Good Times

by Jack Faber © 2022

Some families followed, often staying only a week or two, the women sleeping with their children and hardly any with him. Those who did sleep with him were quick for sex. They grinned mischievously as he explained the situation with Juliet and nodded eagerly. They were from a much younger generation and loved to dance all night, take Ecstasy and fuck at every opportunity. You were only young once, you had to take what you could grab. With a child, married — you had to stick to it! He was very happy, they were between 18 and 30 and they fucked very actively and greedily. Some were quite pretty, their breasts jiggled firmly when they masturbated while fucking. This generation did it that way. But they also liked to let him masturbate them very much.

But if the woman partout did not want to fuck, he invited Geli in the afternoon, she was always happy and provided the friendly sex. She was convinced that he could not impregnate her and no longer whined when he squirted in. She still drew in her breath sharply when he penetrated her tight vagina and also when he thrust hard in the finale and squirted inside her. But she liked it and was overjoyed that he was fucking her.

The clerk Barbara came regularly to fuck. She was very happy that he was also quite relaxed about it and it remained a purely physical affair for them both. She called him, right after the family left, and got him the prettiest. But it was like bewitched for weeks, the pretty mothers lay with him and it was fine for them to sleep naked with him. More than to look at their beautiful bodies full of pleasure was rarely possible. All of them tolerated him caressing their naked bodies, but they categorically refused any attempt on his part, no fucking, no masturbating. Almost all of them gave him a handjob, some masturbated him in their mouths and let him squirt in their throat. At least something.

Then Lin came with her daughters. They were 13‐year‐old twins, Wen and Wei, who crammed languages all day with their mother, Tartian, Mandarin and English. Lin spoke English with him and Juliet. They were purebred Chinese who had lived in Tartania; like Lin, the girls' father was from the city of Guangzhou. Lin had been divorced for years and had worked in Tartian‐Chinese society until the war came. The twins slept on the living room couch, and Lin slept with him. She slept naked in his arms, but she initially did not want sex.

The 30‐year‐old had a slender, boyish body and small, firm breasts. She was very embarrassed when he parted her labia with his fingers. But she finally allowed him to inspect her sex curiously for minutes. He looked at the labia minora, the clit and the hole. The clit was disproportionately large and seemed well‐toned, the hole not very tight, wet and moist. On the perineum he saw a large scar from childbirth. He touched the little hole, but she shook her head vigorously. He knew he had to give her time. In the evening they sat at the kitchen table with red wine and vodka, Lin told him frankly and in great detail her life story and her sex life.

They lived in Guangzhou, she came to Tartania when she was 10 and lived there ever since. Her father was a well‐known scientist who accepted a professorship at the university in Tartania and they stayed there. As a child, she slept between her parents in the marital bed and learned to masturbate from her mother, who masturbated every night before she went to sleep. She had never known her parents to have sex. The mother slept in a short nightgown and masturbated happily every night, even though the daughter was in bed with her. The father never masturbated in the years when Lin lay beside him. He wore striped silk piyamas and when Lin was about 6 or 7, she curiously explored her father's body. While bathing on weekends, she was sometimes allowed to touch his cock and gently pull back the foreskin to look at the pink glans. But, Lin said, she had never masturbated him, because she had known nothing about it at the time.

Her father liked it best when she pressed her naked body against his back and bottom while she was masturbating. His hand rested on her pubic and he followed her masturbating with horny interest. She grew older and reached her hand under his piyama pants. His soft cock stiffened and she held it tightly while masturbating. She held it tightly and sometimes he moved his cock in her hand up and down and then squirted. He had explained to her exactly how it all worked. She had figured out that if she squeezed the cock really hard several times, she would make him squirt. She squeezed and then rubbed his cock until he squirted. He would put his hand on hers when he didn't want to squirt. The mother grinned wryly when the young girl made the father squirt every night. Neither she nor the father made any remark about it; it seemed quite normal for the daughter to make the father squirt. Lin let the father squirt every night until she was 16 and slept with her parents in the marital bed, then she got her own room.

Lin drank red wine and vodka like most Tartan girls, but she never drank too much. She lay in bed with her back to him, she held his hand tightly when he reached the black bush of her pubic hair. She held his hand tightly and she did so throughout the night. He could feel her sexual tension, but she held out ironclad. She did not object to him masturbating as an alternative to fucking. He masturbated and squirted on her butt cheeks, Lin was fine with that. Juliet was sound asleep, he had no desire to fuck her. Lin put her hand on his cock when he squirted, but she did not become active on the first days. She stroked his softening cock very lightly until they fell asleep. He just had to give her time, they would fuck later for sure, he was convinced.

Lin told little about her marriage. He was her first and only husband, wanted sex only on Sunday morning and silently accepted Lin masturbating every night. He was not good in bed and she was deeply disappointed because he was as disinterested as her father. She had grown up in Tartania and was Tartanian in heart and soul, he was Chinese in attitude and they fell out over that. The divorce was unspectacular, they worked in the same company and continued to have sex after the divorce, always on Sunday mornings. The twins knew not to disturb their parents while they were fucking. Lin was sure the girls were watching through a crack in the door, but she said nothing. Lin clung to him with her feelings, even though she loathed his political views. He had deflowered her when she was 16 and that tied her to him, even though he really wasn't good in bed. He had a small, boyish penis, didn't masturbate and she had to rub his cock with her hand during fucking to make him squirt. He could just squirt when she rubbed his cock, which was stuck in her vagina, with her hand. She had tried all kinds of positions and postures and found that she could only make him squirt by rubbing him. It was exasperating. When the company closed during the war, she decided to escape.

As Jack did every evening, he inspected Lin's cunt, throbbing the clit stiff. He touched it and she sighed deeply. He rubbed the clit very gently and felt her growing arousal. She did not stop him as he masturbated her. Her clit came stiffly to meet him and she pressed it willingly against his finger, her little hole was swollen and soon so wet and moist that it dripped. Before she came to orgasm, she held out her arms invitingly. He penetrated carefully and gently, she kept her eyes closed and sighed deeply. His cock slid effortlessly into the wet, swollen hole. They fucked slowly and deliberately, Lin smiling and beaming at him. He was in the final and she pressed him against her, he thrust and squirted inside with relief. She masturbated her clit for a moment and orgasmed just a moment after him. He dropped down next to her and they caught their breath. That was very fine, she whispered, looking at him from the side. He nodded, it was wonderful and very nice, he couldn't think of anything better. You are only my second husband, she whispered, and much better than the first!

Lin seemed unsure at first if she wanted to keep fucking the old man. He took good care of her and the twins, and it was to a good extent an expression of her gratitude that she let him fuck her. But it was also something completely new for her. She only knew the kind of fucking she had experienced with her husband. Jack showed her something completely different, a fucking like her friends told her. A fucking that excited her to the point of orgasm. A cock bigger than the Chinese man's and sturdy. Jack nor she didn't need to rub it, it squirted on its own. And he was visibly pleased when she triggered her own orgasm after his squirting. He asked if the twins were masturbating yet, but she didn't know. She thought, however, that they were not yet masturbating. He stroked her very gently as she masturbated again, then she fell asleep.

Their onward journey to England was delayed without end. In the fifth week he phoned Barbara, and she found out that the Chinese had crossed with the English. Lin was furious, this could only come from her ex‐husband! She called him several times and afterwards, grinning, told Jack that she had taught her ex‐husband some new vocabulary from the bottom drawer of the Guangzhou underworld. She had banished the twins to the kitchen; these parents' conversations were not for their ears!

Wen grinned insolently and Wei made a V with her index and middle fingers, which she placed on the kitchen table, and at the bottom of the V she indicated masturbating with one finger. He nodded, yes, that's what he meant, that's what he was asking about. The girls looked at each other and blushed. He had to swear not to tell Lin, and they said quietly, for many years, they had been doing it secretly. They had learned it watching Lin after the Sunday morning fuck. No, they usually each did it for themselves and kept it very very secret. In return, they wanted to know if he and Lin...? He nodded in the affirmative, yes, your mother likes it very much and he didn't force her to do anything. I think your mother likes to be fucked very much. The girls almost choked with giggles of embarrassed laughter when he said to be fucked . He smirked because all the girls at that age thought the word alone was horny. He had to swear a thousand oaths again and the girls told him all their secrets. He put a finger on his mouth again, he would not tell anything! Never!

Six weeks passed, seven. He was fine with it, of course, because Lin was wonderful in bed. From him she could have stayed for months or years, they fucked every night happily and without complications. She had practically no regular menstruation and was sure she would have no more children. Juliet slept deeply and never disturbed her, even when they were doing it wildly. Lin had discovered it herself to get him hard again with her mouth and tongue, because the second time lasted long enough that she had an orgasm while fucking. This was quite new to her and very, very satisfying. She claimed such an orgasm was better than anything she could achieve with her fingers. He was fine with that, even though he realized with increasing panic that he was already 62. He just about managed the second time, and was considerably sore the next day.

Lin, on the contrary, was super on the other day and developed energies, screaming at her ex‐husband on the phone and getting on the nerves of the English authorities. He, on the other hand, was slouching at the kitchen table, listening to the twins study and being whispered the latest from the child sexuality front. When Lin went shopping with Juliet, one or the other would show him how to masturbate, quite secretly. He grinned broadly, even forgetting about the sore muscles. Wen and Wei masturbated quite differently.

Wei pulled her legs up onto her seat, the skirt sliding up to reveal her panties. She pulled the panties aside and stroked her fleshy labia. The tiny clit was barely visible, she rubbed quickly and firmly until she orgasmed. Wen removed her panties before putting her legs up on the chair. She had a similar sex to Lin, her clit was also comparatively large and prominent like Lin's clit. She started very slowly and increased the pace until orgasm. She continued to rub slowly after orgasm until the clit softened again. The girls' orgasm was totally silent and shook the little girls' bodies, they looked rapturously suffering in his face just before the orgasm and beamed proudly all over their faces when it was over. The twins were very adept at hiding their secrecy from Lin, never arousing her suspicions. He never touched the girls, it never occurred to him. The girls masturbated almost every afternoon and let him watch, they grinned mischievously and got a horny kick out of it.

Lin and the girls got their English immigration papers in the tenth week. He drove them to the train station and kissed Lin crying, she returned his French kiss in tears. He was still crying when he kissed the twins intimately on the top of their heads. He nervously checked that Lin had noted the train numbers and change times correctly and had his entry fee well stowed in her purse. He remained standing on the platform until the train left. He was still crying as he sat in the car.


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