Celtic Sexuality

by Jack Faber © 2021

Celts and Welsh did not let Roman rule change their jurisdiction or their sexual customs. They did not associate love with sexuality, for love and friendship belonged together. It was clear to both men and women that humans needed fucking like food and drink, there was no horsing around as in later generations. And they did it without shyness or shame, because there was no concept of sexual offenses. People who did not show any sexuality were outsiders. Adult women didn't give handjobs, that was kid's stuff. Blowjobs among adults were considered kinky, but it was found among very young girls who were afraid their little vaginas were too tight to fuck. They willingly gave handjobs or blowjobs and swallowed the cum.

They got down to business without a lot of words, the only thing that mattered was the virtue of the woman. Usually the woman recognized when a man had sexual urge and came to meet her. Almost all women behaved accordingly, it was an unwritten law, and women who did not behave accordingly soon fell into disrepute. Men wore only short tunics except for winter, so women could immediately recognize his erection. The short tunic was one of the few things adopted from the Romans — it ingeniously promoted fucking. Normally the men's cock was covered by the tunic, but the women had learned from an early age to sneak a peek under the tunic and look closely at the cock, which was very important. A relaxed, soft cock did not arouse any desire, but if his cock was rubbed stiff, swollen thick and hanging down heavily, the women knew that he had to squirt out his semen quickly. Also that it was high time when the glans had fought its way through the foreskin and swelled. No words were needed, some clear touches or looks were enough.

Mostly everything went schematically. 9 out of 10 men who entered the kitchen with their goods also wanted to fuck. Some men excited themselves with their hands before entering the kitchen. They were mostly traders and suppliers, hunters and trappers or drifters who quickly found out where they could get a quick fuck, the status of the men did not matter. The exception was servants from neighboring or distant farms who brought messages and goods. If they were seen to have a stiff rubbed or swollen cock, they were allowed to fuck a maid of their choice. Only in very rare cases did the lady of the house allow herself to be fucked by such a servant, especially if he was promisingly well endowed. Some lords of a court used the opportunity under a pretext to legitimately fuck his neighbor's wife. The more desirable a woman was, the more often she received visits from her horny neighbors.

Nearly none of the men came in fully erect, but the skilled mistress noticed the stiffly rubbed and thickly swollen cock hanging heavily under the tunic. Usually the mistress determined with a glance which maid was allowed to fuck him; only rarely did she fuck men from lower classes and cared mainly for equals or well endowed ones. Many mistresses, however, made no distinctions and fucked as often as they wanted. She grasped the cock and with a few moves made him stand. The maids made way instantly and the mistress lay down with her upper body and breasts on the table top. The maids paused in their work and watched curiously, for the mistress did not have to hide anything from them. It would have been unseemly for both a mistress and a maid to fuck naked, although some did, these also let themselves be fucked in the ass. The man flipped the skirt up just enough to expose the ass, spreading the ass cheeks with both hands so that the vaginal entrance was also dilated. The man quickly penetrated and began to ram. Some maids stood diagonally behind the man to get a good view of the mistress's vagina and the cock thrusting inside. If he was very steady, you could hear the excited gasps of the mistress and her moans as she climaxed. Very few men remained erect after squirting and continued to fuck and squirt until their cocks went limp. These were the ones who brought the mistress to climax time and time again. But most of them just fucked very fast and held on to their bare ass cheeks. They spread their ass cheeks and vaginas with excitement while thrusting hard and squirting in the vagina without the mistress making a sound. The maids fondled their clits through the coarse fabric, for there was not enough time to slip their hand under their skirt. Only the well‐bred men thanked her, the mistress straightened up with flashing eyes and looked proudly at her maids, then the work continued. It was exactly the same when the mistress ordered a maid to be fucked in her place; of course she knew exactly which maid liked to be fucked or whose turn it was. The whole thing lasted only a few minutes and of course had a completely different status than the pleasurable, long fucking at night with the husband. The mistress did not lose a word if one or the other maid was aroused and then sat down in front of the fireplace, pushed up her skirt and rubbed her clit, that was her right. Mostly she stood next to it and patiently watched her maid masturbate, she didn't see that often.

So in approximately it had to run off to let the men fuck in the state of emergency. There were of course women who complied with this unwritten law, but only reluctantly and without passion. Newlyweds who hoped to be impregnated by their husbands did not participate in fucking until they became pregnant. Most women, however, young and old, loved the varied fucking and made the most of it. The older they got, the more often they left the fucking to the younger maids. Those who couldn't climax during short fucks would put a finger on the clit while fucking and trigger their climax themselves. If the squirting came too quickly, she would lie on the kitchen table for a long time rubbing her clit to climax. The maids immediately stood behind her bare ass, looking at her labia and clit. They watched her clit rubbing fascinated, because they didn't see that often, that the mistress rubbed her clit to climax.

It was a privilege of the mistress to let the man fuck her and get climaxes. One did not hesitate long, the mistress lifted the skirt in place and brought the stiff cock in front of her vaginal entrance or pushed the cock into the vagina herself with her hand. Some let themselves be fucked from the front, face to face half standing, but most let themselves be fucked only from behind. After all, the main thing was to squirt his excess semen inside. Mostly she let the man penetrate quickly from behind and cum as fast as he could. It was a purely sexual act with no emotional involvement, usually done fast and quickly.

Some respectable woman regularly completed a dozen or two sexual acts each week, and her reputation with her maids grew the more frequently she allowed herself to be fucked. Pregnant women fucked until just before their due date. The clever ones among the mistresses made sure that all the maids also came in one after the other and were allowed to be fucked. The maids were very grateful because the mistress waived a privilege and rewarded them with a good fuck. Of course, they all tried to get fucked as long as possible and make him squirt again as often as possible. Of course, after being fucked, they were allowed to masturbate themselves until they were done. Often the mistress would give an order to a maid to get fucked when she didn't feel like it herself, that was her right. The maids paused in their work and lowered their gaze, but they watched very closely as the mistress or maid got fucked. It was always interesting to watch others being fucked, and those who could would get very close to watch the vagina and the cock thrusting inside it being fucked. No one minded if one curiously approached to within a few inches. When one maid was being fucked, the others would come very close and cheer the couple on. Sometimes they would play a trick on the mistress: giggling, they would arouse the testicles of the man, who would immediately cum and step aside. Spellbound, they then watched the mistress in her desperate masturbation. The maids stood crowded behind her naked ass and stared unblinkingly at the bare buttocks and the finger that rotated and rubbed between the labia on the clit. A loud sigh could be heard when the mistress had not come again and had to start all over again. It took a very long time until the mistress finally came exploding. The mistress played annoyance, but she had to smile secretly because they had made her masturbate while looking at her cunt. The maids otherwise saw the masturbation of their mistress only during or after fucking, when she had not climaxed while fucking.

Although it was frowned upon to give handjobs or blowjobs, some men insisted. The mistress shrugged her shoulders and looked to the maids to see whose turn it was or who felt like it. A maid then stepped forward and knelt down in front of him. She bared her breasts and began to rub the cock. Sometimes she would let him squirt on her breasts, but most would let him squirt in her mouth. She sucked and sucked the cock while rubbing it. Then she opened her mouth wide, rubbed the cock furiously, and let it cum deep in her throat. The semen could be spit out or swallowed. The maids could not look away because of curiosity, but they felt sorry for the mistress who had to watch this, because all this was very unseemly and very perverted. If the mistress did not like to watch or participate herself, they tried not to let such men come forward to the mistress at all. The maids would suck and lick the cock and let it squirt deep down their throats, then they would send the man away. Usually two maids took care of the blowjob, keeping the mouth open for so long was exhausting, so they took turns doing the perversion of a blowjob. Of course all maids could give a blowjob, but above all they wanted to protect the honor of the mistress.

There were of course mistresses with lesbian tendencies, that was generally accepted and did not damage her virtue at all. After all, she did her duty and let herself be fucked by all men who needed it. On days when no men came by to fuck and there wasn't too much work to do, they would cuddle and fondle a maid in heat. Be it on a bench or on the kitchen table, they uncovered the cunt of the maid and rubbed her clit or licked the clit to climax. The other maids stood all around and watched fascinated when mistress and maid gave each other climaxes. They were especially fascinated by the licking, which was very rarely seen. However, it was not appreciated when two maids engaged in lesbian acts, which nevertheless happened often enough in all secrecy.

You fucked face to face if you knew each other well or it was the mistress who needed the fucking aroused with horniness and did not want to get the fucking over with quickly. It was much more difficult for a woman to find someone when she herself was horny and needed it immediately. On the one hand, she needed a safe place because she usually wanted to be fucked longer to get to nice climaxes. On the other hand, the mistress needed a steadfast fuck partner, so she resorted to those whose steadfastness she already knew. Well, if the steady one was one of the well‐hung servants of the house, as so often, she had to be very, very careful. She relied on her maids, one had to be a lookout, the others stood around her and looked at the monkey‐horny mistress and the potent cock of the lover. No mistress had a problem with her maids witnessing her horniness and watching her fuck. It was quite natural that some maids slipped a hand under the skirt or pulled up the skirt and played with their own clit. So it was not only the mistress who got climaxes. Some maids huddled next to the fuckers and masturbated as long as the fucking lasted. Mistress and lover watched them masturbate during the fucking and drew renewed pleasure from it. When the lover took a break, a maid would stroke the mistress's clitoris to maintain sexual tension or, if desired, rub the clitoris to climax. The master of the house had it much easier, his maids were his property and he could fuck them without restriction whenever he felt like it. Their wives had to accept it silently, it was an ancient right and did not damage the master's reputation at all. Some wives did not accept it and took the liberty of screwing a well‐hung servant. This often led to quarrels, but most men had no influence on who his wife fucked. They knew, of course, that their wives fucked horny men every day; it was an unwritten law. However, if servants were caught fucking maids or even the mistress, then it was about the master's property and they were beaten mercilessly.

One way to have a little bit of life after work was sexuality. It was, as far as possible, enjoyed to the fullest. Widely spread was the superstition that a woman could become pregnant only if the man squirted into her during her climax, perhaps the Romans had also spread this fairy tale. The Romans had been able to teach the Celts and Welsh only a superficial sense of fidelity, abstinence, and adultery, and now that they were gone it was crumbling away. Above all, abstinence fell on deaf Celtic ears — only a fool refrained from fucking or masturbation! If a woman was caught in flagrante delicto (which happened only rarely), she earned at most mockery or short‐lived contempt of the betrayed husband. Many husbands were not interested in the fact that their wives, following the unwritten law, fucked men who were in dire need of it. They grumbled good‐naturedly if they happened to be eyewitnesses, but they knew this law and found nothing wrong with it. They became angry only if a serious rival appeared and threatened to take away their wife. The woman was his property, that's what he fought for. Many a man discovered his voyeuristic streak when he watched his wife fuck. Some had even made a friendly arrangement with their wives and were allowed to watch the fucking in secret. The wives realized that the husbands loved the heart pounding of secretly watching as if they were hunting, but that it also satisfied their exhibitionist tendencies. The vast majority of women had no qualms about being secretly watched being fucked by men in need or having pretty maids fucked in their place if they knew the tastes of the secret observer. The mistress especially sought out maids who fucked particularly passionately and gracefully. If the mistress was not present, they sucked and licked the cocks to be fucked one more time. The maids, of course, did not know that the master was spying on them.

The Romans had never succeeded in abolishing pagan marriage. Girls were usually married young, at 16 or 17. In addition to the feast, there were two fixed components: the bridegroom's solemn, public proclamation that he was to take the bride as his wife, and the first marital intercourse. From the king down, the first intercourse had to take place in front of witnesses, who then publicly testified to it. In rural areas, it was usually a few women who acted as witnesses. After the groom had fucked the bride in the presence of the witnesses, the bride had to openly present her filled love vessel to the witnesses with her legs spread wide. The witnesses were allowed to touch, grope and inspect her cunt for as long as they wanted. One looked into the horny‐wet vagina and nodded with satisfaction. They devoted themselves to the clit, which was still excited from fucking. She was not allowed to close her legs and had to push her pubic forward. Not infrequently, the young bride gasped and moaned with pleasure when her clit was touched and gently teased. An old woman with delicacy brought her to the highest excitement and made her explode, the beautiful vagina pressed out the semen in bumps and it slowly overflowed her pubic fold. The old woman spread the semen on her vaginal entrance with her finger and excited the clit all over again. The second explosion came surprisingly quickly, the old woman stroked her hand soothingly over the cheeks of the distorted face. The witnesses left the bedchamber, the marriage was thus legitimized.

To be fucked from behind, except when fucking with a horny stranger, was considered dishonorable. One fucked only his maids or subordinates from behind, because they were only property and were also not asked. This was known to all. A covetous look from the master of the house was enough and the maid bent over the back of a chair joyfully, surrendered or sighed, or propped herself up bent over in front. He only needed to flip up her skirt to fuck her. Most of the time it didn't take any words to reduce the horniness and squirt the semen into the maid. The maid let the semen squirt into her without resistance and had to be satisfied with the relieved grunt of the master or a friendly slap on the butt. If the master was particularly satisfied, he stroked her ass and breasts and said something nice. Then the maids had a good chance to be fucked more often by the master or to gain certain advantages. Servants of the house, however, played with their lives when they fucked a maid or even the mistress, because they belonged to the master.

Servants as well as maids were strictly forbidden to fuck with each other — they were mostly slaves from the campaigns of King Arthur. Excepted were pregnant maids, they increased the property of the master. They were therefore allowed to fuck to their heart's content and were therefore much sought after by the servants. Servants and maids were allowed only masturbation. No one disturbed them during masturbation, even if they did it unabashedly during the day. The sense of shame was very weak at that time, you peed or satisfied yourself where you were, it was nothing special and nothing to hide shamefully. The servants grinned wryly when a maid blushed at her squirting and slipped a hand under her skirt or squatted down in a quiet corner. The maids would then flip up their skirts and spread their bent legs because it gave them a better chance to rub their clits. During lunch breaks, it sometimes happened that maid and farmhand sat opposite each other in the barn or in the field and exposed their cunts, which excited both equally. The maid spread her legs and devotedly rubbed her clit, he excitedly rubbed his cock and squirted in a high arc on her fingers, clit and pubic cleft. When no one was looking, he knelt up at her climax and very quickly fucked the twitching and quivering vagina, squirting his seed into her. She cheered him on when it wasn't enough and they fucked as long as they could.

On many farms, servants and maids slept in a communal chamber, often there were up to 40 in one dormitory. Nudity was taken for granted, as was jerking off or clit rubbing when it was needed immediately. There was no sense of shame, one unabashedly spread one's legs and satisfied oneself, regardless of whether anyone was watching. On the contrary, one nodded to them in a friendly and encouraging manner. Some maids masturbated provocatively, hoping that one would lose control and fuck them in climax. There was no entertainment after work, they lay down with each other on the hard bedding. The only change was that it was easy to change partners, rarely did solid partnerships form. Most of the time, after nightfall, you went to bed dead tired, and in the dark you could only hear the huffing and puffing when someone came to squirt or a maid reached climax. Cuddling, cuddling and stroking, that felt so good! One lay naked together, stroked and explored the other body endlessly and enjoyed the rise of sexual excitement. When a new couple lay together, they caressed each other and curiously explored the new body. The maid stroked the cock and palpated it curiously as it gradually became hard and stiff. The servant was used to masturbation and began to rub himself, she gently stroked his inner thighs and testicles. Before he squirted, she touched his cock and excited him while he squirted. Afterwards, she leaned back and rubbed her clit. He also stroked her inner thighs and when she sighed climaxes, he stroked her labia. As soon as she rose to the finale, he withdrew his hand as she winced and cowered in a great explosion.

Not so often did general sexual togetherness occur. Usually everyone was dead tired and not thinking about sex. But there were also days that were not so exhausting and after work there was still enough energy left for sex. Only very few maids gave a hand job, there all gathered curiously around the two and watched horny. When she had let him squirt, she continued with another.

Quite rarely two maids laid naked to each other, cuddled and touched each other completely shameless and provocative. They satisfied or let themselves be satisfied with the fingers of the other. This was rare, but neither indecent nor perverted, yet everyone gathered around the girls and gawked. The girls did it in front of the spectators because the exhibiting excited them even more. They grinned surreptitiously when semen splattered on their bodies. Everyone stood around and gawked when the girls licked the clit for a very long time until they climaxed, it was very kinky but exciting. Often the girl licking was fucked at the same time because her ass wiggled so enticingly and she was obviously eager for the bystanders to fuck her and cum inside her, often more than a dozen; once the inhibitions were overcome, the servants fucked her to their hearts' content. Lesbian partnerships were extremely rare, but almost every woman engaged in lesbian acts on occasion, because only women knew the female cunt so well and it was neither indecent nor perverse. It was not by chance that many couples shared the marriage bed with a young girl in threesomes and both master and mistress fucked the girl. The master got excited at the lesbian play of his wives and was able to mount one or the other.

Even more perverted were those old maids who could not find a partner to fuck, but pervertedly sucked a cock in their mouths and rubbed it until it squirted. A general murmur went through the audience when she opened her mouth wide, rubbed the cock furiously and let it squirt deep into her throat. In return, she demanded that he fuck her hard afterwards. She did everything she could to make him stiff again. The spectators grinned because the penetration into the tight old vagina was not so easy and the fucking and climaxes of the old woman looked funny, but they cheered the servant to keep his promise. The old woman almost passed away with pleasure when he finally cum.

Servants as well as maids feared corporal punishment, so most servants squirted themselves and the maid also satisfied herself as often as she wanted. If one dared, the couples fucked and hoped not to be caught. Only on carelessly managed farms did servants and maids fuck each other uninhibitedly. Pregnancies were welcome, they increased the master's property. Children learned masturbation from servants and maids who squirted or rubbed the clitoris quite unabashedly. Not infrequently they went very close, they wanted to see everything up close. The children grew up with it and imitated it, especially when they had watched the fucking. The rascals would hoot when a little boy drilled his little cock into a small vagina and fucked away. He was considered a champion when the girl let him cum inside. Of course, it also spurred others to fuck spontaneously.

The mistress of the house did not have the same freedom that their master took. They remained virtuous, but they secretly fucked anyone they could get hold of. A woman was considered virtuous if she could keep her love affairs secret. She was still considered virtuous if she let herself be jumped by acquaintances or strangers, but it never became known. This was true for all respectable women. A woman lost her honor only when she was caught in flagrante delicto. If she stole, lied or slandered, there was usually a beating, but her honor remained untouched. The master always spoke only of his virtuous, honorable wife, even when he knew better. Passing wanderers were usually a welcome change, they did the fucking quickly and hastily, rarely needing many words. The women liked to go away from the residential areas, because the clandestine fucking with wild strangers and strays was nicely exciting. On execution day, however, they could let the sow out and be fucked without restraint by anyone, their lord and master had to put up with that.

Incest was not a concept at that time, although it was widespread. After all, it was often unclear whether a child came from the master, the servant, a stranger to the wild, or one's own son. The Old People had created a set of rules that served above all reproduction, male and female should fuck freely and without restriction, as often as they liked — pregnancies should be the rule, not the exception. Especially in rural areas or on small, remote farms, the sexual education of children was the responsibility of the mothers. After all, the men often came home dead tired from heavy field work or hunting, so there wasn't much energy left for sex or child rearing.

Mothers sucked, licked, and rubbed their young sons' cocks in their mouths to increase and strengthen their erectile capacity. Once he was able to squirt, she taught him how she preferred to be squirted in her mouth. Some just wanted to be squirted between the lips or in the front of the mouth and spit out the semen, others wanted him to cum all the way down their throats and swallowed the semen. Mere handjobs or masturbate the son was frowned upon, although many mothers gave handjobs with relish instead of being squirted in their mouths. Or they taught the boy how to best satisfy themselves and how to do it several times in a row. They watched them masturbate with glittering eyes and caught the cum with their cupped hand. If a mother wanted to encourage squirting, she would rub the boy's cock with her hand or in her mouth for many months, making him squirt in her mouth until he squirted in rich jets.

When he could then squirt well at 13, she taught him to fuck, some even earlier. It was not uncommon for sons to additionally want to be rubbed and squirt in her mouth or get a handjob. The more often the son squirted, the better it was for his semen production and loin strength, so the mother made sure he came to her for a fuck, handjob, or squirt in her mouth as often as possible. In the country blowjobs and cum swallowing were very common, it seemed to please mothers and sons alike. There was also nothing wrong with brother and sister fucking each other, because daughters should also gain experience in fucking when they were older than 13. Fathers fucked their daughters from the age of 13 whenever there was sexual attraction between them; often they were the only men on their farm. On their 13th birthday, the girls finally became women; before that, they were not allowed to fuck.

Both boys and girls were not supposed to act out their sexuality openly until they were 13, this rule of the Old People was generally followed. One refrained from this rule if young people had sex with each other before the age of 13, although it was actually unseemly and forbidden. Exceptions were, of course, mothers, who usually began sex education of their sons from the age of 8. Adults — mostly men — got themselves into big, very big problems if they approached other people's children. The village community judged very harshly, because pedophiles were the very last thing for them. Before the Roman rule they were castrated and chased away, the Romans forbade castration. They now received a severe beating and were banished from the village or district. They lost all rights and if, for example, an angry father beat them to death, it was not considered murder. The rule of the 13th year was strictly observed by the followers of the Old People.

This thirteen came about slowly after the Romans banned and prevented summer night fires in the sacred groves. In the sacred groves, before Roman times, people celebrated the fertility goddess Epona, druids and chieftains deflowered 13 year olds in a festive initiation rite and the raucous feast ended only at sunrise. No man or woman could escape the general fucking, one chose one's partners without regard to existing marriages and also took no account of whether one was desired as a fucking partner. No force had to be used if a man took a woman against her will. Many desires were solved this way with or without violence, many new love affairs were created in public and sexual tensions were released. Men could finally fuck a beloved woman again, even if her husband protested loudly. Some women grinned at their impotent husbands and enjoyed being fucked. Women who never had men visit them on remote farms here let themselves be fucked by ten or more men. The semen flowed in streams, some women conceived, pregnant women could quench the burning desire in their pubic. To the Romans, these barbaric feasts seemed a terrible and perverse fornication, especially since they were not invited. For two hundred years the fires did not burn, but slowly during this time the thirteen arose.

The smarter girls didn't wait of course, they fucked as soon as they could. They didn't care much for thirteen, but enjoyed sex with their parents to the fullest — it wasn't hard to play the naive. However, the majority was simple‐minded, they waited impatiently for their thirteen and committed the event as virgins. What did this event look like? During the week of the thirteen, the girls had to sleep with their parents. The parents chose a time in the winter when there was little work to be done, because during the week of the thirteen they could hardly get out of bed. The girls were exceptionally allowed to drink alcohol to overcome their fears and inhibitions. Many a keg of strong beer and a few bottles of wine, but mostly home distilled liquor, were drunk on the occasion of the joyous event to put the little daughter in the mood. The parents taught the girl everything she needed to know. First, the girl learned everything about masturbation, although some, of course, already knew. The mother kept demonstrating to her how masturbation went, satisfying herself and the girl with her fingers. Most of the girls were very, very embarrassed at first to satisfy themselves in the presence of their parents, but they had to repeat it over and over again until the mother was satisfied. For the fathers this phase was very exciting. The girl then learned to wash her father's body thoroughly, touching his cock for the first time. She learned to wash and rub the cock until it squirted — the first seed belonged to the goddess Epona. She watched the mother make the cock stiff again with a hand job or her mouth. She learned when to stop at the handjob when all you wanted to do was make the cock stiff. She learned to do a handjob to make her father squirt, which was important when you didn't want to fuck for a variety of reasons. It was the same with the blowjob, it could serve to stiffen, but also as a substitute for fucking. That's when the girl had to learn to let her father squirt in her mouth and swallow the cum. She would use it at the latest when she herself would have sons one day. The girl was explained in detail the importance of maternal blowjobs to strengthen the erectile capacity and semen production of sons and was practically demonstrated on the father's cock. She watched the parents fuck up close, palpating the urethra as the semen rushed through in bursts and as the mother rubbed the clit to explode at the exact moment of his squirt. She had to touch the parents' private parts while they fucked and look very closely at exactly how it was happening. She could ask anything and got honest and detailed answers. She conscientiously washed the parents' private parts and then had to shyly excite the cock and clit alternately with her hand and mouth so that the parents could continue. She learned from the mother to give a good blowjob and, of course, to lick the female clitoris to the highest excitement or climax. Especially to learn the licking was exceedingly important, because it was needed during the father's breaks for recreation. The mother let herself fall completely while the girl licked her. And since the girl was only allowed to watch but not participate at the beginning of that week, being licked was quite wonderful for releasing the mother's sexual tension. If the tension was too great and the mother did not feel like licking, she could satisfy herself. To learn all this was enough of enlightenment. The mother decided on what day the daughter became a woman.

On thirteen itself it began as usual, the girl was allowed to drink some cups of liquor also on her feast day. She washed the father and had him squirting in honor of Epona. After that, she lay on her naked mother's lap with her legs spread and the father waited patiently until the mother had sufficiently aroused her clit and the girl was breathlessly ready for the big moment. He lay on top of her and waited patiently until the girl pushed his cock into her vaginal entrance with one hand. Carefully he pierced the delicate hymen so that it tore. She emitted a small wailing sound and exhaled excitedly — now she had become a woman! Her mother stroked her head and face soothingly while he gently fucked her. He only let go of her after he had squirted it all in. When the father liked it, they stayed in bed so he could fuck them both in turn, as often as he could. The mother taught her how to support the fucking with the movements of the abdomen. For most girls, thirteen was the most important event in their youth. From that day on, she always had to ask her mother for permission if she wanted to fuck her father. There were daughters who didn't ask for months and there were others who couldn't fuck the father often enough.

It also happened that a girl felt very repulsed by fucking when thirteen. She was a bad fuck partner all her life and rejected her admirers. The father had no choice but to take her to his bed year after year in winter; the Old Folk had ordained it that way. She could not refuse, the mother was on his side, followed the custom and brought her to the marriage bed. It was not easy for the mother to do without her husband during this time; for weeks and months she had only masturbation left. The fathers could not complain about having a younger bedfellow for a few months, and this also usually revived the marital sex life. The girl could not refuse either, as the parents treated her very sweetly and kindly. Night after night the scene repeated itself. The girl drank several large cups of liquor to drop her inhibitions and not resist the inevitable. Only then did she drop her clothes and lay shyly between her father and mother. The mother rubbed her clit and the father kissed and hugged her and after some time lay down on top of her. She hesitantly spread her legs to give room for her father and his cock. Her vagina was tense so that the father could not penetrate immediately. Her mother rubbed her clit sensitively and as soon as she was a little aroused, her mother gently plunged his cock into her tight vagina. Father and mother took turns kissing her so that she was aroused by their tongue kisses, the mother continued to rub her clit very slowly to distract her from getting fucked and squirting. When the daughter noticed that he was thrusting quite wildly, she would stare at him with her eyes wide open. She squinted her eyes and groaned in fright when he squirted in. Her abdomen twitched and undulated as if she were having a climax — but perhaps she was actually having one. Many a drunken girl, however, didn't even realize she was being screwed because she was highly aroused while rubbing her clit, and laughed with satisfaction after her mother had brought her to her final climax after squirting. When the father took a break, he and the daughter would watch the mother masturbate and be re‐inspired. Over time, the girls got used to boozing and fucking and soon had no problem getting drunk and then fucking their father in a tense, nervous way. But he remained her only one and she fucked him every winter. The final thrusting and squirting was always a horror to her. She always looked at him extremely tense and terrified to endure his thrusting and squirting in fear and anxiety. She could never get used to him thrusting wildly like an animal in her vagina and jerking his warm seed into her. The mother indulged in masturbation beside them when the daughter had learned to climax while being fucked or to trigger her clit herself with her finger. She did not sleep in her own bed again until the mother gradually displaced her or, in rare cases, when she had become pregnant.

Rarely were maids to be found on small farms, but they too took on the task of screwing the mistress's or master's son. Very often mothers, daughters or maids became pregnant by the son — for sure one did not know it — that was always an occasion for joy. It was not an eater more, but a future worker who was expected there. So the farms could grow, so the property grew. Fathers did not mind the fucking or the pregnancies, because they too lived by the rules of the Old People and accepted fucking with mothers, daughters and maids. Only his bed, his marriage bed was taboo, it was considered his personal space and he alone determined who could lie with him. He could even punitively banish his wife, for example, who then slept with the maids. Or he could put one of the daughters or maids in his bed if he felt like it, without his wife being able to do anything about it. If a son wanted to fuck again in the evening or at night, he was not allowed to simply traipse into the parents' bedroom. He had to fuck a maid or a nurse in the bedchamber. Otherwise, the mother had to come into the children's and maids' bedchamber and fuck him there. She was not shy about fucking in the presence of the children and maids; today's concept of shamefulness in sexual matters did not exist at all at that time. At the age of 12 or 13, the son was old enough to help his father with field work or hunting. From the age of 13, he also went to the neighboring farms to fuck with the mistress or her maids and daughters. All this helped to multiply the people.