The Valurian Expedition

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Dear Reader,

A scientific expedition from the highly developed planetary system Valuria crashes to Earth about 700,000 years ago. One of the survivors, the geneticist and sexologist Baal, explores the life of the primitive human species, researches the love life of the simple tribes and meticulously records everything. Thanks to the nearly identical DNA, he is able to mate lustfully with the females, produce children and grandchildren, and founds a new tribe, the White Man. He meets the tribe of hooked noses, the forerunners of Native American and Central American humans. Likewise, he meets the tribe of the Chinks, the ancestors of Asian peoples. He colonizes southern Africa with his white race, studies the habits of primitive man and plants his seed in all the tribes, awakening in them the curiosity to conquer the planet.

This erotic fiction story depicts the sexuality of primitive man, their sexual customs and rituals in drastic, pornographic stories. An attempt to describe sexuality in early man.

But it is also an attempt to respond to the various "prehistoric alien" theories and to go into it with pleasure and fun, HOW the "Ancient Aliens" could have probably acted on Earth, namely quite naturally .....

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