by Jack Faber © 2022

He studied the recording of his first outing again. He looked closely at the masturbating girls. He enlarged the picture and then he could see it. Shortly before and during orgasm, the girls were squirting urine in tiny little jets from the tiny little urinary hole. He got all excited and immediately showed it to the Commander. They had never seen anything like it before; it was completely unknown on Valuria. He also played the woman's masturbation, but she did not squirt while masturbating. He also searched the Commander's records from the morning at the lake, but he did not find a single girl squirting urine.

He got up before sunrise every day and went to the lakeshore. He would walk up close to the bodies in his camouflage suit, watching the girls and women masturbate and the boys and men fuck briefly and quickly. He automatically had the full‐body view recorded and controlled the close‐ups with his eyes. He moved very carefully, staying undetected was quite important.

He then returned to the spaceship to transfer the camouflage suit recordings. Since Vanessa was back, he ate at the same table with her, although Vanessa ate nothing and drank only a glass or two of wine. The Commander took food through a tube or was fed bite after bite. She could choose between water and lemonade. He had ordered Sara to mix half of the lemonade with the best high‐booze. Baal knew she liked to drink. The Commander smiled gratefully and jokingly said she was on board but not on duty. They grinned.

The medibot Sara had promised was ready. They had put the best‐preserved head of a female sex robot on it and transplanted the artificial brain. It understood everything the Commander commanded and was always connected to Sara. She had been given the personality of an imperial chambermaid, served like one, and addressed the Commander as Excellency. This took some getting used to. She washed the Commander every other day and applied ointment to her skin, she fed her small bites and made her drink liquor from a glass. She masturbated the Commander with the chunky penis for an hour each time before washing her, but was not as skilled as Vanessa, although she had received programming similar to an electronic penis. The maid whispered to the Commandant in her beautiful girly voice, telling her horny and raunchy anecdotes from the Court and from her days as a sex robot. Of course she made the Commander orgasm and breathed Lea's orgasm sounds into her ear. Baal watched the masturbating of the Commandant and thought the maid was doing as well as the electronic penis. The Commander winked at him and laughingly said she was very pleased with her maid. Baal watched the maid every time she masturbated the Commandant. He had the impression that the Commander was actually making progress in orgasming. He lay next to the Commandant and watched everything with horniness, he also masturbated and squirted high in the air. Too bad, he sighed feigning despair, too bad the maid has no privates! The Commander laughed loudly and the maid looked very puzzled. Sara, the omnipresent, asked if she should let the maid adjust, but Baal smilingly refused, saying it was just a joking remark.

He found out only afterwards that the Commander and Vanessa had given the order to give him pleasure. The maid received a perfect genital, Vanessa had chosen it herself and had given the doctor exactly how it should be shaped. She had the private part of a young girl shaped, because she knew that Baal loved the especially young girls. The vagina had to be tight and snug and able to fuck his cock perfectly. Without pubic hair, the opening mechanism of the beautiful slit had to work naturally, the programming of the best sex robot was combined with Lea's patterns of orgasm sounds. The cloacal vagina was omitted and everything had to be done secretly. She was given the personality of a noble palace whore, the smoky, wicked voice of a childish whore, and the whole repertoire of stories and anecdotes that such a one must possess. The form of address Excellency was omitted, rather sweetie, darling or similar were in use. How amazed Baal was when the maid appeared with naked sex! He fucked the palace whore from now on every time she masturbated the Commander and squirted into the palace whore's childish vagina at the same time as the Commander's orgasm. Lea's orgasmic sounds excited both the Commander and him to enjoy the orgasm too much especially. The Commander beamed all over her face and laughed, the coup was successful! You never have to masturbate again, sailor! laughed the Commander. My palace whore is always at your disposal when you feel like it! He hugged her and Vanessa, so that's what you've been cooking up for the last few days! Of course he fucked the Commander and Vanessa whenever they wanted, but in between it was pleasant to stick his cock into the palace whore and leave it to her art to make his semen squirt out. The new programming of the palace whore was excellent and she mastered even the most fancy love arts. She whispered a thousand raunchy and eroticizing anecdotes, whispered piggy yells, and made Lea's orgasm sounds at just the right time. She was a perfect gift!

At sunset he took a freshly cleaned and recharged camouflage suit and went to the village. He recorded everything related to the sexuality of the villagers. He mostly encountered couples fucking unspectacularly before going to sleep, most of the women masturbating only after the man had fallen asleep. It was apparently natural for very young children, girls as well as boys, to stand next to their parents and watch them fuck and masturbate from close by. Many single women let their sons fuck them as if they were the husbands. Old women masturbated at most once a week, and old men were few and far between. They did not fuck as often as the younger ones, usually they were visited by younger women who came only to fuck them and left afterwards. These women had apparently been selected by the community to fuck the single and old men. Baal found out that there were only two childless women in all who took care of the 20 or so lonely men.

He also visited the first family regularly. Everything went on as usual, there were only a few changes. The two boys sometimes knelt in front of the masturbating girls and squirted on their vaginas at close range. They never penetrated the vagina, but pressed their glans on the labia while squirting. The girls stopped masturbating and spread their labia with their fingers to let the boys squirt inside. The girls whispered and giggled, rubbing the semen on their pussies or licking the semen off their fingers and swallowing it, grinning. They continued masturbating, letting the brothers watch. Then the boys took turns kneeling between the masturbating woman's legs once the man had fallen asleep and masturbating. She would stop masturbating when the boy was ready and spread her vagina with her fingers and let him squirt inside. Later, however, she let him enter her vagina and held him by the buttocks so he wouldn't fuck while squirting in. The older one kept managing to fuck before and while he squirted, although she gave him a friendly peck afterwards. She couldn't stop him from fucking her a little more and more.

Baal watched this family two or three times a week. It kept developing, he kept the changes in his notes. After masturbating, the two girls would sit down next to the woman and watch the brothers masturbate and squirt inside up close. Sometimes one of them would pull the masturbating woman's labia aside to get a closer look at the fucking and squirting. As time went on, the brothers just masturbated until their dicks were stiff. The woman stopped masturbating and just let them penetrate and get fucked, first by the older one, then by the younger one. They fucked very fast and squirted as fast as they could. The second time the woman got light orgasms until the guys had both squirted in. Then they sat down with the girls and all four of them watched the young woman masturbate as she sank back into a deep trance. She was soon rubbing herself really fast and having a very strong orgasm. Everyone lay down on the sleeping mats, and the sisters and brothers lay together in pairs. The girls rubbed the boys' dicks until they were quite stiff. Now the brothers lay down on top of the girls, spreading their legs wide apart. They fucked very, very carefully in the girls' vaginal vestibule and squirted in the girls' vaginal vestibule. The girls held on to the cock with their hands so it wouldn't go in too deep in the heat of the moment. The four of them fucked each other every night, they cuddled up to each other afterwards, stroked each other's genitals and fell asleep.

He also often watched an older single woman who was fucked alternately by her two sons every evening until she had an orgasm while fucking. This woman herself did not masturbate at all. He was very surprised that despite the erection continuing, the sons let go of her and went to sleep.

Many times Baal also followed the two women who had to take care of the old and lonely. They were the most active girls in the village community, they were very experienced fuckers and never had a failure. They went from hut to hut and fucked every evening usually with five or six men in a row. These were the only ones who sat on the men and fucked them in the riding position, this was also very popular in Valuria. Some men just wanted a hand job. This was taboo on Valuria, but it was done secretly by venal Valurian women.

Baal observed the washing‐ and fucking behavior of the villagers every morning. There were usually about as many men as women, but only a handful of adult males. The women stopped masturbating when the boys, most of whom were 12 to 20 years old, began to fuck. It was interesting that only the oldest boys and the few adult men squirted into the vagina. The younger boys had to pull their dicks out to squirt and masturbated while kneeling, squirting on the women's bodies. There were some women who spread their vaginas apart with their fingers and let the masturbating boy squirt into the vagina from the outside. Most of the boys fucked three or four times, it was always very fast. The fucking rarely lasted more than two minutes, and after ten minutes the erection was back. The women patted the boy's buttocks a few times in a friendly manner, presumably to show their satisfaction.

The older men fucked only the youngest girls, who might be barely older than 12. These men fucked only one girl, but quite long and persistently. These girls squealed and squealed loudly when they had an orgasm or when the man squirted. Baal also found it very interesting that one of the women started singing and the fucking stopped instantly. She continued singing, all the women masturbated rapidly at the same time and also orgasmed almost simultaneously after three minutes. The soft singing ended when the last woman orgasmed. Most of the boys watched the women masturbating kneeling. Only a few masturbated and penetrated the masturbating woman's vagina for a squirting fuck. The women turned their faces away in shame or disgust because apparently it was not okay to be fucked while singing.

Baal counted 38 pregnant women of all ages. They were the most sexually active group. These women were the only ones who retreated to the hut to masturbate even during the day. In some cases, they drew men into the hut to be fucked by different men. Very few pregnant women had a steady partner; they fucked very frequently and with changing partners. Very much in demand were guys under 20, they did not let themselves be fucked so often by older men. The pack fucking was quite common among the pregnant women, they took three or four boys to themselves in the hut and let themselves be fucked by all in turn. In the evening, single pregnant women would sneak into other huts and get fucked there. Many wives did not agree and protested loudly. In vain, because the husbands did not miss the opportunity.

Baal recorded three births in close‐up, several apparently experienced women performed the births. During the fourth birth, something went wrong and the woman was in danger of bleeding to death. The obstetricians were screaming in confusion and were obviously at a loss. He didn't think twice, threw a camouflaged recovery sheet over the woman and ran with her in his arms to the four‐seater and hurried to the medical center. The robo‐arms instantly took care of the relatively simple problem. Baal gave instructions to accurately register the woman anatomically, take tissue‐ and blood samples, and record all available medical parameters. He asked the physician program what protocol was usually followed. The doctor recommended a powder to erase the last thoughts; there were several powders. He chose one that erased the memories of the last hour. Looking ahead, he gave orders to place a medical motor couch in all four‐seaters, to add several camouflage cloths and a selection of forgetting powders of varying duration to the ship's pharmacy.

The woman was cured and he examined her body, had everything recorded. She had much larger breasts than Valurian women and her genitalia looked completely different. She did not have a ring‐shaped labia like Valurian women, but two labia to the left and right of the vaginal entrance. The vagina was much narrower and shorter than that of the Valurians. He examined her clit very carefully and rubbed it gently, as he had seen the villager girls do. The clit stiffened and filled with blood.

She kept looking up into the face of the giant Baal. She moaned comfortably and kept whispering something that sounded like 'fuddi'. She moaned and her pulse raced. He, of course, did not understand what she meant by the pleading fuddy or fudi. She pushed his hand aside and masturbated for a few seconds, then had a violent orgasm. He gave her the powder to drink and put on his camouflage suit. He spread the camouflage cloth over the dazed woman and brought her back to the hut. The wise women cried out when she suddenly lay before them again. They pelted her with questions and she stammered her answers. She had been gone for over an hour and now she was well and no longer bleeding. The women pressed their newborn son into her arms and she sobbed and wept with happiness. Baal recorded how the child sucked and drank from her bosom. The nipples did not have a single large hole like Valurian women, her nipples dispensed the potion from several tiny holes.

He returned to the starship and looked at the records with Vanessa and the Commander. His suspicions were confirmed by the anatomical depth scan. The woman's vagina had surprisingly few neural pathways, but the clitoris had thousands. During masturbation and orgasm, the nerve pathways fired without ceasing. The vagina, which had been dilated at birth, had shrunk again after the treatment and was once more quite narrow. They looked at the woman's anatomy for hours, discussing every detail. The woman's cloaca was not connected to the vagina or uterus and contained only digestive remains. The urinary bladder did not open into the vagina, but into a tiny hole below the clitoris. These were very important findings, although Baal had filmed both women and men excreting the digestive remains from the cloaca and burying them with the animals in the corral. Baal said he wanted to fuck an earthly black woman soon, if it could be arranged.

Baal spent two hours at the medical center sequencing the woman's DNA. He was very surprised; it was only 0.8 percent different from Valurian DNA. He recognized the differences relatively easily. Skin color, hair growth, height, and the genes that affected gender. Baal had to acknowledge, willy‐nilly, that the mad scientist had done an excellent job 75,000 years ago and had passed on Valurian DNA to humans. This meant Valurians and humans could mate and produce hybrids. Blood transfusions were possible, as well as all functions that the medical center could treat, all human injuries and diseases could be treated. All medicines could be used on humans. He checked the results twice and went back to the Commander to report.

Vanessa had obtained a thick but not quite firm penis at the medical center and was masturbating. He lay down next to the Commander and together they looked at the large monitor that showed Vanessa's vagina in close‐up. The results of his work would have to wait until Vanessa was finished. Vanessa, like her original, masturbated very skillfully and full of pleasure for over half an hour. He stroked the back of the Commander's hand and the squirting nipples of Vanessa's small firm breasts as Vanessa began to orgasm, this lasted about three minutes. Vanessa rolled her beautiful eyes in orgasm so that only the whites of her eyes could be seen and closed them. Then Vanessa opened her eyes and smiled brightly. He was silently pleased that Vanessa had retained the personality of the original and could feel all the emotions. She felt horniness as well as sexual desire and could fuck, masturbate and orgasm like any real Valurian. She was indistinguishable from a Valurian. He never thought again that she was an android, kept alive by a fusion power battery for another thousand years, and her positronic‐edinktamorous brain filled her skull and half her chest.

Baal went every morning to the morning ablution at the lakeside and every evening to the huts. His first family changed little more. The young wife waited until the husband fell asleep and let both brothers fuck her twice in a row. She enjoyed it very much, Baal noticed from the fact that she had easy orgasms while being fucked, she never had orgasms with the man. She rewarded them with the usual friendly slaps on the buttocks each time after they had cum inside her.

She masturbated only after the boys lay down with the twins, cuddling and caressing them. She came to the children after her orgasm, cuddling and whispering softly to them. She watched the girls' handjob and crouched in front of their vaginas when the boys squirted right in the vaginal vestibule. She hissed with satisfaction, stroking the girls' pussies and gently licking both girls. The boys watched as she first licked the semen from the pussies directly with her tongue and swallowed. She took her time and intensely licked the girls' pussies and clits alternately until they became horny after ten or fifteen minutes. The brothers watched quite curiously from close by as her tongue licked the clit and brought the girl to peak horniness. She continued until the girl reached orgasm. The girl clung to her forearm and her abdomen jerked violently in orgasm. So she would teach the boys to lick the girls' clits to orgasm in the next few nights. Then she would go back to the sleeping area and masturbate in a trance before falling asleep. The guys laid between the girls' wide open legs and very gently fucked in the vaginal vestibule. The girls held the cock with their hands so that it did not penetrate too deeply while fucking and squirting.

Baal showed the Commander and Vanessa how the young woman masturbated the girls' clits with her tongue. That didn't exist on Valuria, women didn't have clits and never licked themselves. They must have watched this sequence ten times, because this was the first time they saw this. The other women in the village didn't do it.

One morning there was excitement in the village, some men were shouting something to the women who were masturbating in the shallow water to the sound of singing. The boys fucked away as fast as they could. The singing got higher and shriller, the women masturbated at top speed. The boys fucked the women quite violently, pulling out their cocks and squirting masturbating one after the other over the women's bodies. Baal was watching one young man in particular, who had caught his eye for some time with his ejaculation technique. He fucked a young girl with his big cock until the first squirt. He pinched his cock with his fingers, pulled it out and reached for the neighbor girl. He masturbated for a few seconds and thrust into the girl's vagina. He squirted only one jet into the squealing woman and continued. Clamped the cock, masturbated for a moment and penetrated the next woman, who squealed in protest like the others. After squirting into the fourth girl, he knelt down at the level of her breast and masturbated in front of her face. He put his cock between her lips and masturbated quite violently. He squirted deep in her mouth and she swallowed the semen. She licked his cock for a while and then he finished.

The singing ended in a high, shrill, tongue trill that lasted for minutes, and all the women orgasmed at the same time. The trill died away, and the boys and women jumped up and ran into the village. Baal could make out that a dozen men and big boys were arming themselves with spears and sticks. He nervously checked his camouflage suit, but everything was okay. He sat down in the four‐seater for safety and watched.

The men gestured shouting and pointing toward the woods. Baal realized that a large herd of antelopes was breaking through the grove and charging through the waist‐high grass toward the village. He marveled that the villagers could see the herd from 6 to 7km away. The hunters charged towards the herd and Baal lifted the four‐seater, they had to pass right here. The four‐seater flew to the herd, he set all recording devices and hovered over the antelopes. He asked Lea if there were any animals other than these 617 antelopes. Lea gave a long orgasmic moan and flashed some red dots. Four lionesses and three lion cubs, Lea said, breathing an orgasm from the speaker. Three lionesses moved slowly behind the antelopes, one stayed behind with the cubs at the edge of the forest. The hunters split into three groups and hid in the grass after 500 meters. Baal marked their positions on the monitor and waited.

The hunters' strategy was simple and life‐threatening. The middle group stood up in a wide line and split the herd in half. Shouting and screeching, they slowed the irritated antelopes. The groups on the left and right stabbed and thrashed at the animals, managing to kill 12 antelopes in the end. The lionesses had caught up to the herd and killed two antelopes. Two hunters broke away from the formation and ran towards the lionesses. Baal anxiously pursued them at 300m. The hunters reached the lionesses and hurled their spears. One missed the target, one grazed a lioness and went into the grass. The uninjured lionesses leapt at the hunters, slashing with their paws.

Baal ordered the ship's cannon armed and fired at the lioness standing on the chest of a hunter. He hit at the same moment as the second lioness struck down the second fighter. He killed that lioness with a pulse beam as well. He looked back, the hunters were striking and stabbing at the antelopes. They did not look at him. He landed next to the lions.

Lea confirmed, both lionesses were dead, as were the two hunters. One hunter male, one female. He asked, female!? Lea confirmed and breathed her orgasm from the speaker. He got out in the camouflage suit and walked to the battlefield. The lioness was heavy, but he lifted her off the body. He folded back the loinclothes; it was indeed a young woman and a young man. He stared at the girl's genitals and thought. With a quick decision, he packed the bodies onto the truck bed, they didn't weigh much. Both had had their necks torn by the paws. He asked Lea for information about the lion hunt. After a few seconds, the monitor flared up, showing Valurians lion hunting on one of the supply planets. He fast‐forwarded, and the men severed the hind legs and carried them to the hunting car. He kept fast‐forwarding, but they left the rest.

He took a cutting tool and severed the hind legs of the lionesses. It was strenuous work, but he managed. He mutilated the bullet holes and interfaces so the hunters couldn't identify them. He let the four‐seater climb and Lea showed where the lionesses were. The injured lioness trotted toward the edge of the forest, posing no danger. The hunters approached silently after a while, calling for the dead and examining the dead lionesses. They could not explain what had killed the lionesses. They grabbed the lionesses and pulled them towards the village. They had to go several times, Baal thought, as he counted the dead antelopes. He flew to the spaceship.

He took the hind legs of the lionesses one by one to the kitchen section and instructed the kitchen robot that they were lions. The robot confirmed it would take care of it. He brought the bodies into the medical center, placed them on two treatment tables. He undressed them both, their bodies still warm. Vanessa stood next to him, he had the tables' heaters turned on. He wanted to fuck the dead female, he told Vanessa and the med unit. It was nothing unusual on Valuria, he had fucked many dead Valurian females, at funerals or in the pathology institute if they had a nice body. A friend of his worked there and called immediately when a very young or very pretty dead girl was brought in. Vanessa wiped the girl's body clean and covered the neck wound with tape. She laid the girl down in fuck position and held her by her shoulders so she wouldn't slip while being fucked. Baal recognized the girl, he had often seen and recorded her fucking and masturbating. She lived with three older brothers, from whom she let herself be fucked every night. She fucked very tenderly and gracefully, but she masturbated only after they fell asleep.

Baal instructed the recording system to film a full‐body view and a close‐up of her cunt. He erected his thick cloacal penis and penetrated the girl's vagina. She was at body temperature and felt tight and comfortable. He fucked for a quarter of an hour, looked into Vanessa's eyes and squirted with satisfaction in the black girl's vagina. After that he erected his upper, thinner cock, which was more sensitive than the thick one. Even as he penetrated, he felt his pleasure and fucked her until, after half an hour, he couldn't hold back the squirting. He looked into Vanessa's beautiful yellow tiger eyes and whispered that he was about to squirt. She smiled kindly at him and said, go ahead my darling, I'm already insanely horny from watching! He pushed to the end of her vagina and thrust really hard. He squirted a quart of semen into her vagina and waited a few seconds for the erection to subside. He had Vanessa clean his cocks with the SaniSheet and instructed the medicomputer to dissect out the genitals of both corpses and freeze them for further examination. He gave orders to anatomically register the bodies accurately beforehand and then have a robot bring them to the ground and cremate them with the pulser.

He went forward with Vanessa to the Commander, he lay down next to her and together they watched Vanessa in close‐up, masturbating for half an hour with the penis artfully and full of pleasure and at the end for minutes several smaller and at the end a violent, huge orgasm. Vanessa rolled her eyes in orgasm as if in a swoon, so that only the whites of her eyes could be seen. The Commander was thrilled by Vanessa's orgasm and then watched again the recording of Baal's first copulation with a black human girl.

The palace whore pushed the Commander to the medical center every week, she was properly masturbated, washed and cleaned and the procedure in her neck was done. This took about 90 minutes, but Baal insisted on doing everything humanly possible. The Commander's vagina had become more sensitive after each procedure and Baal did not give up. The surgeries brought a lot, the Commander's vagina now had many thousands of nerves and she felt the orgasm in her vagina more and more every week. Vanessa mostly used three different penises to masturbate the Commander. Vanessa masturbated her as often as she had desire, once or twice a day or more. Tears ran down the old woman's cheeks when Vanessa brought her to orgasm. Baal very rarely fucked her anymore, because she found it very nice to be masturbated by the palace whore and Vanessa. And, said the Commander to the android, you are fucking good at it!

Baal watched the women menstruating as they sat down in the shallow water of the lake or waded into the water up to their waists. He was utterly amazed. They were not just sitting in the water for hygienic reasons, they were catching fish! The blood attracted the fish, and the women killed them with sticks. Some boys went up and down with a basket and collected the fish. The braver women waded into waist‐deep water and stood stock‐still. Larger fish approached their cunts and nibbled on them. The women just had to reach in to catch the fish. The women laughed and chatted excitedly with each other, apparently getting horny from the fish' nibbling.

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