Vanessa's Planet

by Jack Faber © 2022

Baal couldn't remember the last time he had fucked before the crash. It was with Vat, who loved him just a little, but took touching and passionate care of his semen as if she were his wife. Day after day. She did not want a child from him and had herself temporarily sterilized before leaving. She was honest with him and so was he. He only had his own android in bed, Vanessa, who was physically and mentally modeled after his dearest student and companion for years. The real Vanessa had left for an expedition and explored the sexuality of a recently discovered humanoid race. He followed her reports closely and looked at her records with lust, which showed her fucking these primitive but very fuckable girls and boys. Vanessa's records were sensational, so he had loaded them into Sara's memory and looked at them frequently. Vat would look at them when she took a rest break in his quarters and wanted to masturbate a little after fucking. She would get downright hot watching these records and couldn't stop masturbating.

It was a very young species, both boys and the girls had big penises, the girls also had a vagina. Most of the girls had much larger dicks than the men, with many having their dicks hanging halfway down their thighs. It ended in a large, thick glans with a big hole for pissing and squirting, but no foreskin. However, the girls had very small scrotums. Vanessa was trying to figure out if evolution made the testicles smaller or it just wasn't important to produce sperm anymore.

The men's dicks were slightly smaller than the girls'. The glans was very large and strikingly light pink, while the girls' glans was dark to black. The girls' scrotum was small and had two small pseudo‐testicles; the males' scrotum was quite different. It was half hidden in the abdomen and half outside, it did not contain testicles but a spongy substance. It sucked itself full of seminal fluid at night and when the half balloon was bulging, it glowed in bright red. The scrotum was riddled with strong muscles that, when squirting, jerked the balloon rhythmically and squirted the semen into the girl at high speed and pressure. However, only a certain amount of semen squirted out, so that a young man could effortlessly squirt into 12 to 15 girls in a row. The balloon filled up overnight and the young men began to stalk the girls in the morning. They rarely fucked pregnant women and often had a nose for which girl was ready to conceive. These were usually besieged by a whole pack of men and not infrequently fucked by a dozen men in a row.

Vanessa had discovered that the staple food, a sweet and nutritious tree fruit called Yumma, contained a very powerful toxin that was extremely sex‐enhancing to the female body. It was responsible for making girls and young women want to fuck and be fucked so extremely often. It stimulated sperm production, penile growth and especially erections that lasted for hours, sending them into an extreme love frenzy. This explained the fact that girls usually got big dicks at 6 or 7, within a few weeks their dicks grew to such an extent that when erect they reached almost to their knees. During this time they learned to masturbate and squirt the cock, over and over again. Now the yumma unfolded its full effect. The little girls were seized by a love frenzy, so that they suddenly fell upon their playmates like predators and fucked those innocents mercilessly. Vanessa had collected a lot of footage about this. The little girls fucked the other little girls with their overlong cocks and only stopped after they had squirted into their vaginas. In many cases it was rape, as they completely lost their temper like berserkers, grabbed the next best child and fucked her. In younger children and older people over 40, the poison did not yet or no longer work, respectively. The yumma made the girls addicted for life. Under the effect of the intoxicant they fucked indiscriminately everyone, a love relationship occurred extremely rarely. Because of this poison, however, they died very early, hardly any of them lived past 40. For the Valurians, the poison was absolutely deadly. Vanessa had not noticed any eroticizing effect in a self‐experiment and her colleagues pumped her stomach just in time.

Yumma was also what had produced the wise women. When they were about 20, some girls decided to become birth attendants and wise women. They extracted the yumma from the fruit and coated their cocks with the concentrated poison several times a day. The cocks grew and were huge after only a few months. Vanessa accompanied the wise women daily when they visited the nursing mothers and she was allowed to record up close when they fucked the mothers while nursing. The wise women coated their dicks with yumma before fucking to numb the mother's vagina. The midwives' dicks were hugely erect and the mothers would probably have screamed in pain when the giant cock penetrated. They didn't scream because of the yumma from the wise woman's cock has anesthetized a little bit her vaginal entrance. The fucking was fun for both of them, but they had to fuck quickly because the wise woman had to rush to the next mother. She had to fuck about a dozen women a day and cum in them, the yumma gave her enough erections. As far as Vanessa could tell, this was the only sexual activity of the wise women, who also had to take care of the births.

Vanessa went several times a day to the hut where the wise women lived and got herself fucked. In the beginning, it was enough for her to get fucked by one to get some great orgasms. Later, she would go to them before sunrise and let herself be fucked by several, and later by all of them, recording everything. By the time she was fucked by the last one in the late morning, she had been fucked to orgasm two dozen times and was at the end of her rope. The wise women smiled in understanding when every other day at the crack of dawn she would quietly come into their hut and lie down with them. For months she would draw everything out, the women would lie down on the big white woman and quickly penetrate her little hole with her big cock. She hugged the woman and put her hand on her ass to set the common beat. The fucking lasted for varying lengths of time, rarely longer than two minutes to ten minutes, and Vanessa orgasmed no later than the squirting. The women took turns as they had to go to the nursing mothers. Vanessa enjoyed fucking with these women very much and reported about it quite openly. Her evaluations and assessments were nevertheless extremely precise, she preferred none, but remained neutral and objective. This impressed Baal, who not only looked at her records with lust and horniness, but also wanted to evaluate the work of his student.

The girls and women had very large breasts, because they were very often pregnant. There was no social structure, the strongest set the tone. When getting fucked, some girls masturbated their cocks and together with the man squirted themselves on their breasts. But most girls did not masturbate and when the man had squirted, he was then fucked in the ass by the girl. Most men were fucked in the ass over and over again, it was kind of okay and the men didn't fight it. They knelt on all fours and squirted sparingly in thin strings on the floor while being ass fucked from behind. This type of squirting did not come with an orgasm, but when ass‐fucked, the girl's cock seemed to press down on the balloon from the inside. So the men squirted in a continuous manner while ass fucking and they laughed when the girl thrust hard and he had to cum hard. The men as well as the girls were ready to fuck again after fifteen minutes.

There were very few men, most of the girls fucked other girls just for pleasure. As far as Vanessa could tell, girls could not impregnate others. She had examined the semen of both males and females, the girls did not produce fertile semen. Vanessa reported that fucking the girls produced the most pleasure. Vanessa had fucked with all 320 adults in the first few months and had a credible judgment of the sexual behavior of the locals. Since the girls mostly had very big dicks, Vanessa explained, she could usually orgasm well with the girls, but very rarely with the men and boys. The village had a good 300 girls and women, but only 42 men and 40 children. 10 men were past their prime and only fucked once or twice a day. The 13 young men fucked fifteen to twenty girls a day on average and only one out of 50 girls became pregnant. The girls seemed to be aware of how important the men were to insemination and pampered them day and night. They cuddled up to the men and fondled them until they got an erection and fucked the girls. The younger men were often spoiled by two girls at the same time so that they were both fucked in parallel and he squirted into both vaginas in turn. The boys and young men could fuck up to 12 or more girls on some days as long as they could get erect and squirt. They were the only ones who started fucking in the morning, until the night, that was their only purpose. The men fucked until the end of their lives, with increasing age of course less often than the boys. Most old men went to the forest to die. But those who did not go to the forest, their corpses were given to the river, like those of the old women.

Most children died in the weeks after birth, stillborn children were given to the river. Deformed children were killed immediately after birth and handed over to the river. Only a quarter of the children survived childhood. Why many more girls were born than boys was a mystery. Vanessa had recorded some births, the wise women masturbated the mother without stopping to let her squirt and the child came out of the vagina a little further with each orgasm. Only then they masturbated the mother to a tremendous orgasm, the mother quickly squeezed the child out in orgasm and squirted violently twitching in a high arc from the cock. The obstetricians continued to rub her very hard in orgasm and she squirted one after another until the orgasm stopped after minutes and she could not squirt any more. The birth usually lasted only 20 minutes and was apparently not very painful. The mothers squirted more semen during birth than ever before! Apparently, their sperm production was very high before birth. Vanessa's records impressively documented how much semen they squirted out in the ten minutes of this long orgasm during vigorous masturbation by the wise women, it was very much more than usual. No girl could squirt as much as she did during childbirth.

Vanessa had collected records of many births. Some women squirted for 5 or 10 minutes, the wise women were very skilled at keeping mothers in orgasm and squirting for quite a long time after giving birth. At first, the woman squirted every time the hand went down. Then the cock jerked up excitedly and squirted. As time went on, it only squirted every second or third time the hand went very firmly down the length of the cock to the root. Vanessa could not figure out where these amounts of semen were spurting from. As soon as the semen dried up, the cock went limp, but the wise women continued to rub the limp one for a few moments.

While nursing, several times a day one of the wise women came to masturbate the mother while she was nursing. It seemed to stimulate her milk production. She squirted less than when she gave birth, but much more than was usual for girls. While breastfeeding, the woman squirted without stopping. When the child was full, the wise woman would sit on the mother's cock and let herself squirt into her vagina until nothing more came. The wise women had the biggest cocks of all and they fucked the women with their giant cocks while masturbating and making them squirt incessantly. Others put their dicks in their vaginas and made the women squirt into them. They masturbated their huge cocks and squirted a vast amount of semen onto the woman's body. Every time she pulled her hand back over her cock, the semen squirted out of her hole over the woman in a thick stream. Vanessa documented all of this very carefully. Apparently this was the only sexual activity of the wise women.

These people masturbated very infrequently, as far as Vanessa could tell, except when getting fucked and sometimes during the midday hours. Little time was spent hunting and gathering fruit. Most of the day was spent bathing in the river and getting fucked a lot. Here Vanessa's report was abbreviatory, for in the morning much time was spent gathering fruit and preparing food, and in the afternoon groups and little groups formed for siesta, singing together and palavering endlessly with each other. One cuddled up to her girlfriends and stroked their cocks endlessly. One dozed and slept in the shade, one stroked the cocks of the others and did not stop when the other became erect. One stroked the genitals of the interlocutor while discussing and palavering, and it sometimes happened that the interlocutor began to squirt. This was nothing embarrassing, both laughed and gossiped on.

One generally saved his semen until the afternoon and evening fucking in the big round. Almost no one fucked in the morning or before late afternoon, already the children had to learn it. If a couple was very much in love, they masturbated their partner during the siesta. The others surrounded them, because watching the young lovers make love was a special experience in any case. The lovers sat opposite each other and one penetrated the vagina of the other. She grabbed her partner's erect cock and masturbated her, slowly at first, then faster and faster. She made her partner cum as high as she could or bent low and let her cum in her mouth. The female spectators hooted and cheered as she squirted. Usually the masturbator was so aroused that she couldn't save her seed until the evening and fucked the other. The spectators stroked and fingered her bottom, then one of them fucked her ass with a finger. The girls liked that and waited until they were finger fucked in the ass to spur them on while they fucked. They could squirt much harder when a finger fucked them in the ass.

In the late afternoon, the first couples began to fuck in the village square. Often, after fucking, they went to the river and bathed. Rarely much time passed before looking for the next partner to fuck. Vanessa reported that on average a girl was fucked by a man once in two or three days, and on average she fucked six girls a day and was fucked by other girls just as often. Girls squirted very little semen when they fucked a man or a girl. Men, on the other hand, squirted into the girls in rich, thick jets. Oral sex was completely unknown, likewise there were only large families with many children. Older people of both sexes went into the woods at some point and never came back.

Fucking was always done in public, only rarely did couples withdraw. In the late afternoon, people sat down in a circle in the village square and in the middle, couples usually fucked next to couples, loudly singing and clapping cheered on by the spectators. In the beginning, there were often a dozen couples in the circle, fucking quickly. Each orgasm was greeted with loud screams. Many girls pulled out their dicks while squirting and squirted masturbating upon their partners. This interlude was cheered quite hot. Exactly at sunset almost all fucked at the same time, who could still fuck. The fucking in the circle stopped only in the darkness, when all had fucked and squirted enough.

Marauding pirates ambushed the team and killed all the Valurians. The villagers were kidnapped and presumably sold as slaves or sex toys. Nothing more could be found out. Baal mourned for months and was slow to recover from this emotional disaster. He had the android Vanessa in his bed for years and she helped him get over the bad time. Now, in this expedition he was happy about the sexual variety with Vat. She was not a sex robot, the sex with her was new and very exciting. The android Vanessa was in his completely destroyed quarters and probably destroyed. He tried not to think about Vat or Vanessa anymore.

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