After the Berliners left, it became very quiet; Philipp went back to school in the county seat, and I met with Andi only rarely for the time being, because without Andrea we didn't immediately dare to really revive our secret circle meetings. Most evenings I lay in bed and rubbed myself quietly, delaying climax as long as I could and sometimes listening, shuddering, to the soft sounds coming from Mother's room. I lay in the dark, and while my finger gently rubbed the clit or massaged the cleft, I got into my fantasies, let Karli or Philipp fuck Andrea, turned into her and enjoyed the climax. Gradually, my fantasies shifted back to Andi, who was fucked by Karli and squirted violently. I sometimes held my breath until I felt the orgasm ‐ already close to suffocation. But with all excitement I did everything to be inaudibly quiet; my mother should get nothing of it.

She had again the whole day service, and after some time I invited Andi to visit me again in my storm‐free hut, because we both wanted to continue the shenanigans. The first time we sat rather embarrassed on the bed and kept silent until he thought of something funny from a band meeting, then we both laughed and the ice was broken.

Without thinking about it beforehand, I asked Andi in a whisper if I could take him (he knew right away who I meant by that) in the hand. He was a little embarrassed at first, but then he nodded and pulled down his pants. His dick was tiny and shriveled up at first. Andi mumbled sheepishly that it was a little small, but that would come. "Do you want me to take off my clothes?" I whispered, and he nodded. Slowly I undressed and sat straddled next to him, letting him see everything. His cock began to grow very slowly as he peered at my slit.

After a while of silence I carefully groped it, it felt soft and silky even though it was stiff. Like a small animal, I felt the pulsation of its heart under the skin. Very carefully I pulled back the foreskin, letting the glans peek out. It was pointed and long, and in front there was a small hole in a notch. When I started to feel it, Andi flinched briefly and whispered that it hurt him. I immediately let go and waited. After a while, I touched the cock again and looked at it: "Can I?" Andi nodded and leaned back, leaning his head against the wall and pushing his pelvis forward, his cock now really protruding.

I grasped the shaft as I had seen Karli do and began to push the skin back and forth. "You have to do harder!" whispered Andi with his eyes closed, and I obeyed. After a few minutes he began to twitch, but my hand was already totally tired. With the very last of my strength, I kept pulling and pushing, squeezing his cock harder as he commanded, "Harder!" Although he had a small, thin cock, it had become quite firm. It went on for a long time, and I was beginning to think my hand was going to fall off, when he stiffened, his cock reared up and squirted a bit of semen all over his thighs and my forearm. I had made it. I happily snuggled up to Andi, who lay there panting and smiling to himself.

Now we met more often. Andi made it nevertheless rather myself, because I was too slow and too weak, I noticed soon. He did it best by sticking a finger in his own asshole and humping back and forth until the stiffened cock throbbed and twitched; then he jerked off short and fast and let it all spurt out.

But he made it clear from the start that he preferred it even more when I used my finger to fuck him in the butt. Initially, I did not dare, because I had never before put a finger in someone's asshole. But he whispered that I should stick it in deeper and deeper and fuck him really hard. When he wasn't tired yet, his cock would straighten up throbbing and twitching, Andi would whisper that I should do it even harder, and then his cock would squirt, all by itself, which fascinated me anew every time. Sometimes, when he was already tired from the first cum or when he was already very excited and my pace was too slow for him, he humped his butt wildly and impatiently against my finger, rubbed his cock briefly and let it squirt immediately. Mostly, though, he completely abandoned himself to me after I learned to fuck his asshole with a finger and rub his cock fast and hard at the same time. I always found it insanely horny how it squirted from the red tip into my hand; looked at the white juice very closely, rubbed it slowly between my fingertips.

He didn't touch me at first, always just looked furtively at my slit and I was just too cowardly to touch myself when he was around ‐ the protective element of the gang was missing here. Only after many meetings did I dare to furtively caress myself once, when he had dozed off. We lay there weary, he had been dozing for several minutes, and I held his sticky, soft cock with my sticky fingers. Lying still beside him, looking pensively at his glans, dreaming of more and then the heat crept into my chest, my belly and my hand furtively to my slit. His squirting had made me horny, I rubbed myself very quietly and felt his cock, felt him at the same time with my rising horniness become firmer. The heat surged up in me, I suddenly didn't care that Andi had woken up and was watching me while I masturbated. Andi grinned wryly as I tensed in climax and curled up on my side.

I usually rubbed my clit stealthily and silently when he dozed off. I could never masturbate as freely as he did in front of me, but always did it secretly. Once he tried to masturbate me, but didn't get me more than a little arousal, but I still enjoyed it very much, sitting back and letting him do it to me passively. Afterwards I was very relaxed and cheerful.

When he wasn't around, I often jerked off throughout the afternoon, taking small recovery breaks, then getting going again. During that time, I had many orgasms in an afternoon and just couldn't get enough. I developed different techniques, sometimes rubbing just the clit, sometimes teasing my asshole with the other hand like Andi, and always the nipples. Sometimes I played with the vaginal entrance, made little humping movements with one finger and imagined it was a man. After all, I was almost 13 and hell‐bent on sleeping with a lad. I didn't want to be the last virgin in the village.

One day I couldn't help it and told Andi that I wanted to fuck him. He was completely surprised and somehow scared. He had never, he did not know how, he was only .... I interrupted his stammering and asked in a whisper whether he was my friend or not. He nodded and fell silent. I looked at him for a long time, then I quickly took off my summer dress, under which I had nothing on, and lay down on the bed. Andi undressed too, slowly and awkwardly, then he looked sheepishly into my eyes and remained silent.

It was quite strange to lie so close and completely naked next to him; it was quite different from lying next to my mother on Sunday morning or with Andrea in the attic, where we had made our fuck attempts. Little scrawny Andi and his little buff cock lay next to me, both a little scared and yet I loved them both. We were sweating, probably not only because of the summer heat, because we both didn't know how to start it. All at once the Andi laughs softly and whispers in my ear, "Look, he just doesn't want to!"

In fact, his little one had withdrawn even more. Damn, I thought, he can't be doing this to me! My first angry reflex startled Andi, I looked into his eyes that reminded me of a totally scared deer. I immediately forgave him and hugged him, murmuring in his ear that it was okay, he should be quiet. After a while of waiting, I told him we should do it like we always do. He nodded.

As he had done so many times before, he began to rub his cock slowly, "making it tight" as he called it. He thrust his pelvis impatiently as his cock became firmer; now it was my turn, I licked my index finger and slowly and carefully inserted it into his butt. Then I humped him with my finger while he rubbed his cock. I saw that it had gotten nice and long and tight; now I pulled my finger out of his ass and lay on my back. "Come fuck me!" i whispered. Excited and as if caught in a trap, Andi faltered and looked at me in amazement. Saw me lying there ready, looked at his "pinned" cock and then looked back into my eyes. Come, I thought longingly, come! Yes, so it was right, he was now ready, all horny and stiff, as he was always horny and stiff before squirting and now he could certainly fuck me.

Once again Andi had gotten that deer look, but he obediently rolled around and knelt between my thighs. His small, narrow tail was already stretched to bursting, red and demanding looked out in front the glans. My heart was beating like mad, because I was afraid of what I wanted so much at the same time and felt how fear, desire and curiosity mixed; my cunt became warm, wonderfully warm. I had imagined it again and again, and I always overcame my cowardice with the idea that Andi's cock was, after all, much thinner and smaller than Karli's or Philipp's or even the coarse Seppl's with his thick, huge club. If I ever dared, then only with Andi.

Impassively he knelt there and thought long, then his hand led the stiff tail to my cleft. I will never forget that first touch, the delicate and careful groping that touched my skin and made me shiver. His glans met resistance, not daring to go between my labia. "It won't work!" complained Andi. I shook my head and whispered, almost inaudibly, "Come, so come now!" Andi slowly pushed it forward, the narrow, pointed fellow found its way after all, and slid in very slowly, as if in slow motion, a little way. Andi straightened up on his knees, panting, and froze in mid‐slide.

I hadn't expected that. I looked at him, saw him close his eyes and remain motionless. I lifted my head and looked at him, then my gaze slowly slid down his lean body to his cock. It was still almost half visible and the glans was no longer there, his cock was inside me.

He was inside me.

Slowly he penetrated; for a moment I was startled as the hymen tore. A warm wave flowed through me as I felt him all the way inside me. Andi reached back with one hand, palpated his bottom, and slowly slid a finger in and out.

Somehow I didn't feel him, at the same time my crack was filled with his warmth, moist and wonderfully pleasant pulsing. I could see Andi tensing and his cock twitching and pumping without him stirring. What was he waiting for, when was he finally going to start fucking? I felt the warmth and the moisture and saw him kneeling there with his eyes closed, waiting. Waiting for what?

"What is it?" I whispered, suspecting mischief. An eternity passed, during which Andi continued to remain motionless, his cock pulsing, pumping on and on. After this eternity, he opened his eyes and smiled blissfully. Slowly he sank forward, his tail slid very deep and painfully further into me, he laid his head against my shoulder and sobbed silently.

Scared, I reached out and stroked his straw‐blond mop of hair. "What is it, what is it?" I whispered over and over, feeling at the same time the curiosity of my body, my vagina eagerly embracing his cock. His sobs subsided for a moment, and he whispered, "It's all squirted in! Everything!" and then he sobbed again.

I felt panic rising. Andi had squirted into me? My God, I could get pregnant! No, I reassured myself, I was still much too young, I couldn't get pregnant now, I still had to go to school, and only then, maybe. With a jerk I shook Andi off, wriggled out from under him and reached for my cunt. Sure enough, it was all full of his slime, dripping out a little. In my panic, I paid no attention to the few drops of blood that testified to my virginity. I squatted down and let it all drip out onto the sheet, commanding myself to widen completely, completely, and let it all drip out. Then I cried.

Wordlessly and silently he then left, we avoided each other for a few days, until one afternoon he stood before me again, embarrassed and uncertain, but with the defiance of his whole 14 years. Whether I was still angry with him, or whether I could forgive him, it had just happened, he didn't know how. At first I stared at him stubbornly, but then we laughed and everything was fine again. In the next weeks, when he visited me, we did it like before; we never tried fucking again. After all, we now knew how it felt.

And Andi preferred to be fucked himself. Mostly I did it to him with my finger, feeling his butt pinch and squeeze my finger when he cum, holding my hand in front of his glans and catching the semen in the palm of my hand. Our meetings became less frequent, mostly Andi just came by as if by chance, but I could tell by the look on his face that he needed it badly now. Then Andi stayed away almost completely, because my mother had taken on another job, which started even earlier in the morning, but she was back home by early afternoon. I saw Andi only rarely anymore and then only very secretly.