A tentative end

by Jack Faber © 2022

Barbara's vacation replacement was in a bad mood when Jack called that he didn't want to take any more Muslims. She was deaf to his objections and sent him four families in the two weeks. The women from Afghanistan spoke no language he understood. The first three widows stayed only briefly, sleeping at Juliet's bed, and he had to sleep on the wooden kitchen bench, much to his chagrin. They gawked curiously at his erection as he paraded, but they shook their heads decisively and waved him vigorously to leave.

The fourth widow was pregnant and different from the previous ones. He was allowed to stay in his bed, she lay down next to him wrapped in cloths, stroking her labia under the cloths and curiously looking at his erect cock. They communicated with hand signals and gestures so that he could explain the situation with Juliet to her reasonably well. She grinned all over her pretty face as she made the sign for fucking with her fingers. She grinned suggestively and slid her index finger in and out of the hole she made with her thumb and forefinger, giggling. She pointed to her small, pregnant belly and clearly invited him to fuck her with unambiguous gestures. She pulled the rags up to her belly button and spread her legs. Her clean body smelled immensely good and her hairy pussy also smelled like fresh flowers and blossoms. He spread her hairy dark labia with his fingers and looked at her pussy. The black hole was wet and moist, the tiny clit hard and stiff, she was aroused in anticipation and hot as a rat.

No way was she going to kiss him, so he inserted his cock into her vagina with his hand. He palpated her breasts covered with silken scraps as he fucked her. The breasts were large and firm and she enjoyed his touch. He was amazed at how easily and quickly she orgasmed. She had three orgasms that shook her violently and he began fucking her anew each time. He squirted in the middle of her third orgasm and she screamed softly, obviously the fucking had done her good.

He courageously grabbed her clit, which was still stiff and aroused. She said something that sounded very kind and stroked his hand until it rested on her clit. Her hand steered his fingers to very slow rubbing. She didn't let him rub, his fingers obediently pressed rhythmically under her fingers on her clit and she orgasmed half a dozen times over the next hour. She dug her teeth into his arm and pressed her mouth firmly against him to stifle her cries as she orgasmed. When she took her hand away briefly, he masturbated her really hard. She screamed silently as she orgasmed a minute later, holding his hand quiveringly. She didn't let him masturbate her really hard again, Neh, neh, she said after a minute and pushed his hand aside.

She never masturbated herself after fucking, she just guided his fingers on the clit to satisfy herself orgasm after orgasm for an hour. She didn't let him masturbate properly at first, but guided his finger over the clit for an hour and pressed it rhythmically. Nevertheless, he prevailed each time and masturbated her quite vigorously at the end. She screamed silently at this energetic masturbation, she pressed her mouth on his shoulder and silently screamed out her pleasure. She screamed silently and rapturously at the orgasm, her abdomen twitching and raging like mad until he stopped rubbing. He let his finger rest on her clit until the orgasm had subsided. She held his hand tightly until he turned out the light. She stayed with her children only five nights and obviously liked to fuck. They kept smiling at each other, but even on the platform she wanted no hug, no kiss.

So when Barbara came over to fuck the other day, he lamented his suffering and she promised to do her best. She sent him a very pretty young woman who was traveling with her aged parents. Elena was a 30‐year‐old journalist, fluent in English, and immediately agreed to sleep with him and Juliet. The parents were in their 80s, short in stature and spindly. He had pulled out the living room couch all the way so they could lie next to each other quite comfortably. Elena could cook very well and made sure that the parents ate and drank enough. After a few glasses of red wine, they drank a large vodka before going to bed.

After Juliet had also gone to bed, he sat with Elena over red wine and listened to her story. She had evacuated her parents at the very last minute, and a day later the small suburb they lived in was bombed and shot. She kept working on her cell phone and it was very tedious, she had not been able to save her laptop. He said he had another laptop, but it was terribly slow. She looked at it and said she would get it to work, if she could try it? He nodded and said if it fits you, you're welcome to keep it. She knew her way around electronics, played up another operating system in no time, and installed her applications in no time. It took her less than an hour and she was satisfied. The laptop ran much faster than before. He affirmed he was giving it to her and she thanked him with a hug and a kiss on the mouth. He had no idea about all this electronic stuff and was pleased that she could handle it. She said now she could be much more productive, cell phone for the news and laptop for research and writing. She would also be able to work on the go, connecting through the cell phone. She put the device aside, now it's closing time!

Elena spoke very openly about her sexuality. She had married at 18 and divorced four years later. He was no good in everyday life, was professionally and privately a slob and after the honeymoon it was also with the sex nothing more. She masturbated daily again as before since childhood, but she didn't need a man for that. She finished her studies with a good result and found an interesting job at a big newspaper. She concentrated on the job, men's affairs were secondary. She said that she liked to fuck a lot, but everything in its own time. The one night stands were usually much better than the obligatory exercises during marriage. She poured herself a vodka and said that she had never cheated on her husband during the marriage, that was important for herself, but she should have divorced much earlier, for sure!

Before they went to the bedroom, he explained the situation with Juliet. She grinned and said that if he wanted it, it was fine with her. Her soft laugh was friendly, she only asked because he was much older than her. His erection bulged his pants and she pointed with a smile. They were both laughing now, the matter was settled. He lay naked on the bed and stroked his cock as he looked at her undress. She was very slim and as small as her parents. Her pubic hair was shaved smooth except for the landing strip. The slit hid the inner labia and clit. The breasts were small and firm, just a good handful. They smiled at each other, then she lay down with him. She was using contraception with a syringe, she said, it was the custom in Tartania. He spread her labia with his fingers and looked at her pussy, the hole was wet and moist, the clit was hidden under the bonnet and not visible. He pushed back the foreskin with his fingers and looked at her clit. It was small, but obviously very well‐toned. He rubbed her clit gently and listened to her sighs. Did he prefer a handjob, she asked, and he replied in the negative. He wanted the normal pleasure, Tartian of course! She laughed chuckling and said they were both not drunk enough for that. She didn't explain further, but inserted his cock into her vagina with practice. He went in very easily, she was very wet and opened willingly. She loved fucking very much, she whispered.

Elena orgasmed very quickly and easily just like the Afghan a week ago, he thrust and squirted into her second orgasm and fell to the side exhausted. He reached for her clit, it was hard and stiff. She preferred to masturbate herself the first few evenings and only let Jack masturbate her after days. She was very devoted and active while fucking, he liked that very much. They kissed afterwards and he turned out the light.

Elena went shopping with Juliet and they cooked together. Juliet had taken the pretty young woman to her heart and made an effort to speak English. Her delirium was completely gone in these situations, she let Elena interpret when she watched the two short news programs in Tartian with her parents and talked about them with everyone afterwards. Elena worked many hours on the laptop and published articles daily during the three weeks. She corresponded with German publishers and had organized a good job and accommodation for the parents and herself faster than Barbara. He drove the family to the train station and pressed a wad of bills into Elena's hand for the start, he said. It had gone far too fast, he thought, but it was a good time with Elena. They continued to write emails to each other for a long time.

Elena had also improved his laptop and taught him various things. The first spreadsheet he made independently was his expenses that year of the war. He had spent almost 30,000 euros on clothes, gifts and entry fees for the refugees; he had given everyone an entry fee when they left. How much he had spent on red wine and vodka could not be reconstructed. He was surprised, but that was the way it was. He did not mourn for a moment because he had done something concrete against the Russian, the Terrible Ivan. It was nothing in comparison, of course, but it filled him with a certain satisfaction to spit in the soup of the would‐be‐Tsar.

Barbara took great pains to sort out the young women beforehand. With a few innocuous questions, she was able to weed out those who were highly bigoted or took physical fidelity to their husbands very seriously. It wasn't hard for her to pick out the ones willing to fuck. She had to keep Jack happy, because she wanted to be rewarded by him herself. She let him fuck her once or twice a month, and that was a lot more than she had in the years before.

Sometimes it was children, but more often mothers, whom he quartered in the living room on the couch. The young women were mostly very young, between 18 and 25 years. One was only 16 and fucked like possessed, which of course pleased Jack very much. She rode him in the afternoons and evenings even when he was only semi‐stiff and couldn't squirt anymore, she rode him rapturously and masturbated without pause. Most of the younger women were clean‐shaven, attached great importance to cleanliness and that they smelled good. They liked to undress and flirt with their beautiful bodies before lying down with him. Their arousal increased when he intensely looked at and examined their pussies. He looked at the clits very carefully, only a few were floppy, most looked well exercised. The evening promised to be good!

Very few got an orgasm while fucking. Most liked it very much that he masturbated them after fucking. Some preferred to masturbate themselves, they felt their reactions better. He was floating high in the clouds and also told Barbara that she had made a good choice. He gave everything to help Barbara have wonderful orgasms. It was important, that was clear to him — without Barbara no young, horny females!

It turned out to be a wonderful summer. He fucked until exhaustion with the young girls and women. When his desire was great, he took a siesta in the afternoon and let the girls ride him, although it then became very exhausting in the evening. The girls grinned understandingly, he was just an old man and had to be made stiff with her mouth. Not infrequently the girls overdid it and he squirted in their mouths. Some swallowed the semen, most spat it out. But all grinned like snow kings. When Juliet masturbated next to them, they stopped fucking and the girls watched until she was done. But that didn't happen very often, since Juliet usually masturbated before she even fell asleep.

But as it so often is with highrises, when you fall, you fall deep.

At a stroke, Juliet returned to normal, after a good four years of madness. She went to the hairdresser, bought new clothes and cleaned the apartment. Spotless, for the first time in years. Gradually, she found, she no longer needed a sleeping pill. She fucked up his fucking with the last Tartanian, pushed the beautiful kid aside before he could squirt, and took Jack into her arms. He was more pissed than ever, but she was his wife after all. Juliet called Barbara the next morning and gave notice. Barbara came in a cab and tried to save what could not be saved. Jack stood by silently like a watered poodle, shrugging his shoulders.

Juliet came to the realization after a few weeks that she had gone too far as far as Jack was concerned. Night after night she questioned Jack. He had to describe to her in great detail how he had fucked her friends. She had to know exactly which practices they preferred, how they masturbated and what they didn't like. He described everything in great detail, because that was the only way he could regain Juliet's affection. She had each girlfriend's private parts described to her in detail, because she couldn't remember ever seeing them, she remembered practically nothing during her madness.

He described the private parts in great detail and Juliet asked many questions, which he answered precisely. The large holes, the withered and wrinkled labia, and the different clits that showed a lifetime of training. He described especially the shape and the functioning of the old clits, because he had remembered that exactly. He also described in great detail how the old women masturbated, some lying on their stomachs, others lying on their backs with their legs spread wide. Some rubbed the clit very quickly, others started slowly, rubbing the labia and vaginal entrance first before concentrating on the clit. Juliet wanted to know everything in detail and asked many intermediate questions.

She also wanted to find out when they had made a pass at him. She was disappointed beyond measure, because the girlfriends hadn't hesitated for a moment when it had turned out, that she had obviously fallen for the craze. Jack was not a skilled seducer, Juliet knew. On the contrary, the broads dragged and dragged him to bed, not caring for Juliet at all. Juliet smiled mildly, in this situation every man was helplessly at the slayer's mercy, she knew that from her own experience, she had unabashedly cheated on Jack during their marriage. He didn't need to apologize, she noted dryly, stroking his hair.

All the more dismayed Juliet was that she had played lesbian games with all her friends. She had never been aware before that she had lesbian tendencies at all. But Jack told everything in detail and did not lie to her. She slapped her hands in front of her face, what, fat Geli?! He nodded and told how he deflowered Geli and then fucked her regularly. She laughed sheepishly that Geli only let him deflower her so he could make lesbian love to her.

Juliet laughed wryly as he told of Geli's fears that his cock would not go into her tight pussy. They laughed together, because of course his cock was going into her tight little hole. Geli had whimpered and whined as he deflowered her. He said the deflowering had gone quite easily and Geli had certainly felt no pain, but she had made a hell of a whine when she realized his cock was fully inside her vagina. She had even checked it with her hand and whined that she was actually a lesbian and didn't want to be fucked. That Geli moaned heartbreakingly every time he squirted into her vagina, Juliet acknowledged with a wry grin. He nodded guiltily. He had deliberately squirted a full load of semen into Geli's vagina each time, he confessed to Juliet, because he despised her. Well, at least you didn't give the fat sow a child, Juliet commented with a wry grin. He still had to confess everything about Geli.

They debated for several days and nights, and Juliet found that Jack simply needed the variety in fucking. His sexuality was fundamentally different from hers. He was still the good man she had always lived with, but his sexuality had evolved over the years of her insanity and she had contributed to it as much as he had. It took her a long time to understand and accept it. She fixed things, though.

She talked to Barbara on the phone for a long time. She knew about them from Jack and was able to apply some pressure. She was clear that it was blackmail, but she didn't care. Barbara was to send young, pretty, fuck‐ready Tartan girls to them again, and in return she was allowed to spend an afternoon with Jack in the bedroom each time after they left. Barbara agreed, because this way she could resume the happy fucking with Jack. She sent refugees to Jack again.

Juliet had to figure out each time which sleeping arrangement was appropriate. With a few, it was right for Jack and the Tartan to go into the bedroom and she would listen in the kitchen and wait until they were done and then go into the bedroom herself. With most, however, it was the three of them, Juliet watching the two of them fuck and then letting Jack fuck her. Juliet eagerly masturbated the girls to orgasm before he squirted so he would fuck and squirt her right after the girl. This was best for her and Jack. He had his variety and she no longer felt cheated. When Barbara came, she stayed in the kitchen at first until one day Jack asked her to join in. Barbara's arousal rose very violently when Juliet masturbated her while they fucked, and they did it that way ever since.

Juliet and Jack were growing together again. They had both grown older and were able to take more liberties with each other. There was no point in holding on to the old ways; they had both moved on. Juliet never found out why she had been insane for four years, although they spent many hours discussing and puzzling over it. It didn't really matter.

Until the end of the war, they housed many more Tartian refugees.

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