she laughed out loud and vulgarly when he said that he and the other boys fucked each other in the ass until they later did it with girls. Red‐eared, he had to explain that his first two girls were actually married women, friends who let him fuck them during the day. They agreed which was the turn and the two girlfriends taught him all about fucking. This affair lasted 8 months.

Eva questioned him about every detail and got terribly horny during these conversations. She pressed her hand to the clitoris, asked everything twice and three times and wanted to know exactly how women did it with him and how they could hide it from their husbands. She said thoughtfully that the women surely knew that they sinned very badly. Alfi shrugged, saying that the question of whether it was a sin had never been important to him. She was very concerned about the matter and kept questioning him. He described the women's bodies and genitals as best he could. The more detailed he described the genitals, the hotter became Eva, terribly horny. She pressed her hand to the clitoris while hanging on his lips.

He also had to tell her how things had gone with the three girls from school. No, they weren't virgins and would fuck anyone who crossed their path without much love fuss. They were completely harmless love affairs that lasted less than a week. It wasn't romantic fucking either, mostly hidden somewhere and squirting hastily, that's all there was to it. Yes, he fucked the girls several times a day and no, he was never in love, just greedy and horny to cum in the girls as often as he could.

He really had to poke Eva's asshole with his finger for a long time until she wasn't cramped anymore. Very gently he entered her asshole and fucked very slowly until they were both at the same pace. He could tell from her breathing that she was enjoying it. She passively rested her clitoris on her fist and let him push her. He cummed twice in her asshole and it wasn't until the third round that she cummed. He continued to fuck her for a long time and cummed inside for the third time. Then they hugged, it was very satisfying for both of them. "It's like fucking!" he said. Her eyes widened. "Fuck?" she wondered, "fuck like dogs?" "No," he laughed, "I'm not fucking in your vagina, that would be real fucking!" She breathed a sigh of relief. No, she didn't really want to fuck, that would be a great sin.

For the next few days and the next few weeks they did it like this. She only had to masturbate him once in the shower. She now took the whole glans in her mouth, masturbated it in her mouth and let the semen run out of the corners of her mouth. But the squirting went much better with ass fucking. She enjoyed it very much, because if she let herself be fucked passively, she would have her orgasm regularly. He pulled his cock out of her ass to squirt, pressed it into her vaginal entrance and squirted all the juice into her vagina through the hole in her hymen. The first time she said it felt strange when the warm semen spurted into her vagina. But it's a good feeling, she said thoughtfully.

As careful as he was, the hole in her hymen was getting bigger by the week. He inspected her hymen every weekend when he shaved her pubic area clean. She shrugged, it didn't matter. "You can squirt inside better there," she stated. He said he never wanted to take her virginity, but she said the hymen meant nothing to her. She still didn't want to be fucked "like the dogs," she kept reminding him. He hasn't squirted into her asshole for weeks, to squirt he penetrated her vaginal vestibule and squirted everything into her tight vagina, gently bumping the hole. She liked it a lot and mostly spread her buttocks and labia with both hands so that he could penetrate even easier and deeper.

Weeks later he was able to tip the glans inside, then put the whole glans in and squirt inside. She kept her ass still when he came inside to cum and widened her eyes when he carefully pushed his head through the hole. She was very ashamed, because in those minutes she rubbed her clit rapidly with her fingertip, the orgasm came within moments. They kept going until he had squirt insideed at least three times. So she had at least one orgasm every time he squirted in or when he went back into her asshole to fuck. He was very satisfied because now she dared to rub the clitoris firmly with a finger and trigger the orgasm. At first there was no more talk of the vicar having declared it a sin. She told him afterwards how nice it was for her at the moment. She had never had three orgasms in a row before.

Weeks later, all Alfi saw was a delicate, thin ring when he inspected her hymen. She said she didn't miss the hymen, you couldn't do anything with it anyway. He carefully tried to see if his cock went in, it went. But she didn't want it after she went to see the vicar. That would be like the dogs, she said, and suddenly threw everything she had achieved overboard. No, she really wanted to be fucked in the ass again, and no, he should cum in the ass. Not even penetrate to cum, no. She was very determined and just wanted it up the ass, everything. She lay flat on her stomach and reached back. She spread her buttocks with both hands and he had to penetrate her asshole. Only now did she put a hand flat under her pubic area and put a finger on her clitoris. She lay there quite passively, he poked and poked, pressing her ass to the clitoris rubbing his finger. She now reached at least two orgasms when he cums once. She loved it very much, she told him, that she could now have an orgasm in no time and greedily wanted more and more. After cumming in her asshole, he had to stay calm and wait until she finished masturbating and triggered the orgasm. She was glad and filled with pride at how many times she had brought herself to orgasm. It had become very important for her to have many, many orgasms in a row.

What triggered this change of heart? — Eva had gone back to the vicar, she still had so many questions about sex and sins. The vicar invited them to his private room that afternoon, where they could talk about everything undisturbed. She had thought one step ahead and not put on her panties. It was late summer and she put on her airiest and shortest summer dress. She sat down opposite the spiritual Lord at first and drove him half crazy. She sat down in such a way that the poor fellow had to look down her legs to heaven. She had let Alfi shave her clean and opened her thighs so that he could look into her little hole. She was immediately sure that he was easily seduced. He had to repeat everything about the sins again, she kept asking and asking. He stared incessantly between her thighs and into her little hole, his eyes almost popping out of his head. She kept asking questions, her ass bouncing on the chair and her little hole opening and closing. She asked how the men masturbated, how the women masturbated and how the fucking went. No, she lied, she never had. She got up and sat next to him on the couch.

She'd never seen men do it, she said, placing her hand on the saint's crotch. She felt his strong erection and unobtrusively squeezed it. She really wanted to see it, she insisted, because only by knowing sin could she avoid it. She stubbornly insisted and unzipped his pants. She must have seen it, she reasoned, pulling out his cock. She was surprised because even when erect he was small, downright tiny compared to Alfi's cock. The cock was maybe as long and a bit thicker than her index finger, the glans was hidden under the foreskin and also small and pointed. And while Alfi's glans protruded from under the foreskin during erection and then protruded quite steeply, the vicar's glans remained covered by the foreskin. She pulled back the foreskin very carefully, looked at the bright red glans very carefully and pretended to be stupid. He flinched when she rubbed her thumb over the glans a couple of times. She asked how the sinful rubbing works, and the puzzled vicar gave a purely theoretical description. Did he do it often, the seductive snake asked, and he admitted, yes, almost every day. She was very pleased and asked him to show her. After much hesitation he said he wanted to show it. He stroked the cock a couple of times and sighed, that's how it goes. He stopped.

She disputed that it hadn't squirt indeed at all, but that she understood well how to do it. She grabbed his cock and pulled the foreskin back all the way over the small glans and he sucked in the air sharply, he hadn't shown her that way! But Eva just kept going, though he moaned and then fell silent. She masturbated him the same way she used to masturbate Alfi. She pulled back the foreskin very tightly and pushed it back over the glans, she masturbated him with increasing speed. She felt his squirt coming and pulled back the foreskin very energetically. He squirted in a high arc, she rubbed him on and on and he squirted out loads of semen, moaning and groaning. She wiped it away with a handkerchief.

She thanked him for seeing it and gradually let go of the little cock. His cock remained semi‐rigid, thank goodness. She had to know now how women sinned, that was very, very important to her! The young man was speechless as she turned up her skirt. He stared at her cunt and mumbled he'd never done that before. She urged him, she urged him to show her. The women had described it to him very precisely in the confessional and of course he knew the theory. Hesitantly he touched her cunt and finally found the clitoris after some searching. She nodded obediently and let him drive, but he was the most clumsy man in the world. She stopped him after five minutes, it was no use. She stated that his little cock had become burstingly stiff again when he tried to rub her and now vehemently demanded that he still have to show her how to fuck, she had to know how this sin went. His erection almost collapsed in shock. She immediately rubbed his cock and gave him no rest, he had to demonstrate how to fuck, basta! She pulled him energetically between her legs and quickly rubbed his cock stiff.

He almost had tears of desperation in his eyes when she stuffed his cock up her little hole. He fucked for a long time, panting loudly, and then he cummed, she hugged him tightly until he finished, panting with difficulty. She wasn't aroused in the least, but she felt his cock stay stiff. "One more time, one more time!" she commanded and he had to fuck her again. This time it lasted longer than a quarter of an hour, then he squirted with a tortured facial expression, again she held him until he had squirt inside the last drop with desperate thrusting, moaning and groaning. Then she let go of him. She had understood the principle of fucking now, she said, but she wanted to come back and do it a few more times, she absolutely wanted to, yes!

They had put their clothes back in order and sat down. He suddenly started talking about himself. He was having an affair with the farm machinery salesman's wife. Eva knew who that was. A small, ugly woman in her mid‐twenties who diligently attended mass. She had very thick glasses that made her even uglier. Her big, full breasts bulged out of her blouse so lewdly that everyone had to look. She always wore such short skirts that her panties flashed with every movement and the short skirt emphasized her enormous ass. No matter how you felt about short skirts, she looked so voluptuous, lewd and unchaste that she was believed to be capable of all the sins of the flesh.

The vicar said she called two or three times a week when her husband was away. They always fucked twice in a row, unfortunately he couldn't do it more often. She always masturbated while fucking but he was never allowed to look down. Masturbating is very private, she said, she was very ashamed when masturbating and she didn't want him to watch. She mostly had two orgasms and always kept going without a break. When he was off or about to finish cumming, she would masturbate at breakneck speed to finish. He always waited patiently, looking into her eyes and not down as commanded, until she could induce orgasm. The orgasms could only be recognized and felt by the violent trembling of her ass cheeks. After the first fuck she took his cock in her mouth and rubbed it until it was bursting hard again.

He had to mount her from behind the second time she was fucked and spread her huge ass cheeks with both hands because she had overheard that it was easier to get pregnant that way. She also masturbated non‐stop the second time she was fucked until she was close to orgasm, and then she finger fucked herself up her ass really hard, the best way to induce orgasm from behind‐fucking. In the orgasm she snorted very loudly and her ass cheeks trembled for a few moments, that was all. Most of the time she would masturbate herself to two orgasms on the second fuck and he would calmly get stuck inside her as she masturbated a third time and then finger fucked her asshole to induce the orgasm.

No, he had never seen her masturbating directly, she wouldn't let that happen, she was very ashamed of masturbating. He complied and never looked when she masturbated, not even secretly. But she really wanted to conceive a child and he always had to cum deep inside her vagina. She cheated on her husband with a light heart as he mostly just wanted to cum in her mouth and he only fucked her once or twice a week. The husband pulled his cock out of her vagina to squirt and masturbated, slinging the precious semen all over her body, she lamented. He definitely didn't want children. The vicar was very unhappy about planting a child on the husband, but the ugly young woman was dying to fuck him until she was pregnant. They've been fucking for almost a year without her getting pregnant.

He, said the vicar, had been a sinful man since he was a child, he had masturbated every day since he was a child and he had fucked many women. Some were much older than him and certainly not beauties, but they told him everything in the confessional. What they did with whom, how, when and how often, how they preferred to do it, how often they did it. They described the fucking and masturbating very precisely and seduced him to fuck. After confession, they openly said when and where they were expecting him. He always said yes when the time was right. Many women were young and after confession he knew if they were horny and hot and excited. It surprised him that even very young girls wanted to fuck with the handsome vicar. Even the bishop's 15‐year‐old niece let him deflower her and fuck her several times.

He was transferred here because of the fucking because he couldn't resist temptation. The Lord Bishop hoped for improvement, since he would not find any young women in this community. That was right, too, said the vicar looking down, here were a few neglected married wives, a few fickle widows and two old women who wanted to be fucked. That was his punishment. The young horny woman, who was almost 23 and desperate to have a child, was a bright spot in all this gloom of old cunts worn out from constant masturbation. — She's already 48, said Eva pointedly, she's probably an old but unused cunt too. He smiled embarrassed, by God he hadn't meant her. Eva soon left and went home.

Alfi laughed out loud as she told him everything, not leaving out even the smallest detail. He thought it was good that she had fucked the vicar and was gaining experience. She said the vicar fucked her for half an hour the second time and she secretly made herself three orgasms in a row. Alfi said he was just jealous that she had really fucked with the vicar and never with him. She was silent and didn't want to say anything. Alfi didn't know the agricultural machinery salesman's wife, so she described what she looked like with drastic gestures. Apart from what she had seen herself, she also described her naked body, because she had questioned the vicar in the most embarrassing way. The huge droopy breasts with the pink teats, the ass and the plump ass cheeks and her asshole, which she fucked herself to orgasm. The hairy cunt, the very tight girlish vagina and the small clitoris, which she rubbed furiously when she wanted to trigger an orgasm. The vicar was of course allowed to look at her clit at any time, except when she was masturbating. But after the orgasms he was allowed to watch her clit shrinking and sagging or before masturbating how she gently stimulated the clit and it grew and got really hard. She had once confessed to the saint that she masturbated insanely often and would shave her pubic hair in future because it was a nuisance. How he mounted her from behind and before her orgasm had to spread her ass cheeks very hard with both hands so that she could fuck herself with her finger in her asshole until the orgasm came. Alfi laughed this evening together with Eva as much as they haven't in a long time. She then said seriously that she now knew exactly what the vicar meant by sinful fucking. They would have to change that, she didn't want to sin on purpose, no! He was no longer allowed to squirt inside into her vagina, only into her ass. Alfi said nothing depressed, Eva was nuts, that was a step backwards.

He wanted to pull his cock out to squirt into her vagina, but she shook her head firmly, no! He had to pull his cock out again and put it up her ass, she said, ass fucking wasn't sinful. Submissively he entered her asshole again and fucked again. Only a few minutes later her orgasm came, shaking and twitching a little as usual. He continued to fuck, pounding her ass furiously and furiously squirting in her ass. He lay exhausted on her ass and noticed that she was still rubbing her clit. He lay there for a very long time, waiting for her to bring herself to orgasm. Yes, she said, that's how she wanted to keep it in the future, without sinful squirting inside. He wasn't happy at all, but she wouldn't change her mind. He stuck to their guidelines for a few days.

But after a week he said he didn't want to just cum in her ass anymore. He argued that she had properly fucked the vicar and was condemning him to ass‐fucking. That wasn't right, Alfi complained. She gave herself two days before she again allowed him to penetrate her vagina to cum. But he mustn't thrust in the vagina like the dogs and he nodded that he wouldn't do it. But they both noticed that he couldn't squirt without thrusting. He had to fuck her ass again to get going. For the next few days he would stuff his entire cock into her vagina to squirt, thrusting a little bit to cum and finish cumming. After a long discussion, she agreed because otherwise he couldn't squirt. She, too, stretched out the moments of clitoris rubbing, she had found a taste for it, although she felt guilty about the sin. He wanted to thrust longer before squirting and she was reluctant but happy to let him thrust longer because her clitoris rubbing also increased.

They didn't talk about the fact that he didn't fuck her in the ass at all anymore since she was fucking with the vicar once a month. He had inspected her vagina and found that the hymen had completely disappeared. It was the vicar, she said dejectedly, she felt the tearing of the hymen very clearly. Eva thought aloud that the farm machinery salesman's wife was finger‐fucking her asshole to achieve and trigger orgasm. She couldn't, Alfi was lying on her ass. She asked him rather uncertainly and a little embarrassed if he would fuck her ass while thrusting with a finger because that would be so nice! Maybe she would get an orgasm like that woman. Of course, said Alfi, of course! He now fucked her in the ass with a finger every time, that was no problem at all! They tried it, she stopped masturbating the clit just before orgasm and stuck her ass out a little more. He continued to finger fuck her ass and increased his pace. She came and how she came! She cried out softly as he brilliantly triggered her orgasm and gasped loudly. Her ass cheeks expanded and contracted again and again, without pause, like two shutters slamming open and shut in the storm. He continued to fuck her with his finger until the orgasm was over. Gradually her ass cheeks settled and her asshole smacked shut as he pulled his finger out.

She dropped her head to catch her breath, then rolled onto her back. "Come fuck me!" she whispered and they fucked face to face as they had done many times since she had let the vicar fuck her like that. Her hand went to her knob and she masturbated until he cummed and sank onto her. She stopped masturbating and hugged him as he continued to thrust hard and finish cumming. She held him tightly with one arm and continued to masturbate. He lay very still on her and felt her masturbating fingers. It didn't take her very long to trigger her orgasm with her finger. Then she released him and he slid beside her. "I've never had such a strong orgasm as before," she whispered, "the woman was right, triggering the orgasm with your finger in the ass is something very special!"

She liked lying on her stomach best. He entered her small, tight cunt from behind, finger fucked her ass at the same time, and they fucked for a long time. She immediately rubbed her clit with her finger and stopped bouncing her ass, she didn't need it anymore. She masturbated with his finger from the start and he tried to elicit her orgasm his finger up her ass at the same time as he squirted. It was so fine that after her orgasm he continued to fuck for a while to cum and finish cumming, he lay patiently upon her ass until she finished masturbating and triggered the orgasm with her finger.

From now on she would masturbate from orgasm to orgasm without a break, while fucking as well as during his breaks. It didn't bother her at all when Alfi watched her masturbate during the break, on the contrary, it turned her on. Towards the end of the fucking she was panting very hard and had to really work for the last orgasm. As they both lay side by side, breathing heavily, she whispered that now she rarely masturbated before bed because she'd exhausted herself fucking and didn't feel like it anymore. So far she'd still masturbated before bed a few times when he'd gone into his room, she admitted, blushing when he asked. Yes, every night before bed. She usually fell asleep after the second masturbation or while masturbating for the third time. No, she replied, masturbating once was far too little. But now she was masturbating while fucking so often that she had to wrestle her last orgasm out of her clit and that was enough for the evening.

Eva loved lying on her stomach, keeping her ass still and rubbing her clit with a finger from the start. She really liked being fucked prone, being finger fucked in the ass at the same time, and masturbating herself with one finger from the start. Again and again she let her orgasm be triggered by his ass‐fucking finger. They hugged for a long time when he'd cummed in enough times and she'd climaxed a dozen or more times. She masturbated while fucking so many times that she didn't need to before she fell asleep. They whispered about sex for a while, then he went to his room.

They never mentioned that they had been fucking regularly and properly for months.

Like the dogs.

• • •

She kept going back to the vicar and fucking him two or three times. She also didn't let the good man look when she was masturbating while she was being fucked. She told Alfi afterwards and they laughed together whenever the lord had experienced something strange again with the agricultural machinery salesman's wife. And there was always something new. The woman was finally pregnant. She was very happy and her tummy grew from month to month. He was no longer allowed to lie on top of her while he was fucking, he leaned back and was finally allowed to watch her masturbating, although she was very ashamed of masturbating. Very slowly she aroused her clitoris, which slowly stiffened and protruded like a thorn, the size of a phalanx of her finger. Her clitoris had no visible foreskin, it was exposed and she masturbated the clit in circles. As she picked up the pace, her breathing became shallow and she was aroused beyond measure. He stopped fucking and just watched. She rubbed herself at breakneck speed, exploding in orgasm, wriggling and jerking. Only then did she stop masturbating the clitoris.

She had a permanent clitoral erection throughout her pregnancy. She masturbated obsessively every hour, the flesh around her clit and the clit itself was completely sore and inflamed red. He applied a thick layer of hayflower ointment to the inflamed flesh and poor clit and she moaned for him to keep rubbing the ointment on her! He had watched her masturbating very closely and brought her to orgasm easily and fairly quickly. She stretched all her limbs and grabbed the spherical belly with both hands during orgasm. She held her stomach tight while her legs and ass cheeks twitched and wriggled wildly in orgasm. He used her short break and penetrated her. She immediately masturbated again when he started fucking and it was already the third time he cummed. Her third orgasm came just moments before he finished squirting. Her girlish, very tight vagina squeezed every drop out of his cock during orgasm.

They lay side by side, exhausted, whispering to each other. The vicar was very happy to see the child and stroked her big, round belly. She whispered that he was the first man who could masturbate her so perfectly and that's why she looked forward to it every time he masturbated her. She didn't have to expect anything from her husband, she told the vicar, he came home drunk every day after midnight, fucked her briefly and brutally and cummed inside.

It was the same on the last day of this marriage. It didn't help her to point out to her husband that her clitoris and the flesh around it were completely raw and painfully inflamed from so much masturbation and that fucking was causing her a lot of pain. "You seem to masturbate all day long!" the drunk rumbled, "instead of fucking with me, the fine lady masturbates all day long, so it's no wonder she's so raw and inflamed!" he yelled. "I want to fuck when I get home, remember that at last!" he yelled and gave her a resounding slap in the face. He was the Man, he cursed wildly and took off his trousers and underpants with one hand.

He grabbed her roughly and forcibly pulled down her panties. "Come here, horny bitch!" he cursed and forced her legs apart with force. He stared blankly at her shaved pubic area, which still showed traces of the ointment. With a rough grip of his fingers, the drunk parted her labia. "Ah, there we have it," he laughed, slurring, "the most diligently masturbated cunt in the village and the goddamn clit that goes with it! Everything red, everything inflamed!" She tried to defend herself. "I told you from the start that I have to masturbate very often and a lot," she snapped angrily, "you always knew that and never said anything about it before!"

She felt the tears well up as he roughly and angrily pinched her stiff clit with his fingers and rubbed it roughly and sullenly. He's always done that since she was pregnant, when he wasn't totally drunk. He enjoyed inflicting pain on her as often as possible, the stupid cunt! She cried silently because even that pain fueled her sexual fire. She involuntarily opened her legs wide and closed her eyes in painful pleasure as he masturbated her quickly and brutally. She held her stomach with both hands as her orgasm erupted and he gleefully glared at the wild twitching of her legs. Relentlessly, he continued to masturbate her into orgasm, laughing sardonically as her legs wriggled and twitched high in the air for minutes.

When it was over, he put one of her legs on his shoulder and bent low to her cunt. He masturbated her stiff clit fast and brutally, he was damn good at it. She closed her eyes crying, because the flashing pain kindled an insane lust in her pussy. She moaned and meowed with relish in her horny pain and stretched her thick legs bolt upright in the air. He rubbed her with brutal pressure for minutes and she clutched her stomach protectively. Her orgasm erupted with a faint scream, her little legs kicked and wriggled in the air for minutes. He didn't stop brutally masturbating her even after her legs had calmed down.

He continued relentlessly, for he could clearly see how painful his masturbation was for her. She cried uncontrollably and smiled at the same time, because this pain was the hottest thing she knew. Gradually her legs rose, automatically straightened up in the air. She hadn't been so horny with pain for a long time. With a loud, drawn‐out scream, she erupted in orgasm, her fingers clutching the sheet and she kicked and kicked her legs in the air. He was pleased with himself, her terrible scream rewarded his sadistic desires, that was enough. Only when her convulsions subsided after minutes did he stop the painful rubbing. Her clit remained hard and stiff. "Come," she said through tears, "come, come and fuck me, darling!" He nodded contentedly with a stupid grin and brutally penetrated her vagina, ignoring her round belly. She held her belly with both hands protectively and the drunk fucked her long and brutally hard. He squirted after a short time and stayed on her belly until he had finished squirting.

He got up on his knees, pulled out his stiffy and stared at her clit. She was still very sexually aroused from the brutal fucking and her clit stuck out naughty and stiff, big as a knuckle and dark red. She put her finger on the clit and rubbed immediately. "You're masturbate again, bitchy cunt," he grinned grimly, "but it won't work now! Come here!" he ordered and held the half stiff in front of her face. "Squirting in my mouth?" she asked suspiciously, still rubbing her clit, but he shook his head and grinned stupidly. "I want to fuck, you bitch, dammit!" She took the whole cock in her mouth and rubbed it with her hand until it was all hard again. She patiently sucked his cock hard because he was dying to fuck a second time, so he couldn't see her simultaneously rubbing her clit into a quick, stealthy orgasm.

He fucked her roughly, ignoring her bulging belly, thrusting and thrusting like a savage bull. His cock was the dagger to kill, kill, kill her! He had been forced into marriage because she wasn't really pregnant at the time! Booze and anger clouded his brain. He didn't pull his cock out anymore, the damage had already been done and he could cum inside her without hesitation. He swears while squirting because he didn't want the child. She gave in passively, any refusal he would punish with a beating. The hard fucking and the pain of it excited her madly, but she didn't dare masturbate openly in front of him. Earlier he had beaten her once when she was masturbating while being fucked. Now he wanted to fuck her a third time and she had patiently and masterfully sucked his cock hard for the third time, but he couldn't. She laughed at him gloating as his cock kept going limp. He ended up beating her to the point of hospitalization and kicking like a madman his naked wife who had fallen to the ground.

The neighbor heard every word and the screaming, found the unconscious woman and had her taken to the hospital. She suffered a stillbirth in the hospital and she was deeply broken and devastated. Broken ribs, broken bones and cracks on her privates spoke a clear language. Her husband went to prison and was convicted of manslaughter of her child and domestic violence. She filed for divorce, but it dragged on for over a year.

She stayed in the hospital for three more weeks while everything healed. She complained to the vicar, who was only allowed to visit her in the last week, that she could never masturbate unobserved in the three‐bed‐room and that it was very embarrassing for her. She couldn't masturbate under the covers and uncovered herself, so it was very humiliating to masturbate naked in front of the audience, but she had to, at least three or four times. The other two women sat up and watched her masturbating, grinning. The viewers also masturbated, but secretly under the covers. — The vicar took her in his arms with a smile and comforted her.

But she had hardly returned from the hospital when she called the vicar. They fucked every day before dinner, after dinner and every night because she really wanted to have a child, even without a husband. The vicar smothered her every thought of leaving the church and marrying the ugly egomaniac. That was out of the question for him. She held him back when he was about to leave, he had to conceive the child for her, he owed her that. She had a permanent clit erection again, masturbated as much as she had during pregnancy, but now he watched her do it, even though she felt deeply ashamed. She was sore again in no time and he rubbed her with the ointment before masturbating her. She made him fuck her a third time late at night by arousing him. She turned on the bedside lamp, sat on his chest and masturbated just inches from his face, giving him an erection one hundred percent. She was very ashamed of masturbating, and that didn't change over the next years. He was with her every night and she never gave up hope of conceiving. He didn't get to fuck Eva anymore, but she didn't care.

She had her Alfi, with whom she fucked every night and masturbated to exhaustion.

• • •