The Snazzy Lodger

by Jack Faber © 2023

Four female students Leni turned down. They were unlikeable, conceited, and stuck‐up. They were certainly not pretty enough for her Conny, she knew instinctively and showed him a photo in the evening to be sure. She was right, Conny turned up his nose, the girls looked not a bit likeable. She would keep looking, she promised, surely one would be found! Then no one came for a week, none for the second, third week. Leni was getting impatient, she told Conny, but she waited.

In the fifth week then a call, he was Jonas and urgently needed a room. He had of course seen that she was looking for a student girl, but whether he could still look at it? Leni was silent for a long time before she made up her mind. He should come, she said.

Jonas was a tall boy, 18 years old, studying geology. Leni showed him the room and made coffee; the boy seemed very nice. She questioned him for two hours. He had just come to town last week, his professor had died and he couldn't with the new guy. He knew the local professor and he was fine with him, hence the change in the middle of the year. Jonas was a very nice, friendly and cheerful person. He attached importance to order and cleanliness, he was used to taking a shower every day. In the morning he was at the university, ate in the refectory, and only came in the afternoon to study in his room. Leni said her husband was a detective chief inspector and when he came home in the evening, she and he would need the shower, so Jonas would have to shower at noon or in the afternoon. He nodded, saying that was no problem.

Naturally Leni wanted to know if he had a girlfriend, because they were not allowed to stay overnight. Jonas shook his head, no, he had no girlfriend and he assumed that lady visitors were generally undesirable. Leni nodded, so it was. As curious as the provost's cat, Leni tried to find out whether Jonas was still a virgin. He got red ears, the poor guy, and played unsure with the coffee cup. No, he was no longer a virgin. Now her hunting instinct was aroused. She kept pestering him until he told her everything, piece by piece.

His aunt, his mother's stepsister, had seduced him. She came to wait for the end of her divorce. Jonas was only 15 and had no idea about anything. But she unwrapped his Gschrömpfl and rubbed the Stedi, and he squirted for the first time in his life. She made his Stedi squirt every day. A few days later she called him into the guest room and there she lay, sinfully naked. She showed him how he had to shrympfle her and then she tillered her tiller to climax. He now had to shrympfle the aunt daily in the afternoon, when his mother was still at work. Leni wanted to know if the aunt was a pretty woman. He paused for a moment and said she wasn't actually pretty at all, but short and fat and her face was very pinched. No, she was actually quite ugly, he stammered. She was short, terribly fat and thick and everything about her was ugly. But she was his very first, she wanted to be shrympfled every afternoon and she was very good at the shrympfling, in his opinion. She knew no taboos and because she didn't climax while shrympfling, she tillered her tiller every time afterwards and let him watch. She grinned obscenely while tillering, because he got a stedi again at watching her tillering and she had to be shrympfled a second time, although he had no real desire for a second time. With the second shrympfling she tillered her Tiller up to the climax and forced him to continue to shrympfling until he squirted. Only then was he allowed to go again. She had strictly forbidden him to tell anyone so he didn't.

For Leni the matter was clear, Jonas could have the room. She told him the price, it was really not much. She took a picture of him, because she still had to discuss it with her husband in the evening, he had to decide. She promised to call him tomorrow at noon.

No sooner had Jonas left than Leni lay down on the bed, tore off her clothes and tillered like all the hell! Of course, she had examined the bulge on Jonas' pants with an expert's eye, the boy must have a neat and huge Gschrömpfl! She fantasized how the aunt let herself be shardackled by Jonas and that was so stimulating that Leni tillered her tiller a second and a third time. Of course Conny agreed, although he would have preferred a girl, "shrympfling and stuff, you know?" "Sure," said Leni, "I would have begrudged you from the bottom of my heart! — But this way it will be more for me, shrympfling and stuff, you know?" Conny swallowed and nodded with a grin, he had understood her jest.

Two days later Jonas came, it was all as discussed. He came from the university in the early afternoon and went straight to the shower. He half called out if she could scrub his back? She came right away and soaped his back. She scrubbed his back and looked at his body. Jonas had a really really big stedi, she had to admit. She had him turn over and scrubbed his chest. He swallowed dryly as she grabbed his stedi. Did he want her to do it? she asked casually. He swallowed again and again, caught off guard, and nodded. Yes.

Leni quickly undressed, not wanting to get her clothes wet, she said. She rubbed his stedi with great routine and let the gschriefl splash on her full, round bubis. She stood in the shower and washed his gschrömpfl and her bubis. He nodded full of gratitude and did not bring out a sound. At night, after Conny had shardackled with her, he asked if she had already shrympfled with the boy, but she shook her head. She had done it to him with her hand, she said, rubbing his stedi and getting the gschriefl splashed on the bubis. She would wait patiently to see if the boy wanted more.

The boy did not want, seemingly. Day after day she got naked to Jonas in the shower and rubbed his stedi, he looked at her naked body with increasing excitement and quite soon splashed. If he could compare her with the aunt, she asked him and he said, she was smaller and very thick and she had a big bush over the slit, not like her. After all, Leni had no hair under her armpit and had no pubic hair at all. So you could see Leni's cleft and the big tiller right away, he said very enthusiastic, you couldn't see anything with the aunt until you pushed aside the thick pubic hair and the mummylips.

She asked him about the ugly aunt day after day, he had to describe the aunt's mummyhole and her tiller in great detail. Leni made him bend down and showed him her own mummyhole and the tiller. He agreed that the aunt's tiller was much smaller and her mummyhole rather larger, but above all, her mummylips the dark inner lips hung out rather unappetizingly far, which he would have found very repulsive. Leni was satisfied, he had seen everything she had to offer. All he had to do was grab it. But it took another three weeks, she rubbed his Stedi day after day and let his Gschriefl splash on her bubis.

Whether he wanted to have it once with the mouth? she asked once and he nodded immediately, the aunt had also always done it when she had her period! Leni said she had never had the period and therefore one was allowed to squirt in her without hesitation when shrympfling. Jonas did not bite at the hidden bait. Leni knelt down in front of him and took the Stediköpfl in her mouth while rubbing it. She let the Gschriefl splash into her mouth and swallowed it. Whether it was like with the aunt? she asked and he shook his head, No. The aunt had taken the whole Stedi in the mouth and let him squirt very deep into the back of her throat, but the Gschriefl she had always spit out. Leni now shook her head in turn, she didn't want to do that, she had done that once and bitten the guy's Stedi off. The one bastard who had cut her face with the knife. He had not asked out of politeness, Jonas said, and you can hardly see the scars. Mountains have scars and wrinkles, after all, and as geologist he loves mountains.

Leni took weeks his Stediköpfl in the mouth and swallowed his Gschriefl with relish, the boy tasted really good. After he had recounted about shardackelling with the ugly aunt the times before, she asked if he would like to shrympfling her? He swallowed dryly and didn't make a sound. Yes, she said energetically in his place and went ahead, to his room.

When he came into the room, she was already lying on her back, had bent her knees and spread her thighs. Yes, she repeated, she wanted to be shrympfled at once and he was allowed to squirt in because she couldn't have children. This was the first time Jonas was allowed to properly shrympfle Leni, he lasted a very long time while shardackling and only squirted after she climaxed. She smoked a cigarette and said that she climaxed very often when she was shrympfling or shardackling. But he could do it very well, she said, from now on she didn't want to do it to him with her mouth or hand, but only shrympfling. Is that okay with him, she asked, nodding when he said nothing. It's fine with my husband as long as we don't do it right in front of his nose.

Of course she told Conny, that she had shrympfled with Jonas and that the boy could do it really well. She had told him about the aunt before and Conny nodded in agreement. He said that it was okay for him to make love to the boy, but that she should not become a whore again. She was not a whore by character, he was sure of that. So it came about that Leni made love to Jonas in the afternoon and again at night with Conny, if he liked. Sometimes he had already let himself be seduced during the day and after he had told Leni about it, he usually fell asleep right away. He was always surprised how and with which tricks the girls and women lured him into bed. Of course, Conny was smart enough and never bungled with female colleagues, crime suspects or witnesses before the trial. But so every two or three weeks he fell victim to his lust. — Leni liked to fantasize about what Conny had told her and tillered her tiller until she fell asleep. Conny sometimes took a picture of the mummyhole before he shrympfled a woman or filmed her shrympfling and tillering. Leni liked to watch his girls insanely, maybe she had a lesbian streak, but she had never done it with a woman.