Intimate Photos

by Jack Faber © 2022

Three quarters of a year later, the renovation of the house was complete. Jack had passed the entrance exam to the Royal Academy, and in three months medicine‐lectures would begin. Jane's menstruation was causing problems and she had to endure several examinations. Jack accompanied her to each appointment, but the results did not come for a long time and Jack's departure was approaching. He went to Veronika for a month to say goodbye to her and his home. His future lay in London.

Veronika met him at the train station, even though the train was a good hour late. Her heart was beating wildly when she finally hugged him. Her Jack was back! The prepared meal had to wait, it pushed her and him to bed. He clearly felt the differences between Veronika and Janet, physically and emotionally. Veronika was ten years older and had learned a great deal about pleasurable fucking in the past few months. Jack poured himself out twice and liked Veronika's lovemaking technique very much, yet Veronika seemed like a whole new conquest to him. She didn't have an orgasm, of course, and after he squirted in, she masturbated with her eyes closed. But his stomach growled and they ate dinner. Afterwards they went back to bed and fucked. Jack was exhausted and let Veronika talk. She talked endlessly about her one night stands and described the private parts of her fuck buddies and how they did it in great detail. Jack listened with interest and eventually fell asleep.

After the morning fuck, they had breakfast naked and Veronika wanted to know what Janet looked like; if maybe he had a picture of her? Jack had to decide in a split second how to proceed. He decided to take the straight line. Yes, he had a photo of Jane with him, but he warned her it was a revealing nude. Veronika looked uncomprehending and asked what a nude was. He explained to her that it was an intimate nude photo, the nude. He took it out of a hiding place in his wallet. Veronika looked at it for a long time. Janet's face was very visible, her naked body as well as the beautifully rounded, girlish breasts, Robert was not visible. On the lower half of the picture her sex was visible in great detail, the labia, the little hole and the clit. Apparently Jane pulled her sex apart with her hands when the picture was taken, without her hands coming into the picture. All the details were in focus, the clit was standing highly excited between the opened labia, it was obvious that it was aroused to the breaking point. One could see quite deep into her little hole. Everything was sharp and well lit, the photographer had done a good job of capturing Janet as a sexually aroused person. The somehow superior smiling face, the breasts and the sex should say everything important about this young woman. Jack mentioned that a professional photographer had taken it. He said nothing about the fact that the photographer had taken well over 100 pictures, many of Janet fucking the photographer and many more shots of Janet masturbating. The photographer had taken quite excellent close‐up pictures of Janet masturbating, taken over the course of several days. They had remained so that he could sell those shots that did not show her face. Months later, the photographer handed her a check for £18,000 as her fee; he had sold the pictures for £50,000. Jack had looked at the pictures with Jane, she told him how this or that had been taken and she had told him all about her brief and friendly affair with the photographer.

Veronika looked at Janet's face for a long time and murmured that you could see from her face that you were siblings. She stared at Janet's sex for a long time, her eyes soaking up the image. After long minutes, she gave it back to him. You're fucking each other, was her dry comment. She's a very pretty young woman, Veronika said with a prompt in her now husky‐sounding voice. Jack told her truthfully about his relationship with Janet. Veronika encouraged him to talk about screwing and all that. Jack did her the favor and described how it was in the bathroom at the beginning, him with the hard‐on in the bathtub and Janet strutting around naked. Veronica laughed, because she could vividly imagine it. How he overheard her masturbating and how she invited him several times to watch her shower and masturbate. He had watched her shower and masturbate several times, only getting laid long after that. Veronika smiled and imagined the situation each time.

Suddenly she furrowed her brow. She asked him directly if half‐siblings were allowed to screw each other? Jack said no, of course not. They couldn't marry or have children and told that Janet was conscientiously using birth control pills. Veronica was afraid it would all come out and Janet and he might go to jail. Jack reassured her that no one but the housekeeper would know anything, they were very careful about that, and the housekeeper was trustworthy and discreet, she loved Janet devotedly and with all her heart. And now you, of course, but I trust you, Jack said. He hated the subject of incest and told Veronika straight. Veronika thought for a long time and murmured uncertainly, this with us is incest too? Jack answered in the affirmative, though he wasn't quite sure. Veronika brooded silently to herself. She didn't want to talk about it anymore.

Jack, who was as naked as Veronika, helped her clear away breakfast and they fixed a snack, for it was almost noon. Jack hugged her standing up and kissed her. You know how much I love you, Veronika! She returned his French kiss, no answer was necessary. He now told how exactly the inheritance matter had proceeded. That he owned half of the manor house and that the cash was about 10 million pounds, the equivalent of about 45 million Marks. Veronika was astonished and said that she still had over 3 million Marks from her inheritance, which would last until the end of her life, because she lived very frugally and had no large expenses.

She smirked and said teasingly, the most expensive thing in the week was the Goldene Hirsch inn on Friday, but mostly the lovers paid, she said grinning. It makes me feel like a whore, she grinned wryly. He listened patiently, she had screwed all the regulars, all the employees and even the fat friendly landlord. But, Veronika said in a conspiratorial tone, you won't guess! She paused dramatically and he raised his eyebrows expectantly. She had the best screwing with the landlady, the pretty little fat one who commanded the kitchen. She had had something with one of the waitresses before, but it was all new to her, unfamiliar, and she was very self‐conscious about what women could do with each other. The waitress actually had no idea either. But the landlady was a true artist in bed! Never before had she had such beautiful, loving and incredibly intense orgasms as with the sweet landlady. He smiled and said, maybe you are a lesbian, only you never knew it? Veronika was a little unsettled and said, so far she had liked fucking with men very much. He reassured her that many people are bisexual and love their own sex as well as the other. She should not feel insecure, it was very common and quite normal. He embraced her and caressed her cheeks. At her sultry description of lesbian acts, masturbating and intense clit licking, his erection had gone off like a rocket, she noticed it at his embrace and pulled him grinning into the bedroom.

One of the next days, when he was reporting on the renovation of the house, he mentioned that he had charged Veronika twice what she had lent him for the trip. She had been his mother, his salvation and his inspiration, he would never forget that and would support her financially in the future if necessary. She was touched and let him tell her at length how the medical studies were going. He assured her that the Royal Academy was considered one of the best in the world and that he was the luckiest man in the world because he was allowed to study there. (He didn't know then that Sir Peter's intercession had gotten him in there; they didn't know each other then). In the course of the conversation, Veronika wanted to see Janet's picture again. Jack brought it out and she stared at it again for minutes. She pointed to the little hole and said, look, you can see all the way into her vagina! He nodded in agreement and Veronika said how big and firm her clit was, much bigger than hers.

He looked at her from the side and she blushed. Sometimes when I masturbate I look at my clit in the mirror, that's when it's the biggest, Veronika murmured softly, as if confessing. But Jane had a much bigger clit than she did. Jack thought of the dick comparisons between boys and wondered about Veronika's clit comparison. He had to get Veronika off of it. Now Jack had an opportunity to tell Veronika about Janet's hump. Veronika slapped her hands in front of her face and moaned, poor thing! Jack talked about the hump at length, saying that Janet would not let it stop her from living a carefree and self‐determined life. The problem of finding a lover longer than just to screw was indeed a problem. Janet had not been able to solve it, except for many one night stands, nothing was going so far. He didn't care about the people who stalked her. And he didn't mind at all, Janet was educated and very smart, she was pretty and could dress very fashionably, which was important in the London circles. And in bed she was great, a rocket, a woman like fireworks! He loved her exhibitionism and that she was not afraid to take the initiative. She was a very confident woman with an important and challenging job for the BBC, where she was held in high esteem. Jack noticed the tears in Veronika's eyes and gave her a comforting hug. She whispered that Janet had all that she did not. Jack repeated that she had done at least that much for him and that he loved her very, very much. Veronica lowered her eyes and saw that his cock was hanging down quite relaxed. She sighed deeply and took hold of the pleasure‐giver, she always felt like fucking.

Jack did his agendas point by point. City hall, registration office, bank, old friends. In the days before his departure, Veronika was fiddling with a problem and only came out with it after a few attempts. She also wanted to have nude photos taken of herself and send them to him. Jack's astonishment gave way only when he realized her seriousness. He had no idea how to go about it, but he went with Veronika to the post office and called the two local photographers. But both politely declined, saying that one did not make a nude record. They debated the issue, calling photographers in the immediate area. In the end, only one thing remained, an advertisement in the local newspapers. He helped Veronika to write the text, that she had to indicate it absolutely under box number. Otherwise, in addition to interested parties, scammers, legacy hunters and serial rapists would come forward. Veronika's eyes snapped open; she hadn't thought of that. The advertisement was on its way and so was Jack, home to London.

The reunion with Jane was stormy, after the passionate fucking he immediately asked about the medical findings. On the phone she would not say more than that she was healthy, further details then in person. Now he looked at her expectantly. A good news and a good news, which one first? she asked teasingly, but he waited silently. My menstruation has completely disappeared, Jane said, the gynecologist suspecting that some things had gone wrong with the abortion. She would not have children and no longer needed the pill. Jack gave her a comforting hug and stroked her hair. Adoption is still possible if the desire to have children becomes great, he murmured, and she nodded. Still, he could feel her tears dripping onto his shoulders. He had been adopted, he said, and that had been his salvation. Slowly Jane calmed down.

She, of course, wanted to know how his home leave had gone. Jack again decided to go the straight and narrow. Slowly and haltingly, he told everything beginning with the adoption. How he had seduced the good‐hearted but inexperienced and simple‐minded Veronica. He was not proud of the fact that he had won over a chaste convent girl, but his urgent sexuality was his explanation. He concealed nothing, he embellished nothing. A heavy burden fell from him when he had told Jane everything. She looked at him, and now you were fucking too, on your trip? He nodded, "yes, now too, every day four times or more, Veronika loved screwing very much and wrung every drop from me, tirelessly." He scratched his head, Veronika wanted to see a picture of you, he said unhappily. She immediately hooked up, that photo? Yes, said Jack, she wanted to look at it again and again, because your face was clearly visible. "And everything else too," Jane shot after biting, "everything else too!" He tried to explain that it matched the relationship with Veronica. Jane wanted to see the picture immediately and he dug it out. Jane's facial expression changed immediately, it became soft and erotic. "Alan, the photographer, had fucked me just before and asked me to excite the clit violently when he took this picture." Jane looked thoughtful again, "and she wanted to see this picture again and again?" she asked, and Jack nodded. Then he told how he had written the advertisement with Veronika, she was also eager to have nude photos taken of herself. Jane grinned wryly. "I'm not angry with you, because I understand the situation quite well, and I'm very grateful to you for telling me truthfully everything." She also said that initially she had become jealous and she resented him for being unfaithful to her on the trip. But now she understood everything, she was no longer jealous and she would not call it infidelity. During the next days and weeks she talked to him again and again about his relationship with Veronika, she wanted to hear more and more details while she drank her wine in the evening. He answered and told everything, he stuck to the straight line.

How surprised he was when suddenly a package arrived from Veronika. He opened the package together with Jane, it contained two packets of coffee. He looked at Jane in despair and muttered, "now she has become completely foolish!" But Jane had a suspicion, emptied the fruit from the fruit bowl and poured in the coffee beans. Lo and behold, there was an Extra in both packets. They opened the extras, inside was a letter to Jack and lots of color photos. Nude photos. Jack translated the letter sentence by sentence while Jane flopped down on the bed and looked through the pictures curiously.

Veronika wrote that it worked with the advertisement. She only had to go to the nearby capital, the photographer was very nice and took a good 300 pictures that afternoon. Besides the photographer, an older gentleman, his apprentice and a "Wisatschistin" were in the nice photo studio. The makeup artist was there to fix her hair and make her up like an actress. The photographer made a short meeting how this had to be done. First she fucked the apprentice, who fucked excellently and she was so aroused after the squirting that she masturbated very quickly, it didn't take her three seconds. There was no embarrassment at all in the shoot. The master photographed her tirelessly, especially while masturbating. After some time, he also wanted to fuck Veronika, the apprentice crawled with the camera almost under their skin and shot picture after picture. In between was interrupted again and again, the makeup artist fixed her hair and makeup and kissed her on the mouth, later with long, intense French kisses with tongue. The master barked an order, the make‐up artist undressed willingly and lay naked with Veronika. This is how the great lesbian pictures were created. In the end the apprentice fucked Veronika once again and right after that the make‐up artist, who already knew him well and got one orgasm after another while fucking the young boy. The photographer promised to make her two sets of all the photos, even the ones she wasn't in. In return, he was allowed to sell the photos and pay her 20% of the fee.

Jane and Jack looked at the pictures together on the bed, lying on their stomachs. Veronika was barely recognizable with her platinum blonde wig and professional makeup, yet Jane could easily imagine what she looked like. Veronika fucking with the apprentice, fucking with the photographer and with the makeup artist. The pictures were of very good quality and all razor sharp. Jane especially liked the pictures with the makeup artist, there were many close ups showing only the tongue, clit and pubic cleft. Jack immediately recognized which clit belonged to Veronika and which to the makeup artist. The makeup artist's clit was much bigger than Veronika's and looked very similar to Jane's clit, she and Jack agreed. One picture caught their attention. It copied Jane's picture, Veronika spreading her sex with her fingers so that her labia, clit and little hole were clearly visible. The head of her clit stuck out just a bit, as Veronika's labia were thick and bulging. It usually melted into its fleshy surroundings. In addition, there was another picture that showed directly through the little hole the whole vagina and a little semen inside. It was the only picture Jane didn't like, a vagina with nothing around it looked yuck. They spent many hours later looking at the pictures and got horny.

Jane had started reading her mother's diary to him weeks ago. She had not read it before and wanted to discover her mother's world together with him. To her astonishment, she wrote almost exclusively about sex and her experiences in this regard.

She wrote in great detail about the years at boarding school and about the girls there. She wrote pages and pages about how she indulged in sexual fantasies before going to sleep, carefully stimulating her clit and making it excitingly stiff, but never going any further. She wrote very little about her sex life with Janet's father and his best friend, only expressing her disgust at being fucked every day. Jane looked up and said the boyfriend could only be Uncle Peter! Naomi wrote more about it during pregnancy, the two men she loved fucked her day and night. She wrote how much she longed to enjoy being fucked and how disgusted she was when they squirted their seed into her. But she was very willing and let them fuck her whenever they wanted. She described how her husband later took advantage of Rose, the young domestic help, day after day. How she watched them fucking in the kitchen every time. How excited little Rose was when they fucked and how she gasped violently as her arousal rose and rose. How Rose kept eye contact with her as she was fucked and how her vagina clenched around Nick's cock in orgasm and she exchanged a triumphant look with Naomi, I'm climaxing right now! Her eyes shone brightly, reflecting the stars of orgasm. How she gave the mistress the signal to leave when the squirting was finished. Naomi only briefly noted that she had had a terrible row with Nick and he was leaving the house for good. He had put a fat envelope containing £10,000 in Rose's hand, thanked her for her lovely screwing and had said a friendly goodbye. This went through Naomi's mind for weeks after, from her he had only said goodbye quietly, business‐like and without a word of thanks. That hurt her very much.

She wrote how horrified she was that Janet was already screwing at 14. How awful it was when Janet came home from the abortion. How for weeks her suspicions were confirmed that Janet had had an abortion. Her paralyzed behavior of not being able to talk to Janet properly about sex, even though she really wanted to. How she supported Janet getting the pill, despite her complete lack of knowledge about contraception. How incompetent she felt when Janet frequently took boys and men into her bedroom. Her daughter had been trained better than her and won every debate when it came to Janet's fucking. Naomi began sneaking up to the bathroom and watching her daughter get fucked through the crack in the door. The arousing feeling of the man himself or Janet rubbing the cock so they could keep fucking. She described how she mimicked those movements on her tickler cock, night after night. (Naomi always wrote 'tickler cock'.)

Once she saw Janet rubbing the cock more and more vigorously until the boy squirted on her breasts, she imitated it too, rubbing her cock‐shaped clit faster and more vigorously, and having her first clitoral self‐induced orgasm. That was underlined four times: First orgasm! Jane told Jack she never noticed her mother watching her fuck. But Naomi crept up to the end and watched the daughters fucking with curiosity. She described in the diary making a mark on the page for orgasm each time, sometimes it was two or three marks on weekends. Then a Mr. Brown from the foreign service came and gave her the news of her husband's death a year ago. She could only cry and the young man left. For days she made no strokes in the diary.

Mr. Brown came again and spoke to her at length, soothingly. (She didn't learn until a year later from Peter, her husband's friend and work colleague, that Nick had been caught as a spy and shot). Mr. Brown came daily; she was soon making strokes in the diary again. Mr. Brown's French kissing resulted in her making three or four strokes more often. The inexperienced Naomi was easy prey for the experienced seducer. She still had a revulsion at first when fucking Mr. Brown, but he fucked much longer and more delicately than Nick. Her revulsion evaporated, she orgasmed the first time while being fucked and made four strokes. Now she orgasmed every time while fucking Mr. Brown and found it wonderful. Nick could have had it all too. No, Mr. Brown didn't want to watch her masturbate, he wasn't interested. She let him fuck her almost every day for almost a year, making her three or four strokes, but one day a telegram came instead of him saying he had been transferred. Jane looked up and smiled, she had watched her mother fuck the much younger Mr. Brown regularly, almost every time, well hidden on the top step of the stairs. She never thought anything of it, she was only five or six at the time and fucking was terribly exciting and new to her. On the contrary, she had been very happy because her mother seemed to visibly enjoy being fucked and was no longer sad.

Naomi kept writing, telling about masturbating together with Rose and how ashamed she was of it. She wanted to make a plus sign every time she made Rose masturbate. At irregular intervals there was a plus, about one every week. Naomi reported how she had gradually quizzed Rose. She had started a notebook of her own to write down Rose's life stories.

Rose's family lived very poorly, kitchen and room of four, with street lights illuminating the room at night. As far back as she could remember, her parents fucked every night. She and her brother pretended to sleep under the covers, but they watched the nightly fucking snuggled close together. Frank, her 6 year older brother, would press his hard‐on firmly on her pee slit as they watched them fuck. When they fucked, the parents were always naked, she could see quite clearly how the mother put the thick cock into her pee hole herself. After the first fucking they took a break, then the mother rubbed the cock with her hand and they fucked a second time. The father immediately fell asleep, the mother pulled her knees up and spread her legs. She rubbed her pee hole for a long time, then she also covered herself with the blanket and fell asleep.

The children had to keep it a secret that their mother took strange men into the apartment during the day and let them fuck her for money. When they were not at school, the children had to sit on the bed as quiet as mice. Rose had seen a great many men unbuttoning their fly and taking out their cocks. They were allowed to fuck the mother while she was dressed, with some she refused to let them cum in her and made them cum by hand. She sometimes did the same with the father when she didn't want to fuck. Then she took the father's cock in her mouth, rubbed it very hard and licked up the semen as if it were honey. Brother Frank always waited until his parents fell asleep and then rubbed his cock. At 11, he could already squirt, and a pleasant shiver ran through Rosa when he squirted on her little pee‐pee cleft. After years, the mother had saved up enough to move to a larger apartment.

Rose had lost her virginity at 10, and the family had two bedrooms in the new apartment, her parents in one and her and her big brother in the other in one bed. There was no door between the bedrooms, and there were always arguments about the father not buying a door and sinking the money for it. She and the 16‐year‐old brother would hide under a blanket and watch their naked parents fuck. Every evening, at the same time, always exactly the same and then they covered themselves with the blanket. First the father fell asleep, the mother wiggled under the blanket for a while, sighed deeply at the end and fell asleep too. During the day, the mother constantly brought men to fuck and the children had to be quiet as mice. The mother explained to them that the father drank away half the money and she had to make sure to get some money from the other men, otherwise they would starve. They understood that.

Brother Frank was talking more and more about they should fuck like the big boys. Rose wanted it too, of course, and they whispered to each other about what it would be like if. The first time you feel a little prick, whispered her hero Frank, but only a very small one. They fiddled with their private parts and one night they fucked each other. It gave her a tiny little prick, it was the first time like that, her hero explained again. But then they fucked and Rose liked it a lot, she enjoyed being aroused and sometimes had a teeny tiny orgasm, not always. They fucked for three years. Mostly they fucked in the afternoon, the mother knew it exactly and came into the room exactly when the brother wanted to squirt. Don't make her a child, she said, cursing, and stayed under the door until the brother had finished squirting, waiting for him to fuck Rose a second time. Rose feared at first that she would be punished, but she got used to the mother watching them angrily for a quarter of an hour or more, waiting angrily until the brother had cum the second time. Don't make her a child, her mother cursed throughout the years, but she remained stock‐still, watching warily to see that everything went on as usual. Rose was glad that the mother was there to supervise the fucking with Frank. It was obviously important that Frank didn't make her a baby, although Rose didn't know what was meant by that, but her mother said it every day. She had picked up the habit from her mother of grabbing Frank's cock and putting it in her vagina herself. After they had fucked enough, the mother cleared her throat and went into the kitchen. As Rose got older, she came closer as he was about to squirt. She grabbed his cock, pulled it out and masturbated it vigorously with her hand. After a pause, she masturbated him a few more times until he ran out of semen.

She repeated this for a few days until the brother grabbed her all at once, threw her down on the bed cursing and pulled down the panties of the speechless mother. Then he fucked her quite brutally, but she visibly enjoyed it and even cheered him on. From that day on he fucked the mother daily, usually twice in a row and the second time she got violent orgasms. Fewer men came to fuck, but they didn't have to starve. Rose was a silent spectator in the afternoons and could fuck with the brother only after the parents fell asleep. The blanket over the mother's knees kept slipping until the mother kicked free, so the children could watch her vigorously masturbate every evening. Most of the time she looked over at her children as she masturbated, apparently not bothered by being seen masturbating.

Rose had imitated masturbating right away and orgasmed just as vigorously as her mother. When she did it the first time, while the brother fucked the mother brutally as always, the mother smiled surprisingly kindly and said, good that you can do it already! Her mother told her about menstrual hygiene during her first menstruation and that she could get pregnant from squirting into it. She had a stern word with her now 18 year old son that he was no longer allowed to squirt into Rose's vagina. She promised to let him fuck again that night. She had a lot to do, first getting fucked by her boozer in a hurry, then masturbating and later joining Rose on the bed and fucking her son. That soon changed, now she came as soon as the father had fallen asleep after the quick cum and let Frank fuck her brutally. Only after that she masturbated and put an arm around Rose while she masturbated. From this her son should get horny and he did. During the second brutal fucking, she had violent, wild orgasms. She slept with Rose until dawn to protect her when an erection haunted the son. Most of the time he was satisfied with her doing it to him with her hand while he fondled her sex. Most of the time he tried to masturbate her after she squirted and learned quickly. She was happy to let him satisfy her and play with her tongue on his glans. But she did not go further yet. She only taught Frank how to mouth fuck when Rose was no longer living at home.

Rose finished elementary school and went to work as a domestic helper. She stayed with the rich Conolly‐sisters for three years, learning the trade of housekeeper in that posh, friendly house. There were only women there, and Rose was bound to depend on masturbation. There was no man for miles around except the old gardener who lived in the garden shed. Rose spent her free hours with him and yet it took her almost half a year to seduce him. He was actually too old for her, over 40 and bearded. He couldn't get her pregnant, he said, he was a war invalid. He showed her the ugly scar where both his testicles had been removed and the remains of the scrotum dangled. He liked to fuck the blood young girl very much and she learned with him for good to orgasm every time while fucking. She preferred that to masturbating. After three years she came to the Crawley house and became Sir Nick's mistress.

Her father died in her second year with the Conolly‐sisters, when she was 17. She was allowed to take the day off and go to the funeral. There was no one else at the funeral but them, supporting her mother from left and right. They had talked to everyone about an accident at work, but the mother said he fell off the stool dead in his regular bar, his heart just stopped. After the funeral, Frank vigorously pulled her into the old children's room. The mother sat impassively by the door, absent‐mindedly watching them fuck. She did nothing as Frank twice squirted a concentrated load of semen into Rose's orgasming vagina. They stayed in bed until evening, caressing each other. Frank said her breasts had become very nice and her figure very womanly. After an hour of mental absence, the mother took off her festive robe and lay naked with them. All three stroked and caressed each other to get rid of the sadness. Rose held the mother lovingly and caressed her face and later her emaciated breasts while Frank kissingly fucked the mother. The mother smiled as her orgasm came. Frank had not yet cum and immediately pounced on Rose, who got the full load of semen. All three caressed and stroked each other until Rose had to leave.

Weeks later, her mother wrote to tell her she was pregnant and very happy. Then she heard nothing for months until Frank showed up at the Conollys' completely distraught. Rose pulled him into the kitchen, where he described his unhappiness. The mother had given birth prematurely and the child, his son, had died after a few hours. He howled in pain and Rose held her weeping brother in her arms and let him cry. There was no funeral, although the child had received the emergency baptism, the hospital took care of the little corpse. Frank had never seen the child and was still heartbroken. Rose listened to him and comforted him until he was halfway calmed. She promised to visit him soon and kept her promise. About two or three times each year she went to see her mother and Frank. She loved that Frank fucked her delicately and gently. Her mother preferred to be fucked hard and firm. Her mother enjoyed sneaking a finger on Rose's clit while she was getting fucked. She induced several orgasms in Rose before Frank came to squirt. Rose was a little unsure as she touched her finger to her fucking mother's clit, she had never touched it before. The clit was stiff with excitement and stood out boldly. It felt fine to touch. So Rose was able to trigger some orgasms with her as well and kept rubbing, from climax to climax. This became a permanent part of the ritual from then on. Rose also liked to masturbate her when Frank needed a break. Rose watched very curiously when her mother took Frank's cock all the way into her mouth, sucking on it with passion and rubbing it with her hand at the same time. Frank was quick to get hard this way. Sometimes she did it too passionately, then he squirted all the way down her throat and she swallowed the cum with a full smile. Rose never took Frank's cock entirely in her mouth, with pursed lips she let the glans penetrate and licked it with her tongue. She spit out his semen as he fucked tightly between her lips and squirted into her mouth. He held her head tightly and fucked faster and faster, penetrating deeper into her mouth even though she countered with her tongue. So he squirted deeper and deeper into her mouth and throat each time. She spit out some, but the rest she had to swallow. He wanted it again and again and Rose gave in, letting the wayward squirt deep into her throat and swallowing most of it. He would not allow anything else. The three of them spent the whole afternoon in bed every time, until Rose had to leave.

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