Once again, I had only the evening to myself, groping and rubbing in the dark, listening with bated breath for the sounds coming from Mother's room. It seemed to me that my mother was groaning and moaning more often than before. The monotony of those days was only interrupted when my cousin Theresa came to visit with her fiancé Peter. Mother set up the cot in my room and said mischievously that the two of them were sensible and would know how to behave if they spent the night in my bed, which was bigger and wider than the cot. Theresa chastisingly narrowed her eyes, and Peter hurried to murmur approval with his face flushed. So I slept on the cot and was terribly curious, nothing but curious.

Theresa had been here on and off in recent years, but never with a boyfriend. Well, by now she was 18 or 19 and no one thought it unseemly for her to travel with him, they were, after all, promised to each other and as good as engaged. Suddenly I remembered the soft noises of earlier nights when she had visited and now looked at Theresa with knowing eyes. So she knew it too. And so I was curious how it was with her and Peter.

At first there was nothing. We extinguished the light, undressed shamefacedly turned to the wall and lay down to sleep. For minutes there was complete silence. The summer heat penetrated our pores and made us hardly breathe. The minutes stretched into hours and the hours into eternities. I realized I couldn't keep myself awake much longer, felt sleep slowly coming, and heard my breathing slowing and becoming shallower.

Quite soft sounds of them waking me up. I stayed very still and listened as quiet as a mouse. The bright moonlight of the summer night conjured a fairy mood in the dark room. I saw the two of them moving dimly, slowly and almost inaudibly Peter rolled back and forth on Theresa under the covers, they nibbled and whispered and all the while he moved rhythmically, timidly slowly and carefully. I palpated my clit, but at first didn't dare rub faster, until I couldn't stand it any longer and held my breath, to a soundless orgasm.

This repeated itself again the other day; again I almost fell asleep and was only woken up by them again. But now they weren't as quiet as the day before and Peter flipped back the covers because he was getting too hot. I only dimly saw his butt bobbing up and down in the bright moonlight, heard him and Theresa panting and whispering. I had long since begun to rub my clit and at some point I had completely forgotten about the two of them, concentrating only on my lust and holding my breath again until the climax rolled violently. I looked briefly over to the two, who lay there completely still and quiet, then I turned to the wall and fell asleep.

The next day the two of them were out in the village, but in the afternoon Theresa asked if I didn't want to go up to the forest with her for a bit. I didn't even think about last night and just said yes. We walked up and I was surprised that Theresa didn't know how to start, because it was clear that she wanted to discuss something with me. We had been walking for quite a while when she got to the point. "You were heard last night" she said abruptly, looking at me sternly. "You were quite loud and cavalier" she followed up in an accusatory tone. Immediately I ducked my head and felt myself blush. I gulped and choked and couldn't make a sound.

It was okay, Theresa said, I could do what I wanted, but when guests were there, well. Since one would have to do just on some. Whether I understood her?

The thoughts tumbled through my head like leaves in the wind. I was embarrassed, but at the same time resistance was stirring in me, it didn't suit me that she should have the upper hand so easily. "Before, when you were with us, you used to do it, too!" I said defiantly and looked into her eyes, which immediately began to dance and wander around like trapped butterflies. I felt that I was right, and I wasn't going to let it go so easily now. "And I only did it because you fucked so loud!" I followed up, seeing her blanch now.

For a long time she said nothing, just looked out at the valley and walked back and forth between the trees at the edge of the forest. "Oh, you just misunderstand me!" she said gruffly, and fell silent again. She chewed on her lower lip, wickedly and meanly, and I didn't understand what I was supposed to have misunderstood. Time passed without either of us saying anything.

Theresa sighed, the way she always sighs when she godly gives in or gives in. "It's just because of Peter," she said, and I didn't understand anything anymore. "What about Peter?" asked I, looking at her frankly. I felt that we were not really angry with each other and I wanted to know openly and honestly what was bothering her.

"Peter has been very upset" said Theresa. "You were lying right under the window, so you could see everything very clearly, the moonlight was very bright. He lay awake for hours and couldn't get back to sleep" said Theresa. Oh, now I understood. Peter, the dear one, was worried about me and stayed awake all night because of me. I didn't want to be guilty of that and told Theresa that I was very sorry and that it would surely not happen again. "Peter is my fiancé and when he gets upset he can't concentrate on me" she said and I understood that too, because the fiancé is supposed to concentrate on his fiancée. "Yes, well, I promise" I said, 13 years young and no idea about anything, not even creeping jealousy.

Theresa was already turning to leave when I repeated, "Yes, I promise, but you can't fuck anymore either, because that's what got me so worked up!" I finished my sentence. Theresa's foot faltered at first, then she looked at me full on. "All right, it's on!" she said, extending her hand to me. The handshake sealed our promise.

That evening we went to bed in a very strange and unusual mood. I had the feeling that we were wishing each other good night much too kindly, like false snakes. I was quite confused and wished Theresa and Peter a good night too, "and sleep well!" I added, turning to Peter. Then we lay in the dark and were silent. A promise is a promise, they didn't fuck and I lay still.

I must have slept deeply, because all at once I was wide awake. The poor bed creaked pathetically, while the two in the bright moonlight quite oblivious to their lust. I thought of our promise of the afternoon and tried to fall asleep again, but I couldn't, no matter how much I wanted to. What was I supposed to do? The two of them groaned and moaned, rhythmically sounding as Peter penetrated Theresa and bounced back. After all, the two of them were barely a meter away from me, and this proximity made the excitement creep up in my stomach. Stealthily my hand approached the cleft, the finger sought the clit. Carefully and silently I rubbed, looked over to the two and slowly rose into the arousal. Comfortable warmth flooded me, I gently pushed the light blanket aside and closed my eyes while masturbating.

After a few seconds I had become as horny as never before from listening. I suddenly did not care that the two were barely a meter away from me and whether they could hear me or not. My finger awoke to excite the clit in a whirling frenzy, I paid no attention to the two who had apparently paused. My arousal had long since risen to the point where I wouldn't have wanted to stop anyway, though very briefly I felt a vague fear. A snap sound. I finally forgot everything around me, opened myself and my thighs very wide, and held my breath in anticipation of the orgasm that shook me with sudden ferocity and discharged with violent, rolling jerks.

I immediately stopped, something irritated me. Someone had turned on the light, that was the snap! When I looked up, gasping, I saw first Peter's insolent grin, then Theresa's desperate, reproachful look. Peter had turned up the little reading lamp and now they were both looking over at me, had been watching me masturbate and orgasm all along, while he was deep and motionless inside Theresa. His round, hairy butt pressed firmly against Theresa, who now turned her head away bashfully. I suddenly noticed his grin, saw the greedy glint in his eyes. "Go on, come on, keep going!" he whispered excitedly, thrusting into Theresa a few times. I froze, lying spread‐eagled and naked as a frog, my finger paralyzed on my clit. I ought to be pissed off, I thought, but my abdomen was still quivering and trembling happily in the waning orgasm.

He turned his head sideways and looked over at me, his eyes searching my small, hairless cleft as he pushed his cock deep inside Theresa once more. His look reminded me of Uncle Erich. Irritated, I closed my thighs and hid my cunt with my hand.

Peter began to fuck her again, looking over at me and grinning incessantly. Closer than I'd ever been to watching adults fuck, I watched Peter get wilder and wilder while Theresa clung to him with teary, closed eyes. She shook her head and wanted to pull away from him, wanted to take her legs off his shoulders, but he forced her down and kept fucking firmly. "Keep going!" Peter ordered me in a whisper, and pressed back into Theresa rocking deeply. Now he deliberately turned a little to the side so that I could see Theresa's wide‐open pubic cleft and his cock in its entirety, and I watched in fascination as it slowly dug back into Theresa's black‐haired cunt, came out shiny and wet, and pushed deep again. She tried to pull away from Peter, but he held her like a vice and humped her tightly, so that she soon stopped resisting. While Peter pushed her like a wild man, she looked at me strangely and slowly some tears rolled down her face, while she was thrown up and down more and more violently by the force of his powerful body.

My excitement rose instantly as I saw in the dim light Theresa's labia close tightly around his cock as if to lick it off. Slowly her face transformed, suffering was now followed by pleasure and lust. I lay there completely exhausted, resting my head on the side of the pillow, watching his cock, which he was now thrusting violently like the village bull deep into her tuft of black hair, thrusting, over and over. Theresa began to breathe shallowly, moaning and groaning and convulsing silently as Peter continued to ram her unflinchingly. He pulled his cock out very slowly, no doubt for contraception, until the glans hovered barely half a finger's width in front of Theresa's hole, while he stared over at me with wide‐open, absent‐minded eyes. I, in turn, stared at his glans, which now jerked up to my horror, spurting the semen in thick jets directly into Theresa's open vagina.

Peter suddenly fell forward, reflexively his cock jerked forward, slid back into Theresa's vagina. I was horrified, because endlessly his thick cock pumped everything jerky and jerky into poor Theresa. Confused, I stated triumph in her facial expression, while she looked over at me the whole time, poor Theresa my ass! Although he was obviously impregnating her, she pressed his buttocks firmly against her, braced herself against him and virtually let the semen pump into her. Then he sank to the side, his cock slipped out of Theresa's vagina and remained half stiff and dripping wet on his thigh. Theresa remained lying there, wide open as she was, paying no attention to me at all, while bright viscous drops ran from her reddened vagina and dripped onto the sheet. Then she put an arm around him, tasting and stroking him soothingly until he breathed more calmly again. Only after a long time did she close her legs and embrace him warmly and possessively before looking at me haughtily once more and extinguishing the light.

My mother looked up only briefly and sullenly when Theresa said smilingly at breakfast that they were leaving earlier than planned after all.