The Beautiful Mary

by Jack Faber © 2023

Leni had met Maria while shopping. She was immediately attracted to the young girl, they had exchanged a few words while shopping and one day Maria invited her over. Leni just had more free time, because Jonas was studying day and night for exams and only wanted to shardackle three times a week. It hurt him a lot, but he was stubborn and disciplined. Leni regretted it, of course, but she made her climaxes with tillering, which her body demanded.

Maria lived just a few houses away in the apartment of an aunt who had just gone to Asia for a few months. Leni followed the girl to the second floor, Maria made coffee and Leni had time to look at her more closely. She was probably 18 or 19, a little chubby and had a big ass. She had big, full Bubis and emphasized it with a daring cleavage. She brought the coffee and sat down next to Leni. They both had enough of small talk and wanted to get to know each other more personally.

Maria had only this aunt, no other family. She was looking for a job and wanted to work as a saleswoman. She was 18, Maria lied, and she didn't have a boyfriend. She smirked, no, and she didn't shardackle either, she was a lesbian like Leni too. Leni wanted to protest that she was not a lesbian, but Maria embraced her and kissed her. Leni was confused for a moment, she had never French kissed with a girl or a woman before. But it was fine and lit a fire in her mummyhole. After seconds only, her tiller cried out, wanting to be quenched and tillered immediately. Maria got up, took her by the hand and led her to the bedroom.

They undressed and lay naked in bed. Leni looked at Maria's body curiously. Her face was not pretty, on the contrary. But she had a lovely smile. She was much plumper than she first appeared, her wide hips towering over her huge ass. Without a bra, her big, full Bubis fell low. She had a carefully shaved pubic area and a small, young‐girl cleft was visible under her bulging pubic mound. Her arms and legs were much slimmer than her body. Leni whispered that she had never lain with a girl before, nor did she know what two girls could do to each other.

Maria smiled a beautiful smile, she will show her everything. She should not be afraid. They talked about tillering for a very long time, they both loved tillering and they both did it every night since childhood. Leni didn't say anything about Leila or Ben, she was ashamed of it. And yes, of course she tillered a ton before going to sleep if she hadn't had a climax while being shardackled. But her husband, she said, was a good shrympfler and made her climax every night. That was a bit of an exaggeration, but she stuck by her Conny. Maria tillered very often, usually as soon as she woke up, in the afternoon and a couple of times in the evening before she went to sleep. She sometimes used a dildo and first had to explain to Leni what it was. Leni giggled, the liquor in her coffee was slowly rising.

Maria hugged Leni and kissed her again with her tongue, this made Leni all hot. Maria whispered she wanted to start tillering. She started to tiller and Leni joined in, she had climaxed long before Maria and watched her, because — except for Leila an eternity ago — she had never seen a woman tillering. Maria gradually climaxed and stuck her index finger in her mummyhole and her middle finger in her asshole. She shardackled herself hard with her fingers in her mummyhole and asshole and tillered furiously on her tiller and jerked her head up in climax. She relaxed and slowly pulled her fingers out.

"We both needed it badly," Maria said and they talked for a while about tillering and how much pleasure a climax gave while tillering. Leni wanted to know why Maria shrympfled herself when she was tillering, and Maria said that when she shardackled and shrympfled her fingers in her mummyhole and asshole, the orgasm came really hard.

At some point Maria said she wanted to lick Leni. Leni nodded uncertainly, "but I've never been licked!" Maria grinned broadly, "then it's high time!" She dove down, her tongue running over Leni's belly to her belly button and mummyhole. Leni spread her legs and pushed her mummyhole towards Marias tongue, that was insanely fine! Maria pulled her mumulips apart a little and her tongue danced on the tiller and to the mummyhole and back to the tiller. Leni tore her eyes open, the tiller licking was just fantastic! She almost passed out with lust and stretched her bursting stiff tiller to the tongue. Ahhh! she gasped and grabbed Maria's head to her Tiller as she exploded in climax. It only lasted a second or two, then she relaxed.

Maria stroked her and gave her time to recover. Did she pay good attention to how the licking went? Maria asked. Leni nodded vigorously, Yes, she had understood it great and would lick her right away. She bent over Maria, she gave her a long tongue kiss and let her tongue glide over the bubis to Maria's belly, belly button and mummyhole. She looked at Maria's mummyhole curiously, she had a very big mummyhole and Leni asked involuntarily if she often shardackled and shrympfled men. But Maria lied, that was before, in school and not since. Leni looked at the big mummyhole, which looked to her very much like a lot of shrympfling and looked at the mumilips, which looked rather slim. She pulled them apart a little and looked at Maria's tiller. It was large, but smaller than her own. Now she licked the tiller and the mummyhole alternately and for a very long time. She felt the arousal creeping up inside Maria and Maria gasped she had to put two fingers in the mummyhole and keep licking. She put two fingers in Maria's mummyhole, shardackled her with the fingers and licked the tiller very intensely. Maria stuck her middle finger into her own asshole and shardackled herself quite violently, she seemed to explode after a short while. Leni kept licking the tiller in climax and stopped only when Maria relaxed again.

Conny came home tired, he had been cumming all afternoon with a witness and the overweight 50 year old woman had made him work quite properly, my gentlemen! Leni smiled when he had told her everything after dinner in bed in his usual piggish expressions and she laughed when she could well imagine a scene that was funny. She reassured him she was pretty beat too. She had lain with a girl for the first time today and told him everything in great detail. Conny listened dozing and grinned from time to time, "you piglets, you!". He was pleased that she had had a nice and horny experience. She kissed him on the mouth and tillered for a very long time before she fell asleep.

Maria ran up to Leni in the shopping center. She could give her back 800 Euros, she said, beaming with joy, and she would pay back the remaining 200 next month. Leni had borrowed her a thousand. Leni was pleased, because Maria seemed to be reliable. She visited the girlfriend almost every other day, the lesbian lovemaking pleased her very much and was very satisfying. Maria had shown her shardackling Tiller to Tiller, which was like a revelation. She thrust her tiller on Maria's tiller and enjoyed the flash that went through her tiller, it was much more intense than tillering with her fingers. Hugging each other while doing it, feeling a warm body with her skin made shrympfling with a girl wonderful. She was buoyed and rounded by physical love with Maria these months like she hadn't been in a long time.

Maria was finally ready, she dared to show Leni her tillering with the dildo. The dildo was a Stedi made of solid rubber, Maria did not use the motor for a long time. The dildo looked very lifelike and Leni immediately realized why Maria had such a big mummyhole, because the dildo completely filled Maria's mummyhole. Maria tillered as always with her fingers first just before climax and then pushed the dildo all the way in. She just shrympfled herself furiously, faster than a man could, her hand racing back and forth, faster and faster, until her climax exploded. She panted out and slowly relaxed.

Leni also tried the dildo, although at first she thought it wouldn't go in. But it did go, it was the biggest and thickest stedi she had ever had in her mummyhole. She shrympfled herself with the dildo without using her finger to tillering the tiller and climaxed with rapidly increasing arousal. As of now, one was shrympfling the other with the rubber dildo while she tillered with her finger. But Leni liked the shrympfling Tiller to Tiller much more and seduced Maria to it as often as she could.

At some point Leni mentioned in an aside that her husband was a chief inspector detective. She immediately noticed that this struck Maria like an axe. Maria kept her mouth shut, whatever she asked. The farewell was short and cold. No, she didn't know if they would see each other the day after tomorrow, maybe she would have to travel. When Leni rang the doorbell 2 days later, no one answered, maybe Maria was really away. In the evening she asked Conny if he could explain. Conny did not know Maria and had no explanation.

But the next evening he put a printout on the table. Leni read and froze. Maria was known to the police, she was in fact already 26 years old, a year younger than herself. She had been arrested for prostitution for the first time when she was 13 and 11 more times since then. Three years ago she had received 6 months in prison, for coitus theft. Leni could not continue reading because of the tears. Not a single word of all that Maria had told her was true. She had been picked up for prostitution only a few weeks ago, she had known Leni for more than half a year. She put her face on Conny's chest and cried.

But she went to Maria's apartment every day and rang the doorbell.