The Gang

Andrea blurted out the idea of starting a gang just as we were taking a gasping break, and she said that everyone had a gang these days, like the Tom Sawyer gang or the Huckleberry Finn gang. I was awestruck at all that Andrea knew, especially because she had a very clear idea of the gang. She would be the gang leader, of course, I would be her adjutant, and the neighbor boys Philipp and Andi and her stepbrother Karli would be the gang members. She imagined how we would have to develop our own secret code so that the adults could not decipher our secret messages, we would need secret ceremonies and rituals, a punishment register with the most wonderful tortures for possible sinners who violated the secret code. Perhaps it also played a role that Andrea's vacations lasted only a week and a half more.

Band, adjutant, codex, cipher, cassiber: my imagination also began to do somersaults. They must play with us and meet us in secret places, I said, and Andrea said: they will be our slaves! I looked at my great friend from the side as she added: and we will play great games, including fucking, jerking off and stuff.... She dispelled my doubts by telling me that she had already jerked off together with Karli and Andi, the 12‐year‐old neighbor's son. By the way, the two of them always do it with each other, she revealed to me in a conspiratorially lowered voice, while I stared at her in disbelief ‐two boys, with each other? ‐I didn't have to wait long for that, the next day was the day.

Andrea and I now developed an almost frantic bustle to organize the gang. Of course, the guys were only with tricks to move to join in, but Andrea promised to let them in on all the secrets, there the curious guys could not resist, at the same time Andrea had skillfully laid the foundation for a horny time.

The gang met now day in ‐day out in the rear part of the equipment shed, which the adults hardly entered. There they would not have stared badly namely, what we're doing there. First of all, of course, there was the ceremonial acceptance and the oath of allegiance that Andrea had thought up with Karli. We swore this and that on the life of the mother, grandmother and what do I know whose else. Then the oath of allegiance had to be sealed; for this Andrea invented a ritual: we all had to piss in a large jam jar, the urine was to be stirred and then ceremoniously placed on top of a box; whoever would commit treason would have to drink the jam jar all at once! ‐ Everyone agreed, but no one really dared to start pissing. Then Andrea unceremoniously pulled up her skirt, squatted over the jar and let it run. Then she waved Philipp, who now pulled his Pinky out of his pants with a red head and peed in a slight arc in the glass, after him Karli and Andi. Last came my turn.

Now the first inhibition was overcome, we still played the whole afternoon Indians and secret society, but Andrea steered the games slowly in the right direction. The next morning we met for the first real secret society meeting; quickly all should understand what was to be understood by it.

Andrea invented a wonderful South Sea story, with us as stranded castaways. After a while we all had to undress ‐ in the South Seas it is known to be very hot and the stranding had shredded our clothes from our bodies, or so. I observed the different cocks of the boys, one small and stiff, the other longer but hanging down limply. After the first moment of shock, I didn't mind much being naked myself and being looked at. The story was woven on and on, then Andrea said we were a native tribe who had kidnapped a poor white girl (me) and were thinking of sacrificing her on an altar.

My surprised protest did not help, I was laid out in the middle by the natives and now lay there naked and fearful, awaiting my end. Andrea was, of course, the head priestess, who summoned the spirits and, muttering incantations, groped and palpated the poor creature. The lads' eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets as the head priestess fiddled with the victim's cleft, pretending. Karli stared unblinkingly at my slit, which was being tugged, pulled and rubbed by Andrea, and began to wank with a grin. It scared me a bit when he suddenly took a step closer and squirted in a wide arc in my direction.

Now Andrea let go of her victim, knelt down on the floor next to Philipp and grabbed onto his cock, but held it very still. Philipp didn't make a sound, only his ears turned bright red. His stiff cock began to throb in Andrea's hand, became even stiffer and soon the little red head peeked out from the tip. Philip seemed thunderstruck and allowed without resistance that she rubbed his cock lightly. First carefully, then she pulled the foreskin back more and more energetically over the red tip. All at once Philip winced, and out of his cock it squirted in little plunges: everyone watched tensely while Andrea stopped rubbing and let it splash on the floor.

Philipp embarrassingly closed his thighs and covered his flaccid cock with one hand. Andrea told however her South Sea story further and said to Philipp, now he must do it to her. Philipp looked uncomprehending, whereupon Andrea now leaned back and opened her thighs. Everyone looked at her slit, which she willingly showed. Then she stroked it with her hand, back and forth, as if by chance; then she began to masturbate. She asked me to join in, and after a moment's hesitation, I half‐heartedly did. While we sat on the floor with our legs spread and jerked off, the boys watched us with their heads turned up red; I saw how one after the other got hard again. Andrea acted quite neatly and started twitching, theatrically spreading her thighs and pretending to have a God‐knows‐what‐fine orgasm, ooch and ouch, although she had none at all; I stopped my listless rubbing.

After a pause, Andrea told Karli and Andi to rub too; but they hesitated. She grabbed Andi's cock and rubbed him quickly, but he would not and would not squirt, although Andrea had now rubbed very long and quite firmly. Then Karli said that Andi couldn't do it that way and would rather have it "from behind" and then would also squirt well. Andrea looked at her stepbrother Karli for a long time and thought hard, then she nodded and said, "alright!" Apparently it was not new to her, as now Andi knelt down with straddled legs, bent forward and Karli pushed his cock into Andi's asshole.

I was completely stunned in the first moment. Thought of Seppl and the Kabunke. Yes, what is he doing? ‐ Karli started to carefully fuck Andi, then he got faster and wilder, while I crouched next to Andi and watched how his little cock swelled and seemed to throb in time with Karli's fucking. I found it arousing the way his sac and cock bobbed in unison, the way a few droplets dripped out of Andy's glans on long strings. Karli laughed when he saw me crouching there in amazement, lifted Andy up a little by the hips and continued to fuck him wildly. All at once Andy's small, pointed cock began to spurt of its own accord, squirting at the same rate as he was being fucked by Karli. Karli kept thrusting and thrusting, all at once pulling his cock out of Andi's bottom and squirting once violently into the air, then rubbing until he could take no more. Andi cowered in the corner and looked at none of us anymore, apparently he was kind of ashamed after all.

So the last vacation days passed, we of course played this game again and again, although the boys didn't want to as often as we did. All in all, we did this South Sea magic a couple of times, with Andrea always coming up with variations. Once, her playing around with the poor victim turned serious and the head priestess rubbed my clit until I had a strong orgasm, which made me feel quite ashamed the first time. After a while, however, this became a ritual, and when it occurred to the head priestess, the boys would hold me by the arms and legs until she masturbated me a second time. After a few days, I didn't feel ashamed at all when they all curiously watched me orgasm. In general, producing in front of others and watching became more and more important for all gang members every day.

Andrea was really infatuated with Philipp, but he didn't want to or couldn't do it very often. Once ‐ and only this one time ‐ Philipp was allowed to fuck her a little, only very briefly and quickly, was allowed to carefully put his glans between her labia and slowly drive back and forth. He did this for a while, then Andrea gently pulled him towards her so that he could get deeper inside. Now he dared to put his cock half in and pull it out again to the glans, but only after some hesitation he dared to go in as deep as Karli did then. Andrea visibly enjoyed that Philipp now fucked harder, but this time she probably didn't pay much attention, because I had long since noticed from the pulsation of his cock that he was squirting into her. Fascinated, I watched as his sack contracted again and again and his cock pumped jerkily into her. When he was done, Andrea sat up in horror, her head red, then squatted spread‐eagled on the floor to let the mucus ooze out of her.

Karli jerked off most willingly at the very beginning of the game, a game that Andrea soon gave solid forms and a fixed sequence of events. Broad‐legged, he stood in front of Andrea or me, staring at our cunts and trying to cum on us. In the meantime Andrea had explained to me that this was completely harmless if the semen stayed outside, so we didn't mind if he squirted on us. With a rich clap, his semen landed on a leg or a belly, even though I winced at first. Andrea only laughed when he got down on his knees from sheer greed and tried to squirt his seed specifically on her pubic area. She then virtually goaded him on by spreading her cunt a little with her fingers while he frantically and greedily rubbed everything on it. It's only on the outside, she said with a grin, you don't get pregnant from it. Still, I didn't let him get that close.

Coward, Andrea said to me and the next time let Karli even closer until his glans touched her pubis while rubbing and the white cream splashed directly on her labia. The next increase was that she excited him as before with her finger play, but then, getting horny herself, masturbated her clit while his glans danced wildly on her labia. So they both masturbated quickly and close together. I could see it in her eyes that she had climaxed, because only a moment later her thighs twitched uncontrollably, her whole body jerked, while Karli violently jerked his glans between her labia. But when he penetrated deeply and began to squirt, she reached down and pushed him back, causing his remaining semen to splatter everywhere. She was always very annoyed when he squirted in. Still, it almost always came down to her pushing Karli or Philipp off when they were already squirting.

In the course of time, Philipp also became bolder and now tried to imitate Karli, after all, he was the older. While Karli was still busy with Andrea, he pushed me gently backwards and knelt between my legs, spreading them slightly with his hand. It looked funny how he stared at my hairless vagina while rubbing his cock thoughtfully. But he was more considerate than Karli and tried to squirt only on my belly or thigh. Mostly, however, he sank forward exhausted before the orgasm and let the semen splash on me. When he squirted, he pressed the glans into the gap between my labia, where I felt it squirt and throb.

Later I had to press my thighs tightly together, because his glans pushed wildly against my slit, bored firmly between the labia against my vagina, when he splashed violently twitching. Mostly I took good care that everything stayed out. Once I gave in, because I had a vaguely beautiful feeling of happiness when he pressed me, enjoyed it that he pushed himself between my labia and squirted his warm seed against my hymen, but I did not let him pierce it, because I was far too afraid to be properly fucked by such a thick cock as Philipp's or even Karlis.

When Philipp masturbated with Andrea and Karli in front of me, I pulled back further and further the closer he came. Sometimes Karli groped me with greedy fingers while he splashed hot and wet over my belly or thighs. Sometimes, however, I couldn't avoid him any further and had to reluctantly endure him slapping everything on my slit with wild grunts despite my pressed‐together thighs or pressing his thick, squirting cock between my labia with a shabby grin. Once he groped for my labia, spread them with his fingers and deliberately wanted to squirt in, I jumped up and hid behind Andrea.

Andi sat mostly next to us and waited crouched and meekly until his turn came. He held his cock in his hand and watched us. When he got horny, he sometimes rubbed and squirted a bit, but rather rarely. Later, when Karli had regenerated, he would take Andi, who had just been waiting for Karli to mount him. Andrea, Philipp and I watched breathlessly horny when Karli fucked him pretty hard. It seemed to be a lot of fun for Andi and I marveled at the wonder every time his little cock jerked and spitted all by itself while Karli kept pounding him hard. I was fascinated by it and crouched next to them every time Andi got fucked and watched, unable to take my eyes off Andi's slender little cock. Andi wasn't as embarrassed now as he had been the first time, and smiled shyly when I crouched next to him and watched the squirting very closely.

But these were already our last experiences, because we had to say goodbye to our Berliners.