The Wild Girl

by Jack Faber © 2022

How surprised Jack was when the refugee aid worker called him to ask if he couldn't take in another refugee. Yes, he said, we would be very happy! So Olga, in her mid‐thirties, and her daughter Ilena, a head taller than her mother and about 16, appeared. He asked her into the kitchen and they took a snack. Olga was small and plump, she had large breasts and a mouse‐like, friendly face. Her husband fell in the fighting, but neither Olga nor Ilena was in mourning. They spoke a few scraps of German, Olga had worked in an international shipping company and had also taught Ilena a little German. He showed them the apartment, Ilena should sleep on the sofa in the living room. Before Olga could change her mind, Juliet said enthusiastically, You'll sleep with us, with me and Jack! She spontaneously hugged Olga and added that she was really welcome.

He listened patiently as Olga talked about her adventurous escape. She only mentioned her deceased husband in passing, but Ilena interfered indignantly. In his intoxication he often beat his mother and only stopped when Olga soothed him with sex. He didn't care if I was there or not. Jack looked at her inquiringly. I mostly went out into the kitchen, said the girl, I didn't want to be there when she let the monster humiliate her sexually. Blushing, Olga pressed a hand to her breast, but she said nothing. Jack had the impression of a frightened mouse again. It made her pretty in a way. Juliet said goodbye, took her sleeping pill and went into the bedroom. He looked benevolently at Olga, she didn't object to his long eyeing at her large breasts and her round buttocks. He got a long look down her inner thighs and said they would go shopping for her underwear in the morning. For Lena too, Olga said numbly, and he quickly added, of course!

Lena was allowed to watch the news on TV, then she went to sleep. Olga drank a lot of red wine, he tried to find out more. Her smuggler wanted to rape Lena, but she prevented it. I didn't mind, she said with a heavy tongue, but Lena is too young and had never... She searched for a word. Fucked? Jack interjected and she said that Lena had never fucked and was unaffected. Jack nodded understandingly, the girl was too young and it was a good thing the tout hadn't fucked her. Olga drank a lot, but she told him everything frankly. Lena was the child of her married boss and she knows about it. She had married the mechanic Sergei, who didn't have much in his head and believed to be Lena's father. It went well for years until Sergei started drinking heavily. He beat Olga for no reason and could only find peace while fucking. Unfortunately, Lena often had to watch him fuck Olga. But the girl remained calm and silent, she was not interested in fucking, Olga was sure of that. Sergei had been called to the front line to repair a captured vehicle. The Russians bombed the position and everyone died. Olga remarked with a certain sadness in her voice, a pity because Sergei was the only man who could fuck her to orgasm. Jack noticed the gray mouse eyeing him from the side. He questioned her thoroughly, she had fucked a lot of men, but technically Sergei was the best. Otherwise he was quite an asshole.

They got up and went into the bedroom. He undressed and Olga took her time. When she saw that he and Juliet were naked, she stripped naked as well. He looked at her with lust, her large breasts were very beautiful, her narrow waist emphasized her ample ass. She had only a sparse pubic hair, which hid thick labia. Dark, thin, and ragged‐looking labia minora hung out of the cleft beneath the prominent fold of skin that covered the clitoris. He stroked Olga's back and got a big erection. Olga smiled proudly, then lay down next to him and Juliet. She spread her legs and looked at his stiff cock. Do you like making love or... and she looked at Juliet. He said Juliet didn't feel like having sex, but he did. Olga grabbed his cock and pulled him to her. He waited until she inserted his cock into her vagina. She kissed him on the mouth and pulled him tightly into her vagina. Jack's cock wasn't particularly big, but Olga still had to make an effort to push the cock into her vagina. It was a very tight cunt that felt very good. She had an equally tight vagina as Geli, although Olga didn't have such a huge ass. She kissed him again and again and gently caressed his body. She followed his rhythm and caressed his buttocks. When he got to the finale, she clawed her fingers into his buttocks and pushed him tightly into her. Just squirt, my dear, just squirt! she whispered in his ear and he fucked and squirted until he fell to the side in exhaustion. She whispered that she could no longer have children, Lena was a very difficult birth. He understood and kissed her again, then he turned off the light. He groped for her, her clit hard and stiff. She cried and braced her clit against his finger for minutes until her abdomen jerked and then she held his hand tight. She pressed his fingers tightly to the throbbing clit and whispered in a trembling voice, No, don't, that's forbidden! Her abdomen was jerking violently and he wasn't sure if she had had an orgasm. She whispered again that it was forbidden and pushed his hand away. She cried until her abdomen calmed down.

He woke up long before sunrise. He was confused at first, he lay on his side and could feel Olga with his back. She had one hand on his hip and was sleeping with deep breaths. In front of him lay Lena, she had pushed up her nightgown and her buttocks rubbed his erect cock. He could vaguely remember her getting into bed quietly at some point. She held his hand over her other hand with one hand and that hand moved. He finally woke up. She rubbed his cock with her buttocks and masturbated at the same time, he could feel it very clearly. She pressed his hand over her masturbating hand and gasped softly. He felt his cock buck as her buttocks rubbed his cock so sensually. He felt his fingers under her masturbating hand and felt her clitoris.

He couldn't hold it back and squirted between her buttocks. She kept still, squeezing his head into her vagina until the squirting stopped and continued to masturbate quickly. His fingers felt her rub really hard. Suddenly she stopped and her small buttocks trembled and twitched. With the hand that rested on her head, he groped for her breasts. They were very small and firm, their nipples pointed and firm. They lay still for minutes until they fell asleep.

He was wide awake when Olga reached over him to Lena's body and straightened her thin nightgown. He hugged Olga and kissed her, his cock slid into her vagina almost by itself. Olga shook her head and looked at the sleeping Lena. He understood and they got up quietly, leaving Juliet and Lena to sleep. They showered one by one and went to buy underwear and breakfast. He got a textbook for German and a dictionary for Lena. After breakfast, Lena and Olga threw themselves into studying, and in the afternoon Juliet went shopping with Olga. It soon turned out that Olga could cook wonderfully. He had to keep reminding Juliet to take money with her. She was very impressed by Olga and her cooking, her madness disappeared when she and Olga did something together. In the morning she had observed that Jack put his cock in Olga's vagina and had to pull it out again without fucking her. Ever since then, she had tremendous respect for Olga, who wouldn't let Jack fuck her. He gave Juliet a sleeping pill every night.

After Olga and Juliet went shopping, Lena sat across from him. She wanted to know if he would have been okay with that in the night. He grinned and nodded, of course! She put one foot on the seat next to her, pushed her panties aside and frivolously presented her naked sex to him. Jack looked at her gender. A white‐blond down made a light stripe across her cunt. Her fingers played with the clitoris and Jack held his breath whether she did it or not. He wanted to know if she always did it and she nodded every day since childhood. She didn't care if Olga caught her doing it and had tears in her eyes, the stupid cow! She sat and watched unabashedly until she was done. Lena asked, grinning disparagingly, which mother sits next to her daughter and watches her masturbate!? Tears welled up in Olga's eyes when Lena reached orgasm, then she left.

Lena's fingers slowly rubbed the stiffening clitoris. He said her mother thought it was forbidden and she gave him an icy look. Yes, it was forbidden, so Saint Olga only did it once or twice a month when she took a full bath, said Lena with a contemptuous expression. She looked at him hostilely. You and Olga? He held her gaze and watched her finger rubbing the clitoris in circles. Yes, Olga and I. You're married to Juliet, she said, milder. Yes, he said, but Juliet doesn't like having sex with me. Forbidden! They looked at each other for a moment, then they both laughed at the same time. Your mother likes to fuck, he said, I didn't force her to do anything! I know, said Lena, I know! Her look said it all, she was incredibly horny and needed it right away. Her fingers tentatively touched her labia, she looked down. Her fingers had been playing with the clit the whole time, rubbing in a targeted manner. Jack looked at her encouragingly. I don't care if it's forbidden, Jack said, if you need it, then so be it! She nodded relieved, then that's the way it is! and continued to masturbate the clit. He told her that it was reckless for her to let his penis inject her vagina, but she said that nothing could happen since she didn't have a period yet and couldn't get pregnant. She stuck out her tongue mischievously and continued.

Jack pulled down his waistband and took out his cock, it was only semi‐erect and he pulled the foreskin back over the glans. She gaped at the cock and glans. She rubbed the clit in circular motions. He smiled friendly and watched her for a few minutes, she was obviously very horny and her clitoris game became more and more erratic. She looked him in the eye to see if he wouldn't mind. He nodded in the affirmative and winked at her. Determined, she rubbed her clit furiously, staring mesmerically into his eyes until she orgasmed open‐mouthed. It hadn't lasted a minute. She pressed a finger to the clitoris and looked into Jack's eyes triumphantly. He looked at her in a friendly and encouraging way, he pulled his foreskin a little and mumbled under his breath that she could try fucking with his cock. I'm too young to do it right, she whispered hoarsely, shaking her head. The girls in Tartania won't do it until they have a man to marry. She looked at him uncertainly. I want to remain a virgin until the right man comes along, she said softly. Jack gave her a friendly look, I'm okay with that, he murmured, rubbing his cock until it was really hard. Lena stared curiously at his cock while he slowly masturbated. At that moment they heard the two women at the door and he quickly pulled up his pants. He would have liked to squirt and Lena obviously saw it in his eyes. She laughed like a bell and shrugged her shoulders regretfully. I would have liked to see it, she whispered. She pulled up the textbook and innocently read a few sentences before the women entered.

The following nights passed like the first. If he still felt lust, Olga made him stiff with her wonderfully delicate fingers and let him fuck a second time. She loved to fuck and was excellent at it. She kept rubbing his cock after fucking until it got all soft. She didn't particularly like the doggy style and she never did it with her mouth. For the first week she only allowed herself to be masturbated a little, she cried softly and whispered in a choking voice that it was forbidden. She sobbed silently as the orgasm raged in her abdomen. But he persisted and after a few days she couldn't stop him anymore. She clutched his arm and pressed her clit onto his fingers, craving for him to masturbate her. She climaxed while crying, desperately holding onto his arm while her abdomen pounded. She loosened up over time, she cried silently and her hand stole to his. They rubbed the clitoris together from orgasm to orgasm and he no longer cared that Olga cried while masturbating. He quickly learned how she did it and gave her nice orgasms after each fuck. She didn't like pauses and pressed her hard clit against his fingers, wanting it again immediately. Most of the time her clitoris only softened after the third orgasm, she pushed his hand aside and whispered that it was enough. She wiped away her tears and kissed him gratefully before they fell asleep.

Lena crawled into his bed every morning. She clamped his cock between her buttocks and rubbed it with her buttocks until he squirted. His glans plowed between her labia and she pressed his glans into her little hole so that he squirted into her vagina. He slipped his fingers under her fingers as she masturbated, he took over masturbating more and more often and she greedily rubbed his head between her labia until she orgasmed. In contrast to Olga's orgasm, her orgasm was quiet and not heavy, she hardly wriggled and only trembled a little.

When the women went shopping in the afternoon, they masturbated together at the kitchen table. Lena sat on his thighs face to face and opened her thighs so he could watch her masturbate, masturbating very slowly and waiting for Jack to stiffen before squirting. She inserted his glans into her vaginal entrance and let him inject. She grinned broadly because she thought that was very cool. His semen was a good lube and it took her less than two minutes to orgasm. She leaned against his chest and masturbated again, longer than the first time. He held her in his arms and closed his eyes, that was the best way to feel her slowly increasing arousal and her orgasm. Then they opened the textbook and learned German grammar.

Of course, he had thoroughly examined her sex after the first time. She might be a virgin, but she no longer had a hymen. He found that she used to masturbate with various objects, mostly the handle of the hairbrush. Olga always widened her eyes when she masturbated herself with the handle of the hairbrush, but she never said anything. Olga was very behind catching Lena masturbating and watching curiously awesome. Lena laughed harshly, not caring if Olga was watching. Lena stubbornly stuck to being a virgin, she had never fucked before. He believed the latter, but now he enjoyed it when, at the end of masturbating, she stuck his glans into her tiny, tight vagina and let him squirt. He had his cock stuffed into her small, tight vagina more and more. He made careful fucking motions before squirting. Soon he was just rubbing his cock to make it hard. After that she carefully stuffed his cock into her vagina and he grabbed her buttocks. He fucked very slowly without thrusting hard because she whispered anxiously that she didn't want to be fucked. He nodded and slowly slid in and out. She calmed down because it wasn't like Sergei fucking Olga. She had watched them a hundred times and Sergei pushed his cock hard into Olga's vagina. Jack, on the other hand, didn't push, he just slid in and out very easily. She relaxed, he slid and slid, and her arousal rose. Before squirting, he firmly grabbed her buttocks and thrust hard a few times, she opened her mouth and whispered, No, don't fuck! He slid in as far as he could and squirted thrustingly into her vagina. She smiled because that had made her horny and she held onto his hips. She masturbated furiously and he kept his cock in her vagina to feel her orgasm. She twisted her face into a grimace as she orgasmed silently and briefly. No, that wasn't fucking, Jack confirmed and stroked her back, when fucking you have to thrust really hard! He was very happy with the situation and actually she was too, so now they always did it that way. She understood that he had to push to squirt, she didn't stop him and actually found it exciting when he pushed her hard. Only in the morning, when she came into bed with him, did he have to keep still because of Olga asleep. Lena inserted his cock into her little hole and slid back and forth until he squirted. Most of the time he couldn't squirt because he was completely exhausted at Olga's in the evening. He masturbated Lena every morning, who squirmed with horniness and sexual lust. They were so careful that Olga never noticed.

They got the call as early as the third week. Jack accompanied the two to the office and to the train station. He stood on the platform for a while, it had gone much too fast for him.

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