Dance of the gnomes

by Jack Faber © 2022

Ginny lay with her head on Harry's chest. She had just told him that Hermione had only ever done Ron by hand and that they had only recently started fucking. Hermione said she was going to marry Ron anyway, so it didn't make any difference to her to do it after or before the wedding. Ron's mum, Mrs. Weasley, would spit fire and bile if she found out.

Ginny saw that Harry was getting totally horny when she told him while making out. She had told him earlier that she really wanted to wait until the wedding, that she owed it to her mum. Harry didn't like Ginny doing it to him by hand at all, he preferred to squirt on top of her, his cock pressed against her thigh and squirting into his underpants. She wanted to see it so badly and he pulled his pants down a little and chafed against her thigh. She put her hand on his cock and let it squirt over her fingers.

He was quite calm after squirting and his hands slid up her inner thighs under her dress. She shuddered when his fingers touched and caressed the delicate fuzz on her pubis. He knew she did not want to be masturbated by him. Of course, she had told him that she masturbated every night before she went to sleep, but she didn't want to do it while they were making out. After the wedding, okay? He nodded, that was fine with him. Ginny was so young, not yet 17, and he really wanted to give her as long as she wanted.

Ginny knew all about fucking, of course, she claimed, and he drilled on carefully until she told him everything. She had learned to conjure pixies years ago from an older classmate. She didn't use a wand, though, because that would immediately bring the Ministry into the picture. She whispered the magic formula and two little pixies, barely 10 centimeters tall, appeared on her palm.

It was a naked couple sleeping peacefully in the palm of their hands. Harry looked at the naked pixies up close. The red-haired female looked a lot like Ginny, and the red-haired male looked a lot like Ron. Harry conjured a magnifying glass in his hand and examined the pixies closely. "They have everything, like us" whispered Ginny, "they can't see us!" They watched the sleeping ones and Ginny whispered, "Shall I?" Harry didn't know what she meant and she whispered another spell.

The male immediately got an erection and woke up. He grinned in anticipation and woke the female with gentle kisses. Harry held his breath. The male lifted the female's legs and unfolded her knees. He kissed the female intimately and caressed her tiny clit with his tiny fingers. The female moaned and sighed and pulled him on top of her. Harry watched through the magnifying glass as she inserted the male's cock into her vagina. The couple fucked for a long time and Harry held Ginny's hand tightly. The male reared up and thrust into her vagina, squirting. He squatted on his heels and watched as the female masturbated and orgasmed a few seconds later. He lay down next to the female and they went back to sleep.

The pixies disappeared as Harry hugged Ginny. She hugged him and murmured that he mustn't fuck her! Harry nodded and whispered he would pay close attention and parted her thighs. He placed his stiff cock on her cleft, between Ginny's labia, and ravaged away. His cock slid up and down between her labia, along her cleft. Of course, Harry was careful not to let his cock enter Ginny's wet vagina, and just slid across the cleft, up and down. Ginny rolled her eyes with lust and horniness, he was thrusting quite hard on her cleft. Up and down, up and down. She gasped and moaned until he poured out on her pussy. She whisked the semen away with her hand and kissed him on the mouth. "That was very nice," she whispered, "I like that!" From now on, she let him whet on her cleft every time, whispering in his ear how good it did her clit, and sure enough, Harry managed to thrust at her again and again until she orgasmed. Ginny looked at him with wide eyes, stars twinkling in them. "I love you," she whispered, "I love you so much!"

She conjured the pixies during breaks, she said the incantation and the pixies fucked as many times as Ginny told them to. The male didn't need a break, his erection came immediately when Ginny commanded it. She would sometimes let the female ride the male or command the female to satisfy herself one time after another. The female masturbated enthusiastically from orgasm to orgasm until Ginny ordered the male to fuck again. The pixies dutifully did the doggy position when Ginny wanted them to, but they didn't seem to enjoy it much. Sometimes Ginny would grab the male as he squirted and lift him a little so they could see him whooping and squirting semen all over the female. Harry and she were fascinated by the pixie fucking and let the couple fuck again and again.

Harry groaned as Voldemort entered his mind in mid-rubbing. He heard the slavering laughter of his adversary as he splattered, staggered, and sank onto Ginny. Voldemort gave him a glimpse of the future, he lay on the floor immobilized and bound by snakes. Voldemort chuckled devilishly, "Look here, little Potter, she's mine now!" Harry tried to tear himself away, but could not. Ginny lay naked before the Dark Lord and Voldemort laughed eerily as he deflowered and fucked the girl. He squirted a lot of semen into the defenseless girl and did not stop, his gruesome laughter shaking the room. Harry pulled and tugged at his bonds and fell into the black darkness.

Ginny petted him and frantically called his name, Ron and Hermione rushed into the room. Ginny quickly covered herself and held Harry tightly in her arms. Hermione pretended not to notice the lovemaking and Harry's naked cock. She knew Harry's cock well, of course, because she had been giving him handjobs all year. She had read all about it in the library, of course, but Harry was the first one she put it to work on. Although they were emotionally detached from each other, Harry was the first one she gave her virginity to. It was the first time for both of them, it was very nice and they lovingly embraced each other as they deflowered. It didn't hurt at all and Hermione cried with happiness. She whispered that he could squirt in without hesitation, she didn't have a rule yet. They were honest with each other, Harry loved Ginny, Hermione loved hulking Ron. They disengaged from each other in all friendship and Hermione had no trouble seducing Ron. Neither she nor Harry used any magic to win their beloved.

Hermione asked if he had seen Voldemort again. Harry nodded weakly and Ginny tugged his pants into place. Ron's ears glowed red, but a look from Ginny silenced him before he could roar off. Harry had calmed down and sat up. "He tied me up and raped Ginny in front of me!" he said in a weak voice. All four of them looked at each other and the air was cutting.

Hermione cleared her throat. "It didn't happen," she said firmly, "he's just trying to intimidate you and make you feel insecure!" Ginny nodded, "I'm still a virgin and that monster will never get me!" Ron gritted his teeth. "We'll kill him first!" Harry nodded and squeezed his friend's arm with his hand.

He had to describe the rape to them in all details. The friends put their heads together and discussed fiercely.

Harry closed his eyes. The pain almost tore him apart. He alone knew that Voldemort had shown him the future.