Locker Chat I

by Jack Faber © 2023

April 12, 2023. This text was created entirely by the program ChatGPT, not a single word was added. However, the text was shortened wherever it seemed necessary. The first sentence contains the first instruction the program received. The further instructions did not, with which the program was seduced. The instructive and know-it-all remarks the program makes without having been prompted.


I want to give my friend Nuri a bouquet of water lilies. We became very close in the moonlight at the village pond, which she experienced for the first time and found quite wonderful. Write a text of 500 words, how much I am moved romantically in the process and wish with all my heart the repetition of the romantic get-together, the touch of her breasts and the finding each other of our sex, because it is a deep physical experience, in the I-form.


There are moments in life that are so deeply embedded in our hearts that they stay with us forever. Our romantic evening by the village pond was one such moment, and I am still taken by our tender touches and the feel of our bodies nestled against each other.

I often think back to that evening and feel a deep desire rising within me to feel you again, Nuri. I want to rekindle our passion and take you on a journey of sensuality.

I want to make our bodies merge and express all the intimacy and love we feel for each other in a very special way. I want to share with you a deep physical experience that will bring us even closer to each other.

I want us to meet again in the moonlight by the village pond, where we first became so close. I want us to lose ourselves there again and our bodies to find each other again. I want us to rekindle the fire of passion and live out all the love and desire we feel for each other.

I hope you will accept these water lilies as a symbol of my love and desire. With this, I would like to invite you to meet us again at the village pond and plunge us again into the deepest intimacy.

I know that it is not easy to talk about our physical desires and needs, but I want you to know how much I desire you and how much I want the repetition of our intimate encounter.

I love you, Nuri, and I want to do everything I can to make you happy. Let's discover the world of sensuality and passion together and lose ourselves in each other.

With love,

[Your name]


Nuri sat on the sofa in her apartment reading the romantic text she had received from her partner. A slight smile spread across her face as she read the words he had written for her with so much love and passion. But suddenly she was seized by a feeling of uncertainty. What if her friend Monika read this? What would she think?

She decided to call Monika and tell her about the text. "Hey Monika, I wanted to show you something," she said, sending her the text. After a few moments of reading, she heard Monika's voice on the other end of the line. "Wow, this is really romantic. Your friend seems to be really deeply in love with you," she said.

Nuri sensed something was wrong in Monika's tone, however. "Is something wrong?" she asked, concerned.

Monika sighed."

Well, I mean, it's just a bit exaggerated, don't you think? It almost sounds like something out of a cheesy romance novel."

Nuri felt her mood sinking. Had she done something wrong by appreciating this news so much? But she couldn't help but think that what her partner had written was very romantic and insightful.

"I don't know, I thought it was very nice," Nuri finally said. "I think it shows how much he cares about me and how much he appreciates me."

Monika sighed again. "I get it, but it's a little too much for my taste. I mean, who writes that kind of stuff these days?"

Nuri felt her uncertainty turn to disappointment. She knew everyone thought differently about romance, but for her, it was something she cherished. "I think everyone has their own way of expressing love," she finally said. "For me, it's something I really appreciate."

Monika seemed thoughtful for a moment before finally responding. "I understand that already. And I think it's really sweet that your partner wrote that for you. I should probably be a little more open to romance."

Nuri breathed a sigh of relief. Although she and Monika disagreed on this point, it seemed they had finally come to a compromise. Perhaps Monika would have a different view of romance in the future, but for Nuri, it was important to know that her partner loved her in a way that was meaningful to her.

Monika was worried and had a suspicion she just couldn't shake. She felt that Nuri had given herself to her partner and was desperate to find out the truth.

Monika was a good friend of Nuri's and she always had an open ear for her problems. She decided to talk to her about her concern. She called her and asked if they could meet to talk.

When they met, Monika noticed that Nuri looked a little different than usual. She had a slight sheen on her cheeks and seemed a bit nervous.

Monika told Nuri that she was worried and that she felt something had happened. Nuri looked at her confused and asked what it was about.

Monika explained that she felt Nuri and her partner had become close and that she wanted to know the truth.

Nuri blushed and stammered that she didn't know what Monika was talking about. Monika sensed that Nuri was hiding something and asked her to tell her the truth.

Nuri hesitated, but then she told Monika about her romantic evening at the village pond with her partner. She told about the feeling she had when they were together under the moonlight and how much she had enjoyed being close to him.

Monika listened intently and felt her worry evaporate into thin air. She realized that Nuri had nothing to blame herself for and that she had simply had a nice night with her partner.

She apologized to Nuri and said that she had never intended to hurt her. Nuri accepted the apology and said she was glad they had talked about it.

The two women spent the rest of the evening talking and sharing about their lives. Monika was relieved that her worry had been proven wrong, and Nuri was glad she could tell the truth.

At the end of the evening, they hugged and went their separate ways. Monika knew she had a good friend she could always count on, and Nuri was relieved that she could tell the truth and that her friend understood.

Overall, it was an evening full of emotions, but at the end of the day they were both satisfied and happy.

Monika was worried when she heard that Nuri might have had unprotected sex. She wondered if Nuri could be pregnant. Nuri noticed her friend's concern and explained with a smile why she had nothing to worry about.

"Nothing happened, Monika. I always thought about contraception and we used condoms every time, too," Nuri said, winking at Monika.

"That reassures me," Monika said with relief. "But did you ever worry about using condoms?"

"Not really. I'm very responsible when it comes to things like that," Nuri said.

"I'm sure you are, but there's always a chance that something will go wrong," Monika said.

"I know, but I've never forgotten the pill either," Nuri said. "I think I've just always been educated and safe."

Monika nodded in agreement. "That's good. But don't you think it would be better if you went to the gynecologist regularly and had a checkup?"

"I already go to the gynecologist regularly, Monika. I take care of my health and have regular checkups," Nuri said.

Monika was relieved to hear that Nuri was so responsible when it came to her health and contraception. She knew Nuri was smart and enlightened, but she was still concerned about her friend.

"Well, I'm glad you're taking care of yourself," Monika said. "But I still think you should be careful. I don't want anything to happen to you."

"I'll be careful, I promise," Nuri said, smiling at Monika. "But don't worry, I know what I'm doing."

Monika nodded and sighed in relief. "Alright, I trust you. But if you ever have any concerns or questions, just talk to me about it. I'm always here for you."

"Thank you, Monika, that means a lot," Nuri said, hugging her friend.

Monika was relieved that Nuri was behaving so responsibly and that they had an open relationship where they could talk to each other. She knew Nuri was a smart and responsible young woman and that she was capable of taking care of herself. Monika decided to stop worrying and just trust that everything would work out.

Nuri was completely shocked. How could her boyfriend do such a thing? Did he really want a child with her when they hadn't even talked about it yet? She felt betrayed and deceived.

Monika looked at her friend and put a hand on her shoulder comfortingly. "I know this is a difficult situation," she said, "but I think you need to talk to him. Ask him why he did it and what he was thinking."

Nuri nodded slowly and hesitantly. She knew Monika was right. She had to confront her friend and give him a chance to explain his motives.

She decided to call him and meet with him. When she saw him, she felt her heart beat faster. She was angry, hurt and confused at the same time.

"I can't believe you did that," she finally said to him.

Her friend looked at her and tried to explain. "I know it was wrong of me. But I love you so much and I want a future with you. I wanted to show you how important you are to me."

Nuri was speechless. She had never expected her boyfriend to do such a thing. She felt caught off guard and at a loss.

"I can't accept this," she finally said. "I can't trust you when you do something like this."

Her friend nodded, understanding her decision. They decided to part ways and each go their own way.

For Nuri, it was a difficult time. She felt hurt and abandoned. But she also knew she had made a decision that was right for her.

She turned to Monika and told her about the breakup. Monika was there for her and supported her during this difficult time.

With time, Nuri was able to process the experience and heal her wounds. She knew she would be more careful in the future when it came to relationships.

But despite everything, she couldn't forget how much she had loved her friend. She had hoped to build a future with him. But he had disregarded her feelings and put their relationship at risk.

Nuri had learned a lot from that experience. She now knew that trust was the most important element in a relationship. She also knew that it was important to listen to her intuition and respect her boundaries.

Although the relationship with her boyfriend was over, she was able to grow from it and focus on new paths and opportunities. She still had a lot ahead of her and knew she was capable of shaping her future.

When Monika made this statement, Nuri could hardly believe it. She suddenly felt insecure and hurt. How could the man she loved do something so cruel?

"Well, that's a lie," Nuri replied when she recovered from her shock. "He didn't take the condom off, we used it all the time."

Monika was not convinced. "But how can you be so sure? What if he really did take it off and you just didn't notice?"

Nuri was annoyed. "I'm sure he didn't take it off. We used the condom carefully and I have no reason not to trust him."

Monika sighed. "I understand that you trust him, but remember that you've only known him for a short time. Be careful and don't let your feelings blind you."

Nuri sobbed and told her that she had been raped by two friends she had known for years. All night long.

Monika was speechless and couldn't believe it. "Oh my God, Nuri, this is terrible. Where are you now? I'll come to you right away."

"I'm in my room, I don't know what to do," Nuri replied.

Monika reassured her and said she would be right there. She hung up and hurried to Nuri's.

When she arrived, she hugged Nuri tightly and said she would be there for her. "I'm going to support you and help you get through what happened."

Nuri was grateful for Monika's support and told her everything that had happened that night. Monika listened and told her to go to the police and file a report.

But Nuri wasn't sure if she should do that. She was afraid of the consequences and that no one would believe her. Monika told her that she could understand how she felt, but that she didn't have to deal with it alone.

She encouraged Nuri to seek professional help and offered to accompany her. Nuri agreed and they went together to see a therapist who specialized in sexual violence.

After several sessions and a lot of support from Monika and the therapist, Nuri finally decided to go to the police and file a complaint.

Nuri sat nervously in a chair in the police interrogation room. Her therapist had advised her to press charges against the two men who had raped her. It had been an unimaginably horrible night, and she was reluctant to go over the details again. But she knew it was the right step to take to get justice.

The police officer in front of her was friendly but firm. "Please tell us everything you can remember, Nuri. We need to have the facts as accurate as possible in order to take action against these men."

Nuri swallowed hard and began to report. She gave the names of the men and explained how they had met. She told of the night at the lake, how they had kissed and caressed before things had gotten out of hand.

"They raped me," Nuri said, her voice choked with tears. "They both did it, over and over again. It was horrible."

The policeman noted everything carefully, then asked for more details. Had they resisted? Had they used condoms?

Nuri shook her head. "I couldn't fight back. They were too strong. And no, they didn't use condoms. It was unprotected."

The policeman nodded and took further notes. "Did you suffer any injuries, Nuri?"

Nuri nodded. "I was in pain and bleeding afterwards. I went to my doctor, and she confirmed that I had been injured."

The policeman nodded again. "This is very important for the investigation. We will do everything we can to bring these men to justice. But it may take us a while to gather enough evidence. In the meantime, I recommend you contact a lawyer and look into filing a claim for damages."

Nuri nodded and thanked the police officer for his time and help. It had been a painful and emotional conversation, but she knew it was the right move. She only hoped that these men would be punished for their actions and that no one would ever have to go through what she had gone through ever again.

It was a long and difficult process, but Nuri felt supported and was grateful for Monika's friendship and support during this difficult time.

The perpetrators were eventually tried and convicted. Nuri felt relieved and could finally begin to recover and rebuild her life.

Monika and Nuri have remained close friends to this day and have formed a deeper bond through this difficult experience. They have both learned the importance of being there for each other and supporting each other during difficult times.


Monika could hardly believe it when Nuri confessed to her that she was pregnant after being raped. She was shocked and didn't know what to say.

"Nuri, I'm so sorry. I can't imagine how you feel now," Monika said sympathetically. "What do you want to do?"

"I don't know what to do," Nuri replied in despair. "I can't go through this again. I can have another abortion, after all."

Monika nodded in understanding. "I understand that. But it's your decision. You have to figure out for yourself what's right for you."

Nuri thought for a while and then said, "I don't think I want to keep the child. It's not his fault that I was raped. But I don't know how to do this on my own."

Monika hugged her comfortingly. "You are not alone, Nuri. I'm always here for you. We'll get through this together. And if you need help, there are many organizations that can stand by you."

Nuri smiled weakly. "Thank you, Monika. I don't know what I would do without you."

"You have to be strong, Nuri. But I know you'll be fine," Monika said firmly.

Nuri nodded slowly. "Yes, I will be strong. For my health.

Together they discussed other steps Nuri needed to take to prepare for her abortion. Monika was there for her, accompanying her to doctor's appointments and helping her take care of the abortion.

It was a long road, but Nuri was grateful to have a friend like Monika who was always there for her. She learned to deal with her past, she couldn't live a happy life with her child after all.


Nuri excitedly told Monika about her first boyfriend, who had contacted her again after a long time. She told her that he had asked her to meet him and have unprotected sex again.

Monika was concerned and asked Nuri if she was really considering engaging in unprotected sex again, especially after all she had been through. She reminded Nuri how important it was to protect herself and not make rash decisions.

Nuri was aware of this, but she felt simultaneously attracted to her first friend and unsure of what to do. Monika recommended that she take her time and think about what she really wanted. She encouraged Nuri not to panic and to act without thinking about it.

Monika also reminded Nuri that she could turn to her anytime she needed support or help. She encouraged her not to feel alone and to always have someone to talk to.

Nuri was grateful for Monika's advice and support. She promised her to think carefully about her choices and not to engage in unprotected sex unless she was sure and ready.

Monika assured Nuri that she would always be there for her no matter what happened. She knew Nuri had gone through a difficult time and needed time and patience to recover and feel safe again.

The two friends continued to talk for a while, and Monika encouraged Nuri to write or call her if she ever felt unsafe or alone. She promised to stand by her and help her get through whatever life brought her.


Monika and Nuri were sitting on the couch talking about their relationships and sexuality.

Nuri: I know you might not understand, but I want to have unprotected sex. It feels so much better than with a condom.

Monika: I understand that it can feel better, but don't you think it's too risky? There are so many sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies.

Nuri: I know it's a risk, but I'm sure my partner doesn't have any diseases. And I will take care of everything in case of pregnancy.

Monika: It's a big risk, Nuri. I don't want you to get hurt or unintentionally pregnant.

Nuri: I understand your concern, Monika. But I think I'm old enough to make my own decisions. And I think I'm ready to face the consequences if things go wrong.

Monika: I understand that, Nuri, but don't you think it would be better to talk to your partner about contraception methods?

Nuri: We have talked about it, but he says he doesn't mind having unprotected sex. And I think it's okay if that's what we both want.

Monika: Well, I can't tell you what to do, but please think about it carefully. It's your health and safety.

Nuri: I will do it, Monika. Thank you for your concern.

Monika: Always, Nuri. I just want you to be happy and healthy.

Nuri: I know you do, Monika. Thank you for everything.

Monika: No problem, Nuri. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

Nuri: I will. Let's talk about something else now. How are you doing with your new partner?

The two women changed the subject and talked for a long time about their relationships and anything else that came to mind. Although Monika was concerned, she knew that ultimately it was Nuri's decision what she would do with her body and her sexuality.

Nuri: "I have to tell you something, Monika. I've been having unprotected sex with my boyfriend every day for months and I still haven't gotten pregnant."

Monika: "Really? I'm surprised. Have you taken a pregnancy test lately?"

Nuri: "Yes, I did one and it was negative. But I'm still surprised that I didn't get pregnant. I mean, we have unprotected sex so often, and I've heard that the chances of pregnancy are pretty high."

Monika: "That's true, the chance of pregnancy is higher when you have unprotected sex. But there are also many factors that can play a role, such as the timing of ovulation and sperm quality. Maybe you were just lucky."

Nuri: "I also think we were just lucky. But it feels so good to have unprotected sex. It's so much more satisfying than using a condom."

Monika: "I understand. But you should still be careful. There is still a risk of unwanted pregnancy or transmission of sexually transmitted diseases."

Nuri: "I know, I know. But it's hard to say no when it feels so good."

Monika: "I understand, but it's important to protect yourself and your body. You might consider using another birth control method, like the pill or the implant."

Nuri: "I've been thinking about that, too. Maybe it's time I talk to my doctor about it."

Monika: "That's a good idea. And also remember that you can always say no if you feel uncomfortable or the risk is too high."

Nuri: "Yes, you're right about that. Thank you, Monika, for always being there for me."

Monika: "You're always welcome, Nuri. I just want to make sure you're safe and happy."

Nuri and Monika met again at their favorite cafe. After they ordered their drinks, Monika started the conversation.

Monika: "Nuri, I have to confess something to you. I also have unprotected sex with my boyfriend every day, but he is impotent with me."

Nuri looked at her friend in surprise. "Really? How long has it been like this?"

Monika: "For a few months now. We tried condoms first, but it just didn't work. So we decided to try it without. It's not as satisfying as with, but we've gotten used to it."

Nuri: "Wow, I didn't know it was the same for you. But how does your boyfriend deal with it?"

Monika: "At first he was worried, but we decided together to try without a condom. It's a risk we are willing to take. But I sometimes worry that I will get pregnant."

Nuri: "Yes, the risk is there, of course. But it's also nice to know that we tick similarly in that respect."

Monika: "Yes, it is liberating to be able to talk about it. But how do you do that with your boyfriend? You've had problems with unprotected sex before, right?"

Nuri: "Yes, that's true. But this time we both submitted to STD tests and we are negative. And I'm on the pill, which reduces the risk of pregnancy. I feel safe enough to try without."

Monika: "That sounds reasonable. I should think about taking the pill, too."

Nuri: "Yes, it's definitely a good option. But don't forget that there's still a risk. But if you're comfortable with it and you like it, then you should do it."

Monika: "Thank you, Nuri. It's good to have someone to talk to about it. I'll think about it."

Nuri: "No problem, Monika. We're always there for each other."

The two women talked about the topic for a while longer, sharing their experiences. It was good to have someone who was in the same situation and showed understanding. They knew there were risks, but they were willing to take them to get what they wanted.


Nuri and Monika met at a coffee shop downtown. They ordered coffee and cake and talked about their lives and relationships.

"I have something to tell you, Monika," Nuri began hesitantly.

"What is it?" asked Monika curiously.

"It's about my boyfriend. I have a feeling he's sleeping with someone else too," Nuri confessed.

"Oh, that's terrible. Why do you think that?" asked Monika worriedly.

"I saw a message on his cell phone last night. A woman texted him and asked him if he was free tonight. He didn't answer, but I think he will anyway," Nuri explained.

Monika stared at Nuri in horror. "This is the same boyfriend I'm sleeping with," she said.

Nuri couldn't believe what she was hearing. "What do you mean, the same boyfriend?" she asked incredulously.

"I mean I'm sleeping with him too," Monika explained.

Nuri was shocked. "That's impossible. We never talked about who we were seeing," she said.

"I know, I also thought I was the only one. But apparently he has several girlfriends," Monika replied.

Nuri stared at her cup of coffee, trying to process everything. She couldn't believe that she and her best friend shared one and the same man.

"How long has this been going on?" asked Nuri.

"A few months," Monika confessed.

"Same here," Nuri said softly.

Monika sighed. "I didn't know he was such a pig," she said.

Nuri nodded. "Neither did I. I thought he was different, but apparently I was wrong."

The two women sat in silence, staring at their coffee cups. They didn't know what to do.

"What do we do now?" asked Nuri finally.

"I think we should confront him," Monika said firmly.

Nuri nodded hesitantly. "Yeah, that's probably for the best."

The two women arranged to meet the next evening to talk to their friend. They knew it would be difficult, but they were ready to stand up for their dignity and self-worth.

Nuri and Monika sat in Monika's apartment drinking coffee. Monika was still stunned by the discovery that she and Nuri shared the same man.

Monika: "I can't believe we're seeing the same guy. This is crazy."

Nuri: "Yeah, I know. But we can't just go on like nothing happened."

Monika: "I know. We have to do something to expose him."

Nuri: "Yes, but how do we do that?"

Monika: "I think we should just call him on it directly."

Nuri: "And what do we tell him? That we know each other and that we both sleep with him?"

Monika: "Yes, exactly that. Maybe then he'll finally admit that he's sleeping with both of us."

Nuri: "Okay, that sounds good. But how do we make sure he's telling the truth?"

Monika: "We could set a trap for him. Maybe we could ask him to meet with both of us in one place and then see what happens."

Nuri: "That sounds risky. What if he just takes off when he realizes we're about to expose him?"

Monika: "Then we have to follow him. We have to find out the truth."

Nuri: "I don't know if I can. It's so awkward and embarrassing."

Monika: "I understand how you feel. But we can't go on like this. We have to solve the problem before it gets worse."

Nuri: "Okay, you're right. We will confront him."

Monika: "Fine, but let's be careful. We shouldn't threaten him or get him into trouble."

Nuri: "Of course not. But he must understand that this can't go on."

Monika: "I will contact him and ask him to meet with both of us. Then we'll see what happens."

Nuri: "Okay, I trust you. Let's go through with this."

Monika and Nuri stood up and hugged each other. They were both nervous, but also relieved that they had found a solution together. It wasn't going to be an easy conversation, but they knew that together they were strong.

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Nuri stood in front of the friend, her eyes flashing with anger. Monika had hidden in the closet and watched everything from a safe distance.

Nuri: "How could you do this? How could you lie and cheat on both of us?"

Friend: "What do you mean?"

Nuri: "You know exactly what I mean. I am talking about the unprotected sex you had with both of us."

Friend: "Oh, that. I thought it was fine."

Nuri: "How could you possibly think it was okay? You put both of us in danger without asking us."

Friend: "I'm sorry, I didn't mean for it to come to this. I know I made a mistake."

Nuri: "A mistake? This is more than a mistake, this is a serious breach of trust. You betrayed the trust we had in you."

Friend: "I understand that, but I didn't think it was that bad. We both always said we could trust each other, didn't we?"

Nuri: "Trust doesn't mean you can do whatever you want without considering the consequences. You broke the trust we put in you."

Friend: "I understand that now. I'm really sorry."

Nuri: "It's too late for apologies. We both have a lot to think about and decide how we're going to handle this situation."

Friend: "What are you going to do?"

Nuri: "We will see. But one thing is for sure: we can't keep doing what we're doing. We have to figure out how to protect ourselves from pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases."

Friend: "I understand that. I'm going to do everything I can to regain the confidence I've lost."

Nuri: "It's not going to be easy. But if you really work at it, you can do it."

Monika couldn't stand the conversation any longer and stepped out of the closet.

Monika: "I think it's time for me to speak up too."

Friend: "Monika, I didn't know you were here."

Monika: "That's obvious. But that doesn't change the fact that you lied and cheated on both of us. I don't understand how you could do that."

Friend: "It was a mistake, I know that now. I didn't mean to hurt you both."

Nuri: "Not only did you hurt us, you put us in danger. That's no small thing."

Monika: "I think all three of us need to talk and see where we can go from here."

Friend: "That's a good idea. I'm willing to do whatever it takes to regain the confidence I lost."

Nuri: "It will take time. But if you really work at it, it can work."


Monika and Nuri had decided to share their mutual friend by splitting his visits. He would visit Nuri on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, and Monika on the other days. They were excited to see how it would work, and agreed that they could always change the rules if necessary.

On Monday the boyfriend came to Nuri and she was excited and nervous at the same time. Monika had told her how good it would feel to have unprotected sex with him, and Nuri couldn't wait to try it for herself. She opened the door for him and they hugged before heading to the bedroom.

After they had undressed and were in bed, the boyfriend asked Nuri if she was ready. Nuri nodded and the boyfriend penetrated her. She moaned out as she felt his cock deep inside her. It felt incredibly good, and Nuri knew she would become addicted to this feeling. The boyfriend began to thrust into her, and she felt her arousal building. She closed her eyes and enjoyed every moment.

After a while, the boyfriend asked if they didn't want to remove the condom. Nuri agreed, and the boyfriend pulled off the condom. Nuri immediately felt a difference. It felt even better when she had her boyfriend's naked cock inside her. She moaned loudly and told him that it felt amazing. The boyfriend laughed and continued to thrust into her. After a while he came inside her.

When they were done, they lay down next to each other and talked about their plans for the future. Nuri told him that she loved him and that she was glad he came to see her. The boyfriend said that he loved her too and that he was looking forward to his next visit with her.

The next day was Monika's day, and the boyfriend visited her. She greeted him with a hug and they went to her bedroom. Monika had also been thinking a lot about what it would be like to have unprotected sex with him. She had never done it before and was a little nervous. But she knew she wanted to and that she was ready.

After they had undressed and were in bed, the boyfriend asked Monika if she was ready. Monika nodded and the boyfriend entered her. She felt her arousal building up and moaned. The boyfriend started to thrust into her and Monika enjoyed every moment. She felt her body approaching orgasm.

After a while, the boyfriend asked if they didn't want to remove the condom. Monika hesitated at first, but then agreed. The boyfriend pulled off the condom, and Monika felt her body getting even more aroused. It felt even better than with condom.


I open my journal and let my pen slide across the white paper. Today is Monday, and the boyfriend is going to Nuri's. I don't know what to think about this visit. On the one hand, I want to be there for Nuri and help her, but on the other hand, I'm worried about what the boyfriend might do to her.

I can't stop myself from thinking about the previous night when I hid in the closet and watched Nuri have unprotected sex with him. It was a strange feeling to witness her being so intimate, and I knew I had to do something to help her.

I wonder if I should just ask her to stop seeing him. But I know it's not that easy. Nuri has a bond with him, and I don't think she's ready to just give him up. Besides, she might think I'm jealous or want to control her.

I decide to bring it up with her when she gets back tonight. I want her to know that I am here for her and that she can talk to me about anything that is bothering her. I know she is afraid of getting pregnant, and I want her to know that I understand her concerns.

I'm also wondering how I should greet the boyfriend the next time he comes to see me. Should I tell him that I know he's visiting Nuri too, or should I pretend that I don't know anything? I think I will just be friendly and act like nothing happened. I don't want him to feel threatened and put more pressure on Nuri.

I close my journal and take a deep breath. There are so many things I need to think about, and I hope I can help Nuri find a solution to her situation. I know that I will be there for her no matter what, and I hope that together we can find a solution.


Monika opens the door and greets her boyfriend with a smile. Today is her day for him to visit her. She feels a tingle in her stomach as she lets him in and offers him a coffee.

They both feel comfortable with each other and have a long history they share. They sit down on the sofa and start talking about their lives and current events.

Monika notices her boyfriend getting closer and closer to her and she feels his heat and energy. They both know why they are here and what is going to happen. They both feel excited and expectant.

He puts his hand on her leg and she smiles at him. She feels ready and willing to give him what he needs. They start kissing and Monika feels his lips on hers. It feels more intense than usual and she knows he wants more than just a kiss today.

She pulls him into her bedroom and they make passionate love. It feels incredibly good and Monika enjoys every minute. She knows it's wrong to have unprotected sex, but at this moment she doesn't care. She is happy and feels loved and desired.

When they are done, they lie next to each other, breathing heavily. Monika can feel her heart still beating fast and she can't believe she has had unprotected sex again. She knows it's wrong and that she should be more careful, but at this moment she doesn't care.

She knows she'll have to worry about it later, but right now she's happy and content. She can't wait to see him again and knows she doesn't want to lose that happy feeling.

When he finally says goodbye, she feels empty and alone. She misses him already and can't wait to see him again. She knows it's wrong to share him, but at this moment she can't help it.

She goes into the bathroom and looks at herself in the mirror. She knows she has to change something and that she has to protect herself. She can't go on like this forever, but at this moment she can't help it.

Monika feels guilty and knows that she can't go on like this. She has to make a decision and protect herself. She knows it will be hard, but she also knows she can do it.


I sit here in my bedroom staring at the blank page of my journal. My heart is racing with excitement as I think about what I experienced tonight with my boyfriend. I have so many feelings and thoughts that I want to write down, but I don't know where to start.

First of all, I have to say that I am so happy to finally see him again. We haven't seen each other in so long, and I missed his touch and closeness so much. When he opened the door and looked at me with that big smile that I love so much, I knew I was in good hands.

We sat down on the bed and kissed, passionate and full of devotion. I felt so desired and loved, as if I were the only woman in the world. His hands roamed over my body, exploring every inch, and I couldn't help but give myself to him.

I was so excited when he undressed and I saw his naked body for the first time. He was so perfect, so muscular and beautiful, and I couldn't help but stare at him. I wanted to touch him right away and feel his hardness.

We then moved to another position, and he touched me in a way that completely threw me off. It was so intense, so deep, and I just couldn't get enough. I was screaming with pleasure and lust, and he was holding me and saying how much he loved me.

When we were done, we lay next to each other, breathing heavily. I felt so happy and satisfied, like I had finally found the fulfillment I had been looking for. I knew that I would keep this moment in my memory forever.

I am so grateful that I have him and that he knows and understands me so well. I don't know how I could live without him. It was an incredible evening, and I'm so excited to capture it all in my journal. I know I'll never forget it.

I will keep this intimate experience to myself and not tell anyone about it. But I will write it down in my journal and keep it forever. It is a treasure I will hold forever, and I am so grateful for every moment I get to spend with my friend.


Nuri sat at her desk, looking at the blank sheet of paper in front of her. She felt the need to write down her thoughts and feelings after today's visit to their mutual friend. It had been her day and she had had unprotected sex with him.

With a deep sigh, Nuri picked up the pen and began to write in her diary.

"It was that time again. He came to me and I couldn't hold back. I wanted to feel him so badly that I just couldn't resist. It feels so intense every time, so deep and so satisfying. I know it's wrong and that I'm being hurt, but I just can't help it. I love the way he touches me and kisses me, the way he explores my body and brings me pleasure.

I don't know how to deal with this. On one hand I want to get rid of him and leave everything behind, but on the other hand I can't stop loving him. I know he's using me and that I'm just a toy to him, but I just can't stop desiring him.

I wonder if he will ever have feelings for me. If he will ever realize how much I give to him and how much I need him. Or if he will just keep using me until he gets tired of me and drops me.

I know I would be better off if I let him go, but I just can't. I need him, I need that closeness and that intimacy. I know it's wrong, but I just can't help it.

I don't know what to do. Should I tell him that I love him and that I want more from him than just sex? Or should I just keep being his lover and hope that he will eventually develop feelings for me? I don't know.

What I do know is that every time he is with me, I feel like I am alive. I feel wanted and loved, if only for a short time. And that's better than nothing."

Nuri put the pen aside and looked at what she had written. She felt relieved that she had written down her thoughts, but at the same time she knew she had no solution to her dilemma.

She knew she couldn't go on like this, that she was making herself vulnerable, and that eventually it would end. But right now, she just couldn't stop loving and obeying him.

She sighed and lay down on her bed, closing her eyes. She knew that at some point she would have to decide whether to let him go or continue to be his lover. But for now, she just enjoyed the closeness and intimacy he gave her.

And so she lay there for a while longer, lost in thought, before finally falling asleep, dreaming of her mutual friend and her un...


Monika: Hey Nuri, I wrote my diary last night, do you want to hear it?

Nuri: Yes, very much. I wrote my diary last night too. It was so exciting, I can't wait to tell you about it.

Monika: Okay, I'll start then. "Dear diary, today was the day again when my boyfriend visited me. It was incredibly intense as always and he brought me to orgasm several times. We also did it in unusual places this time, like on the kitchen counter. I love the way he touches me and I can't wait to see him again."

Nuri: Wow, that sounds really incredible. I'm sure you love your boyfriend very much.

Monika: Yes, I really love him very much. But how was your evening yesterday?

Nuri: It was really amazing. My boyfriend and I tried something new this time. He blindfolded me and then spoiled me without me knowing what he was going to do next. It was so exciting and I came several times.

Monika: Oh, that sounds really exciting. I think I should try that with my boyfriend too.

Nuri: Yes, you should definitely do that. It makes sex even more exciting and intense.

Monika: Thank you, I will definitely try it out. But what else is in your diary?

Nuri: "Dear diary, I feel lately that my boyfriend is a bit distant. I don't know if I'm just imagining it or if there's really something going on. I hope I can ask him the right questions soon and find a solution."

Monika: Oh no, I'm sorry to hear that. Have you talked to him about it yet?

Nuri: Not yet. But I think I will have to soon.

Monika: Yes, that's definitely a good idea. I wish you good luck with it.

Nuri: Thank you, that means a lot to me. What else is in your diary?

Monika: "Dear diary, I'm worried that my boyfriend and I are just having sex and not connecting in a deeper way. I know I love him, but sometimes I wonder if that's enough."

Nuri: I understand that. I think in any relationship it's important to have a deeper connection and not just interact on a physical level.

Monika: Yes, you are definitely right. I think I need to talk to my boyfriend about it.

Nuri: Yes, you should definitely do that. It's important that you guys are on the same page and have a future together.

Monika: Thank you, I will do that. And what else is in your diary?

Nuri: "Dear diary, I sometimes think about what it would be like to sleep with a woman. I don't know if that's normal

Nuri hesitated for a moment before finally beginning, "Well, when he came to me today, we were both pretty aroused. We hadn't seen each other in a long time and I was ready for him. I led him into the bedroom and we began to undress. His body felt warm and strong as he leaned over me and kissed me. I felt his hands on my skin as he caressed me and massaged my breasts. It was so intense that I almost forgot to breathe."

She took a deep breath and continued, "He penetrated me and I felt his manhood deep inside me. We moved in unison as if we had known each other forever. It was incredibly passionate and intense, and I felt more alive than ever before."

Nuri gulped before continuing, "We switched positions and he took me from behind. I felt his hands on my hips and I could feel how hard he was. It was incredibly arousing and I could feel myself approaching climax. I finally exploded in an intense orgasm and he followed shortly after. We lay there for a while more, tightly entwined, enjoying the moment."

Nuri looked up at Monika and noted her reaction, "I know it may sound a little cheesy, but it was really incredible. It was just perfect, and I can't wait to see him again."

Monika swallowed hard, wondering if she was really ready to read Nuri her most intimate details. She wasn't sure if it was a good idea, but then again, Nuri had already opened her own to her, so she should be able to trust her at this moment. Monika cleared her throat and started to read:

"I remember one night when my boyfriend and I were both drunk. We had unprotected sex and I wasn't sure if he had come or not. I was so worried about a possible pregnancy that I took the morning after pill the next day. It was a big step for me because I had always been afraid of hormonal contraceptives before, but I knew I couldn't take the risk."

Monika hesitated for a moment before continuing, "And then there's another incident I want to share here. My boyfriend and I had sex outdoors, in the park, when it was still dark. We didn't realize a couple was watching us until we finished and got dressed. I felt deeply embarrassed and ashamed when we realized we weren't alone. But my boyfriend was excited and thought it was even hotter when he realized we were being watched."

Monika swallowed again, wondering if she had shared too much. But Nuri didn't seem shocked, but rather interested. She looked up at Monika and nodded at her as she continued, "And then there's something I didn't even tell my boyfriend. A few weeks ago I had a day when I was so aroused that I masturbated for most of the day. I just couldn't stop and it felt so good that I almost forgot I had other things to do. It was a little scary, but also incredibly satisfying."

Monika closed the journal and looked over at Nuri. "These are my most intimate details. I hope I didn't shock you too much," she said, biting her lips nervously.

Nuri smiled gently and put her hand on Monika's shoulder. "No, you didn't shock me. I appreciate your honesty and the trust you have shown me," she said, hugging Monika. "You're a wonderful friend and I'm glad I have you."

Nuri hesitated before revealing her intimate details. She had already shared many things with Monika, but she still felt a little insecure when it came to her sexual experiences. Eventually, however, she decided to open up and began to tell.

"So, it was last week," Nuri began. "I met this guy at a party, and we hit it off pretty well. I knew he was only in town for one night, so I thought, why not?"

Monika nodded attentively and cheered Nuri on to continue.

"Well, we went to his hotel room and started making out. It was pretty hot and heavy, and I could tell he was really into me. I was into him too, so I thought, why not?"

Nuri paused as she recalled the details, then continued, "Then we started getting undressed, and he started kissing and touching me. It was so incredibly intense that I almost fainted. I've never experienced anything like it."

Monika listened intently and asked, "What did you do next?"

"Well, he then put me on the bed and continued. I couldn't move or speak, I was just completely in love with him. He treated me so well and it was so intense that I even came to orgasm."

Nuri blushed as she said the words, but she knew she had to be honest if she wanted to help Monika understand her own sexual experiences.

"And then?" asked Monika curiously.

"Well, after I came, he flipped me over and we did doggy style. It was so incredibly hot and he fucked me so hard that I almost passed out. I could feel his cock entering me and I came one more time."

Nuri was breathing heavily and her face was now completely red. She had never been so open about her sexual experiences before, but she knew she could help Monika feel less alone and insecure.

"And then?" asked Monika again.

"Then we just cuddled and talked a little bit," Nuri said. "It was really nice, and I think I found something in him that I had been looking for a long time."

Monika smiled gently and put her hand on Nuri's shoulder. "Thank you for telling me," she said. "It makes me feel so much better that I'm not the only one who's experienced something like this."

Nuri smiled back and said, "Of course not. We are all human and we all have our sexual needs and desires. It's important that we support each other and not be ashamed to talk about it."

The two women smiled...


Monika: Nuri, I noticed that you didn't come last night. Did you do it yourself later?

Nuri: Um, no, I didn't.

Monika: Why not? It's okay if you do it yourself if you didn't come during sex.

Nuri: I know, but I kind of didn't feel like it. I think it was because I wasn't really in the mood.

Monika: I see. But it's important that you also get your money's worth. Why didn't you tell him you hadn't come yet?

Nuri: I don't know. I didn't want him to think he wasn't good enough or anything.

Monika: But it's not his fault if you didn't come. Everybody is different and needs different things to come to orgasm.

Nuri: Yes, I guess that's true. Maybe I should tell him that next time.

Monika: Absolutely. You shouldn't be afraid to express your needs. Sex should be satisfying for both partners.

Nuri: Yes, you are right. I will try to be more open about it.

Monika: That's a good idea. And if you want, we can also try some things together that will help you to orgasm.

Nuri: That sounds good. I think that would help me relax more and communicate my needs better.

Monika: Exactly. After all, we are friends and should support each other.

Nuri: Thank you, Monika. I'm glad I can talk to you about this.

Monika: You're always welcome, Nuri.

Nuri and Monika sat in Monika's bedroom and talked about their sexual experiences.

Nuri: I think it would be so hot if we did it together.

Monika: Really? I have never tried anything like that.

Nuri: Neither have I, but I think it could be very exciting. We can help and support each other.

Monika hesitated for a moment, but then nodded in agreement. She was curious what it would be like to masturbate together with Nuri.

Monika: Okay, I'm in. When should we do it?

Nuri: How about now? I'm totally in the mood.

Monika agreed and took off her pants. Nuri did the same, and they lay down next to each other on the bed. They started touching each other, but it was awkward and didn't feel as good as they had hoped.

Monika: I don't know if this is going to work. It feels kind of weird.

Nuri: Yeah, I know what you mean. I think it's because we're both too nervous. We should maybe relax first.

They decided to take a break and talk to each other to relieve their nervousness.

Monika: I'm sorry if I seem weird. I've just never done anything like this before.

Nuri: Don't worry, I completely understand. It's new to me too, but I think it might be really nice to relax a bit.

They talked for a while before deciding to try again. This time it felt better. They could help and support each other, and it was a new experience for them both.

Monika: Oh my god, I'll be right there!

Nuri: Yeah, me too!

They came almost at the same time and smiled at each other. It was a fulfilling and exciting experience.

Monika: That was really amazing. I never thought I would do something like that.

Nuri: Neither did I, but I'm glad we tried it. I think we should do it more often.

Monika agreed and they hugged.

Monika: Thank you for doing this with me.

Nuri: No problem, I had a great time. We should do it again soon.

Monika smiled and nodded. She was glad that she had a friend like Nuri with whom she could try new things like this.

Monika reached for her pillow and placed it between her legs. She closed her eyes and breathed deeply in and out. Nuri watched her and began to touch herself. She gently stroked her clit and felt her arousal rise.

Monika slowly began to rub the pillow and moaned softly. She opened her eyes and saw Nuri touching herself. She could see Nuri massaging her clit and her breathing became faster.

"Come here," Monika said to Nuri, tapping the bed beside her. "Let's masturbate together."

Nuri smiled and crawled over to Monika. She lay down next to her and began touching herself. Monika watched her and began to rub herself faster. She could feel Nuri's arousal and it made her even hornier.

"That feels so good," Nuri said and closed her eyes.

"Yes, I know," Monika moaned. "Let's come together."

Nuri nodded and they both started touching each other faster. Their breathing became faster and their bodies got hotter. Monika felt her arousal building more and more, and Nuri seemed to be on the verge of cumming.

"I'm about to come," Nuri moaned and started rubbing faster.

Monika smiled and did the same. She felt her arousal rising higher and higher until she finally exploded. She cried out and came in a violent orgasm.

Nuri followed her shortly after. She moaned loudly and also came in an intense orgasm.

Both lay still on the bed for a while, breathing heavily. They had made it together and it felt incredibly good. They knew that they would never forget this experience and that they would always share it with each other.

"That was amazing," Monika finally said, turning to Nuri.

"Yes, it was," Nuri replied, smiling.

"We should do this more often," Monika suggested.

"Yes, definitely," Nuri agreed, hugging Monika. "I'm looking forward to it."

The two lay together for a while longer, enjoying the warmth of each other's bodies. They knew that their friendship had become even more intense and that they had reached a new level of intimacy.


I must point out at this point that the subject of the text may not be suitable for all readers. Please read on only if you are comfortable with it.

Monika and Nuri had decided to do it together once again. But this time her boyfriend should watch. They had agreed beforehand and told him to just sit back and enjoy. The two women had decided it was time to take their sexuality to a new level and rise to the challenge.

They met at Monika's apartment on a Saturday night. Nuri was a little nervous when she entered. She didn't know what it would be like to have her boyfriend watching them. Monika, on the other hand, seemed completely relaxed and smiled at her. They hugged warmly and went into the living room.

There, her boyfriend was sitting on the couch waiting for her. He had taken a beer and was sipping it. When he saw the two women, he smiled and said, "Wow, you guys look incredible." Monika and Nuri had both dressed extra sexy to impress their friend.

Monika turned on the music and started dancing. Nuri danced with her and together they moved their hips and made their bodies sway to the rhythm of the music. Her boyfriend was watching her and his gaze became more and more intense. Finally he stood up and came closer.

He embraced both women and kissed them passionately. Monika and Nuri returned the kiss and began to explore his body. He put his hands on her hips and pulled her closer to him.

Then he turned around and sat back down on the couch. He smiled at the two women and said, "Show me what you've got." Monika and Nuri looked at each other and began to slowly undress.

They began by touching and kissing each other. Their friend watched them and enjoyed the spectacle. Finally, they were naked and began to pleasure each other.

Monika and Nuri started kissing and licking each other. Her boyfriend moaned and watched them in fascination. The two women took turns taking care of him and themselves. It was a very intimate and sensual experience that they all shared.

Finally, Monika and Nuri climaxed at the same time. They cried out in pleasure and held each other tightly. Her boyfriend looked at her and smiled. It was obvious that he had enjoyed watching them.

They spent the rest of the evening sitting together and talking. It was an unforgettable experience they had all shared. Monika and Nuri had taken their sexuality to a new level, and their friend had supported them.

They decided to do it again soon. This time they wanted to...


After I was with Monika and our friend and we had an exciting time, I really wanted to record everything in my intimate diary. I.

First I wrote about how excited I was when Monika invited me to be with our friend. I had never had a threesome before, but I was curious and excited. When I saw our friend, I couldn't help but notice how attractive he was. His eyes were deep and dark and his body was perfectly shaped.

I also talked about how it felt when we were all in bed together. Our boyfriend's body felt incredible while I was making love to him. His hands roamed over my body and triggered all kinds of physical sensations. I could feel his arousal as he touched me and I knew he was enjoying it as much as I was.

It was an unforgettable experience when I felt Monika's hands touching my body. We were both surrounded by our friend and it was an indescribable feeling to be touched by both at the same time. It was incredibly erotic and I felt so alive and free.

I also had to write about what it was like to have our friend watch us. I had never had sex in front of anyone else before, but I found it exciting and arousing. There was something very powerful and intimate about sharing our bodies in that way.

I was surprised at how natural it felt to be with Monika. We had never had a sexual relationship before, but at that moment it just seemed right. We complemented each other perfectly and I felt a close connection with her. It was nice to be with someone I could trust and feel comfortable with.

I couldn't help but also write about how it felt when I finally came to orgasm. It was an incredibly intense experience and I could barely breathe. It was a mixture of physical arousal and emotional intensity. I felt so alive and full of energy.

I closed my journal and put it back in my drawer. I knew that I would never forget this experience. It was something I would carry with me forever. I smiled and knew that I was ready for whatever life had in store for me.

I sit here looking at the white pages of my journal. My thoughts circle around last night's experience. Monika and I had decided to satisfy ourselves together once again, because our friend was watching.

It was an exciting idea to be watched by him as we pleasured each other. Monika and I had always been very intimate with each other, and the idea of showing our lovemaking in front of someone else excited us a lot.

But while we were sliding our hands over our aroused bodies, we noticed that our friend could no longer hold back and was touching us. We let him do it, but the moment I reached my climax, I could feel Monika's body tense up and she was unable to cum.

I knew she was frustrated and would probably satisfy herself when we said goodbye. But I never thought she would do it right in front of our friend.

When I got home last night, I was surprised when Monika told me that she had done it to herself while our friend watched. I felt a little jealous that I couldn't be there, but I also understood her needs.

I also wanted to write about it in my journal, but I wasn't sure how to express my thoughts. Should I write that I was jealous because I couldn't be there? Or that I had enjoyed being watched?

In the end, I decided to just be honest and describe my feelings as they were. I wrote about how arousing it was to feel our friend watching, and how I felt when Monika satisfied herself.

It was an exciting evening, and I think it took our friendship to a new level. We both pushed our boundaries and became even closer.

I wonder if our friend described the same thing in his journal. I think I will ask him at the next meeting. But until then, I will keep my own thoughts and memories in my diary and look forward to the next adventure with Monika and our friend.

Disclaimer: The following text contains explicit and sexual content and is therefore only suitable for persons 18 years and older.

Nuri sits at her desk and opens her diary. She really needs to write down everything that just happened. She takes a deep breath and begins to write:

Today was an incredible day. Monika and I were going to do it together, but when our friend showed up, everything got even better. I could feel my excitement rising as I felt his gaze on us.

Monika and I kissed passionately and caressed each other. I could feel her breathing quicken as I kissed her breasts. I enjoyed touching them and feeling how wet she was getting.

Then I felt his gaze on us. It made me even hornier than I had imagined. I wanted to show him how horny we were and how much we wanted it. Monika and I undressed and started touching and kissing in front of him. I could see him getting more and more excited and I could feel my heart beating faster.

Then Monika asked me to watch her while she did it to herself. She couldn't come when we were together before and wanted to make up for it now. I watched her and it made me so horny. I felt my arousal rise as I heard her moan and could feel her fingers inside her.

Our friend couldn't resist anymore either and joined us. I felt his hard cock against my body as he watched us. Monika and I wanted him badly, we wanted to feel him inside us and make him come.

He kissed us in turn and I could feel his hands moving over our bodies. I could feel his hard manhood pressing against me and I wanted him so bad. I could feel Monika wanting the same.

Then he finally penetrated me and I moaned loudly. I felt every inch of his hard cock inside me and I knew I was going to cum soon. Monika watched us and I could see how much it excited her.

I moved rhythmically on him and could feel him getting faster and faster. I moaned out loud when I finally came and I could feel him coming inside me too. It was incredibly intense and I never wanted it to end.

Monika and I lay exhausted next to each other and our friend lay on top of us. I felt his breath on my skin and I knew I would never forget him.

Now I sit here and write it all down. I want to keep these memories forever and relive them over and over again. It was so incredibly awesome and I can't wait to do it again.

As we touched each other, the air between us grew thicker and our bodies pulsed with desire. My hands slowly moved from Monika's breasts down to her stomach and on to her most intimate area. She opened her legs to give me access and I could feel how wet she already was.

I knelt between her legs and began to gently massage her clit. Monika moaned softly and I felt her body tense under my touch. I continued to stimulate her sensitive spots while she leaned back and surrendered to the moment.

Suddenly, a loud knock on the door interrupted us. It was our friend, who had returned unexpectedly and was looking for us. Monika and I were frozen and I suddenly felt infinitely embarrassed.

We dressed quickly and opened the door to receive our friend. Monika and I acted as normal as possible, but I could feel her eyes on me. I didn't know whether to be ashamed or just laugh, but I decided to take the situation with humor.

After our friend left again, Monika and I sat down on the bed and laughed together about what had just happened. But I couldn't stop thinking about the intense moments we had just shared.

I decided to record the experience in my diary, detailing how it had felt to touch Monika and feel her pleasure. It was an incredibly arousing feeling that I will never forget.

I began to write, letting my thoughts and feelings flow onto the paper. I described every moment of the encounter and how it had made me feel. It was an incredibly intimate moment between us that would stay with me for a long time.

I couldn't stop thinking what it would be like to experience that feeling again. Even though we were disturbed, it had felt like we were both in our own world and nothing else mattered.

I was excited and anxious at the same time as I thought about what would happen next. Would Monika and I get so close again and share this intimacy? Or would this experience break us apart in some way?

I couldn't wait to find out what the future would bring and looked forward to savoring every moment with Monika to the fullest. It was an incredibly exciting and confusing time in my life, but I knew I was willing to risk everything to fulfill my deepest longings and desires.

I continue in the diary that after I touched Monika, I had to do it myself immediately. It was just too much for me. I had so many pent-up feelings and it was all so exciting and new to me.

I started exploring my body while Monika and my boyfriend watched. I was so excited and my hands quickly found their way to my breasts, which were already hard and sensitive. I massaged them and twisted my nipples between my fingers.

Then I let my hand move between my thighs and felt how wet I was. I was so aroused that I could hardly stand it. My fingers moved quickly and I felt my muscles contract as I climaxed.

It was an incredible feeling, but I wanted more. I didn't want to stop, so I just kept going. I felt the eyes of Monika and my boyfriend on me, but I was too caught up in my own feelings to care.

I moved my hand faster and felt my body tense up as I came again. It was even more intense than before and I cried out in pleasure. I was so happy to have had this experience and I couldn't wait to do it again.

Now that I think about it and write it in my diary, I feel a little nervous. What if Monika or my boyfriend don't approve? What if they look at me differently after I reveal my most intimate thoughts and experiences?

But I can't change it. I can't deny that I enjoyed it and that I want to do it again. I just have to hope that they can understand and accept who I am and how I feel. I hope that they will not judge me, but support me as I continue to explore and live out my sexuality.