The Clever Tobi

by Jack Faber © 2023

Tobias had set it up cleverly. He had the receptionist at the artificial insemination institute put him in touch. She fished out the women who had little money. There would be a much cheaper way to do it in the flesh. One in ten was willing to do it. The receptionist called Tobi and led the woman to the back treatment room. She had to undress, lie naked on the treatment table and put on the blindfold. Tobi came into the treatment room and undressed.

He stroked the woman and pulled her legs up, he let her spread her legs and looked curiously at the private parts. Few women were clean‐shaven, most had a more or less small bush of pubic hair over the slit. He didn't really care and carefully parted the labia. Many had really nice labia and nice or very nice clits. He looked at those very carefully. He spread the vaginal entrance with his fingers and looked inside the vagina. They were all young and healthy women, they had been medically examined before. Very slowly and carefully he penetrated the vagina. Most of the women drew in their breath sharply when he had penetrated completely. He took her right hand and placed it on her clit. "Conception would come sooner if you masturbate during intercourse, dear lady," Tobi said, and 8 out of 10 women liked to masturbate while fucking. Some very slowly, some quickly and a few rapidly. The others reluctantly let Tobi rub their clits, even the most unwilling gave in. He had to force them when they refused. Usually it was those who got the most orgasms. Tobi was stubborn, all women had to orgasm, voluntarily or forced.

He asked the women thoroughly how often they had intercourse during the week, with how many men or women they had fucked so far. Most gradually thawed out and told frankly, only a few pinched their lips together. He questioned them thoroughly about how often they masturbated and whether they hid it from their husbands. He nodded in agreement when some confessed to doing it constantly and as if addicted. Many masturbated late at night when the husband was sound asleep. Most husbands didn't even know their wives masturbated. Tobi patiently kept fucking her, reminding her to announce the approach of orgasm.

They should tell him when their orgasm rises, said the smart student, that favors conception when he squirted in the middle of their orgasm. This did not often succeed and he had to fuck her a second time. Then he recommended himself and the woman could get dressed. This treatment started on the 10th day of her cycle and ended on the 25th day after daily treatment. Many women were pregnant after the first series, some had to come for two or three cycles. It was mostly the failure of the husband and Tobi was happy to help out. Tobi fucked hundreds of women with child desire.

The receptionist would strip the money and let Tobi fuck her in the evening when he had no woman to inseminate during the day. The receptionist was pretty ugly, but she liked to masturbate insanely, giving herself at least three orgasms while he fucked her. She didn't need to use contraception, she was infertile. During his breaks she kept masturbating furiously until Tobi was stiff again. It was a good thing and ran for almost three years. They were never betrayed.

Tobi visited all the girls and women who had gotten pregnant. They were very fond of him, they all liked to fuck him again and whooped when he cum and squirted in. Aunt Jenny often accompanied him to fuck the girls and women clit to clit. Aunt Jenny was quite bi and loved to push the women to orgasm and then grind her own clit up and down on their clits until she orgasmed. She and Tobi fucked every night, every night, as often as they could.

How it all began?

Tobi had come quite young to his aunt Jenny, who gladly took him in. The 22 year old masturbated naked in her bed every time with the lights on, when little Tobi went to the bathroom in the evening for a shower. He watched her excitedly masturbate through the open door and she had to grin that his cock was slowly rising and getting stiff. It was the same with her two older brothers, they had fucked her every night since she was little and taught her how to masturbate. Since then she masturbated every night, until the end of her life.

When Tobi had finished showering, she came into the bathroom naked and washed his back. She grabbed the little boy's cock, vigorously pulled back the foreskin, and rubbed his cock quite properly. She made him cum in the bathtub and cleaned everything up. She masturbated him every night until he was 11 and as he got older she had to masturbate him two or three times until he was done.

By the time he was 11, his cock had grown so big that she had to have it. One evening, when he had watched her masturbate as he did every time and got his hard‐on, she had a very nice orgasm and she beckoned to him. She told him to kneel between her legs. He obeyed and asked in amazement what he should do now. She watched him with aroused amusement, he stared reverently into her hole from close by and stroked his cock for minutes until some drops of semen gushed out with difficulty. He didn't know if he was allowed to masturbate. She grinned gleefully and spread her hole with her fingers, now he could see everything up close. He stroked the cock slowly further, the seed drops oozed quite laboriously from the glans. He awkwardly reached out his fingers and palpated the clit and its foreskin, which looked like a hood. She pressed down the soft flesh next to the clit so that the clit stood out proud and stiff, then she masturbated and Tobi almost passed out from horniness. His semen dripped faster as she masturbated ten inches from his eyes. She let him rub the semen out for an hour and grinned with satisfaction when Tobi stopped. His cock was still hard as a stone and the semen was still dripping thickly and slowly from the glans.

She spread her legs wide apart and pulled him on top of her. "Put it in!" she commanded. "And, is it fine in there?" she asked voluptuously, and he nodded eagerly. "You have to push!" she commanded. He pushed in firmly and waited, the little fool. "Push," she commanded, "push in and out, keep pushing!" and Tobi dutifully obeyed. "I am about to squirt, I think" he gasped after a while. She just nodded and said nothing, he thrust and thrust and thrust until it was done. "That was way too short," she said, "way too short!" She let him rest for ten minutes, then he had to rub his cock again until the semen came out again. She waited, however, until his cock was hard as a board again and the semen was oozing out steadily thick. She ordered him to continue. The semen gushed out, he squirted and it continued to gush, alternating until nothing came.

"Stick it in and thrust for a very, very long time," she said, "I have to get my orgasm first, then you may squirt!" She rubbed her clit very slowly and let him penetrate. He made an effort, thrusting very hard and waiting until she had made herself the orgasm. Then she said with a voluptuous grin that he had to keep pushing her properly, cum and squirt in when it was coming.

So Tobi learned to fuck at 11 and Aunt Jenny now had someone to fuck her every day. They fucked every night, some days three times, until he was 18.

Edda's story

Since Tobi had turned 12 two years ago, he told Aunt Jenny every evening what had happened during the day. He had a friend at school, Adi, whom he visited every afternoon. He was allowed to masturbate Adi's cock and make him cum high in the air. Mostly he fucked Adi's asshole, they both liked that. But Tobi himself did not let him fuck his asshole. Adi always wanted to take his cock in his mouth and masturbated Tobi's cock in his mouth. Adi let Tobi cum deep in his throat and swallowed his semen, Adi really wanted that. Tobi went with Adi when they visited Old Edda.

Edda lay on her couch and thought about the day with closed eyes. As always, she had gotten up at noon and had bathed and enjoyed the morning masturbation in the water. Then Adi, whom she loved to masturbate so much, had called. He was going to bring a friend, Adi said. "He's got a really big one," Adi whispered.

The mailman rang the doorbell. He only came once a week and just wanted to fuck, so that was okay. Edda left the door wide open and bent the upper body forward, her fingertips to her toes. The mailman knew what to do and spread her fat asscheeks. He penetrated her asshole and fucked very fast but with much pleasure. His wife could not allow him to do that. Edda didn't have an orgasm but still got very horny because she loved assfucking. He soon finished and straightened up. Flora was standing under the door and had seen everything. The mailman quickly ducked out because he was embarrassed because Flora had watched him assfuck.

Flora was quite a dear. She was mentally retarded and had a boozer for a husband. The 21 year old was heavily pregnant and always came after the mailman to get fucked. She closed the door, dropped the dress carelessly and lay down on the bed with her legs spread wide. Edda looked at her red inflamed fuckhole. "Well, you masturbated too much?" Flora nodded vigorously. "Yes, quite a lot all days actually!" she replied. Edda liked to fuck her very much, because she knew exactly where Flora's G‐Spot was and easily brought her to orgasm. Flora held her thick belly in orgasm and begged tearfully she needed it once again. Edda patiently fucked her to the next orgasm, Flora clutched her belly and gasped, the little one was all excited and kicking hard! Edda squirted a little liquid into Flora's fuck hole, then they were done.

It rang. Edda interrupted masturbating and went to the door with bobbing clit‐cock and of course fully naked. Adi was standing outside and his friend. Edda said her name and held out her hand to him. He squeezed it tightly and the 14 year old croaked that he was Tobi. He stared at the biggest breasts he had ever seen and at her thick, long red thing sticking out thick and half stiff from her fuckcleft. He saw immediately that it was not a real cock. It was the biggest clit anyone had ever seen! Edda was really amused, the boy couldn't take his eyes off it and Edda slid her hand over her clit. They went into the house.

Edda was only 61 and radiated such a youthful and incredibly arousing sexappeal, and just her proud nudity was simply stunning! Tobi decided even before entering to fuck this lusty and hot old girl, by all means! She was very simple in spirit, because she was all about masturbating and fucking with women and girls. Edda lived off a large inheritance and did not work. She was a clean person and bathed every noon because she loved to masturbate in the water after getting up. Every other day she shaved her pubic hair. She wore clothes only to go out, at home she was always completely naked. Since she had no neighbors, she opened the door to everyone naked, the parcel carrier, the mailman and all visitors. She felt free and proud because she could walk around naked all day. She received daily men, women and young girls to masturbate and to fuck.

She went into the bedroom and Tobi took a good look at naked Edda. She was not a beauty but not at all ugly, she was short and terribly fat. The long white thick hair fell tangled down lower than her fat asscheeks. She had really big, fat asscheeks and really big, full breasts that hung heavy down low to her belly button. Tobi found her kind of cute and definitely very nice and sexy, she smiled a lot and often laughed loudly and happily in her horny lust like an innocent young girl. She radiated more sex appeal than many of the movie divas. She smiled completely absorbed while she masturbated and later she smiled sweetly and happily while she was fucking. In orgasm it often happened that she laughed happily and loudly and kissed the nearest boy in the middle of the mouth! He could not yet guess that he and Adi would come to her every afternoon for the next 4 years to masturbate and fuck with her happily.

Tobi examined her private parts especially, because they were really unique. Tobi spread her fat labia, between them were the labia minora, which were dark brown and hung out 5 centimeters. But the most special thing was the clit. Edda was certainly not a hermaphrodite, but her clit hung down a good 15 centimeters when resting. When Edda stiffened it to 20 centimeters during masturbation, it became as thick as a man's cock, dark red and stiff. Edda was really not a hermaphrodite, but in orgasm it squirted juicily out of the little hole at the round red end of her clit, that was really very unusual.

At Edda's birth the drunken doctor turned the erect cock back and forth and found no urethra. So: anaspadia! The heavilydrunken doctor had drilled this little hole as an urethra downward to her bladder because he thought she was a fellow with anaspadia. The child, like many newborns, had an erection. After the procedure, he pressed until the little one was properly erect again. Then he pressed until the blood had oozed out. Then nothing came. He rubbed the erect piece until a bright stream shot out. He nodded with satisfaction and took a firm swig from the bottle. Well done, he murmured. The doctor was a drunkard, but at least he did his job right, so that little Edda did not get any inflammation or other physical damage.

When the mother sexually educated 6‐year‐old Edda and taught her how to masturbate, the little girl masturbated until she could do it well. That's when she showed Edda her own giant clit. It was the only time Edda saw the mother masturbate her huge giant clit. They masturbated together all afternoon smiling, laughing and orgasming. The mother said that the grandmother and the great‐grandmother had also had such huge clits and they both fucked a lot of girls with their giant clits. But she did not give a clear answer when little Edda asked if the mother also fucked girls? "A little bit, sometimes" said the mother shamefully.

Edda liked to masturbate Adi and made him sit right in front of her fuckhole to be masturbated and put his cock inside her fuckhole up to the hymen. She very skillfully masturbated his little boy penis and pushed his glans deep into her fuckhole when he was cumming. She laughed happily and continued masturbating Adi as he squirted in the entrance of her fuckhole. She laughed happily at every jet and continued masturbating Adi as he squirted in the entrance of her fuckhole. Masturbating, she rubbed his semen into her vaginal entrance and gently squeezed his scrotum with her other hand. She continued to masturbate little Adi until his cock became completely soft.

Of course, during the first dozen visits of the two boys, there was no question that they actually wanted to fuck good Old Edda. Edda laughed her ass off when the boys asked her to fuck her properly. Edda laughed at the top of her lungs that of course she would never allow that and if they wanted to fuck, then only in her asshole like the other men that were dying to fuck. Edda liked to be fucked in the asshole and had gladly let many men fuck her in the ass. The boys were only allowed to fuck her in the asshole as any of the men, who insisted to fuck her.

The boys discussed the matter with Edda and at the end they had a compromise. First, the boys were allowed to fuck her in the fuckhole up to her hymen but without damaging it. Second, they were allowed to fuck her in the asshole. A good deal. So, she allowed the boys to fuck her in her fuckhole only up to her hymen. Edda spread her legs wide and let them fuck her fuckhole first, but only penetrate up to the hymen. Edda said it was for the first time that she had let somebodys cock into her fuckhole and that was Tobi, but it was feeling very very good, she said Tobi. With tears in her eyes she begged him fearfully not to damage her hymen. Tobi nodded and promised it, but was happy, that Edda's hymen wasn't thin but thick and very strong so he could fuck thrusting against it without any fear. For months, she spread her legs wide and the boy was always allowed to insert his cock a bit into her fuckhole up to her hymen and fuck there at will and squirt inside the fuckhole, of course they were allowed to squirt into her fuckhole as often as they wanted. That she always allowed them before the fuck in the asshole. But never did she allow to insert the cock deeper into her fuckhole than up to her hymen. When coming to assfucking, she spread her legs wide and helped the boy's cock into her asshole. They were only allowed to fuck fully and for real in her asshole. Adi liked assfucking very much, Tobi less. He preferred to fuck in her fuckhole, even if he had to watch out for the hymen. The boys stared during the assfucking into her wide open fuckhole and her stiff clit, which spurted and squirted amazingly during she was fucked in the fuckhole or the asshole. They did this for a half year, daily.

Edda didn't need long pauses and masturbated again happily soon after the orgasm. She squeezed and squeezed her huge breasts with both hands and tore and tugged at her teats. You could almost think she was tearing the teats off, but it was her method of making her clit stiff or make herself an orgasm. Yes, she was able to make her orgasm only with tugging and toring her teats! When she masturbated with her hand, she tore, tugged and pulled her teats for as long as the orgasm lasted. As she masturbated sometimes in orgasm a liquid squirted out of Edda's teats, but it was definitely not milk. Adi and Tobi were allowed to hold her flaccid clit in their hands while she tore at her teats. This allowed them to experience first hand how the clit filled with blood and became stiff, very stiff! Tobi held the stiff marvel clit in his hand and looked at the round, red spherical end. It had a tiny little hole and from this her juice squirted out in thin jets. Edda spread her legs and masturbated her thick clit. Tobi observed that as she orgasmed she rubbed her clit firmly up and downward and squirted a solid jet of fluid at the lads with every downward stroke. As she did so, her fuckhole contracted and opened again rhythmically. The boys licked once the juice on a trial basis, but it was not semen, but simply urine. Edda's hole squirted in solid thin jets for almost 5 minutes, it was truly amazing! In orgasm, Edda's hole squirted out jet after jet, each time she pulled the clit down hard. When the orgasm ended, Edda just let the liquid run out, that was really amazing!

Edda told that as a little girl she had watched her brother masturbate and simply imitated him. At the girls' boarding school, she was a star. The girls screamed enthusiastically because Edda masturbated like a boy and really could squirt, for minutes she squirted urine out of her fake urethra. Edda deflowered a lot of the girls at that time and they all wanted to be fucked by her with that great huge clit. Without knowing it, Edda squirted her warm urine rhythmically into the girls fuckhole while fucking her wildly and at the end of her orgasm she let her warm juice just run into the fuckhole with relief. The innocent girls found this insanely horny and great. Edda had fucked in her life with hundreds of women and girls, she fucked like a man with her big clit and brought the girls easily to orgasm, because she always found the G‐Spot instinctively. She especially loved to deflower very very young girls and she had taken the virginity of hundreds, maybe even thousands in her long life. Edda herself, amazingly, was still a real virgin; she had never let a man fuck her.

Once Edda had a blood young girl visiting her. The slender girl was already senselessly drunk, lying naked on the bed, her lean legs spread wide like butterfly wings and masturbating furiously. She had heavy huge breasts with pointed teats, no pubic hair at all and her vulva and hymen shone bright red. Edda whispered that they waited to deflower her until the boys came. That fucked up girl was a really horny bitch, a totally dirty brat who already masturbated like a big girl day and night without a break, Edda whispered. She had become so horny at the thought, Edda whispered in Tobis ear, of being deflowered in front of the greedy eyes of the horny boys that she had been masturbating nonstop for three hours and orgasmed time and again. Edda whispered, she never saw a girl orgasm that often! They all three stood next to the masturbating girl and watched her masturbate wildly, then one after the other squirted on her fuckhole. Edda squirted first, then Adi pulled his foreskin hard back and squirted a great load on her fuckhole. Last but not least Tobi brought his cock just millimeters in front of her fuckhole and squirted into in thick, rich jets. The girl screamed with pleasure and came screaming to orgasm.

Edda knelt between the girl's legs and Tobi lay down between her legs to watch the deflowering up close. Tobi's eyes were only a few centimeters from the girls fuckhole and he held his breath as the thick red giant clit‐cock slid slowly through the vaginal entrance in and stopped at the hymen. Edda poked the girl's vagina a dozen times, but the hymen did not tear! Tobi reached to the girl's fuckhole and pulled her labia all the way apart so that the hymen was stretched like a drumhead. Tobi courageously grabbed Edda's giant clit‐cock with his hand and pierced the hymen with a firm powerful jerk.

The girl screamed with pride and Edda fucked her for some minutes until the girl orgasmed with a loud scream, then Edda squirted her hot urine into the little fuckhole. She made room and now Tobi could fuck the girl. The drunken girl asked Old Edda "if Tobi had the right to fuck her!?" Old Edda told her, that Tobi had watched her being deflowered and fucked, he had gotten a stiff cock and deserved now to fuck! The girl watched curiously when Tobi pulled back his foreskin and came near. The crying girl grabbed Tobi's cock and howlingly rubbed the foreskin back and forth, but she didn't manage to make Tobi squirt.

"But he won't go in," she continued to howl, "it is much too big!" and Old Edda muttered, so far he had always gone in everywhere! As he was about to insert his cock, the blubbering drunk girl asked Old Edda "if he was really going to squirt inside my fuckhole?" Old Edda nodded, probably yes, and this boy was good at squirting, he would squirt a lot of semen inside your fuckhole! The fearful girl held her breath as Tobi's cock slowly slid into her fuckhole and opened her mouth wide in fear as Tobi's huge cock entered her fuckhole fully. He thrust very long in her very tight fuckhole and made her orgasm with loud screaming, he squirted with joy and squirted everything in. Then it was Adi's turn, and the girl asked Old Edda "if it was right that this other boy wanted fuck me too? Two men, one after the other!?" Old Edda nodded, that's right, look at his stiff cock! The girl pulled Adi's long foreskin back and said curiously grinning that "this was a lot of foreskin!" The crying girl stroked the foreskin on Adi's cock very fast back and forth. She shouted crying, that "my hole is already squirted fully! He was not allowed to fuck me, Tobi had just fucked me and squirted it all in! He couldn't do that after all, two men, One after the other!" the girl screamed crying, because Adi cummed way too early by her heavy rubbing and squirted all over her fuckhole. Old Edda smiled wisely, it doesn't matter, men always do it! She continued to cry and dutifully rubbed Adi's cock stiff again, as Edda had ordered. Then the girl said thoughtfully, "it's so small, it's sure to fit in my fuckhole!" Adi nodded and shoved his cock slowly in her fuckhole and his little boy penis fit exactly into the tight fuckhole. He fucked the young girl to a screaming orgasm and squirted very proudly when her orgasm had subsided. The girl masturbated for another half hour until all the semen had oozed out of her fuckhole and left quite soon.

Edda smiled and spread her legs wide, then she masturbated like a man. She tore and tugged at her teats, from which it spurted out in thin jets as the orgasm broke loose. The tip of her clit turned into a red, thick ball and swelled thickly. Edda continued to masturbate during her orgasm, letting it squirt out of her clit for minutes. She kept rubbing until she stopped squirting.

Tobi told Edda that he had to deflower her to fuck her. Edda giggled that she would never allow that and Tobi was only allowed to fuck her in the vaginal entrance so as not to tear her hymen. He liked to fuck her this way every day and Edda liked it very much too, but she wouldn't let him deflower her for half a year. Tobi tormented her every day to finally let herself be deflowered and let him fuck her properly. But she did not give in for a long half year.

Edda refused to let Tobi deflower her for a very long time, but eventually gave in. Would it hurt? Edda asked anxiously, and Tobi said it didn't hurt much. Edda knew that she had hurt most girls when she deflowered them, but she asked and asked because she was afraid and a coward. He knelt in front of her fuckhole and moved his cock into position. She moaned woefully as Tobi's cock slowly entered her vaginal entrance. He had to thrust at least a dozen times and Edda screamed that it hurt! With one mighty jerk he pierced and tore the hymen and Edda screamed her head off. He fucked her thoughtfully and slowly so that she calmed down. She smiled happily as he fucked her for a very long time, cuming and really squirting in. She really enjoyed being fucked properly!

From that hour on, Edda was pleasured to be fucked by little Adi and big Tobi every day, she liked it very much. Never again the boys were masturbated, Edda ordered them greedily to fuck her and when orgasming she squirted in thin jets.

Edda once told that her sister had given birth to a daughter over 20 years ago. The girl had inherited the big clit from her and she had taught her daughter to masturbate at 6. She now had a family of her own and loved to fuck women and girls with her clit just as she did. This mysterious curse was thus passed down from generation to generation.

The two boys fucked Old Edda every afternoon, for four years. Then Tobi had turned 18, he had the idea of donating sperm in mind and Edda was — he secretly thought — too old and too ugly for him. She didn't hold it against him, that was okay for her. She would look out for other young boys, she said with a wry grin, after all they all wanted to fuck! Tobi said goodbye with a little kiss on her wrinkled cheek. He left and did not turn around.

Tobi showed every evening the aunt Jenny the photos and videos he had made with the smartphone at the Old Edda. Edda masturbating or let herself fucked by Andi and Tobi. Jenny watched at it with pleasure, she found it insanely horny and hot. Jenny sat on the kitchen bench and watched it a hundred times. She masturbated sitting while watching the videos and orgasmed silently but violently. Her favorite part was watching the little girl's deflowering and Edda's own deflowering. Her eyes sparkled brightly when she orgasmed during these videos. Aunt Jenny worked as a streetwalker, she mostly just gave handjobs or blowjobs. She charged 1,000 Euros for fucking once and that was too much for the most. But every few months she would stay out one night and bring home 4,000 or 5,000. She was infertile and they could cum inside her without hesitation. She let Tobi fuck her at least twice a day, letting him cum and squirt inside as often as he wanted. She would not have a child, she told him from the beginning, she was infertile. This then gave him the idea to serve as a sperm donor to the women in the fertility clinic.

One day he learned that his favorite old professor had sadly no one to fuck. No problem, said the smart student Tobi, I'll take care of it! He placed an ad, a rich old professor was looking for a companion. He looked at the ladies, only the young pretty ones who agreed to sex. He had drilled into the girls that they had to do it to the old man first with their mouths and then make him squirt inside while riding. He was there only as a witness. That was the custom, he said. The ladies understood, an entrance exam and then an insanely rich husband! The professor's apartment looked like wealth.

Tobi had arranged everything. He had the lady undressed and led her naked into the bedroom. He sat down at the foot of the bed to watch up close. She knelt in front of the professor and took his soft in her mouth. While she struggled, Tobi looked at her ass cheeks, inside her hole, which pranced back and forth in front of his face. She made every effort to lick the professor's cock stiff and Tobi could tell by her dancing clit that she was getting really horny. She twitched briefly as Tobi rubbed her clit stiffly and brought her to orgasm, but everyone acquiesced. She stopped her licking and shuddered in orgasm. Most of them looked at him over their shoulder and with their facial expressions urged him to continue and let Tobi rub their clits to orgasm one after another time until the professor squirted in their mouths. They mostly could make the professor cum with their mouth, only very few failed. She let him squirt into her mouth and swallowed it. She waited patiently with licking the professor's cock in her mouth until Tobi finished masturbating her clit and she got her last orgasm.

Then she licked the professor's cock again and once he was stiff, she rode her golden pheasant devotedly. Tobi had to grin, because it looked very horny how she rode the cock, how the cock was sucked up by her hole. All the ladies showed great skills in their riding and all of them were masturbating during the ride for her own orgasm but also to make the professor hotter. As the professor reared up, she whispered triumphantly that he could cum and squirt inside. The professor clenched her hips and ass cheeks, then squirted off, squirting all in.

While Tobi was taking down her contact information, he looked at her vagina, from which semen was slowly dripping out. Tobi was so horny that he ran home and fucked Aunt Jenny on the spot. When he calmed down, he told her all about fucking and showed her pictures and videos he had secretly made. All the girls he liked he called later and they liked to let him fuck them and show them masturbating because they were keen on the riches. Many let themselves be filmed while fucking and masturbating, because Tobi was a bad finger who cajoled them sneakily.

This went on for three years so horny, until the professor could no longer squirt. He was too old, said Aunt Jenny, who had let the professor fuck her a few times for free and knew well, she could no longer rub out a squirt of him. Anyway, Tobi had a lot of addresses where he could go for a fuck or sell an address if the girl didn't excite him anymore. "Tobi," Aunt Jenny said, tickling his hackles, "you're a real bad finger, you know that?"

Then Tobi went to the States to study.