The Convent Maiden

by Jack Faber © 2023

I grew up in a monastery of women, I never had parents. I believed I was the daughter of a nun, this was not uncommon in those days because there were many children in the monastery and sometimes you would see a pregnant nun, usually well hidden.

I have been deaf and dumb since birth, I never attended school and for the work in the herb garden and in the kitchen hand signals were enough. I never really missed speaking, what I didn't understand when I looked, I didn't need to know. I didn't need my own cell either, I slept with this one for a few months and then with another. I cuddled up naked to the naked nun under the bedspread and they taught me to masturbate right from the start when I was a kid. Most of the time we masturbated together, snuggled close to each other and I only noticed their orgasm by their breathing. Some wanted to masturbate with the little light on and we sat naked opposite each other and masturbated, watching the other masturbate.

Some nuns did not masturbate, we held each other close and kissed each other with our tongues, almost everyone liked that kind of kissing. The nuns who didn't masturbate themselves embraced me very intimately when I masturbated. They held me very tightly pressed against their naked shivering bodies. When the orgasm made me wriggle and twitch, then they embraced me very lovingly and kissed me with their tongues. Only a single one allowed me to masturbate her afterwards for months.

Sometimes a little pastor or a little monk came to our cell in the evening. The nun unwrapped his cock awkwardly and then she masturbated him by hand. I paid attention very well and a few times I was allowed to masturbate him, but the second time I had to rub for ages until he squirted. I looked at the cocks of course very closely, they were as different as the breasts of us nuns.

Once the priest who had said mass in the morning came, but he had not come to be masturbated. Of course, I did not understand what they were talking about, but he really wanted something and she did not want it at all. After all, we were in the middle of masturbating when the priest slipped in, and it was quite obvious that her clit was still hot burning like hell from masturbating. He grabbed her rather roughly and she clung to my neck with wide open fearful eyes in search of help. She shook her head, but at the same time she stretched her white ass cheeks back, towards him demandingly. I looked over her shoulder, his cock entered her little hole with a brutal jerk and she winced as if he had impaled her. I stroked her back soothingly and then caressed her asscheeks while the priest fucked her brutally. He was having a very hard time making himself cum and kept thrusting in hard to squirt. He pulled his pants up and left with an angry look on his face. She wiped a bit of blood from her thigh crying and wept bitterly hanging from my neck. I didn't know anything about deflowering at that time. But the wicked priest came every night and fucked her from behind while she hung on my neck and cried no more, so I was caressing her white asscheeks when she was brutally fucked from behind. After having squirted into her little hole he went without thinking that she maybe wanted to orgasm. After a few months he stopped coming and I was glad about that, because he always made such an evil face.

Few nuns let themselves be fucked, but most of those obviously liked it and usually had a nice orgasm too. With these I loved the fucking of the men very much. When they were fucked from behind, I would hug them lovingly, caress their buttocks and their ass creases, which most of them demanded, and feel their orgasm in their breath. When they were getting fucked lying on their backs, I would lay their head on my bare pubic, fondle their breasts or twirl their teats and look at the cock driving busily in and out beneath her masturbating finger. When their head jerked in my lap, I knew they were orgasming. The priests then had to pull out their cock and masturbate. I then spread their semen playfully with my fingers on her ass cheeks or her cunt.

I had learned very early to fuck the nuns clit to clit. Most nuns wanted to be fucked by me, and I liked it very much. I felt a bit like a man when I kept fucking a nun very hard after her first orgasm. I looked at their excited faces, which distorted devilish in orgasm and softened again, until the next orgasm. The nuns who loved to be fucked by me the most were the ones who did not masturbate themselves. They submitted themselves completely to me and let me do the aggressive clit fucking dominantly, they winced and twitched in their orgasms. They had quite a few orgasms and many cried afterwards with laughing eyes. When I was about 16 years old, we masturbated only as an exception, I should fuck them all clit to clit until they went limp. To me that was quite right, because when I fucked one, I myself also had many orgasms.

How I loved this, the fucking clit to clit! I bent over her, holding her wrists and bending them behind her head. I looked at her firmly, her wrists were not allowed to move! I saw her gaze wander like a little bird, trying to escape. Like a bird of prey I pounced on her lips, brutally forcing them apart and seeking her tongue, she did not escape me. My tongue attacked, overpowering the other and I kissed her aggressively until I saw in her eyes that she was defeated. I slid slowly over her body and my clit sought hers. She had to meet me, we both knew that. Her clit was seeking mine, I was seeking hers. Finally! Now I began to fuck her, slowly and carefully, so as not to miss her clit and not to lose it. I thrust harder and harder, watching her face slowly changing. The first orgasm came gradually, I kept fucking, aggressively and furiously. There, finally, the face changed to a devilish grimace as her first orgasm erupted. The clits lost themselves, her abdomen twitched and wriggled for a moment, then she calmed down. The clits immediately found each other again, I leaned on her wrists and continued to fuck firmly. The next orgasms came after only moments, I continued to fuck firmly and determinedly and she orgasmed every second. These orgasms didn't tear her around as the first one did, her face contorted from orgasm to orgasm again to the devilish grimace and she exhaled trembling and lightly shivering. It was over. I lowered my head, my own orgasms had exhausted me. She sought my mouth, my tongue. We kissed until our heartbeats and breathing calmed again.

Most dear to me were the most chaste virgins, the ones who never masturbated themselves, who never let a man fuck them, and who at night, bathed in sweat, awoke in a dreamed orgasm and, full of shyness and embarrassment, pressed a finger upon their clit until it calmed down and came to the relaxed resting position. They trembled like aspen leaves when I laid down with them for the first time. Shy, confused by their own feelings and full of shame, they allowed themselves to be embraced. The first French kiss was the decisive one, it was the door opener. Fucking clit to clit I didn't need to teach anyone, they had already had it explained to them a hundred times before they decided to dare. These virgins had the most beautiful orgasms, rapturously listening inside they felt the rise of the orgasm. Shy and girlish their facial expression at the orgasm, amazed and surprised they opened their eyes. I could see stars in their eyes!

I had fucked all the nuns over the many years, even the Sister Superior. The older ones didn't need to be seduced with French kisses and they kissed very little. She was quite old and smiled gently as I approached. She, like all the elders, had only gentle, trembling and shivering orgasms and knew exactly how to bring on the many small orgasms in quick succession after the first big one. She patted my buttocks kindly and nodded contentedly as I left.

War was raging outside and the convent was gradually closed. The nuns disappeared one by one and the Sister Superior explained with many gestures that the Emperor had been chased away and the war could not last much longer. I didn't know much about the world outside and I only knew the Emperor from the big photo next to the Christ and Our Lady. I nodded, I didn't care about the Emperor any more than I cared about Our Lady, I just felt sorry for the poor crucified Christ. He looked very unhappy and I thought to myself how uncomfortable it must have been to be nailed to a wooden cross. That all the nuns were in love with him I noticed, of course, but that was probably part of their lives. The Sister Superior then made it clear to me that a horse‐drawn carriage would take me to a village and I would live there in the rectory. I understood her and left with a very heavy heart after hugging all the remaining nuns.

The new parish priest had not yet arrived. The old housekeeper took a very long time to explain to me that she would only stay for so long and then leave, where to I could not understand. I was then the new housekeeper and she showed me everything. It was certainly not difficult. After a few days the new priest arrived, he had come back from the war and had only two fingers on one hand. He was very young, I must have been three times his age, he was 27 and I 61, a sad child he was, coming back very desillusioned from the war. But he was friendly and I cooked very well, because the farmers of the village brought really fine foodstuffs, better than we had available in the monastery.

He dragged me into the bathroom the first morning, I had to wash him thoroughly in the shower. I did that with pleasure, I had washed the nuns too, if they wanted it. Of course, I also washed his cock, which naturally stiffened. I rubbed his cock very lovingly until he stopped my hand just before squirting. He turned to the wall and immediately squirted on the tiles. I held his ass cheeks and bent over to see him masturbating. I grabbed the little sacklet and the shaft from behind and caressed it very gently, because I knew that's something the men wanted. He stopped masturbating and let me rub his cock from behind, leaving me to make him squirt. He only allowed me to reach between his ass cheeks from behind and caress his cock until he stopped masturbating before squirting and I was allowed to rub him hard from behind and make him squirt. After cuming, he turned back to me and I rubbed the drops of semen out of his cock, pulling out the last drops of semen at the end with firm fingerstrokes. I washed his cock and handed him the towel. But only after three months he allowed me to rub his cock until he squirted. I did it, I knew exactly how to do it. He was very pleased and friendly and after a few weeks he meant that I should not wet my dress and take it off. It was fine with me, I washed him in my panties and bra and masturbated him conscientiously every morning. Sometimes he would look into my room late at night and nod friendly when he saw me masturbating, because without the nuns I had to masturbate obsessively every night until I fell asleep tired. When he looked in, I would uncover myself and masturbate naked one after another time until I was tired. Weeks later he unhooked the bra, before I washed and masturbated him. I was very embarrassed for the first time, because they were hanging down like fat melons and the teats were getting pointy and stiff. But they seemed to please him very much.

I washed and masturbated him in my panties over the next few months and my melonlike‐breasts swung back and forth like church bells so that sometimes we both had to laugh. He asked if he could squirt into my mouth and I nodded, I've seen that with the nuns too. I always let him squirt in my mouth when he wanted it. He put his cock deep in my throat and squirted with his eyes closed. He told me that some French women had done it like that to him during the war. He never raped or fucked a French woman against her will, he was not a monster like others. But he admitted, never saying No to a willing French woman. I liked how good he did our conversations, which was not an easy task, but he desperately wanted me to understand him.

Then, weeks later, he made me sit on the stool. He took off my panties and looked at my pussy and clit. He touched my clit and looked at me questioningly. I nodded in agreement and spread my legs willingly. He was not unskilled in masturbating a woman and I came trembling and twitching to orgasm. After that I masturbated him and this went on for half a year, he had learned to masturbate me quite well and I was able to have an orgasm every morning before I masturbated him.

He now came to my room every night, sat next to me on the bed and uncovered me. He wanted to watch me masturbate when I was completely naked and that was fine with me, I masturbated one after another time until I had enough. One night he took off his clothes and lay with me. He didn't bother me while I masturbated, he only hugged me and pressed his naked body against me while I masturbated. I could feel his cock getting hard, and mostly he was fine with me masturbating him afterwards. This went on for months.

After one of my nightly orgasms, he lay upon me between my legs. I felt how firmly and demanding his cock wanted to penetrate my pussy. I shook my head, No, it was locked down there, I had never fucked before! He continued to press, although I shook my head in protest. I had never fucked, my lips formed, my fuckhole hasn't been opened! He pressed and pressed and suddenly my hymen tore, I could feel it very clearly. He fucked me very slowly and powerfully. He kissed my neck and paused deep inside me. His cock twitched and squirted several times, then he lowered himself next to me and instantly fell asleep. He went to his room a few hours later.

We've been fucking for years now without much change, I still wash him every morning in the shower, but I don't masturbate him every day. I run his household conscientiously and neatly. Only on Friday afternoon, when he comes back from hearing confession, he has to fuck me immediately because of his horniness. I do not know what the women tell him exactly in confession. I had asked him sometimes about it and he just shook his head sadly and made the hand sign for fucking and masturbating and the cock rubbing in the mouth, which he himself was very fond of. Yes, all of them, he pointed, mainly the cock rubbing in the mouth and fucking, but not with her own husband. He explained to me that many poor women made love to other women and girls and that it was not allowed if one or both were married. He described that the women masturbated each other or licked their clits. I had also often licked clits, but I did not enjoy it so much, only when I was licked, but it was not very common among the nuns. It was often the same poor women, he explained to me, who fucked other men, their girlfriends' husbands, their neighbors, the mailman or the craftsman. Married women are not allowed to do that, he explained to me, they are only allowed to fuck with their own husbands. I understood what he was explaining, but I found it quite strange and really boring. There were also two widows in the village who fucked with their own sons, that was quite sinful!

I didn't understand much about these things and what was allowed or not allowed, but I saw in his sad look that much of what he heard in confession was not allowed. I pressed his head to my chest, I didn't want him to fret too much about what the pious wives were doing with their cunts. I didn't ask further, I didn't really want to know.