mein buch

Meine lieben Leser,

My dears, as a professional storyteller I travel far and wide and am delighted that so many of you have come to the campfire. Save your coins, my reward is a good bite of your meat cooking over there. My name is Bo Teng, and the Master Bo Lai, who will appear in my story, was my father. He picked me up in a puddle when I was one and a half years old, adopted me as his son and trained me to become a warrior. He brought me to the royal court of Qin, where he was a highly respected man, and I served in the Kingsguards for 12 years. Many crooks wanted to rob the king's famous treasury, we had to smash a lot of heads and of course nobody got to the treasure. A careless handling of a black powder charge led to an explosion that cost many lives and my eyesight. I became a storyteller and have been wandering the Empire of Heavens for over 45 years. Master Tschin of this town, who took me in hospitably, let me choose from his servant girls which one should warm my feet at night. The girls murmured as I uncovered them one by one and looked at them with my fingertips. I made, I hope, a good choice. But I digress, forgive me! Today I will tell you about the exciting life of a princess who, shortly before I saw the light of day and the heavens, closed her eyes and went to her ancestors. A life full of Emperors and concubines, murder and manslaughter, intrigues and poison. Battles are fought, both on the field and on the sleeping mat. Empresses will moan in love like the ladies‐in‐waiting and the common Chinese women. Yes, let the young girls sit at the front, so that my old eyes may delight in their tender female flesh! A good sip of your thin beer to make my throat supple and my voice full, but also to remember the unfortunate brewmaster, who puts you through such a thing as beer. So, let the story begin!

Enjoy Reading!

Erotic-pornographic Story.

As long the sun sets in the West, the Story is my property and the child of my imagination. Therefore I do not allow anyone to copy or plagiate it on any media there is or will be, without my written consent.


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