The Good Samaritan

mein buch

Dear Reader,

A not particularly decent Jack takes advantage of the refugee movement of the Tartan war and offers his lodgings in the hope of bedding as many young and pretty women as possible.

The good Samaritan is not at all as good as one imagines a good man to be. He offers his shelter only for the reason that one or the other woman from the war zone is sexually willing to him. About half of the women are not willing, they are still married or widowed or religiously bound. The other half come to meet him, out of sexual drive, gratitude, or other reasons. These are reported here.

The purely fictional story compiled here is erotic and pornographic in nature and should be read only by persons of appropriate age.

Unless the texts are explicitly marked as originating from someone else, they represent my intellectual property. Copying, quoting or redistributing the texts in any form is prohibited without my written permission.


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