The Tartan Woman

by Jack Faber © 2022

Three weeks after the outbreak of the war in Tartania, Jack managed to get his offer to take in a family accepted. He was, after all, married to Juliet, who, unfortunately, was gradually losing her mind. She did her household halfway, but she was no longer available for sex. She masturbated almost every night, even though she was still half asleep, and didn't mind him kneeling in front of her to masturbate. He rarely squirted on the outside of her pubic area, but almost always managed to penetrate her vagina and squirt inside, despite her protests to squirt. She muttered "Oops!" or "Oops!" but kept masturbating and masturbating and went back to sleep.

For quite some time, her girlfriends or acquaintances came to visit, to palaver with Juliet, but in truth to let him fuck them willingly. None were bothered by the fact that Juliet sometimes also stripped naked and watched them masturbating while they fucked. On the contrary, many were very aroused by Juliet's masturbation and orgasms. When Juliet was already on the finish line, he pulled his cock out of his girlfriend and quickly fucked Juliet, despite her protests. He waited to squirt until Juliet orgasmed and instantly squirted into her orgasm. This was the best thing for him, fucking Juliet as he knew her. He didn't care to continue fucking his girlfriend afterwards if she hadn't orgasmed yet. Some came to him quite often because he was the only one who still wanted to fuck them. They were throughout women beyond 60, hardly to very little pretty, so Juliet was still the prettiest. Currently, a few desperate ones still came to him to fuck once or twice a month. They liked to let him watch them masturbate after fucking for her sake.

It had started four years ago. Juliet lost her mind from one day to another, she had no interest in actively participating in fucking, but her sexual desire was rapidly increasing. Masturbating twice a day as before was no longer enough for her. The girlfriends who came to visit gave him pitiful handjobs, but that was only satisfying for a few weeks. He lured them into the bedroom and they all enjoyed being fucked. Especially the strictly Catholic married ones, which he had never expected. He was relieved, fucked daily and the pressing sexual pressure subsided. Usually two women came every day, rarely one after the other, mostly at the same time. He suppressed any sense of shame, he fucked them both side by side and finally squirted into Juliet's vagina. He fucked the women lying close to each other, he quickly switched from vagina to vagina and squirted into Juliet's vagina very quickly. Then the two women had to satisfy themselves. This usually worked out quite well, but if Juliet didn't want to play along, he would fuck one or both of them alternately until his semen rose up and he squirted into one or both of them. His favorite was to squirt into both. He lost the pleasure of these acrobatic acts after a while, but kept doing it anyway. Juliet was delighted like a fool when the three or four of them rolled around naked in the big marital bed. She had never seen her friends naked before and now they were all fucking and masturbating altogether!

The most frequent was Geli, she was 32 and butt‐ugly. She always came alone. She was ugly, her heavy breasts hung down sadly. She had a big ass and was completely addicted to masturbating. She had never fucked before and timidly let Jack deflower her against her will while she pressed her lips into Juliet's cunt and screamed. She had told Jack she was a lesbian and had never fucked, and she definitely did not want to be fucked. He forced her to let him fuck her or she wouldn't be allowed in Juliet's bed. That big thing sure won't go in on me, she lamented, crying. She whined for a long time, but he stayed hard. Geli fearfully lay naked next to Juliet and stared fearfully at his erect cock. Her moans became low whimpers the closer his cock crept up between her thick thighs. His knees pushed her thick thighs apart. He gazed greedily at the open fruit, the pink flesh between her labia, and at the well‐trained clit that was visibly stiff despite her fear.

He penetrated very slowly and her hymen tore immediately. She cried out loud, though she could barely feel it. He fucked her slowly and with firm thrusts, she kept silent in bewilderment because it felt so good. He had never fucked such a tight and firm vagina, maybe with the exception of the janitor's 12 year old daughter. That was his only crime, he had by now deflowered some of the 13 and 14 year old girls in the area and fucked them frequently. The girls wanted it and came to him, he had never raped one. They never betrayed him.

She had a very tight cunty, Geli said, because she was a lesbian. All lesbian women have a very tight cunty, that's why they didn't let themselves be fucked! Her cunty would be much too tight for his cock, Geli said. No one else but her ever said cunty! He believed that he liked to fuck her so much because her vagina was as tight as the young girls'. He got used to the fact that when he squirted inside her vagina she always squealed that he shouldn't make her a baby. He squirted in juicily every time, after all it was completely nonsensical. He was too old to father a child after all.

Geli wanted to fuck every day and he had to slow down her attachment with time. It was enough for him if she came to fuck two or three times a week. Fucking with the ugly Geli did not fulfill him, she pressed her lips on Juliet's cunt and licked her with passion. She had never been able to lick Juliet before, although she had often begged for it. Now Juliet had lost her mind and Geli licked her from orgasm to orgasm. Juliet laughed childishly as she looked down at Geli's tongue and Her own clit. Geli's face contorted ugly in orgasm and that killed any eroticism. Geli was known to masturbate every day and much more often in a row than the others. When the war broke out, he stopped making the women come.

Because he wanted so much, so much to fuck younger, prettier women! The war was terrible, but he wanted to profit fuck‐wise from the escaped women. The young Tartanian women were generally considered very pretty, his friends had said. He felt ashamed for a moment, because he was only interested in fucking. This was certainly a low motive and more low base motive than the many good people who helped the refugees for noble reasons.

He had been retired for quite a while, the payments were okay and he could even put a little aside each month. But it bothered him that no real sex was going on with Juliet anymore. He masturbated on a case‐by‐case basis in the marital bed, Juliet watching him curiously as if she'd never seen it before and turning to face him. He usually squirted easily in her vagina at the end of the masturbation, she just said "Hey!?" or "Oops!" But sometimes he squirted on Juliet's naked breasts, she rubbed the semen on her breasts grinning and muttered: "That's it!" then she turned aside and slept.

Now he stood in the refugee reception center and waited patiently until he was called. The staff member was completely overwhelmed by the masses and was satisfied that his wife had gone 'to the front desk' because of ... the rest he mumbled unintelligibly. He could forge Juliet's signature blindfolded. She has signed, said the stressed employee, breathing a sigh of relief, so we can start! and went ahead. She introduced him to Irina, she had two children, five and six years old, Jan and Anusha. He drove them home in the car, Juliet was already asleep. He showed the premises, the living room with the TV for the children, who could sleep on the wide sofa. He opened the door to the bedroom and pointed to the very wide bed: Juliet, Irina, me! That was the key point. She had had much worse places to sleep on the run. Irina nodded, seeming to have no qualms about sleeping beside them both. He directed everyone to the tiny kitchen, where they devoured the pizzas they had brought with ravenous appetite. The children drank juice, Irina drank red wine like water. She drank a lot every night, that was obvious.

She put the children to bed, the little ones let her tell them a story for a few more minutes and fell asleep. He waited in the kitchen and they drank a few more glasses of red wine. He did not speak tartan and she did not speak any other language. Yet somehow they communicated. She had left her violent husband, he beat her and wanted her only for fucking. She formed a hole with her thumb and index finger and fucked in it with her other index finger. She made the fuck sign with her fingers so clearly that he taught her the word: fuck. She learned it immediately. Fuck! When the war broke out, her husband, drunk as he was, took up arms and fell in the first days. Dead. She made a cross and looked gratefully to the sky. Dead. Her finger ran across her throat and her eyes laughed.

The bottle was empty, Irina slightly buzzed, and they walked to the bedroom. Irina grabbed his arm and whispered: don't fuck! He looked at her incredulously and she shook her head decisively: Irina not fuck! He nodded in agreement and murmured, we'll wait and see, my sweet, then they went into the bedroom. He stripped naked and lay down next to Juliet, who also slept naked. He watched Irina undress very slowly. The 25 year old didn't have a pretty face under her ash blond pageboy hairdo, but she had a very slim figure and small firm breasts. She almost wanted to take off her panties, but reconsidered and kept them on. She turned to face him. He flipped the blanket all the way back and made an inviting hand gesture for her to lie between Juliet and him. A little tense, she crawled over his stiff erection and lay down, there was enough room for all three of them. He turned out the light.

He put his arm under Irina's head. Very gently and carefully his fingers slid over Irina's soft skin, she gradually relaxed as his fingers palpated her breasts and nipples. She began to explore his old body caressingly and her fingers clasped his hard‐on. It seemed to him that she knew exactly what she was doing. Okay? she asked softly, clutching the hard‐on determinedly, okay? He nodded, but since she couldn't see it, he whispered loudly Okay! She began rubbing his cock very slowly and asked, okay? He hoarsely whispered his okay and she gave him a nice handjob. She continued to rub him as he squirted and wiped his semen away with the palm of her hand. Okay? she asked and he whispered, okay, okay, okay! He kissed her on the mouth and whispered, good night, Irina! and she said, good night, Jack! Then they fell asleep.

In the morning he awoke, Irina had her arms wrapped around him and her panties had slipped. He looked at her pubic hair and labia curiously. He touched the labia so delicately that she did not awaken. He let his thoughts run wild, one day they would fuck, he knew that for sure. He woke her up after a quarter of an hour. The children were awake, Irina took them to brush their teeth and he made breakfast. He introduced Juliet and introduced her to Juliet. Juliet asked how long they were staying and Jack said they would be leaving after about four or five weeks, the decision depended on the refugee's office. After breakfast, Juliet stayed with the children and he went with Irina to the supermarket across the street. He saw that she had mastered shopping and they got everything they needed, including two doublers of red wine. She wanted to cook, they bought cutlets. At lunch they made sandwiches and Juliet took the kids to the playground. She was totally infatuated with the kids and the madness disappeared as long as she was with them. He helped in the kitchen to prepare dinner, the kids got to watch a cartoon movie after dinner and went straight to sleep. Juliet went to sleep as well, he waited for Irina in the kitchen with the red wine.

He learned that Irina had been earning her money as a whore for the last few years. Tartan's men fucked very well and paid dutifully. Irina said with her gestures that the considerate Tartans pulled out the cock to squirt. Irina not baby! she said, not baby! Many wanted to squirt in her mouth after fucking, that was okay for her, that didn't make babies. She put a finger in her mouth, pffft! that's how men squirted in! Jack too, she asked with glittering eyes, pffft! squirt in her mouth? He nodded uncertainly, he had never squirted in a woman's mouth before.

Whether she loved her husband? She rolled her eyes, a few weeks, after the wedding. And the children? No, they are just my children! she said with her gestures. The husband was not their father. Jack scratched his head and looked at Irina questioningly. Had he understood her correctly? They were the children of her childhood friend, whom she still loved very much at that time. Her husband suspected it, but she kept him in the dark, almost drinking himself to death with jealousy. Jack repeated it with his gestures and she nodded affirmatively, fuck with dear friend from before and two children from him. Two. Her husband drank too much and beat her until she let him fuck her. The gestures were clear, she thrashed Jack's fist, then finger fucked his fist for a very long time and went pffft!, pffft! so the guy squirted in her vagina. Jack nodded in understanding. She took his hand and kissed his fingertips. Jack okay, she nodded and tapped his forehead. Okay, Jack okay. She said that he was a smart man and had gotten her story right. He didn't understand a word Tartan, but he understood her. He kissed her palm; she was an honest person.

From the second day she took off her panties, he looked at her pubis, which was covered only by a small tuft of blond hair. Her cleft looked young‐girlish, the labia small and flat, neither the labia minora nor the clitoris were visible from the outside. She gave him time to look at her, then climbed over him upside down, and turned her bare ass towards him. She paused in the middle and delicately inspected his cock with her fingers, pulling the foreskin all the way back and looking at his glans. Her little butt cheeks were just inches from his face. She did this on purpose, he knew, it didn't happen by accident. She widened her buttocks and he looked at her cunt, the beautiful pink flesh and at her pale, flat labia. She let him look into her open vagina for minutes, he saw her little hole that had opened only a millimeter and where the light pink vagina could be glimpsed. Her clit was dark red and bursting stiff, the bud had come halfway out under his bonnet. If he had stuck out his tongue, he could have licked the red knob, but he didn't dare. She winced as his tongue touched her clit. He probed her clit with his tongue and pushed back the fold of skin over the nodule with his tongue, again and again, for minutes. It tasted bitter and sour. He had never licked a woman before and Irina had never been licked, yet she let him. His tongue danced insolently on her knob, she shivered after a long time and shuddered, only then she lay down. He believed that she had had an orgasm. Maybe?

She gave him a hand job every night and taught him to cum in her mouth. She had learned to do that in her whore life and was a master at it. She licked and sucked his glans and rubbed his cock at the same time until he squirted in her mouth. She licked and sucked his cock until it was completely flaccid. Her eyes glistened hornily, then she turned out the light. He groped after the squirt for her pubic, she willingly opened her thighs. He found the clit immediately and began to masturbate her gently. It did her a damn good! After a few minutes she orgasmed, held his hand tightly and breathed, Irina don't mimasilli, don't mimasilli! Amen! She made a cross and whispered something about religion and the Popen, apparently the mimasilli had been forbidden by the orthodoxe priest. Still, fuck the Popen, she liked to let him masturbate her every night and kiss him on the mouth afterwards. He was the first man ever she allowed to masturbate her, not even the husband! she explained to him gesticulating softly.

But of course there was no Popes around when he was needed. She let him watch her showering every morning, sitting on the stool and pretending to wait his turn. Irina smiled finely when he stared at her while she showered. Pope this, Pope that, every shower ended with her pressing her fingers to her clit and rubbing it for a few seconds. She huddled in orgasm and stood back up. She smiled guiltily and gave herself a light, token slap. Don't mimasilli, Irina, she mimicked the popen's deep voice, don't mimasilli! They both grinned and laughed aloud.

He accompanied her to all the appointments, to the payment office of refugee aid, to all the authorities. He took her shopping for underwear, buying several dozen for the kids and for her. He had to accompany her to the changing room, where she stripped naked and tried on each pair of panties individually and teasingly. He almost fell all over her. She laughed as bright as a bell.

In the night she woke him up all excited, he immediately turned on the little light. Juliet mimasilli, she whispered quite excitedly. Juliet rarely masturbated in her sleep, had kicked off the blanket and masturbated noisily. Irina watched his wife, stunned. He whispered, Juliet mimasilli, mimasilli is okay! Irina looked at him in disbelief and watched masturbating to orgasm spellbound. Apparently she had never seen a woman masturbate before. Juliet, who had masturbated freely all her life, laughed happily at him as he crouched in front of her and watched the masturbation up close. She masturbated every night and more often, he had soon learned and Juliet loved it before her madness when he masturbated her and she could indulge her sexual fantasies. He had also masturbated many of her friends, he could do it perfectly over time. Juliet farted loudly, turned sideways with the blanket and went back to sleep. His cock was stiff to bursting, Irina's clit was stiff to bursting. Somehow the bursting had to stop.

Her hand gently guided him as he slowly and carefully entered her vagina. She sighed deeply as he penetrated and hugged him. He would never understand why tears were running down her cheeks. She smiled with relief and stroked his head. At his age nothing went fast, he fucked her slowly and with pleasure. Her vaginal entrance was very small and her vagina very tight, he felt that she was skillfully pressing her clit on his cock while being fucked. After only a short time she had a violent orgasm, her vagina pressing and rolling his cock. He paused in amazement, never before had a woman had an orgasm while he was fucking her without masturbating. He didn't continue until she had calmed down and thrust a little harder. Her second orgasm triggered his squirting, he squirted in hard and she grabbed his cock in fright. She pulled it out, rubbed it hard and let the rest splash onto her labia. Not baby, she gasped in horror, not not baby! He slumped to the side and muttered, old men don't make babies. He turned out the light.

Fuck okay? she asked the other day in the shower and he nodded laughing, okay okay okay! She smiled and showered, warbling a little song. He had fucked many of Juliet's friends and acquaintances, all of them in fact, but he had yet to meet one who orgasmed while fucking. They all masturbated manually to orgasm, with him fucking or alone. Irina could orgasm in a few seconds, while fucking as well while showering. This woman was a little miracle in bed, and he didn't care that she had been earning her money as a whore for the last few years. He looked forward in advance to fucking her that night, helping with the shopping and cooking. He stayed with the children when they colored with crayons in the old school notebooks. He bought many new coloring books and crayons and the children threw themselves around his neck, they were so genuinely grateful.

Irina met with some fellow refugees once a week. She told that one of them was forced into prostitution by her host. Irina was shocked and looked at him uncertainly. Irina not prostituiti? she asked, looking at her fingernails. No, he said gruffly, no no no! Irina and Jack fuck, not fuck other men! He calmed down. Irina and Jack fuck, that's okay, isn't it? he asked, looking at her. Fuck Jack okay, fuck Prostituiti not okay! she said with finality.

Irina lowered her head. Irina Prostituiti, she whispered ashamed. He grasped her hands. That was over, he said, that was in Tartania. Tartania prostitution, okay and over! He wiped prostitution aside with his hand in the air. Not now, no prostitution, off to Germany, no more prostitution! She looked him in the eyes and remained silent. He pointed with his chin in the direction of the sleeping children. Children school, he said seriously, Anusha school! He pointed his finger in one direction and the other. School on the left, prostituiti on the right. Irina blanched. He explained school. Reading, writing, arithmetic. Books, reading. She understood. She nodded eagerly, the children would go to school and learn, Not prostituiti! She promised him eloquently that Anusha and Jan would go to school and read many, many books. He understood her, not her words. He squeezed her hand tightly, Anuscha not Prostituiti! She wanted to start all over again in Germany, she had friends there who could employ her as a seamstress. She never wanted to work as a whore again, she declared gesturing and looking Jack firmly in the eyes.

So it went on quite peacefully, they fucked every night and Irina pulled out his cock before squirting. She did well by masturbating him tightly while squirting and letting him squirt on her labia. Sometimes, of course, she was late and he squirted in her tight vagina and then said Oops! She flooded him with Tartian curses, Oops, Oops, you shall not squirt inside my vagina, old man, I don't want a child! But he loved to squirt into her vagina and always tried his luck when she was orgasming. She patted him on the arm with a smile and hugged him, somehow she was okay with him squirting inside. Only on certain days she still pulled his cock out vigorously and on time, Irina not baby!

Juliet sometimes sat up and turned on the little light when they fucked and watched them fuck. She masturbated with a crooked grin and Irina curled her fingers into Juliet's cunt. She stared stunned at the old woman masturbating and he was able to squirt in unnoticed. Irina didn't let go of Juliet's cunt until Juliet's orgasm had subsided. Irina had become hopelessly horny from watching and he had to fuck her again. She breathed heavily after the orgasm and patiently let him squirt in.

The morning after these nights she masturbated for minutes in the shower, usually twice, and gave herself the symbolic slap. Not mimasilli, Irina, grinned the pope with the deep voice, not mimasilli! She confirmed that she had never seen a woman masturbate before Juliet, female masturbation was something very very private in Tartania.

She had been masturbating every night since she was a teenager, of course, but only in secret. Only her husband had seen it once, when they were still in love, on their wedding night. He barely hid his disappointment that she was no longer a virgin and she instinctively decided not to tell him about her previous lovers. He had woken up and caught her in the middle of masturbation. That's when he hit her for the first time. Mimasilli, he cursed and pounded her, mimasilli! Then he fucked Irina hard and brutally. Since then she was very careful and never let him catch her again. The mimasilli she needed every day, period!

The brutal fucking was not her thing, although she could orgasm wonderfully while doing it. She endured it resigned to fate and masturbated very late at night when he slept off his drunkenness. She never let him cum inside again after the wedding night and rubbed his cock with her hand to make it squirt. He was way too drunk to change that. She let her married childhood friend Janek fuck her as often as he could and only he was allowed to cum inside her. She wanted the kids from him, only him! She fucked only him and her husband for the first three years, but the husband was never allowed to cum inside her. Janek moved away after his wife caught them fucking again and again. The wife had some sense of fairness and barked for them to move on! She stopped under the door and watched hornily. When he slunk out like a whipped dog after squirting, she winked mischievously at Irina. She kept coming to watch them fuck. Each time Irina orgasmed while being fucked, she put a hand on her heart to calm her galloping palpitations. Irina soon didn't mind that she always came to watch and once told her to lie down with them. The woman hesitated for a very long time until she undressed and lay naked with them. Janek fucked both women one after the other, Irina watched very curious and horny, because this was the only time she could watch them fucking. She crawled under Janek to see her hairy vagina while he fucked her. Instead of letting him squirt, the woman stopped. He fucked Irina twice in a row and squirted hard inside her twice. The woman pulled the blanket over her and Irina knew that she was secretly masturbating under the blanket. Janek later told that his wife preferred masturbating much more and very often than fucking. It made cheating much easier for him.

After Janek left, Irina began her career as a whore. A good friend taught her everything how to whore best. She helped her find an apartment where she could fuck gentlemen undisturbed by the children. Her husband was fuming when she left, but he left her alone and drank more than ever. She spent a lot of time with her children and took only so many men that she had a sufficient income. Still, there were hundreds of men, Irina sighed, but she had not remembered their names or faces. She was very careful, counting her days and letting very few splash in. If it was harmless, she quite liked to feel the squirting in her vagina. On those days she hugged the men tightly and pressed them against her, because she found it very satisfying when they squirted in.

After 6 weeks, her papers and tickets arrived. They said goodbye for the first and last time with a long kiss on the platform, the children giggling and giggling with embarrassment.

He pressed a wad of bills into her hand, the money is valid in Germany too, he muttered, not taking the money back. It's for your start, he mumbled and Irina said at the end, start! Yes, thank you Jack! Anusha and Jan start! He nodded and kissed the children lovingly on the top of the head.

He had to go very quickly so that she did not see his tears.

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