I changed schools, now had to bike through the fields for half an hour every day and rarely saw Andi. Not a day went by that I didn't retreat and indulge in my vice; I often jerked off all afternoon.

My new girlfriends from class loved cocky speeches, talking became more, one word gave the other and after a short time formed a small circle of "exclusive" girlfriends who steeled away and masturbated together. Giggling, we thirteen‐year‐old geese ran across the field behind the school, crouched down behind the first bushes and all jerked off at the same time. The whole thing was more funny than erotic when one giggled commenting how she was about to come now, how it was already starting to twitch, yes, yes, yes and now it's coming for me too! From watching I sometimes became very horny and had a rapid, violent orgasm. The others laughed then, because usually they just pretended. They laughed because nothing could stop me once I had become horny. They laughed because I was the only one who really masturbated during these games.

Sometimes I went to the bathroom during class and jerked off quickly, then came back to class with an uninvolved face and winked at my exclusive girlfriends. A few times one or the other came along too and we did it together ‐ or at least I did; hurrying so the teachers wouldn't notice. Sometimes I also went home with one of them, then we often spent the whole afternoon "studying" in the room, jerking off together for hours until we couldn't anymore. During this time I had many orgasms in one day.

My favorite friend Monika, with whom I sometimes masturbated together for whole afternoons, told that it was "violently" happening at the river. Curious I went the next time with her, it was an adventurous time.

There were the anglers, grown men who sat motionless on the bank and stared for hours at their tackle. We girls made fun of stripping naked and swimming in the water to them; if we were in sight, we would briefly flash breasts, buttocks, or our pubes until they became restless. We'd warp away giggling when one angler or another got up, went behind a bush, and we could tell by the shaking and gasping that he was jerking one off.

Then again, we would lie skin to skin two by two in knee‐deep water and masturbate underwater; I was beginning to love the orgasm in the water. Sometimes we felt observed, which on the one hand spurred us on, on the other hand led to the fact that we swam nevertheless more often into the deeper water or under the tree's roots at the riverbank, in order to masturbate there.

Sometimes we also watched copulating couples more or less openly and jerked secretly with. We also jeered sometimes happily when a lad also watched the fucking lovers and then ‐ almost bursting with horniness ‐ jerked off. If we got horny ourselves, then we masturbated secretly, each for herself, after the boy had moved away; we never let the boys watch.

Once a young lad watched a couple from the shore and secretly played with himself in his pants pocket, but he did not dare to jerk off properly until the couple had moved away. On a whim, I wanted to mark the strong one in front of my classmate, so I quietly got out of the water naked, posed in front of him, and slowly unbuttoned his pants after squatting next to him. He looked up at me, caught and frightened, and at first didn't know what happened to him; moreover, he couldn't take his eyes off my nakedness. His little tail was already hard as a board and soaking wet, I grabbed it and held it while I blinked at Monika to see if she was really watching us. I rubbed his cock back and forth at lightning speed and deliberately opened my thighs wide. While he looked between my thighs with bulging eyes, a thick stream shot out. I held his cock tightly as long as a few thin splashes still fell into the grass. ‐ But that was really the only time, I never dared to do that again.

I also went down to the river more often when I was alone at home, looked for a cozy place and let myself drift on the water. Stroked me, excited me and quickly made me orgasm when I had become horny enough. I took all imaginable positions, drifting on my back, lying on my belly, holding on to the shore bushes, lying in a fisherman's boat. I did this gladly and often, until one day I heard a rustling in the reeds. Quickly I slid out of the boat into the water, hid myself behind it and waited.

Then I saw how our neighbor, the old Mr. Moser, carefully rose and crept away. That in his wooden hut magazines with revealing photos lay, I had discovered long ago; my friends and I had laughed and giggled, because the girls of the twenties in underwear or bathing suits should seem erotic, but seemed to us rather uptight. Now I was concerned about the fact that he had watched me masturbate and probably satisfied himself in the process. Affected not only because it was the neighbor ‐ whether he would tell my mother about it, I doubted ‐ but because I had never believed that so old people like him are still interested in sex. From then on, I avoided that place.

Monika, with whom I was constantly traveling, let me in on a big, very big secret one day. We were in her room doing what we always did, when she looked out the window and said we had to get dressed quickly and go to the shed. No one I must ever tell, no way, etc. etc. etc. Then we crept into the shed. When my eyes got used to the semi‐darkness, I saw nothing out of the ordinary, just Bello, the farm dog, and the little girl, about four or five years old, who always played with him. Her mother worked in the farmer's field and was allowed to take the child to the farm during the day. Wait, my friend pointed, wait!

Bello had briefly looked up at us as we sat down on the floor, but then the little girl, who hadn't noticed us, took him up all over again. She pulled and tugged at the poor animal, who was happy to go along with everything. More and more often he sniffed her bare bottom, pressed himself against her legs and rubbed, like dogs rub against human legs. I was just about to hiss angrily to my girlfriend that this was not so mysterious, when the situation changed completely surprisingly.

The little girl had been frolicking on all fours, followed by the big dog, who put his front paws on her back all at once and made a crooked hump. "What are you doing, what are you doing!" the little girl shouted with feigned seriousness and continued to frolic merrily with the dog, at each "What are you doing?" she tussled again with the big yard dog. After a few seconds of frolicking, Bello had asserted himself and clung to her back with his front paws: now he made his hump again, clasped the little girl and began to make humping movements ‐ more precisely, I at least assumed it, since little could be seen from our position. Monika and I changed position so we could see everything, for all the little girls cunt. The little girl held a long time still, while the dog's abdomen flicked back and forth. I stared in disbelief: Bello's cock was stuck in the little vagina and the big yard dog rammed back and forth like a machine. Obviously the little girl waited until Bello squirted into her vagina, as I could see quite clearly, then she tore herself away again and snapped at the dog, who in turn immediately tried to mount her again.

This went on a few times, and although the little girl kept teasing, she teased him and held out her bare bottom. A dozen times Bello mounted her and fucked her very fast, then he squirted into the little child and remained motionless in the tight vagina. Breathlessly I watched her vagina when Bello stopped and started squirting inside, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Only a short time later, the dog began to fuck quickly again and squirted violently inside. Desperately, the poor animal kept looking for the right entrance, but the girl jestingly withdrew from him as soon as he had squirted in. His swollen rod remained motionless in her vagina for a few seconds until the little one started to nag again what he was doing now! Bello had enough and ended the game. With a violent jerk she freed herself, Bello yelped briefly and painfully and sauntered away. The little one ran out of the shed, running after him, nagging.

I was speechless and perplexed. What, can that be? I asked Monika in a whisper, but she just shrugged her shoulders. I meant, the dog only pretended, that can not be! Monika gave me a meaningful look, but didn't say anything. Casually she mentioned that the dog gets stuck with his thick balloon because the little one down there is too tight, dogs sometimes get stuck when the bitch is very tight or gets a cramp, you know that.

Then we went to our "learning afternoon" in the room, and Monika took Bello with her. I suspected nothing good when we lay on the bed with our skirts up and Bello sniffed at us while we masturbated. His warm breath and cold, wet nose frightened me, as did his tongue, with which he sometimes licked my cunt. But Monika seemed to like the dogs tongue licking her cunt while she was masturbating. We sat at the edge of the bed afterwards, Bello did manikins and let his short but thick red cock show. He clutched Monika's lower leg and started rubbing against her.

Monika's face was bright red when she asked if I wanted to help her. With what? With Bello doing it to her.

I was thunderstruck. But not Monika! Now that I knew the big secrets, she could tell me everything right away. With Bello she wanted to do it for a long time, but it was just for her alone a pretty acrobatic affair, which has never worked so far, she had tried it again and again. And why didn't she sleep with a man right away? Monika was a bit confused, because the thing with Bello was ‐ she was looking for words ‐ playfulness, but with a man? She would have to be two or three years older, and besides, contraception would be a big problem. I, for my part, said I would never do it with Bello or any animal, because I find it only natural to do it with humans. It wasn't until too late that I realized that was pretty hurtful and intolerant.

Decidedly, Monika grabbed the little bed rug and put it around her shoulders. "So he won't scratch me" she commented on my questioning look. She turned all blushed red again as she settled on all fours and looked back, at Bello. The wise guy, of course, already knew exactly what to do. Only his legs were too short, he would have had a hard time getting up to Monikas cunt. "You have to hold him up a little!" said Monika, "please!" Everything resisted inside me, but she kept at it. I still hesitated, then I grabbed Bello by the butt and lifted him a little. I looked past him, searching his rod and Monika's cleft with my gaze. I aimed and pushed him up a little more, then he touched her cunt. Paws resting on her shoulder, now he pulled up a little on the bed rug, and I saw his small, thick, bright red rod enter her pink cunt. Monika sighed aloud.

Naturally, he slipped out again immediately when I let him go. Monika whispered that I had to hold him tight so he wouldn't slip out again, then she lowered her head again. I did, still reluctantly, what she asked and moved Bello back into place, lifted him up and controlled his butt while I looked sideways at him and watched very carefully that his rod really hit her cunt. Then I held him tight, letting him sink slowly into her.

Bello began to thrust. Actually, he was merely wriggling around in his awkward position. But the harder he got, and he got very fast, the greater the danger that he would slip out again. Monika looked back over her shoulder, grinning, while Bello became more frantic, ticking back and forth like a wound‐up mechanical music box. It was amazing when he squirted inside her cunt. I hold him tight so he remained in Monika's vagina. Shortly after he started to fuck again, I pressed him forward with my body so he continued to fuck quickly and squirted again. That went on for a while, Monika looked to me and nodded. Evry time the guy squirted inside her vagina she laughed and chuckled: "that's fine, that's what I was looking for!" After the third or fourth time Bello stopped fucking, he was obviously finished. Then I felt him slowly slipping out again.

What now? It won't work anymore, I whispered. Monika whispered back that I should take him up again, and I stuffed him back into Monika, but the fool slipped right back out. Actually, it was hopeless.

"Hold him!" hissed Monika, "hold him!" and rubbed her clit with an aroused sigh. I did what I could, but he bared his teeth at me. I lowered him, for it was hopeless. His short, wet rod was drolly swollen, in front was the glans swollen to a red balloon. He scolded me again, then trolled into the corner, arched his back and tried to lick his cock off.

Monika had become more aroused and horny during the first attempts. But when I had pushed in determinedly a few times with Bello's rod, the big boy had squirted into her vagina and I had put Bello down, she was already far, far away and concentrated rubbing her clit until she twitched.

Later Monika was very quiet, cleaned up and we got dressed. The friendship with her got a clear crack on that day, we still did all kinds of things together for a while, but it was no longer the same. Monika found out, that a certain low stool was perfect for Bello in height and she could do it now herself, alone.

And then my mother said one day at Dinner, she had met a nice man in the city and wanted to introduce us. He would come to our house for coffee next Saturday.