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Dear Reader,

As if in a dream, Ray evolves into ZEUS, the father of the gods. Under the guidance of an extraterrestrial race, he develops some powerful tools and steps to put humanity on a better path. He is assisted by a loyal girlfriend who is his link to the aliens. The two of them take up a few of the most pressing problems of our world and invent solutions that only work in dreams.

But what's to stop us from just dreaming away and solving problems that the real world, incompetent politics and cowardice don't want us to have?

Accompany me, I know: it's just a dream. In a dream I can even fly!

A dream journey wrapped in a gripping novel. (erotically colored scence fiction)

Zeus is a story about two themes that have preoccupied me for years. One theme is hypnosis, another is the encounter with aliens who mean well with the inhabitants of our planet and exert influence. I have learned a lot about hypnosis during my training as a psychologist, this topic has accompanied me for many years. I decided to integrate this into the story about aliens.

What if a high-tech alien nation had been watching us for millennia and now decided to exert a positive influence on humanity? With the reaching of the atomic age mankind has reached the end of the flagpole, it can extinguish itself with a push of a button. Many books have been written about this, many films have been made. But what if a higher power, a much more advanced civilization, could knock this out of our hands? This thought experiment I have now written down, knowing well that it is a very naive and positivistic view of things, which are much more complicated in reality.

The history put together here is fictitious and freely invented and is a purely mental experiment, which does not want to be considered a conspiracy theory at all. The meeting of mankind with an alien nation in the distant future will run with certainty completely differently, and mankind will make thereby quite certainly no good figure. Of that I am sure.

Unless the texts are explicitly marked as originating from someone else, they represent my intellectual property. Copying, quoting or redistributing the texts in any form is prohibited without my written permission.


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