Line of Rings

by Jack Faber © 2022

The agency sent Jack refugee families one by one, rarely staying more than two weeks. The women stayed with their children in the living room, only when they had fallen asleep did she come into bed with him. Most of these women were under 30 and they liked him quite well. They were slim and well‐built, none had too big an ass or too small breasts. But none of them wanted to fuck with him. The first night she kept her panties on, lay silently with her back to him and drew her legs up. She shook her head resolutely, she didn't want to fuck and what he was doing didn't interest her. He masturbated and pushed her underpants aside. He squirted on the labia from behind and wiped the semen off with a tissue.

From the second night on, she took off her underpants so that it wouldn't get dirty. She was lying with her back to him again, legs drawn up. She held out her bare ass to him, her labia sticking out hard on purpose. He hated this side lying doggy position because it was very tiring. He penetrated firmly between her labia as she masturbated, but she pressed her legs together to prevent his penetration. Before squirting he grabbed her hips, thrust hard and squirted inside. She didn't clench her legs as tightly the next day and finally let him fuck her in side doggy style. All of his attempts to fuck in the missionary position she threw down. Somehow it was a kind of self‐protection that she didn't have to look him in the face while he was raping her.

He fucked few of them in the lying doggy position and cummed all in her vagina, the most refused to be fucked. When he was sure, that she was just faking chastity, he raped the girl who now engaged willingly to fucking. He was angry, sprinkling everything deep into her vagina and wished in his anger to impregnate the girl. He fucked as long as his erection lasted and squirted as often as he could. She bit her lip so he wouldn't see her orgasm. She clutched her knees tightly while being fucked, it was most comfortable that way and it was easier to hide her orgasms.

None would tolerate him masturbating. He had to keep his fingers on the clitoris, which was still very stiff from being fucked. She didn't masturbate either, none of these young women wanted to. During the day they avoided eye contact, they were very ashamed that they let themselves be fucked despite everything.

He called Geli three times a week and disappeared into the bedroom with her. She was always ready to fuck and adapted perfectly to the situation. She came and went very quietly, gave the Tartans a friendly nod and made a beeline for the bedroom. Jack liked her big body, although he would never have looked down the street at a woman with such a massive ass. But when he got into bed, he only looked at her wet cunt and her little hole. He saw the huge ass and meaty thighs, of course, but the important thing lay embedded in them, amidst all that flesh a sweet, tight fruit just waiting for him and his cock. Jack never thought about calling Geli pretty. He thought about how she liked to fuck and that she especially liked to fuck with him. He had gotten used to her moaning about her cunt being too tight because all lesbians had a very tight cunt. Sometimes he would fuck her twice in a row, she would whimper that he shouldn't cum into or make her a child. But she threw herself against him, not wanting to miss a single thrust and clung to his cock with her tight cunt. She gasped and wheezed, every ounce of her body fucked senseless. He pushed into her fleshy gorge again and again, his cock fucking relentlessly until Geli spasmed in orgasm and stared into his eyes with a silent scream. He squirted deep inside and didn't let her stop him, squirting spurt after spurt into her vagina. He pulled his cock out and long strands of sperm ran from her vaginal entrance to the tip of his cock. Sometimes he muttered that he was already 60 and would not father a child. Aside from her annoying whining, she was the only one of Juliet's friends that he really enjoyed fucking. Ever since he deflowered her years ago, she was always happy to let him fuck her. He always played a role in her piggy masturbation fantasies. Then her visit was over, Geli knew that she had to leave immediately after the fucking, there was no time to masturbate.

The third or fourth escapees were an odd bunch. Mother Tanya and her 12‐year‐old son Kolya were an inseparable couple. They did everything together, he went shopping with them and to the various offices. Only very rarely did she sit at the kitchen table in the evening and tell him something in English. The weather was rainy during those weeks, so in the afternoons they sat at the kitchen table and read. Kolya covered his mother's ear and whispered urgently. She looked at him silently, then they both got up and went into the living room, Tanja closed the door. Jack thought nothing of it, but one day he crept to the living room door and listened, then opened the door a crack.

Kolja lay naked in Tanja's lap and sucked on one of her breasts like a baby. Tanja had his cock in her fist and rubbed it slowly. Kolya sucked and sucked, after an eternity she made him squirt. Jack sat back down at the table and pretended not to notice. Tanya and Kolya came back and everyone read their books. Jack racked his brain if this was incest, but he wasn't entirely sure. Every afternoon Kolya whispered in Tanya's ear and they went into the living room. Every afternoon Jack would sneak to the door and watch her breastfeed and masturbate her son. Jack remembered that at Kolya's age he masturbated four or five times a day, so he wasn't really surprised. He was amazed, however, when he spied on the door after going to bed at night. Kolya fucked Tanya with his small cock while she masturbated. He watched them fuck, Kolya squirted two or three times. He let his cock in her vagina and after a pause continued until his cock went soft. Jack couldn't sleep for a long time.

Tania and Kolya also stayed less than two weeks and Jack called Geli. He fucked until he dropped, with the image of Tanya and Kolya in mind. He told Geli about it, who was very disgusted and said it was really a mess. He tightened his lips because even if it was incest, he found it very horny. He stroked Geli's clit and whispered he needed it again. She smiled and pulled him to her.

The next family consisted of 30‐year‐old Modrag, her two 8‐ and 10‐year‐old daughters and her almost 70‐year‐old mother Sofia. Modrag would have been one to his liking, but she slept with the two daughters on the living room sofa and Sofia with him and Juliet in the bedroom. Sofia's type was a small, plump peasant woman from the country and not his type. When they all went to bed that night, Sofia stripped down to her panties. Her breasts sagged sadly and she was obviously embarrassed about her patched panties. He opened the closet and took out some boxed underwear. He bent down and pulled off her old underpants. She would put on a fresh one tomorrow, he said in German and put the underpants back in the closet. He patted the knickers with his hand and repeated that she would put on fresh ones tomorrow. She smiled, although she didn't understand a word. She smiled as his hand slid down her back to her bottom.

They went to bed and Jack didn't know how and if he could get the old Tartan to fuck. She whispered urgently, but he didn't understand a word. She was silent expectantly and looked at him sideways. She saw that his cock was only half hard and waited patiently. Then she drew her legs up and began to masturbate. He was watching her out of the corner of his eye and her masturbating was starting to arouse him. He looked at her body, she wasn't a beauty but a reasonably pretty old woman nonetheless. Her breasts weren't any good, but she had nice rounded hips and a not‐too‐big ass. Her pubic hair was gray and thinning. She held the dark labia apart with one hand and let the clit pop out. The nub was quite large, half the size of a fingernail. With her other hand she rubbed the nub quickly and efficiently, she had been doing this her whole life. Her clit was dark brown and surprisingly large, her fingers quickly rubbing into orgasm. She twitched imperceptibly when she had an orgasm because she had to hide it all her life and could never allow herself the luxury of a loud, wriggling orgasm. She closed her eyes until the orgasm had subsided and looked at him. He still couldn't get a word out. She looked at his erection and said something, very kindly. She grabbed his erection and prepared to give him a hand job. He said he didn't want that and put his hand on hers.

She spoke urgently to him, but he didn't understand her. She whispered that he was welcome to fuck with her, she hadn't fucked in many years and she could see that his cock wanted to fuck. She knew very well that men his age had to squirt out the semen every day. She looked at him expectantly. He moved unintentionally, but she took it as a sign and pulled him towards her. That's how he ended up fucking Sofia. To his amazement she could fuck very well, she matched his pace and fucked actively and very gracefully for her age. Her vagina wasn't particularly tight and dry, but she helped her hand in and hugged him. He fucked slowly and carefully, not wanting to scare her. Her breathing betrayed that she was getting horny and that filled him with pride. She hugged him with his butt as he squirted. He laid down next to her, exhausted, and murmured it was an excellent fuck. She listened to the strange words and smiled brightly, then she said it was so good, you young men need it every day! She nodded in the affirmative, it was good that he had relieved himself and he could always fuck her as often as he needed to. He didn't understand a word, but he hugged her and kissed her on the mouth. He groped for her clit, it was hard and aroused. She put her hand on his and said I don't need it anymore. He said he was eager to masturbate her and moved his fingers but Sofia shook her head. He felt the blood drain from his clitoris and it softened. He turned off the light and laid his hand on her privates until they fell asleep.

During the day they pretended nothing happened, but at night they fucked as long as his erection lasted. Sofia didn't get an orgasm while being fucked and masturbated afterwards. She wouldn't let him masturbate, but always did it herself. He put his fingers under hers to feel her rising arousal and orgasm. The fact that she was more than ten years older didn't bother him at all because she was a really good fuck.

She had her daughter translate into English in the evening and told him her life story. When her husband died eight years ago, she continued to live in their small village and has not had a husband or lover since. She looked deep into his eyes and he understood what she meant by that. He took her hand and patted it. Sofia understood immediately and she lowered her eyes. She didn't want Modrag to see any of this.

Jack had a suspicion that she knew full well that he was fucking her mother, but Modrag gave no sign. When he looked into her eyes, he thought she at least suspected it. He knew nothing about Modrag's sexuality, although he had seen her naked in the shower a few times. She was really beautiful and he racked his brain for how to fuck her. Every day she phoned her husband, who was fighting at home. He didn't stand a chance, he felt it.

The weather turned nice, Sofia and Juliet took the kids to the playground. He was helping Modrag in the kitchen and their fingers touched. She kept looking at him, her eyes unsteady and wild. The work was done. Jack stood behind her and hugged her from behind. He kissed her on the cheek and she leaned into his chest. He kissed her gently, his hands sliding under her blouse and his fingers caressing her bare breasts. He felt her growing excitement, she sighed and didn't resist as he steered her into the bedroom. They hastily undressed each other and got into bed. They fucked like they were possessed, Modrag almost ate him up. He fucked her for a long time and she rose like a rocket, masturbating until her orgasm almost tore her apart. She gasped as he continued to fuck her after her orgasm and her arousal remained high, racing towards the next orgasm and digging her fingers into his back. He thrust on and on, her finger racing on the clit and she clenched in orgasm that made her violently convulse, wriggle and tremble. She emerged from the depths breathless, whimpering as he squirted in her vagina. When he had hosed down, she immediately pushed him away.

It's the first time she's had an orgasm in months, she said. Ever since her husband went to war, she said and cried. He hugged her and tried to comfort her. She had never cheated on her husband, it was the body that reported so impetuously. She cried silently and he gave her all the time. Modrag was a beautiful woman with a harsh face. Her body was slim and athletic thanks to her job as a physical education teacher. Her breasts were very firm and matched her slim body. She had a dark bush of hair around her pubic area, her labia were as dark as her mother's, and her clitoris was small and hidden. Her vagina wasn't very tight, but it was invitingly wet and moist.

He fucked Sofia every night and watched her masturbate afterwards. She tried her best, but they were both old and they made love slowly and deliberately, like old people. He had to use his strength sparingly and only fucked without squirting. She asked if she was doing something wrong because he didn't want to squirt anymore. She talked to him and rubbed his cock. She was very practiced and sometimes made him squirt before masturbating herself. He didn't understand a word and whispered that he wanted to save his juices for the afternoon.

When he was alone with Modrag in the afternoon, they would fuck until he was exhausted. She always guided his cock to the vaginal entrance with her hand and he could always easily penetrate her. Usually he could only squirt once, then he was done. She had asked him not to cum inside and he pulled out his cock after it started to squirt. Of course, the first jet always squirted into her vagina, but then he dutifully pulled it out. Smiling gently, she rubbed his cock, squirting the semen on her crotch and continuing to rub until his cock went soft.

Modrag easily climaxed while being fucked and at first she didn't like him masturbating her. But over time she loosened up and was happy to let him masturbate after he has fucked. She said she used to masturbate before marriage. Like an addict, since she was a child she made herself multiple orgasms day and night, sometimes she just couldn't stop. She masturbated and orgasmed at least three times a day until she met Janek, her husband. He was her first and only husband. In the ten years of marriage she had not masturbated once, she was satisfied with the orgasms while fucking. In the three months since the war began, she has never been able to masturbate, mostly because of the children, although lust plagued her greatly. Especially because others mated in the shelter like wild animals, unashamedly and loudly and shamelessly. They didn't care who was watching. Thank God the children mostly slept or covered their eyes with their hands and watched between their fingers. She often fantasized with her eyes closed, seeing the images in front of her — stiff cocks plowing and squirting in hairy, wet pussies. Modrag cried only very rarely and had no more pangs of conscience. Jack hoped Sofia and Modrag didn't know about each other.

They stayed for six more weeks. Jack fucked with Modrag every afternoon and with Olga in the evenings. It was a good time for him and he enjoyed fucking the two women. He stood on the platform for a long time when they drove to Germany.

The office did not send any refugees for three weeks, his special clerk was on vacation. Jack called Geli, whom he hadn't visited in weeks. He had been fucking with Juliet for a few days, she protested, swearing, and increasingly hated fucking. He fucked her anyway, she was always very dizzy from the sleeping pills and her defenses correspondingly weak. He squirted, panting hard, and Juliet gasped: That's all unjust! and rolled over, quickly falling asleep. So he called Geli.

Juliet was sitting in the kitchen as usual, leafing through the colorful magazines when Geli came. The lesbian interlude was over, Juliet no longer wanted to fuck Geli. He had her to himself and he fucked her all afternoon. She told him during a pause that she was dating a married woman, now and then. She reported haltingly that her husband was always watching and when he got horny he would fuck Geli. But he didn't just have a small cock, he didn't last long and was soon squirting. She always yanked his cock out quickly, she didn't want to let him cum inside. But she said that small cock felt quite good in her tight cunt. Geli looked expectantly into Jack's eyes and was disappointed because he wasn't jealous or moved at all. He fucked with Geli as usual, cumming full in despite her weak protests and grinning shabbily. The fucking was good as always. They fucked twice most afternoons and he allowed Geli to masturbate during the break. It always fascinated him how the orgasm made her 180 kilos heave, tremble and twitch. At the end of the masturbation, she stuck a finger in her vagina, stimulating her G‐spot and letting the orgasm erupt.

Then the office clerk called to ask if he would take a refugee for the next few weeks? Yes, of course he wanted and asked to send her by taxi, he was short on time at the moment. He fucked again with pleasure with Geli and said a refugee would come tomorrow and he would call again when she could come back. Geli nodded, because she knew that he took refugee aid very seriously. Jack, of course, didn't tell her anything about what was going on in his bedroom. The taxi came and took the fugitive. Her name was Tanja, she was 23 years old and came alone.

He invited her in, introduced her to Juliet and they sat in the kitchen for a snack. Tanja was small and inconspicuous, she was very slim and not particularly pretty. She spoke a little English and he was able to communicate well with her. Juliet understood little, but she listened carefully. Sometimes she would ask him and he would translate. Tanja was an orphan, unmarried and boyfriendless. She worked as a kitchen hand in a restaurant that had been bombed. She then hid with the gay chef. When he was called up for military service, he put her on a westbound bus and gave her a little money. She had been on the road for a good two months and was finally here. Although he hadn't particularly liked her at first, she seemed like a good girl and Jack kept wondering how she was in bed. It was evening when she finished her report and she helped with delightful dexterity to cook dinner with Juliet. After the meal, she washed the dishes in no time.

They sat with the red wine for a long time, Tanja drank a lot and Juliet got the sleeping pill. She hugged Tanja and said with certainty, you'll sleep with me and Jack in the big bed! Tanja looked at him and he confirmed that Juliet had taken a liking to her and wanted her to sleep with them. It's fine with him, because sometimes his brother slept on the couch and that's how it was arranged. He didn't have a brother, of course, but he would lie to get her into his bed. Tanja nodded with swimming eyes, yes, okay. He sat with Tanja in the kitchen for another hour and they drank red wine, and not a little.

They went into the bedroom, he undressed quickly and watched Tanja as she undressed. She only had tiny breasts like a teenager, she was very slim and her body looked like that of a very young girl. She hesitated to take off her panties, but he softly told her to take them off. She had only a tiny bush of dark pubic hair, her cunt was cute and small. From the outside you could see neither the labia minora nor the clitoris. She came unsteadily to the bed and he groped on the sheet for her to lie down here. She obeyed and looked fearfully at his erect cock. She made herself very small as he caressed her body. He asked if she was afraid of him and she nodded in the affirmative. He knew they had to talk first.

He carefully questioned her, she let her body be caressed while she talked. She said she had no sex experience at all. Wasn't she masturbating? he asked and she didn't understand the word. He grabbed her sex and hinted at masturbating. Mimasilli, he said. Her face brightened and she smiled shyly. Yes, she said after a moment's hesitation, she's always done that, it helped her fall asleep. He cautiously asked if she had already had sex with a woman or a man. You could only have sex with a man, she whispered protestingly, you can't do that with a woman! He suppressed a smile and asked again.

She hung around for a long time, she's never had a boyfriend, she's been working in the kitchen since she was 11 and there's no time to get to know a boyfriend. She only made the mimasilli with her finger, every evening and that was all she needed. The trembling and twitching when she was done with her finger was very nice. And in the shelter, with the gay cook, where the two of them hid from the bombs for days. He often masturbated and at some point she did the same, Tanja said quietly and looked down. You didn't have anything to do, so they did it as often as they wanted. It evoked a nice feeling when he watched her and masturbated. But there was no more sex between them, the virgin and the gay man, although they slept naked, snuggled together. So, you've never fucked with a man? he asked and she looked sadly at his semi‐rigid cock. She was silent for a long time and then said, once, during the escape. One of the traffickers with whom she stayed the night didn't want any money from her, he just wanted to sleep with her. She was stupid and thought he only wanted to sleep with her, literally, like the chef. The smuggler drank a lot of booze with her, they lay down to sleep naked and he grabbed her. He forced her legs apart and stabbed her vagina with his cock, it hurt a lot at first, but after that it was easier and she got the nice trembling and twitching like mimasilli with her finger. When she was done, he went on for a long time, cumming inside her vagina and leaving her alone. He woke her up half an hour later and did it again, really hard and she got the nice twitching and trembling quite a lot, that was very nice. He gave up after half an hour and she had to milk his cock like you milk a cow. She did it for a long time, then squirted out of his cock. He quickly put his cock back inside her and squirted inside her with thrusts. He was done with that too. Tanja said nothing and cried softly.

He felt sorry for the ugly little duck. He gently pulled her onto him and rubbed her back soothingly. He let her cry on his belly, the stroking did her good. He said how mean the guy was who had taken her virginity without her consent. He felt her nod in agreement. It only hurts a little the first time, he whispered, but after that it was great fun. She nodded and whispered that she had heard that too. Men and women fuck each other every day, they both have a lot of fun doing it, otherwise they wouldn't be doing it! She could feel his cock stiffening under her body. She innocently reached down her body and grabbed his cock. And, she whispered, you may do it now, right? They were both silent, he was still stroking her and his fingers caressed her labia and the little hole.

She looked questioningly at Juliet, who was fast asleep. He said she didn't want to have sex with him anymore, she loves women above all. Tanja looked at the sleeping woman again and whispered whether Juliet could show her that with the women? He smiled and said maybe. Tanja was a little excited by his fingers and he asked her if she wanted to do it with him? He definitely wouldn't hurt her, that's for sure! Tanja let her clitoris be stroked for a while and gave herself a push. Yes, she said, but don't hurt me! He nodded and put her down next to him. He knelt before her and arranged her for the missionary position. He parted her dark labia with his fingers, rubbed the clitoris for minutes until it was very stiff and slowly and carefully entered Tanja's vagina. Does it hurt, he asked and she shook her head, no!

He fucked slowly and deliberately, in no hurry, watching her arousal rise and her breathing quicken. Her clit pressed against his cock and she flinched as her orgasm came suddenly. She opened her eyes and looked at him brightly. I have to keep going until it squirts! he said and continued to fuck. She had remained on the high state of excitement and gasped with lust, but before she could orgasm again, he reared up and squirted everything inside her.

She looked at him curiously and asked if it was over now? He nodded and lay down next to her. His fingers touched her little clit, which was very stiff. You still need it to fall asleep? he asked and she looked at him uncertainly. He nodded in the affirmative, come on, do it! he said and she hesitated for a moment. He began to masturbate her and now her finger joined, knowing and demanding. He watched her masturbate, after a short time she had an orgasm, her little body twitched and wriggled a little while she pressed her finger firmly on the clitoris. She opened her eyes and looked at him brightly. He kissed her on the lips, turned off the light, and let her head rest on his armpit until they fell asleep.

She went shopping with Juliet after breakfast, he had told Juliet they needed to buy underwear and maybe some blouses and a new pair of jeans. Juliet took enough money with her and did the job well. She spoke even less English than Tanja, but somehow they got along. Tanja had gotten roast pork and potatoes, she was an excellent cook and so there was something delicious to eat for lunch and dinner. Thank God the women had also brought several bottles of red wine, cold cuts and cheese for breakfast. Juliet had made it clear to Tanja that Jack went to the bakery every morning before breakfast, he needed fresh rolls every morning.

Tanja wanted to go to England, so Jack bought an English textbook and a dictionary in the afternoon, Tanja was very happy about that and she crammed hard, every day for hours. He was very surprised when Tanja said she had never menstruated. She was very insecure about it herself, but she didn't see it as a big problem. He was very relieved, then he could safely squirt into her without thinking about pregnancy.

He took a siesta every day after lunch and shagged Tanja, who liked it very much. Juliet sometimes came into the bedroom and watched them both. Tanja lost her shyness and got nice orgasms, Juliet sometimes undressed, snuggled up to the two and masturbated happily. The three enjoyed sex with each other and Juliet taught Tanja to lick. The women licked each other passionately whenever he needed a break. After the first time, Tanja said in tears how fine it was for her to be licked.

She left after seven weeks, he accompanied her to the train station and went over the list of trains with her that she had to take. He put a wad of money in her hand, that will help you at first, he whispered. She thanked him and whispered in his ear, thanks for teaching me how to fuck too! Moved, he French kissed her one last time and she promised to write to him and Juliet. She kept her word, wrote a letter every month and only stopped after two years when she married her british cook. She was the only Tartan who wrote to him at all. He didn't forget the little woman for a long time.

The clerk called and said she would get back to you in two weeks. Jack called Geli, he was tired of fucking Juliet against her will. Geli, who felt like fucking and was always ready. He happily plunged into her warm, wet grotto and squirted to his heart's content. Geli was thankful because apart from Jack she had no one to fuck. She wasn't that old at 33, at that age most women had a sex partner. But she was fat and had a huge ass that drove everyone away. So she was happy when Jack called. She wailed every time he squirted inside, but somehow she was sure he couldn't get her pregnant.

Now it was time again. The clerk pointed out to him several times that the grandmother she sent him had to see the doctor at least twice a week. Her broken leg had to be treated and re‐bandaged. He said he would take good care of the old woman's visits to the doctor and reassured the clerk that he had a car. The grandmother's two granddaughters wouldn't be a problem, said the clerk, they are very independent. He drove to refugee aid and picked up the three. The grandmother in the wheelchair wasn't as problematic as he had imagined, the wheelchair could be folded up and disappeared into the trunk. There they were, the Popovs, grandmother Jelena, 72 and the twins Ginni and Jinni, 21 years old and looking completely alike. He couldn't tell the two apart, no matter how hard he tried.

Grandmother Jelena was as light as a feather and he carried her up the stairs without any problems, she then lay on the living room couch and the twins took care of her. She watched TV all day and soon fell asleep in the evening. Juliet clapped her hands in excitement and said the two little girls had to sleep with her. The girls freed themselves from Juliet's stormy embrace and one said it wasn't possible, one had to sleep with her grandmother. The girls spoke excellent English and, noticing that Juliet's English was poor, they spoke slowly and clearly. Juliet understood and they sat in the kitchen until late in the evening.

The girls reported that their mother had died three years ago, and that they both took care of their father and grandma. The father had stayed in Tartania and commanded a company against the usurpers. They both had studied economics in the capital, and their grandmother has lived with them since she fell ill. Before the war, the father was a professor at the university. Jack wasn't at all surprised that the girls drank as much red wine as Grandma in the living room. One kept getting up and handing her a glass of wine.

You couldn't tell the girls apart. They were dressed alike, had the same haircut and Jack would have thought they were 16 if he hadn't known they were almost 21. Even her movements were very girly. They were slim and short, breasts small and firm. Their faces were flat and flawless, only their sparkling eyes betraying intellect. They chattered away happily when Juliet had swallowed the sleeping pill and went to bed. Laughing and chuckling, they told how in their college sex adventures they deceived their lovers and they never knew if they were mating with Ginni or Jinni. Jack had to laugh with them, for the girls were cunning and tricky, but never malicious.

The grandmother and Juliet were already asleep, they finished their drink and the girls exchanged a look. He led the way into the bedroom, one girl lay down with her grandmother, the other followed him curiously. Before he could remove his shirt, the girl was already lying naked next to Juliet, smiling as he watched him undress. Are you Ginni or Jinni? he asked and she nodded, I'm genie. There was no point in asking. He stepped out of his pants and underpants, his semi‐rig flopped out. She laughed softly and ran her hand over her body. The breasts were girlishly small and firm, the pubic area shaved clean and the girlish cleft hid everything. She slowly opened her legs lasciviously, now he could see the labia, the clitoris and the little hole. His cock stiffened more and more and she laughed softly. "Ah!" she said, "you like to look?" She stroked the labia and clitoris with her fingers. He walked over to the bed and she gently grabbed his erect cock. Do you like that? she asked, rubbing his cock. He shook his head resolutely and looked into her eyes greedily.

She smiled shyly and said come on, come on! He didn't need to be told twice and knelt between her thighs. She whispered she'd never done it with anyone... only younger men or her peers. He smiled and let her steer his cock into the opening of the vagina. They both gasped, because her vagina was so tight that his cock had a hard time getting in. He hugged the little girl and fucked for a very long time. She gasped in excitement, but didn't have an orgasm. He pushed really hard in the final and squirted it all in. He fell wearily to the side and touched her clitoris. It was firm and stiff and he rubbed her gently. Her finger did the rubbing and she jerked and wriggled in orgasm.

Don't be offended, she said later, but I can do it best myself. He nodded in agreement, that's alright and kissed her. She kissed brilliantly and she made him stiff again with her kisses in no time. His cock slid into her wet vagina almost by itself, he fucked her for a long time and now she had an orgasm. Her vagina worked his cock for half a minute and he squirted a few drops. Exhausted, he hugged her and almost instantly fell into a deep sleep.

Twice a week he drove the girls to the doctor, where the nurse tended to the grandmother's legs. The doctor's assistant also seemed to come from the east and chatted endlessly with grandma. Grandma nodded in agreement, he looked very closely, the doctor's assistant also took off Grandma's underpants. She chatted with the grandma while she felt the old woman's cunt. Grandma blushed deeply as the chattering and touching continued and the medical assistant pulled the old woman's cunt very far apart with her fingers. The doctor's assistant applied ointment to the sore groin folds and also to the labia and clitoris while chattering cheerfully in the foreign language. To his astonishment he understood that the women were obviously talking about the mimasilli. The grandma blushed even more and nodded in agreement while the nurse anointed her clit. The nurse dabbed at the sore spots that reached down to her knees, applied powder and ointment, and gently massaged both thighs. He looked at the over 70 year old's wide open genitals, because her large dark hole twitched every time the nurse touched her. The medical assistant looked impassively at the genitals, where the clitoris moved rhythmically with the rhythmic massaging. The grandma got terribly horny during the massage, he saw the big hole in her cunt and the clitoris, which was becoming increasingly stiff. Again and again the heel of the hand of the medical assistant touched the clitoris inconspicuously but energetically. After 20 minutes of massage and touching the clitoris, the grandma moaned and the doctor's assistant tried to hide from him that she was pressing a finger firmly vibrating on the clitoris. The clitoris gradually softened again and the granny relaxed. The nurse nodded happily.

Twice a week he watched grandma getting horny and always found it exciting. The more often they made the doctor's visits, the more eagerly the doctor's assistant hid with her body that she let her finger dance directly on the clitoris. He had turned to the side and was able to fool the doctor's assistant. He looked very closely in the mirror as she masturbated the old woman. She gazed haughtily into Jack's eyes while the granny moaned and she pressed her finger on her clit, vibrating. Jinni (or Ginni?) told him one evening that grandma wanted to be alone for a quarter of an hour after every doctor's visit and sent the girls out to masturbate. She giggled softly, didn't you notice how horny granny gets during the massage? got an orgasm? How the doctor's assistant got grandma? Grandma had agreed to the mimasilli, said Ginni, the doctor's assistant had asked beforehand. She giggled again, the grandmother openly stated why she didn't want to be disturbed afterwards and she didn't make a big secret of it. The girls laughed, giggled and hid. They always watched the granny masturbating quickly, who probably knew the girls were spying. Ginni said it was so beautiful that she still wanted it when she was old.

Jack was pretty sure the girls took turns fucking with him. He didn't notice any difference in fucking and masturbating, the girls apparently communicated in great detail to successfully mislead him. Even menstruation coincided, she gave him a professional hand job and two weeks later she told him not to inject, it was too dangerous. He stuck to it as best he could, pulling his cock out after the first squirting jet and letting her rub it as he squirted. He just had a bit of remorse since he was cumming inside her, at least at first. But it didn't really matter, he was too old to father children. He could fuck one of the two intoxicated girls every evening, but never in the afternoon, they preferred to cram.

The girls crammed every afternoon and tested each other. They didn't know when and if they would ever be able to take the exams, but they didn't give up. After four weeks they went to Warsaw, hoping to continue their studies there.

On the last night the bedroom door opened softly and the second girl lay down with them while he was still fucking the first one. No, he should go on, both girls said at the same time. After squirting, the girls made his cock stiff again. That evening was the only time he fucked the two of them back to back. He beamed all over his face and fucked more often than ever, again and again, until dawn.

He drove them to the train station and lifted the grandmother and her wheelchair into the wagon. He gave the girls money, kissed them with tears in his eyes and quickly left.

Again there was an interruption in refugee aid, Geli came by daily and they spent the afternoons in the bedroom. He dozed in the breaks and listened with half an ear, Geli recounted her sexual escapades with girls and women hearty, juicy and vulgar. Often he was surprised because he knew the girl or woman. It gave the thing a special kick because he had already fucked the person and now experienced the same person in Geli's descriptions making lesbian love in a completely different way. Oddly enough, these descriptions excited him and his cock hardened and stiffened to Geli's delight.

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