The Kabunkes

In the summer, Andrea came from Berlin to our neighbors for a vacation. She was half‐orphan and lived with her stepmother, Mrs. Kabunke; Mr. Kabunke, however, had stayed in Berlin. Mrs. Kabunke ‐‐ she was probably in her mid‐thirties ‐ was, in Andrea's words, a "very horny babe of Berlins'" (whatever that might be) and had taken her father, a wealthy widower ‐ I nodded with an expert's eye, but didn't understand a word. Andrea was already almost 14 and thus two years older than me, a bit chubby and already had a bit of bosom. To be more precise, she already had quite noticeable curves and carried them proudly in front of her. She knew everything, could do everything and dared to do everything. When I say everything, I mean everything. Her stepbrother Karli was short and stocky, although he was almost 15.

I still have to smile today when I think of those first days: how we were out and about like the whirlwind, making noise and racket for ten and getting up to all sorts of harmless mischief. Of course Andrea wanted to be let in on everything, get to know all the secret places and stick her nose in everywhere. Karli sometimes trotted dutifully behind us, but mostly he was with the other village boys and left us two wifeys alone.

When I showed her the riverside and all the hiding places there and also the place where we always changed clothes, she tried to squeeze me out, with which guys we would be around and how that would happen when changing clothes or bathing; naively I dodged and helplessly shrugged my shoulders at most of the questions. So Andrea soon got the upper hand and casually said that she had already fucked at the age of 11 ("screwed", she said, and it was certainly a lie, because she always wanted to be better than me, the twelve‐year‐old, in everything). When I looked at her uncomprehendingly, she made a circle with her thumb and index finger and drove her other index finger in and out. I began to vaguely guess what she meant, and said that in our house only the animals would "screw". "I had already seen when the boar mounted the sow or the dogs mated." Andrea laughed me outright and found, "there had to be learned but still very much, my little babe". And already she took the lead, said, we get it already and smiled mysteriously to himself.

Only a little later she pulled me, putting her index finger mysteriously on her lips, quietly and secretly up the stairs in Moser's house. Arrived in the upper floor she pulled me into the storeroom beside Mrs. Kabunkes room and meant, we must be now quiet and wait. I was curious to see what was coming, but Andrea still acted mysterious and only told me to be as quiet as a mouse. It took ages until Mrs. Kabunke came into the room. We heard her fiddling and rustling in her room. Andrea tugged at my sleeve and told me to look through the slit in the wooden wall like she did. So I pressed myself against the board wall and peered through the gap. There lay Mrs. Kabunke in her nightgown on the bed, fixing her hair and looking at her face in a small hand mirror. I shrugged and gestured to Andrea, "So what?" but she put her index finger to her lips again and indicated that we should wait patiently. So we waited an eternity, it was bland and dull, but then we heard the stairs groan and creak, and Sepp, the Moser's servant, stepped into Frau Kabunke's room.

To me this seemed irregular and not right, what has a servant to be in the chamber of a summer guest, but Mrs. Kabunke didn't seem surprised at all, not even when Sepp stripped off his suspenders and unbuttoned the front of his trousers. His cock flapped out thick and chunky. To my utter amazement, Sepp now lay down on top of Mrs. Kabunke, fidgeted a bit between his and her thighs, and then bobbed up and down on top of her like a gymnast doing push‐ups. I looked at Andrea in bewilderment, but she only gestured "keep looking, keep looking!" and pressed her eyes to her board wall gap again.

Mrs. Kabunke now made most strange sounds, moaning and groaning with every thrust of Sepp's abdomen and seemed to cheer him on at the same time. From Sepp I saw only the bare ass cheeks bobbing up and down over the half lowered pants, then he paused panting, shook himself and snorted like a horse. Mrs. Kabunke pushed him aside and pulled her nightgown back into place. Then she whispered briefly to him, Sepp pulled his pants back up, and then trudged out more or less quietly. When she was now alone, Frau Kabunke, for her part, smoothed out her nightgown again several times, then ecstatically stroked both breasts in turn and put a hand between her legs. After some time of stroking her breasts, she jerked violently between her legs with the other hand, rolled back and forth, and lay down to sleep with a sigh. Sleep, in broad daylight!

It had become quiet, I looked at Andrea and she looked at me expectantly. I still didn't understand anything and shrugged my shoulders. Andrea pulled me out now, we quietly slipped out of the house like cats and walked to our gossip spot in the attic of our house. Andrea asked if I had now seen everything? I nodded rather uncertainly, until she blurted out that Kabunke (she always said Kabunke, never mother or stepmother) had just been "fucked" by Sepp. I asked, the up and down where the Sepp had a naked ass, that? Andrea affirmed and continued: "and then the Old Kabunke has still masturbated!" Now I was completely irritated and she had to explain everything to me in detail: that Sepp sometimes sneaks up to the Kabunke in the afternoon, that he then takes out his dick and puts in her slit in the Kabunke. The up and down, yes, that's the "fucking", the same thing that animals do, but Sepp does it like people do it from the front, not like dogs do it from behind, she continued with a grin. And then he would squirt with his noodle into the Kabunke (a vague memory of Uncle Erich suddenly awakens in me), and then he's done, the Sepp, with fucking.

I said, now I'd got it, more or less, but what the "Oldie masturbated" meant, I did not understand. Andrea looked at me puzzled and asked, "What, do you never jerk off?" and I answered cowardly, no, I don't know that. Then she laughed up and said, we have that in a moment and quickly took off her underpants and said I had to take off my clothes too. While I slowly and hesitantly took off my underpants, Andrea leaned back and spread her legs so that I could see her sparse dark pubic hair and labia. She said I must now imitate her everything, so I also leaned back and spread my legs. Andrea now moistened her index finger with her tongue and placed it on the labia, pulled them apart a bit with her other hand and jerked the wet finger back and forth on the slit. I was embarrassed at first and did it too half‐heartedly, but I was very careful and pressed only lightly, because I knew from my secret nighttime shenanigans that I then got such a mad need to pee when I rubbed the slit too hard and too long.

Andrea rubbed and jerked her finger back and forth, then winced slightly and stopped abruptly. With a sweaty face, she asked me if I was coming yet too, but I shook my head and stopped too. That's when she leaned over and started rubbing my slit. I was taken aback, looked down my body at Andrea's hand moving back and forth between my legs, felt a gentle tugging and burning, then the pee‐pee sensation, and all at once it shot through me like lightning. I squirmed under her caress and felt my pelvis thrust and twitch towards her hand as my legs locked together in spasm.

Andrea let go of me and remained silent for a while. Then she said that was the wank and that the Kabunke had made after the fuck when Sepp had gone. I felt dull and soft at the same time, felt a deep stillness inside me, and was taken away by all these new things. I thought that Mrs. Kabunke's invention was somehow quite great.

From now on Andrea concentrated on teaching me all these things. Only rarely did we sweep through the house or the garden anymore, staying away from all the usual places and constantly holed up in our attic where we could play our little games undisturbed. Andrea kept letting me feel her vagina, showing me exactly where the clit was and how it worked when you gently blew on it or gently stroked it with a wet finger and it stiffened with a soft throb. I had to feel her labia, put a finger in her vagina and report back to her what I was feeling. We also stroked each other's breasts, although mine was almost not there yet, yet I felt a fierce pulling and burning in my abdomen when Andrea moistened my nipples or pulled and tugged on them.

I let her tell me more and more often how it was with fucking and sometimes we both stripped completely naked and then one laid on the other and we fucked a little, but I felt nothing special about it. If we thereby acrobatically straddled vagina to vagina and rubbed and tried to rub the clits against each other, then we already got into violent flushes, which were only released when we immediately jerked off firmly afterwards. We increased from day to day and jerked off together like the savages, often also around the bet, who could faster and more often. In the breaks, we constantly chatted about Kabunke or Sepp and fucking, until we again got a desire to jerk off.

Naturally, we also jerked off silently and secretly, when we watched Sepp and the Kabunke fucking. Andrea knew the habits of the Kabunke pretty well, so that we spied on her not only during the afternoon fuck with Sepp and the subsequent masturbation. The Kabunke wanked namely every afternoon, even if Sepp had no time to fuck, until she fell asleep.

That our boys also jerked off with each other, Andrea told me on that memorable day when she decided to form a gang.