The Young Whore

by Jack Faber © 2023

Leni had been lying sleepless in bed for an hour. Thank God it wasn't the headache that was keeping her awake. No, it was Conny, the Detective Chief Inspector Konradin, who could not get out of her head. Her right hand, which had been resting quietly on her pubic until now, approached the Tiller. The pleasant feeling of anticipation moved into her mummyhole, the tiller began to stiffen. She had been tillering since she was 5, when her 13‐year‐old cousin Leila had shown her the tiller and how to do tillering. She was very offended that her tiller was much smaller than Leila's tiller, but when she became 13 herself, she lost that feeling of inferiority, because her tiller was much bigger than Leila's tiller, quite a ton bigger.

Leila had shown her, even at 5, that boys didn't tillering like girls. Leila had smuggled a lad called Ben into her girls' room and pulled down his pants. Leni stared at his Gschrömpfl, this was the first time she had seen it up close. Leila rubbed the Gschrömpfl until it became a Stedi, bolt upright and firm. Leila continued to rub it firmly until a bright ray shot out. That's the Gschriefl, said Leila in an upper‐teacherly manner, you can get pregnant from it if it squirts into your mumithing! But of course Leni already knew that, her mother had already told her when she told her daughter about mummyshrympfling and making babies.

Leila rubbed the stedi from Ben, that was the boy's name, firmly again and sat on his stedi, the stedi went quite deep into her mummyhole. Leila bounced up and down until he almost cum. She lay down on her back and spread her legs very wide. Ben penetrated her mummyhole and pushed her a few times. Then he pulled out his stedi, spread the mummyhole wide apart with his fingers and let his stediköpfl squirt the gschriefl into her mummyhole. Leni became quite frightened, but Leila calmed her down, she would certainly not get a child from Ben. Leni was allowed to feel Ben's Gschrömpfl and also rub it, but as much as she rubbed, the Gschrömpfl did not become a Stedi anymore that day.

When Ben was done with Leila and Leila was fast asleep after tillering, Ben was allowed to insert his stediköpfl into Leni's vaginal entrance without tearing her hymen. He tillered for a very long time, pressed the stedicock onto her hymen and squirted through the hole in the hymen into the little girl's vagina. Leni felt the warm gschriefl squirting in and already felt very grown up. Leila slept like a rock and Leni let Ben watch herself tillering, he liked that a lot.

Ben had put the sleeping Leila on her back and spread her legs apart. Most of the time Ben would shardackle the sleeping Leila afterwards, as she was only grumbling and grumbling in her sleep, but he wouldn't stop until he had squirted his gschriefl into Leila's mummyhole. Everyday the two of them tillered the sleeping Leila, giggling, who only woke up dazed in orgasm and immediately went back to sleep. Ben and Leni tillered the sleeping Leila every night, Ben thrusting his stedi into Leila's mummyhole and Leni tillered Leila's tiller because she did it very skillfully. Leila woke up only at orgasm and slept on, now Ben shardackled until his Gschriefl squirted into the mummyhole. Leni watched from close by when Ben squirted into Leila's mummyhole, it looked very exciting. — Those were good times!

Leni tillered her tiller quite intensely and thought of Conny. He was quite in love with her and she found him quite sweet and let him shrympfling her as often as he came over. He was the first nice man who had visited her in the hospital. Jail–Heinz had cut her face and plunged his knife into her stomach. The Heinz was a real scumbag, he had beaten her up as he had done many times before because she had not given him enough money. He did not believe her that she had had only one fucking suitor today. She endured the beating.

But for the first time he threw her to his dogs and the Albanian and the two Russians raped her, one after the other. She was a whore, but she only cajoled with the suitors very secretly in lonely places, never publicly. And now she was being raped in public, all the brutal thugs gawking and grinning insolently. She felt soiled and humiliated, no one took notice of the fact that she was crying god‐awful. The last Russian let go of her and threw her on her knees in front of the Jail–Heinz. Heinz pulled his zip open and she had to take his stedi in her mouth. The bastard wanted her to suck him off in front of everyone. She wiped the tears and bit Heinz so hard into the Stedi that the Stediköpfl almost fell off and she could taste the sour blood on her tongue.

Heinz roared in pain, yanked out his knife and cut Leni's face, ramming the knife into her stomach and kicking her face with his boot. He pressed a rag on his bloody Gschrömpfl and screamed in pain, then the door flew open, Inspector Konradin and several uniformed men rushed in. Everyone was arrested, Leni and Heinz were taken to the clinic by ambulance. That's how she met Conny.

He came every day. Every one. He could assure her that Heinz would probably never get out of jail again, attempted murder and three provable murders, pimping, human trafficking and much more. 25 years in jail, Conny said with a satisfied smile, and then preventive detention forever. He'll never come back, he said, and so it was. Conny somehow managed (and she never asked exactly) to get Leni several plastic surgeries by a sinfully expensive surgeon, with Heinz's money, as Conny whispered confidentially in her ear. The knife had caused no permanent damage in her stomach. Conny had posed as her fiancé to be present during the surgery and to hold her hand when she woke up. She didn't know this small, rotund commissar at all, but she played the game. Besides, he was the only one who visited her.

She really liked that he took his time with her, a young whore with no face. He smiled encouragingly, it was not her face he fell in love with. She looked at him questioningly and he whispered with red ears that he had fallen in love with her beautiful mumithing immediately, during the operation. The surgeon had examined her mummyhole thoroughly and murmured to the OR–s nurse under the mask what a nice big tiller she had and very nicely shaped mummylips. Leni grinned, although her face was still bandaged. He would have to be patient, she murmured blushing, it might be a while before she could shrympfle or shardackle again. That's how it all came about, at some point she promised to let him shrympfle her later, she was in his debt. Shrympfle and schardackle, that's what she had promised him.

She also told him her life story piece by piece. That since she was 5, every evening, every night she tillered her tiller until she fell asleep from exhaustion. From 14, after her deflowering, she had shrympfled and shardackled with hundreds of men for free, she didn't let them pay her. She did it to get the orgasms, only rarely having to secretly tillering her tiller with her fingers while shardackling if one was very clumsy.

Somehow she had become Jail–Heinzi's hooker at 22, although she was terribly ashamed of letting herself be shrympfled for money by complete strangers. She was only in the clutches of the pimp for half a year and then she had to bite his stedi. Conny laughed, because she had bitten Heinzis Gschrömpfl neatly, his Gschrömpfl was broken, the Stediköpfl was lost and he would never be able to shrympfling again, the bastard!

Conny's wife had run away, she couldn't stand his working hours. She was pregnant by her masseur and breaking up with him. He hadn't seen her in years, and he only shrympfled very rarely, far too little. He lowered his head, tillering his stedi only sometimes when he had to rub his gschriefl out of the stediköpfl. When the bandages came down, Leni was horrified. With that face, she could no longer go out in the public. She cried for hours because she had no idea how it could go on. Conny comforted her, it will go on somehow.

The first thing he did was get her a small apartment in the city. Two bedrooms, a living room, kitchen and bathroom. Leni had her own apartment for the first time, Conny got her a new identity, a new family name and all the important documents. She opened a bank account and Conny shoveled all the money from Heinz into her account. They were able to live modestly on that for many years, and she suspected, of course, that Conny had not gone a straight path in getting her the apartment, the new identity, and all that money from Heinz. "He took the old face from you, the bastard" he said, "so don't worry about it. He has to pay for it and fix everything!"

As time went on, it became clear to Leni that Conny wasn't quite sticking strictly to the letter of the law. He went out of his way to help victims and have offenders make amends when the judge couldn't order it. He often accepted money to look the other way on petty crimes and gave the money to the victims. Conny was not one to take the money for himself and pocket it. What was not correct, of course, was that Conny often allowed himself to be seduced by some women, but the poor guy had no one else to shrympfle at. Leni could understand that very well.

But it wasn't that time yet, Conny visited her today for the first time since she was in the new apartment. She hadn't forgotten that she had promised him in the hospital that she would let him shrympfle and shardackle her. Actually, she was looking forward to it; she hadn't shrympfled in weeks and had only been able to sneak tillerering a couple of times at the hospital. Nevertheless, the other patients had watched her tillering because she had uncovered herself for tillering and tillered completely naked. The other patients also tillered all day, of course, but they did it secretly under the covers. When one would uncover herself from excitement while orgasming, they would all stare hornily at her tiller and smile haughtily and arrogantly at her orgasm. Then they continued, rubbing their tillers under the covers and hiding their faces in the pillow when they orgasmed.

Leni grinned gleefully as the blanket shifted for all of them as they orgasmed, revealing their secrecy. Between the spread legs you could see the mummyhole and the tiller, which the cowards rubbed and tillered violently with their fingers. With their finger on the tiller, they waited until the orgasm had subsided. Leni, on the other hand, uncovered herself three times a day and tillered naked. She could only tillering completely naked, she had to caress the belly and breasts while tillering and yank hard on the teats when the orgasm came. She tore her legs wide apart and pressed the tiller with her finger vibrating fast for minutes, that was her orgasm.

Leni had cooked a fine dinner, dressed up the apartment. She had lain on the bed afterwards, very slowly tillering. She fantasized most of all about the Shardackel‐Park. It was so exciting to take the stediköpfl one by one into her mouth and let them squirt in, there must have been hundreds. She took each stediköpfl in her mouth, the big ones, the medium ones and the very tiny ones. All of them were allowed to rub themselves and squirt into her mouth. She swallowed the Gschriefl every time. She let all the stedis shardackle and shrympfle her. Most of them could do it quite well and she got an orgasm. Some were very clumsy and she had to secretly tillering with her finger to get an orgasm. But she mostly loved the ones that made her orgasm. This had nothing to do with the size of the stedi, some very small stedi brought the longed for orgasm and some big ones were handled badly, so she had to cheat especially with the biggest ones and finger tillering her way to orgasm. How often she was amazed when a Stedi shardackled in her mummyhole and the man at the same time was shrympfelled by another Stedi in the asshole. This really happened very often and she didn't understand at that time why a Stedi absolutely wanted to shardackle into the asshole and not into the mummyhole. — Leni now tillered quite rapidly and was just in time with orgasm to end when the doorbell rang. She straightened her skirt and opened.

Leni received Conny in the doorway with a French kiss, the first ever. She immediately dragged the surprised Conny to bed. She had to rub his Gschrömpfl only a little and lick long, his Stedi was a quite neat and over his Stediköpfl there was no foreskin. He was circumcised, she said with surprise, and he said that his grandfather was a devout Jew, but he was not. She inserted his stediköpfl with her hand into her mummyhole, pushed the whole stedi into her mummyhole and sighed happily. He was able to persevere and she came to a wonderful climax. He was allowed to squirt in, she whispered, "I have never menstruated!" He nodded and continued to crank for quite a while, he had to shardackle and shrympfle for a very long time until he squirted. She was very pleased, because he squirted his Gschriefl in rich, solid jets into her mummyhole while shardackelling. That was a neat and good shardackelin' man, the Conny!

They smoked in bed and talked about this and that. They would live together like husband and wife and she didn't care if he got stuck in work once. She was not a jealous wife by type, and she understood very well that he had to chase the criminals day and night. Or if he just needed a night off or had to shardackle urgently a horny maid, that was okay, Leni said. He could give a call, after all, and the cookie was eaten. Indeed, the experiment succeeded. Conny had blossomed, he had a woman he could talk to after dinner and who would let him shardackle anytime during the day or night. She surprised him with how well she could shrympfle, better than most women he had shardackled with so far. She mastered the art of licking his gschrömpfl so masterfully that he quickly got a stiff stedi. If she didn't have a climax, she tillered her tiller until she fell asleep. Mostly Conny wanted to watch and it took her quite a while until she had tillered often enough to orgasm and she was happy that he wanted to watch her tillering so much.

She had plenty of time during the day to read, doze in a relaxed manner, or tease and tillering when she felt like it. She asked Conny if she could sublet the second room, there would be someone there during the day and maybe it would be a little student girl he might enjoy. He licked his lips in anticipation, for he had told her frankly that he liked to shrympfle one or the other woman while on duty. No, he wouldn't want anygirl but her, but if the temptation came, he could give in. They had both laughed heartily and he told her frankly how he had acted when tempted. She wasn't the least bit jealous and encouraged him to lay any saucy horny girl, that was fine with her.

So it came to pass that Leni offered her room at the university.