The Deaf And Dumb Child

by Jack Faber © 2022

How amazed he was when one morning he threw back May's blanket and there lay two naked girls. May was immediately awake and woke the other girl, who resembled her like a sister. May apologized for acting on her own authority. But her cousin Lin had shown up in the middle of the night, fleeing from her mother's boyfriend, who had tried to rape her. He went on to ask. She was a distant cousin, he said, about 17 and deaf and dumb. She attended a special school and was in her penultimate year. He looked with pleasure at the nakedness of the young girl and thought. His erection had disappeared and that annoyed him. He said somewhat gruffly that the mother was probably distraught where her daughter was, May would have to call Lin's mother this morning, by all means!

He asked quietly, could they not fuck now because of Lin? May laughed, No, silly! and corrected, No, Master Jack! They already talked about it and Lin had suggested to go out meanwhile. But she can stay for my sake, May said with her inscrutable smile and continued rubbing his cock. They communicated with hand signals and Lin lay down with his back to them. May cuddled him and pulled him against her. Her French kisses and handjob made him stiff again. He glanced at Lin, who had turned away and was looking back over her shoulder. May didn't care and helped him into her hole with both hands. He waited for her commands and following a sudden inspiration, he put his hand on Lin's well‐rounded ass. Lin put one hand on his and looked at him inquiringly. She turned to them and lightly grasped his hand, letting his hand slide to her pubic and looking into his eyes. He fucked May very slowly and Lin held his hand, which rested very calmly and lightly on her pubic and slid over it in rhythm with his fucking. He felt the hot labia and clit with his palm and fingers. A volcano about to erupt! She let go of his hand only when May called him. May was about to climax and called him, he fucked her very hard and held back until her orgasm. Only when she called again, he thrust violently and squirted into her orgasm.

He lay exhausted next to May, who was communicating with Lin in sign language. He asked after a while what they were talking about and May replied that Lin wanted to know if the fucking hurt and if she had really had an orgasm at the end. The girls chatted for a while and he asked if he could look at Lin's sex. Lin looked at him with big widened eyes and thought, after some hesitation she nodded.

Willingly, she spread her legs and looked into his eyes. She looked rather Chinese and reminded him of Chin during his studies. He immediately felt the inexplicable sexual attraction he had for her as Chin had before. Lin's father was indeed Chinese, as he later learned. Her facial features and eyes especially were clearly Chinese. Her body, like Chin's, was very womanly and had narrow hips. May's body, on the other hand, looked young‐girlish and less womanly. Lin was taller and more delicate than May, and her breasts were much larger. She had a small raven bush above her pubic cleft and he gently parted her labia with his fingers. Her privates were not as dark brown as May's, but bright pink, and her clit was small but very prominent. She was virgo intacta, as he immediately noted.

He had already examined the private parts of hundreds of young girls in ordination who had been raped or otherwise abused. He knew what a virgin looked like and what a prominent clitoris was. It was never sexually arousing for him to examine the little girls, they were children after all! A few girls, however, showed him quite unabashedly how they had been masturbated by the perpetrator and masturbated completely unabashedly in front of him to show him the abuse. The doctor's lady assistant stood next to him, becoming really aroused and was virtually a witness that the girl did it without being asked. The girls' gentle orgasms were moments when he had to pull himself to order. Of course, with a few, he noticed the calculating looks when they exhibitionistically showed him their masturbation, on almost every date. Never did he ask the girl to do it. He conscientiously examined the naked girls and sent his medical assistant out, this took away the shyness of the girls. He would sit on his stool directly in front of the girl and watch her up close. Some were chattering, some were silent. Some were still very clumsy, but most could masturbate perfectly. All of them only got silent orgasms, because they were so used to that. If the doctor's assistant came in too early, he could fake an examination of the genitals. This was not proper for a doctor, but as a man he was curious. The majority of the girls had already been deflowered and had a long masturbation experience. He questioned all of them in detail about their abuse and sexuality. Only in very few cases he made an official report, in all cases he informed the mother in great detail and gave them addresses of help organizations.

He stroked Lin's pussy with the flat of his hand and squeezed her knees together as a sign that he was finished. May had to translate. He asked about everything and the girls giggled and Lin repeated the hand signals in utter amazement and disbelief. Yes, she had been masturbating before going asleep since an early age. She liked to give her friends handjobs and blowjobs, they all did, didn't they? She had done it to at least two dozens. No, her friends were only allowed to touch her breasts, not her pussy.

He said he would discuss it with Lady Janet later at breakfast. Lin could stay and she and May would have to sort out the matter with Lin's mother as soon as they could. He saw that Lin's dress was torn and instructed May to go to the store with her and buy underwear and a new dress. Lin had to give May a hand and help out around the house. He wanted to know at the end exactly how it was with the rape. Lin had obviously read his lips and answered in a strange scratchy voice.

She had to tell from the beginning and told most of it in several days. Her mother's boyfriend was the first to live with them after a long time. The mother had over ten years only one night stands, she disappeared with them in the bedroom and the men were no longer there the next morning. This friend now had nested, he was lazy and unemployed and brought the mother at irregular intervals a very thick bundle of bills. It was much, much more than the cost of his stay, but the mother pocketed the money without batting an eye. Lin asked her, but she answered that she was saving him the money for the whorehouse. It was never known how he had obtained it, but certainly not with honest work. He didn't care about all that money, he wasn't demanding and just needed a home and a woman to fuck. He had chosen her because she was definitely horny for fucking. That she had a big fat ass didn't bother him at all. Because, like most with fat asses, she wanted to fuck and masturbate at all hours of the day and night. And also because she had a daughter of the right age. Pretty and fuckable. He knew that one day he would trade his mother for her daughter, he had always kept it that way until now. It had never turned out well because both mother and daughter disappeared without a trace, but he was never suspected. Otherwise, he was always watching TV and drinking his beer, but never drunk.

He had some outlandish sexual behaviors and, for example, always left the bedroom door wide open when he fucked the mother. He stated with a wide grin that Lin could watch from the living room couch in the darkened living room, stripping naked in the glow of the light coming from the bedroom. He tied his mother's hands to the bedposts and mostly her legs as far as they would go, so that her cunt lay wide open before him like a ripe fruit. He took his time and struck her ass and pussy very lightly with the dog whip.

Often Lin had watched his mother fuck him. It was not very often that the mother brought a man, only once or twice a month. Some came only once, most more often. Lin had always spied on the mother and watched her fuck. They were mostly young colleagues from the hospital where she was a cleaning lady. It was sexually very exciting to watch them secretly. Lin didn't know whether or not the men liked her mother's flat breasts or oversized ass. The mother usually made the cocks stiff with a hand job. Since they started fucking almost immediately, Lin guessed that the men were just already horny for fucking. The cocks dipped between the thick labia and fucked inside the vagina. When they squirted, she clawed her fingers excitedly into the men's ass cheeks and cheered them on. She rarely got an orgasm while fucking. She usually let the young men fuck her twice and masturbated each time immediately after he squirted. Most of the men lay there like slain, only a few watched her masturbate. It was all very much like what the girls at school whispered about fucking.

Almost every day she saw the mother masturbating in the evening, when she herself sat on the living room sofa in the dark and masturbated while watching. The mother always left the bedroom door half open and masturbated at the same time every evening. She lay naked on the bed and fondled her flat breasts while reading. She read a few pages in a Threepenny novel, put the booklet aside and opened her legs. She stroked her pussy and parted the thick, fleshy labia with her fingers, rubbing them until the clit was aroused and protruded. She rubbed the clit quite rapidly and rarely masturbated for more than a minute or two. Her thick abdomen rippled even though she orgasmed only very lightly. She read a few pages again and masturbated again. The second time lasted a little longer and this orgasm was much, much stronger. She rolled on the bed shaking her fat ass until it was over. Then she turned out the light and fell asleep. Lin always tried to orgasm at the same time as her mother.

After all, Lin knew masturbating from a very young age, she was always there when her mother was masturbating when she was a little girl. At that time, the mother was still very young and masturbated very often, several times a day and several times in the evening. Lin learned from an early age to pretend not to watch her mother, even though they were both sitting or lying on the only bed. Lin sometimes suspected that the mother did not mind if she watched. After all, she was sitting directly across from her on the bed, and the mother was stroking herself and masturbating with her eyes closed.

The mother also had gentlemen visit very often and they fucked shamelessly in the presence of the child, as she played with the dolls in her corner. The mother was so driven by her sexual greed that she really believed that the girl did not notice anything. Lin was sitting on the floor pretending to play with her dolls. In truth, her eyes were right at the level of the bed and she was looking directly at the thick ass cheeks and into the wet pussy. Her mother rubbed the cocks stiffly with her hand, often in her mouth. There it happened again and again that the guy squirted in her mouth, the mother spat and scolded him. Nevertheless, she did it again and again, because the men wanted it.

Lin looked at the dicks very closely before they disappeared into mom's pussy. Most penetrated very slowly and carefully at first, as mom groaned and moaned with greed and horniness. Lin watched the fucking with great attention like a scientist, silently counting how many times the cock was thrust into the fleshy vagina before it squirted. She always saw exactly when the men squirted into her pussy, his testicles jumped up and down when he squirted. The mother was very aroused from fucking and masturbated after each cum, it took her only seconds to orgasm. It was very exciting to watch the mother fuck and then masturbate, but the child didn't let on. When the fucking was done and the mother looked up, the child played with her back to her and had not noticed anything.

It wasn't until she was 9 that Lin got her own room in the new apartment and got to see a little less about her mother's love life. She had often given handjobs and blowjobs to school friends, which is what all girls did when they were 10 or 11. The boys liked her handjobs a lot, because she made them squirt all over. They also loved her blowjobs, although she rarely swallowed the cum. Once she was voted Mouth of the Month , the highest recognition of her blowjobs.

Now she stared spellbound into the bedroom. The whipping seemed to excite the mother and so did the fucking. He often tied her legs up so that they almost touched her bound hands. In this position the mother's oversized ass came out ugly. Lin could tell quite clearly when the mother was having her orgasm by the twitching convulsions of the big ass cheeks. He deliberately let Lin see his squirting and pulled his cock all the way out to squirt into the big hole. He grinned right in Lin's face, masturbated with his hand and squirted his last jets in her direction.

Lin had always stripped naked and the glow of the light from the bedroom illuminated her as she rubbed her clit and masturbated. His fucking of her mother aroused her greatly. She stared mesmerized at the vagina his thick cock had dilated. She often felt like his cock was thrusting and thrusting and thrusting in her own pussy. Often Lin would have an orgasm at the same moment he was squirting, because squirting excited her sexually a lot. When he squirted in her direction, she would cheekily lift and spread her bare legs. She withstood his gaze on her orgasming pussy and her stiff clit between her fingers, she was at a safe distance.

Frequently she wasn't finished, stretching her legs in the air and rubbing her clit to orgasm quite pleasurably. He had stopped fucking and turned to Lin, who was masturbating in the bright light. He masturbated his cock and squirted in rich jets in her direction. It made Lin insanely horny and she instantly rubbed herself to orgasm. They grinned at each other afterwards like kids who just did something.

Those were the only times she let him watch her masturbate. Let him watch her orgasm! Let him watch how she rubbed her clit to orgasm! She felt a nonsensical superiority, she was out of reach for him. He stopped staring over and wiped the last drops of semen from his glans with relish when her twitching orgasm had died away. He paused, drinking his beer and sometimes stroking the pussy of the crucified mother who waited for him with her legs spread. Lin stared spellbound at the large hole his mother's cock had left in her pussy and could not take her eyes off it.

He took the dog whip again and alternately struck hard and lightly on the mother's fat ass and pussy. He penetrated her asshole with one finger and finger fucked her fat ass until she squirmed in pleasure. He pushed his cock into her vagina and fucked her again, but he mostly couldn't squirt again. As soon as he let go of her, her mother freed one arm and masturbated really fast. After no more than a minute she would orgasm, much stronger than when she was getting fucked.

Lin asked her mother, but she said she wanted it that way herself, although she was terribly embarrassed that he left the bedroom door open. The tying up and the dog whip was his idea, but both made her very horny. And he never knotted the ends, but she held them herself and could free herself at any time, that's what they had agreed. She said he had quite a big, thick cock and could fuck quite well, better than anyone else. Lin had seen the cocks of her previous fuck partners and had to silently agree with her. Lin doubtfully asked why she orgasmed so rarely while fucking then, but her mother shrugged her shoulders. Her mother was very relieved when Lin lied that she didn't look when she masturbated after fucking. You are a good girl! She always saw Lin masturbating while getting fucked, she said softly, she didn't want to avert her eyes, she had to see it. She said it drove him crazy when he squirted in her direction and she exposed herself while masturbating and orgasming. Just be careful, girl!

When his mother was on night duty, he would sit next to Lin on the living room couch to watch TV. He unabashedly took off his pants and masturbated. Lin didn't mewl and just watched him out of the corner of her eye until he squirted into his handkerchief. This continued for many weeks. One day he demanded that she bare her breasts. She did not respond until he fetched the dog whip from the bedroom. She bared her upper body and took off her bra. Her feelings about this were very ambivalent because she definitely had nicer breasts than her mother. She was a little bit proud that he stared at her breasts while masturbating, later he palpated her breasts and while squirting he excitedly pinched her teats. That was enough for him for a while. Later he stood up before squirting and squirted on her breasts, pressing his cock on one of the breasts and squirting on the nipple.

Also that was only enough for a while, he pressed his cock on her lips. She gave him a blowjob and let him squirt in her mouth. She had done this quite often and it went quite well for months. Often her mother would come home early and be frozen. Her daughter, exposed to her belly button, had her bare breasts fondled by him and she rubbed his cock in her mouth! She didn't move and waited for Lin to swallow or spit out his cum. She went ahead into the bedroom and they closed the door. Presumably they argued, but when he opened the bedroom door wide a moment later, her mother was tied up again as if crucified, and they fucked as they always did, as if nothing had happened.

He increasingly demanded that Lin strip completely naked and present her sex cross‐legged during the blowjob. This also went well for a while, Lin was indifferent and did not move when he grabbed her pussy. Often her mother would come home too early, but he would not be deterred and just kept going. She saw that her daughter was sitting completely naked in front of the fiend, rubbing his cock in her mouth and he was fingering her pussy. Lin continued unperturbed with the blowjob, letting him squirt into her mouth in disgust and spitting out his cum. The mother lowered her head after the squirting and went into the bedroom to be fucked while tied up afterwards.

He soon knew no shame. He had forced Lin to kneel naked next to her mother and watch them fuck up close. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head to within inches of her mother's pussy. She had to bend over and look into the big hole and at her mother's labia, which were swollen with arousal. Only a few centimeters in front of her face the cock, which he inserted very slowly between the labia. He grabbed Lin by the hair so she must see up close how he inserted his thick cock into her vagina and then fucked it rhythmically. She didn't hear her mother's horny moans, but she saw the little clit gradually stiffen hard and nod in rhythm.

Since fucking always took a long time and excited her sexually, Lin masturbated secretly without him being able to see it. Her mother, of course, could always see it and smiled. Lin knelt bent over her mother and turned her pussy towards her while masturbating. She pressed her lips to her labia and masturbated quite pleasurably. Her tongue touched her clit without licking it. If she was already very far, she bit very lightly on the labia or clit while she was getting off. Or she would nibble on his cock with her teeth when he pulled out, she would bite the glans very horny and lightly. He pressed her lips very firmly on his mother's pussy or his pumping cock while orgasming. It was very soon clear to him that the girl was masturbating, but he couldn't see it, he only saw her back and butt. He put one hand on Lin's butt cheek and one finger on her pussy and felt her masturbating. Lin didn't care that he put a finger on her pussy and cheekily continued masturbating while kneeling. She just never let him watch her masturbate, even though he begged. His finger did not bother her in any way, on the contrary, it made her even hornier.

He just left the mother tied up after fucking, even before he had cum, and let Lin give him a blowjob. Most of the time the mother would free one hand and masturbate really fast while Lin rubbed the cock in her mouth. Lin, of course, saw the embarrassment in the mother's eyes and reassured her she wasn't watching.

Lin did not dare at first, because he put her hand demanding on the pussy of the mother while fucking. She did nothing at first and he was very displeased. It took quite a while until she dared to touch her mother's wet cunt with her hand. It was the first time and she shivered when she touched the labia and the excited clit. Her mother's eyes shone feverishly and her lips formed words. "Yes, please, please, do it to me!" He urged her and there she gently rubbed her labia and lightly stroked her clit. When her mother's eyes begged, she masturbated her clit to orgasm, just as she had seen her do many times before. She looked disdainfully at the dear friend struggling in her mother's vagina.

He stopped fucking before squirting and Lin stared at the large hole his cock left in her mother's cunt. She stared into the wide open vagina for a few moments and took his cock into her mouth. Lin tasted the taste of her pussy on his wet cock and shuddered. She looked sadly at her naked mother and had to rub his cock in her mouth for a long time until he finally squirted. Lin was not a bit horny in these moments, only terribly sad because he was deliberately humiliating her mother. Lin put her face right in front of her pussy during these months and masturbated her while fucking her as often as she could, because her mother's orgasms, which he couldn't manage, humiliated him and visibly hurt his ego.

Some time later, when the mother was on night duty again, he took Lin's hand and placed it demandingly on her pussy. She shook her head, No, she will not masturbate in front of him! she said defiantly, shaking her head. He kept trying though. She had to put up some resistance to him and no longer stripped completely naked. She only gave him blowjobs with her breasts exposed and only let him cum on her breasts, not in her mouth anymore.

But this time he grabbed her, ripped off her dress and panties, and pinned her down naked on the couch. He was much stronger than she was, choking her with one hand and forcing her legs apart with the other. In a flash, images appeared in her mind and she knew instantly what would happen next. He would brutally penetrate her pussy and tear a gruesome big hole in her little hole with his cock. She saw before her mind the big hole he left in her mother's pussy every time after fucking her. She desperately grabbed his cock, she would not make it easy for him even though he was choking her throat. She pushed him back with all her might, for she did not want to be kissed.

It took him several minutes to force his cock into her vaginal vestibule, as she clutched his cock and yanked violently. She felt the choking and didn't think for a second about masturbating him, but the effect was the same. She yanked on his cock, up and down, up and down and felt it stiffen and yanked even harder. The glans was stuck in her vaginal entrance, she masturbated his cock up and down really hard and he squirted immediately without penetrating. His glans was stuck in front of her hymen in the tight vaginal vestibule and squirted in through the hole of the hymen. She felt his semen spurt into her vagina in hot jets. He was completely distraught and let go of her neck. She flung him aside, grabbed the panties, bra and dress and ran out. In the hallway, she got dressed and ran to May. Jack nodded and said she was very lucky, heaven knows he would have killed her in his rage yet! Lin winced and cringed, she had feared that.

Jane blanched as he told her everything over breakfast. She ordered May to bring Lin in and questioned Lin closely. Lin could lip read perfectly and answered all her questions. Lin and May's mother were nearly half deaf and dumb themselves, and their daughters went to special school together for two years, so May knew sign language. Jane insisted that May call Lin's mother immediately. May spoke into her tape recorder that Lin was with her and doing well. May explained to Jane that the mother could listen to the tape; like many half deaf‐mutes, she had residual hearing. Barely a minute later, the phone rang. Jane nodded and May picked up. She listened to Lin's mother for a while and waved to Lin. Lin communicated with her mother in a mixture of words, clacking sounds, and fingernail tapping on the speaker. After a few minutes, she hung up. Jack saw tears in her eyes as she said her mother didn't believe her the rape attempt and she needed to come home right away. She turned and ran into May's room. Little did they all know that Lin would be staying here for almost a whole year.

Jack quickly got used to Lin watching them fuck and watching May masturbate. Of course, he noticed that she was getting horny and hot, but she didn't lift a finger the first few days when he put her hand on her pubic. After a few days she stroked herself a little and the other day she masturbated while Jack and May fucked. She had coyly turned to the side and looked back over her shoulder to watch them. She took much longer than May, pinching her forearm and hand between her legs as she orgasmed. She wasn't quiet as she masturbated, panting and panting loudly and letting her ooh! and aaah! sounds be heard. May had already told her that the Master liked to watch. She overcame her shyness and smiled when he wanted to watch. On the following days, he would sit between her legs and watch her masturbate. She looked into his eyes with a smile and rubbed her clit with great abandon. She smiled quite shyly and proudly when her orgasm had subsided.

About a week later, three Filipinos showed up. Jack had just finished breakfast and opened the door himself. With a glance he had registered that at least two of them were armed with hidden knives. They had come to pick up Lin, said the middle one. One moment, please! Jack said calmly and went to the big dresser. He took Peter's pistol out of the drawer and checked that it was loaded. He went back to the front door, the hand with the pistol pointed to the floor. The men stared at the pistol. Lin is not going anywhere! he said in a firm voice and waited. The men stood indecisively waiting. So, if nothing else, Jack said and closed the door. The men left, visibly unsettled. He told Lin to call her mother, they would not tolerate this, no way. Again the clacking and fingernail tapping for minutes, then Lin hung up. She had threatened the mother with deportation, that's what she feared most, she croaked, and ran into May's room crying. Jack pressed the redial button and spoke into the tape recorder. Lin had meant business, he said, and if armed men showed up again, she would be straight to the cargo ship to Manila. She should rather think about the fact that her boyfriend had tried to rape Lin. She was welcome to talk it out with Lin here anytime. Nothing was heard for months.

A few morning fucks later he walked into May's room and was surprised, the girls had switched places. He looked questioningly at May, but she just shrugged with a smile. Lin held out her hands to him, her gesture and eyes inviting. He sat down across from her, wanting to know what that meant. She tried to croak softly, You have defended me, Master Jack, and I know of no one I would rather give my virginity to. I want it, I certainly want it! No, she replied, I'm not using contraception yet, I'm not menstruating yet. She looked longingly at the morning wood. I'm ready, Master Jack, please do it!

He leaned over her and kissed her on the mouth. She was excellent at kissing with her tongue and they were both getting very excited. You have to put my cock in yourself, he whispered into her eyes and she directed him smiling. Even though her hole was as small as May's, she got the cock in easily until it bumped. She embraced him and gave him a never‐ending French kiss, her abdomen burning brightly and urging. With a determined jerk, he pierced her hymen and thrust all the way in. She did not show if it had hurt. She smiled happily and French kissed him again, then they continued fucking. She had watched him and May many times before and knew exactly how to fuck along. It didn't take very long and he reared up, thrusting and thrusting, his seed spurting in thick jets into her small vagina. He stayed on top of her for a moment and lay down next to May. May embraced and kissed him. It was Lin's greatest wish, she whispered, and for that I thank you, Master Jack! He hugged Lin and said it was a very nice gift! Lin smiled happily and kissed him too. "I will always keep it in my memory, thank you Master Jack, thank you!" That morning the two girls masturbated side by side and let Jack watch.

Jane laughed at the top of her lungs when he told her about it. You have been saddled with a lot, my darling, you must either choose or sweat! But she embraced and kissed him warmly, the deflowering of sweet Lin you did very prudently. Not all men are so considerate, and recounted her own deflowering, which was anything but beautiful, even if she wanted it herself. Jack smiled and kissed her lightly, I accept your proposal and will choose. He paused artificially. First one, then the other. They laughed heartily and she let him tell her with all the details of sweet Lin.

He got up half an hour earlier in the morning to have enough time for both girls. He fucked both girls one after the other and let them masturbate while fucking. He usually let the girls decide whose turn it was first. May shared her sweetheart only because he obviously liked it. He was ready again after two cigarettes, mostly Lin made him ready with the blowjob, she was really excellent at that. May explained to her that when she fucked him she had to give him a sign when she was about to, so he could come to his finale and cum. He enjoyed his playmates with pleasure as they fucked similarly, yet differently.

Both cringed when he hinted at lesbian play. May said that of course they would do it if he wished. He waved it off. They didn't do lesbian play in the evenings; they masturbated peacefully side by side every night before falling asleep. No, each to her own. Only when Lin took a very long time, May intervened helpfully and rubbed her labia, pussy and clit. Lin liked that very much when they both rubbed her clit intensely. Mostly Lin left it to May to masturbate her to the finale. Jack thought that Lin had more lesbian tendencies than May. When May had her period, he only fucked Lin, rarely twice. He was satiated after some time and said he wanted to fuck only once more in the morning. They could decide for themselves which one. The girls nodded, but May was depressed for days.

Lin had gone right back to school, Jane had gotten her the textbooks and she followed all the advice to avoid being taken. She studied well and liked to help May with the household chores. Her mother sometimes waited outside the school and the conversations led nowhere. Towards the end of the school year, her mother said she had kicked out the boyfriend and she should come home, please! The boyfriend had confessed to the attempted rape while intoxicated. Please, come home! Lin asked for time to think.

Lin took a few days to talk about it. She had fucked Jack and they both watched May masturbate. Lin rested her head against Jack's shoulder and she waited until May was done. Only then did she sit down across from Jack so she could lip read and report. May breathed a sigh of relief. Jack noticed, of course, and asked Lin if she wanted to go home. Lin shook her head. It took her quite a while to admit that she did not want to give up the beautiful sex with the Master and May. She was very unhappy and Jack put his arm around the crying girl. Would she be allowed to stay until the end of school, she asked when she had wiped her tears. May nodded, that was already in six weeks, she murmured. Jack still wanted to discuss it with Lady Janet, but for him it was okay.

Jane was fine with it too. Lin called her mother and told her that she really needed a real adult bed instead of her crib. She might let girls sleep over in the future, she said. Yes, of course, for fucking too, she was not only fucking men, but girls too! Jane, Jack and May grinned as she said that out loud. Yes, Lin shouted into the phone, I said, fuck with girls! And with boys! After the phone call, Jane asked why she lied to the mother? Lin looked her straight in the eye and lowered her gaze. She was sleeping at May's place and they were also having sex. Girl sex. May blushed and nodded, yes, my lady! Jack later asked May if it was true and May admitted it, lately she masturbated Lin with her hand and Lin licked her clit to a wonderful orgasm. No, she had never licked Lin!

May was generous and let Lin fuck Jack every day. Lin had changed a lot, she could fuck excellently by now and made it as nice as possible for Jack. She was passionate and very active. When he came to squirt, she caressed his buttocks and squeezed him very tightly so that he could squirt very deep in her vagina. Jack couldn't stand May masturbating sad and lonely and let Lin make him stiff with his mouth to fuck May too. Quite deliberately, he sometimes fucked May first, not wanting her to feel like a spare tire. The days flew by, one day it was time.

Lin asked to visit her sometimes in the morning and smiled when Jack said that she had to get up very early. She really did come once a month and lay with Jack and May. He enjoyed watching the girls make love. Lin taught May how the licking went, because she had a hard time with it at first. When they smoked after sex, Lin would talk about the boys and girls she lured into her bed and pussy. She was now over 18 and starting to menstruate. Jack prescribed her the pill and May explained to her exactly what to watch out for. Lin almost messed up the last year of school because she became obsessed with fucking. But she managed to do it.

Lin's mother said to her that she had not known that girls fucked each other. She was very surprised because Lin was doing it. She herself had never cuddled with a girlfriend, never masturbated with one together. She had also seen fucking only once, many years ago. She told Lin the whole story.

Her friend, her husband and she were already pretty drunk and the two of them fucked uninhibitedly. She had been very aroused and had let the man fuck her to orgasm. More precisely, she had stripped naked like the two and pressed her pussy against the bodies of the two while fucking. The girlfriend rubbed her clit, she almost passed out from pleasure and the girlfriend stopped abruptly when her husband pulled his cock out of her hole and laid on top of her. He penetrated all the way and fucked like out of his mind. She cried out in orgasm and then patiently let him continue thrusting like a sheep and he stiffened. She felt very clearly how he squirted into her in solid jets. The evening continued in a humid way, her friend masturbated several times in front of her and her husband without any shyness. The girlfriend masturbated her several more times and her orgasms were light and came quickly.

But she was far too inhibited to masturbate in front of them as well, despite the alcohol. She timidly searched for her friend's clit and easily found it. It was a strange feeling to touch another woman's clit. She explored the other's cunt curiously until she urged activity. She masturbated the girlfriend several times until just before orgasm. But the girlfriend grabbed her clit herself for the finale and jerked off really hard, much harder than she did. You are not energetic enough, laughed the girlfriend and masturbated her to orgasm several times, but she still did not dare to masturbate herself.

The girlfriend saw that he was fully ready again and urged him to fuck Lin's mother properly. She was already very horny from being masturbated by the girlfriend and so she had let him fuck her again. He could do it really well and she screamed at her orgasm. Again she behaved passively like a sheep afterwards while he continued fucking for a very long time. He squirted, but not as hard as the first time. They met a dozen more times to fuck together, the man only wanted to squirt in Lin mother's vagina, that was agreed with his wife. He usually fucked her twice in one evening, once even three times. The girlfriend masturbated her several times and she also masturbated the girlfriend, now a bit more energetic. But the latter always rubbed herself to orgasm in the end.

That was all the excitement the mother had experienced. She lowered her head and sighed, she had seen nothing else of the sexuality.

Lin said lightly that she could watch her from the darkened living room when she had visitors. She left her door open and the light on from then on. The mother would watch whenever she had a girl. The girls cuddled and kissed, they licked their clits or masturbated each other. The mother would watch and sneak to the door to be even closer while watching. She watched curiously when she brought a boy, fucked him and made him hard again. But watching the girls fuck each other was much more arousing and horny.

Lin was glad that her relationship with her mother had developed so well and that she didn't have to make secrets out of fucking. She never told her about Jack or May, though.

Lin reassured her that she was taking the pill and that was one hundred percent safe. The mother sighed, she had never used contraception and had had hundreds of men squirt into her since Lin was born. That's why she had gotten pregnant at 16 from her affair with a wealthy Chinese man who had given her the small apartment and given her a fat bank account for Lin. He fucked her every day. He had died in a car accident when Lin was 10 months old. They had visited his grave a few times, but had given up on it over time.

Lin's visits with Jack and May became less frequent, as she had predicted, and stopped altogether toward the end of the school year.

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