Happy And Wicked Times

by Jack Faber © 2022

Barbara, the case worker at the refugee's office sent him two sisters, Tatyana and Nika and her son Alexei. He was 12, his mother Nika 38 and Tatyana 41. They came by cab and he quickly complimented Geli out. The sisters helped him prepare snacks and they told about their lives, the war and the escape. They were native Reussians, but the war of President Ivan Romanoff, the destroyer of Tartania, had led them to think of themselves as Tartanians. They detested Romanoff, who destroyed the land of his birth if only he could not incorporate it into his Great Russian Empire. Jack learned that Ivan Romanoff's original name was Sergei Pondarchuk and he was born in Tartania, he had Romanoff named after the Tsar's family, and Ivan was to remind them of Tsar Ivan the Terrible, whom he greatly admired. It was a very complicated political discussion and Jack soon realized how much the ordinary Russians were misled by the president's propaganda. Like everywhere else in the world, they were a good people, but totally misguided. It was a paradox that the sisters felt they were Tartanians and at the same time sympathetic to the Russians.

Nika was educated, she worked as a journalist and conducted the debate in English. Tatyana, on the other hand, was a school dropout who couldn't get her life together; she kept her head above water with odd jobs. She kept quiet most of the time and listened, her English skills were modest. Jack observed both women. They were slightly taller than the Tartan women he had met so far, slim and with good figures, with nice breasts. They had short‐cropped hair and Nordic‐looking features. But in temperament they were completely different, Tatyana harsh and haggard, Nika optimistic and cheerful. Alexei was reading a thick book, but Jack could not read the Tartian characters. It's Science fiction, Nika said with a smile.

After dinner, the two women and Jack sat at the kitchen table and drank red wine, and the sisters drank a lot, too. Alexei lay down on the bed and read, Juliet had swallowed the sleeping pill and went to sleep. Jack drank less than the women, he carefully eavesdropped on them. Tatyana didn't think much of relationships, she had been through a few and couldn't keep a man. She gave the impression of not thinking much of sex. The last years were marked by short relationships and one night stands, she had no hope to find a husband anymore.

Nika told little about Alexei's father, they had separated after a year and the father had no relationship with his son. Nika's attempts to bring the two together failed. Alexei, meanwhile, had little interest in seeing his father. Nika had a busy and colorful sex life. She had herself injected with a contraceptive and wanted to keep it up until the right man came along. She had very frequent one night stands, some of which turned into relationships. She grinned cheekily as she admitted that she had only orgasmed with Alexei's father. That seemed really important to her, because doing it with her finger was only enough for children or young girls, in her opinion. He got bogged down in a discussion with Nika, because he had very different experiences there. She would not be dissuaded from her hard conservative opinion.

They rose, Nika slept with her son, Tatyana followed him into the bedroom. He undressed and looked at her from the bed. Tatjana undressed slowly, the bra had pretended more breast than was really there. It did not bother him that the breasts were neither firm nor large. Her figure was slim and quite appetizing. She looked at him, his naked body and his gradually stiffening cock. She hesitated only briefly, then took off her panties. She had dark, short trimmed pubic hair and a large dark slit. Dark, almost black labia hung out about five inches. The fold of skin that hid the clit was also dark and prominent. She came to the bed and lay down beside him. She looked questioningly at the sleeping Juliet and he explained the situation to her. She grabbed his cock and pulled back the foreskin a few times, but he said he didn't want a handjob.

He grabbed her clit, it was still very soft under the fold of skin. She tightened her legs and unfolded them. "So," she sighed unhappily, "now I'm paying for the stay!" He was stunned. She was telling the truth, but it sounded very hurtful. He pinched his lips together and felt her dry cunt. She said nothing and the silence lasted for minutes. Her vagina remained completely dry, although he felt how hard and stiff the clit was by now. He palpated her little hole, which was quite large and dark. He knelt down between her legs. He looked into her eyes, searching for some emotion, whether she wanted it or not, but she just glared at him. She looked at him rigidly and emotionlessly as he moistened his cock with saliva.

Determined he penetrated her vagina, she closed her eyes briefly and sighed Aaah! then continued to gaze at him. She made no effort to actively move and fuck along, she lay motionless and let him do it. After a short while he had the impression that she was having an orgasm, but she showed no emotion at all, although the orgasming continued until the end. She gasped and groaned softly, with all her might she suppressed the signs of her orgasm. She orgasmed for close to ten minutes, he saw it exactly and thrust wildly and hard. Her prolonged orgasm was made more intense by his thrusting. She clawed her fingers into his back and stared at him with her eyes wide open. He had never seen such a strange orgasm. He felt the tightening of her vagina, she sighed in a long breath and did not let go of him. He thrust hard and energetically and squirted into her. He lay down beside her, exhausted, and immediately reached for her clit.

She was frozen and allowed him to masturbate her without resistance for as long as her orgasm lasted twitching. Her abdomen tightened again and again in a fat orgasm and she expelled the air noisily. He had never experienced such a thrilling succession of orgasms. She could no longer control herself, clinging to his arm with both hands and gasping with each orgasm. After a while, she held his hand tightly and her breathing calmed down. She shook her head decisively and said, "No, it's over! Mind and body think differently!" She looked at him with a contemptuous look and demonstratively closed her legs. Jack was very disappointed and turned off the light.

At breakfast Tatyana avoided his gaze. At noon Juliet went shopping with the women, he sat at the kitchen table and let Alexei explain the story he was reading. The boy already spoke a little English and made an effort to tell him the futuristic story. After lunch, he read the newspaper, Alexei his book, and the sisters discussed in the back of the living room in Tartian or Russian. Perhaps they were arguing, too; Alexei, blushing, put up his ears and grinned insolently. "They talk about sex," the lad grinned, "all about sex!" He delved into his book as the sisters quieted down.

After dinner Juliet and the boy went to their beds, he stayed sitting with the sisters and the red wine. The sisters also drank the red wine with enthusiasm, he drank very little. An interesting conversation ensued, the women wanted to know everything he knew about Germany. Nika had an interview in three weeks with a large publishing house in Frankfurt, which was looking for a Russian‐speaking journalist. The publishing house was very interested because she was fluent in both languages and also spoke good English. Knowledge of German was not so important. He had worked in Berlin for several months and liked to talk about that time.

When the red wine was over, they went to sleep. Tatyana, to his astonishment, went into the living room to Alexei, Nika followed him into the bedroom. He closed the door and took off his shirt, by then Nika was already naked on the bed and broad smiling. He quickly undressed and went to the bed. She stroked his erect cock briefly and said kindly, Well, come on! She put her legs up and folded them apart, he knelt between her thighs and looked at her. Her body was slim like Tatiana's, but her breasts were more beautiful, large and firm. She had completely shaved off her pubic hair, her cleft was large and dark. Her large labia were also dark and hung down softly. He had never seen such large little labia before, they hung out several inches and looked thin and crescent shaped. She pulled back the dark foreskin over the clit with her hand and he saw the pink clit and the light pink nodule. She teased the clit a bit and looked at him calculatingly. The little labia hanging out trembled slightly, the clit was firm and stiff, her hole gleamed wet and moist in the bright light. He embraced her and kissed her neck, her lips. She returned his French kiss and his erection swelled to bursting.

After many French kisses, he looked into her eyes and she whispered, Okay, come! Her fingers guided his cock into her vagina. The vagina was soft and not very tight, she grabbed onto his butt cheeks and pulled him inside her. He fucked thoughtfully and she actively joined in, her hands on his butt cheeks controlling his pace. It took a very long time and she was breathing fast and excited. He couldn't hold it back anymore and squirted into her vagina, she pressed him tightly on his butt cheeks and masturbated her clit very fast, for a few seconds. He felt her orgasm with his cock and she held onto him as her body twitched and undulated. When she was done, he slid to the side and put his fingers on her clit.

Her breathing calmed and they conversed in whispers. I almost orgasmed, she said, it was only a few seconds away. He nodded and said it had been good that she had satisfied herself at the end, he liked that a lot. He stroked her clit and she whispered that Tatyana was a silly goose, she had told her everything. Tatyana had probably insulted him because she felt like a whore and thought he was demanding payment. He was silent for a moment and asked how she thought about it? Nika said that it was natural for men to want to squirt. She and Tatyana had not known before that Juliet did not want to fuck, they had rather believed that he would fuck Juliet and not them. He smiled, you would have been lying quietly by while I fucked Juliet? She smiled and nodded, yes of course, we pretty much saw all the variations on the run and we both suspected you would fuck Juliet. She grinned with a cheeky look at him, I was really looking forward to seeing you fuck the unconscious Juliet! They laughed at the top of their lungs.

He gently questioned her about her sexual habits. She candidly told that she masturbated daily since childhood and usually right after fucking. She had very many one night stands and liked to fuck insanely. Only the father Alexeis had fucked her to orgasm every time, but he also wanted to watch her masturbate after fucking. I guess all men are keen on that, she giggled laughing. He nodded that was probably really so. He felt that her clit had become quite stiff again and asked if he could? She spread her thighs with a smile and he masturbated her. She bit his chest lightly to keep from crying out in orgasm. He continued to stroke her gently and tenderly until the orgasm had subsided. She whispered that it was very very fine and that he was very skilled. They whispered for a while longer, then he turned out the light.

For three weeks Nika was a wonderful and active lover. A few times he managed to fuck her to orgasm, but it was terribly exhausting. She liked to let him masturbate her and often masturbated herself. She really enjoyed sex, for sure.

He smiled away the tension to Tatyana, her behavior quickly returning to normal. She apologized and said that she completely misunderstood the situation and that's why she treated him so abominably and rejected him. She now saw the situation differently and Nika had helped her change her mind. She whispered that she actually wanted to fuck him quite a bit, really fuck him. He nodded in agreement and smiled at her.

Nika smiled knowingly as they disappeared into the bedroom and went shopping with Juliet so they could fuck undisturbed. They fucked in the afternoons and Tatjana orgasmed much easier than Nika. Tatjana held her orgasm until he squirted inside. She was a changed woman, she fucked almost as well as Nika and let him watch her masturbate. She masturbated very differently than Nika, staying at the climax for several minutes and prolonging the orgasm as long as she could. She told that she also masturbated since early childhood, but not as often as Nika, who masturbated very often when she was young, three or four times a day, herself only two or three times a week. She usually did not masturbate in front of men when she had a one night stand. But at night Nika always lay with him and laughed quietly, I am the contrast program to Tatjana!

He drove with Alexei from bookstore to bookstore, but they found only one that carried books in Tartan. He bought six books for the boy, who stammered his thanks. He could sink further into the depths of space adventures and forget about the real war. The boy asked him on the way home why the Terrible Ivan was waging the war, but Jack couldn't explain it to him, he didn't know himself. The boy nodded unhappily, that's what everyone said.

Immediately after Tatyana, Nika and Alexei left for Germany, the case worker assigned the next refugees to him. Anna, 56, and her grandson Karel, 13. Anna spoke German quite well; her German father had stayed in Tartania after the war and she was his youngest child. She immediately agreed when Juliet suggested she sleep with her. Karel was old enough to sleep alone on the living room couch, Anna said. His parents had urged him and Anna to flee to the West because he was not allowed to leave as a conscript and they both, Karel's father and mother, wanted to join the resistance together. At dinner, Anna and Karel talked about their adventurous escape, Anna spoke good German, Karel a little English. Juliet took her sleeping pill and went to sleep, Karel retreated to the living room to watch TV and then sleep.

Anna and Jack drank red wine at the kitchen table, he listened to her life story. She had lived all her life in the small village far from the capital, she had attended school for only a few years and after that she had taken care of her father until his death. She was a small, roundish woman from the countryside, she had a good, kind face, which was crisscrossed with quite natural wrinkles. From glass to glass the red wine loosened Anna's tongue, she soon confided her secrets to him. She lived with her father all her life, remained quite uneducated and had never worked, she managed the household and slept naked in his bed all those years. Her father never urged her to continue her formal education, he had a very good pension and a little savings, it was enough for a good life in the country. But she had read all the books in his library.

She slept with anyone she liked from a young age. Jack poured red wine and questioned her carefully. Yes, she loved to fuck for a living and her father didn't hold her back. She took after her mother, who also had many lovers. The father left the bank and the city after her death and moved to the village with his youngest daughter, Anna. They slept naked in his bed and she was used to her father masturbating every night from early childhood. He would press her against his body while masturbating and stroke her childish cleft with his cock until he squirted. She was allowed to hold his cock in her hand after he squirted, as long as she was a small child and curious. She was allowed to hold the wet, hard cock in her little hand and also rub it very gently until it miraculously became very soft and cuddly again.

She was 11 and learned to give him a hand job in the first few months and did it to him every night. She would sit on the bed next to him with her legs straddled and rub his cock. She made sure to rub with the right speed and firmness. She had to smile every time he spurted straight up in the air and his seed slapped her legs. He sighed in pleasure and she continued to rub him until his cock became quite soft. Then he rubbed her little hole very finely, stopping only when she began to tremble. He had never tried to fuck his daughter. He had only fucked her mother in his entire life and didn't want to fuck anyone else after she had died.

He didn't mind that she had many love affairs and encouraged her to take a husband, but nothing came of it. She fell in love a thousand times and fucked everyone, but she didn't go any further. As she grew older, she took money or gifts from her lovers. No, she wasn't a whore, that was important to her, she told Jack. Her father had finished his fourth book and died ten years ago, she had been taking care of the older men and widowers in the surrounding villages for the past few years. She was a social worker who also fucked with the men as a matter of care. She ran errands, shopped and cooked for the old men. She rode them until they squirted or did handjobs for them when they didn't want to be fucked. She was well liked by everyone and only left the village after the last old Person had been evacuated.

Anna was swaying a bit from the red wine when they went to bed. He explained the situation with Juliet to her. She grinned as she lay naked with him. She hadn't had a man in three months, since they had fled, she said, stroking his erect cock. Jack looked at her body. She was plump, her fat breasts hanging down heavily. She had flab everywhere, her pubic hair forming a small black bush. One large labia peeked out from her bulging labia, the other was normal size and hidden. Her hole was large and wet, he could not detect her clit. She stroked her cunt with pleasure and asked with a friendly grin if he wanted to fuck her. Jack nodded, he was curious about the strange village whore.

His cock slid easily into her vagina and she giggled softly, mmmh! that feels good! They fucked slowly and deliberately, she radiated kindness and lust and fucked a little bit. She became very aroused and shook violently as he squirted. She beamed at him and squeezed him trembling until he finished squirting. She pulled his cock out and rubbed it very hard, the last drops dripping onto her labia and she continued rubbing, drop by drop she confirmed murmuring, "there you go!" She nodded in satisfaction as his cock softened. It was a good fucking that made him fall to the side exhausted.

His fingers automatically sought her clit. He found it, hidden deep in her flabbing flesh. She was initially creeped out when he masturbated her, but she became visibly aroused, trembling incessantly, and after being masturbated for a long time, she had a huge orgasm that took her completely by surprise. Her body twitched and swayed, her legs wriggled uncontrollably. She gradually calmed down.

She was completely surprised and very excited. He explained to her that this was completely normal, just an orgasm. She stared at him big with questioning eyes. He said some women get orgasm during a particularly good fuck, but mostly during masturbation. She said she had never heard of orgasm or masturbating. It seemed to him that she was telling the truth. She didn't know that, she whispered, she had never heard of that, she had never felt that! He questioned her thoroughly, for God's sake this could not be true! She had never masturbated, she had never been masturbated, she claimed seriously. When she was young, she had that trembling feeling when fucking a few times when she was very much in love, but only a few times and she was happy with that. No, she had never rubbed herself, ever. Jack questioned her in depth, but she had never rubbed herself. Dad sometimes rubbed down there when she gave him a hand job, but never continued when she started to shake.

Anna sighed and told him her father's last secret as well. An older girl in the village had explained the fucking to her in great detail and also said that it hurt a little the first time, but that was normal. She had fucked him for the first time at 14 and deflowered herself. The father held her tightly in his arms afterwards and whispered reassuringly that she was a woman now and that fucking would never hurt her again. He called her his little wife from then on and loved her with all his heart. She mustn't fuck him, he whispered insistently, but she was stubborn and kept doing it, even though he was embarrassed at first. Jack grinned, for he could well imagine the father's distress. When his father rubbed her clit for a long time, she always got very horny. She had then sat on his cock and fucked him, but he initially didn't want to fuck her. Of course, she had fucked him until he had to squirt, but he didn't want it and scolded her at first. No, Anna said emphatically, he had never fucked her, only she had fucked him, only her! For the next 30 years she fucked him sometimes every day, as often as she could give him an erection. Her other lovers were never important, she loved her father with all her heart and slept with him every night. She had a son Yevgeny, whom she raised together with her father. He was a good child and became a teacher, got married and had Karel. Of course, when Yevgeny hit puberty, he heard them fucking every night. She, of course, tried to explain it to the distraught boy and it took him a while to understand. He believed her when she assured him that his biological father had been a chance acquaintance who was long gone, the good‐for‐nothing. But she generally avoided the subject, for she herself firmly believed that her father was the father of her child. "Oh!" said Jack, and fell silent.

She fucked the father at least four times a week and made him cum inside because she got bored with the handjob. She much preferred to ride him, shaking and making him cum inside, that was her thing. Dad soon stopped complaining, he looked forward to it every time and hugged her when he had an erection or a desire to get fucked. She would expertly make his cock stiff, then mount him, insert his cock into her vagina, and start riding. As the years went by, it took longer and longer for him to squirt in, but that was just fine with her. She loved the arousal and the beautiful tremors when she fucked him and let him squirt in while she shuddered with pleasure and for a long time. Jack said that the trembling was a good omen for orgasm and she looked at him in wonder.

Father had a very close, physical bond with his youngest daughter from the beginning. The child slept with him since the mother was very ill in the hospital and later died. He masturbated every night and did not hide it from his child. When she was about 10 years old, he bought the house in the village and left work and the city. Of course he liked it when his 11 year old gave him a handjob, he returned the favor and rubbed her clit until she trembled. At 14 it was no longer enough for her, her urges awoke with power and one day she fucked him. She gasped with horniness and clumsily stuffed his cock into her vagina. A little scream as she deflowered herself. She rode him hastily and clumsily, he squirted into her vagina for the first time and held her in his arms for a very long time afterwards. He was tempted to fuck her, but he had promised his wife. The thought of incest bothered him only briefly, he taught Anna to ride him properly. At 14 and 15, her urges burst forth fully, she fucked him several times a day, until she got the beautiful tremors. For thirty years she was his little wife, his alone. She fucked hundreds of times with others out of curiosity, but it never became serious. Until the end, she lay in his bed and let him cum inside in a caring way. Even the night before he died, she rode him until her whole body shook and quivered. She then rubbed his cock until he squirted a few droplets and rubbed him as usual until his cock softened. He knew it was her last time and hugged her lovingly. My dearest, dearest little wife, he whispered and fell asleep.

On the following evenings, Jack taught Anna how to masturbate. She did it every time after fucking and was thrilled. She didn't like the missionary position so much and much preferred to ride him. Jack clicked his tongue because she was really good at that. She was far more athletic than he would have guessed with her curves and she had a good technique for riding his cock. She shivered on the finale and made him squirt quite wonderfully. She slid down a bit after he squirted and rubbed his cock. It looked like she was rubbing her cock like a man, vigorously, until every last drop squirted out and his cock softened. She did that every time and grinned in high satisfaction.

Anna stayed with her grandson for three weeks, phoning her son or daughter‐in‐law every other day and letting Karel talk to his parents. He told about the books he had bought together with Jack. Of course, the silly guy said that grandma was sleeping in bed with the host. The parents fell awkwardly silent and quickly changed the subject. Anna grinned and told Jack they would probably survive their shock.

The case worker in the refugee's office had obviously grown fond of him since he had thanked her with a giant box of chocolates and called. She was finally going to make the house call that was long overdue. Juliet and he were expecting her late in the morning with coffee and cake. Her name was Barbara Something and she wasn't quite as fat as Geli, but she too had big breasts and a huge ass. He guessed her to be in her mid‐40s; she was 43, he later learned. He had told Juliet she had to behave well, the woman was coming as an official to meet them both. Juliet behaved, they drank coffee and ate cake. The small talk went quite well, Barbara still wanted to see the apartment. He got up and showed her the rooms, bathroom and toilet, the living room and the wide living room couch, two can sleep there or a mother with the children. They came to the bedroom. She was surprised how big the bed was and pressed the mattress. Is it comfortable? she asked teasingly and he flirted back, we can try that right now! She stood in front of him, he knew it from the beginning, but he let her do it.

She fell around his neck without foreplay, they kissed without mincing words and the French kiss got her blood pumping. She glanced uncertainly at the door and he reassured her, Juliet was reading a magazine in the kitchen and never came into the bedroom during the day. My kingdom! They undressed in a flash and lay down in bed. He looked at her body. She was not unlike Gelis, the bosom large and soft. Her thighs and ass smaller than Geli's, but still a huge ass. Her pubic was freshly clean‐shaven, her cleft long and pink, clit and inner labia were not visible. So, do you like what you see? she asked and he smiled. All matching the beautiful phone voice, he returned, do you see what you expect? She was suddenly all serious and patted her palm on the sheet beside her. "Here, my dear, here!" He laughed and lay down with her. Condom? she asked and he shook his head, I'm too old for that at 62.

He knelt between her legs, which she willingly unfolded. He saw between her thick thighs her tiny hole and clit, which was not particularly large. He leaned forward and kissed her. You have to help me, he whispered, and she steered his cock to her vaginal entrance with her hand. He penetrated with her help, the vagina was very very tight but finely warm and moist. She kept her hand on her pussy as he thrust slowly at first, then faster and faster. Her breathing quickened, she fucked much more actively than Geli, increasing her arousal. He felt her rising arousal and then it was time. She rubbed the clit only two‐three times and triggered her orgasm. He thrust very quickly and firmly into her orgasm and squirted at the same time. Her abdomen tensed and undulated as he squirted and squirted and squirted. He let himself fall to the side. They lay side by side for a few moments breathing heavily and Jack quipped, "house call successful?" She laughed and her whole body laughed along with her. Sorry, but I needed it real bad, she whispered and he fell silent. They got dressed again and she asked if she should come back and he nodded, yes, that would be nice. They agreed that she would come and visit him when the refugees moved on, it would be inconspicuous. After she left, it only occurred to him that Barbara had not asked if he was fucking the refugees. She actually came after the refugees left and they fucked happily and without complication. Barbara had a lot to do and little time to look for lovers. She told that she was increasingly too tired to masturbate in the evenings and it was very unsatisfying. She formerly used to masturbate every night when she didn't have a lover.

Now, after they had fucked happily, Barbara assigned him the prettiest women with a wink. Irina was in her early thirties, her son Pawl 14, and both were tall and slim. Irina was a dressmaker and, like Pawl, spoke English quite well. She would sleep with her son on the living room couch, she said firmly, and helped him wash the dishes after dinner. Pawl went to bed right after dinner and watched TV. Juliet had swallowed her sleeping pill and went to bed as well. He sat with Irina at the kitchen table and she talked about how they had lived in Tartania and about the escape.

She was a simple, little educated woman, she had a slim, pretty figure that made her breasts appear larger than they were. He was very excited by what her cleavage and short summer dress revealed. She didn't notice his gaze along her inner thighs or didn't care, he at least was pleased. She greedily sipped the red wine and after a while looked at him if he had nothing stronger? He answered in the negative and she took out a half‐full bottle from her luggage in the living room. Vodka, she said with a grin, Prussian vodka! The only good thing the Russians had produced. She evaded all his questions about sexuality, Pawl's father had left her years ago and she had no other sexual partner. That was all she gave away of herself, period.

In the bunker during the war and on the run she had of course witnessed a lot of the sexuality of her fellow people, it was fascinating and revolting at the same time. She had closed her eyes, she didn't want to witness it all. Pawl, however, tore his eyes open, the fucking all around spoiled her innocent son, she said sighing. He has been watching porn on his cell phone ever since, she lamented, thus closing this chapter. She recounted with repulsive fascination how fellow sufferers fucked in public in the bunker, gave blowjobs to complete strangers or masturbated in front of everyone. She was horrified when women made their most private, their most secretive things in public. He listened in silence, for he did not share her disgust. It got late, they went to sleep. Jack fucked the sleeping Juliet, who only grunted and farted afterwards.

Another day, while shopping, he did not forget to get enough red wine and two bottles of Russian vodka. So in the evening they sat at the kitchen table, red wine and vodka in front of them. It had made her feel friendly how generously he had procured the vodka. She was soon in a great mood and went a little out of herself. She didn't know when Pawl started masturbating, but in the bunker he masturbated very often and didn't hide it, everyone was having sex in public. She could not stop him, no matter what she said. In the different bunkers at night he would press himself against her body from behind while masturbating. Only in the darkness did she allow him to press against her while masturbating, but as long as there was still a light on, she rejected him. Only when it was completely dark could he take liberties. She scolded him vigorously, but very quietly, when he pulled down her panties every night and thrust his cock between her buttocks while masturbating. She didn't care that he darted back and forth and squirted in her butt crack. She pressed her legs together, protecting her vagina.

He soon tried more, he tried to fuck her in the ass, but there she resisted quite firmly. A few times they had seen women getting fucked in the ass in the various shelters, but she found that disgusting and Pawl knew it too, but he tried it anyway and got a slap in the face every time. He kept fucking her butt crack and squirting. He tried to reach her vagina while fucking in her butt crack, he forcibly lifted her leg and squeezed her butt cheeks apart. She could no longer protect her vagina this way. He was unstoppable, thrusting his glans into her vagina from behind, fucking relentlessly and squirting. Her protests bounced off, he masturbated several times in the evening, fucked and squirted from behind into her vagina at the end. This went on for weeks. Jack asked if she had orgasms then, but she shook her head. Only when he had finished squirting and her clit was aroused and stiff did she do it herself, very secretly. Irina looked at Jack from below and swallowed the vodka. He didn't believe everything she said and continued to specifically eavesdrop on her. At the very end she admitted that for some time she had been lifting her leg herself and letting him penetrate her from behind. She didn't resist anymore, the war and the life in the bunker had spoiled them all once and for all. The boy fucked two or three times a day in the darkness and squirted into her vagina, she pressed her hand protectively on her clit and when she was very excited she quickly triggered the orgasm with her fingers. A hundred times he squirted inside me, the bastard! Irina was silent for a long time and Jack looked at her silently. He believed her now.

She grabbed his hand as she told him that Pawl had taken advantage of her drunkenness last night, he had taken all of her panties off and sat on top of her to masturbate. He had masturbated sitting on top of her and stopped in the middle. She squeezed Jack's hand seeking help, Pawl knelt between her legs and forcibly spread them apart. He thrust in and fucked her properly, face to face for the first time. She squeezed Jack's hand and stammered that he had cum quickly and continued right away! She cried softly, then said she was very drunk and quickly got a violent orgasm! I could not do anything, I had an orgasm, Irina said sobbing loudly. She was still dazed from the orgasm and he just kept fucking. She orgasmed again as he squirted in her vagina and let go of her, his cock softening. She cried until she fell asleep. She cried some more and Jack murmured soothingly that it was nice to have an orgasm while being fucked! She stopped crying and nodded unhappily, but not like that! She drank her vodka furiously and told him the episode with all the details at least three times. She described the fucking, the squirting and the orgasms in such detail that he saw it quite clearly in front of him. They got up and he hugged and kissed her on the mouth for a long time before they went to sleep. Jack understood that in her drunkenness she could not offer enough resistance. But her orgasm meant that her body was enjoying fucking, and that pleased him.

The next night she was very excited as the red wine and vodka loosened her tongue. Pawl had gone too far again this time, despite all her protests. He had again taken her panties right off and masturbated. He pulled her labia completely apart with his fingers, pressed his glans into her vaginal entrance and let his semen squirt into her vagina despite her protests. The second time he masturbated, he penetrated her squirting, thrusting and spurting inside her vagina. She had slapped his face and cried. But he wasn't done yet, his cock was still hard and stiff. He pressed her down and fucked for a very long time, she orgasmed again long before he squirted. Dazed by the orgasm she let him continue fucking her and let him squirt. She slapped him furiously after he squirted and pushed him off the couch. He soon came back to bed, however, and she fell asleep, angry and furious.

She was also crying softly now, holding Jack's hand, what am I going to do, Jack, what am I going to do? He squirted into me like a man, she kept repeating crying, what am I going to do? Jack said quietly that if she didn't want the incest, she could give him a hand job, that wasn't incest and many mothers did it. She didn't know the word and he explained it to her. Irina stopped crying, make him squirt with her hand! She nodded, all right, she would do that, with the handjob she could satisfy his urge. No incest, she slurred with drunken seriousness. I don't want him to cum inside me like a man! She smiled drunkenly and happily as they went to sleep.

The next morning he immediately noticed the crackling tension between mother and son. Pawl crammed English all day and hid behind the books. Jack accompanied Juliet and Irina to the grocery store. In the afternoons they sat at the kitchen table and he listened with half an ear. Juliet explained to Irina that she didn't want to fuck Jack anymore and preferred to do it with women. Irina quickly withdrew her hand and said that wouldn't be natural, two women. She had heard about it, but had never tried it and didn't want to. Juliet laughed, women can do it better than a man!

After dinner, he and Irina sat at the kitchen table. She first needed a lot of red wine and vodka to tell. Pavl had taken off her underpants of course immediately and felt horny her naked body, the breasts and her cunt. She let him do it and he became quite horny. She grabbed his erect cock and gave him a handjob, just as she had seen him do. She let his semen splash onto the sheet, but his erection continued. Then he pushed me down and fucked me three times, squirting into me three times until his cock finally softened. Irina cried softly and held Jack's hand tightly.

I was shocked and horrified, he didn't release me after he squirted and kept his stiff cock inside me before he fucked right away. He brought me to orgasm the first time before he squirted. I was completely surprised and he left his hard‐on stuck in me. He fucked again and brought me again to orgasm, squirted the second time violently in me and made a small break. His cock still remained stiff and stuck in me. The third time I fucked it took so long that I orgasmed twice! She was very ashamed that she got an orgasm every time while fucking, but Jack comforted her that it was normal. He squirted three times in a row, she complained. He comforted her as best he could and then asked if she really didn't want the incest? She denied in horror, saying it was not normal and forbidden, everyone knew that. She cried and sobbed, she had only had intercourse with Pawl's father and had not had a man in over 12 years, and now him! Her own son!

Jack let her cry and comforted her as best he could. If she didn't want to lie with Pawl because she didn't want to, she could lie with him and Juliet. She asked if he was still fucking Juliet and he answered, yes, but Juliet didn't like it at all. Irina thought for a long time and he asked if she minded if he didn't fuck his wife? She looked at him from the side. Of course not, she said with a heavy tongue, that was quite normal between married couples. This time she followed him into the bedroom. They undressed, but she kept her underpants on. He looked at her, she really had a good figure and nice firm breasts. With those well grown legs she could have been a model. His cock had become stiff looking at the beautiful body and she looked curiously at his erection. She stayed on her stomach and watched with drunken swimming eyes as he fucked Juliet. He noticed, of course, that Irina was sliding a hand down her panties and rubbing herself, because she was far too drunk to do it secretly. Even before he squirted, her bottom was undulating and twitching in orgasm and it made him so horny that he squirted. Juliet grunted, mumbled, and went back to sleep. Drunkenly, Irina whispered that Juliet obviously didn't like to be fucked at all. He kissed her on the mouth, then turned out the light.

The mood between mother and son remained frosty, in the evening he talked at length with Irina about his sex life and she listened drinking. She was amazed that some of the Tartan women had slept with him and she asked him outright. In the evening she took off her underpants before getting into bed. Again she masturbated lying on her stomach while he squirted into Juliet's vagina. He waited until Irina was finished and turned her over on her back. He hugged her, kissed her on the mouth, and turned out the light. This was repeated for three more days, almost always the same. She returned his French kiss after initial hesitation. On the third day, Irina lay on her back, watched him fucking Juliet until he squirted, and continued masturbating even though he was watching. When she finished, he kissed her again on the mouth and she returned the French kiss. He turned out the light.

Everything changed the next evening. Irina was totally drunk and held him back as he approached Juliet. She held him tightly and whispered that she didn't know if she really wanted it. After many French kisses, she spread her legs apart and he penetrated during a kiss. She matched his pace and they fucked for a very long time. Her breath went faster and faster and she had a violent orgasm long before he squirted. They lay next to each other whispering for a long time. She had the last orgasm with Pawls father and she was happy that she had had it so nice now. With Pawl's assaults, she had orgasmed too, but she was mostly scared and hurt.

Pawl was very upset that she didn't want to sleep with him anymore and they argued in hushed voices in their language that Jack didn't understand. Pawl was very hurtful in his jealousy and called her a whore, but she let it bounce off her. She told him point blank that it was unnatural for a mother to fuck her own son and that she would never allow it again, that was over once and for all!

She fucked Jack every night for the next four weeks, always orgasming very quickly and easily. Sometimes she had multiple orgasms and giggled that he was a good fucker. It flattered him, but he knew it was just because he took a long time to cum. She fucked quite enthusiastically and loved the orgasms. Only a couple of times she still felt like it after fucking and let him watch her masturbate.

She had only learned to masturbate from a friend after Pawl's father left. In the months that followed, however, he came to fuck often, even though he was married to someone else. She whispered that she had no husband after that. She masturbated every night during those years, which was very comforting. She had no idea in her youth that masturbating existed. She had only heard about it from her friend, who demonstrated it to her and brought her to orgasm with her fingers the first time. From then on she did it every night, but never in front of others, it was secret and very private.

Irina and Pawl went on after four weeks, to Cologne.

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