Sam Barker's Sad End

by Jack Faber © 2022

Sam Barker was hanging upside down on a cable from the Black Friar Bridge. His foot in the cable loop hurt terribly after the fall. He was submerged up to his chest in the Thames River and was now straining his abdominal muscles to keep his head above the black water. The two policemen had run across the bridge and kept running to catch him. Their flashlights illuminated every nook and cranny left and right; in this damned darkness and the gathering fog, you just couldn't see anything. Nothing at all. Nor could they spot 15‐year‐old Sam hanging upside down from the bridge. He wasn't desperate enough to call for help yet. He had run away across the bridge, they couldn't catch him. The bridge was actually closed for renovations, but he had run into the construction site anyway and tried to hide behind one of the wooden sheds. He hadn't seen the cable, he fell off the bridge and the cable that had wrapped around his foot was his salvation. For now.

Sam had grown up alone with his mother, a shrill hysteric and prostitute. She didn't tell him anything about his father when he was of age, then. Maybe. He was used to his mother running around naked in the apartment from an early age, screwing strange men every day and letting him watch, he knew no different. She brought guys every day, that was her job. From a young age he had gotten used to her stripping naked when a man came to visit and usually sticking his cock in her hole herself. There he was allowed to pump until it was done, then he paid and left. If he didn't want to pay, she would hit him — bang! — on his head with the rolling pin and took all his money.

Sam had never been properly educated in sex, only superficially, when he was about 6 years old. She was 36 years old and relatively pretty, but the alcohol had already dug deep furrows in her face. He, like her, sat naked across from his mother, fiddling with his little hard‐on with relish, wondering why she looked so different there. He pointed his fingers at her sex. She thought for a moment, then she had shown him her sex up close and explained in great detail the functions. He was allowed to touch everything and explore it very carefully. She sighed and said that she had not had menstruation since his birth and therefore could not have children. She explained menstruation in simple words and he tried to understand. That a woman needed menstruation and a man to pump in her little hole and squirt the baby in. With his mouth open, he asked why the men who pumped in their hole every day didn't squirt a baby in? After all, he would have loved to have a sibling. She explained to him again that of course the men squirted in, but unfortunately there could be no baby. Too bad, said the peck, such a sibling would be quite fine to play with!

She hugged him tightly and tried to comfort him. You've seen it many times, but you didn't seem to care much. He knew what she meant, of course, and she said, would you like to see it up close? He nodded eagerly and was immediately allowed to sit between her thighs. He paid close attention this time as she masturbated. When she was done, she hugged and hugged him like she hadn't in a long time. Then she said that was something very, very fine and that women liked it much better than men pumping.

He was impressed and noted it very carefully. He was already clutching his stiff little tail all the time and rubbing it, it was very fine. She took his little tail in her hand and carefully pulled the foreskin all the way back. She rubbed his little tail with wet fingers to find out if he could squirt yet, but he couldn't yet. She asked if he was paying attention when she brought a man in, and the little guy nodded eagerly. He puts his in there, and he pointed his finger at her vagina. He then pumped in and out until he had squirted a baby in, which unfortunately couldn't stay there, the clever lad explained. The fool then gets the rolling pin on his head if he doesn't pay, he concluded with a connoisseur's expression. But I don't have any money, said the smart boy, even if you hit me on the head! He grinned wryly and she hugged and hugged him. No, you don't need money with me, you know that! she reassured him. But I want to do the pumping, too, he said, and she nodded thoughtfully. Why not? The little guy was allowed to stick his stiff little cock in her hole and practiced fucking like a big boy. When his dick throbbed, he held still and then kept practicing until his dick went limp. Smiling, she let him practice as long as he wanted and laughed, "When you grow up! Then! Maybe."

But the practicing was suddenly over. He discovered the squirting as he sat between her legs and masturbated, she had specifically allowed him to do so. She lay down in front of him and he sat between her thighs, the glans just an inch from her hole. He was allowed to look at her sex while masturbating, when his little cock had become stiff. He watched her masturbate and when his little cock started to throb, he was allowed to stick his little cock in the hole, that was the deal. That went quite well so far. But this time it was different. No sooner had he felt the throbbing and sunk his cock into her vagina than a little flash twitched through his cock and the semen squirted out, three or four jets squirted right in and then the rest on her belly and outside on her cunt. She stopped masturbating, wiped it off with the flat of her hand and grinned wryly at him. Soso, she said, you're 11 now and not a baby anymore! No, he wasn't a baby anymore and wasn't allowed to practice.

He was big now, hiding when a man came and spying on her fucking or when she masturbated drunk in the evening. It was really exciting sometimes! She knew that he watched compulsively from an early age. She knew when he spied through the crack in the door. She knew when he was hiding in the closet. She let him see her pussy at work, and with a sadistic grin. She didn't know herself why she sometimes teased him mischievously now. She just walked around the apartment naked, and every time he sat on his bed and masturbated, she went very close to his bed, mischievous and provocative in her nudity. She spread her labia and stroked her sex lasciviously. He should just go ahead, that was okay with her. Her private parts right in front of his eyes almost made his cock explode. Since she had prompted him, he simply continued to masturbate. She let her little hole, her clit dance right in front of his eyes and watched him masturbate. To make him squirt, she put her vagina over his cock so that he had to stop masturbating. She made him suffer, made him wait motionless. She wiggled her abdomen and her vagina massaged his cock. He felt it rising up inside him and he thrust quite hard until he cum with difficulty. She was pleased with herself, her wickedness had won.

When he was old enough and could already squirt, she wanted to show him something one evening. She was already pretty drunk and lay down naked on the bed with him. She snuggled up to him, lustful skin to skin, she sought his closeness. She had instantly forgotten what she actually wanted to show him. She stroked his stiff cock intensely and inculcated in him that boys must not fuck their mother, ever! because that was strictly forbidden! She stroked his erection full of greed and asked if he remembered earlier. Yes, sure, I was allowed to play fuck with you then! Yes, she sighed, you were allowed to, but you didn't cum then! He stroked her labia and also her pubic hair, because she liked that very much. Yes, then I was still a baby, he said, and now I'm already old, it squirts out of my cock and there boys are not allowed to fuck with the mother! He felt like crying, he lay down on top of her and buried his face between her big breasts, sobbing.

She hugged him all touched and felt his cock pressing covetously against her labia. She took a big gulp from her coffee mug and the alcohol made her pussy blaze, again! She wanted to comfort him and said she didn't want to be like that, he was allowed now, once, but only as an exception! So come, but only a very little bit! she said and got ready. She put his stiff cock into her vagina and whispered, just a very little pump, but don't really thrust! He moved in and out slowly, it was the fine and beautiful feeling like before. She kept her eyes closed and smiled. He continued for quite a long time, slowly and deliberately and she smiled quite broadly, for she sensed even before he did that he was about to squirt. She reached for her clit and triggered the orgasm within seconds. He clung to her hips, now thrusting hard and very fast and squirting his soul out, right into her orgasming cunt.

She propped her chin on her arm and grumbled good‐naturedly, not thrusting properly, I said! His erection stood bolt upright and he masturbated a bit. Again, again! he whispered and energetically lay on top of her. You big, dear fool! she said softly and willingly opened her thighs. He fucked her as before, thrusting vigorously and waiting to squirt until she fingered her orgasm. He lay beside her panting heavily, she got up and said she needed something to drink. He went after her after a few minutes, she sat drinking on the bed and he stalked over to her with his cock bobbing. She stopped counting how many times he wanted to fuck and kept drinking during the breaks. Eventually his strength wore out, she spread her legs and arms and masturbated, having wonderful orgasms. He awoke in the morning in her bed and had a neat morning boner. Carefully he penetrated her vagina and she woke up immediately. Now he fucked her properly and squirted in her vagina. Boys are not really allowed to fuck their mother! she said with a heavy tongue and shooed him into his room.

She let him fuck in the following time every time when the customer had gone and she had washed her pussy. As soon as he had an erection, she made Sam fuck and cum in her. Sam liked this a lot because he now got an erection every time while watching her being fucked by the customer.

She got quite a guilty conscience after a year when a colleague told her in confidence that her 13 year old was dying to fuck her and she was only preventing this fornication by only giving him handjobs. But the naughty boy was squirting into her vagina with every handjob! She didn't say anything specific about how he could squirt into her vagina during a handjob. She blabbed that he had been raping her for months, the good‐for‐nothing! She had to let him fuck her to keep him from getting rough. He was beating her up until she gave up and let him fuck her. She stopped resisting long ago and let him fuck her as often as he needed.

But she would dread being fucked by her own son! Okay, as a street whore you had to do the strangest things, of course, but fornication with your own son, that just wasn't on! Especially, what would people say if they knew that she committed the fornication several times a day! Customers might turn away from her if they found out about her fornication. That would be disastrous! She was therefore on the lookout for someone who would.... Sam's mother said to send the son to her, that would be okay with her. Sure enough, the boy came and got to fuck Mrs. Barker. At first the boy made it three times in quick succession, then only twice, and in the end only once. After a few days, he stayed away altogether. Mrs. Barker was too old for him, he told his mother. Sam's mother's talk of fornication and what people must have been saying had gotten neatly into her bones, and she felt terribly guilty. Would the customers turn away, because Sam was fucking her several times a day by now, and she couldn't have that! No! Fornication! She pulled herself together and said after a few days that he would have to do it himself by hand in the future and also explained to him why. But he was allowed to put his cock into her warm vagina while masturbating and squirt into the deep hole.

As always, he had hidden under the table when the girlfriends visited the mother. They brought booze and it wasn't long before they were all squealing and fighting jokingly. Laughing shrilly and squealing, they pulled each other's panties off and grinned as they grabbed each other's pussies. The whores knew of course that he was under the table and sat down grinning with their legs wide apart, that was a matter of honor! Five or six pairs of legs all around him, one sex next to the other and his greedy shining eyes. He looked at their legs, looked along their inner thighs up at their pussies. He pushed her knees apart and palmed her jewels. When one pushed his hand away, he crawled to the next. When she gently placed her hand on his, she agreed. Then he rubbed the clit, just as he had seen her mother do, and stroked it until she twitched or fidgeted and stopped him.

He loved one in particular, she deliberately spread her legs quite wide apart and liked to have her clit rubbed by him. Aunt Rita, that was her name, stroked his head under the table and let him rub her clit again. She allowed it smiling because he could make her orgasm quite quickly and wonderfully. She usually let him rub her to orgasm two or three times, leaning back in the chair. She didn't mind when the other whores watched her orgasm. On the contrary, she liked to show off her beautiful pussy and was proud that she orgasmed faster than the others. It was a bit arrogant of her to pretend to be better than her colleagues. All that could be seen of Sam was his concentrated face a few inches from her vulva and his small hand. In orgasm Rita stroked and kneaded her breasts and breathed loudly. She was a young whore and her cunt, her little hole looked much nicer than the old, big cunt of his much older mother.

When the girlfriends came to visit, the mother bragged mightily that he could squirt so great, better than some men. One spoke with these 'coffee meetings' only about sex and booze liquor. Things got very heated until his mother pulled him out from under the table. He stood confused between the women. The mother pulled down his pants and let the others see his cock. Again it went high and all felt his stiff cock. All right, shouted the mother, all right! She grabbed his cock, rubbed it and let it splash on the floor in a high arc. He felt like crying, ashamed at this exposure. This was now repeated at every coffee party, each time a different whore masturbated him, each time they tried to make him squirt even more, each time he went to his room immediately after squirting, each time he cried. He wanted to shout in their faces that he had fucked his mother before each masturbation, really with thrusting and squirting! But this was strictly forbidden and secret.

Rita was the only one who felt his suffering. She pushed him back under the table and no longer allowed the sidewalk whores to wank the boy. Now you've all done it once, now leave the boy alone! She put his head between her thighs and gently stroked his hair. Rita was the only one he loved, whom he loved like mad. He had his face leaning against her inner thigh, staring at her little hole as he rubbed her clit, making her twitch and wriggle, time after time. He so wanted to hug her and kiss her and fuck her. Rita was the only one to notice his love, she lifted him out from under the table and let him stand between her bare legs. Smiling kindly, she pulled down his pants, stroked his cock and flipped up her skirt. Do you like fucking? she asked enticingly, spreading her little hole with her fingers. He was too shy to do it in front of all these women and didn't move. The women looked mutely at his cock and at Rita's naked pussy. She pulled him close, rubbed him stiffly and plugged his cock into her pussy, grinning. With one hand she stroked the back of his head and pressed his face between her big breasts, the other hand grabbed his butt and set the pace. Yes, come on, fuck me, my darling! So nice it felt, so overwhelming were his sensations in his lover's vagina, that he squirted after a short while. Rita caressed his face and hugged him tightly. It was good, she lied, you were really good! He was confused and sad because it was over so quickly.

Rita pressed him to her and stroked him very gently. He's still standing, she murmured in his ear, he's still standing, so here we go again! I want you to fuck me again, darling! Come squirt! He nodded and happily pressed his face to her bosom. Very slowly and carefully he pushed in and out, looking at his mother's friends. They just looked curious or smiled smugly. Rita whispered, go ahead! and he continued. It took a very, very long time before he stiffened and squirted loudly, panting, into Rita's vagina. She had whispered in his ear, squirt, my darling! He hugged her tightly and squirted as long as he could. Rita pushed him back a little and embraced his cock. She rubbed it gently, but it didn't get hard even after minutes. Rita gave him a big kiss on the mop of hair and let him go. He threw himself on his bed and cried with happiness.

At the next fucking, Rita hugged his head and whispered at his ear that if he stopped thrusting at the first squirt and squirted only a little juice, he would still have some left for the next squirt. That way it would be easier to fuck two or three times. He nodded and whispered that she should help him do it, he wanted to try it right away. She held his butt cheeks as he squirted and he tried to hold back his squirting. It was working! Rita whispered at his ear, hold it back now! and don't squirt all the juice in and he nodded and whispered his yes in her ear. The second time Rita held his ass cheeks again and whispered, just a very little squirt! He had caught on and it was working. He loved it when they whispered to each others ear while fucking. That day he fucked Rita three times, the third time Rita whispered she was going to do it to herself now and Sam felt her rubbing finger. Her breathing on his ear quickened and she whispered she was about ready. She rubbed really fast and whispered, it's coming, it's coming! He heard her panting breath and felt the orgasmic twitch of her vagina as she fucked. Ah! that was nice! he heard her say softly and that he should fuck her hard now and squirt it all in. Yes? she asked enticingly and he nodded, Yes, great! He pushed and pushed hard and squirted all the juice into Rita's vagina. She praised him and kissed her little hero in the middle of the mouth. The women around the table gave them a big applause.

Whenever Rita came for tea, he was allowed to fuck her in front of all her friends. He cared little, the whores smoked and watched silently when he fucked Rita. He had become a man and now at 14 he had a real girlfriend whom he fucked and screwed. Most of the time he squirted only twice, sometimes three times. They always got a big applause. Rita didn't talk much, she just pulled up her skirt and rubbed his cock stiff with her hand, then he was allowed to fuck her. Once. Twice. Three times. He really liked her whispering in his ear about whether he should hold back or whether he should squirt it all into her vagina. He whispered in her ear how beautiful it was right now and how much he loved her. She kissed him on the mouth after each fuck. The squirting in her vagina was much more intense than when he masturbated.

After a few months, Rita said goodbye, moving to Liverpool. He was terribly sad when Rita came to visit unexpectedly in the evening and told them. They drank a lot and the ladies swallowed 4 red pills that Rita had brought. He took two, it would give him erections for hours, he already knew that. The mother had brought some and they found that two pills were enough to make his erections kick in for several hours. The last time over 6 hours, it was a happy fucking until morning. The two women got going quickly, the pills pumping their sexuality until they dropped. Neither of them were lesbians, but they kissed with long, intense French kisses. Rita lay naked with his mother, the pills hit like a bomb. The pills heated up the women and they kissed and cuddled as if they wanted to eat each other. They excited each other's breasts and grabbed each other's pussy covetously and hornily. He did not like to drink, but he was allowed to lie down with the two women and watch them make love. He stroked both very intensely and participated in the arousal of both. His erection was not asked for at all in the beginning. Rita grabbed his mother's head and pulled her down moaning and cooing. She pressed her mouth on her vulva demanding. Sam saw women licking each other for the first time.

It was very exciting to see Rita's tongue dancing on her mother's clit. Rita's butt was dancing too, her clit rhythmically peeking in and out between her labia, and she was getting one little orgasm or near‐orgasm after another. She obviously had a lot of practice at this and knew how fast to make her tickler peek out from between her labia to almost orgasm. She stopped licking her mother, crouched down on her knees and squeezed her butt cheeks rhythmically and quickly to keep her clit moving. Sam knelt directly behind her and watched her exciting play. The clit was squeezed in one side as she rocked and immediately sprang out from between her labia. She concentrated solely on the rhythmic bobbing of her buttocks and letting her clit dart in and out. She shook all over her body as she orgasmed and moaned loudly in pleasure. She began to continue licking her mother's clit after a few minutes.

Sam suspected that Rita usually satisfied herself this way because she never masturbated with her finger. He asked her during a break and she confirmed she had discovered it in her youth and always did it that way since then, every night before going to sleep. She very rarely did it with her finger, saying it was much too fast and didn't last long enough. After a while she said he was only the second person she had let watch her secret. He kept quiet, it was a wonderful, arousing experience.

When Rita licked the mother, she pinched her clit between the labia and let it in and out, she almost orgasmed and moaned that he should finally fuck her! Rita's hole was very small and very tight, he could not penetrate at all without her help. She moaned that he should finally fuck her and helped with her hand so that he could penetrate her little hole very carefully. Her hole enclosed his cock tightly and yet very soft. It widened as he thrust hard and squirted panting. But Rita didn't orgasm when he fucked her, only when he masturbated her with his finger or her mother licked her clit vigorously. Mother licked Rita's clit and, grinning, rubbed his semen, which flowed from Rita's vagina, on her clit and labia with her tongue. He put his head right in front of Rita's pussy and watched the licking and orgasms with curiosity and horniness. His mom could really fucking do it! He kept having an erection and fucking them both, one time his mother, otherwise always Rita, always Rita. He kept fucking even when he couldn't squirt anymore. He knew that it was the last time he would be allowed to fuck Rita. It wasn't until very late that he fell asleep, overtired.

Rita whispered to the mother that she was pregnant by Sam. Rita had chosen the businessman from Liverpool because of the pregnancy. She was quite sure, she said, because Sam was the only one allowed to fuck her without a condom. She had figured he was much too young to get her pregnant. She had firmly believed that such young fellows did not yet have real semen, even if they could already squirt. Therefore, she had let him squirt into her without hesitation. Rita cried, because the pregnancy came as a great surprise. She was only 19 and thought she was too young and inexperienced for motherhood. Of course, an abortion was out of the question for her, she was very religious. She promised to send photos and write how the child was doing. The women decided not to tell Sam. Rita didn't leave until sunrise, after they had made love for the last time.

At the next coffee party, he lay down in bed and cried about Rita. But one of the girls, Evelyn, came up to him and made him all horny, teasingly playing with her clit in front of his face. She lured him out, out to the ladies. Evelyn took off his pants and put him between her naked thighs. So it happened that in the course of time he fucked all the damsels one after the other. He was just there, but they made the decision themselves and among themselves around him guessing, who got him.

After fucking Evelyn, he stood in front of his mother, but she didn't think he would dare. He dared, in front of all those damsels! They fell silent, look, look! they whispered, he wants to fuck her! The mother's protests did not impress him, especially since the women clapped their hands and chanted: fuck‐ing, fuck‐ing, fuck‐ing! He grabbed her ass and pulled her forward. She, like the others, had to stretch her spread legs high in the air to fuck and willingly stick out her vulva. He fucked her for a very, very long time and with one finger he rubbed her clit without mercy. The onlookers smiled wryly and grinned gleefully. The mother's face contorted into a grimace, she squinted her eyes and orgasmed heavily. Her legs wriggled helplessly in the air. He grabbed her ass and thrust as hard as he could. He squirted in the middle of her subsiding orgasm and waited, the stiff cock in her vagina. After a few moments, he continued fucking, this time taking longer. His finger rubbed her clit quite vigorously. Her second orgasm was much stronger than the first. He was able to hold back the squirting until she was twitching and shaking in orgasm and her legs were wriggling in the air. The mother let the humiliation wash over her willy‐nilly and looked deeply ashamed at her girlfriends.

He had retaliated for making him squirt in public and had exposed her in front of everyone, he had maliciously revealed her great secret. Yet none spoke of fornication. They whispered, had she really had an orgasm or not? From then on, after the first, he always fucked his mother as the second and made her orgasm in front of all her friends. Nothing of the first wickedness remained in his heart, he loved his mother very much. Nevertheless, he stuck to his decision to masturbate and fuck her 'in public' at every coffee party. The loose women shrieked with pleasure and cheered him on with foul language.

His mother couldn't help it that he humiliated her in front of all the others. It was like an unwritten rule, you had to go along with everything, there was no 'No'. If his erection lasted long enough, she had to orgasm again and it didn't help when she looked at her friends seeking help. The second orgasm was much stronger than the first. Most of the time he was able to hold back the squirting until she was twitching and shaking in orgasm and her legs were wriggling in the air. Only then he grabbed her ass and thrust and squirted, thrust and squirted! The mother hated him in those moments. Even if she was a prostitute, masturbating and orgasming was a very, very private thing even among whores and she was embarrassed to be masturbated in front of her friends and orgasm 'in public'.

He fucked one after the other in the following weeks and when they wanted it, he rubbed their clits and brought them to orgasm. They were not as beautiful as Rita, but squirting in their skilled cunts was much more pleasurable than masturbating. The girls fucked very differently. For some, every fucking was work, they let themselves be fucked indifferently and did not feign excitement. But if the others decided that she should be fucked today, she did it. For others it was a change and like a carnival, they celebrated the booze, the sexual excitement and the willing boy. They were trying to get excited and enjoy being fucked. This had nothing to do with their work, this was private and for their pleasure only. Fucking with these girls was the most fun for Sam. Unlike the others they wanted to be fucked, actively participated and got their orgasms either way. They rubbed their clits themselves and he could concentrate on not squirting before their orgasm. And they were happy as snow queens when he finally squirted into their orgasm after a long restraint. There was then also times a grateful hug or a kiss, which a customer never got.

One had started doing it, then they all did it: while he was screwing one, the neighbor grabbed the clit of the screwed one and masturbated her while screwing. He sometimes squirted too early and watched as one brought the other to orgasm. As soon as he fucked the mother, one stepped up next to her and held her leg up very firmly, exposing her vagina completely. She rubbed the exposed clit to orgasm, not caring about the mother's embarrassed looks or protests. Some downright enjoyed humiliating the mother and immediately let her orgasm again. The mother was torn in her feelings, on the one hand she enjoyed every moment while being masturbated, on the other hand she was embarrassed just because of that.

Some were as embarrassed as his mother and tried to hide the orgasming, others were not embarrassed at all and visibly enjoyed it. If he lasted longer, the orgasming cunt made him squirt wonderfully. And if he wanted to fuck another one after the mother, he got another one to fuck. So he fucked two, sometimes three whores at the coffee parties. When he had cum enough, he pulled his pants up, sat down at the table and listened to the loose and piggish speeches of the whores. With each piggish joke they shrieked and roared with laughter, then toasted the narrator. Unfortunately, these coffee meetings did not take place every day, only three or four times a month.

The mother went shopping every evening, because she did not want to work in the evening, in the dark. After shopping, she undressed, prepared a good snack and began to drink. Usually after half a bottle she was drunk as a skunk, lay down on the bed and masturbated for a long time. She didn't care if he went to his room or stayed seated.

Since he loved Rita, his interest in his mother's masturbation had been rekindled. He would watch her and at first he would masturbate standing up in front of her bed, squirting in a high arc on her body or in her hole. The mother didn't even notice, he lay down next to her and squirted directly into her vagina while masturbating. He knelt between her legs and masturbated, to squirt he pushed his cock into her hole. She stopped masturbating when he spread her labia with his fingers to squirt into her hole. Even if he didn't touch her at all while doing this, she groaned and moaned lustily at being squirted. Or, when he penetrated her hole to squirt, she groaned and moaned lustfully there too. It was not uncommon for her to grab his cock and rub it before holding the glans directly in front of or in her hole and letting it squirt. It was quite obvious that she enjoyed squirting very much in her intoxication.

As long as Rita was there, he respected the mother's prohibition and only squirted in her hole without fucking her. When Rita went to a man in Liverpool, he was sad for a long time, very sad. It was not enough! Forbidden or not! He decided to fuck the mother from now on as often as she was drunk.

She was drunk every night, from alcohol she became very sexually aroused, masturbated all evening and continued to drink. He would lie down with her and when he needed a break, he would put his fingers on her sex, watching her orgasm in her face and his fingers would feel it. Often she would spread her arms and legs and lie there motionless like a frog, he was allowed to masturbate her in that position and he was damn good at it! She hugged and kissed him because it had done her so good. It was a mystery to him how she could masturbate over and over for so many hours and have so many orgasms. Of course, she took breaks and continued to drink. In orgasm, she frequently grabbed his cock and squeezed, pulled and tore at it as if she wanted to tear it out. He fucked her once or twice every night and was sure she was not even aware of it.

He always tried to fuck her just before one of her orgasms, so he found the squirting particularly pleasurable. When it worked, they both had orgasms at the same time. With a contorted face, she let her finger race on her clit and he squirted at the top of his lungs. When he didn't catch the moment, she looked at him with blurry eyes, making her vagina all soft as long as he squirted. She was apparently aware of that, but he didn't think she really realized who was fucking her. What he didn't know was that she knew exactly who was fucking her. Despite her intoxication, she was not aroused one bit by his fucking. He made no effort to arouse her. He fucked completely self‐centered and squirted as soon as it came. She didn't care if he fucked her once, twice or three times a night. She concentrated only on her masturbation, making herself beautiful, excited orgasms. She masturbated while getting fucked, kept drinking and masturbating until she fell asleep.

Sam took a job with a dressmaker, he delivered the clothes in the boxes. But the most important thing about this job was that he could sneak behind the dressing rooms and watch the women and girls undress. His heart would pound to his throat when they took off their bras and their panties. He never caught on, no one complained about him. Even the ones who caught him didn't. He was kind of stunned at how many women were exhibitionists. How many unnecessarily took off all their clothes and gave him frivolous looks while showing him everything with obscene gestures. There were some who masturbated and let him watch. He had become addicted to spying. When he delivered, many women were horny for him. If they were alone in the house, they lured him in. Some just wanted to masturbate and let him watch. Others wanted to be fucked, and he liked that a lot. They were not prostitutes after all, but girls and women of the better society. Still, they fucked just like the prostitutes. Sam loved his job.

It was pure coincidence that Sam was resting on this bench on the banks of the Thames River. It was also a coincidence that the child sat down next to him. Sam wasn't really up for conversation, but the girl just chattered away. He was slow to thaw, and she giggled at his ambiguous questioning of her. Of course she was chatty and told him all about the doctor games she played with boys and girls. He was very perceptive and kept asking, he would like to know everything. She willingly followed him behind the den shed, he would show her anything she wanted to know or see. She was squealing with delight when he took off her underpants and stroked her cunt very delicately. Yes, she stroked herself down there, of course, when she lay in bed at night, the girl said.

But he found out very quickly that the 9 year old didn't know anything about masturbating yet. She smiled, so what do you want to show me? He touched her tiny clit very gently. He rubbed her clit very finely and she orgasmed after only a short time. She squealed with pleasure! That was so fine, she whispered and asked if she could do it herself? Yes, if no one is watching, so only do it when you are alone. She was naive and curious and let herself masturbate a second time. She had lifted her head and was watching very closely as he did it. This time she jerked endlessly and whispered that was very, very fine. She was going home by nightfall.

But she let herself be coaxed when he asked if she wanted to see his cock too. She nodded eagerly and watched him curiously as he pulled out his cock. Curious, she touched it, it was much bigger than those of the boys she had played with so far. She stroked his cock just as he had said she would. The cock got all big and stiff. She didn't want it, but he bent over her and penetrated her vagina. Her vagina was all tight and tiny. It hurts, she complained tearfully and wanted to scream out loud, but he covered her mouth. Her hymen tore and his cock was full of blood. He tore his handkerchief and wiped his cock clean. When he entered her again, she wanted to scream again, but he stuffed the bloody handkerchief into her mouth and held her mouth shut tightly. She resisted as if out of her mind, but the more she resisted, the harder he pressed on her mouth. He didn't feel the soft crack as her neck snapped. She didn't fight back anymore and let him finish fucking her. He stared into her dead eyes and squirted at the top of his lungs. He pulled his pants back up and said they could go now. But she remained silent. Only when he shook her did he realize that she was dead.

He stood up, completely distraught, and noticed the young couple turning the corner at that moment, leaving the dead child lying there. He slunk away and the couple ran to call the police. They showed the officers where the killer had gone. The officers ran in the right direction and saw him from a distance. He ran off, into the darkness. And now he was hanging upside down from the bridge.

He was terribly sorry, he didn't want to kill her. The girl had squealed with pleasure and laughed excitedly as he masturbated her tiny clit. Her mouth remained open in surprise as she was shaken and buffeted by orgasm. She squealed with pleasure as he continued to rub her clit. He saw Rita's beautiful sex before him and fought desperately against the spasm in his abdominal muscles. He would drown unless a miracle happened.

Early in the morning his body was discovered, hanging from the cable, half floating in the river. That he was the murderer of 9‐year‐old Nicole was proven, as the handkerchief in the child's throat was the identical half of the half handkerchief in his trouser pocket. All of London was in an uproar. Rape, murder and accidental death of the fleeing murderer and child molester. Newspapers, television, the full program. The child's mother howled before the cameras, the murderer's mother howled before the cameras. It was not a criminal case, it was the powerful blow of the Grim Reaper that disturbed everyone.

Veronika went to the girl's funeral because she was one of the first children she cared for. Actually, her little sister was in her kindergarten, but Nicole often came after school because she didn't want to go home to her shitty home, to her shitty mother and her shitty boyfriend, who covetously reached under Nicole's skirt when her mother wasn't there. Veronika listened to her carefully and reassured her as best she could. The shitty boyfriend, however, had not yet gone further than groping her vagina and rubbing her clit awkwardly while he masturbated. She was disgusted when he spread her labia with his fingers and squirted into her little hole. He had already done that a hundred times, the bastard! Veronika reassured Nicole that it was quite normal for men to squirt into her hole, but only in adult women. She also explained to her that it was quite normal for men to insert their cocks into the little hole and cum, but only with adult girls. With such a young girl it was forbidden, she could tell the shitty boyfriend directly. There he would stop for sure.

Unfortunately, Veronika was not right. The shitty boyfriend just laughed cheekily and forced the girl under threats to spread her pussy herself with both hands. He stared into her open little hole and masturbated, holding his cock in front of it. He continued to squirt into Nicole's little hole, holding his cock right on top of it and squirting in with a grin. Nicole told her again and again over the next few months that he had done it again. Veronika hugged and reassured her that it wasn't so bad as long as he didn't stick his cock in her little hole. The squirting was certainly disgusting, but he obviously didn't dare hurt the girl. Veronika hugged and stroked the poor child, giving her the love that her mother did not muster. Veronika often thought of talking the shitty boyfriend to conscience and enlightening the shitty mother about, but she kept putting it off.

Veronika went to Nicole's funeral and paid no attention to the shitty family. She stood a bit apart, she didn't want to stand near the family now. She came only because of Nicole, whom she had not been able to help because she was too cowardly. She cried for the violated girl and knew that she could not do anything against such an act in the future.

She had not prayed for a very long time, but now she prayed with fervor. No, dear God, it's not about cocks this time, not about pussy, she contradicted him. There's enough cocks, my pussy gets everything enough! Now shut up, dear God, listen to me at last! Don't let such a mess happen again! Never, never, never again!

She cried bitterly, for the old man only wanted to talk porky and laughed at her.

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