Love Traps

by Jack Faber © 2021

Arthur left quite soon for King Lot in Orkney, leaving Guinevere in Lancelot's care. The good‐natured old King Lot did not actually know why he had invited the High King. All the better his wife Morgause knew, who had remained a virgin in this first year of marriage with the help of her magical powers and used her dark, magical powers to fulfill her destiny. She was predestined to conceive her son Mordred from her own brother Arthur. Night after night she lay in her bower, caressing her virgin body.

The time had come.

Arthur and Lot got along great, Arthur sat listening intently in the king's hall, admiring the elder's skill as he judged and decided in his court. He could not have done better, they nodded in agreement when King Lot passed judgment. King Lot was considered the best judge among Arthur's kings and never shied away from vigorously running his mouth over people of rank if they persisted in being wrong. The king's seneschal provided the best hospitality for the guests. Whenever Arthur wanted to rest during the day or went to sleep, a surprise awaited him.

The maid who washed him, anointed him, and did his bidding at night looked exactly like his beloved Guinevere. Arthur tried to see reality through the bright, mysterious mists in his mind. He could not guess what was mixed into the wine that clouded his mind and what dark magic Morgause wielded over him. It simply could not be that Guinevere was here, she had remained in Camelot after all and lay safely with Lancelot. Yet she seemed to be a younger image of Guinevere. She whispered softly in his mind without moving her lips. He was amazed that she was still an untouched virgin and took from her the virginity that the real Guinevere could never give him. The beautiful maid made some hand movements and his cock was instantly ready for mating again. He fucked her so many times that he even lost count and fucked her until he was completely exhausted. As often as he wished, she magically gave him her virginity as if she had never fucked before. As often as he thought of it, she would magically restore her virginity and let herself be deflowered all over again. He loved it when she let out a little scream as soon as he pierced her thin hymen. He was so enraptured that he never considered the real impossibility. She knew all the secrets of fucking, always found the right beat and moved her abdomen even more skillfully than the real Guinevere. She confirmed his manhood with her explosions and touched her clit only when he wished her to masturbate herself for his pleasure. He had never seen such exciting masturbations.

He slept dreamlessly and deeply, waking alone in the morning. Every morning a different maid brought him fresh water. She was very willing and made it unmistakably clear that she wanted to be fucked. She lifted her skirt, propped herself on a chair or stool and spread her ass cheeks and slightly hairy vagina apart with both hands, wordlessly and invitingly. Smiling, she rubbed his morning wood and inserted his cock into her vaginal vestibule. She willingly and patiently allowed herself to be fucked from behind while bent over the stool, for maids never lay down in a master's bed. Morgause made the maid become a virgin by her magic, and Arthur's chest almost burst with joy when the hymen tore. Arthur had never had virgins who fucked so passionately and gracefully. She knew how refined she had to fuck to give her master the utmost pleasure. The finger on her clit triggered the climax in time for Arthur to squirt into her twitching and grinding vagina. Arthur enjoyed this extraordinary change, after which he went to the great hall, not thinking for a moment about fucking.

Morgause saw that her black magic worked great. Arthur accepted mindlessly her shape‐shifting and fucked her greedily. She was loosened and fulfilled now that she had conceived her son. She grinned wryly as she realized in her visions that some maids had also conceived from the king as they prepared the most beautiful good morning for Arthur under her magical influence. As the last night was winding down, to Arthur's surprise, she took her true form in the midst of fucking. Arthur had not seen her since childhood and did not recognize her. He fucked the stranger one by one until sunrise, pumping all his seed into her vagina. When he left in the morning, she stood smiling as a Queen next to King Lot, only letting him realize at that moment that he had fucked his own sister.

He returned to Camelot very thoughtful and told Guinevere everything truthfully. She was horrified about the incest on the one hand, but wanted to know exactly what it was like to fuck her own sister. She kept her eyes closed and dreamily played with her clit while he truthfully and thoroughly reported all the sexual details as well. He described the transformed and real sister in all physical details, her beautiful way of fucking and getting deflowered as a virgin every time. Guinevere had to know exactly what her doppelganger's sex, labia, vagina and clit looked like. Arthur described it with every detail as the two Guineveres differed, especially the labia and clit. Guinevere listened with her eyes closed, trying to picture it accurately. He mentioned the masturbation of the doppelganger only in passing. However, he described the maids in the morning, all virgins, in great detail, down to the pubic hair. Guinevere stated that Morgause must have somehow found out that Arthur liked to deflower virgins, at this they both had to laugh, for he often wished to do so. She, on the other hand, told him that the secretive carpenter had quickly made the planned back entrance to her bower and that she had the only key to it. Lancelot had conscientiously cared for her according to the king's instructions and had satisfied her every night. She had blushingly confessed to her maids that her cries at night were only expressions of her womanly pleasure. The maids nodded in understanding and assured her that they, too, knew the raptures of the womb very well and promised to keep silent about it in a sisterly manner.

Guinevere gave herself joyfully and willingly to her master, telling him truthfully during the fucking and afterwards about each night with Lord Lancelot and her arousing fantasies of masturbation, as well as about the sex of her maids, whom she enjoyed watching. Arthur loved listening to her detailed and revealing descriptions after sex. Her filthy expressions, her bawdy way of talking and her irreverent rustic description of body parts, ass cheeks and spread legs, positions, cocks, glans and scrotums, semen, clits and labia, but also the description of the maids' fucking and masturbation fired his imagination immensely. He knew quite soon about all her maids, how they fucked or satisfied themselves. He could see all their private parts clearly in his mind's eye without ever having seen them. When Guinevere invited Lancelot to a threesome, Arthur would return the favor the other day and fuck one of her maids on Guinevere's naked lap. Of course, not a single one of them was still an untouched virgin. He delighted in any variety, however; each maid had her own brand of passion and sophistication, and each fucked in her own way. Guinevere was especially excited describing perversions, like blowjobs with squirts in the open mouth. Arthur grinned wryly and stroked her girlish body, for it was truly a blessing that Guinevere also really liked this piggish storytelling herself. Imagine, it bubbled out of her, some of my girls just love to swallow the cum! — Guinevere would not learn the blowjob and getting cum in her mouth until 25 years later in captivity from her maids.

Arthur vigorously claimed his place in his queen's bed, leaving Guinevere to Lancelot only when he rode out and she could not ride with him. He was proud of his clever wife and invited her to all court sessions and deliberations. To everyone's amazement, he let her speak and argue before the nobles, which must have been unique in those days. But no one resented her because she was always right and they could not take their eyes off her naked body under the transparent white dress. The white, almost see‐through dress was open in the front and held together only by a gold‐knit belt. She was not stingy with her charms and often sat down very revealingly, letting the dress unintentionally unfold so that the lords and squires could see her ample sex and pubic cleft. Arthur knew it, of course, and smiled silently as pairs of eyes lingered on his voluptuous queen's cunt. Guinevere got excited at these desires and she had to control herself very much when her hand strayed and a finger touched the clit as if by accident. A queen had to take care of her reputation, she could not go much further than touching the clitoris inconspicuously. The finger resting on the clitoris made the blood of the councilors surge. Then, when they sat down at the long meeting table, she had to silently close her eyes and hold her breath as she came to a small climax with all her care under the tabletop. The noblemen who sat at the meeting table like her pretended not to notice anything. Even Arthur had to act as if he had not noticed anything and smiled proudly at his wonderful, voluptuous wife. When they were alone afterwards, he would rebuke her with a fine smile: "You are already a very sex‐loving and voluptuous maid!" and kiss her gently. Arthur loved her with all his heart and when they were united at night, Guinevere often cried and screamed with happiness. Only rarely was she so horny that she summoned Lancelot and let them both fuck her in turn until dawn. Her secret did not come to light for many years.

Sir Lancelot du Lac was sent to King Leodegrance to fight some robber bands in his country. Lancelot and his knights stayed on the heels of the robbers for three days and three nights, cutting off their skulls. When the king received the two carts with the corpses, he gave Lancelot and his knights a rich gift of gold and precious gems. They gladly accepted the invitation to a feast lasting several days, eating and carousing as long as they could. Lancelot replied to the king that he did not need a maid for the night, his heart was set on another. How surprised he was when the door to his chamber was quietly opened and the 15‐year‐old Elaine scurried in. She had not gotten the High King and was hell‐bent on captivating his number one.

Not to be denied, she dropped her shirt instantly and washed him, as was the custom. Lancelot was quite intoxicated by the wine, let himself be oiled and could not hide his excitement, after all he had been chasing the robbers for days and had not lain with any maid. Elaine's courage seemed to fail her as she washed and oiled the giant's erect cock. Lancelot murmured that she should also carefully oil her tender sex, for he did not want to hurt the young girl. Lancelot almost exploded with horniness as she spread her labia and conscientiously oiled her cunt with slow, tantalizing movements. All the pent‐up semen made him copulate her over and over again. Her exploding climaxes almost made her pass out. When he had finished spurting completely, he sent her to her own bower. For three nights she let him fuck her into unconsciousness, willingly surrendering to the angular and loin‐strong warrior. Even before her unconsciousness, she felt the hammering of his mace cock in her vagina. She was very sad when the feast was over and the knights returned home.

Lancelot almost passed away with shame when, after some time, he learned of Elaine's pregnancy through messengers from King Leodegrance. At once he asked permission from King Arthur and immediately rode to King Leodegrance. He asked for the niece's hand and married her immediately. His son Galahad was to be legitimized to bear his name and one day take his inheritance in the kingdom of Lyonesse. Because Sir Lancelot held such high rank at court, the witnesses to the first matrimonial intercourse were the king and queen. The queen had to control her excitement very much, for she had never seen such a loin‐strong animal as Lancelot fucking.

She was the king's third wife, very smart and an important support of the king. She was young, about five years older than Elaine, and decidedly voluptuous, but she never fucked without the consent of her husband, who was, however, very generous in this regard. She was allowed to fuck all the guests of the court and their companions, only the lowly servants and the stable boys were off limits. She rarely had days without a good fuck, when she desperately relieved her sexual tension by masturbating. The king watched her obsessively masturbate in the evenings and loved it when she gave him an energetic handjob afterwards. Fucking was not so important to him, he much preferred to watch his wife get fucked or masturbate herself. There was a castrated dwarf at court whom the queen ordered to visit her on boring winter nights. He had a disproportionately large cock that made her sigh and moan lustily like no other cock at court. He lasted a very long time and she rubbed her clit as he fucked her from climax to climax. He lasted mostly an hour, but he couldn't squirt at the end. His cock lost tension and got all soft, yet he kept fucking with the big semi‐soft as long as she kept masturbate herself. She kept masturbate herself when she still needed it and took no notice of the dwarf's presence. He was the only outsider in whose presence she was masturbating completely naked at ease. The dwarf did not lose a word about the indecency, he was trustworthy and secretive. He was secretly proud to be the queen's favorite, no one but him was allowed to fuck with the queen almost every day!

It was no accident that as often as Lancelot was at court visiting Elaine, the queen would lie with him and let him fuck her properly. She did not lose consciousness like Elaine, but she got explosive climaxes. The good‐natured king watched excitedly, because nobody could fuck his wife like Sir Lancelot.

Lancelot never lived with Elaine, but visited her at irregular intervals. Elaine had some lovers, but letting Lancelot fuck her to unconsciousness was always special to her. Lancelot was very good‐natured at heart and was not stingy about fucking. He knew that she expected him every two months and then wanted to be really hard fucked for a few nights. Good‐naturedly, he performed this service on Elaine's body, who was usually knocked out after the first fuck, and then sneaked into the queen's bower. With the old king present and smiling as he watched his young wife being fucked, Lancelot broke no rules. Often the queen would reach for the king's hand and smile at him. She was excellent at fucking and deftly matched Lancelot's beat, like a female panther she adapted to him and her abdomen smoothly accommodated his cock. The king smiled at her and found it very exciting that his wife was fucking so actively, passionately and gracefully. When she had had her climaxes and lay weary, Lancelot would quietly slip back into Elaine's bower so as not to wake her. But when she awoke, the overtired hero would sigh and give his best again.

Elaine found out very late that Lancelot was also screwing her step‐aunt the Queen and their careful discussion in the Queen's bedchamber went very strangely. The Queen undressed herself and the king and without paying attention to Elaine she began to give him a handjob. Elaine, who had also dropped her dress at the queen's behest, stood naked in front of the marriage bed. She watched the Queen giving her handjob and her finger automatically played with her own clit. At the same moment that the Queen made the King squirt, she almost climaxed. She sank down on the bed, her face in the queen's naked lap, her finger pressed on her own clit. The Queen's pubic smelled intense and stimulating and the Queen pressed her face to her sex, pressing her lips to her labia. This led to a passionate lesbian act. Initially, Elaine was reluctant to respond to the seduction in front of the King. She initially avoided touching the Queen's erect clit with her lips but then yielded to the urgent pressure. The Queen was patient, however, and slowly took away her fear, her kisses and her fingers bringing the young girl to heat. Now her tongue touched the clit and licked overcautiously and shyly. The King, despite his age, became quite excited as the two young women licked each other to climax and could not avert his eyes when a tongue danced on the clit or dipped deep between the labia with pleasure and excited the vagina. The two young women repeated these acts on lonely evenings, the Old King always lying beside them and watching. When he was already very aroused, one of them would take his cock in her mouth and rub it vigorously until it squirted. He loved it, even if he could only squirt very little semen. He sometimes got to fuck Elaine; he was in love with her childish vagina and tender body and made every effort to last a long time.

From now on approved of Elaine fucking her husband with the Queen, for Lancelot was strong in the loins and brought passion and lust to both women. Despite Lancelot's protests, she slipped behind him to the Queen. It turned into an orgy to the old King's delight, Lancelot taking turns fucking the girls and the girls licking each other's clits to climax when he needed a break. Lancelot thought contritely of Guinevere as he fucked the women or watched the women lick their clits.

Returning to the court, he had to tell Guinevere everything in great detail, even the smallest sexual detail she had to know. The clit licking and labia licking he had to tell hair down to the smallest detail, as well as the meticulous description of the young women's private parts. Guinevere got Lancelot to the point of describing the private parts in photographic detail and working out the differences. Lancelot did his best, although he found these purely sexual descriptions difficult. Now he inspected Elaine's and the queen's sex attentively and in detail, in order to have answers to Guinevere's questions. Guinevere, for her part, regaled Arthur at night with the events, in such detail that one might have thought she was there. — Guinevere would also not learn clit licking and labia licking from her maids until 25 years later in captivity.

Merlin was also hit by Cupid's arrows. For a long life he had dodged them and only lay with a maid to get rid of the sexual pressure. He knew that human women could not be impregnated by him. He could take any at will, none could resist his magic, neither mistress nor maid nor virgin. He read their minds and always chose one who already knew how to fuck skillfully and enjoyed fucking herself. It was always special for him to take a blood young virgin when he read the right motions in her thoughts and feelings. Often, like a ravening wolf, he would take the virginity of all the virgins in a village and fuck them to exhaustion. If it seemed right to him, he would make them forget everything the other day.

At a great age, the Lady du Lac entrusted him with the beautiful Nimue, whom he had to train to be the next Lady of the Lake. From the first moment he fell in love with the barely 16‐year‐old maiden, whose training he took very seriously and was very conscientious about. She was beautiful and of royal stature, with pure fairy and elf blood flowing in her veins. Merlin could read her mind like a book and saw that she had not yet had any sexual experiences, she had grown up well protected, but she was a very voluptuous child. Her senses stirred and she soon wanted to fuck, because until now she only indulged in obsessive masturbation, as was common among fairy folk for young girls and into old age. They talked silently in mind‐melting, so he soon found out that she loved him with all her heart, but his old body kept her from giving herself to him. In Merlin's veins flowed equally pure fairy– and elf blood, he had learned every magic, every sorcery and every little sleight of hand in his good 90 years of life. He asked her to look at him as he transformed into the beautiful boy from her sexual fantasies. She put her hands in front of her face and embraced him instantly. She exultantly gave herself to him and gave him her virginity. Voluntarily, full of sexual joy and childlike love. Whenever she imagined a union in her mind, he turned into the youth and they made love without ceasing.

Knowing that he had only seven years, he conscientiously taught her all magic and sorcery. So that she got to know the common people well, they moved from village to village, from farm to farm, and became well‐known storytellers. Nimue became well acquainted with the life of the people and slept – with the help of magic restoring her virginity – as a virgin maid with all the men and boys who pleased her. She helped out with good advice on a case‐by‐case basis when she looked into the future of a man. At night they disappeared into the woods or fields and made love until dawn, for they both loved to screw. Merlin showed Nimue how she could give herself any number of sexual explosions by sheer force of thought, without touching her clitoris and much more. He enjoyed watching her masturbate, because for all her love of fucking, the fairy was hopelessly addicted to masturbation by her nature.

The seven years were up far too quickly. Merlin had known about his fate all along. Nimue conceived his child before doing the inevitable and putting Merlin to sleep in a hidden cave using magic.

Merlin would not awaken again until the last fairy had died.

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