An Intermezzo

by Jack Faber © 2022

Barbara sent him families with very pretty mothers, but they didn't all want to play ball. They were widowed or had a husband on the front lines they were attached to. He depended on Geli, who loved to come. The families usually traveled on after a week or two. Few of the young mothers had fire in their asses and gave themselves willingly and immediately, eagerly fucking him even if they stayed only a few days. Barbara kept her word and came to fuck with every change. He preferred to fuck with her than with Geli, because she provided the orgasm while fucking herself and it was really a pleasure to cum in the middle of her orgasm.

Barbara sent him Vanessa and her mother. Vanessa was 31, her mother 54 and very sick. He drove them to the hospital every ten days, where she received her radiation. Vanessa was a model until a year ago and earned quite well. When her mother developed cancer, she immediately gave up the profession to care for her. Their savings were exhausted after the war began and they spent months in the shelter. There were very few admirers left who visited her in the shelter and brought food and fresh linen. She was very grateful for the donations and rewarded them with a quick, clandestine fuck. Defiantly, Vanessa drank one large glass of vodka after another when she told Jack about it at the kitchen table in the evening. Before the shelter, she had been able to choose her lovers based on her gut and her lust. Now she fucked to get supplies, she said bitterly. The war had ruined everything. She wept silently and smoked one cigarette after another.

The mother slept in the living room and preferred to stay alone. She watched TV during the day and was glad that the TV brought English‐language channels like BBC and CNN. English she understood halfway, but when Jack or Juliet spoke to her, Vanessa translated. Vanessa spoke fluent English and understood a little German, French and Italian. She had traveled all over Europe when she was a model in demand. She had given up her profession without hesitation when her mother was already very ill. They lived in the shelter and she took her mother to the hospital once a week by surreptitious means. When the hospital was destroyed by Russian rockets, she decided to escape. She sold the only valuable thing she had left, her body. All Tartian men knew her from the posters and advertisements, she was still very beautiful and desirable. This currency made her escape possible, even though she didn't have a cent left.

Jack did not know her before, but she liked to talk about the escape, modeling and her sexuality. On the very first evening, after taking care of her mother, she told him everything, frankly and unabashedly even about her sexuality and sexual escapades. The masturbation since childhood she kept secret, that was very very private and taboo. The photographer who discovered her and made her a celebrity deflowered her at 15 and remained one of her many lovers throughout her life. She had fucked more than a thousand men in those 20 years, she stopped counting at 750. The usual method of contraception in Tartania was the syringe, which was refreshed every year. She had very few relationships that lasted longer than a week. Men wanted her body, but the fact that she had a head, a mind and a soul didn't matter to most. She was good at marketing her body and was able to buy a house a few years ago. The house was now gone, bombed and shot to pieces. She owned nothing anymore.

She drank the vodka like water, the vodka loosened her tongue and she had told him everything frankly. She was no longer sober, but not drunk either. He brought up the subject of fucking again and again. If you want to sleep with me, that's fine, that's fine with me, she said, and that it was no problem for her. She had bought her way with the body and found it only natural that she had to somehow return every boon. She then felt less like she was being given something as a gift. She didn't want to be given anything, period. They discussed this topic for quite a long time, because somehow Jack didn't want to come across as a blackmailer. He had given most of the women free choice so far and felt uncomfortable with the thought of being seen as a blackmailer. Of course, it was clear to him that this was only half the truth. But Vanessa was determined not to be given anything and stubbornly stuck to sleeping with him. He explained the situation with Juliet and that she had taken a sleeping pill. They drank a few more glasses and went to the bedroom in silence.

Vanessa waited until he had undressed and was lying on the bed. She undressed slowly and deliberately, wanting to impress with her body. She smiled finely when she saw his unfolding erection. She was tall, slim and very beautiful. Not an ounce too much. Her breasts were small and firm, her pubic smooth‐shaven and her cleft girlish, her legs long and beautiful. She came to the bed and sat astride Jack's thighs. Smiling dreamily, she grasped his erection and rubbed it. It was obvious that she had great practice with the handjob. He said that he did not want a handjob. She nodded and inserted his cock into her vagina with infinite slowness. She stayed upright and rode very practiced. She could feel he was ready and bent over him, she kissed him and whispered he could cum now. She held him tightly and her ass rotated. She knew exactly how to move her ass to excite him to the point of madness. Jack felt it rising hot and squirted immediately. She didn't stop milking him with rotating ass until his cock softened. They kissed with a long French kiss, then she lay down beside him. She smiled broadly and knew she had done very well. He had seen that her clit was stiff and swollen with arousal and reached out. Her body relaxed as he masturbated her very gently. Her orgasm was strong, even though she didn't let herself go too much. She kissed him on the mouth and said he could do it very well, better than many men. She smiled before he turned out the light and murmured that she would have to do it again herself before falling asleep. He smiled and nodded. He felt in the darkness that she was rubbing herself very hard and energetically and her whole body was tightening and shaking in a heavy orgasm. It became very quiet and they fell asleep.

Vanessa was on the phone with half of Europe and would have long since gotten a contract here and there. She looked through her photo gallery with Jack to decide which picture was beautiful and not too porny. She had thousands of pictures that were pure pornography by western standards and Jack salivated as she transferred all the pictures and videos to his laptop without comment. He saw that many pictures fell under child pornography. Vanessa let herself be fucked by boys under 16 and there were many pictures with the childish glans squirting into her open hole. Vanessa still knew them all by name and described to him how the picture or video was made. There were also pictures and videos of very young girls and boys fucking, these shots excited him very much. For Vanessa it was nothing special to have a 13 year old girl lying on top of her being fucked by a 14 year old boy. She laughed as bright as a bell when she looked at these pictures with Jack sitting at the kitchen table and had to give him a handjob very urgently.

Vanessa could not accept all these job offers because there was no treatment for her mother at the destination. Only in Vienna, Zurich and Berlin there was any treatment possibility at all, but only in the fifth week she managed to reconcile treatment and job in Berlin, she would take care of an apartment on the spot. This was very sad for Jack, because he enjoyed the wonderful fucking with Vanessa every night, including the secret handjobs under the kitchen table. She smiled when they watched the porn pictures or videos together, but her smile was encouraging and friendly. She poked Jack's side in a chummy way when he became erect again a few minutes after the handjob. He had yet to meet a woman who could be so open and friendly with his male voyeurism. It rarely took her more than a minute to make him squirt during a handjob.

A week before Vanessa left for Berlin, news burst in that the Prussian president was apparently dead. They sat in front of the TV for hours watching the news. Vanessa's mother nearly suffered a heart attack at the news, screaming and crying for minutes. Vanessa translated, finally the dog is dead! The Russians did not issue any reports, the Western news were confused and inaccurate. Ivan Romanoff had collapsed at a meal, possibly poisoned. He had been shot, it was said elsewhere. Others knew that he had been arrested or kidnapped. Every broadcaster, every commentator had his own theory. The Russians themselves did not comment on it, Vice‐President Iwanoff carried on with business, and the war in Tartania also went on relentlessly.

Vanessa had gone to Berlin and Barbara came over to fuck. She cared little for big politics, the war washed a lot of refugees into the city and the work remained the same. She now sent Melanie, a 29‐year‐old widow, and her two children, a 12‐year‐old son and a 10‐year‐old daughter. The children slept in the living room and watched TV until their eyes fell shut. Chubby Melanie was not a strict mother; the children were well behaved and did everything they wanted. Melanie admonished them every evening not to watch TV for too long. The children nodded obediently, turned on the TV and lay naked under the covers. They explored their bodies with childlike curiosity and played mommy and daddy quite innocently, as they had seen their mommy do. Melanie seemed to know, but she didn't say a word.

Melanie had real fire in her ass, she made that clear to Jack on the first evening. She stuck rigidly to the red wine and refused the vodka. She drank with great gusto until she was heavily tipsy, but never too much. At first she told how her husband died in an accident at work 9 years ago, she was heavily pregnant and it was a difficult time. She laughed, because it was exactly during that hard time that her sexuality awoke like a rocket. Like a rocket, she repeated with a grin, and the time before that she had only masturbated a little, three or four times a month at most. Time was hard, but she suddenly had a charisma that no man could resist. Now she had a lot of time for men and for masturbating. He asked and she replied that it had probably been close to a hundred men since she had become a widow. Before that she had only her husband, she had given him her virginity and never cheated on him. Never!

Jack nodded and formulated in English that she was an extraordinarily decent woman. He knew of no woman who had never cheated on her husband. She kept grabbing his hands and telling him about the hundred men she had fucked since then. She had worked part‐time as an English teacher until the war and could afford a nice apartment in the capital. There were two bedrooms, one for the children and one for her and her lovers. She had discovered late that the children were spying through the crack in the door. The little daughter had blabbed and Melanie had then taken good care that the door was well closed. She was able to elicit from the little daughter that the children had been playing Mom and Dad ever since, just as they had seen Mom do. Melanie squeezed Jack's hands tightly and tears ran down her face. "Children!" she said, "children!"

Jack was silent, imagining the children doing it. "Children!" he said, "Children!" He nodded in understanding and brought the conversation to masturbating. Melanie had learned it from her older cousin and did it sometimes, maybe two or three times a month. It was exciting, but she was very ashamed of it. Her mother had expressly forbidden her to play with herself down there, saying it was yuck! But she kept doing it anyway. At 16 she had met her husband, who deflowered her after only a few days and they stayed together. He was very tender and loving in bed, she never got an orgasm while getting fucked. But he encouraged her to masturbate after being fucked, he liked that and liked to watch her. Often while watching he would get an erection and they would fuck one more time, this then became normal for them both.

She never gave him a handjob, he only taught her that when some friends remained after a drinking binge. She was very inhibited at first when her husband stripped her completely naked during the binge and fucked her in front of the others. His buddies pulled down their pants and played with their cock. She was as drunk as the others, but she refused to fuck the buddies for a long time, even though her husband demanded it. He taught her the handjob and she wanked the fellows diligently, that's what her husband wanted at least. It's part of a "Tartian binge", he said. Only after six months was she ready to fuck his buddies. There were usually three or four, with whom she fucked a dozen times at the orgy. Jack held her hands and smiled encouragingly. She talked excitedly about the orgies and that she never masturbated herself during them, but she did let the fellows masturbate her if they were skilled. But most of them were too clumsy or too drunk, so her husband did it for her, he could do it very well. After the masturbation the boys were horny again and she fucked again with her husband and with everyone who still needed it. After an orgy she was happy and very exhausted. Her husband didn't want to go out and dance, he liked the binge and happy fucking at home much better. She also liked it because during the benders she could fuck different cocks for hours without cheating on her husband.

Jack and Melanie walked into the bedroom swaying slightly. He lay on the bed with his half erection and watched Melanie undress. She was not very tall and chubby, love handles everywhere and nice big breasts that were no longer firm. Her pubic area was clean‐shaven and large, dark little labia peeked out from her cleft. Her clit was completely hidden under a fold of skin. She stood smiling and let him look. She came to the bed and snuggled up to him. He explained the situation with Juliet and that she was sleeping very deeply, they didn't have to be quiet. She stroked his cock and asked if he would prefer a handjob? He replied in the negative and leaned over her. Her hand inserted his cock into her vagina and then she hugged him. He fucked thoughtfully, slowly increasing his pace. Was she using contraception, he asked, and she shook her head, No, but she had never gotten pregnant again in all those years. And if she had, she had no problem having another child.

She fucked along very actively and much more gracefully than he had expected. In the finale, she clutched him tightly and relaxed her vagina as he squirted into her vagina. She kept his cock in her vagina and murmured, one more time! She stroked his cock and masturbated him in her vagina until he was stiff again. They fucked again and he squirted just a few more drops. He fell to the side exhausted, I'm already 62, he gasped out of breath. He reached for her clit after a few moments, it was stiff and firm under the fold of skin. She let him masturbate her and had a small orgasm. Again! she said, again! He nodded and masturbated her again, this time much harder at the end and her orgasm was strong and violent. She gasped with pleasure and her roundish body relaxed.

He still had to ask one question. She had already laid down to sleep on the side and closed her eyes. After a long hesitation she answered, yes, she already believed that the children fucked properly. Her daughter didn't have a hymen from birth, she didn't need to check that, she said sleepily. The son did not let himself be questioned, but the daughter had described it to her in great detail how they did it. It was always very short and he stopped right when his little cock throbbed, danced and squirted violently in her pee‐pee. No, she had not seen it, but she believed the detailed description of the daughter, the child never lied to her. Melanie was tired and didn't want to talk about it. No, the son could surely squirt already, the daughter had told her. I can't stop it anyway, Melanie said very dejectedly at the end. He turned out the light.

Melanie unfortunately did not stay even two weeks, she was very active in bed and gave him many beautiful moments. She got in touch through an NGO with a Swiss couple who wanted to take her and the children. He took her to the train station and said goodbye without tears, it had been nice and there was nothing to cry about.

When he had a long afternoon after Barbara or Geli, he looked at Vanessa's thousand porn pictures and the horny videos. He didn't show these to anyone.

With a bang, President Romanoff, who had been pronounced dead, returned to the world stage. He had had a long vacation, he said grinning broadly with a broad grin into the cameras. He had lost a lot of weight and appeared more athletic than before. Of course, many assumed he was a lookalike, but who knew? Millions of Tartans cried out, the war would continue unabated, whether Romanoff was real or not.

And the war continued unabated, the flow of refugees did not stop.

The next to arrive were 29‐year‐old Marta and her mother, 80‐year‐old Ljuba. They came from a tiny village on the border and were very simple peasant women. Jack didn't understand Tartian and talked to Marta, letting her verbiage explain it to him tooth and nail. He sat with her at the kitchen table night after night, after she had cleaned the kitchen spotless. She had put Lyuba to bed in the living room right after dinner. They drank red wine and vodka, Marta had a decent buzz pretty soon, he drank the red wine in moderation as always.

When their village was destroyed, they left everything and fled inland. Their flight took almost four months, they had to walk many, many miles, begging for food and a place to sleep. They both had weather‐beaten faces and were by no means pretty. Marta bought some things with her body, although she was butt‐ugly, but sometimes there was someone who was so horny that he also fucked an ugly girl. Marta had great remorse because of this, since she was deeply religious. Even if it sometimes took years until a pope came to the village, mother Lyuba raised her illegitimate daughter in deep faith.

Ljuba was already 50 herself when she had her daughter. Lyuba had not had sex all her life and since her violent defloration at 13 had not had sex until 49. When she was 13, a Russian immigrant worker in the neighbor's yard had lured her into the basement and raped her. She never fucked again until she was 49. A hungry migrant worker, to whom she gave food and lodging, raped her at night. She cried for days because the scoundrel fucked her three times until dawn and squirted his seed inside her before silently disappearing. That's how she got Marta.

Marta had no idea about sex as she watched a wandering groom chase his stallion onto the neighbor's mares. She had never seen anything like it and watched curiously. The groom beckoned the 13 year old girl over, he explained everything roughly to her. She was allowed to help him rub the stallion's big cock and get it stiff. She was allowed to stand right next to the groom as the stallion humped the mare and the groom jerked his stallion's cock into the mare's cunt. The stallion fucked only a few moments and squirted into the mare's cunt. The groom gave the stallion a break and put Marta on the grass. He said they were doing it now too. Marta's heart was beating wildly as the groom deflowered her, but it didn't hurt at all and the groom fucked her for a very long time. She got the first orgasm of her life and she was happy as never before. The stallion had to get on a mare again and after that the groom fucked her again until orgasm and longer. The horse servant fucked her four times that afternoon and moved on with his stallion.

Marta told everything to her mother in the evening and was violently scolded. It was a grave sin and Marta had to pray three rosaries on her knees. The mother was very happy that Marta had not become pregnant and inculcated her not to fuck anymore so that she would not become pregnant. Marta understood this very well and promised not to be fucked anymore.

They always slept naked next to each other in the small bed, Marta had never noticed before that Lyuba masturbated in the night. She stayed up late watching Lyuba masturbate in the pale moonlight. She tried it right away and it worked right away, she did it until she orgasmed just as nicely as she did during the sinful fucking. From then on they both masturbated silently every night next to each other and never talked about it, it was a strictly private matter.

He had listened to her narration all evening and was now ready to ask Marta if she wanted to fuck him. That was asked with a few clear hand movements and gestures. She shook her head, no, she wouldn't do that! He nodded understandingly and indicated with hand movements that he would then masturbate. He was not quite sure if she had understood him, but she shrugged her shoulders. Of course, she had no idea about masturbating, but it seemed indifferent to her. He explained the situation with Juliet to her in a half‐understandable way, and that Juliet was already fast asleep. She walked behind him, swaying, into the bedroom.

She saw that Juliet was sleeping naked and he was stripping naked and laying on the bed. She didn't want to take off her many times patched dirty underpants, but he went to the closet and showed her the new underpants, tomorrow you put on a new one, he pointed with his fingers and took off the dirty patched one. She was embarrassed but lay down with him. He didn't care about her face, he didn't care at all if she was pretty. She had a muscular body, firm small breasts like a young girl and a thick bush of dark pubic hair. Her bottom was rather small and he was happy that she had showered in the refugee aid office.

She lay with her back to him, tightened her legs and after a few minutes began to masturbate in the side position. He saw her bulging labia under her butt crack, moving rhythmically as she masturbated. He masturbated at the same time and squirted on her labia shortly after her orgasm. She watched over her shoulder as he masturbated and wrenched her eyes open as he pressed his glans onto her labia and squirted. He took a paper handkerchief, lifted her leg and cleaned her labia. He looked at her cunt, a cute little pussy with barely discernible inner labia and a normal sized clit that seemed to be well exercised. She winced when he rubbed the handkerchief on her clit, so he let it go. He turned out the light.

During the day Marta chattered with Lyuba, went shopping with Juliet and brought red wine and vodka. He went with Marta to buy underwear, a pretty blouse and an unseemly short skirt. Marta cooked together with Juliet and it went very well. Her ass danced under her skirt while she cooked, which made him very horny. After lunch she cleaned the kitchen spotless and went to Lyuba in the living room. There were two news programs in Tartian every afternoon and the women discussed endlessly afterwards. Juliet read in a newspaper magazine and he spent the afternoon with Vanessa's pictures. Juliet and Marta cooked dinner and Marta cleaned the kitchen. Juliet and Lyuba went to sleep and he stayed at the kitchen table with Marta, the red wine and the vodka.

They gestured all evening about his masturbation, she wanted to know everything. Was it masturbating for him as it was for her? Did he squirt every time? Did he do it every night? He nodded when there was none to fuck. He asked why she didn't want to fuck and she answered, big belly and baby. He said that he was already 62 and might not be able to make any more babies. She shook her head vigorously, from semen come babies. He asked if she had not had semen injected into her on the run and she remained silent, confused. She had sometimes pulled their cocks out before squirting, but it didn't always work. She began counting off on her fingers how many men had squirted in her vagina, it was more than 20. She lowered her head and shrugged helplessly. That was just the way it was, but that was only during the escape. They drank a few more glasses and went to the bedroom.

She was lying with her back to him again, she had pulled her legs up and she stuck her ass out a bit. Under her ass fold, her labia wiggled as she masturbated and she watched him masturbate over her shoulder. She pressed her legs together tightly as he pressed his glans between her labia while masturbating. Sighing, her body trembled and twitched in orgasm, her labia softened and he thrust his glans firmly between them. She wrenched her eyes open as he thrust between her labia and squirted into her vagina. Again he cleaned her with the handkerchief and she obediently lifted her leg. He cleaned her thoroughly and rubbed her clit for a moment, then turned out the light.

This was repeated again the next days. He pushed his glans all the way in during her orgasm, she said nothing as he thrust and squirted in her vagina. She patiently let him clean her with the handkerchief and this time he rubbed her clit longer. She sighed and allowed herself to be masturbated without resistance, her orgasm was strong and violent. She looked at him in amazement but said nothing. Also the next night he pushed his cock firmly between her labia and now he fucked her properly in the side doggy position. She stared at him in amazement as he thrust into her in finale and closed her eyes as he squirted in her vagina. She let herself be cleaned and gasped in pleasure as he masturbated her. She looked at him and laughed all over her face.

The following night, his cock thrust directly into her vagina as she began masturbating. He fucked her again in the side doggy position while she was masturbating and squirted just moments after her orgasm. He turned her on her back before cleaning and spread her legs apart, then masturbated her. She smiled all over her face and whispered that was beautiful.

The next night, he turned her on her back early on and spread her legs. She began to masturbate and he bent over her. He penetrated delicately and began to fuck. She remembered the horse servant and stopped masturbating. He fucked her for a long time and she had a small orgasm. He pushed her hard after her orgasm and squirted it all in. He dropped down next to her and felt for her clit. He was still hard and swollen from fucking, he masturbated her very vigorously at the end and let her orgasm violently.

They fucked every night now and she almost always orgasmed before he squirted in. He had as little idea about contraception as Marta did, he didn't even know how many children he had fathered with the Tartanians so far. He squirted into Marta's vagina and didn't worry about contraception. She enjoyed fucking and orgasming because it felt wonderful and liked to be masturbated after fucking. She didn't tell mother Lyuba anything, that was her private matter. It stayed that way until the two left in the third week.

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