The White Chieftain

by Jack Faber © 2022

Baal had chosen a village to appear in plain sight, without camouflage, to the villagers to assert his prerogative to deflower his fair‐skinned daughters. The village was next to a small river, on the banks of which the morning fuck ritual took place. He had watched the chieftain for a long time; Okuwu was a tall muscular man who successfully led his hunting party. The village had about 30 men, 85 girls and women, and close to 120 children of both sexes. Twenty‐one of his fair‐skinned daughters were coming of age to be deflowered. He had carefully prepared for his appearance before the people.

Lea let out from the loudspeakers the sonorous hymns of the Empress, he paced, wearing only a knee‐length loincloth and a wreath of flowers on his head that concealed his silver band of his rank of science implanted around his skull. In one hand he carried a steel fighting staff, from which he had removed the pulser with Sara's help. Over his shoulder he carried an antelope he had shot that morning. The whole village ran together, he marched with lunging steps directly to the village square and approached the chieftain, who was surrounded by several men armed with spears.

He greeted the chieftain in a loud voice, saying he came in affection for him and the village. He knew no word for friendship. He placed the antelope in front of Okuwu and said it was a gift. He bowed to the chieftain and put his hand on his shoulder, the usual greeting. The chieftain palpated his arm, chest and shoulders. The fingers slid over his skin. You are even whiter than my children, the chieftain said, carefully fingering the shiny spear. The chieftain and his guards sat down on mats in front of a hut, and Baal joined them. Some women grabbed the antelope and dragged it away. The chieftain's men, they were his best hunters, palpated his white skin and the battle spear he had placed at his feet. They examined the strength and the razor‐sharp blade. They admired the spear and shouted excitedly in admiration.

At length he explained that he came from the stars like all the white children of the village, they too came from the stars. He was a supreme chieftain of the white people and had come to deflower the fair‐skinned daughters. Okuwu looked up in amazement. Fuddi tirimani, Baal repeated, the defloration festival. Okuwu looked down at Baal's elongated cock, which was visible under the loincloth. Fuddi tirimani, Chieftain Okuwu repeated, and Baal made it clear to him that he wanted all 21 fair‐skinned daughters of the right age to fuddi tirimani today and the next few days. They would have a defloration festival every day until all the daughters were deflowered and grown up. Okuwu smiled after a while in agreement.

Following a sudden inspiration, Baal took his shining spear and solemnly presented it to the chieftain, saying, "For the great chieftain! For Okuwu! A gift!" The chieftain's eyes lit up as he took the spear in his hands. Thank you, great chieftain Baal, he murmured, and jumped up, performing a wild dance and emitting wild cries as he stabbed imaginary animals with the spear. They palavered for an hour and he knew it was decided as men and women began to set up camps for defloration. Four, Baal said to Okuwu, four! and raised four fingers. Okuwu nodded in agreement and sent for the 21 light‐skinned girls.

The girls did not take off the loincloth, one only stripped naked to sleep. Whoever exposed himself naked during the day could expect a good beating. Chieftain Okuwu gave a stern speech that there will be a defloration festival today and tomorrow and after tomorrow, therefore. The girls understood. They were very shy and each one was coy, but they had to step in front of the two men and take off their loincloths, they lowered their eyes bashfully and had their sex examined. Okuwu and Baal expertly examined the naked girls. Their pale labia were pink to reddish on the inside, they almost all still had hymens. Okuwu clicked appreciatively at one or two of the girls, tapping their labia and saying that such and such was sure good to fuck! The girls winced at his piggish remarks, for they had all never fucked before. Baal nodded politely in agreement and tapped Okuwu's shoulder, which was considered a sign of consent and approval. How good that he had studied the language and customs beforehand! He chose four 14 and 15 year old girls with Fido and sent the others away. Okuwu laughed loudly and tapped the white giant's shoulder incessantly.

That will be a good fuddi tirimani, Okuwu exclaimed, patting Baal's cock. He grasped it unabashedly and expertly brushed his hand over the soft giant part, as if masturbating. This is going to be a nice fuddi tirimani! The chieftain's hand slid for ten minutes over Baal's flaccid cock, which must have been twice as long as the chieftain's. Okuwu nodded with satisfaction, pinched and tightly clasped the cock. Baal had taken the precaution of coiling up his second cock and hiding it under opaque tape; it seemed right. The women garlanded the four girls with flowers in their long hair, carefully lubed the naked beauties, and oiled the labia and clit so tightly that the girls orgasmed silently. The feast could begin. Baal had explained to Okuwu that he would first make fuddi tirimani with the girls, then the chieftain and three hunters, then the people. Okuwu nodded in agreement and chose three hunters.

The defloration party went on as usual. The singer started, the girls masturbated skillfully, Okuwu and the hunters masturbated their dicks. Baal dropped his loincloth and theatrically made his cock slowly erect. The people danced shoulder to shoulder in a circle, staring at Baal's penis. The girls squealed and squealed as they orgasmed as often as they could, and the singer sounded the tongue trill. Okuwu and the hunters stepped forward and pushed Baal forward. The trill broke off and the people paused in their dance and watched. Baal quickly deflowered one girl after another, fucked briefly at half cock length and ejaculated with metered jets. He followed the doctor's instructions and injected the jet of semen into the vagina with high pressure. He went from girl to girl, Okuwu and the hunters following him fucking. When the last one finished fucking, they lined up next to each other and raised both arms. Okuwu shouted the magical words unknown to him, the hunters shouted three times Fuddi! Fuddi! Fuddi! and the people surrounded the four girls.

The women slurped, sucked and licked the semen from the little vaginas and swallowed it. Then they quickly licked the tender clits to orgasm and left the girl to a villager to fuck. They took turns like this throughout the afternoon. The girls were soon very tired and apathetically allowed themselves to be fucked and licked to orgasm after each cum. None got an orgasm while being fucked. Baal sat down on the mat, leaned against the hut contentedly and watched with a smile as his daughters were fucked or licked to orgasm. One little boy tried to lick one, but he was scolded and shooed away after a few minutes of licking the girl to orgasm. Baal watched him as the boy, about 16 years old, licked the clits of the four girls to orgasm throughout the afternoon. They let the fool grant, since he fucked the girls afterwards neatly and squirted in like everyone else.

Baal was soon surrounded by girls and women. Each wanted to take his cock in her hand, they whispered excitedly about his good piece and groped him curiously. One of the braver ones gave him a hand job. He erected good‐naturedly and growled, open your mouth! She obeyed and he squirted a bit of semen into her mouth. The others looked at her expectantly as she swallowed the semen and said, it tastes very good! That was the dam breaking, now everyone wanted to swallow his semen. Okuwu looked over and yelled at the women, at the Fuddi tirimani they didn't do that, but the women ignored him. Baal let the brave one continue to masturbate and squirted a bit into the mouths of at least 30 girls and young women. The brave one held the girl's chin and held the tip of his penis in her mouth. She rubbed it only once‐twice, he squirted the semen in and did not spend all.

Baal spent the night in Okuwu's hut. The chieftain lived with three women and a dozen children in a large hut. Okuwu did not fuck any of his young wives, having completely squandered his semen in fuddi tirimani, and urged Baal to fuck one of his three wives or the eldest daughter. Baal said he was very happy to do so and fucked all three wives in turn. These put their faces in Okuwu's laps and sucked his flaccid cock, squealing joyfully as they orgasmed and patting Baal's buttocks with their hands when he had squirted in a small portion, that was the custom.

Okuwu fondled his wife's ample breasts and nodded affirmatively when she orgasmed or when Baal squirted. He told Okuwu after each how well the one and the other fucked and that she pleased him well. Finally, he fucked Okuwu's daughter, who was about 17 years old, in the midst of the little siblings. She fucked classes more passionately and gracefully than the three women and they fucked for almost an hour. The girl had three orgasms, squealing as she orgasmed and patting his ass. When he squirted to finish, she squealed in pleasure for minutes and clawed her fingers into his butt when the squirting stopped. Meanwhile, the women masturbated and the little boys masturbated and squirted into her mouth.

Baal lay down, the young girls put their heads on his body while masturbating. When one orgasmed, he kindly stroked her head with the frizzy hair. He was the first to get up and go to the river. He bathed and washed in the cool water. He sat on the bank as the women and boys came to the shore and washed. There were only two dozen boys, all under 20. They all fucked women with great skill and some pulled out their cocks to squirt deep into the woman's throat. Most, however, squirted into the vagina. Noticeably many girls and some women licked each other's clit to orgasm. Some shouted at him to come, fuddi fuddi! But he flicked his flaccid cock and shouted, he has no desire now, do not want fuddi fuddi. This was immediately accepted and they left him alone. He watched and let the three camouflaged cameras record like yesterday at the fuddi tirimani.

He stayed four more days, deflowered all 21 daughters and fucked all the wives and Okuwu's mightily horny daughter in the evening. Okuwu had spent himself in fuddi tirimani again and nodded encouragingly to fuck one of his wives. He watched with sleepy eyes the fucking with his wives and also the much more exciting fucking with the graceful, sex‐crazed daughter. Of course, he noticed every time how much Baal and his daughter liked it both. He called every evening if Chieftain Baal did not want the daughter to be his wife. Baal had to explain very carefully that his own wives were waiting on the star ship and that he was only allowed to marry women from the white tribe. Okuwu and the daughter wailed, but it could not be.

He went to the four‐seater every day before the morning ceremony, mounted briefly and shot two wild boars. One of the hunters who ate his roasted antelope meat with him had told him that people loved to eat wild boar, but hunting them was difficult and dangerous. He took the pulser from a fighting spear and brought the wild boar and the spear to the village every day. The women dragged the boars away. Baal solemnly presented the spear to Okuwu and said, a gift for your hunters! Okuwu gave the spear to a hunter, who performed a wild dance, screeching and waving it in the air. On the last day, he brought three spears in addition to the wild boars, and in total the nine hunters got nine spears. That evening he fucked for three hours, Okuwu's daughter wanted and wanted to be orgasmed and fucked a hundred times. He had said goodbye to everyone in the evening and sneaked off to the four‐seater early in the morning after fucking the chieftains daughter until she fell asleep. His knees were still shaky and he smirked thinking about Okuwus daughter in heat and fucking so passionately. The four‐seater took him to the spaceship in 15 minutes, Lea steering at full throttle. Vanessa was eagerly awaiting him.

The image of the chieftain's daughter faded forever as he lay in Vanessa's arms. She only let him climb quickly into the cleaning cabin before they fell over each other. She let the exhausted man sleep, sensuously stroking his main penis, and realized from the twitching of his cock that he was dreaming of fucking. She stroked him very gently for three hours until he woke up. He unloaded the six boars with the robots and had them brought to the kitchen wing.

The chef with the cognac voice burped rudely and said, "of course they were boars, what else!? I am neither blind, stupid nor drunk, dear sir!" He grumbled that could be a good 300 portions and confirmed that there would be a wild boar steak a la Gled Riggich that evening. "I would recommend red wine as an exception, there were still over 211,000 bottles of it, so two or three bottles would be enough." Baal enjoyed the booze‐head's chatter and ordered the 750g steak rare. How else, dear sir, in which grotty Grand Valurias tavern do you serve wild boar without blood? In the "bodega to the soft‐boiled shoe sole," I suppose, he himself gave the answer and Vanessa helped him to keep the boozing chef to the best. He laughed with Vanessa about which cocky, funny programmers programmed the four‐seater's navigation computers or the boozing chef. Vanessa reported that she passed the time waiting in the village by masturbating for a long time, getting off on Lea's breathed, moaned, and screamed orgasms. She giggled, because that was a really piggish fun for her. But she had recorded it, of course, for him to watch.

He arranged and commented on the recordings together with Vanessa. Especially the licking of the girls he commented in detail, inserted many examples in close‐up. To the clitoris and the licking of the clitoris he devoted a detailed treatise, because on Valuria the women had no clitoris, never licked each other and masturbated completely differently. The defloration feasts with his daughters were also treated separately and documented in great detail. He devoted a separate treatise to the women who let themselves be fucked by the young boys and boys on the riverbank and then let themselves be licked to orgasm by a girl.

He discovered in the records the young fool who loved to lick clits so much. He never masturbated, his cock hanging down dangling. Only now did he notice that the obviously mentally retarded boy was squirting into the water at irregular intervals without masturbating during his masterful tongue play on the ticklers. When his licking brought the girl to orgasm, he pushed the foreskin back over his glans quite firmly. His glans twitched and squirted all by itself in little jets into the water as long as the girls orgasmed at his clit licking, often for minutes at a time. The girls stared at his pink glans, which twitched and squirted without his intervention. His semen floated in the water like white worms. He could squirt surprisingly often and immediately after licking the girls to orgasm, he fucked them with great zeal. He squirted after a few moments after penetrating the vagina. He licked and fucked ten or twelve girls every morning, and they enjoyed sex with him very much, squealing and squealing loudly as he squirted. The boy never masturbated, but squirted ape‐like into all the girls with his mouth open. They all patted his butt after he squirted in their vaginas. The boy's sexuality was very interesting and exciting. Vanessa looked at the boy squirting by himself for hours, she had never seen anything so exciting either.

After a few days, they had everything cataloged and at least rudimentarily annotated. He wanted to arrive on Grand Valuria with proper documentation if they could be saved. Vanessa knew how important proper documentation was to him and caressed his face when sadness overtook him. The best thing to combat sadness was a good dinner. The wild boar tasted delicious and the red wine recommended by the chef was a great match. Nevertheless, he drank only one bottle, as did Vanessa, then they looked at records of the empress. They cuddled for a long time and fucked before falling asleep. He loved it when Vanessa half sat, half lay across from him during his dinner and let him watch her masturbate. Her pointed, inch‐long nipples stiffened, twitching and fucking in the air with increasing arousal. As she orgasmed, she pulled the artificial penis out briefly and squirted a pint of semen from the stiff, twitching nipples into her vagina. The semen squirted in thick, twitching jets from her orgasming nipples quite precisely into her vagina. After she had squirted the entire day's amount into her vagina in thick jets, she reinserted the penis and continued to fuck herself in orgasm for minutes. She was, after all, designed to fuck or masturbate at any time. Moreover, she also felt sexual desire like any young‐in‐love Valurian girl. He and the real Vanessa had, after all, made every effort to give her a young, amorous and sexually very active personality among others.

He got ready for the next trip. He had the chef prepare rations for three weeks, besides sandwiches he took pre‐cooked meals that Lea could prepare in the four‐seater. He took 50 combat spears with him, whose pulsers the robots had removed. When everything was ready, he flew off.

He visited three villages in three weeks. The news of his week in the first village had spread in no time, all expected the white chieftain Baal, who came to the Fuddi tirimani. He was received in the villages with shouts of joy, loud shrieks and stamping dances. He brought two or three boars every morning and distributed 9 or 10 steel spears in each village. People looked forward to the fuddi tirimani and the fair‐skinned girls paraded naked for him every day. Fido had predicted that in the first village he had impregnated 19 of the 21 girls. The doctor had confirmed that his semen instantly impregnated the girl when he squirted in sufficiently, firmly and with pressure. In doing so, his semen was squeezed all the way into the fallopian tubes and the egg, which was ready to conceive, was instantly fertilized. It was completely meaningless how many men squirted into the fertilized girl after him. It was not possible to correct the doctor, they were girls and not wummun! The doctor continued to say wummun, basta! Baal had no trouble dividing the required amount of semen among 6 to 8 girls. He deflowered 26, 31 and 24 white girls aged 13 to 15 in the villages. He tried not to impregnate the 13 year olds, they were too young in his opinion, although 13 year old blacks often became pregnant. Without the 13‐year‐old daughters, Fido predicted 98% pregnancies. That was something to be satisfied with.

The fuddi tirimani ran ecstatically horny everywhere. The girls were proud and happy to become adults now and were fucked properly by all the villagers on these afternoons and their clits licked to orgasm by girls and women. The women surrounded Baal, rubbing his cock and making him cum in their wide open mouths. He slept in the huts of the chieftains and the hunters alternately. All the chieftains and hunters spent themselves completely at the fuddi tirimani and he was assigned to fuck one of the wives or daughters for the sake of hospitality. The daughters gave him everything and fucking them was passionate and very horny. All the girls and women of these villages masturbated while fucking and orgasmed incredibly fast. Fido recorded that he had impregnated almost all the wives and all the black daughters. He fucked and squirted deep into the night and slept far too little. He dozed in the morning after bathing in the streams and rivers. The recordings were running automatically, after all, and he would look at it later. However, it was interesting to note that the girls and women of these villages also loved clit licking above all else and it was only a few boys under the age of 20 who made every effort to fuck all the girls and women on the river bank. It was not finished until the last woman had been fucked.

In the third village, people were very careful on the riverbank and Baal quickly found that crocodiles were threatening the fuckers. One little girl was too slow and was torn apart by the crocodiles. He ran to the village and shouted, the chieftain and his hunters should go to the river, he would kill the crocodiles. He ran to the camouflaged four‐seater, got on to the river. Lea located the crocodiles and shot all 18 within minutes. The hunters marveled at the miracle and brought the dead animals to the village. The chieftain grinned all over his face when Baal returned, they would be eating crocodile for the next few weeks. Baal had Lea scan the river, the nearest crocodiles were 300km upstream and 260km downstream. Baal said to the chieftain, 30 days marches in both directions were free of crocodiles.

When he returned, he immediately went to the cleaning cabin and went to fuck Vanessa. He had the robots take the six boars to the kitchen wing. He and Vanessa joked with the cognac drinker for a while, afterwards cataloging the new recordings. As they worked, Vanessa mentioned that the story about the white chieftain had spread to their village. Baal decided to go with Vanessa to the village to the Fuddi tirimani. They prepared diligently, Baal taping his second penis, Vanessa her second vagina.

They flew to the village, he had killed two antelope and brought them as a gift. They were received with cheers and stomping dances and brought to the chieftain. The palaver lasted a long time, the antelopes were taken away and the fuddi tirimani prepared. Chieftain Awe inspected Vanessa's vagina and asked, Chumi? She nodded and said, Chumi fuddi fuddi and the chieftain understood. Mimi, Awe asked, mimazi? She shook her head, no mimi, no mimazi! The chieftain shook his head, poor woman! Then the 31 fair‐skinned virgins between 14 and 16 were paraded naked. The girls were all looking forward to the defloration festival and took off their loincloths. They paraded in proud nudity and gladly showed off their beautiful bodies. Baal and the chieftain examined the girls' vaginas, almost all of them had an intact hymen. Awe looked to Baal if the girl did not have a hymen anymore. Baal smiled and patted the girl kindly, she would be fine too. He whispered to the girls if they liked to fuddi and most nodded shamefully. One said no, she had been raped and it was not fine. Baal said if he got to fuck her, she would like it very much! She nodded uncertainly. With the help of Fido, Baal chose 5 girls. The chieftain asked, you want to deflower all 5? and Baal nodded. Afterwards he wanted to fuck the girls who had no hymen. Awe was amazed, but he had the camp set up for those as well. Vanessa had programmed the camouflaged recording cameras to film the girls' vaginas in close‐up.

Chieftain Awe saw to the dignified and solemn proceedings of the Fuddi tirimani. The chanting lifted, the girls masturbated in joyful anticipation, and Awe and his hunters rubbed their cocks stiffly. The high‐pitched tongue trill sounded as the last girl came to orgasm. When the trill died away, the people dancing in a circle stopped. Baal deflowered one girl after another, fucking them halfway with his cock and squirting the amount of semen recommended by Fido firmly into the girl's vagina. The girls whooped the moment their hymen was torn and enthusiastically patted Baal's buttocks until he squirted. Each acknowledged the squirting with very loud squeals. He then fucked the girls who were not virgins and patted their shoulders. You are forgiven and now have your fuddi tirimani too! he shouted very loudly and the people hummed loudly their approval and accepted it. Under other circumstances the girls who had fucked before the fuddi tirimani had been beaten up and afterwards been fucked by all the men publicly in shame. — Chieftain Awe and the hunters followed him and fucked one or two girls. Then the chieftain shouted the magic formula and his hunters shouted three times Fuddi! Fuddi! Fuddi!

The villagers surrounded the girls and the women began to suck and swallow the semen from their vaginas. They licked the girls' clits to a quick orgasm and made room for a man to fuck the girl. Awe participated with enthusiasm and fucked all the girls one by one, as did his hunters. Baal and Vanessa, resting against a hut and watching, were soon surrounded by the villagers. All the women wanted to take Baal's cock in their hands, to feel it curiously, to pull it long. None gave him a hand job, none wanted to be sprayed in the mouth.

Vanessa, however, was the main attraction. Awe looked at Baal questioningly, fuddi fuddi? Baal nodded politely and Awe was the first to fuck Vanessa, squirting in after a few moments. Everyone who could still get his cock hard somehow fucked Vanessa and squirted instantly. She let it wash over her with a smile, not getting aroused even at the fiftieth. Some very small girls fondled Vanessa's breasts and eagerly sucked her big, long nipples with mischievous smiles. She squirted a bit of breast semen into their mouths and the girls coyly slapped their hands in front of their mouths. They repeated the game and shrieked with pleasure. At sunset they ate antelope‐ and wild boar meat roasted on sticks. Vanessa went to the camouflaged four‐seater for the night, to my penises, she said winking at Baal. Masturbating with artificial penises was unknown among the blacks and they had discussed not doing it in front of the locals. Baal smiled brightly at her and let her go.

He was invited to spend the night in Awe's hut. Awe was totally exhausted and even his women could not make him stiff that night. He had squandered his seed in the fair‐skinned girls and in Vanessa. Chieftain Baal, he said, you know our hospitality. Smiling, he pointed to his two young women, barely much older than 20 and apparently twins. Awe unfastened the loincloths of his pregnant wives and let them fall to the ground. They protested weakly, stroking their pregnant bellies and sex with their hands. They were pretty, slim and had big breasts and cute big bellies. He placed one hand of his wives and two of his daughters on Baal's arm. Take one which you want for fuddi fuddi, Awe said with an inviting gesture, that is our custom. Baal put his arms around all four of them. Awe raised an eyebrow with a smile. Four? he asked doubtfully, four? Baal nodded. That would be right and just, I cannot prefer one to the others! Awe nodded kindly, then so be it!

It was a very good fucking, Baal said at each one he fucked. One by one, they lay face down in Awe's naked lap as he sat cross‐legged, caressing their little bellies and arousing their breasts. The women masturbated while being fucked and had orgasms every few minutes, which Awe acknowledged with satisfied humming and grunting. Before squirting, Baal pulled out his cock and spread her vagina with his fingers to show Awe how he squirted into it with thick jets. Awe bent over and patted his butt cheeks. Good fuddi, he exclaimed, discussing with Baal how well and skillfully this woman or the other made fuddi and mimazi.

The daughters took Awe's flaccid cock in their mouths and sucked on it while they fucked. He agreed with Awe that the younger one needed a lot more practice in fuddi fuddi. The older waited until the younger finished fucking, then together they masturbated the big mimazi. The pregnant women Awes were eager to have the fuddi fuddi again and Baal fucked them fiercely and quickly one after the other. They lay down very close to each other at the feet of the masters and masturbated together and at the same time to the great final orgasm, as was customary with the women of mankind.

Every morning, after happily fucking in the shallow waters of the lake, Baal and some hunters went to the camouflaged four‐seater to pick up the antelope and wild boar Vanessa had shot earlier in the day. Lea drove off the village dogs that were skulking around the prey with loud warning shots. He picked up the shiny spears and gave them to Awe, a gift for your hunters! 8 days lasted the Fuddi tirimani until he had deflowered and impregnated all his daughters. Fido told him which girl needed to be fucked a second, third or fourth time.

Awe's pregnant wives wanted to be fucked as many times as possible and only let his daughters fuck once. The women fucked very gracefully, very passionately and very greedily. Awe and he laughed heartily and palavered about the sexual greed of his women. The women laughed along, but they insisted on another round. Awe laughed and later said enough is enough, you'll end up breaking Chieftain Baal! Baal smiled and sat down next to Awe, the two women lay down in front of them and spread their legs all the way apart. They masturbated for a very long time every night until they reached the final orgasm, trembling and twitching. On the last day, he said goodbye after the twin sisters' final orgasm and left for the four‐seater early in the morning. Fido conscientiously scanned the girls; 30 of the 31 deflowered had been impregnated, as well as both of Awe's daughters.

Tightly embraced they looked at the recordings on the bed, Vanessa wanted to look at the hymen and the tearing of the hymen over and over again, this did not exist among the Valurians. Baal suspected that there were hygienic reasons for this. The little girls thoughtlessly sat down everywhere, bigger girls did not. There dirt could get into the vagina. But the main social reason was the fuddi tirimani, where children became adults.

Baal had a theory about the final orgasm that all earth women made after the last fuck. After the strong and violent orgasm, the vaginal entrance closed quite tightly, presumably to protect the semen. He looked at hundreds of records with Vanessa and had a strong feeling that it was so.

Baal usually went to the villages together with Vanessa and deflowered hundreds of light‐skinned daughters. Vanessa took care of the hunting in the morning and the recording systems. She let all the villagers fuck her with friendly smiles and went to the four‐seater in the evening to masturbate. Fido did a good job, noting every insemination. The farther east they went, the more common clit licking became. They flew over dense forests and discovered new villages. The inhabitants were different from the previous ones. One of the tribes had almond‐shaped slit eyes, and another stood out with prominent hooked noses. Vanessa portrayed hundreds of faces for the anthropological archives.

They spent the next few months in the new villages, tickle licking was the norm for these women. Usually two or three women lived with one man, the women masturbated only in rare cases, almost always they got the orgasms from the vigorous, intense licking of the tickler. Vanessa made hundreds of recordings of the tickle licking in close‐up, he kidnapped the women and girls to the four‐seater and impregnated them all. He often sneaked into the cottages at night, camouflaged and invisible he fucked the astonished women. The pregnant women fucked best, they were of an overwhelming sexual greed and attracted him magically. He made records in the purely optical field, you could only see the woman fucking with an invisible cock. The close‐ups directly in the vagina while fucking and masturbating were very interesting and revealing.

He frequently took four to six girls to the four‐seater and impregnated over a thousand women with slit eyes during these months, plus about 500 of the hooked noses. Fido kept accurate lists of the insemination of his white children. They flew back to the spaceship when the supplies ran out and spent weeks keeping accurate recordings. Vanessa had fucked dozens of gooks, but they had very small dicks and did not fuck as well as other blacks with large penises. Many gooks had very tight foreskins and painfully pulled them back before fucking. For some, the foreskin tore when Vanessa forcibly pulled back the foreskin, after which fucking was easier.

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