The Journey to the King

by Jack Faber © 2021

King Leodegrance did not let his guard down and received king and knighthood with all honors. From the first moment Arthur had eyes only for Guinevere, never had he seen a more beautiful and fascinating girl. She was of tall, slender stature and radiated the charisma of a queen. Her only clothing, a floor‐length white shirt was so sheer that the king could clearly see her beautifully rounded breasts and the small cleft of her sex. With a proud gesture, she had gracefully twisted the gold‐knit belt so that the drooping ends did not do their job of concealing and her pubic cleft was clearly visible. Like most women of the time, she shaved away the delicate fuzz of hair on her sex, for the men of the Old Customs loved the completely naked pubic, which reminded them of youthfulness and young girlishness. She knew that she had only this one chance to impress the young king. A smile graced her lips as she became aware that the king had briefly surveyed all the women and girls, after which his gaze rested only on her, and for a long time on her exposed body.

At dinner at the latest, Arthur became aware that his best friend, Sir Lancelot, was devouring Guinevere with amorous looks. He slapped him amicably on the shoulder and said that this one would be his queen. Lancelot nodded and replied that he loved her too. They had grown up together, both had proved themselves in battles and had taken many wives, maids and maidens together. They often lay in pairs with the girls and rarely separated. Lancelot, only a year younger than Arthur, was one of the most feared warriors at Arthur's side, offered a toast to his royal friend and wished him a lifetime of Guinevere warming his bed and giving him many sons. At the end of the banquet, Arthur withdrew with Guinevere, he introduced Lancelot to the bewitching Brangaine, and Sir Ywain received Elaine for the night. Elaine, let it be clearly recorded, was very disappointed and yellow with envy because the handsome king had chosen Guinevere.

Arthur had Guinevere undress him – as was the custom in those days. She had dropped her dress before he was washed and moved unabashedly in complete nudity before her king. She washed him carefully from top to bottom. Meanwhile, the king questioned her and was pleased because she had become very educated and a noble young woman. She carefully oiled him with a fragrant oil all over his body. Pleased, she looked at Arthur's cock and was very pleased that the king looked curiously at her nakedness and his cock rose greedily. He pondered for a long time what he expected from his queen. She carefully oiled his testicles and cock. She lay down next to him, cuddled up close to his body and gently rubbed his cock. She sat resolutely on top of him, inserting his large and bulky cock laboriously and with some effort into her small, tight vagina. Arthur thought that was why it was so hard, because she was still a virgin. He held her by the hips with her eyes closed so that she could not ride him. After a few minutes he gently stroked her buttocks, shook his head and said he was too tired for that. She could do it to him by hand, he would be honored. Guinevere nodded and, sighing and trembling violently, pulled out the big cock that had felt so good in her small, tight vagina. She remained seated on his thighs and rubbed his cock, speeding up until he cummed high into the air. Mindful of the rules of the Old Folk, she continued to rub gently, listening to her master. His cock did not weaken for a moment, and Guinevere listened to her lover as his cock gradually became hard as a board again. Busy and much longer than before, she rubbed his cock and brought him the redeeming squirt. She cleaned him off and lay down next to him, her face against his. She listened intently as he elaborated for over an hour on his worldview and his ideas of a future together. He asked her directly, after their long conversation, if she wanted to be his queen? Yes, I do, she whispered, but I must tell you, she whispered, the Great Mother had appeared to her several times in dreams and announced that she would not have children. Arthur's body stiffened; this was not a good thing. But then he calmed her down in his authoritarian way and said, we will see. His seer Merlin had predicted that his own son would bring him death. He was convinced of this, because the seer had always been right so far. They were silent for a while and Guinevere said that she was no longer a virgin maiden and had often slept with boys. The king had a thick lump in his throat and asked her in a rough voice to tell him about it. Completely unashamed and filled with trust in him, she told everything truthfully and from the beginning. Arthur listened with closed eyes and seemed to have fallen asleep. Guinevere extinguished the wick and dreamed of fucking him. It became so intense that she put one hand on Arthur's cock and satisfied herself with the other until she was exhausted. Arthur, of course, had not slept and embraced her as she rubbed herself. He pulled her close to him while she gasped and breathlessly rubbed the head of her clit. She pressed against him in love, rubbing her clit as fast as she could. Still, it took a long time before she groaned and experienced the exploding climax. She continued to rub the clit even more gently as she went through the contractions of her abdomen and gradually calmed down in his embrace. He kissed her face again and again, whispering softly that he loved her with all his heart, really loved her. The next morning, after pissing, she knelt down in front of him and had his morning wood rubbed. He splashed happily and was in good spirits all day, negotiating the upcoming marriage with King Leodegrance with good results.

Lancelot, in retrospect, was grateful to Arthur for bringing Brangaine to him after the revelry. Brangaine proved to be a perfect bedfellow and they fucked half the night to exhaustion. Lancelot asked her about Guinevere, wanting to know everything about her, and Brangaine hesitated only briefly before telling him about Guinevere's womanhood and her love life in great detail. In the end, she said that he could not get his hopes up, since Arthur had apparently succumbed to Guinevere's charms. Lancelot laughed and replied that the king and he would surely become lovers. Smiling, he reported that they had often taken a maid together. Old and young, married and virginal, noble as well as virginal peasant girls, slender and buxom alike. Brangaine laughed at the top of her lungs whenever Lancelot's report became bawdy or hearty. They also started the new day with good fucking; Sir Lancelot du Lac almost missed the morning service because of the happy fucking.

Elaine's jealousy almost spoiled her night with Ywain. She asked Ywain with suspicion what he thought of Guinevere? She expected his confession of love. Sir Ywain might not know anything about Latin, Greek or mathematics, but he instinctively knew about jealous girls. He thought disparagingly that Guinevere was a scrawny beanpole and would probably screw the grooms indiscriminately. Ywain was very glad she was only 13, for he loved young girls, especially the Danish blood young ones. Elaine was worried, she had never seen such a big cock. Ywain asked her to strip naked before washing him. This blood young girl might be chubby, but her skin was flawlessly pure, her round hips suggested sexual passion, her breasts were girlish and beautifully rounded. In her hairless pubic region were glorious labia swollen with joyful excitement. She shook her blonde curls defiantly, no, she would not be a maid anymore and had given herself many times. Ywain palmed her body as she washed, expertly exploring her pubic area. She stood stock‐still when he touched her clit. Astonished, she spread herself as he rubbed her clit full of sensation. She spread her cunt willingly, resting her face on his chest and gasping before her climax exploded. He was well acquainted with the ways of the local heathen and gently stroked her clit until she calmed down. He laid her beside him, arousing her with long French kisses and assuring her he would be careful. Ywain wet her vaginal entrance and his cock with saliva and gently penetrated the small, tight vagina. She climaxed after a short while and remained motionless and stiff as a board with embarrassment, while he began to thrust quite wildly, spraying her full of warm semen.

Ywain stated that she had no idea how a woman has going to work fucking the man. He was a hopeless voyeur, however, and urged her to masturbate in front of him. During the masturbation, Ywain leaned forward enough to watch her rubbing at point blank range. Instantly as she rubbed her clit to climax, he penetrated her. She could no longer stop rubbing her clit while his huge ponytail fucked her. She didn't stop rubbing her clit until she climaxed, after rubbing her clit harder and faster than ever before in the finale. The climax continued unceasingly during the fucking and she cried with happiness when he finally cum. Already after a short break she had to masturbate again, again he penetrated before the climax and she rubbed the clit as fast as she could to climax. She continued to rub the clit now even after the climax and jumped from climax to climax while being fucked. She whooped when he had cum and her climax faded out. A few times Ywain forced her to keep rubbing right as she climaxed and only penetrated her after her second or third climax, for his seed was soon exhausted. When he could squirt no more, he penetrated her one last time and remained motionless. He ordered her to continue to masturbate without ceasing, smiling when he felt her tremors with his cock. Elaine had a sore clit and a sore fucked vagina in the morning, which her servant had to rub with healing ointments.

The next two nights went about the same. Guinevere rubbed her fiancé as often as Arthur wanted to squirt, then curled into his embrace and satisfied herself until she was fully released. Lancelot and Brangaine didn't talk much. The great warrior fucked Guinevere's maid half the night until he was exhausted. Elaine and Ywain continued where they had left off. Of course, she was sore again the next morning, but she was happy and wouldn't miss the exhausting fucking with Sir Ywain for any gold in the world.

On the third day the king rode ahead at the crack of dawn; in Caerleon he had many things to do without delay. He entrusted Guinevere to Lancelot's care; they were to follow him with the supply train and reach Caerleon in about two or three days. He looked anxiously at the sky and said that the rain would soon come, then he rode off with his knights. No sooner had the trek started than the rain came. Lancelot held everything together and towards evening he sent messengers ahead to the shelter. Everyone was soaked and Lancelot almost could not take his eyes off Guinevere's body. The wet floor‐length white shirt stuck to her body and all who dared to look furtively admired her nakedness. Arriving at his destination, Lancelot did not miss the opportunity to immediately take Guinevere to her room to remove her wet shirt. Conscientiously he rubbed her naked body dry and devoted himself in depth and for minutes to her pubis, spreading her thighs and labia with his fingers to rub them, the clitoris and the vaginal entrance dry. He was pleased to see the labia fill with blood and her clit rise up small but perky. It would have been unseemly if he had spent any more time with her sex.

Guinevere did a like, with shy innocence she undressed the wet hero and rubbed him dry. Lancelot was a muscular giant of six feet, his body scarred all over. Nevertheless, he radiated something that had an immensely erotic effect on girls. Especially when his angular face fell into a thousand wrinkles when he smiled. Guinevere fell for him at the first friendly smile. Under lowered eyelids she looked at his cock and secretly looked forward to the night. They sat around the warm fireplace and ate to their hearts' content. When they went to sleep, Guinevere did not miss the opportunity to wash Lancelot's whole body with clean water again. Guinevere stripped off her shirt beforehand and smiled radiantly at him. The king had ordered her to treat his friend like himself respectfully– and lovingly, she said. Lancelot's cock appeared huge to her and had half risen, the dark glans only half covered. The little hole in the glans was reddened with arousal. She oiled every inch of his body with fragrant oil. More and more often she touched his cock and shuddered as he reached for her and explored and gently stroked her buttocks and labia from behind. She loved the way his hand touched her butt and cunt knowingly. She conscientiously lubed his scrotum and cock, reverently rubbing the oil on the glans until his cock was hard as a rock. Only now did she lie down with him, snuggled into the crook of his arm and stroked his testicles and cock as if in passing, very gently. He sighed deeply with excitement, his cock was hard as a board and she could not stop caressing him further and further. After a while she asked whisperingly if he wanted it done by hand too? He was silent for a long time and said she was the mistress. I'm not a virgin maid, she whispered hesitantly, I've fucked many, I hope that's okay with you. Lancelot was silent, then he said she was his most lovely mistress and what was before did not interest him. Well, she asked after a while, shall I do the honors with my hand? and she started rubbing his cock in a handjob. He kept silent, what could he say in response? She remembered how Brangaine did the handjobs and made Lancelot squirt in no time. She wiped his seed with her hand and murmured, the first seed is yours, my goddess and Lancelot knew she was speaking to Goddess Epona. He took a deep breath as she continued to rub him, cleared his throat and said, you are my mistress and determine what will happen now. She instinctively knew that the handjob was out of place now and stopped. She took a long time before whispering that he should copulate her to the best of his ability. Yes, Sir Lancelot, please fuck me to the best of your ability! He embraced her instantly and kissed her all over, he could kiss wonderfully with his tongue and she was hopelessly aroused after a short while, burning horny and ready to fuck. He murmured that he would be very careful and lovingly parted her labia with his hand before penetrating. Guinevere gasped for air as the penetration was difficult and hurt quite a bit as his massive cock widened her small, tight vagina as best it could. He could fuck very well and they soon found the common beat. Guinevere thrust firmly and ever more excitedly towards his cock and breathing heavily, she cried out softly as she reached the explosion of climax. As he continued to pound into her, she thrust against him in unison until he poured into her womb hot and hard. They lay breathing heavily side by side, she holding his cock with one hand and playing with her clit with the other. You have done me good, Sir Lancelot, quite wonderful! He kissed her tenderly and intimately. I love you as I have never loved anyone, he whispered. He hoped that in the dim light of the chamber she would not see the tears rolling down his cheeks. She felt after some time that her abdomen was again aroused and his cock stiffened. They whispered to each other for a long time, admitting to each other that they were in love. She whispered full of innocent shyness if he could please copulate her again? He nodded and she rubbed him briefly until the cock was rock hard. Her vagina was slightly dilated and wet as a river so that he could penetrate more easily. They found the right beat again, and Guinevere's climax continued until he was thrusting into her as if out of his mind, stopping only after he had finished to cum. She had pressed her lips very tightly on his chest so that her lustful cries could not be heard. Gratefully, she kissed him over and over again, whispering how much she loved his fucking, how intensely she felt his thrusting and squirting. She whispered that it almost never happened that she climaxed while fucking. Lancelot mumbled unintelligibly, then listened breathlessly to Brangaine and Sir Gaheris fucking like mad behind the thin board wall. They heard Brangaine cry out softly again and again, and Guinevere told Lancelot that she recognized Brangaine's climaxes from this. Guinevere lay across Lancelot's chest, played with her clit and began masturbating. Lancelot reached out his hand and gently caressed her labia and vagina. Guinevere masturbated for a long time, climax after climax, and almost couldn't stop. Long after Lancelot had fallen asleep, she continued to satisfy herself until she fell asleep exhausted. In the morning she awoke to Lancelot peeing in the pot and had to pee herself. She looked at his morning wood and didn't need to ask him to copulate. They both smiled as they heard Brangaine gasp and squeal in pleasure next door. Lancelot greedily grabbed Guinevere and they fucked silently as they listened to Brangaine's pleasure. He was on fire and did not interrupt her as she rubbed her clit rabidly during her climax until he had cum.

The trek moved on.

The rain didn't seem to bother Guinevere, she was steeled from country life. Their eyes kept meeting furtively and they smiled secretly. When they reached their next destination in the evening, it was like the day before. When Lancelot rubbed the soaking wet Guinevere dry before dinner, they found that her bedchamber in the middle was separated from Brangaine's camp only by a curtain. When they retired in the evening, it was at first embarrassing to hear every sound from next door. Only when Brangaine's panting and fucking could be clearly heard did they loosen up. Lancelot fucked Guinevere only twice, then they had to pause. But Gaheris was a very young knight and pleasured Brangaine much more often. They heard Brangaine masturbating outrageously loud during a lull. Lancelot peeked secretly through the curtain, watching Brangaine masturbate made him terribly horny. No sooner had Brangaine finished than he closed the curtain and fucked Guinevere with wild, rapid thrusting. So quickly had he cum that Guinevere had not climaxed. Smiling, she lay down on the tired hero's chest and satisfied herself until dawn. Both girls could hear each other and thus spurred their excitement until they fell asleep. They knew each other's sounds during masturbation that they could just as well have been in the same bed. In the morning, both couples fucked at the same time, the men squirting almost simultaneously and the girls rubbing each themselves until they climaxed together. At breakfast, all four grinned, but didn't say a word about any of this. That would have been very unseemly.

In the evening they reached Camelot, Arthur's large‐scale castle in Caerleon. Lancelot placed Guinevere's hand in his king's as they knelt before him. The two friends exchanged only a few glances; it seemed all was said. The king embraced Guinevere full of love and kissed her long on the mouth, then embraced his friend just as warmly, but the men did not kiss because it was not seemly. That night Arthur made love to Guinevere for the first time, his manhood enough to fuck her three times almost without interruption. They found the common beat almost instantly and Guinevere's explosions made her cry out for a long time, her lips pressed to his chest. Breathing heavily, they lay side by side, talking in soft whispers. She embraced her master, crying, and confessed to him that she had lain with Sir Lancelot the two nights before. Just lain? he asked smugly, and she sheepishly confessed they had both dried and washed each other, in complete nudity like a familiar couple. Guinevere swallowed hard. She had given him a hand job and let him copulate her several times and at her own request. Lancelot had been a gentleman all around and had mounted her only after she had specifically requested it. The king silently condemned himself for having been so smug and stroked her hot face soothingly. Lancelot, he said, was his best friend; they shared spoils of war as well as handmaidens. She was helpless in her feelings and stammered that she loved both gentlemen with all her heart and loved them both. She had enjoyed fucking Lancelot as much as she had with him. The only difference was that she had many more and more intense climaxes with Arthur. Lancelot fucked wildly, but Arthur's quiet way of fucking her was much more preferable to her. Yet somehow she wanted to fuck both of them. Horrified at her frankness, she slapped her hand over her mouth and kept silent, startled. The king stroked her and thought for a long time. It was perfectly fine, he said, if she loved them both, he wouldn't mind and would be happy to leave them in someone's care whom he trusted if he left them alone. If you feel like it, take Lancelot whenever you want! You are my love, my queen and my life! There is only one thing I beg of you: there are plenty of poisonous, insidious tongues at court. The vipers and snakes will bite to death anyone who cannot hold his tongue. So keep everything doubly secret, never confide in anyone, not even your most trusted maid. It must never come to light, never, otherwise I would have to banish my best friend and punish you, perhaps burn you at the stake! She was deeply frightened and swore to him in the face of the Great Mother. They talked about all this for a long time, and Guinevere instinctively knew that she could trust him without reservation. She played gently with her clit and the king seemed to want to sleep. She stroked his face and said, one more thing, my lord. I always need it before I go to sleep, maybe a few times, until I fall asleep. I know, my love, said Arthur, I know, and it is well. I want you to have it good all the time and to do good to you! She lay across his broad chest and gave herself up to masturbation. She fantasized debauchedly about Lancelot, Brangaine and Gaheris and satisfied herself until she fell asleep.

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