The Wretched Miserable Dwarf

by Jack Faber © 2023

Leni rang the doorbell a second time, as usual. She stretched her back as she heard footsteps. Finally she could ask Maria anything, find explanations, maybe hug or tillering or shrympfling her one last time. The door opened and she was startled. In front of her stood a dwarf, a small man. He asked her to enter.

She walked ahead with trembling knees, the dwarf behind her. She sat down at the table and the dwarf put his flat hand on her forehead. A tremendous bolt of lightning went through Leni's body, straight into her tiller. He ordered her to go to the bedroom. She had no desire to go to the bedroom, of course, but her body obeyed the dwarf. In the bedroom, he ordered her to undress. She watched herself as she undressed completely without will. The dwarf pushed her onto the bed and undressed himself. He was an ordinary little man, but he had a really big stedi, my gosh!

She was completely will‐less and obeyed his commands to the letter. She obediently lay down on her back in shrympfling position and opened her legs wide. He mounted her, squeezed his stedi into her mummyhole and shrympfled her. She felt how great this Stedi felt in her mummyhole, just wonderful! While shrympfling, his finger touched her tiller while thrusting and Leni was stunned how easily and quickly she climaxed. She virtually looked at herself from the outside, from above and saw herself trembling heavily in climax and the dwarf just kept on shardackling. His finger kept poking against her tiller and it took less than three minutes to the next climax. She trembled again only briefly and the dwarf came to the finale. He thrust and shardackled her very fast and hard and squirted. She felt quite clearly how his Gschriefl splashed in rich jets in her mummyhole. He let go of her and sat on the bed, he smoked and greedily stroked horny Leni's beautiful body.

He smoked a second cigarette and ordered her to tillering. She had liked to tillering even in front of Conny, but she would never do it now in front of a stranger. But her finger crawled obediently to her mumu, she saw that virtually from the ceiling. She saw herself sigh and the finger exposed the tiller, pulled the prepuce all the way back. She watched, stunned, as her finger busily tillered her tiller. How could this be?

No, she didn't want that. Tillering was something private, something you didn't do in front of strangers. She caught sight of her mother, who looked at her crossly and shook her head. "You don't do that in front of strangers, you little piglet, you!" How often had little Leni heard this rebuke, how often had her mother tapped her on the knuckles and dragged her into the apartment! It was not the tillering that the mother forbade, but doing it in public! She didn't seem to care if the little girl tillered shamelessly at home. But little Leni preferred to do it in public, when her mother didn't notice. The little girl got an extra kick when she did it as forbidden in front of others. She tillered in front of complete strangers and spread her little legs very wide to show people her little mumu and her little tiller. Sometimes someone would slip her a coin to make her tillering again. Some old men gave her more money so that Leni would make his Gschrömpfl stiff with her hand and then rub the Stedi until the Gschriefl squirted or oozed out slowly to the floor. She was just not allowed to let her mother catch her.

Little Leni let herself be shrympfled and shardackelled in public, if the gentleman donated at least a 50—note. She held his Stedi with both hands, so that he did not deflower her. Her mother had shown her the hymen, which she had to defend with tooths and claws. Her mother had drilled it into her so strongly that she never dared to let herself be deflowered for the 50‐note. But the gentlemen got their money's worth, they shrympfled and shardackled the little girl and squirted her Gschriefl into her mummyhole, almost for real.

At 14 Leni fell in love with the handsome Hans, she whispered he was allowed to deflower her. They went to the Shardackel Park, where there was no children's playground and where people only went to shrympfle and shardackle. Leni lay down naked on the grass and spread her legs wide. People formed a big circle, not every day you could watch a deflowering. Handsome Hans proudly presented the mummyhole of his naked virgin and his stedi. He bent over her and kissed her very tenderly. He was much too nervous and fidgeted awkwardly with his stediköpfl in front of Leni's mummyhole. After a while Leni grabbed his stedi with both hands and led him to the entrance of her mummyhole. Finally Hans was there where he belonged, but he didn't manage to pierce her hymen. Again Leni waited a while, the onlookers masturbated themselves or shrympfled and shardackled wildly with strange women bent down, fingertips touching their toes. You only had to beat the skirt of such a woman simply high and penetrate her with the Stedi into the mummyhole of the horny stranger and shrympfling or shardackelling her to your heart's content.

Leni watched them curiously and closed her eyes when one rubbed his stediköpfl right in front of her face and splashed upon her. Most rubbed their stediköpfl right in front of her open mouth and squirted in, only some messed up her face with her eyes closed.

Hans had not made it. When the last one had squirted deep into her mouth, she resolutely grabbed Hansi's ass and pressed his Stedi into herself. Still, she had to push him forcefully in a dozen times until her hymen finally tore. She was very satisfied to be a real woman now and Hans fucked her for a few minutes, then reared up and squirted hard into her mummyhole. This felt so good that she gave a little cry of surprise. Hans was done, his stedi shrinking.

Leni remained lying with her legs spread wide open and some didn't miss that opportunity. They had already squirted into her mouth, after all, so they rubbed their stedi stiff, penetrated Leni's mummyhole with the stediköpfl and the whole stedi. It was an incredibly arousing, horny and pleasurable experience to be shardackled by all these greedy and horny stedis and to feel the squirting of the stedi's head deep inside her mummyhole.

Only two hours later, all who wanted to had shrympfled and shardackelled her and all their Gschriefl splashed in. When Leni got up, Hans had long since disappeared. He had lost her, because now she went almost daily to the Shardackel Park and let all the willing and horny shrympfling and shardackelling her for free. She always tillered to beautiful orgasms at the beginning, until the lads and gentlemen dared to approach her naked body. Usually, when one had put his stediköpfl and the stedi in and shardackelled, another knelt directly in front of her, rubbed his stedi neatly, the stediköpfl in front of her mouth. She opened her mouth when the Stediköpfl was so red and so swollen. She opened her mouth wide and let the stediköpfl squirt in. Some would put the stediköpfl in her mouth when he masturbated, she loved that too. She only rarely had to secretly tillering and cheat with her finger when she was shrympfling and shardackling in order to come to orgasm. Oh, those were the good times!

These thought‐sausages prevented her climax in front of the strange dwarf. She tillered and tillered until the dwarf's gschrömpfl became a stiff stedi as he watched her tillering. She could stop, he said, and turned her around. She had never been shrympfled from behind, until now. He ordered her to get up on all fours and penetrated from behind like a dog. He shrympfled her from behind, he shardackled Leni like dogs did. She wanted to cry in shame, but her tears wouldn't come. He did not touch her tiller this time and it lasted for a very long time. The dwarf jabbed a finger into her asshole and shrympfled it, but so violently that her climax came instantly with violent trembling. She watched from outside, from the ceiling, that the dwarf was shardackelling the pretty young woman. She wanted to cry out and warn her that he was going to stick a finger in her asshole and that he was going to shrympfle and shardackle her in the mummyhole and the asshole simultaneously, but the young woman's face suddenly lit up and she shuddered wonderfully in climax. Leni couldn't make a sound and watched from above. He thrust and shrympfled, thrust and shardackled and the young girl shuddered in orgasm after orgasm. After endless shrympfling and shardackling he squirted in a little Gschriefl. He made Leni lay down.

He smoked and talked on the phone, but she did not understand a word. Maybe it was a foreign language. Leni lay on her back, her asshole ached and she felt the dwarf's Gschriefl running out of her mummyhole. He fetched two cups of schnapps from the kitchen and held it to her lips. She had to drink, even though the sharp liquor burned her throat. He let her drink from the second cup too, but only half. He drank the rest himself. Leni drank alcohol only very rarely, it made her stomach warm and her head dizzy. He made two or three more phone calls and Leni lay naked on the bed looking at the ceiling. It looked familiar to her somehow, yes — that was the ceiling in ... whos? ... apartment! She wondered somehow, but she didn't know why. She had seen this ceiling a hundred times, when she was tillered or shardackled by ... Whom?

Then the guys came, Leni knew them. It was the two Russians and the Albanian who had raped her in Heinz's office. The same guys. They came grinning into the bedroom and palavered with the dwarf. They undressed in a flash and lay down on the bed, all four of them. Leni couldn't remember later who shrympfled her and how often. Once she had to sit down on the stedi of a Russian, who was shrympfling her from below. At the same time the Albanian penetrated her asshole with his Stedi and shardackelled her quite firmly.

Leni watched from the outside from the ceiling as the Russian shrympfled in the young woman's mummyhole and the Albanian shardackelled her asshole. No one paid any attention to the young woman's tiller, yet she gasped harder and harder and came trembling and twitching to a violent climax. Leni wanted to shout and warn the young girl that she was getting more hefty orgasms but she couldn't make a sound. The two men continued to shrympfle and shardackle until she again gasped and twitched tremblingly to a hefty climax. The men went on and on, bringing her to a third climax. Then the Albanian had to squirt and squirted all his gschriefl into the asshole. The Russian needed a few more minutes, then he squirted his Gschriefl roaring into her mummyhole.

Leni hardly had time to relax. The other Russian already had a firm stedi and rammed it into the young womans mummyhole. The dwarf said something and shook his head. He didn't want to shardackle her in the asshole, that wasn't his. The young girl had orgasm after orgasm because the dwarf had ordered that her. It went on like this until early morning, when they all fell asleep completely exhausted. In the morning they were awakened by the ringing of the cell phone. The dwarf answered and told them all to get up. He put his flat hand on her forehead and Leni did everything he commanded.

They drove downtown, to the red light district. Leni knew the room well, it was Heinz's office. Only it was no longer Heinz sitting in the recliner, but Chic, the Chicago who had clawed Heinz's empire after he did prison time. Chic looked at Leni with glittering eyes. "Is that her?" he asked, and the dwarf nodded. Okay, Chic said, take her to 14, it's still free. And let her take a shower, she smells awful! The dwarf told her what to do and what not to do in room 14. He took her head in both hands and told her everything, then he left. Leni showered, put on clean clothes and did the make–up in front of the mirror. She would do that from now on after every suitor, for many days and the dwarf would come every morning, take her head in his hands and renew his hypnotic commands.

Conny was desperately looking for Leni. She would never leave without a tone. He remembered that she had gone to Maria's apartment every day, she wanted to hear from Maria. He could not find Maria anywhere and only after a week found the apartment, but it was empty and deserted. He found her traces in the apartment, of course, the typical flowered toothbrush that no one else used. The silk handkerchief embroidered with her monogram, carelessly discarded next to the toilet bowl, that he had given her. But he couldn't figure out if she had been here before or after her relationship with Maria ended. He even called the prison to see if the Heinz was really there. His gut told him he was on the right track, but Heinz was in solitary confinement, had no cell phone and was strictly forbidden to have contact. Of course, he knew that criminals still sometimes managed to get a message out, but realistically, that trail was cold. Ice cold.

Conny knew for a fact that Leni had been kidnapped, but he couldn't prove it. His boss could not grant him an official investigation. But he had known Konradin for ages and knew that he was always right. He played his commissioner loose as best he could and let him do his job. He risked his job as well as a commissioner, but kidnapping a policeman's wife was no nothing. All his colleagues understood that and went along with it. Only five weeks after the disappearance of Leni a first success. Maria, who was warranted with a flimsy reason, was picked up and brought to Conny.

Conny had been staring through the glass for half an hour into the interrogation room where Maria was sitting. He thought the fat girl was quite pretty, he had to admit. The dirndl dress emphasized her big, full bubs. But it was much too short, because the real dirndl dress reached over the knees. The whores in town had their dirndls shortened. Conny bent down very low and had to grin, Maria wore no underwear and he could see her clean‐shaven cleft quite clearly. He stared at her mummyhole for minutes as if the solution was there. He stared into Maria's mummyhole as she sat down unseemly. Maria touched from time to time to her Tiller and tillered for a few seconds. Conny watched her short tillering for an hour, it was making him very horny. He stared into her mummyhole all horny and decided to shardackle and shrympfle Maria at some point, but so what! He gave himself a jolt and went into the interrogation room.

Maria denied everything, of course, but he claimed that the man in whose car she had been arrested had already admitted to prostitution and would swear to it in court. This time she expected a longer sentence, but that was the least of her problems. Conny laughed treacherously and made her squirm. At his signal, his colleague Franz turned off the recorder. Conny saw that the flashing light went off. Now he could start.

Conny knew from Leni when Maria was still in town before the end of the relationship. On so‐and‐so's day, a murder had taken place in an obscure alley, Conny claimed, the so‐and‐so had been murdered and presumably on behalf of the Jail–Heinz. In any case, the murder victim had come out of the Hotel Sowieso, a dilapidated hour hotel, together with her, Maria. Three witnesses had seen her through the mirror a few minutes ago and clearly identified her, Conny claimed. He smiled treacherously and leaned back. He'd let her come.

Of course, Maria didn't remember what she had done that day. But she had never been to the hotel. He shook his head and flipped through his paper file. She had been arrested twice in that hotel for prostitution, he said, giving the dates. Maria got very small. That had been sooo long ago. He smiled and looked at her sternly. Accessory to murder, she was due for maybe 15 years. If she caught a strict judge, even more. Maria was pale and ready. 15 years? Conny was silent for a very long time, letting it sink in.

She should just tell everything she had to do with Jail–Heinz. She would have to say everything, even if it seemed unimportant to her. If she cooperated, he would keep her out of the murder case, I promise! This was Maria's chance, she realized immediately. And it bubbled out of her mouth like a stream. Conny took notes. She described Heinz's whoring business in great detail. She had already been convicted of prostitution and could speak freely. But the Heinzi disappeared from her report when he was incarcerated. Conny let her go on talking.

Maria had said just about everything she remembered. Where she had last lived? he asked, and she gave him the known address. Did she have visitors there? No, no prostitution at the place of residence, that was an unwritten law. No visitors at all? he continued. Maria thought for a moment, not a single male visitor, I swear! And female visitors? he continued. Maria was very unsettled. Yes, there was one who often came by for a coffee. Name? Address? he asked. She hesitantly gave Leni's first name, but she didn't know her family name or address. And what kind of visits did she make? he prodded. Maria swaggered back and forth and Conny dutifully wrote along.

He didn't believe all that nonsense, he growled, he knew many whores and if there were frequent visits from women, then there was more than just chatter. She hid from her tormentor and kneaded her fingers. She whispered what women do, cuddling, kissing and so on. She squirmed with embarrassment, yes, even a little sex, as women just do with each other. He grinned at her impudently. Sex, then, she should tell him! Maria said that this was really very embarrassing, but he stuck to it: "tell it all! I want to hear exactly how you shrympfled with her or how you breastfed, but bang!" And so Maria fearfully told everything, really everything, and he knew that it was true, because Leni had told him everything exactly like that. Maria confessed that and how often they had shrympfled Tiller to Tiller. How often they had tillered themselves in front of the other or tillered the other with their fingers. How she had taught Leni to lick and they had licked each other's tillers. Even the shrympfling with the Gummistedi told Maria. She was silent, she had told him everything, left nothing out. He shook his head and leaned back.

And, how did it go on? he asked impatiently, do you still see each other? he asked three times and Maria became smaller and smaller. She looked at her knuckles for a very long time and couldn't get a word out. No, it was over, they were not seeing each other anymore. The Jail–Heinzi had put a bounty on the woman before he went to prison, and she had taken the 2,000 Euros, the Russians had paid it to her after she had shrympfled and shardackled with them involuntarily. The Russians from the Heinzi, other Russians she did not know. She had been angry because Leni had not told her earlier that her husband was with the police. That's why. Maria remained silent, depressed. Maybe she had said it much too late? Conny asked again a few things she had told before. Then he stood up. She would spend the night in the cell, he said, tomorrow he would question her again. He left.

On the outside, Franz joined him. Surely this was the same Leni they were looking for? Conny nodded grimly. "The Russians have her!" he said with finality, "Heinzi's Russians!" Upstairs in the office they were having a meeting. Anyone who didn't want to go with him could leave; he wouldn't hold it against anyone. No one went. He called the boss to see if they could get a Swat Team, but the boss had to decline, it was Conny's private raid. Okay, at least they knew where they stood. Some of his people called other policemen, in the end they were 14 men, that had to be enough. They left immediately.

They drew their guns, but no shot was fired at first. They arrested all the girls and the chaperones on the ground floor and the first floor. Conny and two colleagues stayed, the others took the arrested away. They returned immediately. Now it was the turn of the second floor, Heinzi's office. A hail of bullets greeted them on the stairs. Minutes later, the Albanian was dead and both Russians were seriously wounded and disarmed. More shots came from Heinzi's office. The policemen fired through the door and a daring colleague pushed the door open. Chic Chicago lay wounded on the floor, the dwarf lying in front of him. He was dead as the Dodo.

They searched all the rooms, found girls as well as fuckers, and Conny went to room 14. He found Leni, a John was still lying on top of her. Conny saw that the guy was in the middle of jerking off and hit him over the skull with his gun. The unconscious man lay on Leni and he squirted in her mummyhole. Conny couldn't move and watched motionless his squirting for long, but when the squirting stopped, he tossed the guy to the floor. The semen run slowly out of Leni's mummyhole. Conny stood there motionless and couldn't move. Leni didn't recognize him right away, she was completely confused and talking frizzy stuff. She couldn't go with him, the dwarf had forbidden it! Conny had to wait for the paramedic, who injected her with a strong sedative, then he could have her taken to the hospital.

Leni was treated well at the hospital, her vaginal infection healed within a week. Conny was concerned about Leni acting like a zombie. He asked the police psychologist to look at Leni. He cradled his head, Leni was under a strong hypnotic influence, an expert had to be called in, a competent hypnotherapist. Conny brought one at his own expense, who did three sessions of several hours with her. The hypnosis of the dwarf was extraordinarily strong and the hypnotherapist had great difficulties to stop the effect of the hypnosis. But on the third day it was done, Leni was free and in her senses again. The hypnotherapist said she was still very receptive to commands from anyone, he would have to take good care of her for a year or more. Leni came home again after two weeks.

The boss instinctively reacted correctly and quickly. He held a press conference and confirmed that Detective Chief Inspector Konradin's group had conducted a sting operation and had finally smashed the Jail–Heinzi's empire totally. There had been 2 deaths, that was not surprising, since the officers had been met with a veritable hail of bullets. One Albanian citizen and one without clarified citizenship had been killed, and three officers had been wounded. They had arrested the head of the crime ring, the well‐known Chic Chicago, and others. The police chief, of course, recited his Sermon‐Ramblessing and they all had their pictures taken proudly.

The two injured Russians were a stroke of luck for the prosecution. They were able to prove another 2 murders beyond a reasonable doubt to Jail–Heinz and he got another 12 years added to his sentence. The Russians negotiated a good deal, Chic Chicago was directly involved in three murders among other charges and got 22 years. He and Heinz would never get out, Conny surmised. He received a medal from the prime minister and all this brought a lot of good publicity for the police Departement. It was all too much for him and he left quickly without being photographed, he was a chief detective and not a pop star.

Leni was finally able to remember everything again and told Conny everything, she didn't leave out an iota. The killed dwarf, who had been known only by the name Weasel and about whom nothing could be found out, seemed to have been the real mastermind, Conny was convinced of that by now. Leni told him everything, how she had been shrympfled and shardackled nonstop, in the dishonorable dog position and into the mummyhole as well as the asshole. The Albanian liked that best, but the dwarf Weasel not at all. The two Russians liked to do it at the same time with the Albanian, in the mummyhole and in the asshole at the same time. Leni lied in shame that she never had a climax, it was so humiliating and cruel. Conny told her not to lie to him. But the Russians, the Albanian, Chicago and Weasel came almost every day and if they did it normally, it wasn't so bad, Leni said. Weasel had ordered her to orgasm all day and she had all days orgasms, on normal days a fifty times. If it went inconspicuously, she tillered along a bit to come to orgasm while being shrympfled and shardackelled by the gangsters. Conny laughed and affirmed her, she did that well and right, even a sex slave had the right to orgasm a fifty times a day!

Jonas had moved out while Leni was still in captivity, the room remained empty. Leni had bought a rubberdildo as big as Maria's. Gradually she felt like arousing again and spent a lot of time in bed fantasizing and tillering. She made herself go wild with the rubberdildo and cheered, because she regularly climaxed when she made herself go wild with the rubberdildo without tillering the tiller with her fingers. She liked to show this to Conny, who looked at her curiously and hornily. It did her good, he said again and again, she was only 27 and there she should tiller daily to orgasm when he was not there. Of course she let her Conny shrympfle and shardackle her every night, he liked that just as much as squirting into her throat. She gladly let him do it and swallowed the Gschriefl because she loved him and told him it was no submission to the man for her. She took his stediköpfl in her mouth, masturbated his stedi with love and passion. He was allowed to push his stedi very deep into her throat and cum, she swallowed the Gschriefl like nothing.

Conny had Maria pretty tight in the grip. He asked Leni if she didn't want to shrympfle and shardackle with Maria again, but Leni denied, she had enough of the false snake. However, she immediately agreed to Conny to shrympfle and shardackling with Maria. Conny let Maria visit him once a week, shrympfled and shardackled her to his heart's content. Only gradually did Leni watch the two of them when they were shrympfling, shardackling, or when Maria had to tillering herself in front of Conny. Leni needed some time until she joined in.

She never trusted the fucking fake snake anymore, of course, but she shrympfled and shardackelled with Maria when she felt like it. Leni liked the sandwich position very much. There she lay backwards on Conny and had his stedi in her mouth, Maria knelt between her legs and licked Leni's tiller. When Maria had licked her to orgasm, she rubbed Conny's Stedi very hard until he squirted into her throat. After Leni joined in, Conny never squirted in Maria's mouth again, that was Leni's rayon. Conny confessed to Leni how much he enjoyed watching the two girls cuddle, cringe, shardackle and tillering, his old Stedi got quite stiff. And when the two girls shardackelled Tiller to Tiller and orgasmed like nymphs in ancient Greece, there Connys eyes shone bright.


Every week Maria had to be at Conny's and Leni's service one evening and half the night and do everything the two demanded of her. They demanded only nice, horny and lustful things, never abused Maria or humiliated her. For Maria, such an evening of normal and horny desires was a blessing and a respite from the stress of cruel customers. The only thing was that she earned no money. But it was worth it, because thanks to Conny's influence she was no longer pursued by the police.