Sex in Times Of King Arthur

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Dear Reader,

Many legends entwine around King Arthur and his knighthood

The stories compiled here are without exception erotic and pornographic by nature and should be read only by persons of appropriate age.

The stories come from the own imagination and the clear knowledge that the legends written only centuries later can in no way do justice to the time and the pagan customs at the time of the Great King. The influence of the Christian churches and the courtly ideals never existed at the time of King Arthur.

Sex in the times of the legendary king based on the characters: Arthur, Guinevere, Lancelot and Elaine. It is written in a fantastic way about the sex life of the Celts in the 6th century of the British Isles. Before Christianization from the 8th century, life was pagan-oriented and much more natural than with the arrival of Christian churches, which, with the destruction of paganism, immediately destroyed natural sexuality.

Unless the texts are explicitly marked as originating from someone else, they represent my intellectual property. Copying, quoting or redistributing the texts in any form is prohibited without my written permission.


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